PAGE FIVE 2T, 199 XB2 WAYNES VDLLE M0UKTAXXEE2 Jun the Li nil" i ..i..n k 10 : 1 i-9?t a. flrtiinu . P.; he city " r onrt he's Planning to re ;n6del the old building near it into ham a ' 11.. nnmnlntpn n . ! iio a so receiuu t...K'-- - UP a 1 ell at his house at a cost of fbSU. ;orta"i!fd, where in the community, the official! kpion fnr 1949. l cows are now givi.g him average 315 pounds of milk a f leSs than two months after ' received his first check for r.ade A production. G'Tese results came from the ,il,t stanchion model barn he e .. ith his own hands in less ., months. ou'" , t un i"" tn V"' . -f t'rlilaV. ne luuwreu commu'1' . new spur road to the milk- tw " i ,n . u nu n in" IIS Carolina Judge I "ORE .A.BOlT " , i.-K, where in uie - i,lf residents have finished the Paper .rc-siilem" e cnurchi re JIHnt M'T ,mnc to.'"' clean knan .chairman Li an f1"- tthe county H producers allt'i- ' kission sis " i hams lor new i 1 1. nhtirun ii ii ii i mi king ll 81 " c l'"KI fi ... i...,oi nnH nlant Brass ,,1-ins arc i" - " " n-"1"1...' .rv,i,.i,ptv Cemetery, oldest : ,he communuy, s utr...B -- with tunas uunaicu uj ton rlpan and iiiens. wno v" " ---- L... ii in June and September "f ;...u..p1I renorts that so far, ,,, farmers have sowed a total of ', acre" of their land In ladino and ,,'rrhard grass for improved pas- lUT i). McCrary bought a new f l" u'll in 4iM :.;,'.r; jjt' "oSg ..l.t' ' JrfV x ii . 1.. 1 ' c. il 'i. illumed from page one) n- and crafts, and any other 'i i'. piui'1es aimiSement ii I or both young and ( imp, discussing the need 1 1 mi"- i lipted out that C'etil 1m i,i Wajne-ville and Cn- i.rti din,. U little the resi- -ii (In mi Sunday for ainu.e- 1 1 i i him li hours, i v m Iim Hlteiided the meet :i . il ,i ti'!iii(.ii drawn by the i.nii'. road"; committee call- r tin. a-pbiill paving of the 12 nt ru.icl 1'iili'i'ing the ciimmun- 1'rliiinii which now bears ,!iu,ilcl 1(1(1 iiiimcs, will he wuh tin- Haywood board of ii iiiiii i-. ;il its meeting July l!i l lit- di:,liict highway engin- yS ABATTOIR . ..j ,A M:iin Street hur Sprmus - HAZELWOOU Wholesale Meats tuslom Killing PHONK 387-U ouncemeni Management of The hers Federation an- :esthat the local store main open six days a in the future in order nembcrs and locker lis may receive full omplete service. brs Federation Innnprahvp " Waynesville Phone 344 Miss Susii' Shain 'mIhim '. law yer of Hciilsvilli'. ua. named North Carolina's lirsl wonian Su perior Court jmli;t TucmI.ix . She takes ollicc July I. She ap pointed by Co . Ki ir Si oil who has made somewhat ol a naair for himself as a pi crcdrrl hi i ak er .since he look oil ice llu year Judge Sharp. 40. a :;raduale of the University ol North Carolina, has been pracl u ini; law wuh her father in Iteiilsv ille. Asparagus arc particularly deli rious when served willi finely crushed cracker crumb, have been lightly browned in Imiiei m margarine. (lanil li with Hun .lice- of hard-cooked ckii. truck and is buildinj; a apartment and i new I mil Mr. and Mrs M. Mr. and Mrs. Lewi Mrs. Gladys liu.i ell'. new homes. Roy Robin.on recrnlly limit a new mill house and poultry Imn r Many others h-ive iinprow d their homes and grounds. Among them are Mr. and Grady TranMiam. Mr. and Troy rord. Mrs. W M llam and Mrs. N .1 Tranlt'ani. Mi Mrs. Joe Trull. Mr. and George liller. Mr and Mr; bed T. Car. well Clark, and arc 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i i ' Mi -Mr-. Mr and Mi T .1 Fletcher, Mi and Mr- ll'-waid Dot?on. and Mr. and Mrs llarley Wright. These are soiiio of Hie improve ments that hav been elleclcil in Thickety since Apiil. The siguifleanl pioint is the ef fort continues. SLEEP TONIGHT! endless ti-isMin nH .,, '"'T, TABLETS run win hr'H ruin, i''"1"! ml tin nervals ICT...