HE SFCRTS PAGE Of The Waypesville !lountaIneei Thursday Afternoon, May 5, 1949 Hazeiwttod Faces Tot Mountaineers Superbtffit.errlS For Local Nine The Va r.e llle High Mountain eers, bvhind tht- superb two hit pitclui.i; of Li-fty Ji:n Kuvkendall. rolled (o an flown to two victory over the Cullowhee High nine Wednesday afternoon on the Waynesville lK;ih diamond Barnes, firs I nun up in the open ing inning. lahed a single to right fipld He stole second and scored ' on an error fur Cullowhee s rust poned affairs from last Saturday, run. From then until the first man The Canton Pigeons journeyed came up in the la-t innina. Kuy- to Hendersonville and went down leendall didn't al ov. a hit. to their third straight defeat. They A Hooper, fn-t up in t iie sev- fell before the slants of Bud Sha entli. bi-at mil iin ii.tield hit. for ' ney and his Berkeley Mills nine to the second lilt oil the local holier. The i-iloi- -cured their last run in the -iv.h ii.rnng. Simpson was sate cm .m rivor Crawford s ;rt.ui.v' r erred. Sinp-oii moved from v. hei . he .-co. i ! to CeT.lcrfield. The loci- -lo; -i ! ir.: ii 'v. !;i : Ua e IN i. ami w hen va- also to third n j ily bail : the first was hit hy a : :ti !u d li.,'! Bob t ' .v in ran lur '; i v at.d -lull- -( coiid. He scored when Hill O'eii vloi.hied to left cen'el rie'd Wari'ilV addid three more in the si cond Wiggins walked and Bcil a.- hit hy the pitcher. hi-.-nhiint Struck out but Bill S'.itton lulluwtd v.ith a sizzling triple ('own the first base line to store Uuth mm. Sutton scored on the ' 1 1 - -1 of Hob (hull s two doubles. The locals added three more in the fourth Hell walked and ud-v.-wiced to ll.ir.l on two wild pitches. Sulluii walked and stole second i and both runner- scored whir. Bob Owen bla-led out a two banger, j Owen mi.ii.I the linnl run of the I iiiiiine on a w lid pitc h. i In the filth Wiggins was safe on an error and advanced on s j wild pitch, lie scored when Jim Hell hit a line single over second ba?e The final rims of the name came in the bottom of the sixth. Boh Owen singled and stole second from whin he -cond on Dave Price's sini'le Bill Owen gathered a one badger to score Price and Owen tallied when Jim Kuyken dall hanged ji single to center field. Barnes and A. Hooper gathered Cullowhee's only bingles Bob and Bill Owen paced the local hitters with three for four and two for four. Bill Sutton gathered the longest hit of the game, a triple. Box score: I Ulloivlire Barnes. 2b Simpson. 3b Crawford, ss H. Wike, Ib-p R. Hooper, p Cole, f c A. Hooper. If liryson rf V. Wike c Moore cf Totals Waynesville Sutton, lb Owen. Bob, rf Price. 2b Owen, cf Caldwell. If Kuykendall p Wiggins, c Bell, 3b Wbisei)lrtint. ss Totals. , Cullowhee ab r h e 4 11 0 I 3 10 1 3 0 0 01 3 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 3 0 0 Of 3 0 10 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 10 0 0 2.-) 2 2 1 ab r h e 3 2 10 4 2 3 0 2 2 10 4 12 0 4 0 10 4 0 10 3 2 0 0 2 3 11 '3002 29 11 10 3 100 001 0 2 2 1 130 313 011 10 3 Waynesville Hooper. H. Wike to V. Wike, Cole. Kuykendall to Wiggins. Losing pitcher Hooper. Doubles Bill Owen. Bob Owen 2. Triple Sut ton. Umpires Case and Whitener. LENNOX 1 rtFVr J -if 5 ' ' ' i"t'tt t 3 i 1. MEAN QUALITY la HOME HEATING rnA TEEMS NO DOW PAYMDT. SEE US TODAY 111 MlUf'fi 'Some Streams Open For ! Fishing In Forest Area Berkeley And Beacon Notch Loop Victories Two games were reeled off in the WNC Industrial League Tuesday afternoon. Both games we,re post- the tune of five to one in a well played game. The win marked the third straight loop win for Berk eley and still have not tasted de feat in the young season. Berkeley gathered eight hits off Holland while the Pigeons had seven. Saloli paced the winners with three for live with Dee Stev tnson and Shepherd hitting two for four for Canton. Line score: Canton 001 000 0001 7 1 Berkeley 000 011 03x 5 8 3 Holland to Iveter: Shaney to Slid er. Doubles Stvcnson. Brookshire, Drake. D. Hunnicutt, Slider, Saloli. Home runs Stevenson and Sparks. The Beacon nine racked up their third straight win behind the superb pitching of Norman Ayers Tuesday as they topped the Ecus ta team, nine to two on the Ecusta diamond. The Kcusta nine could only gath er m.x hits ofT Avers