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The Waynesville Mountaineer
"Is it possible for a man to j
make a fool of himself with- j
out knowing it?" !
"Not if lie has a wife." I
Published Twice-A-Week In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
64th YEAR NO. 62 8 PAGES Associated Press and United Press News
$3.1H) In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
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,1 term
Haywood 4-H Club Members Visiting In Washington County, Iowa
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Clyde Main Hed Din
Traon-Traick Collision
This picture was made just before the 42 member of llavwund 4-11 Clubs lell lor a weeks visit in ashingiou Cunuly. Iowa They ;ue
studying western farm methods, and 4-11 Club projects. Nexl year tlie Itjwans will visit Haywood lor a .similar study, 'l'holo b liigi.un's
100 Pinls 01 Blood k
Sought By Red Cross;
Bloodmobile Here 28th
Aug. 29 Tentative
Date For Opening
Haywood Schools
School children put a red riiiff
and a question mark around Mon
day. August 29lh.
The board of education will de
cide the opening date of school
for all the county when they
meet Tuesday morning at ten
o'clock. It now looks as if all
schools In the county will open
on the same date.
While the 29th is not definite,
it now looks very logical that it
will be the "back-to-school" day
for Haywood's thousands of
school children.
Haywood School Board To
Decide On Major Matters
In Meeting Here Tuesday
lr that has
fears, has
Bethel Man In
Good Condition
Following Fall
Haynes Warren,
Bethel High School
45 - year - old
The Haywood board of educa-i
lion will meet here Tuesday morn
ing at ten o'clock to pass on a
number of inaior matters, il was
i learned here this morning, from i
.lack Messer, superintendent ol
The mailer of a budget for the
I coming year, as well as fixing
bonds for school principles and
treasurers, and selling a dale for
I the opening of Haywood schools
I are among the mailers lo he
brought to I lie allenlion of the
hoard. j
Perhaps (he largest single Item
j has lo do wild insurance on Hie
buildings under the control of the
county school board. 'Hie slate now
janitor, injur-j has a plan for carrying insurance
ed in a fall Saturday, was reported
perinteii- in good condition this morning m
Assembly. Haywood County Hospital.
pp of busi- Mr- Warren suffered a lung 111
W to the jury when he full 15 feet from a
Saturday i ladder trt work. -.
His condition when he was rush
ed to the hospital was at first seri
ous, a physician reported.
real privi-
e officials
in as Duke
the ero
in having
Duko in
tally would
Od Carolina TV AX3 rU-U U7l,
only S1.50 w WJUU " CCA
Haywood Has An
Allotment Of 44
kits is one
patrol to
fe for the
have been
fa! years.
all smiles
hat ho can
pd, and tret
more ease
on the buildings, at a cheaper rate
than that offered by private com
panies. The new plan was put into
eflecl by I he 194!) General Assem
bly. Mr. Messer explained thai the
stale will carry the premiums for
$(ifi as against the private concerns
for $125.
Mr. Messer said thai present
i plans were lo insure Ihe Haywood
buildings at the auditor's value,
I which are listed as follows:
i Ml. Sterling School $
Cecil School
j Clyde School (2 bldgsi
j Crabtree School
Cruso School
; Fines Creek '2 bldgs)
Maggie School
Rock Hill School
: Bethel School i3 bldgsi
Five First Grade
Teachers Needed
To Complete List
If five first crade teachers
would walk into Jack .Messer's
office and apply for a job, he
would probably jump up and
down and click bis heels before
With live first grade teachers,
he will just about finish tilling
all vacancies for the coming
school term in Haywood schools.
"I've done a little belter than
fill one vacancy a week for the
past few weeks, so perhaps if my
luck holds out, I ran make the
grade," he said.
Traffic On No. 19
Was Heavy Sun.
Haywood has been given an al
lotment of 44 4-H Club boys and
cirls to attend the State Club Week
in Raleigh, from August first lo
sixth, it was announced yesterday
by Wayne Corpening, county agent.
The number that can attend is Spring Hill School
limited to each county, and the cost Waynesville High School
will be about $20 per person, Mr.
Corpening said.
The bus will leave here at 8
o'clock on August first, and re
turn about 5 on Saturday afternoon.
fridit d i Golf Stars Tell
with the
fc from (he
late was i.t.
P't on high-
F 'he week-
believe hie
Jto football
Sh. Chaoel
he a? ex.
Iave him
talk, hv py.
f 'he usual
F "trs. and
"M time."
