ST WD A HI) t'TC CO Cmi - 22(1-230 S First 31 LOIISYILLE la its UNCLE ABE SEZ . . . CM' man, you say yon had the las' wnjpd this mornlnT Well, yoo'de better look out for t'mor'! The Waynesville Mountaineer Published Twice-A-Wcek In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park - llASon a local Son tne P his cum"- It as iuncing I iday- d Days iapPV as Wake fui" haking ,very tea"'. I reason to Lpii remem- fced for the Deacons. lone to talk mound, the bitched four 124 He was id made All- 64th YEAR NO. 37 14 PAGES Associated Press and United Press News WAYNESVILLE, N. C, MONDAY AFTERNOON, MAY 9, 1949 $3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties er the Bed ov Back in an j I. G. Byers. visit home Hth the Sen- sergeant-at- ly Saturday hes, to go to by noon had to the court Ke group of ig of his ex- ;on. iah for Vice in that way hf the most hf the world. rorld affairs, m those who j as the man Ition a man Lho will go peacemaker. many offi- e still pessi- pility of war Lions Club Gives Incubators I n'l'vrnHuiiniiiiii ' I ... ,"mti - - - . : J H.oii I 7 ting of the Iher Russian line in oraer kcause their pent of food W. M. Landess, head of TVA's Education and Information section, will address a joint Community Development Program meeting for residents of Hominy and" Beaver dam at 7:30 p. m. Thursday at the Beaverdam school. "The joint session is expected to attract up to 100 people, includ ing county agricultural workers and leaders of the Community De le, including i velopment Program in the two bin, Mr. and areas others, have ded trips to country how ack in Hay- ng his work, it right now Everal years ry (Photo by Ingram's Studio) Last Thursday night, the Lions Club formally presented these two modern incubators to the Haywood County Hospital. At extreme right is F. M. Byers of Canton, secretary of the hospital's board of trus tees, who received the gifts on behalf of the hospital. Members of the Lions Club's Health and Wel fare' Committee who worked on the arrangements connected with getting the gifts are, left to right: Chairman Lester Burgin, Jr.. Jimmy Itcid, Grayden Ferguson, Howell Crawford, and Di. Jim Fender. Dr R. S Turner, another member of the committee, was not present when the photo was made. TVA Official To Speak At Beaverdam I to mind the Ward, who (spring for a loraeone ask- return what Pettiest sight c trip. 11 said: "The of Canton, Now Enter 'hat beauti- i." he said. Professional ' need baby club has 35 P"y night Ma meetine or junior would pase 6) Aliens Creek To Hear Committee Report Tonight Aliens Creek citizens will hear the formal report of their special committee tonight at 7:30 at the school. The committee was named two weeks ago at a mass meeting to study the proposal of Waynesville to annex the area. R. L. Hendricks was named chair man, together with perry Norman, Vance Muse, O. LEnsley and L. A. Gilliland, as a committee to study the proposal, get facts, and make a recommendation tonight. Chairman! Hendricks said the meeting would begin promptly at 7:30 in order that those attending could also attend the revival now in progress at the church. "The committee has a report and recommendations to make to night," Mr. Hendricks said this morning. Lions Club Gives Hospital Two Incubators To Help Save Newborn Infants Men Known Who P Iron Duff Signs lve found that sponsible for "nag'ng com- p Duff last lanJ- R. Cald- waay. fr. no action fsl the youths P 'he damage I Of tho K to the POWERS 1"TUV rlm.J.. till. :-"" rlof the Ml. . . winfiii J .22' " .53 Iron Duff people. The apologies, he added, must be made at a Community Develop ment Program meeting at 7:30 p.m. at Davis Chapel. The damaging of the signs, which had been made and erected as a project in the Iron Duff Com munity urogram, tired the com munity with indignation. Within a few hours after the igns naa been torn down, resi dents had replaced them. (See 3 Men Page 8) Infants who are born danger ously underweight at the Haywood County Hospital now have a bet ter chance to live. Last Thursday' night, the Liotft Club formally presented the hos pital with two modern Incubators. In accepting these gifts on be half of the hospital, F. M. Byers. secretary of the institution's board of trustees, said simply: "This is a fine act. I accept not for the superintendent, or the nurses, or the other officials but for the people of Haywood county. "I am sorry that the people can not see the sincerity in which this is given." Joe Davis represented the Lions Club in making the formal presentation. Dr. Jim Fender, a member of the club's Health and weiiare Committee, in explaining the de