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The Waynesville Mountaineer
Published Twice-A-Week In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
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64th YEAR NO. 36 16 PAGES Associated Press and United Press News WAYNESVILLE, N. C. THURSDAY AFTERNOON, MAY 5, 1949 $30 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties'
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Cross Blood
N in Haywood
first donors
inpion YMCA
Iwdmobile was
'nations of one
1 Person to the
first donors
10 a.m. May 17
lhe Waynesviiie
Asin c,nton,
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Mrs. Pearle Owens Gillis of fort Worth, Texas, is the American
Mother of 1949. This 60-year-old mother of six children was chosen
for the honor by the American Mothers' Committee of the Golden
Rule Foundation. She and her husband, who works for the Post
Office Department, have four boys and two girls, all with musical
talent. One son is a Baptist foreign missionary; another, a Nation
al Broadcasting Company production director; a third is a college
professor, and the fourth is a music arranger and composer.
Clean -Up Campaign To
Start With Parade Here
Monday Morning At Ten
Police Warn Dog
Owners of stray docs in Hazel
wood stand to be fined and their
dog apprehended if the animals
are allowed 'to run loose with
out a license tag and certificate
of vaccination against' rabies, it
was announced this morning by
Chief Woodard of Maselwood.
A similar warning was Issued
by Chief Orvllle Noland In Way
nesville a short time ago.
There are ordinances in both
towns against letting dogs run
at random, and officers are warn
ing that owners will be hailed
into court unless the practice is
Jank Program
oday In County
10 Pay Costs
In Drunk Cases
At Canton Court
Canton Police Court Judge R. R.
Mease ordered 10 defendants
charged with public drunkenness
to pay court costs of $11 each last
One motorist paid, $10 in costs on
a speeding charge.
The judge continued until next
Monday hearings on several drunk
driving cases before adjourning
Power To Be
Off Two Hours
On May 15
It 11. Burleson of the Caro
lina Power and Light Compaay,
announces that the power will
be off in Waynesville, Hazelwood,
Lake JnnaJuska, Balsam and the
R-E.A. Unes on Sunday, May 15th.
from 2 to 4 p. m.
Crabtree Methodists To
Build Modern Church
The congregation of the Crab
lJ"ee Methodist church have just
pought a 2 acre site on top of the
"HI near the school on highway
. - 209 for a ftiodern new struc
ture. The new church will seat
about 300, and will Include Sun
day School rooms.
The building committee has an
nounced tht k
- - u,t uuftiuui win wai
5?tween tis.hon tunnn
rl!5ge! totallnS $7,200 have' al
ready been made. The' church has
A parade led by the high school
band will mark the beginning
of the annual Clean-Up dxive in
WyiiesvHle"m HazelwoodThe
parade will start marching at ten
o'clock, it was announced by G. C.
Ferguson, general chairman.
City officials of both towns are
helping to promote the campaign,
and announced yesterday that ex
tra trucks, and special crews will
be used in order to remove- all
trash and garbage put out where
it can be easily picked up.
Should the crews miss anything
on their routine rounds the town
officials of both towns urged that
the town hall be called and a crew
would be dispatched to get the
As a special feature of the cam
paign, school children will be giv
en an opportunity to get a free
pass to the Strand or Park Theatres
here for the 11 o'clock Saturday
show. Each school has been given
a supply of pledges, and all a child
has to do to get into the show free
is to get the signatures of ten
people who agree to cooperate in
making the community cleaner.
The pledges are on one slip of
paper, and these will be exchanged
for a pass by a policeman at both
theatres for the 11 o'clock show
Saturday. Showing at the Strand
is Allan "Rocky" Lane in "Sun
down in Santa Fe," plus "Gangs of
Chicago" and a color cartoon and
chapter No. 5 of "Ghost of Zorro."
At the Park will be Bill Boyd
as Hopalong Cassidy in "Strange
Gamble" and "Hit The Road" with
the Dead End Kids.
Saturday Girl Scouts Swill dis
tribute literature and placards to
places of business.
The Chamber of Commerce,
through Miss Mary Lu Elwood,
assistant secretary, is cooperating
with the Clean-Up campaign.
The campaign will get underway
Monday, and continue through the
Officials of both towns urged
that citizens clean up their premis
es. The special committee will
make an inspection on the 9th and
again on the 16th. Places that
have not been cleaned by then will
be subject to legal action as pre
scribed by ordinances of the two
(See Clean-Up Page 6)
already paid for the property for
the new church.