Pot look lik
but went
and rn
f Tuesday, a
aff of
I 102
59 "
Of Worst Holes
ARE yon a duffer? Have you
taken 11 strokes, or maybe 10.
on certain holes? Well, forget
it! It happens to the best golfers.
Turn to today's sports page
for the first of six illustrated
stories on the worst holes played
by some of the game's finest
golfers. Today's story tells about
the 11 Ben Ilogan shot on one
hole in 1947.
The remaining stories include
lad holes by Sammy Snead, Bob
by Locke, Johnny Farrell, Her
man Barron, Byron Nelson, and
Bbby Jones, the Grand Slam
Tinner of 1930.
This series may not help your
Rolf but it certainly should
boost your morale on the golf
Waynesville Junior High
1 Waynesville Klementary
Hazclwood iolfl bldgi
Hazclwood 'new bldgi
! East Waynesville
Lake Junahiska
Aliens Creek
i Waynesville Colored
Canton High School
' Beaverdam School
Morning Star School
; North Canton
, I'atlon School
1 I'enn Avenue
Keynolfls Colored School
Bethel Cannrry
Fines Ck. Cannery X- Shop
i Crabtree Cannery & Shop
! School Bus Garage
1 F. F. A Hut
! Waynesville Cannery
Hereford Breeders
Meet Here Tonight
Member "f 'be Haywood Coun
ty Hereford Breeders Association
will meet in special session at 8
n rrl todav in the county agent's
office in the
Court House.
Traffic on Highway No. 1!) was
unusually heavy Sunday, it was
learned from Ihe Highway Patrol
(his morning.
Patrolman O. H, Huberts collid
ed 51 cars in one line aboul 4 30
Sunday, with many other similai
lines being noted throughout the
Patrolmen would noi say I
traffic was heavier than the Fourth
of July week-end, hut commented
' it was aboul as heavy as the road
could handle.''
iDr. Hillman
Urges Laymen To
Greater Effort
Dr. .1 llillnian. ol Kit hinoiul.
tormer college presulenl. now
Grand Socrctaiy ol Ihe Grand
l.odue ol Masons ol Virginia, was
the featured speaker at a soiilh
wide Methodist Laymen's Conlei
enee at Lake .lunalu-.ka. Friday
Speaking on his chosen llieine,
falling all Lay men." Ir. Hillman
caw the historical background ot
Ihe movement for religious lihertv
through 25 centuries of history,
euhiiinal ing in Ihe I Velar. il ion of
1 ode pcudenec.
"The L n i I i'il Slab's ol America."
be declared, "is a favored nation."
he declared, and "her heritage in
material resources is no less im
pressive than in Lion'i ninenl . In
material and industrial develop
ment this good land leads Ihe
w orltl.
"However, there is another lieril
(See Dr. llillnian 1'age SI
Salvation Army
Singing Session
Set For Aug. 7th
Plans are being completed loi
the IL'lli annual singing convent ion
at Ihe Salvation Army mountain
mission near Max 1'aleli for Sun
day. August Till, il was announced
today by Major Cecil Brown, dis
trict ollieer in charge of the moun
tain mission work.
Col. ( I A. Slephan. Male com
mander ol Ihe Sahalioii Army, and
stationed in Charlotte, will be Hie
speaker for Ihe occasion.
Hundreds usually atlend these
convent ions, and several thousands
are expected lo here on the Till.
Francis Cove Folks Play Host
To Saunook Residents In Field Day
Mountaineer Correspondent
Nearly 100 Saunook residents
were guesis 01 ine peupie 01 r mu
ds Cove
all day Saturday in an
intercommunity Field Day held un
der the Community Development
Nearly 400 people attended the
picnic lunch the ladies of Fran
cis Cove had prepared for hosts
and guests.
During the morning, the visitors
saw the improvements being made
in Ihe host community in their
lour of the farms.
After the picnic, the Sal k
boys and girls responded lo I lie
Francis Cove hospitality by ami
ably beating Francis Cove soil
ball teams.
The boys won, 1(1-10 and the
girls edged the Francis Cove girls,
19-17, The other games and con
tests, played under the supervision
of C. K. Wealherby. principal and
head coach of Way ne- ille Tow n
ship High School, saw close eoni
(See l-'ruiicis Cove I'acc X
Canton Doctor
Hurt In Auto
Accident Friday j
Dr. ,1. H. Westmoreland ol Can-
Ion, injured in an auto collision i
Friday nighl. was reported in good
condition today at an A-diewllc
hospital where he is under treat
The physician and civic leader
Millered a fractured elbow but bis
nine-year-old daughter. Woody.
escaped injury when his car and
a truck collided on Ihe Cedar Top !
curve west of Clyde !
