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The Waynesville Mountaineer
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Published Twice-A-Week In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
YEAK NO. 42 16 PAGES Associated Press and Uuited Press News WAYNESVILLE, N. C, THURSDAY AFTERNOON, MAY 26. 1949 $3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
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Ur.te.iic.Hy County Day, June . "
Ld the tops, luska.
The principal
V M Lawless, head f the Ten
Brfr Valley Authority's Inform
ation and .duration section. He
will be introduced by Mrs. W. I).
Ketncr. treasurer of the Haywood
County Community Development
The program was arranged by a
committee whose members are
Chairman Jonathan Woody. Kb :
ard Barber. Dr. A. P. Cline, Mrs.
(See Haywood Day race 7
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have a
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of the
Work To Start Soon
On $50,000 Drive-in
Theatre, Near Hospital
from the
L Underwood
County Day
Set For Lake
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Big Still
By Officers
Haywood deputies and a federal
officer swooped down on an old
logging camp Friday in the Big
Bend section of Fines Creek town
ship. Their catch: a 500 to 600-gallon
copper still, and 2,400 gallons of
home-made 'beef. ' ; ' ' '
Their raid was so sudden, two
men in the camp barely had time
to flee before the officers appeared.
Taking part in the raid were
Deputies Wade McDaniel and Max
Cochran, and Roy Reece, Alcohol
Tax Unit officer from Asheville.
Mr. McDaniel said the operators
of the still had their headquar
ters in a cabin near their plant.
The beer was destroyed.
The still with its coils was tak
en to the garage at the County
Court House.
Present plans are to start con
struction on Monday on a $50,000
drive-in theater at the intersection
of the Asheville and Ralcliff Cove
roads. The announcement wa:
made this morning by Homer West
owner of the property, and build
er of the theatre.
Mr. West plans to return to
Charlotte Friday or Saturday to
complete the purchase of equip
ment. and let engineering contracts
for immediate construction.
"We plan to push construction
in order to have the theatre in
operation by July Fourth," Mr.
West said.
Mr. West said no announcement
would be made at this time as Id
the operator. He explained, 'that
detail will be completed within a
few days, bid in the meantime, we
are pushing along with plans for
const ruction."
The theatre will accommodate
300 ears, and is being built on the
ten-acre tract of land owned by
Mr. West. The plans call for a
screen 50 feet high and 40 feet
wide. The entire site will be cov
ered with stone, and the latest
type will be installed.
Mr. West said.
For several week he has been
veiling various drivc-in theatres
throughout the section, and enn
sulling with engineers about the
The site where the theatre will
be built is a natural sloping tract,
and will need but little grading.
The crop of alfalfa is now being
cut in preparation to getting con
structioa underway immediately.
Mr. West said that arrangements
have been completed "f Or-getting
lights and water to the site, and
work on this will also start within
a few clays.
The theatre will feature the in
dividual speakers for each car
which will also be on an elevated
ramp, in order to assure clear, un
obstructed vision of the screen.
The theatre will be about a
quarter of a mile from the city
limits. The tract on which the the
atre will be built faces on the
Asheville highway and Ratcliff
Cove road, both of them are paved.
Krug Will
Arrive On
Secretary of Interior Julius A.
Krug will come to this section for
m inspection of the Park and Park
way this week-end.
Charles Riy. chairman of the
N. C. Park Commission said this
morning that his commission and
a similar group from Tennessee,
have a series of conferences sched
uled with Secretary Krug from the
inie he arrives at the Asheville
Hendersonville airport on Saturday
ibout noon until he departs Sun
day from the Maryville airport.
After a luncheon in Asheville.
the group will go to Gatlinburg
and spend the night there. Confer
ences will be held in the afternoon,
and again that night.
An inspection trip into the Park
will again be made on Sunday be
fore the Secretary leaves for the
Mr. Krug's visit here follows that
of one week of the House Public
Lands Cominiltee. who spent part
of four days in this section lasl
week on an inspection of the area.
Gov. Scott Sees Road Program
As Means Of Fully Developing
Haywood Into A Wealthy Area
95 Years Old Sunday
Francis Cove
Gains $57.10
From Box Supper
Mountaineer Correspondent
A box supper last Friday night
made the Francis Cove Commun
ity Development Program treasury
$"57.10 richer.
That was the amount the boxes
brought at the auction which
featured the program at the Fran
cis Cove Church.
A large group of residents were
entertained and educated by the
spelling bee and the singing of
the quartet.
.The. next meeting, will toe held
at 8 p.m. Friday.
-i ! " k: $
I - n" -r 1 1 .. . I"T " '
Monument And Plot To
Be Dedicated Sunday
A granite marker and plot es
tablished in Green Hill Cemetery
N chimney and "1 honor of Haywood County's sol-
idiers, sailors and marines will be
wighbor point-1 dedicated Sunday in impressive
n the outside I Memorial Day services at 3 p.m.
Iast light thev ! The massige 16-ton monument.
