i ' I. . ; , , . MORE ABOUT Blood Bank (Continued from Page 1) nesville Donor Recruitment Com mittee, headed by Chairman Wayne Corpening. were contacting resid ents of this area in an effort to re gister at least 75 volunteers for the first donations. To prevent any loss of the donors' time, ihe volunteers are given a specific time when to appear at the donor room. The details will bt so arranged that the doctors will be able to take care of six donors every 20 minutes. As far ss after-effects are con cerned, ,98 per cent of vounteers have reported feeling none at all, while only a few have said they felt slipht fatigue al Ihe most After the tint visits, the Blood mobile win return every other month Jonathan Woody is serving as chairman of the Wav nesville Pro gram, ami Jot- Davis is vice-chair man, while tail Anderson is pro gram chairman for Canton THE WATNESVALE MOUNTAINEER U.S. SOLDIERS BATTLE DPs IN MUNICH RIOTS T"1 4 7 TRANSACTIONS IN flea Estate Only four cities in Mexico have a larger Mexican population than San Antonio. Tex. A third of San Antonio's citu.iLs. more than 100. 000. aii- of M xhmm or Indian origin. -ss TAKE OFF UP TC m )Y4 . s. 5 ' itfiirii'Tifti 4 it in AMERICAN MILITARY POLICE In Munich Germany, brandish bayonets as they break up an anti-Red riot Mission building, carrying Bags of the Ukraine, Hungary, Uthuanla nd Latvia. At least three peraonj wert erioualy Injured. Authoriuej could give no reaaon for the demonstration. (International Radiopheto) Clyde Commencement Plans. Are Announced IN 10 DAYS! 77T USrtOHAVIA Mooa ftouu NO OKUOSI NO lAXATIVtl NO UUU1II NO MISST liainni NO T If INS (OUTIMII liumf ILihtiv hiils,. ih,i ITZ.r T ""-niauy can mnr be l ftfacecl by rye-catching curvrs uuickiv nutlT 't'lL he-thfuliy Ihe Tr-neO lbit Way. Must Kuoieo need uevnr aniua lirr from eicftM (at! TREMETT SWEET TABLETS BRING MIRACULOUS WESULTSI Oliaou., -otnOou. Trrum bl. -nt j aam Jrt- Itu e-D cwry umm in your pun. ad i Um -l.r..t rua sr. wit. ao (u, iaaH or T-T K-1 turn, u ,n .geld ,J7 7JI -laid, raqair-i D-Q quouTilVDlS, rou m, rvguireo mamia. and nbMrala aud :.iw7 you -utod ordioarilr at from (attcnina fooda CW Uia no drug, Ab-olot.l -anula-TKiM. .oa lr- aouil ayarr wnii. lonaa up t 16 ualf ivaa&rZ Jit folk,, vmiu dlr-rdoS 2TE&? Aouum -our fnwdi Compar. raauiu o( - -Ja a bvaar. quKraur way to alaode td-m la-OAV NO-RISK TRIAL acaloa niuat abow you ba-a loat Waj-M. sjti PKV'- ,w tauat look, fa.1 Imc-vt av YOU- MONEY Back wiTHnrS and Dr. Jonesby, Massie Osborne. Peggy McCracken. daughter of Sw'cond n'gh''gnt of the com r .nd Mrs Alher. .1 M,rr,,k.n "H-ncement schedule wilt be the baccalaureate sermon on Sunday, May 22. at 8 p. m., Rev. D. D. Gross, pastor of Clyde Baptist church, is to give the sermon. On Thursday, May 26, at 8 p.m.; the seniors will be presented di- aa anpruTn) saura you tauat look, fi QOKTION Tha axat you Mania. i fuiT. taa to, or w-iot yon y Oat pywdat forai (or boaa. Tut yrT aaM Smith's Drug Store Mr. and Mrs. Albert J McCracken. Sr., is valedictorian of the senior class at Slyde high school. Prin cipal Stanly Livingston, has an nounced. Salutatorian of the class of 17 prospective graduates is Doris Graham, daughter of Mr. sand Mrs. J W. Graham, Sr. Chief marshall for commence ment events will he Geraldine Fish, daughter of Mr and Mrs Gerald Fish. Other marshals, all members