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YEAR NO. 44 20 PAGES Associated Press and United Press News WAYNESVILLE, N. C, THURSDAY AFTERNOON, JUNE 2, 1949 $3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
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Light Vote
For This
Haywood county citizens will
join their fellow Tar Heels at the
polls Saturday to decide whether
or nt the state will issue $200,
000,000 worth of road bonds and
$2,000,000 worth of school bonds.
The road funds would be used
to finance Governor Scott's exten
sive rural road construction pro
gram, while the money from the
school bonds would help finance
Improvements on existing build
ings and new construction through
out the state.
This week, County Election
Board Chairman Jerry Rogers fore
cast a Haywood vote of 6,000 in
the county's 22 precincts.
Interest, he said, seemed par-
liayor of a (jcuariy high jn the rural areas
of the county.
One observer in Canton said
indications were that between
1.B00 and 2,500 citizens would turn
out in his city for the election out
of a total registration of approxi
mately 3.000.
The polls will open at 6:30 a. m.
and close at 6:30 p. m.
Frank Knutti, manager of Sta
tion WHCC, said yesterday the
radio audience will be kepi inform
ed of the election developments
both for Haywood county and the
state as a whole through spot
broadcasts of the results as they
arc received at the county audi
tor's office and on the United
(See Election Page 6)
Ballot For N. C. Bonds Election
" - ' ' - 7-7 - -,; . . r- . -
1, To vote FOR any bond issue submitted below, make a cross 3 mark
or check mark in the square to the left of the word FOR.
2. To vots AGAINST any bond issue submitted below, make a cross R
mark or check mark in the square to the left of the word AGAINST.
D FOR lh '"su1" of Two Hundred Million Dollars Stat of North
Carolina Secondary Road Bonds.
D AGAINST the Issuance of Two Hundred Million Dollars State of
North Carolina Secondary Road Bonds.
g- r
FOR ,h I8"""" f Twenty-Five Million Dollari School Plant
Construction and Repair Bonds.
AGAINST th Iuancs of Twenty-Five Million Dollars School
Plant Construction and Repair Bonds.
Speatal Election June 4, 1040.
Here is the ballot North Carolina voters will use June 4 in decid
ing on issuance of $225,000,000 in bonds for roads and schools.
If the issue carries, $200,000,000 will be used to build rural roads
and $25,000,000 to aid counties in building schools. A one-cent
increase in the state's six-cent gasoline tax will become effective if
the road bonds are approved by the voters. lAP Photo).
twood vet-:
M county '
that dog
their pets
2,100 dogs I
Igamst rab-1
Igram start-1
fcrll 18. !
Jte as many
Imber that,
inty clinics!
Chairman George A. Brown of
the Haywood County Board of
Commissioners, said today all
county offices would be closed
for business all day Saturday be
cause of the road and school bond
1949 Haywood Cancer Drive
Goes Over $2,500 Goal
State Workers
Express Support
Of Bond Issues
Ike increase
n increase i
tat to the i
W Havwnnrl rnnnh, mnml,,.. ff n,n
I l "- "' -hiiij nicuiucia ui LUC
r of doSs i Slate Highway Employees Asso-
moculation ciation unanimously adopted a reso-
KdHS an muon last Monday to get the coun-
i he adds, ty's voters to the noils in Sator-
N for 100 1 day's election on th nrnnnsori ttatn
road and school bond Issues.
Sixty-five of the county asso
ciation's 70 members attended the
meeting at the State Highway
Building in Razelwood and res
Ponded enthusiastically to the ap
peals of V. R. Rhinehart, an Asso
ciation member, for support of the
two bond Issues.
G. L. Davis, chairman of the
county association, presided.
The adoption of the resolution
followed Mr. Rhinehart's discus
sion of the advantages that would
come with the voters' approval of
the bond issues.
t had a
in about
'i warns,
"Ply been
N Herb
to his
drove the
Nj wife's
Dakota in
Clyde Chief To
Stay Till After
Tuesday Election
Shay Hcnson indicated this week
he would remain in his post as
Clyde police chief until after the
town election on Tuesday.