-.n n' i lo NORM AI IN 1 A Ml Fl'.".in" h formm8 . . si" " ,'k' J' d"er,'",1 Medirallv rtpntovt-H wM r - ' Mtisfarticm "r iivwv ff,;".l-a Nil I scnipnoN i-Jn nm 1 i,v ,th.. to inurr Roittrnj i-;im NuKMAI.IN TABLETS 00 salt todai t . . . SMITH'S Itltl (I STORK line later pointed out that the only laige township in 1 In 1 n 1 1 1 1 1 I hal dues not have a iimle I 11 il ol paved road. '1 he campaign aims at the paving el the thoroughfare from Rethel thniii'.'.h the township, including the In. inches below Lake Logan Ham to Spruce and from the Little Kast I'ork to the Boy Scout camp. Oilier major community projects, he cunt iniicd. are to improve the school and the school grounds, and to increase telephone facilities. l present, only H or It) homes in Hie community have telephones. We need -5 or 30 more.'' he In other business, the residents set I he community Independence 1 1,0 picnic for 2 p. 111. July 3 at 11. ech Cap on Hie lllue ltidge I'ark- w ay In ehair.e of arrangements are Mr. H un lingers, chairman of the i i lie 1 1 1 1 u nts committee, and Mrs Thorn. 1. I'rwin. program committee 1 li.ui 111,111 Transportation will be furnished lol the event . Chairmen or .spokesmen for each ol the community committees re ported encouraging progress in 'everv phase of activity under the pi ic'i ,011. and thai interest continu ed high l)r Chile '-imported this testi mony bv pointing out that an aver a.;i' ol 1 1() peisons have attended llir regular meetings since Hie com iminH.N w a - 01 ganied. I he t.ii! t set ption was the 1 hui .'lay night meeting attendance w.t. kept below ;;vcrage because of Ihe I loud damage to Last I' ork hi idge No one on the other side ol this river could get to Ihe school 101 the session. Harry lingers opened the meet ing Willi a devotional service, in cluding a prayer. Scripture reading, and the singing of hymns The ic. nlcnls voted to hold their regular 1 tings at 7::i(l V. M. eu iy lourlh Thursday hereafter. Tommy Prevost Celebrates 7th Birthday Tommy Prevost celebrated !! seventh birthday with nartv si'fii at the home of his parent. Mi ' and Mrs. Bill Prevost. Sunday afti 1 noon. Games and swimming featmed the entertainment ami refrr h ments were servtd on the lawe The guests were presented how and arrow sets as favors Those invited were Frank l ive, Jr. Mark Feichter. Paul Pavn,. 1 Jr. Preston Crews. Jack 1'ievut. Lelfoy Koberson and Susan Pre vost . Haywood Library Will Close On 4th The Haywood County Library w ill be closed Monday, July -4. at -cording to an announcement by Miss Margaret Johnston librarian The holiday will also be observ ed as to the Bookmobile service and the regular visits to lloav or dain will not he made that day The next scheduled stop at Ilea verdam will be Monday, July 2a. MORE ABOUT Canton Man (Continued from Page I) three years. Funeral services were held thi. afternoon at 4 p. in in Long's Methodist church in llcnson Cow The Hev. C. A. Allen, pastor. Ihe Kcv Thomas F.rwin anil the lit e Will Pies officiated. w.i m hon-A-Venture coined ty wuh Can Ion Post TiPJH, VFW, 111 charge el military rites. The VFW auxiliary was in charge of flowers Surviving are the widow. Mr Hetty Matthews Wells; two daugh tors, Diane and liita Ann. Ihe par cuts. Mr. and Mrs. Hut tin .1 Well ot the Canton address, three In oili er;.. Hilly. Teddy and Neddv ol Ihe home, and one sister, Mrs Neil Veto of Canton. Crawford Funeral