of the junior class, are, Martha Jenkins, Lucille buclianun and Cleo Buchanan. The commencement program will begin at 8 o'clock tonight with the presentation of the annual senior play in the school auditorium. The play, "Brides to Burn." is a comedy in three acts, with the setting in a mid-western college town. Miss Martha K. Sandlin is is coaching the production. Cast includes: Miss Letitia Gundy. Peggy McCracken; Gilroy Garfield Gundy, Paul Sanford; Clarice Borland, Doris Ann Gra ham; Gertrude Borlifhd, Dale Med ford; Harold Hazard, Bobby Hog- ers; Frank Fulton, Harold liho- t darmer; Sue Prentls, Patricia Cole; Hotchkiss, Johnnie McCracken oapous npp, neien MacKpy; Mad- i ame Gaspanlla, Virginia Medtord; VlGn-UD MORE ABOUT Jack Messer (Continued from Cage 1) a teachers and principals for the next school year at a meeting to be held scion. The members appointed to the district committees are as follows: Waynesville: Claude Allen, Haz eluood: Guy Massie, Waynesville: Jim Noland, Waynesville; Fred Plomas in graduating exercises at .npne,.. waynesvme, ana Med, the school. Jack Messer supenn-1 ,oni ''"thrrwood, Route 2 i.iMiinni ,.c ... ... . ..., . UaynesvilU'. it tit luumy s-ciioois, .win ' make the presentation. Program for the final exercises will include the valedictory by Miss McCracken; the salutatory by Miss Graham; class history, ' Lest We Forget", Linda Collins; "Class Will of 1949," Minnie Hall, and prophecy, Dale Medford. A recitation and declamation contest, with high school students competing for a handsome medal, is being sponsored by the Clyde Woman's Club on May 13. The contest will be held in the school auditorium at 8 p. m., with Miss Betty Bass, speech teacher, directing. The following pupils will com pete: Doris Caldwell, Lucille Buch anan, Joan Haynes, Mary Rose Morgan, William Haynes, Cleo Buchanan, Carl Mann and Dot Smith MORE ABOUT STOCKINGS For MOTHER SHOULD BE BOUGHT AT RAIFF'S Here you find them to size 11 . . . out sizes and lengths ... at prices no higher than for regular sizes! Special Sale On Stockings For Mother's Day One group 51 guage ... 15 Denier . . . Reduoed to 79 c If Mother likes ser vice weights . . . Try a pair of our Spec ials . . . 4530 made for hard wear Only $1.19 One Group STOCKINGS 51 guage ... 15 and 20 denier . . . Only $1.00 Extra Long Stockings 3051 Only $1.49 WHOEVER BUYS STOCKINGS AT RAIFFS KNOWS THEY WEAR! ' (Continued from Page 1) towns, it was pointed out. Special attention was called to vacant lots. Owners of such prop-! eny are responsible for their cleanliness, under ordinances on the books of both towns. Bethel: Forrest Justice. Route 3. j Canton; Walker Brown. Route 3, I Canton: Huh Terrell, Route 2, j Canton; Bryan lleatherly, Route 2, j ('anion, and Lenore Moody, Route I!, Canton. I Cl.wle: Coleman Francis. Clyde; Roy llayne'. Route 1. Clyde; Larry Cagle. Clyde; 11. B. Latimer, Route 2, Clyde, ami Robert Corzine, Clyde. Crabti ee-Ii on Duff: Frod Noland, Route 1, Clyde; Jim Best. Route 1, Clyde; Hardy Caldwell. Route 2, Waynesville; Dennis Crawford, Route I, Clyde, and Hugh Walker, Route 1. Clyde. Fines Creek: Mark Ferguson, Route 1, Clyde; Carl Green, Route 1, Clyde; Tom Rogers, Route 1, Clyde; Joe Teague, Route 1. Clvde. and Weaver Parkins, Route 1, Clyde. Mt. SterlinO: J. M Caldwell Mt Sterling; J. M. Roberts, Waterville and Hardy