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Con)v 220-230 S Fir,, c,
The . Waynesville ; Mountaineer
, Published Twice-A-Week In The County Seat of Haywood Covinty At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
This is the time o' year
when a nun thinks of seeds
and flshin' while the women
foaks thick of new duds.
64th YEAR NO. 29 12 PAGES Associated Press and United Press Nejys WAYNESVILLE, N. C, MONDAY AFTERNOON, APRIL 11, 1949 $3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
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And Great Was The Fall
1 imlmmmsw -
This was just one of many Waynesville men who hit the dust of the
Athletic Field Thursday night in a benefit Donkey Baseball game
for the band. This unidentified player had just slid from his mount
as Ingram snapped this photograph for The Mountaineer. The play
er was not hurt that night but did walk with cqrc on Friday. The
game was played between the Rotary Club and the I.ions Club.
The band netted about $300 from the game.
Players Have Feelings
Hurt In Baseball Game
The Waynesville Band and 2,500
spectators won the Donkey ball
game here Thursday night.
Players on the two teams lost by
heavy falls.
The players were keyed up for
bis eame. but their means of
transportation over the field, the
spirited little burros, just did not
want to follow the rules ot tne
Manv a player's feelings were
keenly hurt, when his donkey stop
ped suddenly, and the dignified
Lion or Rotarian hit the dust.
There were not any close plays
that demanded sliding Thursday
night, but that phase of the game
was the1 most prevalent hardly a
siijgle Player Prticipau.t iat
made a iiltnfcer of ,lid"es-&8nfkj
off the back of his donkey. .
There was one beast of burden
that was cooperative. He went
when and where directed.
He had three brothers, as much
alike for looks as three peas, but
temperament and disposition were
opposites. . '
One donkey carried his player
to third base instead of first, and
upon arrival, staged a sit-down
strike and just gazed at the huge
throngs. Another very co-operative
one, took his player to first
base, then headed for the outfield
in a full .gallop, minus his player.
(See Players Page 6
38 Put In Jail
Over Week-End
"Must have been home coming,
or something.", commented Bill
Plcinmons, jailer, as he counted
his record and found he had re
ceived 38 "boarders" on Friday,
Saturday and Sunday at the
county jail.
"Most of them were drunks,"
he said.
"We don't have much trouble
with drunks, except they all want
cigarettes, and never have any
when they Ret put in jail."
Jailer Pleminons asked a re-
.fclMte?; !qnirtjMn!Hn6 totpiease I .jt is
k ' "I vnu arr rolnr to I'cfcof iif: ...
drnnk, and (set locked up, please
have an extra package of smokes
with you. We don't have time to
run out shopping all day."
afternoon sent
ivate cars bear-
pgular firemen
My. then turn-
!n' back, hoses
F had turned
Smokp hpaun
pn window.
N the grease
as put out
Ratcliffc Cove Group
To See Out-Of-State
Farm Tour Movie Thurs.
Citizens of Ratcliffc Cove will
see a movie of last year's Tcnn-
(See Ratcliti Cove rage oi
Drive Is
Haywood County's 1949 fund
raising campaign for cancer relief
contiuued today with solicitations.
The drive opened April 1 toward
a goal of $2,500 - - $5.00 more
than last year's.
Materials have been distributed,
and collection boxes placed in drug
stores and restaurants in Waynes
ville. The educational phase of the
campaign continued through last
The Waynesville Junior Cham
ber and the Wavnesville Woman's
I Club are sponsoring the Campaign
this year. The drive being conduct
ed by the Haywood County Cancer
Society, with Mrs. W. M. Cobb as
drive commander.
Blue Robinson, president of the I
Waynes' ille Junior Chamber, and
Virgil Smith are campaign co-
The work in the county is part of
the national campaign being held
this month.
Poultry Series To
Open Tonight
At Bethel School
A series of poultry meetings
scheduled in connection with the
Haywood County Community De
velopment Program will open to
night at Bethel School at T.AV
The principal speaker at all
three meetings this week will be
C. F. Parris, North Carolina State
College Extension Poultry special
He will talk about the poultry
situation and the outlook for broil
ers and fryers.
At each session, color films on
poultry raising will be shown.