Home was in charge. MORE ABOUT Welfare (Continued from Page P are enU half a doen counties'" lhal aie adequately staffed in wel !ai e w in k. !,li" alvr-ed the board members that only on the liasir, of their know kdtje of their own needs would thry be able to request ad ditional ktaH woiieis. in Winston eLo explained that' on. hi Ihe stnte merit sv.,tem for! -'a'e employee, the regulations tl In.v tor flesibilitv in salary com pcii ai ion ., and that it is up to the county ncltare hoard members to that I loir workers get salary ii iieces where they are merited. She also stre-sed Ihe importance "I timber training for county wel woi kt is and suggested to the oiluials that they not only see that Hieir -tall of workers go to these Ii. lining schools, but encourage Hit in to go there Tins pci iodic additional training, lie - aid would make tor improve ment ol the quality of staff workers, and additional lunds have been pro, nled tor these special schools. She touched also on every other I'll, i so ol welfare work, from sound p., ut lies ill holding board mect ui ;:. and gi tting attractive offices wuh adequate space to the sull ied ol county homes and licensed boat ding homes. U F.ugetie Hrown. state director ol public assistant-, and Mrs. W. B. Vwork. dueclor of personnel for Ihe --late department, addressed the mi el mi: in Ihe afternoon. I luring t be luncheon recess Mrs. Sam tiieeu. Haywood .oiinly wel- l.ue superintendent, was hostess in Ihe late and county officials and field i eprescnl, itncs at her Queen's 1 1. in i I I ,u in near Waynesville. Ihe counties represented at the all day nutting included, in addi 1 linn to Haywood. Cherokee, Macon, MiDowell. Giahain. Swain, Jack on. Madison, Clay, Transylvania. Ih nil. i .on. Itiilherlortl. Polk, Yan cey. Buncombe and Mitchell. John Nesbitt in chaise assisted by Mrs R. Slier, processed 16,299 cans. Meanwhile. Mrs. Silr reported a new cannery is being built at F ines Creek. The new machines lor making apple sauce and lomaio juit e pro. ed a blessing, particularly in the case of the apple sauce. a il elimi nated the old. long, tedinu- prote s of straining at home The machine-.; permit the canner to process an en tire bushel of apples m a tew nun utes. Mrs. Siler also announced that Mrs J. C. Pennuel. specialist of Ihe 11. S. Department of Agriculture. will be in Haywood Countv July 7 to give a demonstration at the Way nesville cannery at !! A.M. All who expect to u:e the can nery this year will find Ihe work shop to be held on thai day valu able. Mrs. Siler urged anyone who will have food ready for canning on the day of the demonstration to notify her. Mrs. Siler said all Ihe rannciie are anticipating a year of recoid activity. R. P. Butler. Rockingham County farmer, is using dairying as a source of supplemental income ! along with 1m tobacco production, i He ha an eight-cow dairy herd and (j' at res of tobacco. Spacing is iniporlanl in produc ing maximum y ields ol sweet po tatoes, says II. M. Covington. limU culture specialist for the State Col lege Extension Service Mr. Farmer! For A Late Hay Crop We Have Virginia Hrown, Black Wilson and Ilaberlant SOYDKANS CANE SEED MILLET Farmers . Exchange Aslievillc lload Phono 130-M Clay tile walls and Hours, con iili i i d standard lor I'Oth century hal hi iioin . u ei e tl ed In Home's PHhlo bat ii-. dining the reign of Ihe Caesars. Qa 2a you Ahead? . . to next year's vacation? . to buying a home of your own? to going into business for yourself? . to a college education for your children.' to financial independence for your retirement