PAGE TWO (Second Section) Thursd THE WAYNES VILLE MOUNTAINEER "v fu. THE MOUNTAINEER Blaln .Street Phone 100 WaynesvHIe, North Carolina The County Seat of -Haywood -County Published By TIIE WAYNESVILLE PRINTING CO. -,W. CURTIS RUSS Editor W. Curtis Russ and Marion T. Bridges, Publishers PUBLISHED EVERY MONDAY AND THURSDAY HAYWOOD COUNTY Thcyll Do It Every Jime When helpless menna RIDES THE CROWDED COMMITTER SPECIAL WITH HER STEADY SHE CLWGS TO KM FOR DEAR UFE One Year $3.00 bix Months 1.75 NORTH CAROLINA One Year $4.00 bix Months .. . 2.25 OUTSIDE NORTH CAROLINA One Year $4.50 bix Munths . 2.50 Entered at the post office at Waynesville, N. C , as Sec ond Class, Mail Mjlter. a provided under the Act of llaicli 2. 18?y. November 20. 1914. card of thanks, will be charged Obltu&ry notices, resolutions of respect, ana all notices of entertainment for profit. joi ai me laie or two cents pel worn. MEMBERS OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS AND THE UNITED PRESS The Associated Press and United Press are entitled ex clusively to the use for re-publication of all the local ntws printed in this newspaper, as well as all 4P and L'P I.ev.s dispatches. Thursday Afternoon. May 5. 1949 Sot when she's om her OWN. W SHE CAM TAKE OUT MORE OPPOSmON THAN AN ALL-AMERICAN TACKLE' ' US The Smoky Mountain Highway As a last piece of fine public service while on the State Highway Commission. D. Reeves Nuland had the highway from Asheville to the Parkway named the Smoky Mountain Highway. Naming the section of the highway will set it apart from an ordinary highway, and will give it a title of distinction and one of advertising value to the area and the high way itself. Our neighboring state of Tennessee has lung found the wisdom of naming highways, and especially those in the neighborhood of the Park. The average person traveling through an area soon forgets the highway number, but a name lingers, and it is easy to tell others when they get home. This entire section owes Mr. Noland a debt of gratitude for taking this initiative and seeing that this important link of our high way system got a name, and a good one at that. 15 YEARS AGO Fanners vote to continue plans for the establishment of modern cannery here. Eagle 5 and 10 Store opens new and larger building. Catering To Tourists It appears that the sponsors of the Ramp Convention are going to make the event so attractive that it will appeal to the tourists in early spring. The group in organizing for the 1950 con vention have decided to stage the. event three weeks later than usual in order to appeal to a lot of visitors. According to official records kept of the crowd, it appears that the convention is growing so large that perhaps two days will have to be given to the occasion in order to handle the crowds. Any way, that is a matter that can be determined later. A Mid-Year Inventory The Methodists of the Waynesville district have a good business policy which they fol low. That is their mid-year conference in which they take stock, and find out just what is going on, where it is going and how. Such a practice allows churches time to pull themselves together, and get to work and complete a successful year. It gives all other, churches an opportunity to see what their neighbor is doing, and they can adjust themselves accordingly. a The practice is a good one, and perhaps would De Denencial to many civic organi zations as well as individuals. What: -Change The Name Of Maggie The State magazine published in Raleigh ! by Carl Goerch has taken a decided stand against changing the name of the post office ' at Maggie. Several weeks ago some mention was made of making a change of the post office and I area. but. after a mass meeting of the citizens of the area, the matter was droDoed. How-: ever, Mr. Goerch wrote his .article and his stand before that point was learned by him. Since his stand is so definite, we are pub lishing Mr. Goerch's article for all our readers: Up in the mountains of Haywood County there's a little rural community which for many, many years has been known by the name of Maggie. There are many people in North Carolina who don't know where Haywood County is, but practically everybody has heard of Maggie. When unusual community