County Agent Wayne Corpening
i n announcing t h e schedule
pointed out that poultry was one
of the six enterprises suggested
for promotion under the commun
ity development program.
. . , .. .. A-t Ji ' -MM
r It is ieic, wwyuuncr' i""1
Incre are many small farms in the
county where more poultry broil
ers or layers should be raised.
"If you need some special help
in your chicken business, please
let us know and we will be glad
to contact you."
After tonight's session, the re
mainder of the schedule is as
Tuesday, 7:30 P. M. Haywood
County Court House, Waynesville.
On Welfare
N. W. Carve has been named
as the third member of the Hay
wood Welfare Board.
James R. Boyd, Jr., is chairman,
and N. W. West, of Clyde is the
other member of the board. Mr.
Bovd is named to the post by the
slate, while the commissioners
named Mr. West, and the two mem
bers name the third, which is Mr.
Mr. West replaces H. A. Osborne,
and Mr. Carver is taking the place
vacated by C. E. Brown, who is
now secretary to Rep. Monroe M.
Redden, in Washington.
Mrs. Sam Queen is superintend
ent of the welfare work in the
Lower Crabtree Program Leaders
Ernest (). Edwards, .'IS. Pacific
combat veteran. I- the new post
commander "1 Haywood Ameri
can l.ecion Post Number 17 He
was elected at Friday night's
monthly meeting to succeed Fred
Y. Campbell.
Post Adjutant
'' "Vim i i'ii lift '"
X. itlW
Wednesday. 7:30 P.
tree-Iron Duff School
M. - Crab-
Bill To Cut Terms
Of Clyde Officials
Becomes A Law
Last Monday, the North Carolina
General Assembly ratified legisla
tion cutting the terms of Clyde
government officials in half.
The new law, authored by Hay
wood Representative Grover Davis,
reduced from four to two years
the terms nf tVio riira
dermen, and police court judge.
Stc PU TL" 1 i
fled About Trash
pon City Dump
Maggie Citizens
Against New Name
'SSI. alvmf An
F On COPriiH
F city dump
at a mpoii.,
the. 7Zs..f
L v::mi;rj
F 'hey started
rMnmunitu r.
f. The decision
t"5"ct health
office in Waynesville.
On the recommendation nf the
citizens, a committee of three was
named to Start artlnn tr.
the situation.
This committee, made un of
Chairman Jack Harris, Roy Robin
son, and Dale Rirrh alcn i to
take action to stop the dumping of
trash on community hfhwavs and
to look into the matter of high
way improvement.
The discussion of the city dump
was going on when County Agent
fSee Thlckety Page 6)
R, Tuesday:
""My, Partly
fcsvilu '
l - lempera
F " staff nf .u.
Plans for developing the Maggie
Dellwood area into an outstanding
tourist center took another step
forward Friday night at a mass
meeting of some 200 citizens of the
Sentiment was strong, however,
for retaining the present name of
Maggie for the post office. It had
been suggested by the newly organ
ized Soco Road Boosters Club that
the name of the post office be
Genera! opinions expressed Fri
day nigl'.t. were that the post office
name be left as it is, and that the
whole area be given a suitable
name that would be attractive 10
drawing tourists into the valley.
H. C. Wilbtirn, an authority on
Indian lore, was called upon for
suggestions, and presented t h e
name "Socoluska." This was one of
many names presented, and a com
mittee will select about four names
and present a petition to the citi
zens for their choice.
Mr Wilburn pointed out that at
one end of the valley is Soco Gap, j
and Junaluska Ridge at the otner.
By combining the names, both ends
of the valley would be incorporat
ed into one name. Other names in
cluded Soco City. Mountain Valley,
Mountain View, and numerous
'William Medford. former slate
senator, told the meeting the im
portance of organizing, and coop
erating to develop the area. He in
troduced Mr. Wilburn.
Charles E. Ray, chairman of the
N. C. Park Commission, urged that
the area be kept natural, with the
roadsides beautified with native
shrubs, and to steer clear ot "be
coming cityfied." He also point
ed out the work Rep. Monroe M.