"PPed off a 12- rneasuring 9Vi square feet at the
in the bed- base, and nine feet in height,
r" 'he place wil1 e unveiled by a representa-
oeen read- tive of the sons and daughters of
the countv's A
Hf two trees Then Major Allen C. Eden, dis-
r"arl(, then tnct chaplain for the U. S. Third
travelling Army at Fort Bragg, will make the
m a five or dedicatory aririress
the rub- He will be introduced by the
ru the Com. ReV. RllSKpIl I. Vnnna niclnr .f
the First Methodist Church of
Taking part in the ceremonies
will be representatives of the
three organizations that sponsored
the project to establish the monu
ment and the plot the Haywood
County posts of the Veterans of
hsh the bed-
r. wen
"d onnH ....
?e' knocking
ln,ng unit
1 'ssed a
leet nut .,
- "u me
. laig saw
Stores To Close
Stores in Waynesville will be
closed from 10:30 a.m. until noon
Monday in observance of Mem
orial Day.
This was announced this week
by officials of the Merchant
Association of the WaynesriUe
Chamber of Commerce.
Meetings Planned
Meetings scheduled for this week
in Haywood county include the
Thursday. 7:30 p.m. Joint Al
iens Creek and Saunook commun
ity meeting for Saunook "Merry
Makers" Show at Aliens Creek
8 p.m. White Oak at White Oak
Presbyterian church, Jonathan
Woody to speak.
Friday, 8 p.m. Joint Lower
Crabtree and Upper Crabtree meet
ing at Crabtree-Iron Duff school.
Jack Messer and Reeves Noland to
7:30 p.m. Thickety at Oak Grove
Baptist church. Rep. Grover C.
Davis to speak.
8 p.m. Francis Cove at Irancis
Cove church.
Tuesday 9 a.m. Smoky Moun
tain Apple Growers tour of county
orchards starts at R. N. Barber's
(See Community Page 8)
H.HMMIIIII.I.II . , . j I . :
Mrs. B. F. Smathers will observe her 95fh birthday this Sunday.
She will be guest of Tumor" at a tea at th.1 home of her daughKer,
Mrs. Adora Rayne. The widow of the;late Dr. B. F. Smathers,
Mrs. Smathers' sons are Dr. John Smathers of Waynesville, former
U. S. Senator William H. Smathers of Atlantic City, N. J., Judge
Frank Smathers of Miami, and fprmerly of Waynesville. She also
is the mother of Mrs. Joe Rose of Asheville, and Mrs. J. G. HorU
claw of Waynesville. Mrs. Smathers has been too busy lately to
remember that she has been approaching 93. She devotes much
of her time to her home and her garden, and is one of the Waynes
ville Public Library's most regular patrons.
Foreign Wars and their auxiliaries,
and the Haywood County Gold
Star Parents: relatives of the
county's veterans; town and coun
ty officials, and representatives of
civic organizations and industries.
The start of the ceremonies will
be announced by the notes of the
bugle call. "Assembly".
The prayer by the Rev. L. G.
Elliott, pastor of the First Baptist
Church of Waynesville will form
(See Monument Page 2)
State Agriculture Commissioner Speaks
Over 500 Attend Dairy
And Feed Production
Field Day At Test Farm
More than .jOO farmers heard
State Acricullure Commissioner
L. Y. Ilallentine and other author
ities discuss farm problems yester
day at the Mountain Experiment
The occasion was the first an-
Clyde Police Chief Says
He'll Resign June First
Clyde Police Chief Shay Henson
said this week he would resign next
Wednesday to become a city police
man in Portland. Ore.
In a telephone conversation with
The Mountaineer last Tuesday, he
said he would file his resignation
by letter with the Clyde Board of
Aldermen, and that he planned to
leave Clyde on June 15.
Chief Henson. who became head
of the police department 28 months
ago, saifl his new job would pay
a salary of $100 perjnonth.
A veteran of police work in Hay
wood County, he served as a dep
uty sherifT for two years, as a Can
ton officer for anolher two years,
and as constable at Clyde for four
nual Dairy and Feed Production
Field Day under the general direc
tion of Experiment Station Direc
tor Howard Clapp. The program
was sponsored jointly by the
Agronomy Department, Depart
ment of Animal Industry, State
College Extension Service, and N.
C. Department of Agriculture.
Slate Representative Grover G.
Davis of Haywood introduced the
commissioner to the farmers who
filled the tobacco barn and to Sta
tino WHCC's radio audience.
Mr. Ballentine paid his respects
to Mr. Davis for his work in the
General Assembly and to the State
Legislature as a whole, which he
said "will go down in history as
the finest in a long time." then
launched into a discussion of the
needs of the state's agricultural
(See Over 500 Page 8)
Governor Addresses
Large Group of
Workers For Program
At Luncheon Here
Governor Kerr Scott said today
that voter's approval of the road
building program would mean
eventually the fullest development
of Haywood County's tourist busi
ness, industry and agriculture.
Urging Haywood's support of the
road and school bond issues in the
June 4 election, he made bis re
marks belore an audience of near
ly 100 business, farm, and govern
ment leaders al a luncheon meet
ing at the Town.' House.
