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Published Twice-A-Weck In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance 01 The Great Smoky Mountain National Park
Hit's not a quescbun "bout
whuthe r the sun shines on all
alike or not, but who makes
the bes' use uv the shinin.
VeARNP. 40 16 PAGES Associated Press and United Press News WAYNESVILLE, N. C, THURSDAY AFTERNOON, MAY 19, 1949 $3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
Aliens Creek Asking To
Vote On Annexation With
Way nesville; Have Petition
Head Haywood Community Program
. .. " 1, ...ant
Residfuis of Miens w "-
tliMU' i .,-. ..t .hat arpa
found a ... vole on the qucsuu" -
"IwWe.-Sn, a part of the Town of
Lrainbo Waynesville
A petition calling lor an e.ei...
..(d in ..,.ctmn and bearing the
th r; names' of about 125 citizens of the
t"r.. :re is sclieauieu u, ue
Presented to the wajmesviue
oi Aldermen on Friday, u w
learned from R. h. Hendricks,
chairman of the special comrmttee
m Mrs. : named several weeks ago at a mass
Lid mcmoe r-:-"-- t. hpIH Monday
.hurcni At -
to" in a ;mgni u,e . " -
i r n c'r fi.i0n
.rted: "Mrs , of H""'"- 1
Iwship n a of that town
l"r ' r"i.,H V shpp was
L, N years, nexauon. majui
Ike this cor-, the principal .
leded a iD-roiiiuic MUto....
1 gwer period afterwards. Two alder
men of Hazelwood, Carl Swanger
'and Grady Smith also spoke. The
i . . . i ,.ff 4V.n Kfxarrl R T.
Eiiin-i ' third memuei ui im.-
fS ia Prevost. was not present. Mr. Hend-
MOIKWJ .... j ,u .Ionic nn
(, Ashp. "ens presiueu, aim v..c
1 Iwas reached to ask for an election
I ,k nihpr'on the matter.
Kin lire I . , . . , ,.
hMedfordi Mr. HenciricKs saia, u was mc
, hhv : nrpvailine feeling that the citizens
lie Business prefer to vote, as that is the Demo.
Lin's Clublcratic way, and give everyone a
voice in the mailer.
lour girls to- "The decision in asking ior a
inJ we'll pay i vote on tne question is tma
fee-and the no indication of opposition to be
nses to and coming a part of Waynesville we
feel that the election method is
r baliv-sit- the best way to decide the issue,"
If from the ; he continued.
lie Mv will i Some 70 signatures were put on
Lunitv pro-1 thp .petition right after the meet-
j ing, and by Wednesday night 40
i others had been added. Mr. Hend
i ricks said it was a voluntary pro
cedure, and that by the time the
petition was presented Friday, he
expected at least names would
ped success, j be on the paper.
reports. I The iaw Rtinulates that 15 Der
cent of the qualified voters can
call an election on matters of this
nature. It has been estimated that
there are about 400 qualified vot
ers in the area ornrjnsed tn b an
nexed bv Wavnesvlllp Tho pstim-
jirseryman of j atc is based on a recent church
will be an census.
summer. In ! Almnt an ri avc nan thn WairnaD.
ville Board of Aldermen passed a
proposed ordinance which would
annex Aliens Creek into Waynes
ville. The proposed ordinance gave
until three o'clock Thursday, May
26th for the Aliens Creek citizens
to answer the proposal. Had the
election not been requested, the
area would have automatically be
come a part of Waynesville at that
Civil Term Closes
After Award
Made Today
Judge John Clement adjourned
the two-week May civil term of
Haywood Superior Court shortly
after noon today after the jury
awarded the plaintiff approximate
ly $300 in the case of McClure vs'.
McClure had filed suit for the
amount he said due on the pur
chase price of a skidder used in
This was the only case the jury
heard today before adjournment
was called.
Yesterday, the jury awarded
Mrs. Maude Worley $700 in her
suit for $2,800 against W. C. Wor
ley, administrator for the estate of
his father, Steve Worley.