Last week. Chief Henson said he
would file his resignation to be
come a Portland, Ore., city police
Mrs. Joyce Haynes, town clerk,
today quoied the officer as saying
he had been asked to stay in on ice
until after the voting.
Mr. Henson has been Clyde chief
for the last 28 months. He once
served as constable for the four
townships around Clyde and as a
deputy sheriff.
He said he planned to leave
Clyde on June 15 for his new posi
tion on the West Coast.
p Run For Mayor
fens To Elect
Mermen Tuesday
Beaverdam Residents
To Meet Tonight .esidents will hold
a sp cial Community Development
Program meeting at 8 p.m. to
night at the Beaverdam School.
For the second straight year.
Haywood County citizens have ex
ceeded their quota in the annual
drive for funds for the relief of
cancer victims.
Mrs. W. M. Cobb campaign com
mander for the Haywood Cancer
Society, announced today that $2,
511.02 was contributed in the 1949
cancer drive $11.02 above the
quota set for the county, though
the quota was $500 above the goal
that had been set for last year.
Mrs. Cobb said virtually all the
county s civic clubs and Dusiness
firms, as well as hundreds of in
dividuals, had contributed to the
success of the campaign.
For their work in the April cam
paign, she singled out Blue Robin
son and Virgil Smith of the
Waynesville Junior Chamber of
Commerce, who served as cam
paign co-chairmen; and Mrs.
George Rogers of Clyde, for par
ticular credit, as well as the
Waynesville Business and Profes
sional Women's Club and the Can
ton Women's Club, which is head
ed by Mrs. Harold Hansen, president.
Mrs. Cobb explained that though
the 1049 drive was held officially
in April, funds are continuing to be
County School
Board To Discuss
Budget Monday
The Haywood County Board of
Education will meet at 10 a.m.
Monday in County Superintendent
Jack Messer's office to discuss a
budget for the next two fiscal
Mr. Messer said the budget
would not he adopted at this meet
ing. Selections of principals and
teachers for the school year will
come up at this .session for board
New Equipment
Added To Ray's
Super Market
Two departments of Kay's Super
Market have been completely mod
ernized and enlarged and the en
tire store re-painted.
In the meat department, four
large modern cases have been add-ed-a
fish and poultry case, two
service cases and a self service
A refrigerated fruil and vege
table display case has been added
in the produce department, all of
the self-service design.
The stoic has 4,500 square feet
of floor space, and according to
William S. Ray, manager, other
changes are planned for the con
venience of customers in the near
Dies At Naval
Base In Florida
Roy J. Free. 23 seaman second
class. U. S. Navy, died at the Naval
Base at Green Cove Springs, Fla.,
on Tuesday following a short ill
ness. He was the son of Samuel K. and
Cora Williams Free of the Wood
row section of Haywood County.
Surviving are the paients; four
sisters. Mary. Eslelle, and Annie
Free of the home; and Mrs. Wil
liam X. Bell of Ashcville; and three
brothers. Samuel A. Free of Can
ton, Route 3. Edward and Carlos
Free of Canton, Route 2.
Funeral arrangements, under (In
direction of Garrett Funeral Home
were incomplete this morning.
Speakers At Lake lunaluska Sunday
J ' jJ
W. M. Landess, director of the
Information and Education Sec
lion, Department of Agricultural
Relations, of the Tennessee Val
ley Authority, will be feature
speaker on the Haywood County
Day program Sunday at Lake
.lunaluska Muthodist Assembly.
The Rev. J Clay Madison, pastor
of Hickory's First Methodist
Chinch and former pastor of the
First Melhodist Church of
Waynesville, will preach the
principal sermon Sunday morn
ing al services marking the for
mal opening f the 37th season
of the Lake Junaluska Metho
dist Assembly .
First Meeting Of Season
Student Conference
To Open Saturday At
Lake Junaluska
Haywood County Day this Sun
day will mark the formal opening
of the Lake Junaluska Methodist
Assembly for the 37th season.