The governor's address was
broadcast by Station W11CC.
He declared thai if I he bond is
sues are approved, recognition
would be made of this county's
"stepped-up" agricultural program
and of the need for development
of the area "west of Asheville".
Governor Seoll forecast that this
section would "some day become
the wealthiest in this slale," that
this prospect hinged on the pro
posed program.
"North Carolina." he declared,
"has not reached the zenith yet,"
in anv fields.
Hut, he added, the slale has this
opportunity and "we don't want to
miss it."
Referring specifically to Hay
wood County's Pigeon River pro
ject, he indicated that this must
be viewed in the light of the pro
gram as a whole.
The governor declared, that if
the road bond program goes over
it would be possible to "work on
these secondary roads" that the
money would be available.
Conversely, he indicated that it
the program fails to carry on
June 4. then the means would not
be available for this project.
The governor declared it "is go
ing to take every bit of the money
(the proposed $200,000.0001 to do
the job. and even then there is
some doubt that that will be
Explaining Hie need for the
money through the bond issues,
Governor Scott said Governor
Cherry's administration inherited
$40,000,000 from I he Broughton
administration because the pro
gram could not he carried out dur
ing the war years.
He added thai the last adminis
tration spent this $40,000,000 in
its final 21 2 years actually or in
commitments till by the first of
(See Gov. Scott Pasc 8)
Predicts Victory
. assay? I
1949 Waynesville High School Graduating Class
I i 4 1 1 1 $ I' 1 ! $
ml g) 5? w. , j, rdi M m ,n dti (A ell rtT Ml $
rC I L.-i ,l ,i M tlf MJ UV ItV . Wl aJ W M' (T KT n 557 5 Ol
Kr w w NV "ZD
I f 2 Q O IfOW tr- t-.' n i
'H I ii iMmmmrmmmtmmmmm
r highland
of the
. Itainf.n
At the WayneRvllle Township High School, there '
total of
10, dilates In the 1949 clas,.
Shown above is a picture of the grsd'Jste-. 'Photo by Ingram's Studio.)
Mrs. Ray
Mrs. Charles E. Kay, .lr . ot way
nesville, this week was appointed
a trustee of Western Carolina
Teachers College by Governor Kerr
The governor named eight oth
ers to the board for four year tcrnu
to expire May 1, 1953.
Mrs. Ray, wife of the chairman
of the North Carolina Park Com
mission, served for a number of
years as executive secretary nf I he
University of North Carolina
School of Arts and Sciences at
Chapel Hill.
She succeeds former State Rep
resentative Glenn C. Palmer of
Clyde as WCTC trustee.
Mr. Ray, Waynesville civic lead
er, is widely recognized as one of
the prominent leaders in the cam
paign to complete the development,
of the National Park and Parkwar
The other new trustees appointed
by the' governor are, Mrs. Jerry
Davidson, Murphy school teacher;
Former State Senator and Repre
sentative Lee Penland of llave--ville;
Arnold Hyde, Graham coun
ty welfare official; Frank Weaver
of the Farmers Federation al Ashe
ville; State Senator W. H. Craw
ford, of Sylva; E. J. WluhmiT,
Franklin vocational agi u i.ltmc
teacher; Ralph Brimley. For.-vth
county schools superintendent:
and William Martin, Bryson City
Clyde Seniors Graduate Tonight
Graduation Exercises
Held This Week ill
4 County High Schools
Haywood county's district high
schools are launching their 1049
seniors into a new life this week.
When commencement exercises
end at Clyde High School tonight,
high school days will be over for
all the seniors in the county sys
tem. St. John's and Canton High
School will honor their seniors
next week and the week after.
St. John's will graduate its larg
est senior class next Thursday
night when 13 students receive
their diplomas.
Seventy - nine Canton High
School seniors will receive their
diplomas on June 6 from Principal
W. L. Rikard at graduation cere
monies starting at 8 p.m.
The first of Haywood's 1949
seniors formally graduated Tues
day night in exercises at the Crabtree-Iron
Duff High School.
The 21 graduating students, their
parents, and many friends heard
the Rev. M. R. Williamson, pastor
of the Wayne.ivillp Presbyterian i
Church, deliver the commence
ment address.
Bobbie James made 'he saluta
tory speech and Helen June Brad
shaw delivered the valedictory for
the departing class.
County Schools Superintendent
Jack Messer presented the diplo
mas, and Crabtree-Iron Duff School
Superintendent L. C. Bryson gave
the honor students their awards
for their outstanding work.
The .seniors of Bethel. Fmr:,
Creek, and Waynesville high
schools were honored at separate;
graduation exercises lasl night
District Principal M. H Bowie:,
presented diplomas In the !n
students of Waynesville To'vn.Uo
High School's graduating cl i-s n)
the climax of colorful crremon.e.s
that attracted several hundred
guests to the school aurMtonum.
Mr. Bowles also made the pre ."r.'.ci
(See Graduation Page Si
Record For
(To Date)
In Haywood
Killed . . . ; 1
Injured . . 17
fThls Information com
piled from Records of
State Highway Patrol).

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