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If ever'body win purtj. look
sltch a wort' we'de have
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to be pitted!
Published Twice-A-Week In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Kastern. Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
YEAR NO. 59 20 PAGES ' Associated Press and United Press News WAYNESVILLE, N. C. THURSDAY AFTERNOON, JULY 14, 1949 $3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
Wynes- j
t of the !
fierce. The;
fcdinS "leu
10 new j
ones. '
, however, ;
ind seven
LHine musr
Ireets again
es are P-
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the bus-
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from Cold
ad the fifty
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friends that
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hich proves
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till be pub-
Jprofessor of
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h summer
writing a
1st Asesmbly.
this subject
Isl in Chief
led Cherokee
lake, the
lain bear.
be a liiog
Thomas of
lefTorts were
the estab-
Jkee reserva-
ng prepared
ty graduate
fat her doe-
lee In history.
wwkins un-
body of the
who was
p Junaluska's
ly Interesting
n'mself and
pkee nation
known even
I've nn the
f dwelled.
Indian Ter-
r" wh the
fth Carnlina I
ere fnrei. I
1838, hut r,..
5'ears later. '
nad become 1
I'ahala fored i
lorseful North 1
f mb'y passed
ffs Junaluska
f Robbins-;
F made him
1858, twenty '
Hast 6)
and Fria,..
P few i,
".e aw
hile t.m
a of the
Information Booth To Be
. h n m- i aai
aei up un mgnway Lm
Texas Governor
Texas, was found dead in his
Pullman berth when his train
recently pulled into Houston, lie
had undergone a busy and hard
session of the legislature.
Number Wrecks
Are Reported
A series of highway accidents
have been checked during the past
few days by highway patrolmen,
hut the only injury reported was a
9-year-old boy who was hurt in a
itl .
hee commu-1 bicycle-car crash in Canton.
Tuesday morning a car turned
Preparing his over just east of Canton,,. but did
ply, ho re- little damage to the vehicle, and
Mes of the the driver, a soldier, did not re-
Assembly's ceive any injuries. Patrolman H.
it the home Dayton investigated.
Mb) Waynes- Wednesday afternoon a car from
was one of Illinois left the highway between
Povement to here and Clyde, broke down sever
t Institution al guard posts, and landed down
Its thirty- the embankment. Considerable
Jhim says. damage was done, but no injuries.
Jf men, he according to Patrolman Bill Saw
ling roles in yer.
Earlier on Wednesday, a car
ho rerently from Cullowhee suffered about $:!0
Pleaching of damages when forced to leave I ho
8es and uni- road hy an approaching car from
not a his- Ohio. No one was injured, and the
F of religion, matter was settled.
Ire is not im-1 Gerald Paxton, 9-year-old Can-
the casual ton boy, suffered painful head in
juries in the bicycle-car collision
at Canton. He was reported at noon
Thursday as getting along nicely
at the Haywood county Hospital.
Haywood Girl With
Red Cross Overseas
Hilda Fisher, daughter of Mr
and Mrs. E. W. Fisher of near
Waynesville, left recently for an
overseas asignment with the Amer
ican Red Cross in the Carribean
Miss Fisher served with the or
ganization from November 1945
until last November as a club rec
reational worker in the Pacific.
She was recently stationed at
Madigan General Hospital. Camp
'was working with
the Board of Education of Newport
News, Va., when she joined the
Red rrn
nea uross.
one is a graduate ot western
i , ,
(..flrnllnn Tonnlmrr CnWoCt
f 1 . ... ,.r i
"'iu -m. 1 Q UUIILgl
Tax Rate For
Will Remain
The tax rate of the Town of
Canton will remain the same as
last year, it was made known by
town officials this week, as they
filed reports for the past year and
prepared the estimated budget for
'he next fiscal year, beginning
July 1.
The rate will be $195 on $100
valuation, which will bring the
town an estimated total of $11L
162.49. The distribution of the
tax money will be as follows: Debt
service 55c, operating expense,
Park, 10c. and operating expenses
An information booth to aid tour
ists will be set up soon by the Way
nesville Chamber of Commerce
near th,. junction of Highways 284
and 19A-23.
The plan was adopted by some
20 members of the Chamber's Tour
ist Association at their Monday
afternoon meeting with President
Shirley Connatser presiding.
They had met to take action on
the proofs of the new tourist fold
er when Chamber President James
Kilpatrick submitted the suggestion
which he credited to Miss Margaret
Hahn of Waynesville.
