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The Waynesviule Mountaineer
Published Twice-A-Wcek In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky "Mountain National Park
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64th YEAR NO. 38 16 PAGES Associated Press and United Press News " WAYNES VILLE, N. C, THURSDAY AFTERNOON, MAY 12, 1949 $3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
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Hospital Receives Blood Donation
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Photo by Ingram's Studios
Seven pints of blood donated in the American Red Cross Blood
Program were delivered to the Haywood County Hospital last Fri
day afternoon by the Regional Blood Center at Asheville. The
Asheville Center's administrative director, W. H. Kidd, right," pre
sents a pint from the shipment to Dr. Tom Stringfield of the Hos
pital as Superintendent of Nurses Ellen Freeman looks on. The
seven pints were part of the first donations made in Haywood
County the day before by 56 volunteers at Canton. Canton Pro
gram Chairman Carl Anderson and B. A. Morris, blood custodian
of the Asheville center, accompanied Mr. Kidd to Waynesville.
First .Blgod Ponations"
Iri Waynesville To! Be
Taken Next Tuesday
Registration For
Bond Election Was
Light On Saturday
Registration for the bond elec
tion on June 4th was light last
Saturday; according to Jerry Rog
ers, chairman of the Board of
"Only nine people registered in
the two Waynesville wards," Mr.
Rogers said.
Registration books will be open
again this Saturday and next for
all persons who were not regis
tered for the general election last
Yesterday the Haywood board re
ceived 22,000 ballots for the election.
n K. Moore Is
yersity Alumni
Four Counties
was elected vice-president; William
Medford, Waynesville attorney, secretary-treasurer;
and Charles Poin
dexter. Canton High School ath
letic director and former North
Carolina tackle, director at large.
Head Football Coach Carl Snave
ly and Foundation President Fred
Huffman of Morganton both de
clared In talks spiced with dry
humor that all these scholarships
don't go to football players.
n7e Tar Heel mentar Pointed out
that 17 of the boys who hold these
scholarships at present are not
athletes, many of the 100-odd hold
ers are Phi Beta Kappa (national
scholarship fraternity) members or
(See Judee Moore Page 3)
TVA Leader Says Farm
Program Will Be Reached
By Proper Cooperation
'Just organizing is by no means
getting the Job done," W. M. Land
, agricultural educational di
rector of TVA told residents of
oeaverdarn and Hominy commun
ities Tuesday night. (
"Organization ia the first step
wrda setting up ways of attain
ng goa, and getting things done,
nen everyone la delegated to a
lb, and follow Ihrnnoh tn inm.
Pletion," the TVA specialist said,
The American Red Cross- Blood
Program will be launched in the
Waynesville area at 10 a.m. Tues
day when the first volunteers re
port at the basement of the Way
nesville Presbyterian Church.
A donor room will be set up
there with cots and other necessary
Outside the church, the Red
Cross Bloodmobile will be waiting
to take the donations to the Ashe
ville Regional Center, which will
distribute the blood to the hospitals
in the 17 North Carolina and 4
South Carolina counties included
in this region.
Donor Recruitment Chairman
Wayne Corpening said the sched
ule has been so arranged that there
will be practically no time lost by
the volunteers in waiting for their
turn for examinations.
These examinations will be held
to determine whether the volun
teer is physically fit to give the pint
of blood in the program. They are
for the protection of both pro
spective donor and ultimate patient
who will receive the blood.
Mr. Corpening said six volun
teers would be received at the don
or room every 20 minutes, from the
lime the first report until the time
the last leave the cots some time
after 3 p.m.
He named people in each com
munity to recruit volunteers for
the first donations. Each group will
(See Blood Donation Page 3)
Bennie F. Reese Is Now
Manager Of Winner's
Bennie F. Reese, formerly of
Sylva, is now manager ot winners
store here. Mr. Reese was with
Schulman's in Sylva for 14 years.
Charles Camp, who has been
manager of the store here since it
opened, recently resigned.
as he discussed the value of the
Community Development Program.
Mr. Landess kept stressing the
importance of every person taking
an active part in a community pro
gram. He showed pictures of
communities at work, and even
the children were doing their part.
