r II V IIV.-iV Mil MulllMCIIIItti" rvioiittuv Atirrmwii. June 27. 1949 Hazelwood Meets Beacon Nine Wednesday Fans' Choice For All-Star Game 1 ( x." itf v f? s- Y :. t - U ft 3i:.l Ail'. . ; : ;.t i : tin- i.u. t .. t.jUi, l. it w I 2? z 1. N .ii id. , i I r i I . I i lllitlt li.ip-U it 1 . . i 11 .. ... hhUtl K,,M Mllhll k 1 1 1, 1 1 It I I," Hu ll.. :i- .,i th Tilt Starts At 4; Ammons To Seek Win Number Five The Hazelwood Industrial Lea- tuiers will play host to the strong Beacon Mills nine, Wednesday aft ernoon at 4 p. ni. on the Waynes ulle Hojh diamond. The game was oiiglnally scheduled for last Sat urday afternoon but was postponed .lue to rain. Manager Elmer Dudley an nounced that he will send Little feck Amnions to the mound against .'he Bi aconites. Ammons lias won luiii and lost lour in loop compe tition this ear. Sunday,' afternoon in- bulled one hit. shutout ball ii'.iin t the Maryville, Tenn.. nine alter relieving Cunningham In the littli inning. The Beacon nine holds one de-li-ion over the locals this season. In an earlier meeting of the two learn-. Leflv Bill Anders hurled a : hi ee-lntter to hand the local nine in S-to-2 deleat at Beacon. Tin- Beacon team will go all out in win Wednesday's tilt and move iiiin .1 -eeond-plaee tie with the l. oka Kavoiiite-, who lost to Berke li Saturday by a (i to 4 margin. The prohable line-up for the Wednesday affair will find Dudley, Gknn Wyatl, Lonnie Bishop and Ken Troutman in the infield, with Boh Pitts, Jack Case and Oliver Yount in the outfield Jack "Sher iff" Smith will handle the catching. Maryville Nine Defeats Hazelwood 6 -1 Sunday Angling Coach XES, it happens at midnight : I 1 every night! The handaonie new Noi ge icrosts ihtlj, w lulc you ilrtp. Frozen toods and ice cuhts remain frozen in i lie extra-large ieuItU iiiant Side 1 rcezer . . . meat stored in the Coldpack is never disturbed. 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Mr. Justice said exhibitions would he held two nights a week al the park, and that Canton High School Athletic Director C. C. i'liiiulextei had authorized the use of the school field to the members in the afternoons. He added that everyone in Can ton and other Haywood County towns and communities is invited to join the new organization. Pi or to the meeting, the YMCA physical director had said that plans were to establish a workshop near the "Y" provided enough en thusiasm was shown in model plane building and a suitable location could be found. Last year, two Waynesvillc boys won prizes for their model planes. Those interested in joining may contact Champion YMCA. Fresh, refrigerated orange juice, prepared and packaged by a new process, is now being shipped com mercially from citrus producing anas to distant markets without In s of flavor or other qualities. Don't Be A ... . t ':' I LEMON! Every Time A Lemon Leaves The Grove It Gets SQUEEZED! 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The CIO Steel team from Mary v ille, Tennessee, won a hard fought six to one victory over th? Hazel wood nine Sunday afternoon on the Wavnesville High diamond. The visitors, boasting one of the best teams seen in action litre this season, rallied for four runs in the totiith inning and then added two more in the fifth to score all then runs in the two innings. In the fourth, Hamil led off for the visitors with a triple, Boring and Berrong followed with singles and Reynolds followed with a dou ble fur the four runs. Bracket! ofl'ened the fifth inning with a single, Carroll laced a triple to leftcenter to score Bracked and then scored on Hamil's one-base blow. Hazelwood scored their only marker in the fourth on doubles by Bob Pitts and Manager Dudley. .Inn Cunningham started on the mound for the locals and gave up nine hits and all the runs befuiv he was relieved by Jack Amnions in the liflli. Amnions hurled one hit, shutout bull the rest of the way. Hamil, with two for three and Berrong, with two for lour paced the visiting hitters. Bob Pitts. Jack Smith and Elmer Dudley each Jack "Sheriff" Smith To Manage Local Nine; Team Name Is Changed Manager Mutt Tate, of the Waynesville Independents an iiniuiced today that Jack "Sher iff Smith, popular catcher for the Hazelwood Industrial nine, would take over as manager el' the Independents immediately. Tlie name of the learn will also he changed since the Merchants of Waynesville have donated fin ancial support to the team and from this time on the team wiil be known as the Waynesville Merchants. It was also announced that next Sunday afternoon, the Merchants will meet the Craggy Veterans on the Waynesville High diamond with the tilt starting