PAGE THREE ii 27, 1949 THE WAYNES VILLE MOUNTAINEER id IS ID TrrrnciS Cove Progress Noted At Meeting MHS. WM. HOLLINGSWORTH Mountaineer -"'"i Kruits and vegetables, and rec- , ...nionte took the SDOt- iva loiiai r""j , K.ulav night at the Francis .",., community Development ! i'U"' ., Il.f r i Ik Cove - -- ' p. i.. '" . , l...,.,-ain meeting at s . i,i. i'"u 1 ' ' ...,,., 1 " ... IllllUi. of"-"' u,i,k Christopher family watches gray take oath Fire Inspectors Will wT onecK Area tany juiy Receives Honor fraiiK Llirisiopnei , m vegetables, ana assis- L . rrPJ''1 ., Aasni Cathev showed lw1)iiic" movie illustrating " "o""....s , ii i tie trozen produce. R H,(t" u,,,,eation Committee Chairman w,r", hi, iU.llingHorth told the large ""' ' ' HHi.Hue of the progress that nas j in thp development of l"jnr ;;;:':j,.anunitys recreational facil , ...i., ..ill he rlnnp in the i u,f unu mu' ., '"h'uIso announced that an ice ' ,,.,, .upper will be held Satur- s at t he church to help increase ,. tuiuls in the community treas . ,. ill hp a feature ot V MIlgii'B - ; jl ail '" buii.'""" , ute l.ll I ll ill event. .hnrman Robert Boone offered LiJ 'i" at the opening of the .1 r1 jlh, ,,,-vt meeting. LM1 ;I" llliill- , i,m,.nts were served by mini.. - illin ;Ulv Cilbert lnman, chairman ol committee: Jackie ul lilt' it'll c........"- : Ml. MK'racken. Mrs. Bonnie Shurf.eld, ,.h and M'-"- A1,w? uoo"c- ,. IIU. next regular meeting will tllllicll. 8., 1: jSicaait.siM.aA MMillhi'iiliim'll ill HI IT " - 1 ' - -' iKil.ti. Mi 111 111 till 1"' Jibe P;i2. 2) hail liim in,' l!i-h srw" ,i il..i iljli ii lillT 111. i' ! 1 Finchers Chapel : a Uihlc School Ends . Hv MUS. MUXARD FERGUSON Mountaineer Correspondent The Kinchers Methodist Chapel 'vacation Bible school closed Sun tlav alter a successful week. The classes, wtiicn openeu juih 19 had an average attendance of 44 pupils. Revival Services 1 " Enter Second Week lirll. ''"' Bv MRS. MILLARD FERGUSON Muimtaineer Correspondent Kevival services at the Finchers Chapel Methodist church entered iheir second week today, with the Hcv. W. O. Henderson of Buffalo, S V.. in charge. The series, which started June III, will continue through Sunday. if I .ii ami ml lin nil' n III J hll t" bU atd tee .ICS I KEIKIUBIiHIVlia t5ff Mil ft ""u 'Sipt tl $229.95 k with ttw SMndw...Eiq tMBt II tmnt Angle! I"1' The wonderful ys with the mar. M that gives y0 t "front row" .i W tin handsome, reirigiTatorH tout f'uty, new ronven ' "Hiomy to your "ur Credit Is Good With Us FURNITURE CO. CLYDE, N. C. Approximately 20 members of the North Carolina Fire Preven tion Association on July 6 and 7 will inspect mercantile and other public buildings in Waynesville, Lake Junaluska, Clyde, Canton and olher communities for fire hazards. The inspection, a service ren dered by special agents of stoek insurance companies, will be held in conjunction with the quarterly ineeling of the Stock Fire Insur ance Field Club ol North L aro- hna. The announcement was con- NEW SECRETARY OF THE ARMY Gordon Gray (left), Winaton-Salem, N. C, is swoin iiilu office m Wolungtun by Secietaiy ol Defense Louis Johnsuti as n.einbtii ol Ins Unnly v, jkh Uie ceienivjuy. In baviground (1. to r.) are: ALce Guy, the new stv;i'tti y's aunt; his stepfather and mother, Mr. and Mi B. F. Bci iiard, and Mis. Gordon Gray. In front ol them are hii youngsters, Buy den, ti, and Burton, 8. (lntr7Mitioii; Panther Creek Farm Tour Set For Saturday tair.ed in a U'tei' from Club Pres ident W. E Kuslun ot Charlotte to Paul Davis, Waynesville insur ance man. The inspectors, working in pairs. will examine theaters, hotels, res taurant stores, hospitals, schools, 'and oilier public buildings--except chiiii lies ami make i econimenda tioi for the elimination of any tire hazards lhe find, Mr. Hushin explained. His letter added: ' We will make a brief examination ol each town's I lire defenses " 14 WTHS Band Members Attending Music Camp Pvt. Massie Ends Signal Course Private Charles E. Massie, son of Mrs Lorena R. Massie of Clyde unite 1. graduated last ween iruiu teletype mechanics course at the rmy Signal School at tort iviou- nioiith, N. J. he soldier, a graduate of Crab- tree-Iron Duff High School, speni six months in the study of repair- on and maintenance of teleiyp machines. Before enlisting four years ago. he worked for the Firestone !teei Company of Wyandotte, Mich. BV M on lit :i i eel I, MESSI It I 'on t" ptiiuSenl An all-day column nit lanu tour will be held S;.lurda m the I'anlh I I' Cl'eek to note lhc pio'.'