Thursday Afternoon, May 5, 1949 THE WAYNESVILLE MOUNTAINEER FACE ElOJil SPECTACULAR DEATH OF PILOT i 1 - - . - -V,vi ' " ' '' n)t..,.. i Jl ,x bhi lily i :-!! 1 ;- -j -HiHW 9,Wjm)uwiiii-iii i i. I i.j.i . i m ' i r-n-mrn-TTTTP ; : , i.: :j ' i&&-if&i' . 11,1 i -II ''n&tHm t)'iWMW LN- Yffllft,rn-l?,mii - .Ol 1 BEFORE THE HORRIFIED EYES of thousands of spectators at an air show in Jackson, Miss., a tiny plane flown by Billy Fischer, national champion small craft pilot (top), loses a wing. Plummeting earthward (center), the 46C-pound ship hits the ground. At bottom, field employees run to the bui-rung mass of wreckage in an attempt to save Fischer. Flames drove thcro off and the pilot perished. (nternafional Soundphoio) Committees Named For Junaluska C. D. Program By THE REV. PAUL DUCKWALL Mountaineer Correspondent At a meeting held at the Long's Chapol Methodist church on Tues day night, the officers of the Lake Junaluska Community Develop ment Program, and a number of community leaders, appointed the principal committees of the program. Mrs. Quay Medford was named chairman of the survey committee. utners who are to serve with her are Ruell Noland, T. J. Fincher, Ben Green, Mrs. Guy Fulbright, Mrs. Ed Nichols, Mrs. Ernest Cart er, Mrs. A. L. Ensley, Mrs. H. C. Justice. Mrs. J. S. Harrell, Sam Bradley. Mrs Wayne Medford, Mrs. Charles Henderson, Horace Ander son. Mrs li. H Terrell, Mrs W L Moody. Mrs. Lewis Burress and Mrs. Hazel Chambers. This committee will meet on Sunday afternoon at three o'clock at the Longs Chapel church. After this group makes its re port, the cxecutive'committec will hold its first regular meeting to appoint special committees for the program and set the date for regu lar sessions. It was decided that the execu tive committee would consist cf the duly elected officers and- the cha.rmen of the three groups named then. Hallet Ward was named chair man of the committee; Others appointed to serve with him i ,u . CoPer and Mrs. Guy Fulbright. 3 The Ways and Means Commit tee was established with S E Con natser named chairman. Appoint ed to serve with him are A J McCracken, Zack Massey W ' H Burg.n and Mrs. Jerry Liner.' ' Assistant County Agent Joe Cline represented the county agent's office at the session. The boundaries of the commun- final Rites Held For Mr. McClure Funeral services were held Tues- day afternoon from the Maple V T ?T M"" ne Grove Methodist church for Hons. . .Univers,ty of North Carolina will ton McClure, middle-aged Waynes- ville Mrs. White Elected President Of Maggie P-TA Mrs. Myrtle White was elected president of the Maggie Parent Teachers Association at a meeting at the school Monday night that was attended by a record audience of f0 persons. - Mrs. White succeeds Mrs Leo Evans as head of the organization. Mrs. Estelle Allison was elected vice-president. Mrs. Fred Henry. secretary, and Robert Massie. treasurer. In reference to the P-TA cam paign for school improvements. members of the Better School Committee headed bv Chairman Clifton White, reported that Coun ty officials bad asreed to do what ihey could about the matter. Other patrons of the school told the audience they had received a similar promise from the Board. The Maggie School SDokesmen had presented their requests only a few hours earlier to the Rnarri at its' meeting at the County Court nouse. Other members of thr Male Committee are Harrison Valentine, cm jLfavis, KoDert Massie, and Melvin Brooks. In other business at the meet