years? No matter what your goal may be, your first step ,s the same: OPEN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT in this bank. Then consistently and persistently add t" y' savings. The formula for "making dreams come true" is as simple as that. Try it, and see for yourself. THE it National Bank "ance Corporation ORGANIZED 1902 Member FederJ Reserve System MOIIi: ABOUT Lions ! (ContiiiiieO from Page 1) I lioiliinily to attend the American Li giiin -sponsiu ed m e e I i n g s and urged Ihe Lions lo give more boys similar opportunities. l-'.ach termed the Boys Stale a "woiiilertul education" in Ameri can government. Among Ihe reports given during Ihe meeting were those on the an nual State Lions Club Convention ai W righlsville Beach last weekend. Claude lingers and Joe Cline each L-ae aicoiinls of the activities dur- in.: the weekend session. Aliens Creek Box Supper Raises $150 tv MKS BLANCHE FRANKLIN Mountaineer Correspondent Approximately 200 residents of Ulcus cr.-ek and their friends saw T.l.ii i-.u-ed for the community iica-ury Friday night at a box sup per at the Aliens Creek School Thai was the total amount Ihe gur t. tillered for the 27 boxes aiiiiiimed by Jonathan Woody and for the live cases of soft drinks that were -.old The money will help finance the pro.icil being pushed in the Al len. Creek Community Develop- iiieoi Program. The upper was arranged by a M. .lire headed bv Mrs. Fred Karmer a - chairman. I'le.iding at the event was Com miinil.' Chairman C L. Allen. Aliens Creek Sunday School Class Meets ; Bv MHS BLANCHE FRANKLIN Mountaineer Correspondent Members of the Blanche Sunday Sthool class of the Aliens Creek Eapti.-i church vwre hosts to the ; pupil, ol the Lowe Allen class at tin ii- meeting Saturday night at Ihe p,it--onagc. Members of the refreshments , 0..-H, nitre served ice cream to the w ho were present. On ihe committee were Mrs. Charlie Uuckett. Mrs. Baleigh Mills. Mrs Fred Farmer and Mrs. Blan che Franklin. Mrs Franklin is the teacher of the Blanche class, while Mr. Allen teaches the other class. Serve berries to yoin lutiuly often as they come into season si raw berries, blackberries, blue Iv'T'cs raspberries, all delicious -. , , H .-itanito rich. Haywood County Canneries Have Busy Year; Face Record Season The Haywood County School tan nerics at Waynesville. Hethel. ami Crabtree had a busv season la 1 .year: Here's the record: Bethel Community Caeiierv with M. C. Nix in charge assisted hv Mi ,1 e lull and Mrs Joe Beverags, pi nc- .setl 1 I ,(i 1 1 t ans of food. Cl.tliliee. Willi B. Neshilt III eh.ii go. assisted by Mrs. Clem 111.-., raid, processed ti.tilil cans of in at . fruit and vegetables. I lie W . -iv lie die oannerv. with M. FARMER . . Be Sure Your MILK BARN CHICKEN HOUSES AND ALL lUULDINC.S AUK Ul ILT OF OUR QUALITY KLOC'K Ask (lip man that lias used our HLOt'K . . .and you will buy a Western Carolina product. All Sizes Of Concrete Pipe See your contractor or material dealer or call us collect. DIAL 3-8.121 Concrete Products Co. ASHEVILLE, N. C. GET READY NOW rJ FOR A FULL WEEK OF U IN CELEBRATION OF THE 4 IE ifUf CLEAN, WHOLESOME RECREATION Including Many Thrilling RIDES High School Grounds Ferris Wheel Merry-Go-Round Swings Kiddie-Car Rides Open Tuesday, June 28 On RATI I) HY Williams Amusement Co. See and Hear the DUKE of PADUCAH "The King ol Corn" Sat. Night, July 2nd Waynesville High School AUDITORIUM 2 DIG SHOWS 7:15 and 0:15 No Admission Charges To Grounds Sponsored By The raze WON POOStOIT! HHII1MII IPI

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