He told of one boy whose job it
was to take care of the lawn of his
home. By proper application and
(See TVA Expeot-Pge 3)
8 Divorces
Granted In
Civil Court
Judge John Clement granted
eight divorces this wek through
Thursday noon, during the first
week of the two-week May civil
term of Haywood Superior Court.
Those granted were in the cases
of Johnson vs. Johnson, Cordell
vs. Cordell, Chambers vs. Cham
bers Hendrix vs. Hendrix, Griffin
vs. Griffin, Howell vs. Howell, Xing
vs. King, and Bryson vs. Bryson.
In other cases the Jury was call
ed and a mistrial was ordered in
the divorce suits of Clark vs. Clark
and Freeman vs. Freeman.
A non-suit was taken In the
Christopher vs. Christopher case;
non-suit as to the , plaintiff in the
Williams vs. Gregory case; nonsuit
as to the plaintiff in the Blythe
vs. Insurance Company case; the
plaintiff took a non-suit in the
Massie vs. Ketner case.
In the case of C. A. George vs.
Mrs. Ernie C. Reeves, a verdict
was given in favor of the plaintiff
in that he is entitled to the' pos
session of property and Reeves is
to pay George $100 per month for
a period of eleven months for back
rent. The defendant took an ap
peal to the Supreme Court.
In the case of Sara Fulbright
vs. Hugh Leatherwood, the plain
tiff recovered nothing from the
The court granted the Texas
Company possession of the oil bulk
plant in its suit against Carol Bell.
Elizabeth Norman Barber, a
minor, was awarded $1,635 in a
consent judgment in her suit
against Floyd Miller, trading as
Miller Plumbing and Heating Com
pany. The suit in the case of Massie
vs. Massie was dismissed.
As the Mountaineer went to
press, the jury was deliberating
the testimony in the suit of W. E.
Patton against the Bowers Con
struction Company.
Haywood To Get
Historical Mqrker
Haywood county is to get one
of the sixteen new historical mark
ers, it has .been announced by Dr.
Christopher Crittenden, director of
the State Department of Archives
and History.
The one for Haywood will be
erected at Morning Star, and will
read: "Morning Star church. Or
ganized by German Lutherans
about 1825; Methodist since 1866."
Congressional Group
And Secretary Krug
To Visit This Section
Services Are
Held Wednesday
For G. C. Cooper
Grover C. Cooper, 62, of Canton,
principal of the Lake Junaluska
School, died Monday night in the
Haywood County hospital after a
short illness.
Funeral services were held yes
terday aficrnoon at Long's Chapel
Methodist Church with the Rev.
Paul H. Duckwall. pastor, and the
Rev. C. W. Kirby officiating. Inter- I Ridge Parkway. The Park Commiss
ment !n Bon-A-Venture Ceme- ion is asking for an additional five
(See G. C. Cooper Page 3j - (gee Congressman Page 3)
90 -Year -Old Historian
Finds Tacts' After
Searching Hard 7 Years
For many years. Prof. W. C. Al
len, an educator and historian, has
been convinced of an important
date in the history of this State.
He has devoted much of his time
in trying to convince- others that
May 20. 1775 is the correct date of
the Mecklenburg Declaration of In
dependence. Seven years ago, when he was
83. he started out to find conclu
sive proof that he was right. He
wanted enough proof to convince
the world that he was right.
He traveled over the state, in
fact into each of the 100 counties
during the past three years in
search for facts and authentic data
on his quest.
Now, almost 90 years of age. he
found just what he wanted, and al
most in his own backyard.
In carefully checking source
books in the Sondley Library in
Asheville, he found two books that
(See W. C. Allen Page 3)
Upper Crabtree
.1 o i'
V I,
The citizens of Upper Crabtree elected the group shown here as
leaders for their Community Development program. Left to right,
A. W. Ferguson, treasurer; Mrs. Hugh Smith, secretary; Hershel
Rogers, reporter; Mrs. Cassius Rogers, vice chairman, and Jack
Rogers, chairman. This is a Mountaineer photograph by Ingram's
County Officers To Be
Named Friday Night For
Community Program
Reliable Jewelers
Move To New
Modern Building
Reliable jewelers have moved
into their modern store, just two
doors from their former place of
business, where they have been for
the psst ten years.