at 3 p. m. banged out two for loui locals. The Box Score: Maryville Phelps, lb Brackett, 3b Carroll, rf C. Brackett, If Hamil, If Boring, ss Berrong, 2b Hi'V nolds. c Baldwin, cf (Ireenway, cf Hill. P Totals for the Hazelwood Bishop, ss Troutman, 3b Pitts, if Dudley, lb Smith, c Yount. If Wyatt, 2b Case, cf Cunningham, p Amnions, p 5lh Totals Maryville Hazelwood ab r h e 5 0 1 U 5 1 1 0 4 111) 1 0 0 0 3 12 0 3 110 4 12 0 3 110 10 0 0 10 0 0 4 0 10 37 (i 10 0 ab r Ii e 4 0 0 1 4 0 0 0 4 12 0 4 0 2 0 4 0 2 0 4 0 0 0 3 0 10 3 0 11 10 0 0 2 0 0 0 34 1 8 2 000 420 0006 000 100 600 1 Doubles Pitts, Reynolds, Dud ley 2. Car.e. TriplesHainil, Car roll. Strike outs -Hill 3, Cunning ham 2, Amnions 3. Bases on balls Cunningham 2. Hits off Cun ningham 9 in 4, Ammons 1 in !, Hill 8 in 9 Winning pitcher Hill. Losing pitcher Cunningham. Milk ii a perfect food for the development of bacteria. Bob Pitts, Rightfielder, Tops Local Hitters With .341 Average For 11 Games Willi the loop season half finish ed. Boh Pitts, local rightfielder, is setting the hitting pace tor the Hazelwood nine. Pitts has rapped out l.r) hits for 41 trips to the plate for an average of 341. He is the only local player in the top 20 of the WNC Industrial League. Royce Richie, second' acker, holds the highest average of .301. but he recently left the squad. Other players over the .300 mark include, Jack Amnions, wilh nine hits in 30 trips for an even .300 and Oliver Yount. leflfielder, with 14 hits for 42 times for an average of .333. In the hurling department. Lit tle Jack Amnions has notched all four loop victories while dropping four decisions. Jim Kuykendall has a record of no wins and two losses and J. C Burrell has been charged with one loss. The following averages include only Industrial loop games and are unofficial. (AB 20 times) ab 23 Richie Pitts Yount Amnions Dudley Smith Troutman Case Bishop McClure Whitener Brackett G. Wyatt Price Shook Kuykendall Henry- Walters Tomlinson Burrell 41 42 30 44 24 46 33 24 Less than 20 ABi 4 h pet. 9 .391 .341 7 11 12 4 14 8 4 2 2 1 .333 .300 .295 .291 .261 .242 .125 .500 .428 .369 .250 .250 .143 125 .000 .000 .000 .000 E Wyatt 2 0 J)00 The first world's rhimninmiiin r.v,,klllp yachting race was sailed Aug. 22, mai, around the Isle of Wight and Champion Bows To Pearless The Champion YMCA softballers took a 3-1 licking from Pearless Woolens Saturday night at Chat tanooga in the only game that went off a.s cheduled in the Canton boys' scheduled four-game invasion of Tennessee last week, Friday night's scheduled battle with the Knoxville American Le gion nine at Knoxville. was rained out. and the contests with the K-25 Carbides and the Roane Anderson club, both of Oak Ridge, were call ed off yesterday because of the muddy condition of the playing field. Champions loss to Pearless. the Georgia State champion from Ross ville, was only the second in 14 contests this season. The Canton boys were beaten virtually in the first inning, when Pearless scored all Us runs on a combination of two hits, a walk, and two Champion errors. Nazi Miller relieved Windy Sams on the mound for Champion after the first two Pearless runs came in. After another runner on base when he took the mound scored Miller handcuffed the Georgians shutting them out for the rest of the seven-inning battle and limit ing inem to only two hits. Champion staged a belated rally in the top of the final frame, when Buddy Ivester scored the Tar Heels' only run. He took a walk then went to third on pinch hit ter Waldroops single, and came home on an infield out. Th Georgians cut off the rally at that point, however. r h e Champion 000 000 1 l 2 2 3uu ooo 0 3 4 i Industrial League Berkeley 6, Enka 4. Beacon at Hazelwood, ppd. Ecusta at Martel, ppd Ciearwater at Canton, ppd Industrial Leagnie Standings W L Pet. Berkeley . Enka Beacon Ecusta Martel Hazelwood Cleai water Canton 11 10 9 6 4 4 2 3 3 6 7 7 10 10 .846 .769 .750 ;500 .364 .364 .167 .167 Hazelwood Junior Nine Meets Canton Thursday j The newly formed liaeh,,,,,,, ! Juniors will journey to Cann,,, Thursday afternoon for a tut u.u', t-he Canton Junior nine. Tne local nine will be compn ,., of uiayers under 17 vears who wish to play baseball hut a , I not have the chance to pLiy Ul,ti the Hazelwood club. Although the team has m. ' cial sponsor, the Hazelwood lh. dustrial team has donated n,,,, old uniforms and are supplwnp ni(1 team with a few bat- ami b.iii Eugene Wyatt. one of the mo i , .... perieneed players in this -eiii.ni i is helping in coaching the e .,tl ,, : ' 'I ! "l.!if III,. (. I'Ull,,.,- l'Uifl. 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