Tentative plans are to get the
blue prints by June first,' and every
effort will be made to move Into
the new building sometime during
the fall. A decision has not been
made as to whether the struc
ture will be rock or brick. The
architect is due in about a week
and definite plans will be com
pleted at that time.
(See Crnbtre--Piep fit
Court Term
Opens E'lon.
Judge John H. Clement of Walk
ertown will start hearing civil cases
for the May term on Monday in
Haywood Superior Court.
Forty-two jurors have been im
panelled for the two-week term.
Jurors drawn for the first week
include: Waynesville, Carl Arring
ton, Mrs. S. E. Connatser, Ben Med
ford, Charles H. Gaddis, G. C. Fer
guson, Mrs. J. H. Way, Jr., Don Al
len, Joe F. Davis and R. V. Leath
crwood; East Fork, W. P. Postom;
White Oak, Walter C. Lane; Crab
tree, Dillard Haney.
Fines Creek, Carl S. Green; Ivy j
Hill, Guy Campbell; Jonathan
Creek, Will J. Howell, L. N. Leath
erwood and Jule Boyd; Clyde, Hor
ace H. Anderson and C. D. Penland;
Beaverdam, Monroe H. Silver,
George H. Jones, W. W. Mitchell,
Harley M. Robinson and J. Frank
Jury for second week includes:
Fines Creek, Marion Green, Glenn
Noland and Joe Mauney; Jonathan
Creek, H. C. Burgess; Crabtree,
Paul Sanford; Beaverdam, Homer
V. Cagle and Mabie Glance; Iron
Duff, Dennis Crawford and Joe A.
Chambers; Clyde, Jake Sutton,
Clarence Hill and R. C. Ledbetter;
East Fork, Tom Burnette; Ivy Hill,
Arthur White and W. S. Ferguson;
and Waynesville, Lawrence Leath-
erwood, D. P. Pressley and Tom
New Contract
Signed For
Laundry Workers
AFL union officials and the
operators of the Waynesville
Laundry yesterday signed a new
work contract.
The new contract, which a union
spokesman said differs little from
the former agreement, was approv
ed unanimously by members of the
local in a secret ballot taken at a
meeting after it was signed.
The Agreement will become ef
fective Saturday for a year and
affects 36 union workers at the
The major change from the old
contract is that the employees will
be paid for the actual time they
work. Under the former agreement,
payment of wages was made for a
minimum 5!4 day work week, re
gardless of the actual time the
employee spent on the job.
Prior to the time the new con
tract was signed, the owners in
stalled four more large fans and
several smaller ones to improve
the ventilation in the plant.
The contract was signed by Fred
(See Laundry Page 6(
Cattle, Tobacco Will Be
Discussed At Session
Here Saturday
A Haywood County Farm Bu
reau meeting will be held at 10:30
a. m. Saturday for a discussion of
beef cattle, dairying, and tobacco
Marshall Kirkpatrick, a Crab
tree community dairyman, will re
port in regard to the dairy cattle
situation, and George Stamey of
Pigeon will discuss beef cattle
Both men represented the Hay
wood Farm Bureau at last week's
district meeting in Statesville spon
Home Agent
For Farm Edition
Assistant County Home Dem
onstration Agent Elise DeLoz
ier describes the forthcoming
Mountaineer Farm Edition as
"something that the people in the
county have needed and wanted."
The Farm Edition, Miss DeLozier
added, will bring a clear under
standing of the county-wide Com
munity Development Program to
the people of the county.
"It is a great help, in under
standing something if we can see
it in print," she declared.
The Mountaineer's special edit
ion, Miss DeLozier added, will
stimulate the formation of new
lilMlHIIWWWrt IfrllfHiOlfi i liftiliHittr (lnilWWililM
Dr. Frank P. Graham, North
Carolina's freshman U. S. Sen
ator, has appointed J. Richard
Queen of Waynesville, as his ex
ecutive secretary. Mr. Queen had
been named to the same post by
Senator J. M. Broughton, Dr.
Graham's predecessor, who died
shortly after lie was sworn in.
Dr. Graham decided to retain
the late Senator's entire office
Inducted By
The new officers of the Way
nesville Junior Chamber of Com
merce were inducted formally Mon
day night at a dinner meeting at
the Waynevilla Dining Room.
Outgoing President Harry Rob
inson, presided over the meeting,
which also featured discussion of
plans for the next dinner meet
ing as a ladies' night event in
June and for attending the week
end State Jaycees convention in
R. L. Bui-gin, Jr., took office as
president of the Junior Chamber,
succeeding Mr. Robinson.