as his mates walloped 18 off Rusty Carland bailie and Waldroup sparked the Beacon team with four for five. Mark Ferguson'!, triple was I ingest blow of the tilt. Line score: Beacon 022 003 011- 9 Ecusta 000 100 010 -2 the 18 2 6 1 Ayers to Buckner. Carland to bex lon Doubles - Waldroup. Sams. Bailey. Triple FergU' on. Capital Letters (Continued from Page 2) j ments have raised an eyebrow or two, the announced salaries which went with them have resulted in long, sharp whistles throughout the State. Very few people even here in Raleieh wherp thpv uratrh THE JUDGES North Carolina's seven Supreme Court judges ten years ago received only $9,050 per annum, but now they draw $14,400. Superior Court judges 27 of them in all receive $12,.r00 now as against only $8,050 a decade ago. The 21 solicitors get $8,000 as com pared with $5,000 in 1939-40. $12,000 BRACKET The assist ant director of the budget D. S. Coltrane is going to that job ten years ago drew only $6,600. Now it is set up for $12,000. The State health officer, Dr. J. W. R. Nor ton, now receives $12,000. Teo years ago this position paid $7,200. These are also in the $12,000 bracket; superintendent of the State Hospital Board, the secretary to the Medical Care Commission, and the Ports Authority Director. NO TROUBLE It is easy to see why Governor Scott has had no trouble finding men to fill the vari ous jobs as they were vacated. The chairman of the ABC board, for instance, draws $7,920. This also goes for the parole commissioner, members of the Utilities Commis sion, burial commissioner. Indus trial members, Commissioner of Public Welfare, secretary of the State Retirement System, Director of Prpbation, attorney for the State Highway Commission, the Adjutant General, director of Con servation and Development, audit or to the State Highway Commis sion, Fifty-six professors and col lege, executive receive $7,920 or more. Frank Jeter at State College makes $9,600, and is no doubt worth every penny of it. The pri vate secretary to the Governor ten years ago drew $4,500. He now re ceives $8,640. ' All of these big salaries went into effect on April 1. "THE FEAR" WhilP it L Imo that quite a few of these employees are sheltered from the political winds which blow every four years, the others become afflicted with "the fear" each year in four. As of right now all is peaches and cream whipped cream, if you please but as Governor Scott's term draws to a close, the appointees Will become moro. and mnra wnr. ried, fearing they will not pick the right horse. Edwin Gill. Hathawav .Crnsc Bruce Etberidee. Bob Devtnn. and tome other were lucky for years. Wildlife Management Areas in Western North Carolina have been heavily stocked with trout, accord ing to Clyde P. Patton, Executive Director of the North Carolina Wildlife Commission, Patton said that initial stocking in these areas has been completed and more trout will be added to the streams later in the season. Cliffside Lake in the Nantahala area opens May 14, Fishing in the Mt. Mitchell arid Daniel Boone areas begins today. In the Pisgah National Forest area fishing begins today in Bent Creek and Lake Powhatan. First opening date in the Sherwood For est area is Saturday, when fish ing begins on the West Fork and Little East Fork of the Pigeon River. Opening dates and subsequent fishing dates on all designated streams and lakes in the Wildlife Management Areas are listed on schedules which may be obtained from checking stations in tfoe man agement areas or fxorii the North Carolina Wildlife Resources fcom mission. Box 2919, Raleigh, North Carolina. The season opened last Saturday for all streams in the Nantahala Forest. Then Scott came along. Pick Foun tain in' 1932 and Dr. Baiph McDon ald in 1936 had scores of Gardner and hhnnghaus appointees almost in a state of nervous prostration. ADVICE Governor cott. has advised at least one Of his first line appointees to save his money and invest it so that he would hot be subject to "the fear" every four years. The main reason Scott is Gov ernor now is that he could bp in dependent while Agriculture Com missioner, speakjng jjut against and for various projects, enter prises, and personalities as he wished. He krie4 life had a good farm Jhat he cOUld return to if