ing. Mrs. Evans aDDointed a com mittee to help the Public Health nurse and entertain - children at the clinic which will be held Mon day at the school for pre-school physical examinations. Mrs. Robert MassU was nampH chairman of the committee, with Mrs. Hobart White, Mrs. Arthur Woody, and Mrs. Mvrtle White an. pointed as members to work with her. r airs. Kuby Bryson of the Dis trict Health Office in Waynesville explained the purposes of these clinics. She told the parents and teach ers that the clinic scheduled for Monday is not to administer vac cinations to the children to enter school next fall. "This is a health check aimed to help the child become better fit physically for school." Parents were urged tq bring to these clinics for examination chil dren ranging from six months to six years in age. Mrs. Bryson showed a motion picture film illustratine the work oi the North Carolina Health De partment as part of her discus sion. Methodist Home For The Aged L 'vrz' :xrtf!3- vj,. liinCTu rill ifflA:liiF . WMIMIMIaMMIIIiiliMEaMI'WIWK 'jtoyMMUinMr.-m i awMMWUWUI -vmi 1 TUMTI 1M1 1 tfli The First Methodist Church rf Wavncvilld u'ill inin nthpr Wfslcrn North Carolina churches of the annual Conference on Mother's r to raise funds for the building of the Methodist Home for the Aged in Charoltte, shown in the architect's sketch above. Mrs. J. M. Long of Waynesville is leading the campaign to secure funds. The Western North Carolina Conference was the first Methodist conference to open a home for the aged. Group Named For Aliens Creek School Project UNC Grads In Haywood Will Meet Wednesday Haywood County Alurani,.Qt ie man. 24 hours after he was found -dead. Burial was in the church ceme tery. Mr. McCIure's body was found in a wooded lot late Monday after noon off Main Street. A jury summoned for an in quest by Dr. J. F. Pate, county coroner, shortly afterward, return ed a verdict of death due to nat ural causes. The jurors found that Mr. Mc Clure had been dead at least 24 hours before his body was found. Dr. Pate said therp were tut wounds on the body and that there was no evidence of foul play in the man's death. Survivors include Mr. McCIure's mother, Mrs. Addie McClure, Way nesville route 2; two sisters. Mrs. W. C. McDaniel of Atlanta snH Miss Louise McClure, Waynesville route 2; three half-sisters. Mrs. Aivin Hoyle, Mrs. Laura McElrov. Waynesville route 2, and Mrs. Olive Beich.eld, Hazelwood; and a half-brother. Noble Moodv of Enka. hold a dinner meetlns at Mount Valley Inn Wednesday, May 11, at i p.m. Special guests for the event will be Coach Carl Snavely, George nogan, secretary of the Education al Foundation, and Fred L. Huff man of Morganton. Members of the Alumni Assoc iation from Jackson, Swain, and Macon Counties are eYntjrf 1a at tend the meeting as well as a large representation from Haywood. Re servations for the dinner mav h made with Roger Walker at Phone 1UJ. Officers of the Havwood include Fred Ferguson of Canton, president; Alvin Ward, vice-president; Jim Gwyn, secretary; and Roger Walker, treasurer. Profane But Pointed SOUTH HAVEN. Mich. (V T Mrs. Paul Mixter spotted a sign in Texas, between San , Antonio and Del Rio reading: "ThU is Onrf-a country. Don't drive throueh it like hell." ... ity were discussed, but were not set, pending the report of the sur vey committee. The Lake Junaluska ity was organized last week. Charles W. Edwards, Jr., was elected chairman; Mrs. Quay Med ford, vice-chairman: Mrs. Willarrt