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The Waynesville Mountaineer
Published Twice-A-Week In The County Seat of Haywood County At Th e Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
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64th YEAR NO. 32 16 PAGES Associated Press and United Press News WAYNESVILLE, N. C, THURSDAY AFTERNOON, APRIL 21, 1949 $3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
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H- W. Moore, clearly shows his happiness over receiving a check for
$410 from L. K. Barber, (right) superintendent of the A. C. Law
rence Leather Company here. Mr. Moore suggested a method of
salvaging some material which had formerly been going to waste
at the plant. He received a check for 10 per cent of the value of
the products salvaged. Carl Swanger. (left), chairman of the sug
gestions committee for the firm, looks on as Mr. Moore smiles at
his check. (A Mountaineer photo by Ingram's Studio).
Tannery Man Gets
$410 Check For
Good Suggestion
H. W. Moore has dusted off his
thinking cap, and plans to wear it
some more, since he has just re
ceived $410 for a suggestion made
to officials of the A. C. Lawrence
Leather Company here.
Mr. Moore has been with the
firm for 24 years, having started
with a Tennessee plant, then com
ing to the plant in Hazelwood. He
iwtth the tan yard force.
Sometime ago he suggested ways
artihHSfqg.-01'fialvlBgtti ikiuid tan
ning materials which had been go
ing to waste. The material is now
reclaimed, and reused, The check
Mr. Moore received is based on the
savings his suggestion will mean
to the firm.
The company through all plants
paid out almost $1,200 for sugges
tions made during the past 3
month period. The plan was started
by the company in 1930.
Mr. Moore plans to use the
money on his house, which he was
remodeling the day he received
the check.
The suggestions committee is
composed of Carl Swanger, Floyd
McClure and Lucius Allen.
Education Board
To Meet May 2nd
The Haywood County Board of
Education will meet May 2 in the
board office at the Court House,
County Schools Superintendant
Jack Messer announced .Tuesday.
He reported that the members
adjourned their regular meeting on
April 4 without acting on school
machinery for the next two fiscal
years because the State Legislature
had not taken action on the state
wide legislation containing such
provisions at that time.
The stite school bill would set
up the structure by which county
education boards could handle their
local matters.
The county board chairman
R. T. Messer.
H. M. Ellis, North Carolina State
College agricultural engineer spec
ialist, will conduct two ditch-blasting
demonstrations April 28 on
Haywood county farms.
County Agent Wayne Corpening
said today that one demonstration
will start at 10 a. m. that day on
Vinson Morrow's farm in the Cove
Creek section, and the other will
start at 2 p. m. at Joe Palmer s
irm in Crabtree.
Huge Crowd Expected At Ramp Picnic
Ramp Convention workers were
8'ying their plans a final polishing
this week and praying for clear
weather preferably windy for
ndays 18th annual gathering at
Kck Camp Gap.
Meanwhile, . the Waynesville
v-namber of Commerce board' of
tiT "ouea ineir support to
lne unique affair by unanimously I
Burgin New
Of Jaycees
K. L. Burgin, Jr., was named
president of the Waynesville Junior
Chamber of Commerce in the an
nual elections Monday night at the
Haywood County Court House.
He and the other new officers
will be installed May 2 at a dinner
Mr. Burgin succeeds Blue Robin
son as Jaycee president.
Robert Korte was, elected vice
president; Tony Jones, treasurer;
Bill Dover, secretary; Charles
Woodard, state director; Bill
Porter and Bill Norrls, directors
for two years; and George West
and Herb Singletary, directors for
one year.
The outgoing officers besides Mr.
Robinson are Vice-President Virgil
Smith, Treasurer Bill Cobb, and
Secretary Chester La Fontaine.
Hotel Owner Sees
Big Season For
This Community
Optimism based on a careful
study of conditions in Florida and
other points, promotes D. Ballew,
owner and operator of Wayside
Lodge to predict, "The best season
this area ever had."
Mr. Ballew said he had bookings
starting in June right on through
to September 15th.
"We will get a lot of Florida
fruit and truckers this season.
They really made money after the
California and Texas freeze," he
"A great need here is more en
tertainment," he continued.