At the same time, the Associa
tion aproved the proof of the fold
er, which will be available for dis
tribution within the next three
Mrs. Frank Knulti. Chamber of
Commerce secretary, said later the
Lions Club's dime bootti would be j
used for the tourist information
facility which will be equipped with 1
a light and telephone.
Meanwhile, volunteer workers !
are being sought to man the booth
a few hours each day.
Those who want to offer their;
services are asked to register at
the Chamber of Commerce ofice.
The booth will be supplied by
the Chamber with literature for the
guidance of the tourists.
Chamber officials planned to
make a road check to determine
the hours when tourist traffic is
Mrs. Knutti said this tourist ser
vice will be ready to be established
next week, if the workers are
The members of the Association
expressed their hearty approval
and support of the idea of estab
lishing this service to travelers.
Tentative Field
Day Schedule For
July Announced
Eight inter - community Field
Days are schedujed tentatively fgr
the remainder of this month under
the recently organized county-wide
recreation program In the Com
munity Development Program.
The schedule was submitted last
week to members of the Recrea
tion Commission at the Canton
The general plan calls for the
residents of one community to
nlav host to those of another. In
the morning, the visitors would
be conducted on a tour of the
host community's farms.
Then after dinner, hosts and
guests will compete in games and
other recreational activities.
The first of these Field Days will
be held next Wednesday when the
Lower Crabtree people entertain
their guests from Panther Creek.
On July 22, the Beaverdam resi
dents will be host to Hominy citi
zens; July 23, Saunook residents
will go to Francis Cove; July 25,
Cove Creek will be guest of White
Oak; July 26. Iron Duff at Rat-
eliffe Cove;
July 27, Center Pigeon
at East
July 28. Fines
Creek at
Upper Crabtree
and July 29, Aliens
Creek at Cecil.
The schedule of inter-communi-tv
visits will be resumed following
the out-of-state farm tour
will start August 1.
Lt Ben tolkitt. Jr., has return
ed to Newport. R. I., for an 11
month course in the Naval Line
School. He recently completed a
course in the Naval School of Jus
tice at Port Huemme, Calif. He
cn..m several days here recently
with his parents. Mr. and Mrs.
- lunu ( V I v n
I zy ' reported to
A -
lfu ad in-
day He suffered pan
juries wnen ue ....
..... Av...prm, a niece of
rt'lICK W C uvii---
" -y- k
rabiriet work Ia5t weeR.
I rf U 1 1 L "
At $1.95
While the rate will be the same.
total receipts from taxes ...
10 m0w than last year.
somewum ...S..S. il,prease
due to a j w . .
valuation, amnum,
the county commissioner
for the
current vear has been set at $245.
385.76 for all purposes as compar
ed with actual expenses for last
year of $165,441.42. Increases in
f - hodeet are noted in the
"rrP Hon park, nearly $3,000; the
fire department, and
water main
(See TH
Duke President To Speak
At Junaluska July 23
Dr. Arthur Mollis Kdens, presi
dent of Duke University . will ho
featured speaker on the Duke
Day Program July 23 al Lake
Illinois Family 'Sold'
On This Part Of World
Draft Board
Seeks Current
Haywood. Selective Seriire
Board No. 45 is seeking the pres
ent addresses of the following
J. B. .Smith, Jerry Gibson,
Billy Jack Itussell, Kugene IMr
Call, Kufus Lee I'airis. Wilfred
IMesser, and Bobby Johnson.
Board officials need the infor
mation to send questionnaires
and other notices to the regis
tered men.
Specialists In
Hospital Work
Pay Visit Here
Representatives of the
Foundation accompanied Dr
Garcia of Venezuela, here
i nesdav tor an niloi
of the Haywood County Hospital.
and the study of the institution s
I administration plans
Dr. Garcia is making a special
j study of hospital administration
! in the United Slates. Hi' in now
; working under the direction ol the
Kellog Foundation, and is a grad
uate of Northwestern University .
He was sent here by his country,
after doing outstanding vwnk in
the rural areas of his n.ilivr coun
try, where he specialized in ob
stetrics. Accompanying Dr. Garcia here
were Marshall I. Pickens, associate
director of the hospital division
of Duke Foundation, and J. H
Fellz. Jr. held representative.
Dr. Garcia will he in I his ;n ea
about ten days. Other institutions'
in this area were studied yrslerday
and today
Tuesday Mr l'iikii. and Mr
Felt, placed noil here, mil ere
Impressed uilh the (Vnimliv ( Inh
course. Hi" fian i.i ' lnt;ed the
course, as he did not i I , i
AH three w re well ile.i ,rd w lib
the llayvvnorl Hospital, poiniini; out
Hie need lor additional space, as
Hie institution is crowded
Non-Suit, Mistrial
Ordered In Canton
Larceny Case
The Haywood Superior Court
trials of two young men ar-cusul of
stealing S.VI0 from Dr and Mrs. .1.