A modern front has been added
to the building, and large special
ly built show windows installed.
Dae Feldman, owner, said that
a number of interior changes
would be made soon. He also an
nounced this morning that in keep
ing with a plan started many years
ago, his firm would again give ten
graduation gifts to high sohool
graduates of the county. The plan
has become popular throughout
the years, and much interest is al
ways shown. Details are announced
elsewhere in this edition.
Twenty-five members of the
House Public Lands Committee
will come to this section May 19th
on an inspection of the Park and
Blue Ridge Parkway, and to hold
a public hearing on Saturday May
21 in Asheville.
The hearing will be sponsored
by the N. C. Park Commission, of
which Charles E. Ray is chairman.
Rep. Monroe M. Redden, is hand
ling details in the Capitol. The
hearing will have to do with getting
first hand information about the
future development of the Park
and especially additional funds for
construction work on the Blue
1 .
t'-li m.mTWm
Program Officers
5 !
A dinner meeting featuring tht
elections of governing officers to
morrow night will virtually com
plete the organization of Haywood
County's Community Development
The session, sponsored by the
Haywood County civic clubs, will
be held at 7:30 p.m. at the Towne
House in Waynesville.
Through today, at least 24 com
munities had organized for the
county-wide program, and a 25th
will be, formed next week. Resi
dents of Dutch Cove will hold their
initial meeting, at .7:30 p.m. Tues
day night to organize their com
munity program.
At tomorrow , night's meeting,
community leaders will elect a
president, vice-president, secre
tary, treasurer, reporter, and 12
persons to a board of .directors for
the administration of the program
as a whole.
Attending the meeting will be
leaders in the individual com
munity clubs, and representatives
of civic organizations, and busi
nesses and industries throughout
the county.
In all, more than 100 are expect-
1 The principal speakers will dis
leuss virtually every phase of in-
dustry, agriculture and home ute
in the county.
' County Schools Superintendent
I iVcn nlTtaprs Pan 3)
Aliens Creek To
Talk Annexation
Next Mon. Night
The citizens of Aliens Creek will
hold a mass meeting at the school
on Monday night, May 16th.
The announcement was made
yesterday by R. L. Hendricks,
chairman of the special committee
recently named to get facts regard
ing the proposed annexation of the
area with either one of the two
The meeting originally schedul
ed for last Monday night was cur
tailed, due to a revival then in
progress at the church.
Mr. Hendricks said that the
special committee of five had met
with the- Waynesville board of
aldermen, and that the Hazelwood
board would be invited in for a
"The committee wants to get all
! the facts, and then present them to
the people of the area," he said.
The Waynesville board of alder
men recently passed a proposed
ordinance to annex the Aliens
Creek area into Waynesville.
Iron Duff Soon To Erect
Community House; Other
Recreational Facilities
Mountaineer Correspondent
Plans for a community house are
under consideration by the recre
ational committee of the Iron Duff
community, it was announced at
the meeting of the community
Monday night.
The announcement included the
fact that the site for the commun
ity house would be donated, and
construction started soon.
Steal $10 Cash, Tools
Thieves Break Into
Clyde Store, Attempt
To Crack Bank Vault
It Has Happened
Again; Iron Duff
Signs Torn Down
It has happened again.
The large sign to Iron Duff at
the entrance on Highway No. 209
was taken down Sunday night.
The community has had
trouble with their signs since
they were erected about two
weeks ago.
J. R. Caldwell, jchalrman of
the group, said two persons were
known who broke the signs down
the first time.
It was not learned whether
there are any clues on the latest
bit of vandalism or not.
Given To
When the Temple of Jerusa
lem was being built, the Bible
relates, the women took their
jewelry and gave It to the priests
as offerings of love for the
House of God.
This story from the Old Testa
ment lived again this week In
A woman came to the Rev.
L. G. Elliott, pastor of the First
Baptist church.
Offering him her diamond ring,
she said quietly:
"Take this and sell It, and use
the money for your new church
The ring, a family heirloom,
contains four large stones and
two smaller ones.