Phillips, Mt. Sterling. Waynesville Township V. L. Noland and wife to Miner va Smith. Frank Swanger and wife to Harry G. Robbins and wife. R. L. Prevost, Jr., and wife and others to Lyneal Bruce Troutman. Joe Emerson Rose and wife to W. Boyd Owen arid wife. Unagusta Manufacturing Corp oration to Harry G. Robbins. Beaverdam Township Cartie Murr to Ralph C. Brooks and wife. Carroll F. Pless to C. F. Samp son and wife. S. M. Robinson and wife to Grace Burnette and husband. George K. Worlev and wife to Frank D. Ferguson, Jr. Frank D. Ferguson, Jr.. to Thel- ma Worley. Blanche Sharp and husband to Peggy Pless. C. F. Sampson and wife to Peg gy Pless. Frank D. Ferguson. Jr.. to George K. Worley. W. M. Stamey and wife to Mrs. Thelma Crowell. Fonzo H. Mann and wife to M. Y. Clark and wife. J. O. Kinsland to Russell Kins- land and wife. Hugh McCracken and wife to Grace Robinson, Mae Cole and Mar garet Gregory. Thomas Edwin Hyatt and wife to Carl Christian Anderson and wife. Fannie Conley to John W.JVloody. orace Burnette and husband to S. M. Robinson. Mrs. D. C. Miller and W. F. Miller to R. C. Gossett and wife. T. R. Barnes and wife to R. H Holland and wife. ! GOES TO TRIAL ON SPY, CHARGE . --it t v . , Clyde Township Daisy M. Haynes to Frank Haynes and wife. to Pigeon Township Mattie Abel and husband Clarence M. Trull and wife Inez Thompson and husband to T. J. Mauney and wife. W. I. Mease and wife to Ray Mease and wife. Thomas Erwin and wife to Paul Erwin. Bessie L. Abel anrf nihur. t Mattie Abel. MORE ABOUT Crabtree Continued from page one) The connreRation plan to keep the present church and enlarge the cemetery at the place. The parson age will also be kept where it is, .since it serves several churches. Rev. C. O. Newell is pastor of the church. It was announced that the citi zens of the section plan to make this church building program part of their community building pro ject for the year. "We are all interested in the church, its growth, and thp r.n. largement program," one spokes man said. The building committee Is com posed of John Kirkpatrick, Glenn C. Palmer. James Kirkpatrick, Clinton Kinsland, and Carl Ferguson. MORE ABOUT , Laundry (Continned from Page 1) Sheehan and Joe Liner, operators of the laundry, and President Fletcher Hill of Local 309, Laun dry Workers International Union; and Local Secretary - Treasurer" Kenneth Stahl. WANTED! MR FARMER If you have surplus or extra corn to sell, contact us. We pay highest cash prices. FARMERS EXCHANGE C. D. " Shorty" Ketner, Owner Phone 130-M Waynesville Takes Life f Of Child A two-year-old boy died of laryn geal diphtheria at 10:30 a. m. today at the Haywood County Hospital. He was James David Forga, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Thomas Forga of Route 1, Waynesville. The child was stricken Sunday. Dr. Mary Michal, district health officer, said a diagnosis showed that he was a victim of the disease. She said the tragedy was the first caused by the disease in Hay wood county in several years. Graveside rites will be held at 2 p. m. Friday at the Crawford Memorial Park. The Rev. Kay Allen will officiate. The health officer said this was the third diphtheria case U the county. A five-year-old child is reported recovering under treat ment at home, and the other case, that of a 13-year-old girl, ended with complete recovery. Dr. Michal, meanwhile, warned