(See Maggie Page 6)
Robert Plott was elected adjutant
of the American Legions Hay
wood Post Number 47 at the
regular monthly meeting Friday
"ninht .to succeeds Ernest O. Ed
wards, who was elected com
mander. Edwards Named
Commander Of
American Legion
Members of tjie American Le
gion's Haywood Po.-t No. 47 at
their regular monthly meeting Fri
day night elected Post Adjutant
' Ernest O. Edwards. .!.- -ear-old
Navy combat veteran, as their post
He succeeds Fred Y. Campbell
Tn lill Mr Kdwards old Jon.
they named Bobhv I'loll.
The Km- (I. L. Young, na -lor of
Waynesvillc's F M l Mefhodi.-I
Church, was re i'l I' d po-l chap
(Scr Ldwnidh I'asc
Waynesville Girl
Elected To
College Posts
Jean Ann Bradley, of Waynes
ville, was elected recently as sec
retary of the firrnau CnHrgp Stu
dent Government Association.
Miss Bradley, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs W A Bradley, also has
been circled vice-president of Phi
Mu. a sorority at the college, which
is in Gainesville, Ga.
Baptists To Take
Action On Church
Building Wed.
The congregation of the First
Baptist church are making plans
for an important business confer
ence Wednesday night at eight
o'clock. At that time, formal ac
tion will be taken on a resolution
which is being offered by the fin
ance committee, board of deacons,
and building committee.
The resolution, is the unanimous
report of the three groups, says in
part: "that the church authorize
the building committee to employ
an architect immediately to pre
pare plans and specifications for a
new auditorium in Keeping wun
the expansion program adopted
several years ago."
A tentative survey of the mem
bership over the week-end showed
unanimous opinion favors the rec
ommendation of the deacons, fin
ance and building units of the
The conference Wednesday night
is just the formality of giving
every member an opportunity to
express themselves on the matter
it is the Democratic metnoa 101
lowed by the church," Rev. L. G.
Elliott, iatoi, .said. (.
OtTiep business matters of a rou
tine nature will also be presented,
as this is the regular monthly
business conference.
These men and women were elected .principal officers of the Lower
Crabtree Community Development Program at the organizational
meeting last month. Left to right are: Mrs. Larry Ferguson, secre
tary; Chairman Marshall Kirkpatrick, Mrs. James Kirkpatrick. vice
chairman; the Rev. C. O. Newell, treasurer; and Mrs. Millard Fer
guson, reporter, i Photo by Ingram's Studio).
3 Hurt In 5 Auto
Wrecks In County
Five automobile wrecks over the week-end in Haywood,
accounted for three persons being injured, and seven cars
damaged. The property damage ran high, as several of the
cars were almost total .wrecks, according to investigating
The series of accidents started at Lake Junaluska when
two out-of-town cars collided; Saturday night two cars col
lided onjhe Plott Creek road, cjriven by M. R. Ketncr and
Jerry Smith. Early Sunday mornins
Mrs. Rogers New
Vice President Of
Teacher's Group
Mrs. Claude Rogers, Aliens
Creek School teacher, is the new
viee-nresident of the Classroom
Teachers Division of the North
Carolina Education Association.
She was elected without opposi
tion Saturday during the Associ
ation's 65th annual convention.
Mrs. Rogeri, who was nominated
previously by the Haywood' NCEA
Unit, has served as president ot tne
Haywood Classroom Teachers As
sonation for the last two year.
She will be succeeded in her
Haywood post next fall by Charles
Isley. director of the Waynesville
High School band.
Jail Prisoners
Eat Five Bushels
Of Cooked Ramps
That peculiar odor near the
jail in the court house is the
"hang-over" from cooking a 5
bushi l bag of ramps Saturday.
"Never saw anything eaten so
fast in my life," said Jailer Bill
The prisoners following the
pattern of Jack Spratt. licked
their plates clran.
The odor was so strong that
officers taking prisoners to jail
would lo k thrin in the elevator,
turn the automatic control, and
call to Plemmons to "take 'rm
Jailer Plrmmons enjoyed giv
ing the prisoners a v't,rral" and
said the little spring tonic is good
for their system.
a car driven by Robert, .lames
Korte crashed into a power pole
at the Hotel Gordon, and early
Monday morning a car driven by
John W. Chubb, of Gastonia turn
ed over just east of Lake Juna
luska when a tire blew out.
