II' THE WAYKtSviLLt, IviOuix iAiiis.Ea r our. AD cents 3 cents p , ,-t. tit) Cl.3i st Le50c: I inch. iired htd'l,' kirVTS AKI. cE. Cj-.1i must sfnt I)) lu" in office be-' n dav bel'ii e jarantee to be; m. urt a want au 0. toes, tumalfH ; Iter, bii'' i ctlerj. Ilnwi-r Farm, Hi. 1.; phone t'ur.hui Jn , p5es is the wrk. Just call good (on n- tirs to us ln- Tic far price 1'al- jnd t'idrlci'ia. J M li-ll bright piano in See pinna a! .Border Street, all 560-XM. Jn 23-27 E BLOCKS. and h a ti I i ii 14 II Marshall or j"!)-J. M-ll-H-IH-21 up coiid sle and cows In 404 V:il tint 447.1. J. K If IILLING price! fny place FPLY AM) , Inc. Box 54 fnograph. and Toa',tprs. ftments. Service. Fo and Co. Waynesville Nrs "ERS M Makr, H0SI.F.V fct Home lish It s' Pajmcntf le eCo. Phone 3379 rs PVICE JB. '"Jiifsvillf ' l V NTKI Yearlings to pasture ,i $2 per njonth. Ladino Clover pi-hue. Jerry Liner, Lake jmialusta. M 12 tf ,.OR MONUMENTS set! Haywood Monument Co-, next to Farmer Exchange, on Ashtville Road. H. B Angt-1. manager, phone 277-M. - C l N D F. R BLOCKS Superotk ;, ks and Concret Block, 4", H" and 12" sizes. The W. A. U,. s Blotk Plant, Phone 102, l i.,i,klin or 903 Highlands. tf puHTSMEN The finest sportins; funds m Waynesville are sold at I'uPfis Electric Co. Phone 4G1 tf i'iilNTlNti of all type of formi, 1,-tierheads and every need ex pertly done by The Mjunt:dneer. Ju t call 700. ii!( KK.NT--B( ndix wa.-'iers, dry , i -. and ii oner. The Laund, retle, 1 Deput Street. 1'hoile (.!l."i. ! ' Jn 9-tl AVON COSMETICS In Waynesville. liazelwood. Spenditl open territories. Karn money in paie time. Write Mrs. Sarah Sor rel I 2ii Broad St., A-heville. Jn i:i-lG-20-2:i-27-:!0 I'ol! KKNT -Three-brush floor pol islier. 2fic per hour, $l..ri() pet da.. The Launderette. 19 Depot ! St. I'hoiie 09."). i Jn 9 -13-lC-20-23-27-.'i() PRINTING needs are promptly and satisfactorily filled by the commercial printing plant of The Mountaineer. Just call 700. mil SALE -Several ton Guernsey heavy sprini'itf cows. Larue si.e. 404 WiJ-Jllit Street, Tele phone 447-.I. J. K. Watson. tf TOMATO, pepper, and cahhaHe plants for sale. Tomato plants treated for blight. Special prices to Veterans, K.F.A. boys, and 4 II Club members. Yni k's Plant Farm, K-l, Waynesville, Tele phone Canton 5133. , Jn 23-27-3()-Jy-4 FOR SALE- Baby tarriaHe. fiood as new $10.00. Call 413. .In 23-27 APARTMENT FOIt HE NT 3 rooms, bath, steam heat, hot water. Frigidaire and elecliie ranee. Main Street. $34 per month, Telephone 53-M-2. ' Jn 23-27 KIR RENT TO COUPLE New un furntshed apartment; Located Balsam Street, near high school, In -tween Waynesville and Ilael wood. Telephone 7H3-M. J 23 2.7 K ill SALE One fre; li holer. Si 1 45.00. See Henry Miller, 3l8 liovvell St., Waynesville. Jn 23-27-30 I OR SALE One reconditioned i(e box, A real bargain. Phone 401, Kogeis Electric Co. II OR SALE: New and used furni ture. Specials: Pianos, $59.50 to Sl)9.0. Used Kelvinalor refris-;-1 i i alor. S09 50. I "red China Clo -i l : from $24.95 to $37 50. An