He was on his way lo the llay-j
wood County Hospital in Waynes-j
ville when Ihe accident occurred
Dr. Westmoreland was cxpcclcd
to remain in the hospital this week,
Leroy Harrell Is
With Mountaineer
Circulation Dept.
Leroy llaiTcll has assumed his
diilies as Held man with the emu
lation depaitinelil ol The Moun
taineer. Mr. Harrell is well known in
Haywood, and a native ot the
Shortly aiter - tuiisliiiiK both
school, he went lo the shipyard,
and worked imlil he joined Ihe
Navy in DM2. Alter two years as
aviation machinists mate, he re
ceived his discharge and ret in lied
to a larin on Cove Creek lor a year
About "J 1 j years ago he joined
I nagiisla Manufacturing Company,
and iluiiug the past six niont lis
during his spare time, sol veil as
rural worker lor a daily newspaper.
He will devote lull Unie lo The
J Mountaineer, working throughout
' t he county.
He is the son of Mr. and Mr-.
.1. S llarri'll, and is married lo
the tormer Miss Dorolby McKlroy
I'hev live in East Waynesville and
have a tout -year-old daughter.
Rev. Mr. Martin To Talk
At Baptist Meeting
The Hev. Lewis W. Martin, super
intendent of schools of missions ot
tin' liaplisl Home Mission Board
will discuss "Missions Emphasis
al Ihe First
Wav ncsvdlc
Beauty Queen A Patient Poser
Haywood County
High Waters Of Pisgah
Creek Uncover Ancient
Mill Stones; Just Found
Two stones, believed by many
'o have been used in pounding
meal back in the pioneer days,
were uncovered by the recent
flood waters on Pisgah Creek near
Cruso, and they were found by
v- V. Poston of that section.
Well worn by use, and the wcath
er of many years following, the
stones have attracted much inter
est. The age of these stonies can be
anybody'i guess, but many sup
Pose them to be similar to those
used by the Indians in pounding
out their taml for bread.
The small stone, found several
feet from Ihe larger one, still had
a portion of the wooden pin in the
center, which is thought by some
lo have been used in turning the
small rode in the large one
the corn. Others,
have expressed the opinion that
the two have no connection,
that the small stone is more
a erindstone. which perhaps
chiseled out by hand.
Oldest residents of that section
may be able to give more en
lightening information about the
ihoir use. but SO far
n who has been
knows definitely about1 them.
j .ff 1
10 VliS -
however. J jT" '
is.' i tt .. w:
Miss North Carolina of 1949,"
She looked like this for Ihe 34 Lh pho-
contae'ed .
Nancy Yclverton ot Kocky Mount
.c n.itient as well as pretty
tographer to take her picture four hours after she started posing on
the sands at Atlantic Beach near Morehead City. She passed up
..,i,r in hln the camera boys alone. Nancv ! 18 tandc 5
rei pcuwus - - -
feet, 5 inches, and weighs liu pounas
Week" ill a meeting
Baptist Chinch of
Wednesday inoi nillg.
The county-wide meeting is
scheduled lo start al 10 a.m.
Pastors, training union directors,
Sunday school superintendents, and
presidenls of Women's Missionary
Unions are urged to attend.
The Haywood Baptist Associa
tion has set aside the week of Sep
tember 3 through September 9 as
Missions Emphasis Week.
Cruso Residents
To Meet Tomorrow
A special meeting of Cruso resi
dents will be held al 7 p.m. tomor
row al the Cruso School lo discuss
Ihe coining Field Day and com
munity lour.
II won't be 100 percent business,
however. Some of the lime will he
dedicated to the consumption of
watermelons, and to music and
.singing. 1
Mole Ulan one liUiulicd voliiii
leers are needed as hluod donors
when Ihe Bloodiiioluli I nil liooi
ihe Ashevitle lied Oos.