.lc lli.ule in the Coinninnil l)eveli)inenl Program. This will be the first of a series which will be held own three months to check improvements which have been made under the Program. Transportation will be furnished to all who want to make the Irip. The tour will start from Weaver Palmer's farm at 8:40 A.M. with the vehicles in the motorcade slop ping to pick up residents of the community who want lo take pari in the program. The first stop will be at Glenn Finchers Farm at il a. in. Dinner will be served at 11!. HO p. in. at Noble Arlington's f irm I members of the community re freshments committee. The afternoon program will fea ture speeches by some of ll.i wood's leading citizens, including J. H. Woody of Waynesville. Coun ty Community Development Pro gram Chairman H. V Francis ol RatclifTe Cove. Frank Davis of Iron Duff, chairman of the Comity Daiiv Commission, and Assistant Coiintv Agent Turner Calhey. There will also be a ha.eball game and oilier recreational acli-vilies. A limited Mipply of N. ( and Dixie 17 hvhrid com st available in mo-1 seed slou the State. Signs Ready To Go Up In Aliens Creek By MILS. BLANCHE I KANK1.IN Mountaineer Correspondent Approximately 50 Aliens Creek residents heard committee mem bers announce that the communilv signs have been made and will be creeled this week. The announcement was made at the Community Development Pro gram meeting at the Aliens Creek School, over which Chairman C. L. Allen presided. Kufus Siler's suggestion that a committee he appointed to visit the sick in the community was adopted unanimously. Plans also were made for com munity spokesmen lo appear on I lie Station W11CC program Wednesday night when the story of Aliens Creek's wink in the Community Development Program will be told. Mrs Hiram MeCraeken was sel ected lo tell the radio audience of the community's improvements in home beaut if icat ion. lied Parmer will discuss church improvement. Elmer llendrix will talk about progress in improving t lie school and grounds. Lowe Allen will speak on past ures. DaiiAing. and alfalfa: Ernes! Meilford, on the campaign to have I he road ' ii'.ns creeled and mail Fourteen members of Wa.Mies- ville Township High School s band lett here last Thursday to attend the Transylvania Music Camp near Hi ward. Through the first week of Aug-u-1, the young musicians will slud under leading artists of the na tion's largest symphony orchestras and music conservatories, Band Director Charles lsley explained today. When they are not taking these advanced lessons, they will pla wilh the camp band, wluii gives loneeils every week. Highlight of the season will be I he performance of a piano concert hv internationally-renowned Eu gene List, lie will be accompanied hv I he student musicians. Alluding the camp are Elizabeth Wat kins. Lane Prevosl. Kalherme ll.vatt. Joyce Carter. Betty Nolaiul. Aileen Williams, Robert Massie. Carol I'nderwood, Mark Rogers, Stanford Massie, Kennel h I'niler vvood. J. D. Stanley and Hubert Stretcher. Radio Program To Feature Thickety Community Chairman K O. Carsvvell and other leaders of Thickety will appear tomorrow night on a radio program at Sta tion WHCC to report the progress made since their Community De velopment Program was launeehd. The 1 .r)-niinnte program, sched uled to start at 7. HO p. in., will be I lie latest in a series ol weekly broadcasts Hie station is conduct ing lo tell the sloi v ol the eonnty vv ide program James