toiiie ALo 2 lot ; in II.ii 4 wood 77 i. 50 $450 and S050 each. Bargain Day is every clay at Justice Furniture Store. I'hoiie 5(17, Depot Street, tf For Beautiful Tile Floors Select ARMSTRONG TILF. Call B. It. Hundley 35G or 349-W OAK r SUMAC StOD itchine. dry UD blisters quickly, safely. -'IVY-DRY We Can Help You With Your Farm Work MOWING HAY BALING PLOWING HARROWING WOOD SAWING BELT WORK Ml work done by trained operators with FORD trac tors and DEARBORN ma chinery. Mountain Supply Co. ' Phone 461 Waynesville, N. C. KDIt SALIC Used Si.a'er Sewine """-"" ' " all Z-M-J In - I OII III- l vr in vi. n . . ','.".'i ,i r..T I f ' 1 1 . t , i i .. 1 1 1 i , i ' , j I oimIiH l.ilile II, nd tin, ii rooms . , , , ic.ibuu.ibl luiicd I ii deticht . lull .ii.iitmeiil-. inie on In--. one o.e.i,...! in,,,,. On,- lovelv hr-l floo, ti,i bed loom wan hath .ii .naiianie u,i -ur mtr or eai round oiiupanct -ir,;Vrt or 4--XA1 Jn LlHi S.U i. :! r.iiiwi liou-e and IUO '1 tl. lot. 2 ,ai ,,Ui K.iti line o e I', n e. 5 I riiiil 110 See Ui, -.on Ce lt r V. Ii hobinroi, .In 27 1 I HMMii-.l) ..I'., I. i , i , I'.l dl Ml, I, I. h , ,, I i,,,,, i.il, hen 'H-. I". I V. .,1,1 I'll-., .,, 11, . I Ull lull 1 1 I ndi l lie -A l,,.,u.,f-, - ii" ol Mi .lone-., -nil' II:, vo,,d St.. I1!,,, i, i .pi;: v,' Jn 2.7-;!u I'Oli ' M.K I- ,,,n , ,,, ,.,. v,iii, let ..I I, ai! i.o.,ii lot w ,, in. ,11 bill 111 1 1 1 is Will , l I,,, ellu-j- ui' t pal all P. . Lola I I U, hattf, All. ii Cieek. Jn 27-2,0 IOC Sl.i: M..M:... v.. i I,,,,- ma- chine. Aliuol ,i, . l-.lerl,,,!,!-, .n iium i It an, r, 'I i ii i, hone 1 e , .,- W.WI 'I i ) Illy ! I'le.ee will' ( W , .,r lionl, o 2 B..X ''(.:. .' in swlle. i. .In 27 Short CIIICKRIKS FOR ,ALIC crop. $1 On per gallon in wuir conlainer. !leius l-raiitis' Or- chard, l-'rant i- Cost-. Jn 27 SAVE IS wmr Ivory Flakes. Duz. Camas soap lops and hi nr.; lliein to l.ihrars or call 322 and we will call lor them. Welesau St i s ice Guild Jn 27-3(1 .11 4 WANTED Used apartment si.e electric range. Write box 520. I .ake .1 n naluska. ,1 n 2 FOR SALE Corner lot. 50 x 1!!0. on Siililiur Springs Road, ( 331 during (l,r : evenings 4lilt-.l Jn 27-30 FOR RENT Two downstairs apart ment', standing furniture, sepa rate entrance- and hunt and rear poi dies, private hat l,s. Ken 1 1 dot in all d. w eat hei st ripped In (pin e dull', 1 to 0 I; in. al I 1-1 or 115 Pigeon SI net. J. C. Brown. .In 27 Milt rsAi.f. iu.iu ueiuxe ivionei i Find. IsMtlleiil met haiiical con-; ililiiin Rt.hiiill iniitiii liaos-i nils: ion. and tlill'ei ential. 'l'wo new tires and ney brakep. Has beal'tr. Price '$S(j0 00. ' Can be seen at C. B. Spies, Shorl Street Jn 23-27 Mr. Farmer and Gardener Don't Lei Insects And Blight Destroy Your Crop Wo Have a Spray or Dust For Vonr livery Need Special Prices For Bulk Orders Farmers Exchange Asheville Road Phone 130-M Sensational New Radio Quiz Show EVERY TUESDAY 9:30 to 10:30 p. m. Over WWNC IT'S FUN! IT'S EXCITING! IT'S ENTERTAINING! Brought To You By Howell Motor Co. Haywood St. Waynesville De Snin-Plvmouth Dealer , Tor re sua? i ; rwu 1lAI isr.KVIl I'. I all Marshall lla.uiah at the I i .,.,.., ni nwtt ; 1 , -) m ii a - i i , i lu -)i --JU 'H 4-,-ll-n-ia-l ' , ,KNT - r'"i".s"ed araKe . "i1-"1'-'"- kiKhen suetueci poicii naisaiu noau I'hoiie 1U8-W. C. A. George. Jn 211-27 I'tin '-'.ALL- Attraitne Alma liou-e traiicr. electric cell -itJeraim . Ijiii'c ui , dated. Sleeps 4 Term... St e C W. St line. All.