Mrs. Worley, daughter-in-law of
Steve Worley, sought recovery of
what she termed expenses incurred
in caring for Steve Worley during
the four years prior to his death
about a year ago.
The defendant asked for an ap
peal to the State Supreme Court
f i I vll
I Ljl v 1 Lilt
Congressmen To Inspect Park
And Parkway In f Area Friday
Commencement Exercises
To Start At Six Haywood
High Schools Next Week
tte fishing
M Creek
rs inau-
m everyone
slake his
ir forecaster
installed an
inkling sys
P6.000 plants.
Bone to all
PPect plenty
New Projects To
Be Planned For
Center Pigeon
Mountaineer Correspondent
Center Pigeon citizens will plan
new projects for their Community
Development Program when they
hold their regular monthly meeting
at 7:30 p m. tonight at Long's
Chapel Mpthodist -Church. '
The Rev. Gay Chambers, chair
man of the Community Club, urges
all officers and other members to
attend this meeting. .
The Club members also will hear
the reports from the special com
mittees in the Program.
to the in-
ptem began
WJ, he re
1 llle system
Under the provisions of a law
passed by the 1947 General Assem
bly, a town board can annex addi
tional territory by adopting an ord-
ace mens creek Page 8)
ied To Attend
m Field Day 25th
"Mrs are pv. I .
School-Road Meet
Held At Bethel
About sixty people attended the
first meeting sponsored by the
Haywood unit of Better School and
Roads, Inc., which was held Wed
nesday night at the Hemei scnum.
H Arthur Osborne, county chair
man, presided, and the speaker's
committee, composed of D. Reeves
Noland, Jonathan Woody, Jck
Messer and A. J. Hutchins ad
dressed the group.
"This is the first of a series ot
mp(ines that will be held through
out the county as a means of ac
quainting the people witn im.
facts," Mr. Osborne said.
These officers were named here
last Friday to head the county-wide
Community Development program.
These officers will have the same
(iuties for the county, as, the 26
similar.cornmunity officers have for
the community units.
The boa d of directors to set va
on the cennty board includes: Dr.
A. P., Mrs Paul Hyatt, Lar
ry Cagl", Jonathan Woody. Mrs.
W. A Bradley R. N. Barber, Jr.
Mrs. W. M. Cobb, Mrs. Marshall
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Marvin Leather
wood, Mrs, Welch Singleton, Fred
Mann and William Osborne.
The grpups were elected at a
meeting attended by 150 civic and
farm leaders.
(These photos by Ingram's Studio)
t inii iwnniiinr""'""
Next week will be the happiest
time of the year, not excluding
Christmas, for Haywood County's
school children.
School will be over until Sep
tember, 'w
Vnr ihn muntv's sraduating sen
iors, however, the Joy will be tinc
tured by mixture of nostalgia and
eaaer oDtimism.
For them, it will be the start of
a new era.
Commencement Week, the form
al, sober farewell to the graduates
of 1949, will start Sunday with Bac
calaureate services at most of the
county's high schools, ending with
graduation exercises later in the
Canton High School will be the
last in the county to give its seniors
their colorful, solemn send off into
the business or college world. Bac
calaureate services are scheduled
for the night of June 5 with com
mencement exercises to be held
the following night.
School teachers and fellow stu
dents started saying goodbye sev
eral weeks ago in an informal
fashion in the annual junior-senior
banquets, school plays, and oth
er events.
The First National Bank of Way
nesville will be closed ail day to
morrow in observance of the Meck
lenburg Declaration of Indepen
dence, President Jonathan Woody
announced today.
Mav 20 is observed throughout
North Carolina in commemoration
of the signing of the Mecklenburg
Declaration at Charlotte on that
date in 1775.
Prs are ex.
F dairv
1 ailU
day st ii,,,
N by How.