names are dis cussed, the name of Maggie generally is drag ged tinto the discussion. There's something folksv, comforting, sound and appealing about that name. It s a' name that has no frills at tached: it stands firmly by itself. And now guess what they're figuring on doing! They're planning to change the name of Maggie! It's a fact. Recently a mass meeting of some 200 citiaens was held at which the subject was discussed at leneth. Thev've imt an organization up there known as the Soco j Road Boosters Club. The members of this i organization are among those who want to ' see a change take place. Here are some of the names that have j been suggested: Socdluska, Soco City, Mount-! ain Valley and Mountain View. A committee has been appointed and this committee will give consideration to all these and a number L,Wis" M;"'But,':il'' Mass'f aends f ... May Dav exercises at Greensboro fFdllltra. A tourist, traveling through "Mountain 1 View'' or "Soco City," will do so without blinking an eyelash. .Just as soon as he gets ' on the other side of the community he will promptly proceed to forget all about it. So far as he's concerned, it will be just another wide place in the road. ! But what a different reaction when h e 1 comes to Maggie! He immediately sits ud and I takes notice. He wants to Imow how come the 1 tu, ,, 1U J1 u , , . , - Do you think the city ordinance, name: How old is the town? By whom was 1 which says that property owners it settled? Who was the original Maggie? , snou,d keeP vacant lots clean. And When he t'ets hark t hi h.,0 nu;' snoul be rigidly enforced? O .v M iiwjiiv. ill VJaiIU, Pennsylvania or Indiana, he'll proudly brag ' Mrs. David HaU-'Yes. Since of the fact that he has been to a place in waynesville is a tourist town, it is North Carolina by the name of Maggie thc' rslonsibilily f each citizen Tu , T ,. SlS ' help make it look attractive. A I here are scores of Tndian names in the, lot that is not cared for is an eye western part of the state,- there are scores of rs,,rc ' names having to do with mountains, views, , N , TTT ii i '-wo, (i n Davis Where property valleys, etc., but there is only one Maggie, owners do not keep lots clean vol- For heaven's sake, ve citizens of that sect llnt;:lilv' lhe ordinance should be ion of Haywood (Count v: hang onto Maggie' 7' "'T v 8 J "a"t u,uu Jviaggie. to the community if not kept Don t let the old gal get away from you after u'a 11 " all these v(ars Talrino- nn- ui ' j wuc .nuni iiiai n ii wcu-Miuwn spiritual, "ine UJe-time Relig- the ion, Jet us all join in singing: "It was good for paw and gran'paw, "It was good for paw and gran'paw, It was good for paw and gran'paw, An it's good enough for me." By Timniy Hado r - i mm w v : x - tawwTXfv ' run timr ww , n im-. i'i . we.j Bits Of Human Interest Nevvs Of The Mo un(ai11(!erStjJJ Hill l.. Looking Back Over The Years .1 unaluska for the ear-lion. P.-T.A. leaches goal -ii standard organiza- Mrs. R. N. Barber is guest of honor at luncheon given by Bry son City Woman's Club. Pigeon Highway stroyed by fire. is completely do- ; from three states arrive for three day session here. Road is being improved from the entrance at Lake Junaluska to a point beyond the boat house. Miss Jane Walker, student in the music department of Woman's Col lege at Greensboro, participates in college piano recital. Dayton Girls' Club entertains j sailors from the Naval Convales cent Hospital at party at Piedmont j Hotel. Mother's Day is with us :ej.ull and we think with pride of the l,.,,,. piness and pleasure that will extended to mothers evt-ivuheu- di . in. i .... nuweia, kii is aim eniertaiiii will be all hers on this festiv.