E. Hair of Canton ended this week
in a mistrial for otic defendant and
dismissal of the charge against Ihe
Yesterday. Judge Dan K Moore
non-suited I h e larrrny charge
(See Trial Page 6)
Dallas R. Clark, chief machinist's
mate. USN. of Boundary Street, is
scheduled to arrive at the Island
iniof Crete. July 16 as a crew mem
by i her aboard the aircraft carrier
! USS Coral Sea for a five-day visit.
The Rev. J. G. Huggin. pastor
of " Charlotte's Myers Park Meth
odist Church will preach at the
11 a. m. Sunday services at the
First Methodist Church of Waynes
ville, where hp nnr- server!
Dr. Arthur Mollis Edens, presi
dent of Duke University, will be
the principal speaker at the an
nual Duke University Day program
July 23 at Lake Junaluska.
A large audience is expected in
the Assembly auditorium for Dr.
r.dens address, which is scheduled
to start al 8 p. m.
He ill be introduced by Don
S Eiias, president of the Asheville
Citii n-Tiuics
Charles A Dukes will deliver the
alumni message.
A picnic supper starting al 6:30
p. in . will precede I he address.
Serving as general chairman for
the program is Frank D. Fergu
son ol Waynesville. 1029 graduate
of the University.
W. Thomas Reeves of Canton, is
president of tile Haywood County
Association of Duke alumni.
'1 hi- special music will be pro
videiled by Hie Junaluska ensemble
directed by Dr. Cyrus Daniel, of
Nashville, Tenn.. director of music
al Hie Vsenthly
Milium Hie afternoon Alumni
As (in. il ion mill iters of Wester
Norlh (', iiolina and Kastern Tenn
essee, will inert.
Their is a I'amilv in Illinois that
I. el as il Ihry are natives of Hay
wood (oiinl.v. yet they have never
lii eii near here. In fact, they look
lorward to becoming residents of
Hie. vicinity ere long.
Il .
anot li
I happened in a ralher un
way, and one thing led to
i. until the Illinois folk be
soUl " on this area.
back, an authority on
gardening, who was loo modest to
let her name Im- used, wrote an
article lor 'Organic Gardening".
The article caught the eye of Mrs.
Ted Howard, of Iiellwood, III., and
she wrote the author of the garden
ing article, and then sent for a
copy of The Mountaineer.
Alter the first copy, she became
a subscriber.
In a recent letter. Mrs. Howard
expressed regret that their trip
here last summer had to be called
oil on account of polio,
lightening reading, and we particu
larly eiijo) the editorials, library
notes and other comments. If you
Mrs. Howard, said in part, in her
letter: 1 subscribe for The Moun
taineer We find the news to be en-
, happen to see trie
rt , r: . r:uss.
please extend to him on my behalt
my congratulations on publishing a
newspaper of unusual scope of in
teresting articles.
"Our son Ted. Jr.. who is a
sophomore in high school Willi a
student body ol 5.(100, is avidly in
terested in Ihe sports of Waynes
ville high school Ted plays on the
junior varsity and he thought a
smaller school could not possibly
amount to much in sports, but I be
lieve Waynesville has shocked him
several limes. I havr never been
partial to large schools, such as we
have here.
'Thar.k you for r.etping me to
learn more about Norlh Carolina,
and we hope to move to the vicin-
Mrs. Stackhouse,
Junaluska Leader,
Died Wednesday
One ot Lake .lunaluska's most
active religious and social leaders,
Mrs K. F. Slarkhousr. died Wed
nesday al the home of her daughter
in Montgomery. Ala.
The news of the tragedy was re
reived shortly afterward by Dr
F. S Love, superintendent of the
Junaluska MoJhodist Assembly,
when- Mrs Stackhouse and her
late husband had lived for many
summers since it was first estab
lished 38 years ago.
Funeral services will be held at
4 p m. Friday al the Dunbar
Funeral Home in Columbia. S. C.
Mrs. Stackhouse's husband, a
minister and editor of the Chris
tian Advocate of Columbia, died
several years ago.
1 Further details were not imme
diately available.
Lower Crabtree
Meeting Scheduled
Committee members of the Low
er Crabtree Community Develop
ment Program will meet at 7:30
p. m. tomorrow at the Crabtree
Iron Duff School.