Cllarge, yes-
Nfc. head-
1 be nr.
h Part in th
rT3m UfiM
f'Mf. Clapp
h Of thir.;,
12:43 J
0 r n.i.
e win be
le Depart.
ment of Agriculture. At 10:15 the
field trips will begin, with four ma
jor stops, covering pastures, small
grains, agronomy plot work and the
hay dryer. The visitors will be div
ided into small groups headed by
Personnel of the Test Farm and
Lunch Will Hp VlplH of 19--JO
Promptly at 1:30 the afternoon pro
gram Will horrl., I .u.
. ui me loudLiu
Darn, with Mr. Clapp presiding.
tV?1' BaIlentlne wiU speak on
The Need For More Dairying In
Western North Carolina".
Other speakers will include E.
R- Collins, extension agronomy
specialist; F. I. Elliott, professor
m Animal Industry Department; J.
H GtBprall,,
8 of the
I'". Rainf.n
" iiuuny ueparimeni; j.
Brown, extension Dairy special-
Starting at 2:50 there will be a
our of the dairy barn and inspec
tion of the herd. This will be con
ducted by Mr. Clapp, R. K. Waugh,
(See Field Day Pan 8)
James Buell Wins
FFA Award
James R. Buell, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Odin Buell of Buellton, Calif.,
has been awarded a $1000 scholar
ship given by the Standard Oil
Company of California for excel
lence in scholarship ana supeum
ity in agricultural projects.
Young Buell won the award after
competing in Future Farmers of
America events at the Cow Palace
i con VrznnUrn He was compet
ing for the scholarship with boys
r . u;stprn states.
He is a grandson of Mrs. James
R Thomas of Waynesville and is a
member of the senior class in the
Santa Ynez Valley Union High
School and an honor student.
1 ' '
Fines Creek Meeting
Set For Tomorrow
Jack Messer, superintendent of
Haywood County Schools, and D.
Reeves Noland will be principal
speakers at a Fines Creek Com
munity Development Program
meeting at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow at
the Fines Creek School.
51 Persons Report
As Waynesville Blood
Program Opens Tuesday
Last September, 22 - year - old
Theodore T. Mur. of Waynes
ville. Kouto I. seriously injured
In an auto accident, received two
The two pints of blood came
from the American Red Cross
eenter at Asheville.
Last Tuesday, when the R-d
Cross Blond Program started in
Wavnesville. 51 volunteers re
ported to the donor room that
had been set up in the basement
of the Waynesville Presbyterian
One of the first was Theodore
T Muse of Waynesville. Route 1.
h cave one P"t of blood to
the AsheviHe
Regional Blood
Thickety Citizens Plan
A Community House Soon
Additional information about
volunteers will be found on page
Fifty-one volunteers responuea
...ii r.. it.,, flrct
Tuesday to tne can iu "- "' .' ,he class
donations to the Waynesville area s '
American Red Cross Blood Pro
gram. At 10 H.m.. M'ss Louise Ballard
of Lake Junaluska enlered the
donor roo;n in the basement of the
Waynesville Presbyterian Church.
This wa; slichtly more than an
hour after the meJical workers and
.jinici -jfivn nfVirials had arrived
,ith the Red Cross Bloodmobile
from the Asheville Regional Cen
ter to set up the equipment.
After the last donor had left at
about 4 p.m., the Rev. Malcolm
Williamson. chairman of the
Waynesville Red Cross chapter and
pastor of the church, said:
"The response was marvelous. It
was even better than our expec
tations." In addition to Miss Ballard, these
volunteers answered the first call:
Pay Ballard, L.ike Junaluska;
Julia R. Chambers, Waynesville,
Route 2; Betty Jo Ferguson. Clyde;
Frances Marie Jones. Asnevuie.
William Patton Burgin. Waynes-j
ville- Robert Lester Burgin. Jr..!
! Waynesville: Charles West. Clyde,
(See 51 Persons Page 81
Waynesville Township
High School,
Sunday. 8 p.m. Baccalaureate
services will be opened With a pro
cessional to the music of Handel's
"God Of Our Fathers" played by
Mary Ann Massie at the piano.