- and no one can be more d, ing. But why confine it to tin ,,, day on the calendar? Tin-. still 364 more days in each you know. And that reminds as of u,,. story about the man who wrote on the upper comer of the en velope: "If not delivered in Ii. e days, don't worry . . . there are still 360 days in which to find the addressee." We often wonder if a Rieat mam people who "lend their ears' i others, do so in order that th,.., may hear the thanks and piais'e they expect to hear. While thev sing a word of praise, thev .n,. il tening intently for the echo. Two attractive eirls of gram mar school age were having a wonderful time, standing in front of a fashionable shop where beautiful dinner dresses were on display in the wJndow. They were turning their heads in ap proval and dignity as they visu alized themselves in the lovely . , " '"nidi, ,ailllll( '-in m """'i"it; air in.i,. '"" to a,, ""' wbiim, There liiciid. Sl"' t-M-riej '''l. but block, A l'piJt. nvd and ' ioiJ ami "'"'U Off Jgj ,M- S'H' was '" "' her hoc -!uti. they U "I' more Advice i awfully hard do a lot Df J Jasper Morgan. U. S. Navy, is advanced to grade of lieutenant commander. College in which Miss Mary Emma Massie participated as attendant to the May Queen. 10 YEARS AGO Home of Miss Marian Boggs on Miss Eula May Thrift and Miss Betty Jean Boyd, two popular high school students, are honored at party given at Piedmont Hotel. Pvt. Glenn Wyatt lough at home. spends fur- Capital Lett By EULA NIXON GREExJ 5 YK.VKS AGO i Dorothv Flovve is ! ami James Donaldson is salutator Sgt. Milas Green receives Oak 1 i;.n of Bethel graduating class Lent Cluster for braverv. : i Miss Opal McCracken volunteers ' in U. S. Marine Corps. Members of high school band VOICE OF TIIE PEOPLE UNCLE ABE'S LETTER Our "Cold War" Shelton "Yes. I think ordinance should be enforced It would prevent a lot of criticism and help the general appearance of the town, too." If Sunday Is Mother's Day Again, just when the world seems alive, and everything is colorful, the annual ob servance of Mother's Day will be staged on Sunday. TWis day has become one of the great "love" days of our time, and an occas ion that is fitting for our recognition. MIRROR OF YOUR MIND -' P:f , ffiAk &3i fefLf A nil By LAWRENCE COULt CwMaltinff rsycholojt it, that as bad as living in an insU tutkm is tor children, especially very young -ones, some way must be found so provide "group homes." The root tf the problem, she asserts, is that most adults feel -unconsciously hostile toward chil dren unless they are actually or emotionally "their own." Mrs. Raymond Lane "Yes we want to make our citv a beau tiful place, we must do everything to keep it so." Mrs. Sam Jones "Yes. I cer tainly do, especially on Main Street. Vacant lots which are not kept clean detract from the town in general as well as from the prop erty they adjoin." Miss Sylla Davis "Yes, I do. If vacant lots were kept clean the whole appearance of the commun ity would be improved." Views of Other Editors An thra nton wha can't belicw a woman Iovm them? Answer: Yes. There Bra men ffia$SISl who doubt any girl's professions of love from the outset, and others who mac are to persuade them elves they trust a girl's devotion but end by becoming Jealous and auspicious tor no valid reason. A boy who feels he has been "re jected" by nis mother, for exam pie, usually comes to the coodtj ioc that It means there's some thine radicallr wrong with htm so that ha does not deserve to be h It fcord lo find good foster ' Man for childron? .Answer: Very hard, as social agencies know only too welL tn tar4 "fawwfo lliwtab mrf4lil loTcd. And if you get that idet the British Journal of Medical rfMi mm fill "mm MwmM anil . Sfwia1 m I J a. over convince you jfaat abe reaUy ; Cad people who will make good . chances that nay mean riches or loves you , foster parents, even when paid lor ruin. if Is it natural to nr-fer nfn-tonT A Ben if : That depends n how you have seen '"conditioned," and especially on whether your ex perience nd trnimng have given you oonaoenoe to your ability to sake core ef ywurartf, no matter what happens. Your peaoe ef nand is more Jrrrportant, even to your family, tn the 4ong run than waaltb or uooeea. So if you do net have this sort of confidence, youll be wise to concentrate on finding a secure Job working tor the Government, for instance and let tougher-ntinded people take ICwihKJMI, Klas aW Jact Pastures Are Money Makers We are very' fortunate in West ern North Carolina in that we have sufficient rainfall to maintain good pastures. The Production Marketing Administration offers plans t o every farmer in our mountain counties that will enable him to start permanent pastures. This will mean prosperity on nunv tarm The Production Marketing Admire urn anon win neip the farmer who plans to build