Pastors of all Haywood County's
Methodist churches are expected
to attend the opening union servic
es starting at 11 a. m. with Dr.
C. N. Clark, Waynesville district
superintendent, presiding. The
principal sermon will be delivered
by the Rev. Clay Madison of Hick
ory, former pastor of Waynesville s
First Methodist church.
The afternoon program will fea
ture Haywood County's Commun
ity Development Program, starting
with a picnic at L2:30 o'clock for
residents of communities through
out the county.
That night, members of I he
Methodist Youth Fellowship orga
nizations of the county's churcbs
will hold a mass meeting starting
at eight o'clock.
Actually, the Assembly's three
months season opened yesteirtiy,
and the first conference of the sum
mer get underway Saturday when
college youth groups convene (or
the first of six days of meetings
under the direction of the Metho
dist Board of Education.
Dr. Frank S. Love, Assembly
(See Haywood Page ?.)
Cosby Frady
Owns lohnston
Apple Orchards
Cosby Frady owns the .lohnston
apple orchard in Francis Cove.
The Mountaineer's Farm Edilimi
of last Monday contained the state
ment that Robert Boone was the
Bat farm -T
Father Of J. C.
Jennings Dies
J. C. Jennings was called to
Orangeburg Tuesday night on ac- !
count of the death of his father, j
Funeral services were held
Thursday at 1 1 o'clock at Orange- j
burg. I
The Belk-Hudson store of which j
Mr. Jennings is manager, was
closed Thursday from 11 until
Registration For
Summer School
Set For Monday
Registration for summer school
work from the 7th through the 12th
grades will begin Monday morning
at nine, and conclude at noon, it
was announced today by M. H.
Howies, district superintendent.
"If enough interest is shown in
summer school work, then we will
go right ahead with our plans," he
v.-.iil "Our decision of whether
there will be summer school de
pends entirely upon the registra
tion Monday morning.'' he conclud
ed. James Furniture
Moves Into Main
Street Building
i James Furniture Company are
announcing ineir opening m
new location on Main Street in
(the Sims building, across from
the Hotel Waynesville.
! O C. James, owner, announced
i (See James Furniture Page 6)
The Mountaineer
is happy to
P Vanar
L'n, in
Pfde in ik.
V cloudv
rm Fri.
Smathers. who is runnlna on
what is locally called the "Old Par
ty" ticket, has on his fpnm two
aldermen seeking re-election, Char
he Hawkins and Clayton Mahaffey.
The third candidate for alderman
on the Old Party slate is Ray
Cashion. a npunur nivrto
Candidates for the town board
n the Citizens Party, or New Par
ty ticket, which is headed by Mr.
Haynes, are Gerald Fish, Jay Mor
gan, and Cecil Spencer. Fish has
served t'ternig as alderman in
the past. . -
w- Jarvis Campbell is retiring
a mayor.
Mark Haynes. who has filed as
candidate for alderman, is report-
nnln independent.
N- C. West has announced him
"'i candidate for police court
juage, an office he has held since
'ne death of Manson Cagle last
year. , ;:. j ...
Bruce Brown, registrar fpr the
paction, said yesterday thtt the
lae School 'gymnasium has been
(See Clyde Page' )
i m
Much Favorable Comment
Received On Farm Edition
The Mountaineer's special 62
page farm edition published Mon
day has met favorable reaction both
in Haywood County and in distant
sections of the state.
Comment of a congratulatory
nature was made this week by
newspaper publishers, public offi
cials and private citizens by mail
and telephone.
Many of the statements were
directed specifically to the Hay
wood County Community Develop
ment Program whose story was
told in the Mountaineer's edition.
Several publishers in the Pied
mont section said in their messages
they planned to bring the matter
to the altention of their local
civic leaders.