Expressing sympathy and ap
preciation for this personal sac
rifice, Mr. Elliott said he would
do as the benefactor asked.
Parkway In Pisgah
Blocked By Heavy
Slide; Opens 28th
Tentative plans are to open the
5-mile section of the Blue Ridge
Parkway in Pisgah on May 28th,
it was learned from Charles Ray,
chairman of the N. C. Park Com
Mr. Ray announced that through
Sam P. Weems he learned of a
severe slide on the Wagon Road
Gap section of the Parkway.
. Engineers investigating the slide
found it will be necessary to blast
heavy boulders out of the Park
way. This calls for moving in
heavy equipment to do the work,
the superintendent pointed out.
The section is not paved, yet is
opened to the public for the spring
flowering season, and the colorful
foilage season each fall. Hundreds
of motorists avail themselves of
the opportunity of driving on the
crest of the Pisgah range along
the Parkway.
Vanar Haynes
For Mayor Of
Power To Be
Off On Sunday
H. H. Burleson of the Caro
lina Power and Light Company,
announces that the power will
be off in Waynesville, Hazelwood,
Lake Junaluska, Balsam and the
R. E. A. lines on Sunday, from
2 to 4 p.m.
Frank M. Davis gave the com
munity his pond, near his home,
and it was accepted with gratitude.
Plans are also underway to con
struct bath houses and outdoor
furnaces nearby as part of the rec
reational program for the com
munity. There were 55 at the meeting,
with J. R. Caldwell, chairman, pre
siding. The next meeting was set
for May 23 ?t the Br.ptist church.
Early today, thieves broke into
a store tin Clyde to steal tools to
try robbing the nearby Haywood
County Bank.
The loot: $10 in cash and $2.50
worth of tools, all from the store.
State Highway Patrol Corporal
E. W. Jones reported the rob
bers quit their attempt to break
Into the vault after they broke the
concrete and removed several
bricks and discovered the steel
After breaking into the store, he
added, they walked up to the sec
ond story occupied by the VFW
offices above the bank Itself, bored
holes In the floor of the hall till
they could see where the vault was
Altogether they bored 28 holes
before they pulled up planks and
dropped to the top of the vaulf it
self to make their unsuccessful at
tempt at safe cracking.
He said they also broke a hole
in one wall of the bank so they
could see outside the building, and
another hole in the wall adjoining
the post office for a getaway.
The officer said nothing was re
ported missing from the post office
Edward Fincher, owner of the
Edward Fincher and Company
merchandise store and president of
the bank, said the thieves entered
the' store by prying open a back
window about 3 a.m.
He reported a cold chisel, hand
axe, and two pair of pincher pliers
were stolen along with the $10
FBI Agent Smith of the Ashe
ville Office, Clyde Police Chief
Shay Henson, and U. S. Postal In
spector Kenneth Brown also were
investigating the case today.
No arrests were reported up to
Mr. Fincher-saldk It. would have
taken (be ' woujd-be cracksmen
about eight hours to get into the
vault even if they had had an acety
lene torch.
He said robbers several years
ago also failed at a similar attempt.
He added that they did succeed in
cutting into the vault with a torch
but failed to crack the safe.
American Legion
Leases Second
Floor Of Building
The Haywood American Legion
Post No. 47 last Tuesday signed a
long-term lease for use of the sec
ond floor of the Citizens Bank
Post Adjutant Ernest Edward-.
who made the announcement, said
today, plans are to redecorate th
rooms and make other changes to
suit their purposes.
The Legion will hold its first
meeting in its new headquarters
June 10.
Meanwhile, the Legion member?
will hold their May meeting at 7:o()
p.m. on the second floor of the town
hall to install officers and discuss
business matters.
Previously, the Post's session
have been held in the old Masonic
Vanar Haynes, World War II Air
Force veteran and business school
student, this week announced h
would run for mayor of Clyde in
the June 4 town election.
Yesterday, Mayor Jarvis Camp
bell said he would not seek elec
tion to retain his office. He was
named last year to fill the unex
pired portion of the term of J. W.
(See Haynes Page 3)
Record For
(To Date)
In Haywood
Killed..;; 1
Injured . . . 15
(This Information com
plied from Records of
State Highway Patrol).

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