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64th YEAR NO- 47 12 PAGES Associated Press and United Press News WAYNESVILLE. N. C, MONDAY AFTERNOON, JUNE 13, 1949 $3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
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Haywood To Have
40 Apple Crop
Funeral Wed.
Services To Be
Held Wednesday
For Pvt. Gibson
The body of Pvt. Jack Davis Gib
son, son of Mr. and Mrs. George
Gibson of Waynesville is expected
to arrive in Waynesville Tuesday
and will be taken to the home on
Water Street Tuesday afternoon.
Private Gibson was inducted in
the army at Fort Bragg on Septem
ber 8, 1943 and received training
at Camp Blanding, Florida, and
Newport News, Virginia, before
being sent overseas. While serving
with Company C, 214th Regiment,
Infantry, he was killed in action
in Italy on July- 8, 1944.
Privatp fJihsnn finished school
I jf Vili I
i !
the top ofjin Waynesville before entering the
service and was employed at the
Newport News Shipyard.
! Funeral services will be hcld
Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock
! at the Hazelwood Church of God
ith iho b Rin n,. aH i?
k City siib- j Mr Cox officiating. Interment will
be in the Crawford Memorial Park.
Complete military rites at the
grave will be conducted by mem
bers of the American Legion, the
Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the
Heavy Tank Company, 120th In
fantry, North Carolina National
with the Rev. Russell
Young, chaplain of the Amer-
! i'jr 1 fir,..., 1 1iM
10 read the of the Legion and v K w Auxil.
iaries will be in charge of flowers.
Surviving in addition to the par
ly includes I s are slx br",ners. Henry Gib
son oi Miami, William Gibson ot
Salem. N. J., and Lewis, Vinson,
Ray, and Hubert Gibson, all of
Waynesville; and one sister, Mrs.
Guy Grasty of Waynesville.
Crawford Funeral Home is in
Jonathan Woody, president-elect
I of the Waynesville Rotary Club.
SUr- I left Slinrlav frr Mra Vnrli r'ilv tn
last week attend the annual International
of asphalt. I Rotary Convention
?n 150 See Clyde
F Get Charter
Whitener presented the charter to
Club President Grover C. Haynes.
who received it for the 31 mem
bers. In a brief speech, Mr. Haynes.
the Clyde postmaster, also formal
ly accepted the presidency of the
club as the officers were installed.
w L. Rickard, Canton High
School speaker, in the principal
address, discussed the work of the
international service organization
and Us accomplishments. He was
introduced by Floyd Robinson,
President of the Canton Lions.
Paul Davis, president of the
Waynesville Lions Club, presented
Mr. Haynes the traditional gavel
and bell in behalf of the Canton
and Waynesville clubs.
Others who spoke during the
Vgram, which also featured the
'nstallation of the club officers,
ere International Counsellor Jen
nings Bryson of thw Sylva Club,
and International Counsellor Wes
ley Brown, secretary of the Ashe
ville Club.
Singing featured the entertain
ment side of the program, with
Se Clyde Lions Pfe 3)
Estimates Made Here
By Orchardmen; Some
Orchards Will Have
15r" Normal Cron
Haywood's apple crop -.viU be
about 40 per cent of normal, accord-
ing to estimates of leading orchard-
men of the county tlrs week.
Varying estimates of th crop
were made right after the heavy
freeze at Kaster, hut experienced
orchardmen always point out that
the "June drop" must be taken in
to consideration before placing an
estimate on any crop.
The average orchard will have
from :t," to 40 per cent of the aver
age crop, while Boiling Mall said
his orchard would have a 75 per
cent drop, due to I lie late varieties
in his orchard.
The estimates were made by
orchardmen at the Rotary Club
here Friday, as they were (he
guests of members of the club and
heard Fred Burroughs, assistant
secretary of the International Ap-
I pie Association.
The estimates of the Haywood
growers were as follows:
W. Hugh Massie 40';
j Holling Hall 75'v
j Zack Massey rOr'f
I II. N. Harbor, Jr. 3,'5-40l"f,
l Ira Cogburn
Wayne C'orpening
Dp ' R f, stretcher 40' J
I , ,)r stretcher's orchard i.s at
Black Mountain i
Mr. Burroughs pointed out that
there are 14.000 different varieties
of apples grown, although 16 com
mercial types account for (10 per
cent of the total on the' market.
"Apple growing is a science, and
is becoming more complex every
day," he pointed out, as he discuss
ed various diseases with which
orchardmen are flow confronted.
"Growing apples has become so
j scientific, that production is away
clown, while the population and
! consumption is increasing," he
j said. This statement pimpled Mr.
lon an a"Plt' ,char(1 ls as sound
an investment as any agricultural
America is now exporting about
2 million bushels of apples a year,
Mr. Burroughs said.
Man Burned At
Work Reported
In Good Condition
Mountaineer Correspondent
Dave Wiggins, of Aliens Creek.