Consensus generally was that
the special issue provided a valu
able, detailed account of Haywood
County farming and agricultural
Sgt. Williams
Rites Are Set
For Saturday
Garrett To Start
Furniture Auction
On Next Monday
G.inetl Furniture Company will
begin a store-wide auction sale
Monday, with (wo sales daily for a
In today's issue, Ihe store is ad
vertising that $50,000 worth of fur.
nil ure will be offered for sale at
(Sec Garrett Furniture Page 6)
Mr Fradv exDlained today that
he bought the 95-acre orchard, of
which 65 acres is planted in apple
trees, in the fall of 1947 from Ihe
II and W Corporation of Charlotte
nnd that he is the owner and opci-
Pfc. L. A. Beaver
Young People trow theSouth ImakeJJiis correction...
and Mid-wist slarien arriving 10
day for the fifth annual Student
Regional Conference which will
open Saturday ;it the Lake Juna
luska Methodist Assembly.
The six-day meeting, held under
the direction of the national Metho
dist Church Board of Education,
will be the first conference of the
three-month Assembly season,
which started yesterday.
Dr. Frank S. I.ove, Assembly
superintendent, said today that
thouah the regional conference
bears a "southeastern" label, the
! delegates will come from as far
j north as Chicago, as far west as
St. Louis, Mo., and as far south as
j New Orleans.
j He also explained that, though
'the Melhodist church directs the
annual gathering, other denomi-
nalions probably will have
(See Junaluska PaBC 6)
L,,, 1
j.v-4v( j ' ' y" F3
Graveside services for Pfc
Beaver, killed in Germany in
August, 1945, will be held in
Crawford Memorial Park Sundey
at 3 p.m.
(Story on page two)
Aliens Creek Election
Is Set For July 30lh
Mrs T. Lenoir Gwyn of Waynes
ville this week was appointed a
member of the State Library
Commission by Gov. Scott Mrs.
Gwyn who served on the Moun
taineer's editorial staff for ap
proximately 14 years, has been
a member of the Waynesville
Library Board for more than
in years and was its chairman
when it became the Haywood
County Library Board.
The Haywood board of elec
tions today announced details for
the Aliens Creek election to be
held on Saturday, July 30, on the
question of annexation with the
Town of Waynesville.
Jerry Rogers, chairman of the
board in a legal notice, is today
setting out that Derry Norman has
been named registrar, with Hooper
Green and W. M. Ferguson judges.
The books for the special regis
tration will be opened on Saturday.
July 2nd and remain open for three
Saturdays, then challenge day will
be noted on July 23rd and the elec
tion on July 30th.
The ballots will be printed with
the words. "For Extension" and
"Against Extension".
The board of elections, follow
ing the pattern of the state law,
set out the metes and bounds of
(See Aliens Creek Page 6)
-rW$r ' '
Dr. Love Says
Junaluska Assembly
Faces Promising Season
The 1040 season promises to be
the most significant of all for the
Lake Junaluska Methodist Assem
bly. This statement was made by Dr.
F. S. Love, the superintendent,
just before the Assembly opened
yesterday for the 37th year.
He added that the highlight will
be the initiation of the expansion
program, drawn up a year ago by
the Assembly Board of Trustees of
46 members, headed by Chairman
Edwin L. Jones, Charlotte con
struction company president.
The Methodist General Confer
ence, the church's highest body,
transferred its $1,000,000 worth of
holdings to the church's Southeast
ern Jurisdictional Conference. This
: conference covers 3,000,000 Meth
Funeral services for Sgt. Frank odists in nine states.
R. Wililams, Jr., who was killed j In connection with the expansion
over Leipzig. Germany, on March i program, a series of south-wide
17, 1945, will be held at the First j summer schools, youth conferences.
Baptist Church. Saturday morn-1 music institutes and other events
ing at 10:30 o'clock, with the pas- has been scheduled.
tor. Rev. L. G. Elliott, officiating.
Pallbearers will be cousins, Lew
and women from throughout th';
South and some of the middle west
ern states.
This season's visitors will be
greeted by a "new look." In pie
(See Dr. Love Page 6)
is McCracken, Carl McCracken, Joe
(See Sgt. Williams Page 6)
The season's first conference
will open Saturday the six-day
student regional conference which
'is expected to attract young men
Record For
(To Date)
In Haywood
Killed...: 1
Injured . . 17
(This Information com
piled from Records of
State Highway Patrol).

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