Robert Korte was inducted as
the new vice-president; Tony Jones
as treasurer; Bill Dover, secretary;
Charles Woodard, State director;
Bill Porter and Bill Norris, di
rectors for two years; and George
West and Herb Singletary, direc
tors for one year.
2 Incubators Given
Hospital By Lions
The Lions Club tonight will
present formally two modern in
cubators to the Haywood County
Members of the Hospital Board
will receive the gift at the
Lions Club's regular meeting at
the Towne House.
sored by the N. C. Farm Bureau
Current burley tobacco ware
house charges and commissions also
will come up for discussion. The
questions about what action tobac
co farmers want to take on these
matters will be answered then.
Presiding over the meeting will
be Charles B. McCrary, president
of the Haywood Farm Bureau.
Officials of the county organiza
tion urged all farmers, whether or
not they are members, to attend
this meeting.
Sees Need
ideas through its accounts of what
the individual communities are do
ing in the Program.
"Our communities," she added,
"Will only be as fine as, in our
courage, we will make them fine,
and by our courage the communit
ies can be changed into the kind of
communities we want them to be."
This issue is being anticipated
with enthusiasm particularly by the
women of the county, Miss DeLoz
ier pointed out.
"Women, especially, have much
enthusiasm for programs that have
as their aim better homes, better
farms, better communities, and a
better county," she sa'd.
Woody Defeats Murray
For Mayor Of Canton
Floyd Woody was elected mayor
of Canton in the Tuesday Munici
pal election as he upset Mayor J.
Paul Murray by a vote of 806 to
The voters put two candidates
on the Murray ticket on the Board
of Aldermen, but Alderman P. D.
Deweese, another member of the
ticket, was not re-elected.
Alderman A. B. Robinson, run
ning on, the Murray ticket, was re
elected, drawing 430 votes.
A. J. Reno, also running on the
ticket, was elected to his first term
as an Alderman, gaining 739 votes,
while the voters named Sebe Plott,
an independent, to the third post
on the Board. Mr. Plott polled 714
The unsuccessful candidates for
alderman, in addition to Mr. De
weese were M. C. Henson, who
drew 503 votes; A. J. Anderson,
430; Haywood Young Democrats
President F. C. Cogburn, 329; and
Elmer Miller. 179.
A total of 1,542 citizens cast bal
lots in the election, approximately
half the number registered in the
city's two precincts.
City Solicitor T. A. Clark and
Police Court Judge R. R- Mease,
Sr., were re-elected ot their offices
without opposition.
The officials of the new admin
istration were sworn in yesterday
by the retiring mayor in the city
Awaiting Bond Election Results
Board Defers Decisions
On School Boildia. Pleas
RotcUife Heads
School Masters
Carl Ratcllffe was elected presi
dent of the Waynesville School
Masters Club at a meeting at Pat
rick's Restaurant Monday night.
He succeeds M. C. Nix of Bethel
E. J. Evans was elected vice-
president; and Frank Rogers, secretary-treasurer.
The members heard State Rep
resentative Grover Davis of Hay
wood tell of the legislation which
the 1949 General Assembly enacted
that effects schools.
On the lighter side, the Way
nesville Township high school
quartet entertained the group with
several songs.
Pharmacy Case
Continued Till
May 10
Preliminary hearing on break'
ing, entering, and larceny charges
against Billy Roblnscm of near
Clyde and J. C. Houston of Clyde
has been rescheduled for Tuesday
in Clyde Police Court.
Judge N. C. West last Monday
continued the hearing until then
on motion of Defense Attorney
Charles Smathers of Canton.
The charges against the two
youths arose from the break-in of
the Clyde Pharmacy the night of
March 12 when four cameras and
20 cartons of cigarettes were taken.
15 Taxed On
Drunk Charges
Mayor J. H. Way, Jr., presiding
as police court judge last Monday,
ordered 15 defendants charged
with drunkenness to pay court
costs of $12.60 each.
The defendants had been taken
into custody over the weekend.
The cost of trying to save a cou
ple of minutes amounted to $20 for
one motorist. He was'fined $10 and
ordered to pay court costs of $10
more on a speeding charge.
Hazelwood Firms Given
State Safety Awards
Two Hazelwood firms today were
presented with safety awards of
the North Carolina Department of
Certificate for work, in prevent
ing industrial accidents was pre
sented by the Department's
Seventh District labor inspector,
George W. King, to the England
Walton Division of the A. C. Law
rence Tehther Company.