tails of the incubators to the aud ience at the dinner meeting, in dicated what they will mean to the newborn, underweight infants. Up to now, the hospital has used two wooden incubators that were heated with light bulbs. Dr. ten der explained that under these con ditions, humidity and temperature could not be controlled accurately. The Lions Club's gifts, the latest scientific designs, are equipped with controls that can regulate heat and humidity to the finest degree, and with registers that show the doctor at a glance the physical conditions surrounding the infant in the box. In addition, there is an opening iq each to permit the admission of oxygen. At the same time, the glass win dows on top and front give a clear view of the baby to the attendant. He also indicated the importance of these scientific instruments that maintain life when he pointed out that Haywood county has a high rate of premature births and one of the biggest birth rates in West ern North Carolina. He also pointed out that these incubators can be carried to homes to take care of emergency cases. Mr. Byers was introduced to the club by Lester Burgin, Jr., chair man of the committee. Mr. Bur (See Lions Club Paffe 8) Mr. Cooper Stricken G. C. Cooper, Lake Junaluska school principal, suffered a stroke early Friday afternoon while teach ing one of his classes. He was reported in satisfactory condition today at the Haywood County Hospital, where he was taken for treatment. RatclilTe Cove Group To Meet On Thursday Ratcliffe Cove residents will hold a Community Development Program meeting at 7:30 p.m. Thursday at the Elizabeth Chapel Methodist Church. A special program will be ar ranged for the meeting. Two -Week Civil Term Opens Here Judge John Clement granted 9 divorces by noon today as the two week civil term of Haywood Su perior Court'opened. Sixteen Cases were docketed for hearing today. Of the cases scheduled to be called opening day, 14 were divorce suits. The calendar for today included: Christopher vs. Christopher, Shep- pard vs. Sheppard, Chambers vs. Chambers, Hendrix vs. Hendrix, Haynes vs. Haynes, Clark vs. Clark, Henry vs. Henry, Griffin vs. Griffin, Howell vs. Howell, King vs. King, Bryson vs. Bryson, Rogers vs. Rog ers, Haney vs. Haney, and Freeman vs. Freeman, and these regular civil cases: George vs. Reeves, and Massie vs. Massle. On tomorrow's calendar: Williams vs. Gregory, Henson vs. Jarrctt. Re: Will of Noland; Fer guson vs. Noland, Ferguson vs Noland, Stanley vs. Sawyer, Blythe vs. Insurance Company, General Electric vs. Sutton, and Moody vs. Howell. Wednesday. Cogburn vs. Helms, Massie vs. Ketner. Turner vs. Shuler, Sentelle vs. Murray, Ful- bright vs. L'eatherwood, Patton vs Bowers Construction Company, and Buggs vs. Gibson. Thursday: Shackleton vs. Fede ration, Inc., Carver vs. Leather wood, Laundry Supply vs. R. T. Lanning, Wright vs. Fiscus, and Wright vs. Fiscus. Forty-two jurors have been im panelled for the two-week term. Jurors drawn for the first week include: Waynesville, Carl Arring ton, Mrs. S. E. Connatser. Ben Med ford, Charles H. Gaddis, G. C. Fer guson, Mrs. J. H. Way, Jr., Don Al len, Joe F. Davis and R. V. Leath erwood; East Fork, W. P. Postom; White Oak,-. Walter C. Lane; Crab tree, iJillard Haney. Fines Creek, Carl S. Green; Ivy HilL Guy Campbell; Jonathan Creek, Will J. Howell, L. N. Leath erwood and Jule Boyd; Clyde, Hor ace H. Anderson and C. D. Penland; Beaverdam, Monroe H. Silver, George H. Jones, W. W. Mitchell, Harley M. Robinson and J. Frank Queen. Jury for second week includes: Fines Creek, Marion Green, Glenn Noland and Joe Mauney; Jonathan Creek, H. C. Burgess; Crabtree, Paul Sanford; Beaverdam, Homer V. Cagle and Mable Glance; Iron Duff, Dennis Crawford and Joe A. Chambers; Clyde, Jake Sutton, Clarence Hill and R. C. Ledbetter; East Fork, Tom Burnette; Ivy Hill, Arthur White and W. S. Ferguson; and Waynesville, Lawrence Leath erwood, D. P. Pressley and Tom Queen. Fines Creek Communty Officers hi! iA These are the officers for the Community Development program of Fines Creek. Left tfo right: M. M. Kirkpatrick, treasurer; Mrs. Paul Ferguson, vice chairman; Charles H. Ducked . chairman; Mrs. Furman Noland, reporter, and Mrs. T. W. Rogers, secretary. This is a Mountaineer photograph by Ingram's Studio. County-Wide Set-Up Is Planned For Community Development Programs $7,500 Being Spent On Masonic Temple Approximately $7,500 is being spent renovating the Masonic Tem ple. The third floor has already been renovated, and workmen are now installing a modern automatic elevator in the building. The large assembly room on the second floor is being made