Community Chairman Marshall
Kirkpatrick said in his announce
ment today that the session was
a? 1 called to prepare plans for the
enmine pnmmnnitv farm tour.
Heads Auto Union
WALTER REUT.TF.R crushed a
weak left-wing opponent and has
won his third term as ClO-Unlt-ed
Auto Workers president. His
union has a million members.
The annual election was held
this week.
County Is
Lagging In
Bond Drive
Haywood county is lagging in
the Opportunity Drive for the sale
of U. S. savings bonds.
So far, reported County Chair
man J. E. Massie of the U. S. Sav
ings Bonds Committee, the county
people had bought only $77,208.75
worth of bonds up to July 2 about
58 per cent of the $133,000 E bond
quota which should be reached hy
Saturday when the drive ends.
The Haywood figure also is be
hind the average for the state as a
whole which stood at 84.1 per cent
of the state quota up to July 2.
"It is hoped," said Mr. Massie.
"that those who expect to buy Sav
ings Bonds any time this year will
make an effort to purchase ns many
as possible toy Saturday of this
week, so Uiat they will count In
the drive.
"Haywood '' has 'always ' made a
good record In these Savings Bond
campaigns and it is hoped that the
county will not show a bad record
at this time."
Sales for the state up to July 2
amounted to $481,768.50. Mr. Mas
sie added.
Haywood Lions
To Attend
Convention In N.Y.
Delegations from Lions Clubs
in Haywood County are scheduled
' lo leave this week-end for the
Lions International Convention
in New York City.
The four-day convention will
! open with Sunday night services,
with Ihe delegates getting down to
business matters the following day.
Three North Carolina high school
bands will be sposored at the con
vention by Tar Heel Lions Clubs
the Cannon School band of Kan
napolis, and those from Moorcs
ville and Salisbury.
Heading the North Carolina
Lions is Edward H. McMahan of
Brevard and Raleigh, a member of
the International board of directors
and of the State Utilities Commis
sion The Tar Heel musicians will take
part in the big parade of Lions
from the 48 states and 25 foreign
nations down New York's F'ifth
Dr. D. J. Whitener of Boone, re
tiring District 31-A governor, said
today hundreds of North Caro
linians are already arriving in New
York in preparation for the convention.
Masons To Open Summer
Assembly Here Sunday
Masons from several states will
open the three-day 1949 summer
assembly of the (Grand Council.
Royal and Select Masters of North
Carolina next Sunday in Waynes
ville. A class of candidates will receive
the degree of Master Mason in cer
emonies at the Waynesville Armory
Monday night, with all Master
Masons invited to attend.
In making the announcement of
the assembly program, Dr. J. R.
McCracken of the Waynesville
Lodge said today:
"These meetings have done much
to advertise western North Caro
lina and the Smoky Mountain Nat
ional Park."
Outings into the Park near Way
nesville comprise outstanding feat
ures of thp three-day program.
Many Gases Disposed OI
In Criminal Court Here
Tentative Plans Are
To Adjourn Early
Next Week; Civil
Cases Set For Monday
Haywood Superior Court entered
the last lap of the opening week of
the July criminal term today after
making heavy inroads in the dock
et of approximately 110 eases.
Superior Court Clerk Hugh
Leatberwood said al recess today
indications were that the criminal
term could not be closed tomor
row as originally expected.
Some civil matters are scheduled
for hearing Monday, when the sec
ond week ol the term will open.
Among the divorces granted in
Ihe civil hearings held Monday
alter Judge Dan K. Moore conven
ed the session were: Shirley Mann
from Robert Mann: C. E. Riddle
from Hazel Kiddle. Donald Reagon
form Mildred Mehaffey Reagon.
Hilda Phillips from Rex Phillips,
and Fred Davis from Hester M.
In the criminal cases last Mon
day. Kufus Massie Vas ordered lo
pay $15 per month instead of the
$10 previously set for the support
of an illegitimate child. The in
crease was granted on motion of the
prosecuting witness.
George Conner. Herman Conner,
and Arthur Brooks, each pleading
guilty to assault with a deadly
weapon against 64-year-old Wil
hurn Conner, received sentences
of GO days suspended on condition
they remain on good behaviour for
two years, and not molest Mr Con
ner, and pay the court costs.
The sentence was imposed fol
lowing a jury trial.
Carroll Holcombc. charged with
assault, pleaded guilty lo simple
assault. Prayer for judgement was
continued on payment of costs.
Andy Sanford Wyatt. after plead
ing guilty to a drunk driving
charge, wa 1'tned $100 and cost
and bad his driver's license revok
ed for one year.