-. Apt . In,.,! .e .III l-7-:!ll 1 llH SAI.I i out in. Iti lin.idli ,,! a pli.dl tli.nl li.dl in ii i '. I ii Hot l-oii.l ,le, Ii n i a,, ', i , (HI Call 124-W, Mi . Bom,,,' Has. .In 2i'-3U NO I K L l)i SAl.t: On Mniid.e . ,)ii! 2 I'14'l. a i lev, n o rli, i I. a in . at lie ( "in 1 litare door in Wawii wile, V (' 1 Will ollel lul ale at pul.ll' i, III cry. to the lu-he l bidder l'.i i ., Ii Hit- tollou III" land and ii i-im . situate. '.Ml"!', ai.d l-eui' m U.,w ville Township. 1 lav wood ( 'on ill lo'vl1' I'.fX.INN1 v'l on a lake Wo- tern 1 1 .i i pin of I 'on- Si r. i t Nat ban I III I'- Sen! hea-t corn, r an. I i li n - will) Hill's line N 72. -ill V 2!7 let t to a stake ill rear line ol j Lot No. 3: thence with rear lint - of Lots Nos. 3 and 2 S. 22 4.V W. ,-r; r,,.,, ,,, ,. I-.L.,, tl,., Nintliwevt I corner of Lot No. 1H; thence with .a ii,.,i i,,, s; 7- air I.' 240 i(,,,t a sak,. in said margin ol Pine Street: thence with said mar gin of said street N. 17 20' E. 1)5 feel lo the BEGINNING, and BEING Lot No. 17 ami pari ol Lot No. 10 in Block 2 ol Grimhal! Park as per plat recorded in Map Book "IS", page G-3, Haywood , County Registry. TllFFLOP FAMILY ZlL i i r i i Ifskin i 2as7j ZjC-TTi i. nki.T- l, vac II I '- w.i in- -i'-"-' wyi . w v- un,.ui--iiiM -'.'"- ,.irt ;ie s- c .TaruS- I ; mm7fOm hem? 1 i- , y $ w? M 1,11 iitiv i ru r c.a i : i wer x.v"i nx Lisa- i m ai i y i i vikh-. , mm mm ti i mm MV'PTI I' RIGHT AKODXD HOME By DPDI.IA . o.... FPEDDiE. ARE VOur'4 sSm HOT (tSPVET .V-oCOULOM'T 1 L , ID y conpunii'il iJ SuPtr. .. DON'T LIKF H" WE I APb YUJoownTowN ' Jum-' fifes; Mirnm Tm m " flBE T7 yjTf 1948 CIVILIAN JEEP HECAPPMG Vh. dean - FuU Top " MOTOR CO. Tires $S95 Guaranteed PHONE 48G MAIN STREET NEW TIRE MILEAGE EVERY TIRE WK RECAP IS OCAKANTI I I) We FinOnCe TO GIVE NEW TIRE MIEEAOE ; -i ---- - By" CARL C. ANDERSON HENRY . 1 " 20r ' ' -- ' - ' - - ' ' !" DONALD DI CK 1 g ' i &YH SHOP y, ' i Sal,- made pursuant t.i Ilie power and authority conl'i'rred upon the nndorsiyned Truslvc h that di ed ul trust executed b Hul'us It. Lnvedahl and wile, lieulah Lovo dahl, dated April 21. 1S147. and re corded in Itook 01. pane '.121, ill the ulliee of lU'r'islcr of Deeds ol , Ha.s wood County, to w hu h iuslru '.".em and record reference is here I h... :....de foi all the terms and cu itiiums tnt-ieoi. ueidtiit Having , . ., . . ., been made in the payment ot the ! . . , . , , indebtedness therein secured, , , , ,, , j I he hih bidder will be required to deposit live per cent of his bid "e mii.htc inn, n. I hi- .Unit 1:4 1949. A T. Ward. Trustee iHt;- Jn :to-.i, -7-1 4-21 NtlTKT OF SUMMONS By PI BI.ICATIOSJ 1 THH SI PFRIOR rol'RT hl'FOKK THE tT.KRK Oli'l'H CAKOLiNA WOOD COLNTY Tilt: BO BD OF LDIIC ATION OK ! I1AYW OOD COUNTY" : vs. 1.1 LA II BROWN, M. LOITSK BLOWN. iiieoiiii;Oeiil. J. W. KIL- 1.1 N. Administrator ol AI.NKY K BliOU V aotl .1 W lOLLIAN. Ad - i , , i n i ' ti .iter ol 1C I' Ci 1C N 1C lll!