New Mayor
Floyd W. Woody is tlio new may
or of Canton. He defeated in
cumbent Mayor J. Paul Murray,
who was seeking his third
straight term, in the city election
last Tuesday.
court room. More than 100 people
attended the ceremonies.
The Haywood County Board of
Education Monday deferred
action on school building requests
pending the outcome of the .June
bond elections.
Large delegations representing
the Maggie and Spring Hill schools
appeared with smaller delegations
from other county schools before
the board at the, meeting Monday
to plead lor new buildings or im-
rprovements to the old ones
Members of the board and Coun
ty Superintendent Jack Messer
agreed there was "no question"
about the need for improvements
of some type on virtually every one
of the 20 schools in the county
But what improvements will be
made, Mr. Messer said, depends
on the amount of money that will
be available.
The 1949 General Assembly has
approved $250,000 for the county
system. If the voters authorize the
(See School Board Page 6)
Mr. Messer Re-Elected
County School Head
Sgt. Williams'
Body Being
Returned Here
The War Department last Mon
day notified Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Williams of Waynesville that the
body of their son, .who was killed
in action in World War II, was
being returned from Europe.
The message did not say, when
it would reach this country.
Sergeant Frank R. Williams, Jr.,
a graduate of Canton High School,
died when his B-17 bomber was
shot down over Germany on March
17, 1945.
He had enlisted in May, 1943
when he was 18 years old.
Garrett Funeral Home will make
the arrangements for the final
L. K. Barber, superintendent of
the plant,t received the certificate
in behalf of the company.
Mr. King presented the other
safety award to the Royle and Pilk
ington Company, Inc., with Plant
Manager B. E. Colkitt receiving
it for the firm.
The departments official- said
both companys won these citations
for reducing their plant accidents
40 per rent in the !ist vesr.
To Purchase
Fire Truck;
To Train 15
The Hazelwood Board of Alder
men voted yesterday to buy a fire
truck, other equipment, build a
fire house, and set up a volunteer
department of fifteen members.
The board authorized Mayor
Clyde L. Fisher to place the order
for a truck, costing about $9,000
fully equipped.
Mr. Fisher said that plans for
constructing a building for the
truck and department would be
worked out in a few days. The
size of the beuilding depends sonie
what on the size of the equipment
as well as some other features, he
explained. There is a possibility
that a two story building will be
wecled, with living quarters on the
second floor for a full-time fireman.
This will be determined later, it
was pointed out. The building will
be on town property near the Pres
byterian church on Main Street.
A specialist will be brought in
to train a volunteer department of
fifteen men, Mr. Fisher said. The
training period will not start for
some time. "We will give due
notice of that at the right time,"
he explained.
Mr. Fisher said this mornhij;
that he had contacted some build
ers of fire equipment, and had
learned he could get delivery with
in 90 days after the order had been
At present, Hazelwood has a con
tract with Waynesville for fire pro
tection. The ten-year contract ex
pires in about a year.
Just what affect, if any, the fim
department in Hazelwood will make
on insurance rates was not known,
Mr. Fisher said.'
Faster Mail To
Big Creek Sought
Twenty-three residents of Bin
Creek and the lower end of the
county are seeking a star mail
route from Cove Creek to Mt.
They made application through
their attorney, T. L. Green, but
had the proposition turned down,
although the postmaster here and
at Cove Creek had formally ap
proved the project.
Mr. Green said the application
would be renewed. At present,
mail going to Mt. Sterling must go
to Asheville, then to Newport,
Tenn., and up to Mt. Sterling the
third day.
"Some of my clients live six
miles from the post office, but
live right on highway No. 284. '
Mr. Green said.
Jack Messer was re-elected Hay
wood County superintendent of
i schools and R. T. Messer. chair
man of the County Board of Edu
cation Monday.
The memoers of the Board took
the action during their meeting to
effect routine biennial reorganiza
tion. The chairman and the superin
tendent were named for new
terms of two years each.
The terms of the other members
of the board, Homer V. Cagle of
Canton and W. V. Davis of Crab
tree. will not expire until April
1951. The tenure of office for theie
men are four years each.
The members of the board also
appointed members to the six
school committees for the county
for the next two years.
The committeemen will elect
(See Jack Messer Page 6)
Record For
(To Date)
In Haywood
Killed.;:: 1
Injured .: :. 15
(This Information com
piled from Records of
State Highway Patrol).

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