4R-ycar-old leather company work
er who was burned June 5 in an
accident at the plant, was reported
in good condition today at Hay
wood County Hospital.
Mr. Wiggins was injured when a
tank of tanning material boiled
over, spilling some of the liquid on
He is employed a t the A. C.
Lawrence Leather Company of
Masons Of County
To Meet June 22
Plans are being completed for a
large number of Masons to attend
the banquet of the 41st district at
the Hazelwood school on June 22.
S. E. Connatser, deputy grand
master, is in charge of the program,
and plans are to bring in an out
standing speaker for the occasion.
The meeting will start at 7:30.
The district is composed of lodg
es at Waynesville, Canton,
and Bethel.
11, ' v
Baptists Plan
This is the architect's drawing of Hie existing Haptist buildings, and the proposed auditorium on the
right, with the 103-foot spire. The new auditorium will he connected with the Welch Memorial Sunday
School building by a covered walk-way in trout of belli buildings. The Sunday School building was
erected about 14 years ago. The new auditorium will be on the vacant lot on Main Street between the
Sunday School Building and the Dunham House, and will seat (123 people. Work is being pushed to
have the specifications completed mi bids can be received for t he construction by July first. It is estim
ated the cost of the huilding furnished will he in excess of $100,000.
Basement Days
End - Church Has
Own Building Now
Since August 1948, the basement
of Norman Grant's home on Hyatt
Creek near Hazelwood has been
the Green Valley Baptist Church.
This Sunday, however, services
for the congregation of over 50
members will be held in a new
place. I
The first sermon in the new na-!
tive stone Green Valley Baptist j
Church will be preached from the
new pulpit shortly after 1 1 o'clock ;
that morning.
An hour before, children will
attend the first Sunday School
classes, which occupy six rooms in
the new building.
The pastor's duties for the
Green Valley congregation have
been shared, since the church was
organized, by the Rev. M. L.
Lewis, pastor of the Hazelwood :
Baptist Church, and his assistant,!
the Rev. Jarvis Brock.
There is work still to be done j
before the new building is com
pleted, but it has progressed to
the point where services can be
held regularly.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Galusha have
returned from a buying trip in
Atlanta, where they bought nier-j
chandise for The Book Store. I
VriC Tourist Facility
Operators To Meet
In Waynesville June 23
Western North Carolina Associ
ated Communities has called a
meeting of all Western North Car
olina tourist court, restaurant and
hotel operators and Chamber of
Commerce officials to be held at
11 a. m. June 23 in Waynesville
to organize a new group.
A letter sent by WNCAG Sec
retary C. M. Douglas of Brevard
last Thursday said the meeting was
Clyde I set "believing that the tourist dus
iness in Western North Carolina
These Men Were Elected
New Auditorium On
Parade, Flag Pageant
To Feature Observance
Of Flag Day Tomorrow
Every Place In
Town-Is Getting
House Numbers
If you hear something tapping
on your front porch some morn
ing, chances arc that it will not
be a woodpecker.
Two youiic men are going
about town, with nails, hammer
and brand new aluminum num
erals for re-n umbering every
business and residential building
in Waynesville.
The project was started several
nionths ago, and the maps drawn, Pn.v. Boy bcouts, and tne Waynes
each place numbered, but the villc Township High School band
materials have just arrived. j will start the parade from the
All the numerals are of rust- Temple, marching down Main
proof aluminum, and are being
put up without charge by the
Cyril Minett and Robert Par
sons are doing the work. It is
estimated it will take a week or
so to get around.
can be materially aided through
concentrated efforts of the owners
and operators of hotels, tourist
courts, and restaurants operating
in our section."
Mr. Douglas emphasized that
"this tourist facility group will nof
be run by, nor dominated by" the
The letter explained that this
organization is "acting as a medi
um to endeavor to get the tourist
facility operators together
Last Week As Officials For The Town Of
P V4 J n 1 ;
1 r
Main Street
Flag Day will be observed in
Waynesville tomorrow with a big
evening parade, followed by the
Elks traditional Flag Pageant.
I In an official proclamation
i issued today, Mayor J. H. War.
Jr., urred all Waynesville peo-
pie to display the nation's flag
tomorrow outside their homes,
i Mayor Way will take part in the
At 7 p. m., members of Elks
Lodge 179fi, headed by Exalted
Ruler Jonathan Woody, will meet
at the old Masonic Temple.
A half hour later, members of
the American Legion, Veterans of
Foreign Wars, the Waynesville
National Guard heavy tank com-
' Street to the Haywood County
Court House.
j On the Court House steps, the
colorful Flag Pageant, honoring
, each of the flags that have figured
j in the growth of the United States,
will be held with Dr. HXigh Daniel
; explaining the significance of each.