parents to have their children Im munized completely by the time they are one year old. She pointed out that this is required by state law as well as for the protection of the child. Surviving the young victim, in addition to his parents,, are four Ivy Hill Township Wilce McGaha and wife to W E. Smith.' Mrs. Jesse J Ca McGaha and wife. Robert Dixon and wife to Leuna urank. "erry P. Campbell and wife fa Robert Dixon, M East Fork Township W. N. Heatherly to Paul btues ana wife. Mrs. Gene. Kuykendall to Mrs uucy Kuykendall. Iron Duff Township Jarvis Chambers and nam McElroy and wife. wife to 1 f t Thief's Conscience Hurts But Not Hard Enough CHARLESTON. W. Va (IIP) A Red Cross representative, George r. wnumore, missed his watch while working in the nnt ttna here in 1943. He has just received .tin hiii and a note advising him the money was "trade-in value on a watch you once lost." WIMtmore; Relieves 'the 21-jewel watch was taken by a person whose conscience is hurting him. Adding that his watch was worth far more than the money sent, he observed It should start "hurting a little harder." sisters, Myrtle, Geraldine, Hilda, Ruth and Joyce Ann; and his pa ternal grandmother, Mrs. Eleanora Forga West, Rt. 1, Waynesville and his maternal grandparents, Mr and Mrs. G. P. Morgan, Rt. l' Waynesville. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Garrett Funeral Hpme. PLANT Sweet potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage, couliflower, broccoli, egg plant, pepper, onions, celery' flower plants. York's Farm, Rt' 1. Waynesville. Telephone Can ton 5133. M 5-9-12.16-19-23-26-30 ru jl u mi JUST LOOKING? It' tftoUghi ejj to tak up fh tlmt of travl agtnf distuning trip$. and collecting toldtr un ' yov're fenflr leintefefe'. . Dpn't NeaUct Them! Kttort dwlgncd th kidney, to da a urrtlotu Job. Thrir twk iato ktp th flowing blood stream treo of an sicm oi toiioimpuritiM. Tb act of limine li, Srtfli. f"odu,t aaw 'tat tha kiwv Buat remova from taa klood. if food kaatk la to endure Wfcta tba kldneya fad to function waata tkat may eauaa body-wtda dkt-,-9a PT. ttint backacha, paraiataat kaadacha.atUckaotdiuinaa. ftt P aifhta, awallini, puffiana nador tka ayaa-leel Urad, narvoua, ill worn out. ' Frequent, aeanty or burnlnf panana are aoowtiuw (urtkar .videnw .1 ki My or bladder diaturbaaaa. . Tha recofniaad aad prapar treatmi """"cm. to aaip tae kidncya Ihursday Afleril lUer"n,M,y Sch "'until not V mm 'll1' i "linn 2 Mr M: 1 1 1 ,. : '"""f oft.,. I ililldim " H S'""- 'hew il.ile r "lu go " I KlL' UUt he(, "'""6 until tU '""it. ue ""' dtee of 'lh Spri?Ji "" ' "led, ,, ," "Ml "as only J "ml fare of (j "'e ehildren si'llool. 'riw. ... "- must puji gie. Mr. Mess9i tional classiwi. """Ml FORMER JUSTICE DEPARTMENT analyst Judith Coplon, 27. is shown with i are being held fM ner attorney , Arcmoaia rainier, on lvrus ai uisu iti uuui i m yy asuiiiKion : school for the opening of her trial on charges or stealing top-secret u. b. docu ments for transmission to Moscow. The Barnard College graduate insists she was gathering material for a romantic' novel. ( fnternational) auditorial "aggie patr their school alio a otner lmprori I' -v 1 y0 H Women's (iinghams, Retiulard Mother Will Appreciate COTTON DRES Here You Find The Largest Selection SIZES TO FIT ALL . . . 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