"But for this season, you had
better get ready, because the people
are coming in large numbers.
Chamber Of Commerce
Adopts Heavy Program
A busy month faces the directors
of the Chamber of Commerce.
At their meeting Tuesday night
they adopted a far-reaching pro
gram, which Included everything
from tourist promotion, to two
clean-up campaigns one being the
annual clean-up week, and the
other is a clean-up on the mem
bership drive of the organization.
The membership drive is about
one-third completed, according to
the report of Mrs. Frank Knutti,
secretary. The report showed $2,
180 in pledges, with $1,750 paid in
cash. The treasurer's report show
ed accounts paid to date, with a
"small balance" on hand.
The directors voted to publish
approving the sending of invita
tions to Life Magazine and some
of the state's leading newspaper
men. The invitations to the aromatic
session went by telegram Tuesday
night to Life's New York offices;
Grady Cole, Radio Station WBT.
Charlotte; Jack Riley of the Ra
leigh News and Observer, Chester
Gunn Starts
Work On
His Building
A remodeling program costing
several thousands of dollars was
started this morning by Gunn's
Corner. Included in the program,
is a new front, new tile floor,
fluorescent lights, and several
pieces of equipment.
Workmen have started putting
in a modern tile floor, and when
this is completed, four additional
booths will be added, giving four
teen in all, uccording to R. C.
Gunn, owner and manager.
A larger and modern back bar
will also be installed, and new
fluorescent ceiling lights added.
The changes on the front will be
made to harmonize with the new
front being installed by Reliable
Mr. Gunn said that it is expected
that the project will be1 completed
within thirty days.
He also plans to start construc
tion on his home on the lot next to
Mrs. E. L. Withers, on Church
street, at an early date. He re
cently bought the property for his
Mr. Gunn opened his place of
business in May 1941.
Memorial Marker Hearing
Completion; Funds Needed
When Dark Comes
Better Put Away
Fishing Tackle
When night comes, fishing in
trout streams is illegal.
That is the new law.
When it gets 0"ark, you had
better put away your rod and
reel if you are near a trout
stream, warned Game Protector
C. W. Ormand this morning.
"We are patrolling t r on t
streams at night to prevent night
fishing," he said, "and violators
will be fined plenty."
Fisherman Breaks
Law; Judge Breaks
Fisherman's Heart
One trout fisherman is out
$16.25 for trying to get ahead of
the season, and not having a li
cense, according to Game Protec
tor C. W. Ormand. The man was
from Buncombe county, but fish
ing in a Haywood stream.
Five young boys were also hail
ed into court for violation of the
game laws, and given fines.
Protector Ormand said that ten
persons had been arrested in the
past few days for violating the
game laws. Several were fishing
without a license; others had over
their creel limit, and two for fish
ing out of season.
a folder for the promotion of tour
ist business, and also voted $250
towards the expense of entertaining
the honorary Tar Heels here next
fall. This event has been going
to the east each year, and plans
are to bring the nationally known
writers and leaders to this area
next fall! Tom Alexander is work
ing on details with the State News
The board also wired Representa
tive Grover C. Davis to include
Haywood in a bill which would
prohibit cruelty to wild animals.
Such a bill was recently passed for
Swain and Jackson counties.
G. C. Ferguson was named chair
(See Program Page 8)
Davis of the Winston-Salem Jour
nal-Sentinel. Floyd Henaiey,
Greensboro Daily News; Larry
Dale of United Press, Paul Hansell,
chief of the Associated Press bu
reau in Charlotte; Tom Fesper
man. Charlotte News feature writ
er; and Columnist Gus Travis of
the Charlotte Observer.
In spite of the fact that this is
Gets Citation
IPhoto by Ingram's Studio)
PAUL J. HIGH, manager of
Smith's Drug Stoic, has received
a national citation of merit for
outstanding sales ability. The
award was for Mr. High's ability
to sell as well as for his origin
ality, courtesy, service a n d
knowledge in serving his cus
tomers. He was chosen for his out
standing salesmanship by the In
ternational Association of Rexall
Clubs in connection with the
company's annual survey among
10,000 Rexall stores.
The erection of the large memo
rial marker will be completed with
in .another week or ten days. Mrs.