Delivering the "behind the
scenes" commentary will be Frank
Knutti, chairman of the observance
i arrangements for the Elks and
I manager of Station WHCC, which
i.s scheduled to broadcast the serv
ices. Between the time the parade
ends and the time the ceremonies
begin at 8 p. m., the school band,
directed by Charles Isley, will play
a selection of patriotic hymns and
Arrangements Co-chairman Joe
Casabella of the Elks Lodge esti
(See Flag Day Page 3)
Flag Day
The Merchants Association
has requested all Waynesville
merchants to display flags to
morrow in observance of Flag
4 Haywood Towns
To Get $12,164.00
For Street Funds
Haywood's four incorporated
towns will get $12,164 for main
tenance of highways in the towns
from the State Highway Commis
sion for the next fiscal year, it was
announced in Raleigh this week.
The General Assembly increased
the amount the towns and cities
of the state would get for the next
fiscal year The former amount
was a million dollars and under
the new set-up the amount will be
two and a half millions.
The General statues require that
the municipal fund shall be ex
pended first on streets inside cities
and towns which form a part of
the state highway system, and sec
ondly on "streets which form im
portant connecting links" to the
state highway system, or the coun
ty highway system, or farm to mar
ket roads. II any funds are left
at the end of the year the balance
shall accrue to the credit of each
city and town for the ensuing fiscal
The highway mileage, and the
amount each of Haywood's four
towns will receive are as follows:
Canton (2.47 miles i $ 5,105
Clyde I 1.04 miles i 1.145
Hazelwood i .25 inilcsi 1.142
Waynesville 13.71 miles) 4.772
Total $12,164
Farm Agents Will
Attend State
College Meeting
Haywood County's farm and
home " demonstration agents are
attending the week-long North Car
olina State College Extension
workers conference on the State
College campus this week.
The series of conferences opened
today and will continue through
The Hay wood County represen
tatives include County Agent
Wayne C'orpening. Assistant Coun
ty Agents Joe Cline, Wayne Frank
lin, and Herb Singletary: Miss
Mary t'oinwall, who will become
county home demonstration offi
cially on July 1: and Assistant
Home Demonstration Agent Miss
Elise DeLozier.
Lusk Services
Held Sunday
Near Canton
The body of Pvt. Marion Lusk,
who was killed in action in North
Africa Augusl 2, 1943. arrived Sat
urday at Hie Wells Funeral Home
in Canton.
Funeral services were held Sun
day at 3 p in at the graveside at
the VFW plot in Bon-A-Venture
Cemetery by members of the VFW
Members of the VFW auxiliary
were flower bearers.
Private Lusk was a son of the
late Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lusk
of Canton and entered the service
May 1, 1940.
Surviving are six sisters, Mrs.
Lola Putnam of Haywood County,
Mrs. Ora Lee Surrett of Asheville,
Mrs. Euphia Bryant and Mrs. W.
G. Robertson of Leicester, Mrs. Eva
Lanning of Waynesville, and Miss
Helen Lusk of Asheville; two
brothers, John of Leicester and
Reeves of Waynesville.
PoIti-f Judge
On State Board
Named To
State REA
Former State Representative
Glenn Palmer of Clyde was ap
pointed Friday as a member of
the State Rural Electrification Au
thority for a four-year term by
Governor Kerr Scott.
Mr. Palmer, who served the
first of his four terms as Haywood
representative in the 1037 Gen
eral Assembly, succeeds W. M.
Sherard of Hendersonville,
Governor Scott re-appoiutd
Gwyn B. Price as state REA chair
man to a new term wnicn will ex
pire in. four years. He also ap
pointed Mrs. Hubert Boney f
Teacheys as a member of the au
thority to succeed Dr. Jane S. Mc
Kimmon of Raleigh. i
$4,900 Advance
In Polio Funds
Sent To Canton
An advance of $4,900 from l'e
National Foundation for Infantile
Paralysis was received Frid.jy
morning to help care for Canton
victims of last summer's polio epi
demic. Canton Area Chairman Beekman
Huger of the Champion Paper snri
Fibre Committee, who announced
the receipt of the check, explained
local funds for the work had been
The advance came from t'v
$20,000 raised by Haywood ("ountv
people in last January's March of
Dimes campaign. This total v..
$7,000 above the 194U quota for
the county.
Half the contributions were sent
to the National Foundation
The Waynesville area, not a.
hard hit by the epidemic a; Can
ton, has a balance of $2,000. Area
Chairman David Hyatt reported
Mrs. C. J. Reece is spending 1'"
week in Charlotte where shp v !!
attend the Southeastern Readv-To-Wear
Claude H. Hosatlook. Jr . " ho
a member of the senior rla at i' i
University of North Carolina
returned to Chapel Hill f'!'
spending several days with 1'!
parents .Mr. and Mrs. C B Itn.a
flook. Highway
Record For
(To Date)
In Haywood
Killed .... 1
Injured .... 17
(This Information com
piled from Records of
SUU Highway Patrol).

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