he lost out. ThiSv-hijide him a strong man. Most Stale! officials musjt be mealy-mouthe sugary. WJlyidiials laking no flrih stand On" anything for fear of making- somebody rhad and losing theA- Tid duly in come. ""'". COUNCIL OF SaVe Mem bers of the Council of State who must go to the exDenw nt run. ning for office eScji four years make only $7,500. These are-Secretary of State Thad Eure. State Auditor Henry L. Bridge, Treas urer Brandon Hodges, Superintend ent of Public Instruction Clyde Erwin, Agriculture Commissioner L. y. Ballentine (his assistant draws $7,920), Commissioner of La bor Forrest Shuford and Insurance Commissioner Bill Hodges. The le gal advisor to the Council of State, Attorney General Harry McMullan, earns $8,400. Constitutional officers cannot re ceive pay raises during their terms of office. These officials, Or those who succeed .them next time, will draw $9,000 each. THAT AMENDMENT The Con stitutional amendrnerit on bond is sues approved last November by the Voters may be of more import ance to the State than tHe elec tion of Kerr Scott as Governor. Prior to this year people who regis tered for a bohd Issue could vot against it merely by staying away from the polls on election day. Now, they must register and take the trouble to go vote against it if they are opposed to it. This may result in the adoption of the $200,000,000 bond issue for roads and the $25,000,000 for schoolhouses. The feeling here is, that, generally speaking. Only those favoring these projects will take the time to go register and vote. FAMILIAR NAMES Those who have been following this column ate rather farnlliar with ijiany ' of the Scott appointees, fot their names have been tossed about hith er recklessly here in connection with various jobs. In most Instances, Governor Scott consulted nobody but W. Kerr Scotf in naming The fheh to help him. For some months now he has known whom he would ap point, but he had td Walt to see what the Legislature would do be fore deciding whit grot to slip them in. SHAW Eugene Ci. Shaw of Greensboro was Scott Advisor L. P. McLendon's nominee for Com missioner of Revenue. Veteran News Reporter Tom Bost caught this before the announcement was made, but was dissuaded from re porting it. A few hours later his experienced news ftofte Scented qut p. S. Coltrane Jar jjAslsUnfe bidet director and he and the Greens boro Daily! News ' beat . ScoU an nouncement and the other papers by about 24 hours. - NOTES-Gtori BOSS 14 a ia- Loop Foes This Cullowhee BIG GUY FOR BOSOX? SHOrtEP W0 iot of His FORMER SKLL. M EXHIBITION TILTS . tural for director of Conservation and Development . . . D. S. Col trane, a tireless worker, will be in new territory, but should catch on quickly . . . Otis Poole of Mont gomery County, Highway Commis sioner, is one of the very strongest men Scott has appointed . . . His most interesting appointment is Joseph Graham of Lincoln County to the Highway Commission. Gra ham, only brother of the late Agri .North And South Peggy Kirk (left) and Grace Lenczyk (right) smile happily at entering the finals of the North .and South Women's Golf cham pionship at Pinehurst. In the semi-finals, Miss Kirk, from Find lay, O., defeated Mrs. Estelle Lawson Page of Chapel Hill, and Miss Lenczyk, the national champion from Hartford, Conn.,' beat Marjorie Lindsay. (AP Photo). MR. Thmm . : : Be Sure Your MILK BARN CHICKEN HOUSES AND ALL BUILDINGS ABE BUILT OF OUR QUALITY BLOCK Ask the man that has Used our BLOCK . . .and you will, buy a Western Carolina product. All Sizes Of Concrete Pipe See your contractor or material dealer or call us collect. DIAL 3-8321 Cqcreie Products Cpk ASHEVILLE; N. C. - By Alan Mover r HUGHSOH BOSTON'S 06 RIGHT-HANPBR. WMOSe RETURN TO FORM COUUL MEAN A PENNANT FOR- THE SOXA fferfMiiS A 20- &AM WtMER : WHEN THE $OX COPPBO THE FLAG N 19 b, BUT AFTER AN AOM oPeaAToN IN THE WINTER. OF 1947, HE PTCHEP ONCY 19 INNNSS FOR PONTON I'AST YEAR culture Commissioner Will Gra ham, whom Scott beat out in 1936, was until about five years ago, one of the Governor's most bitter polit ical enemies . . . Scott's sincerity won him over and he managed his gubernatorial campaign in Lincoln County . . . Want Ads bring quick results. Golf Finalists Week re mv Face Beaconites I