Will A. Medford, chairman of the
group, said yesterday.
Plans "' to have the Memorial
Plot in Green Hill cemetery com
pleted and dedicated on May 29th.
While construction is moving
along at a rapid pace, the contribu
tions for the $2,280 marker are not
coming in so fast, Mrs. Medford
Only $600 in cash is in hand, and
$300 outstanding in pledges. About
$1,400 in cash, and all pledges
paid will be needed by the last of
May, according to Mrs. Medford.
The marker is over nine feet
square at the base, and will be
about nine feet tall. It will stand
in the center of the Memorial Plot
which will be the burial plot for
men and women who died while
serving their country.
The movement is being sponsor
ed by the Gold Star parents in co
operation with the American Le
gion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars
and the Auxiliaries of both organi
zations. Mrs. Medford said that those
who have contributed in cash to
date includes: Rogers Electric Com
pany; Mrs. Crews Moody, Ruff
Underwood, Mr. and Mrs. Will A.
Medford. Mr. and Mrs. Earle Cagle,
(See Marker Page 8)
Iron Duff Program
Meeting To Be
Held Monday
A community development pro
gram meeting for citizens of Iron
Duff will be held at 7:30 p. m.
Monday at the Antloch Baptist
The movie of last year's farm
tour will be shown.
Everyone is urged to attend the
Jerry Rogers, member of the po
lice force, leaves Monday for At
lanta, where he will undergo treat
ment. He has been ill for the past sev
eral week. He is improved, but un
able o return to work.
Mr. and Mrs. Hurst Burgin. and
Mr. and Mrs. George Haynes left
Wednesday for a ten-day trip to
Houston, Texas, to visit relatives
and friends.
an nff-vear for the political cam
paigns, only the failure of the State
Legislature to adjourn before this
weekend was expected to prevent
many state officials and legislators
from coming to the convention.
In any event, Thad Eure, North
Carolina's Secretary of State, is
scheduled to be principal speaker
(See Ramps Page 3)
Reliable To
Have A Hew
Home Soon
Work is well along on the new
home for Reliable Jewelers.
A modernistic front is being put
to the building formerly occupied
by Goose Creek Crafts, just one
door from the present location of
the jewelry firm.
"Our contract calls for having
the store complete, and the stock
moved by May 10th," Dave Feld
man. owner, said this morning
The front of the store will be of
dark green glass, with large dis
play windows, and ultra modern
front, including an all-glass door.
A third front display window
will be next to the lobby that
leads to the telephone office.
Mr. Feldman said the interior of
the store would be completely
modern, being arranged and lighted
with special lights throughout.
It was learned from Mr. Feld
man that more than $3,500 is be
ing spent in remodeling and ren
ovating the store. The building is
owned by Dr. John Smathers, and
a long term lease has been taken
by Mr. Feldman.
The Reliable Jewelers opened
here in October 1939, and has
been at the same location during
their almost ten years in Waynes-
Fred Campbell Is
Head Soco Road
New Boosters Club
Last night, the Boosters Club of
Soco Gap Road was made a per
manent organization to develop the
valley from the Gap to Lake Juna
luska at a tourist center.
The delegates at the meeting in
the Mount Val
ley Inn elected
Fred Campbell
as president of
4 the permanent
organlzat 1 o n;
I - V"" JJonn fieer
l ' H vice-president;
' Mrs. Alfred
'' L Phillips, secre
'...' '"ltary; Norvell
yf I Rogers, treas-
i urer; and Joe
1 It 7 Campbell, Tom
l; Campbell, Sr.,
1 1 la n d William
Holsten, direc-
Fred Campbell tors.
To help cre
ate interest and organize the val
ley citizens for the promotion of
the program, these committees also
were established:
Program Tom Campbell, Sr.,
Chairman, Albert Siler, John Fing
er, Henry Campbell and Jim Plott.
By-Laws Alfred Phillips, chair
man, George Jones, Mrs. William
Holsten, Ned Moody and Chester
The membership in the club al
most doubled, as 30 more persons
joined to boost the enrollment to
The organization, formed to im
prove and beautify the community
into an ideal tourist resort, operat
ed prior to last night on a tem
porary basis, with Jim Plott as
The delegates set May 4 as the
(See Soco Road Page 8) J
Some like their ramps raw. This delegate at last year's ramp con
vention likes his fried. A fellow ramp-eater watches his display of
cooking skill between bites.
m imiimiii mill i 11 .in. miMPmmWWe
i .