into two modern suites of offices for two local phyisicians, according to W. R. Francis, one of the owners of the building. Plans are to renovate the entile second floor and also the (irst. Mr. Francis said. The Elks Club occupy the third floor, and with the two physician's quarters are completed, the entire building will be occupied with the exception of one office on the first floor, he said. Four Hospital Rooms Fixed Up By Clubs And Firms Four rooms and a ward at the Haywood County Hospital have been renovated, and partly refurn ished by three civic clubs', tJna- gusta''HftiDMttrrlnf Corporfttlorirdustry, Agriculture and h6me"1ife Three More Communities To Organize This Week Three more communities will be organized this week to complete the formation of the Community Development Program in Haywood County. Residents of Cruso will hold their postponed meeting at 7:30 P-m. Thursday at the Cruso School elect the principal officers for their community program. 1 The North Clyde program will De organized at the same time to morr&w at the Clyde school, while residents of the White Oak sec tion will meet at 7:30 p.m. Thursday at the home of Mrs. Robert Davis to name their spe cial committees. Meanwhile, Assistant County Agent Wayne Franklin was con tacting residents of Dutch Cove to arrange a similar organizational meeting. . For the Maggie area, County Agent Wayne Corpening said he (Sep Commnnltie Pajre 8 Clean-Up Inspection Is Made Of Community, As Annual Campaign Opens Clean-Up week got off to a good start Monday morning, being ush ered in by two bands in a parade, headed by citizens with mops and brooms. After the parade, a special community-wide committee made an inspection of the entire area. The committee reported the residential areas looked "fairly well" but said the worst offenders seemed to be garages and service stations. "The alley back of Main Street also needs some attention," the committee reported. The group reported several "sore" spots were found, and own ers of the property will be con tacted today. Most of the "sore" spots were vacant lots, the com mittee said. The committee will make anoth er Investigation on next Monday, and those places that have not been cleaned up in the meantime will be given another visit, it was point ed out. "Everyone seems to be inter ested, and wants to do their part to clean-up," G. C. Ferguson, gen eral chairman, announced. Hundreds of school children took advantage of the free passes to the two theatres here Saturday, and enjoyed the programs for get ting housewives and business men to sign pledges to clean up. Garbage trucks of both towns are working on fast schedules to gather up all garbage. Dr. Clark Sees Great Possibilities In, Farm Development Programs i consider the program for com- for all the worthwhile enterprises an munity betterment as outlined by the Haywood county rural people has the greatest possibilities of anything I have known for the ad vancement, of all the interests of d the new vision of our people would Imply all working for the same program in the same way and at the same time," he continued. Dr. Clark said he felt that spec county life " Dr. C. N. Clark, dis- lal farm Issue of The Mountaineer, trict superintendent of the Way- which is now being prepared, would nesville district of the Methodist be of special benefit in putting all church said this morning. the facts about the program into "Co-operation is the key word readable form. and The .Mountaineer, according to Lee Davis, business administra tor. The Rotary, Lions and Boosters clubs, together with Unagusta and The Mountaineer, had the five rooms repainted, new drapes put up, floors reflnished, Venetian blinds installed, and pictures plac ed on the walls. Several new pieces of furniture have been added to the rooms, in cluding modern lights, and bed side tables. The rooms were originally furn ished by organizations and firms of the county, but some of these have disbanded or gone out of business. Mother's Day Marked By 6 Arrivals At Hospital It was Mother's Day six times at the Haywood county Hospital Sunday. Six babies were born during; the day, the first arriving at 3:06 a.m. and the last one at 11:40 p.m. The six arrivals were: Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Liford, daughter, Canton. Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Fergu sonjteon, Waynesville. lit. Z. principal speakers will dls- Mg. and Mrs. Riley Jones, son, irtually every phase of In-1 Canton. The organization of Haywood County's Community Development Program, started, last February, will be completed Friday night when the officers for the program as a whole are elected. Principal officers of each of the 26 community clubs and represen tatives of the county's business and industrial firms and civic organiza tions will gather at the Towne House at 7:30 p. m., for the din ner session being sponsored by the county's civic organizations!' The cuss virtually every phase in the county. County Schools Superintendent Jack Messer, will talk about edu cation in this area, and Jonathan Woody, president of the First Na tional Bank of Waynesville, will discuss increased income for both town and rural people. Community improvement will be the subject of RatclilTe Cove Com munity Chairman R. C. Francis' speech. Jarvis Caldwell, chairman of the Iron Duff Community, will discuss farm improvement. R. L. Prevosl, president of the Unagusta Manufacturing Corpora tion, will talk to the audience on co-operalion between rural and town residents. Home improvement and work ing together will be the subjects of discussion by Mrs. W. D. Ket ner, president of the Council of Haywood County Home Demon stration Clubs. Industry's part in community life will be discussed by W. J. Dam toft, secretary-treasurer of The Champion Paper and Fibre Com pany of Canton, while the other principal speakers will be the Rev. Mrs. C. (). Newell, and Dr. C. N. Clark, Waynesville Methodist dis (See Counlywide Page 8) Clingman's Dome Tower Reported Dangerous Walter Long of the Dayton Rub ber Company, reported today the 60-foot observation tower on Cling man's Dome is in dangerous con dition. Mr. Long, who lives on Canton route 3, said he climbed the tower early yesterday morning. "Every log in the whole struc ture is so rotten I could push the blade of a penknife into them easily," he declared. "The steps also are rotted, and you can see the spikes sticking from them. "I climbed the tower yesterday morning and I came down as quickly as I could. The tower was very wobbily. "I certainly wouldn't permit any one in my family to climb that tower." Mr. Long said something should He did manage to savfhis IV, be done about the situation im- ton truck, however, by chaining it mediately, before someone gets down as the storm broke. Ilurt- The damaged bridge spanned ' Mr. and Mrs. Elden Sliuford, daucbter. Canton, Rt. Z. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gentry, son, Balsam. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wells, daughter, Spring Creek. Boosters Club To Meet Thursday Night The Hazelwood Boosters Club will meet Thursday night at the Hazelwood Presbyterian church for the regular monthly supper meet ing. The meeting will begin at sev en. M. H. Bowles is president and D. E. Tichenor is secretary. Miss Williams Given Honors At Meredith Miss Frances Williams. of Waynesville, was among the twelve seniors at Meredith College who were initiated to membership in the American Home Economic As sociation. Miss Williams was also installed as president of the Meredith Home Economics Club for next year. Bridge, Building Washed Out By Heavy Rains By MRS. MILLARD FERGUSON Mountaineer Correspondent Yesterday's heavy rains washed out a bridge," two walls of a new concrete block tool shed, and heav illy damaged freshly-plowed fields in the Crabtree area. G. C. Palmer, owner of the shed on Rush Fork Creek, estimated the damage at $2,000. The structure was completed only recently. Haywood Farmers Urge Unity On Burley Market Approximately 50 farmers de- arranging a meeting of the two cided at the Haywood County Farm Bureau meeting Saturday that burley tobacco warehousemen and producers should get together to plan improvement of the Ashe ville market. They asked J. Richard Queen, executive secretary of U. S. Sena tor Frank P. Graham, to contact Graham and U. S. Senator Clyde R. Hoey of North Carolina, about groups of tobacco men. There was reference particularly to the commissions now charged farmers for selling their tobacco. The producers feel that the com mission charge of four per cent plus 25 cents per basket is too high. In other business at the meeting, the farmers went on record in (See Haywd Farmers Page 8) Rush Fork Creek. Reports were that the fields in Crabtree and Pigeon suffered the heaviest damage, but the extent was not immediately determined. Old timers of the Crabtree sec tion, hardest hit in the county, described the rains as the heaviest they had ever seen. There were no reports of ap prciable damage elsewhere in the county. Highway Record For 1949 (To Date) In Haywood Killed . . : : 1 Injured . . ; . 15 (This Information com piled from Records of State Highway Patrol).

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