Prayer for judgement was con
tinued until the November term in
the case of Monroe Green, Henry
Messer. and Johnnie Bradley after
they pleaded guilty to charges of
possessing and transporting nontax-paid
A 12-inonlh prison sentence im
posed on Frank Phillips, who plead
ed guilty lo abandonment and non
support of his wife and three child
ren, was suspended on condition
that he pay $3(1 a month to the
support of his family.
During the Tuesday session.
n,,h..ii Pioioo olradinu guilty to
non-support of his wife and baby,
drew a 12-nionth sentence that was
suspended on condition he pay $35
per month to llieir support.
Johnny Pressley was fined $150
and costs and his license was re
voked for a year after he pleaded
guilty to drunk driving.
Prayer for judgument was con
tinued for Mrs. Wilma Smith
Cogburn. found guilty of reckless
driving, on condition she pay
$336 02 to Howard Myers, ow ner of
the car damaged in Ihe case. Evi
dence was I hat Mrs. Coghuru had
already paid $150 in damages.
Not Here
Questioned alioiil a rumor thai
Susie Sharp. Norlh Carolina's first
woman superior court judge, would
be on Ihe bench in Haywood court
Monday. Judge Dan K Moore re
plied: "It would be a surprise to me."
Judge Moorr is on the bench
for the two-week criminal term
that started last Monday in Hay
wood Superior Court.
On Monday , the ladies and the
Masons who are not eligible to at
tend Ihe conferring of the TIM de
gree will make a tour of some of
the scenic points in the surround
ing mountains.
On Tuesday afternoon, the dele
gates will go in a motorcade to the
Masonic Monument at Black Camp
Gap, where an outstanding speaker
will deliver the principal address.
After the exercises end. they
will visit Heintooga Bald, which
affords one of the finest views in
the entire Park. There they will
have an out-door picnic dinner.
The Waynesville Masons, who
will supply 100 fryers for the pic
nic, are asking others to bring bas
kets of other kinds of food except
meat to supplement the chicken
(See Masons Pare 6)
Guest Speaker
? ,K" lft(::.v : a . v S
NjN s
lllM,i, , , .... .Jtd
of Pittsburgh, Pa., was a t.u?st
speaker at the annual eontei
ence of the Methodist llo.ud of
Hospitals and Homes Tuesday
and Wednesday Ht Lake .lue i
luska. He was elected to his
office last year.
Defendant Serves
As Own Lawyer;
Gets 18 Months
Haywood Superior Court Jiid-e
Dan K. Moore complimented H.e
defendant in a larceny case 'I ties
day on his ability as an amateur
Then ho sentenced him to Hi
months imprisonment.
The defendant, William P. Car
ney, 27-year-old merchant scam oi
from Chicago, 111., had acted as Ins
own attorney in defending him .elf
against a charge of breaking, enter
ing and larceny of about $45 worth
of goods' from the Junaluska Supply
Co., last month.
Describing what he termed hi
illnesses. Carney sanl: "I'm no
doctor, but. ."
"But," interrupted Judge Moore,
"you're u good lawyer."
The jury returned a verdict of
guilty of larceny of goods worth
less than $50.
Lake Junaluska Officer Mac
Cochran testified that he had
found a box containing 42 different
items ranging from apples lo a
butcher knife just outside Ihe door
of the store early on the morniu-4
of June 8 when he arrested Cartfv.
He added that Carney had other
articles in his possession includ
ing a putty knife, watch, two bol'li
of silver polish, and a plo " po':'.
Carney countered he had s'l'iv
hled over the box as he w 1- v.-" -ing
along the railroad near tha
Two Boys Face
Trial In Killing
Of Trained Bear
Two 20-year-old Mascn- !?
lace trial in Haywood Su"pr:or
. Court on charges of k i 1 1 i3 ,f T.
J Bradley's pet hear last Saturday
1 night
Floyd Fir and .lai k Splr-r
' accused of taking the darned tr
1 out of his cage at Mr I'.rad! iv s
J Soco Gap road store, thro -hoof'n
I him. culling his throat, and mu'!
Ilating him.
Officers said the animal
was taken away and thrown on a
Thev said Hir hoc, tot-i-m - ,-i
i killing the bear, hut gave no !(.
' son for doing it
The defendants each are hai z: -
with cruelty to animals ?nd
icious destruction of per -rvi.,1
Solicitor Thad Bryson indicit!"!
the case would be called in th:
Record For
(To Date)
In Haywood
Killed.;:; 3
Injured .... 23
(This Information com
piled from Records of
SUU Highway Patrol).
l"f departments $1.30

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