C. Goodln is one of 200 ...n.iii selfcted from 4,000 Vival DieDiuatory cadets for liuiher Naval Officers training. Young Goodiu rated l!0lh in the examination at the Naval Preparatory College at Bain bridge. Maryland where he has been studying since January He was given an opportunity lo at tend the college of his choice for lour vears and has selected the University of North Carolina, lie wi.i study for a I! S Degree in Naval Science and Tallies. Mr. Goodin is 1!) vears old and was graduated from the Wavnes ville High School with the class ot 1047. He is I be son of Mrs. P II Gentry of Wa lit- v die. ' - r -wwj 3 Don't Neglect ThemJ Nlur dmigBKl the kidaeyt to U flowing blood tream fn of toxit- impurltlw. The of I Tin W UtrHim con.wntly producing wmW nmttor the kidny mint mbovo from Jh, blood if good hUh U to ndu. Whenlhe ".dny fail to fuactloo Nature inwnded, thoro ia M"1,.1": waate that may rauaa hody-wlda h One may .offer Wm,b? pr.i.t.t headache, attack, ol diaai. lotting up night., .welling, pufBneM milw the eye.- feel tired, wrvou., a.1 "Tequent. .canty or burning Parage. ,r. aomeilnwe further .vldenc. of kid ney or bladder disturbance. fhe rM.gmaed and proper treatment ,. .Tureiic medicine to i' net rid of ece. poio..-'aa boay f To,' ,'. fill. They have than forty year, of public approv al. Ar. ,nd..r.e.l the country over. In.nt on lloon t. Sold at all drug .tore.. ll i'. I I AS YOUR encctx boxes lalle beef c.'illle I on loinisls Mr Silei All, ii di :',iiiiiiiiiini v The neM eil: Grady Farmer, and llarrv llemhi ess r, I'red Farmer, and Kay u : eel the work on Hie it'll-, al I he ineel nig. ion will he held al 7. HO P M. July 7 at the si bool. fr i I I dels on lichiiv Hi'Clil'.l llG. Mas:. il'Pl Whi'ii l Ei in -1 iOIIoii hi'i contiol ol ins hie, nailer liuek, it went off the road, iiiovm d down 40 leet of fence, pluieed over an embankment and Mimei ,:iulled 100 feet downhill. Sul urn was Heated for a shouldei bl ur e. Dayton Firemen, Safety Course Graduates Feted Twenty-three department heads and supervisory foremen of Dav -ton Rubber Company's llaelwood plant received industrial safety cer tificates Friday night at a dinner meeting al the Mount Valley Inn. At the same time, the dinner honored the 10 members of the llaelwood plant's fire brigade. McKenzie. Western Carolina safely supervisor for the State In dustrial Commission, presented the certificates, which denoted the re cipients had completed the one- week course held lasl mouth on industrial safely. Jackets were presented lo the company (Icemen by Hoy Marl. national safely director from the company's Dayton, Ohio, head quarters. Ned Tucker, head of the per sonnel department "f the Ha.el wood plant, presided over the meeting. Bandit Considerate CHICAGO (UPi A bandit enter ed Mrs. Ethel Becker s dry (lean ing shop. He wailed ohllgniHlv while she put her 1 .ri-iuonl h-old baby to bed. Then he announced. "This is a slickupl" and fled Willi $05 from the cash register. flfi OOOOOOOOf) o 9 3 9 c c c c A ( hick, thick here, a chick, chick there, a thick, chick almost everywhere. . . ." feeding on SECURITY CHICK FEED from WAYNESVILLE FEED & SEED CO. Balsam Road at Aliens Creek Phone 493-J ooooooooooo THE OPENING Of The Personality Beauty Shop NEW LOCATION MILLER STREET ""It There'll he a change in the weather ami a change in the scene. . . ." Starting June 28 we'll be welcoming you to our new Beauty Shop on Miller Street. But one thing, you can be sure, remains un changed . . . our courteous service and expert professional attention to your beauty problems. We are looking forward to the pleasure of serv ing you on your first visit to our Beauty Shop. Why not make an appointment NOW? Phone 306 All Permanent Waves Guaranteed $g00 and up O P E It Evelyn Heinz and A T O R S Delores Holly field Hudson Brings You What Wefromised You-Yes, They Are Here 0nndliTiiwlo(8 V IV II U II II I I V. 1 1 1 J 1J r L xif 11 J n mm y i i 1 1

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