ill,, oil I eulel l omes l e I lull s
i'.iv . I lie ll I 11 vv ill lie -.el l. .it I lie
Fit si I'l e-tiy l l i.ill Ctillllh liooi tl'
a. in mil il I i in
lied t 'i o-.s vi hi l,i I s hav e .el a
'.oa ol inn pinls ol lilood tor the
eollei lain on lliiii d.iv 'O I till Ihe
a v el .i'i Hi eil , ol Ille ho pil al In 1 e
may lie no I
Sun e May 1 !l w hell 1 he -Blood
mobile I ml i ollei led ltd 'till, ol
blood tig piikis or iiiiiii- lh. in doo
lite the amount cull, . teil have I, cell
li , 0 tin ii Hie lied Cms , I'.loiid
I eliler
A stall ol iloiloii inn .e and
U-eliio, rill-. 1 1 o 1 1 1 shev il le will
iiiiiduel liie iinil Hun il.iy Willi
I he assi I line ol VI i .leailell e
Helms ol Hie di Ii il l he, ill II (lepai 1
iiieiil and olb.'i voliinleei winker
Evaiiinial ion-, will he made lo de
teiiuiiie He liliii'. ol ihe inbui
lt ei s .tiitl l.loiul will he IV p. tl
W av I,,- I i. .. . 1 el i tut m. Ill
t han ot. ,il h i appoMiti tl coiniiiit
tee , I In ute Ii, ml Ihe itiliiil.v lo
hi no' in voltinlei I doiiiii anil Mr
I liarles I;, iv and Mi I eiix Slov
all, 1 1, i Ii, hi null ol volunteer .'.el -It
t , Will i i I ,:u 1 lie i hill t II
lie inn- mav mal.e .i - ti I I iiiriit
lor lliiii il e. In taller; the lied
I li nv. 1 HI it e al I t It pluitie HI.
Wayne Corpc lung, Becrutliiienl
Chairman, will be assisted ill the
proRrnin by Mis Ft mil Haves .tfNh
er. exetiilive set ielaiy ol Hie jural
lied ( loss i tiaptfi. Mi' Chai le i
Itav ami Mi .. Ilelsy Lane liunlaii.
chilli Mian ol viiliiuleei ', el v ices, anil
Ihe lollovv iiie, ( oiiiiniiinl y i hail men
ol voliinleers
Iron Dull, Mrs Frank Dave;
ami () I. Vale, '
Crabliee. Mr-, Marshall kuk
patnek. Mrs I .N'oland, Joe
I'alinei. and lleishel lingers
I- Hies ( leek Mis AI.ii k Fergll
ts.'e I'.li.oil It, ink - P.i ie H)
Two Waynesville
Physians Move
Into New Offices
Two ninth i n suites ol oil it e :
liave been t oniileleil on the second
liooi ol Hie Masonic Temple lor
I wo Wav ot - v die 'hv siciaiis
While Hie iilliet's are similar in
every del. ill, Ihev an' s parate ami
apart, and Hie phv sniaiis will main
tain (lien eivn oilnes ami slall.
Ill V. F Lancaster has mined
his till ir,', I nun I he mi ner ol Hav
vvootl and Miller sirens, and Di
.1. E. Fender has moved I mm the
lirsl lloor ol Hie Masonic Temple,
and each aie nci upy nig Ihe Ivvn
nt'W oil ices.
Besides a lobby, which -eiies
both oil lees. Ibeie i a larae nail
ing room in each suite, a secre
tary's oil ice, label aim v. business
oll icv. eolisiillal ion i-iioiu, I vv o ex
amiiiiilion umiiiis a supply room
X-Kay looiii. iintl two 1 1 eat inenl
The iloois li.ive been coveied
i with cork Ille. ami the ceilings
done in acoustical lile, and all win
dows ciiiipeil with Venetian
A 1 1 hi n l: 1) Di, Lancaster's new
oil ice is now opto, he is still (un
filled to his home rccupei al ing
from injuries received in an auto
mobile wreck -everal weeks ago.
Dr. I'ntdi i is occupying his ot
(ices. and can y ing on his general
prael ice ibeie.
Accident About Ten
This Morning Took
Life of Horace King
A b.i-y car-old Clyde farmer was
killed and liis ..mi and a companion
wcie iiiiiiuil llos morning when
liuii pnktip truck was struck by
a -,lov 'iiiuv in,.; I it-1 v, I it ;it a cross-ill-,
ill Civile
Si, ile Huliviay I'alrol Corp. F.d
miii .lone lib milled the dead man
as Hoi are King.
Iiiiuieil vttii James King, about
:!:: and U ilt y Suy di r. 40.
Al II iv wood County Hospital in
Way ne ville where I hey were tak
en lui tu aloit lit. Dr. V. II. Duckelf
ol I allien ilesi i iht tl the general
t uiitlil ion ol bulb men as "fairly
..noil .
He .aid . I. lines King was siiller
iii.: a i oin iission and that Mr. Sny
der, bud .sustained scalp and hip
La t-rui ion-,
I'.xaiiiiiiiilioii.', ol each man were
i mil iliiiih: lale llns iiiorning lo de
li liiuiie wlit'llicr either had suf
lereil injuries.