The Rev. Paul Thrower, pastor
of the Hazelwood Presbyterian
Church will deliver the invocation.
The Rev. Russell Young, pastor
of the First Methodist Church of
Waynesville will preach the sermon
on the subject: "The Great Masterpiece".
Following the benediction by Mr.
I Thrower, the program will close
with the playing of Gounod s
"Praise Ye The Father" by Miss
Wednesday Graduation exer
cises will start at 8 p.m.
After the processional, with Miss
Massie playing Elgar's "Pomp and
Circumstance," the Rev. M. R. Wil
liamson, pastor of the Waynesville
Presbyterian Church will deliver
the Invocation.
Anion Lee Swanger will be salu
tatory speaker, and Jimmy Swan
ger, Anna Jean Crocker, and Mo
zelle Liner will deliver the class
Following Allen Hart's valedic
tory address. Principal C. E. Weath-
erby will make the presentation of
R. W. Boone New
Head Of Apple
Growers Group
R. W. Boone was elected chair
man of the Smoky Mountain Apple
Growers Association by members
at a meeting Monday night at the
Haywood Counly Court House.
Hp succeeds Henry Francis.
They also elected Zac Massey as
vice-chairman: and Charles W. Ed
umrric Jr.. secretary-treasurer.
Named as directors were R. N.
Barber. Jr.. Ira II. Cogburn, H. H.
Eavenson, Henry Francis, Boiling
Hall, and Hugh Massie.
Displaced Persons
To Come To
The Army Transport Mercy was
.liPrtnled to dock at New York
Citv yesterday carrying 473 dis
placed persons from Europe to
new homes in this country. Fifteen
of them are going to Bryson City,
Tabor City, and Waynesville.
The National Catholic Welfare
Council is sponsoring I he group.
It was not learned immediately
how many of them would come to
House Public Lands
Committee To Be
Dmner Guests Here
Friday Night
With a decent break in tne
weather. 25 Congressmen, togeth
er with 40 Pirk and State officials,
and guasts from Tennessee, will be
shown some of America's finest
scenery and hospitality this week
end. The hospitality will be there,
regardless of the weather.
Charles Ray, chairman of Him
N. C. Park Commission, who n
among those heading the local
committees, said all details of the
program for the visiting officials
and the hearing Saturday morning
had been completed.
The group arrived in Asheville
this afternoon. Some came by
olane. and some by train. A vi.sit
to Craggy Gardens and the Blue
Ridge Parkway in that area will
be featured this afternoon.
At nine Friday morning, Hie
group will leave for a tour of the
Park, going first to Cherokee lor
a brief stop, and then on to New
found Gap, and to the Chimney
Top camp ground for luncheon by
the Gatlinburg Hotel Association.
The party of about 100 are sched
uled to get back here at six Friday
evening for dinner at the Waynes
ville Country Club, as guests of the
Chamber of Commerce.
A large delegation from Hay
wood is expected to attend the pub
lic hi.arins of the committee in
Asheville on Saturday at ten. Sev
eral members of the board of direc
tors of the Chamber of Commerce
plan to attend.
At the hearing, Mr. Ray will
make the Initial address, following
by other, civic leaders of Western
North Carolina, 'me in. ' an
Commission is asking the commit
tee for an Increased appropriation
of five millions for construction
work on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Tom Alexander will also be
among those presenting facts be
fore the committee, which is being
brought to this section on tho in
spection tour and for the hcarini:
through arrangements made by
Rep. Monroe M. Redden, represent
ative from this district.
After the hearing, the groui
will be guests at a luncheon at Bill
more Forest Country Club, fol
lowed by a tour of Bill more Es
tate. At G:30 the group will be enter
(See Congressmen Page 8)
Thp hiehlicht of the program will
come with the presentation of the
(See Commencements Page 8)
Band, Chorus
To Give Final
Concert Tuesday
The band and mixed chorus of
Waynesville Township High School
will give their final concert of the
school year at 8 p.m. Tuesday at
the High School Auditorium.