Services For Holy
Week Scheduled
Grace Episcopal church will hold
special Holy Week services this
They will be at 8 p. m. Wednes
day. Holy Communion at 11a. m.
Thursday (Maundy Thursday), and
1 1 a. m. Good Friday.
The public is invited to attend.
Just Before The Players Started Eating Dirt
County's Finest Fiddlers
Ready For Maggie Session
- 67
- 64
Haywood County's finest musi
cians will compete for honors Fri
day night in the fourth annual
Fiddlers Convention at Maggie
School. ,
The events are scheduled to start
at 8 p. m
Maggie School Principal R. R.
- suoun reported that a dozen
bands and Individual performers,
ncjuding Fiddling Masters Uncte
B1y Evans and Cal Messer, had
entered the contest ijy Saturday.
More entries are expected before
the event gets .under way.
Uncle Billy, a Maggie citizen,
and Cal. from Cataloochee Ranch,
are both widely recognized as ex
perts in their art. But they face
strong competition for honors in
this department from other musi
cians. , ,
Prizes will he awarded for the
best performances by fiddlers and
by bands as units.
(See Fiddlers Pe 6)
'IJpj (lip
, sV ' s - - h ... . j
This is the beginning of tM Rotary-Lions Donkey Baseball game here last Thursday night, before
rSOO fans The person on the extreme left is J. W. Kilban, under the mask Next astride he white
k , u Rev Russell L Young while Howell Crawford, in straw hat, poses in his new Easter outfit.
k T fcort".died donkey, then Joe Uner in the clown outfit, and an unidentified boy
? , .hiri holding i SSey In the backgroun d near scoreboard is Rev. L. G. Elliott, then Claude
WoEd a d as Kte the don ey on extreme right is Claude Rogers. This photograph by Ingram's
Studio. . -
Carnival Bill Is
Ratified -A Law
A hill which would prohibit
vaudeville how; and carnivals
from appealing in Haywood and
Graham enmities passed second and
third reading!: Eriday in the State
House of Representatives.
The measure, a substitute for
one introduced by Haywood Rep
resentative Grover C. Davis, thus
is virtually certain of being rati
fied into law The Senate's in
clusion of Graham County in the
bill's provisions was the only major
change in Representative Davis
original measure.
Smith Bound Over To
July Term Of Court
Jerrv Smith was bound over
July term of court by Magistrate
W. H. Noland Monday morning,
under $1,000 bond, for driving
under the Influence of liquor, car
rying concealed weapon, and as
sault with a deadly weapon.
Smith's car, a 1936 Chr -rro!;-t,
and the car of M. R tittcn '
Ketner, collided on the Plott Crork
road about B o'clock Saturday
night. There were no in.iiinr- It
was brought out at the hearing;,
that Smith struck Ketner a I'.svd
blow on the nose afler the rr!!!.
ion. Smith said he hit Ketnr-r
with his fist.
Patrolman O. R. Robert; v!-o
investigated said theie was con
siderable property damage to both
Smith had not made bnrd a:
noon Monday, and was still m jail.
Tire Blows Out, Car
Turns Over On 19-23
A 1942 Ford coupe drvrn
John W. Chubb, of route 2. G:w
tonia. turned over on Hiih ' ay No.
19-23 early Monday momms. block
ing traffic for sometime Chubb
told Patrolman O. R. Roberts that
(See 5 Wrecks Pae ft'
Restless Anglers Warned
Against Jumping Gun
With the opening of the trout
season only tour days off. the fish
ermen are getting restless.
But jumping the gun would be
expensive, and the chances of es
caping the usual fines are slimmer
than a trout hook.
District Game and Fish Protect
or C. W. Ormand and his assistr
ants are touring Haywood's trout
havens with their usual vigilance,
aided by plane, radto and patrol
The season runs from April 15
through August 31. with a daily
bag limit of 10 fish, but no limit
on size. The limit for possession
is 20.
A rule prohibiting fishing after
dark will go into effect this season
for the first time. Mr. Ormand re
minded anglers. The new Wildlife
Resources Commission regulation
is designed to protect brown trout
which feed at night.
Record For
(To Dat)
In Haywood
Killed.;:: o
Injured . ... 12
(This Information com
piled from Records of
SUt Highway FatroD.

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