Coipoial Jones anil Slate High
way I'alioliuan Bill Sawyer, who
al o investigated, gave these de
tail id Ihe ll agetly :
.lames King was driving the
H ink soulli on Smal hers Street
when lis iirbl real- was struck by
the Diesel locoinol ive, going west
w Ob a si ring of 30 cars
As he saw Hit Irani bearing dow n
on tin in Hoi are King leaped out
Hum br. place in Ihe rear seal, lie
l.i, pinned In I ween the locomotive
and ihe Uuck, and died shortly af
it rvt ard,
Dr .1. Irani; I'ale. Haywood
v otiiily coroner, ruled, idler inlir
Vh'liIo', vi it lie', Ihe ilealh was
il t nil ulal anil thai an inquest
uelllil he unnecessary.
il. i liiitbliis-i wt re I bill Mr. King
died ol a 1 1 .at ui vit skull and inter
nal iiiiuili ! can eil by bis having
liven mi m;k by a trajm,
I'lii tuiie of Ihe eiiisl) "wliipperts
i be light H ink aioiiiid and hurled
it 1 i teel.
I be olliciTs said the locomotives
pei iluiiii Icr showed Ihe Irani wa .
'Hull!; 'Il miles an lioiu w ben Kn
giiii el .Inn Henley of Ashcv ille ap
plied the brakes in his Initio cllort
10 avoid lite crash. They also said
ihe en. inn el' had blown the whistle
bt loie muling lo the crossing,
l ui poial Join said Ihe indication-,
weie lh, il I lit I ruck also wa,
moving slowly, but had not stopped
In I in i.' colli inning across the track1;.
Ile added thai Ihe side ol Ihe
1 ,eal on which the elder King had
In t-u s, .it eil w hen he jumped from
1 I lie 1 1 in k w as not si ruck.
I'he damage to Ihe entire truck
be est limited ill jilsl $75,
Describing Ille scene, Ihe oHlrer
(See Clyde Man Page XI
Pops Concert
To Be Held
Next Monday
flic Tran.sylv.inia Music Crtnp
family Orchestra will give a pop
conceit sponsored by the Waviif -ville
Chamber ol Commerce at
11 I i p or August 1 in Ihe Wayrrs.
ville Township High School Audl
loi nun
Tickcls ;u e on sale in Wavm -'-vtlle
Itiilels. Ihe Chamber ot Cnm
nieiee oil ice. anil al Gunn's Corner.
( oiidiicl nig Hie latiillv orcliF---lia
is J,uites Clnisiian I'lohi the
I till ndt I illill lllli'tlol ol Ihe music
! camp al lii cvanl, w hen- stnrienU
galhei tvciv sniouiei lo sindv un
der n.ilionally -ranked artists fie
is diiector ol music tui D;n iclson
Collegi and i bun duet tor ot fb.
Myers !'; k I'l t shy tci lau Church
ol Clmi tulle
' I'he oichcsiias iiiiiecit nia;;ter
is Leo l'anascv ich. w Im serves in
! t he same capacity lor Ihe Ballft
lliisse lie lonle Carlo of New York
tiin inn Ihe vvintei season.
Miss Norris Named Queen
At 2nd Haywood Festival
lAP Photot.
The Bent Creek Kancb of Ashe
ville square dancers are still the
champions of the Haywood County
Folk Festival.
On Saturday night, they sussess
fully defended their title in the fin
als of the second annual Festival
which began Thursday night at
Canton High School. Johnny Crook
is caller, Ellen Casselberry, leading
lady; and Bus Fletcher, manager.
They won out over the Canton
Memorial Park team and the
Stor.ey Mountain, aggregation which
! had captured top honors Thursday
I nighl in ihe preliminaries in which
I Sam Queen's famed Soco Gap danc
I ers participated.
! The festival closed yesterday
afternoon with a singing conven
tion after attracting more than six
thousand spectators to the colorful
varied pet toi mances.
Tile Saturday nigln audience ol
nearly 3.000 also saw Miss Dorothy
Norris, 17-vear-old daughter of Mr.
and Mrs,. T. C. Norris of Waynes
ville, crowned a;; Festival Queen.
She wai avarded a "Ti;t '"atch
j Srt Mtn Norm Pan B)
Record For
(To Date)
In Haywood
Killed 4
Injured .... 26
(This Information com
piled frou: Bceords of
fctate Eifhwy Patrol).

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