Saturday; Host To Martel Sunday The Hazel wod Industrial Leag uers will journey to Beacon MUM Saturday afternoon to tangle with .u ..f...,a Htncnnites in a WN(- . . lO fas'). flies). Industrial League tilt. The locals will still be seeking their first loop win if the season and also will be out to hand their foes their first defeat of the season. The Beacon nine has rolled up three straight Industrial loop vict ories and three straight in the Twl Llght league which is composed of five of the Industrial entries. the local team, which has drop ped tilts to Enka and Ecusta, are hoping to hit the win column iri Saturday's tilt. Last year the team dropped their first three games and then bounced back against the same Beacon team to win their first game. Manager Elmer Dudley is expect ed to send either Jack Ammons or Jack Case to the mound against the much improved Beacon club. Stan Henry's injury may force a change In the locals line-up. Dud ley may shift to the shortstop spot with the veteran Gene Wyatt mov ing in to take over the first base position. The rest of the line-up is hiz expected to remain the same. Sunday afternoon the local, nine will play host to the strong Martel Mills squad in a postponed tilt. The game will get underway on tne Waynesville High diamond prompt ly at 3:30 p.m. The game was originally sched uled for last Saturday afternoon but was rained out. The Martel nine is considered one of the most improved teams in the loop and a top-notch tilt is anticipated The starting hurler for the loc als will depend on who gets the nod against Beacon Saturday. If Ammons opens Saturday, Manager Dudley is expected to come back with Case or Lefty Jim Kuyken dall tor the Martle tilt. Industrial League Schedule May 7 Hazelw6od al Beacon Canton at Clearwater Berkeley at Enka Martel at Ecusta (Continued from page two) and has a job. A good pasture, well fenced, will enable him to keep a few steers that keep growing into beef while he is at work on his job. Farmers Federation The Calder Trophy, awarded an nually to the outstanding Nnti.mal Hockey League rookie, never hasi been won by a defenseman. Views Of Other Editors $50.00 FBEE! $5011 Rev. C. S. KIRKPATRICK PROPERTY 10:30 A. M. PART 0F THE R-c-L0NG property 10:' wuvaicu neat 1-ictIVC f uiiaiMJ i This property consists of approximately 6 Acres and is being subdivide 7 room house having ail modern conveniences. BESSIE S. ATKINS PROPERTY 2nfl P M On Sulphur PART OF THE B. J. SLOAN ESTATE This high-class property consists of a. house and a number of choice smaii acreage tracts. Having all THOEi. -fi an) g' 'Kygwvigt!V-'. rVTr??fi easy mm Above Properties Drive Out . . . Look h p ... , . nn.i. n Day ol s . Youi; Own Price. Everybody Invited . . . Come . . . Bring Your Family . . . Come . West & Gossell Land Auction Offices At: WEAVER VTLLE and CANTON, N. Uncle Abe's Lett, (Con'.lr.uoJ from page two) - eain mv vouth. Course r.i.. m voune davs an' hav ,..! reckon, wood eladlv do ih .t Jl1t'e at . 1 U .. , 1 go liuu uiciu lean, ciailil, in,(,, ,i. Here's a few more ol tl!H ,t Ah-roo-roo-roo! (that's .i.-ier Swish-swish-swish! (th;,i - Tap-tap-tap! (that's pap :i .,m.ndin CliD-cliD-clib! (Mothei n, ,L . , reddy to give that lk gallon ,,f bL1 lnikd before). Ting-ling-ling Sour-wwci niulmlillr, . dub! (that's big brother in tl- kitch ol' 5-string). STICK TO VOL'K TRADE There's many folks who like to ..v. j , i umvciii ujsu write" But when they up and try the SJ r ina tney can t do it, quite! Also some folks en joy to cat Good food, fine dishes rare: rt,4 .i.i. 4t,., .i jjui wucii incj bum uieuishtcd Find, alas, the larder bare! The 4esson is, stick to your trade; Somtime they'll say to you: "Just look, he does the job sowed Wish I could do that, too Bob Feller's 177 American j Nick EiWik League victories is the highest to-! tal of 22 homen tal among active junior league : luwt si u inning n hurlers. can I.i'acm' since Announcing . . . THE OPEN! oi BILL'S SODA SI (Formerly Chicken Real) On The Highway, Haze! WEDNESDAY, Ma O FOUNTAIN SERVICE I Full Line of Sandwiches AUCTION Sorines Road. In Waynesville M city conveniences. SALE CONDUCTED BY Hal I this roi'PON d St; I IN IKR('H.W OPENING H Whetl"1 I i

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