( )WN .... , , n ii,......,, III,- ,11 1 1 II, I., Ill . l.lll.l ,,. in....... ... i 1 1 , ....!. . .. i 11,(1 .11, l.UII,'.,- I,IUII. ,''iii,'" I tnt will lake notice that au action MUGGS AND SKEETER ...... .-., .ww I - - .... -i 1 -,. t- ti hOo. T i I V ilA- 1 - V. AMI, s , -JS YtS.'.. PARTS THIS )( CVtJBl UFA' AND MOUNT IT.' J L BETTER f , X ff Dqrlr V k'A Tmr- mw&s tjc PrrDirPDAT.TDP J ia;uv 'i Uk rj j mh st- . o-. . i .,C'N ir r imi nan in t-vui i s n Sv -- -i iHtOLU HOMt QWN his Me. '"ii 1 V I 1,1'Lii - I- (OOl '.I "' ( ,-u, i H ', 1 '-.l A' . ..L L- ( ' 5, K f: L t I jjj'l I A .ri L Ale' AflL ML- Vlt k- L o- I N ' E T TV& "Oil. Vvl2LU 1 eiitilled a ah,, so I lli'i II l olll- i lot nc' tl m the Supei ,or (,.,iil ol V, ! lla uood ( 'mint , . Ii ( al olina I for the pilipu i el ., i ii r in;', I lie ai: and eon- ilil'lll of elionolll il I deiiiiilll lul ai .pi ii or . tllo li lllld, , land- owned h- Ha in i.dj.uent lo By ijlANLbl i sou iAiu bo:.- WIH.I PKSil - Vk'AS' - . -1HL M Ni PUT 'Ai?K - ' "4 HIM J r 1 I M.J jLfc- 'A ,U. it the W.i.wie: A i I lc 'l ownship Miph Stiiotil ami di -ci ibi d in the peti tion tiled in I lii- cause for the note- ai. purpose of extending and eidai ill!', the ('rounds of said ihuol and the luither purpose of - en - il biuldiiiKs thereon. And AiiuAt him THvry lr J , - 4M WW . Ttli'fTS NT f I I I " s ' u. av. ''-"A - - 1 1 II ll,l ll n... I wi' a' '-' take mil ice thai lias arr required lu be and appeal at the olfiee ot the Clerk of Suncrioi Court of said county al tin- CounlN court house in Wawieswlle llasitootl County, North Carolina, on or b.-loiv the 13lh tla ol ,lul , 19411. or within ten das I In-i t -tl u i . and answer and dei, no lo I he pel il ion hied in said action or the plaintiff will ap ply lo the Coin l lor the relief de manded in said pel ii ion. This the 11th da ol June, la49. DIME OXMi'Bl.l.L Asst Cb ik .1 "'n ierior Court 1002 In 13-20-27-.Iy 4 ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE TO CiiFOi 1 dRS Having qu.dihtd .,- administrator of the estate l Vladimir Billow, deceased, lal, ol II , ood County, North Caiolina. the e t" notify all person- bavin , lain,- against Hie ertate ,,1 the -ant ilt-ifJ ,t it to exhibit them lo il,,- under-umed al Wa.wieswlle. Noiih I ..loluia. oil or beluic Ilie I'M, d.e. ol .luhe, 191)0. or Hie Out i i will I" pleaded in bar of lh. ii mow i - AM per sons indebted to aid , I. lie will plea- e make iiniiu dial, pa moid. Tbi- Hie I2.Hi da . ol June. 1949. HF.INZ liOl.l.U v. lleili W. laiilin.m Vdn.in i ll alor ol 1. 1. In. .11 l'.o I nW, Dt ceased 1HG1 .ill 13 20 .'7 1 -111 HI BY WA1.LY BISHOP 1

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