a permanent pasture. It will help him buy the seed, luy me iui iinzer and plan the operat ion. Be sure to vivit the office rf the Production Marketing Administrat ion You will find one in ach county manned by capable, trained people. This program offers the farmer the chance to get permanent past ures going that will be a blessing to the farm In the coming years. Pastures make milk .and meat cheaper than anv other method feeding. With the new grasses, wiiicji nave neen mari txiiHL. for farmers d urine the nam years, a plan can be worked out max win make It possible to graze cattle in our mountain counties a bout 10 months in the war. ' The value of pastures alio goes for the man who has a small larm , (Continued en Pace 0) Fifty Years Ago . Here's a pictur of the "good ol' days" Ol'-time livin'. ol'-time ways; Of lace an' frills an' plummed' hats, Of ruffles, corn's an' puffs an' "rats." Low-hangin' gowns, big aprons, too; Thick black hose an' French-loaf shoe Fifty years ago! The men wore hard, round derby hats, High, stiff collars, black cravats; A long-tail coat of cut-a-way, With trousers tight style of the day; A lull mustache with waxed' tips, Curvin' a little above the lips- Fifty years ago! Of big "infairs" an' blushin' brides; Of huskin' bees an' horse-back rides- Of county fairs cheap lemonade, Of the jockey racers unafraid. Of families large aroun' the board; Of walled-up spring an' drinkin'-gourd Fifty years ago! Of the wagon-days, so dull an' slow; 01' fashion scythe an' ol' fence row; Hard "crappin' time" an' swimmin' hole; The little school house on the knoll; Of flies an' filth an' dread disease ' The "good ol' days", sir, if you please Of fifty years ago! tJrT fir?e! The o1' fa-shun what's a-keeping up wjth Uncle Abe minds theze days well. I woodn't want to live them hard days over, wood you? Not onless I cood , (Continued on Page 6) TROJAN RSEFEATHER?? ' imjAT. JT mO aoimm- TO WINSTON-SALEM With it0 check the announcement last week from ! thu belief Dr. Thurman Kitchen, president i of the met rj ot wake forest College, that he has appointed ; wouia resign at me end ot thc valedictorian i coming term. Baptist leaders i:i j Raleigh immediately started a cam- i paign for Irving Carlyle, Winston Salem attorney, to succeed him. i Wake Forest, with the help ol Baptists throughout the State, must raise upwards of $15,000,000 by 1952 if she wants to go to the Twin i City. The feeling here is that f'ar- 1 lyle, who is chairman of the board i ner was a Bsji ; of trustees, can come nearest to 'other leading achieving this goal. This would be following tin trend, for college presidents an now not being chosen for thei: j high scholarship and their abilit to read Greek and Latin and quote long passages from Shakesspeare ; and Browning, but lor their ad- i ministrative strength and canacilv North Carolina I for "getting things done". ', faili iiTians. While k ihurch worker Cherry nasi iisp Baptist J, canic after H Hwv J. CI . riniB Episid Irynian now is Good Sliephtri W. Mrhean. Mm i bun Has Thih since Have I'resbylai inic Kpiscopilsi (list - lis Goi'BM in in vie ol ha!:' "f the PRESBYTERIANS The Preshv- THOSE SAU terians are on the march ariiiin in smne ut Covefl I North Carolina. Although no delin- iContininl: CROSSWORD PHI t rT? O&SAfoo&0r' m -It-si Across l sto-, 5 Foundation 9 Affirm 10 Eskers (Geol.) 11 Half (prefix) 12 Skin disorder "3 Disease of children 15 Editor (abbr.) 16 Stupefy 18 Energy taken in (Mech.) 22 Anger 23 Vehicle hauled by another 24 Neon (sym.) 25 A disease of children 26 Music note 27 Masculine name 29 Little girl 30 Robs 31 Additional 32 Indefinite article 33 Asterisk 35 A shield 37 Species of pier Adhesive mixture 40 American author (poss.) 41 Precious stones 42 Blunders Down 1 Owns 2 Thoroughfare Solution In WTUM w It 114 5 Jit WM W w fe No. If S Citrus fruit 4 Decorate 5 Snake 6 Hermit J A kind of shoe 8 Before 14 Stuffy 16 Warbles 17 Care for. medically 19 Claw 20 An efferves cent liquor (Caucasus) 21 Rub out 23 Labor 25 The skull of a vertebrate 28 Kind 01 hound 29 A class 31 House of i lord ol to manor ... n I -3 j Wayne villa Quality Is Our Cons! EAST'' ON THE HIGHWAY fhotte 307-M Mr. a

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