Band Director Charles Isley said
tickets will be sold by members
of the band and the chorus.
PlaintifT To Appeal To Supreme Court
Court Returns Judgments
Favoring Defendants
In $60,000 Sentelle Suit
John Sentelle has given notice
that he will take his suit for $60,
000 damages against 5 Haywood
men to the North Carolina
Supreme Court.
ilia rmi.isp! filed notice of ap
peal yesterday afier efforts to ob
tain an award in Haywood Superior
Court failed fol' jwing a two-day
The 80-year-old prosecuting wit
ness had charged in his complaint
that he had been unlawfully ar
rested and imprisoned after he
spoke at a Democratic rally in the
Court House on Nov. 2, 1946.
He asked $50,000 actual and $10.
000 punitive damages from his
brother, R. E. Sentelle; Sheriff R.
Programs Arranged For
Haywood County Day At
Lake Junaluska June 5
V. Welch, Clifford Brown of Clyde,
then Haywood Democrat ir chair
man and now secretary to U S.
Rep. Monroe Redden; and Waynes
ville Police Chief Orville Noland
and Officer Guy Messer.
Last Tuesday, Judge John Clem
ent sustained a motion to non-suit
as to Mr. Sentelle, Sheriff Welch,
and Mr. Brown.
Shortly afterward, the jury re
turned a verdict in favor of the
two Waynesville policemen follow
ing nine minutes 'deliberation.
The jurors decided that Chief
Noland and Officer Messer had not
"wrong and unlawfully" arrested
the plaintiff and restrained him of
his liberty as charged; and that
the plaintiff was entitled to recov
(See Court Page 8)
Residents of the Thickety com
munity have plans underway for
"ie construction of a community
""use in the near future, it whs
earned from K.
man nf u. ... ' .
me commiwee oi we
Thickety area this week.
The site for community center
. Bcieuiea, ana extensive
recreational facilities will be built
dlTtHnH 4t . ..I
r me nouse, u was explained.!
Roy Robinson, chairman of the
clean-up committee oi me
muhitv, also announced that pro
gress was being made in c eamng-
.it- u;hleh ncople from
Up SOIIIC aitc " " Knr,
outside the community had been
dumping trash.
4. w4,ii fiftv families in
mere oic
the Thickety community taking an
active part in the aeve.oy.
$40,000 Church Planned.
For Center Pigeon nrea
Mountaineer Correspondent
Construction will start' soon on a
new $40,000 building for the
Spring Hill Baptist Church in Hen-
STbCe job of excavating the site
XWw b winched (and steel
knrtiv aftpr the Community De
velopment Program in Center
Pigeon was organized.
The Rev. Gay Chambers, church
pastor and Center Pigeon com
rr...nitv chairman, who gave the
information this week, said the new
structure would be built of brick
A committee began work yester
day on formulating a program for
the afternoon of Haywood County
Day at Lake Junaluska, on June
The regular morning service,
with Rev. Clay Madison, former
pastor of the Methodist church, will
be the speaker at the 11 o'clock
hour, followed by a picnic. Dr.
Frank S. Love, superintendent of
the Assembly, said special music
would also be arranged.
Starting at two o'clock, a re
ligious and musical program, in
corporating the religious commit
tees of all the communities of
Haywood, will be given.
W. M. Lancless. director of agri
cultural relations of TVA, will be
the featured speaker of the after
noon, it was announced yesterday
hv R C. Francis, chairman of the
Haywood Development Committee.
A large attendance is expected
for the occasion, with all of the
programs taking place in the audi
torium at the Lake.
Mr. Francis named the following
program committee to have charge
of arrangements for the day: Jona
than Woody, Mrs. W. A. Bradley,
Dr. A. P. Cline and Richard N.
Barber, Jr.
Record For
(To Date)
In Haywood
Killed..".: 1
Injured . "... 16
(This Information com
piled from Records of
State Highway Patrol).

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