Moody, secretary; Mrs. Harry How ell, treasurer; and the Rev. Paul H. Duckwali, reporter. By MRS. BLANCHE FRANKLIN Mountaineer Correspondent 4 , A seven-member committee to meet with the county school board in regard to improvements at the Aliens Creek school was appoint ed during the Aliens Creek Com munity Development Program meeting early this week, that at tracted 125 persons. Named to the committee were C. L. Allen, Elmer Hendrix. Per ry Norman, Mrs. Nellie Allen, Lu ther Gilliland, Dave Wifigins and Mrs. Hiram McCracken. The establishment of the com. mittee was the latest action in the program's project for a bigger and better school house. Also appointed was a n,r,mn tee of three to havP a mn,i bearing the name of the commun ity and set up at the entrance of Aliens Creek Road. The members named mittee are Fred Farmer, Rufus Siler and Mrs. Nettie Allen. C. L. Allen, community chair man, presided over the meeting which opened with Secretary El mer Hendrix reading the minutes of the last session. After the busi nCSS moolind ni Fred Farmer, Mrs. Betlv .in' m' man, and Elwood Caldwell, who mane up the program committee, arranged an old-timo .in., Mr. Caldwell assigned the words iu me contestants, and Fred Farrn- ci ana sooner i bmi . tains. ""c The Aliens Creek Trio added to e entertainment hv cii., tPvnrul 6"iJ5 OCIUCUOnS. Before the meeting adjourned, it was decided to hr.M ih . session at 7:30 n. m 10 . ... school house. In some automotive parts, ac curacy must be so great that an er ror of one ten-thousandtfi of an inch about one thirtieth the thick ness of a human hair cannot be tolerated. f'''g Level .1 M i"' uavii i raotree ! M. H , T' Fer8Uloi J'k LMg Mrs.Hfry,J Mr. Guy Wf, KS(tun s stu, ljnne huso. Smathersc, I The Bookmon i'liynn.jJ i United States growers last year j schools are Z produced a total of 31,732,000 j Persons interea turkeys 8 per cent less than in ; Bookrnobile us ia4Y, ana 11 per cent below the ! "'uuu "e um 1942-46 average. California led j Mar8ar JoU all other states witn 4,oa3,ooo birds '"""Mild 1 schedule is n, WHITE HOUSE APPLE BUTTER 38-oz. 25c the Canton C of C Dinner Set For Friday More than 100 persons are ex pected for the annual dinner of the Canton Chamber of Commerce which will be held at the Hotel Canton Friday night. The New Yolk A. C. is contrib uting $2,000 each year to the U. s Olympic Fund from the proceeds of its annual indoor track meet. Church Attendance for Child DEL MONTE CATSUP 14-oz. KRAFT MAYONNAISE Pint 39c 3 LB. QUAKER OATS 33 HUMPTY DUMPTY SALMON 49 RED" BAND FLOUR 10 lbs. $.02 PORK SAUSAGE 35c lb- BONELESS BEEF STEW 59 SCOH'S SCRAP BOOK By R. J. SCOn tt- Ml &C1 -WStS 1. a- rSCOAP5n RAW MAcaiAl. FKOU WKKM . rAMtOS ARE. -'frtDE. Of 41 VlOMEK III Kl U.. MARRV V i!.::f'"v- hi, tl tfiiA l ?mm H' 1ME VALLY OT DIMM .S EHMYSOM vriwt w'-fHi. K A. JUSIID tXf RU&IOH AjCCOROIHQ -To K rfofo MAt aMer. -The famous cA4i aX BALAKLAVA m I85. HUt RUH IS 1KE.RALLV COVLREO WrfM .RUSilAH CAM MOM BALLS. AtV JoWmmi. . WtSfbMl.Mi. AVl LZ7.000 PCMMIU,W(0 ' I Ui k cW mm r r ' . I, CARtT CUVIUm HTtU, PkA WHEN 1 diicuM rUf)on in this column, in relation to children, I aim not to b a fartltan toward ur par ticular nlizioiM faith er sect. I would even (ike to be thoughtful of the penon who thinks he haa no Mligioua beliefi. But astuminf that en or both parents nare particular religious faith or belong to a particular set, I renters to discuss what are soms sf the wars by which these parents night cultirato a happr