FREEMAN, superintendent of
the Haywood County Hospital,
has had much experience in hos
pital work. She took her train
ing at Hex Hospital. Raleigh, lat
er going to the Lying-in Hospi
tal in New York for lour months,
then returning to the Rex as
supervisor for live years. Later,
she was night superintendent of
the James Walker Memorial in
Wilmington tor two years.
Waynesville is Mrs. Freeman's
Band Leaves
Today For
Approximately 35 members of
the Waynesville High School Con
cert Band left by bus today for
Greensboro where they will com
pete in the State Music -Gont
Mrs. Doyle Alley accompanied
the students to the contest, in which
they will compete against Charlotte
Central and High Point High
School bands.
Eighteen singers, most of whom
also are members of the band,
went to Greensboro last Monday
with Band Director Charles Isley.
They sang last night in a chorus
of 600 high school students from
throughout the state.
Front Of City
Hall Building
To Be Improved
The city hall building is due for
a face lifting next week.
G. C. Ferguson, town manager,
said the entire front of the build
ing will gel a coal of plaster, and
the fire department building a
coating of paint.
No immediate plans are being
made for remodeling the front of
the present building. Two offices
were built recently; one for the
Town, and one for the Chamber of
E. Waynesville School
Getting New Lunchroom
War veterans training in mason
ry are building a new lunchroom
Massie Is
Building 4
Mew Stores
Construction was started this
morning o n four modern store
buildings on Miller Street, by W.
Hugh .Massie.
The four buildings will be on
the lot just back of the Firestone
Store, and face Miller Street, Mr.
Massie said.
Each building will be 12 feet
wide, and 42 feet deep. The build
ings will be built in units of 24
feet, so that the partition can be
removed and give a room 24 by
42 feet. The buildings will be one
story high, and without a basement.
The buildings will be of cinder
block and brick construction, with
modern glass fronts.
Mr. Massie said work would be
pushed as rapidly as possible on
the structures. Arthur Sheehan is
in charge of the work.
"There are already five pro
spective tenants for the buildings,
but we have not leased them to
anyone they are for rental pur
poses," Mr. Massie said.
Mr. Massie owns the Firestone
building, and these new building1?
will be on the lot directly back of
No announcement was made as
to the cost of the structures.
Motor Sales Open
New Place Here
The service station unit of Bryson-Miller
Motor Sales Company
opened yesterday, on the Ashe
vllle road. Their building has been
remodeled and redecorated, and
was formerly occupied I by Davis-fciner-Mtor
Sales Company.
Henry Miller and Sebe Bryson
are owners of the firm. Mr. Miller
will be active manager. He said
yesterday that plans are to estab
lish an automobile sales agency,
and operate a modern garage in
connection with the firm a little
A large enclosed grease rack,
and a large indoor wash-rack have
been constructed.
For the present, the firm will
service cars with gas, oils, greasing,
washing, and carry a full line of
nationally known accessories and
Isolation Ward
Is Completed At
Hospital Here
The isolation ward at the Hay
wood County Hospital has been
completed. It is a three-bed ward.
The ward is complete with scrub
tank, sterilizer, and ready for use.
it was announced by Lee Davis,
administrator of the institution.
This is the first time that the
Hospital has had an isolation ward
Id take care of patients with con
tagious diseases, it was pointed out.
for the East Waynesville school.
County School Superintendent
Jack Messer said yesterday that
when the new structure is com
pleted by July 1 it will accomodate
175 pupils and provide an extra
He added, it will free the present
lunchroom for use as a classroom
for up to 200 students.
And by the time the 50 bv ."2
foot structure is finished, the 60 Gl
trainees in masonry and carpentry
classes will have received valuable
practical experience.
The work started Monday.
Record For
(To Dais)
In Haywood
Killed . . . : 1
Injured .... 12
(This Information com
piled from Records of
State Highway Patrol).

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