family life and gala bsst spiritual raiuss for thsmselres and their children whils belonging to thsir awa particular faith or sect r religious organisa tion. Inddentallr they aO worship .ths same Cod. I hops they all bars nu appreciation ef oae another and for those who profess no reli gious beliefs at sfl. Before a perse belongs to a par- AS 1 l; . J. ... " F . ucuw reugious isiui .or ssct ht can ths were easily and Rthosias tically fulfill Jtis pledge thereto if n now won pro na salient pur Psoe, principles and bsilefs. When, therefore, ha puWieir eehfssses ba liaf in a particular fKa er sect and pledges to put these ktiiefs into operation, he should nrst know what it is he is eonfesiirtg t d pledg ing to fulfill, . .-;(,:. This seams to Justify indoctrina- and sect, and by tha psrarita who are memsers CAersoNow different church organisations differ in the mount ana ways at Indoctrination. The older and mora Ughly organ- o turn rsugwut group la, as a rule, the mora formal and Interns the indocttiitatie especially of the ehjldren. The Jewish shorta, parti jlr.the orthodox branch, and the Catholic church hats thsir chiU draa leant by heart answtta to cer tain basic questions pertinent to their faith, beforo these children become full-fledged members. So do certain Protestant churches. These exercises are known as catechisms. Soms other Protestant groups have classes for children in preparation for membership, in which ths be liefs of ths church these children plan to join are explained. I gather the impression that this practics is growing and spreading among all sects. Leaders in these rarious sects havs concluded that indoctrination by parents and ths Sunday school is not enough, snd their reasoning seems to me to bs on good psychological grounds. Require Attendance Now if your child is registered, With Vour annrovnl In . . J , - UlUlbll 111- doctnnation class of any sort, I think rou will or with m. - -o uiv bunt you owe it to him to encourage, even in some instances t to attend mnA a mil viva and to pursue the course earnestly. VAns a4-4-. J A. j l . ... u i "",.u"' wara nis partlcipa aon in this course refl-t .i. you placs on it Though a Prntaifanf r was once invited tn mttmnA - ... ants' section at a T"m-Vi. - arress fCathaliit .... i u j . -- , " w ucai u bill problem discussed of getting chil- uKr Becoming members to go to confenion fihfniin mm. this is a diffnrcnt that of young Protestant members IL Vri ,."n Mnw' practice in the Catholic church. It requires of the TOUth a mtmna urn. sibility and a lot of parental help nil aWll I.. J I . ' xZ.7 ,v "'ciopment. What I'm drivinv .t i. h.t gardless of the religious faith or P?CV T svy responsible ity davolvM nnnn u.r.i.t. i.., the child ta liva nn fik,,ii .i cgHgnttons he mi espoused. WFFZffiL(X Lb. 3 Lbs. ggriSC0 35c 95c BLUE LABEL KARO SYRUP 5 lbs. 55c RITZ CRACKERS .L lb 32c NO. 2 CAN SWEET GRAPEFRUIT JUICE 3 for 25c NO. 2 CAN LIBBY WHOLE BEANS 35c MY SONS TABLE SYRUP , No. 10 88c J F G MAYONNAISE Pint 33c LEAN BACON fr 43c lb- 5 Aj 2 Packajes j f LIPTO FRESH COUNTRY EGGS Doz. 3 SWANSDOWN CAKE MIX 35( S. DAISY FLOUR $2 .79 ' 25c POPULAR BRAND CIGARETTES Carton SJ.43 46 Oz. ORANGE JUICE 29c QUART PRUNE JUICE 30 5 Lbs. SUGAR 45c KLEENEX TISSUE 300 Ct. JEWEL SHORTENING 4 lbs. 77( WIZARD GLASS WAX 27 LARGE SILVERDUST 4mm s SUFtR 30 PARK - SHOP - SAVE m I TBI U LARGE RINSO MARR-FT MAfMt sat I I SUPER MABI m 2Qc W THE ACS I 1

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