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Com,. -220-230 S Kirs"
The Waynesville Mountaineer
Published Twice-A-Week In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Ei
Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Teacher: ('sin you tell me
anything about the great rhem
ists of the 18th renturv?
Student: They're all dead,
sir! i
L !-
lalion ; 64th YEAR NO. 63 20 PAGES Associated Press and United Press News KV U NE 1L1.K , X. I .. Till KSDAY AFTERNOON. JULY 29. 1949 $3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
tab"1"' "f '
:, . motion
.pryone rf;
,(e readily'
d not turned
rked: ''""
,t in 'n,er'
heat cut m
Lund i" "l
itlj fomiiM'-
nd htm i'1
Aliens Creek Votes On clYde DeP!
To Reopen
Annexation Saturday
290 Registered Voters
Of Area To Decide On Property Will Be
rn thai l'1"'"'
te lull nil I'
iincri qun'ii
L Had
in Canto"
known '"
in the slate
r The A.--
Lt from ;mi
tar-old Kin
led the m to
Irs tlirou-o-
e appears in
Irris' beauty
s far a-
Lbnrn Oailv
ire that day
lis publicity.
hinetle said.
don't mill''
d'tPl -he
ot Wa-b-
are makinj
eel he never
sd I- in od
brally sott"n
Hit; week
Harold Tini-
visit Willi
kood Coiinly
are staving
during their
Italf I heir
girls haven t
chance to
Iter had anv
Becoming Part
i See Official Ballot on Page 5
Thi' citizens of Aliens Creek will
decide Saturday whether their rom
iminily will become part of Way
nesville or remain separate.
County Flections Hoard Chair
man .Icrry Rogers said today I he.
pull would be open from 6:30 A.M. I
niilil 6:30 P. M. at Aliens Creek!
School for the approximately 2fl(l '
registered voters to express their'
desires on the matter of proposed!
Officially, they will be marking
, the ballots either for or against the .
extension of Waynesville's corpor-j
ale limits. j
The elections official said the re- j
siills of the voting would he offici
ally certified probably on Tuesday;
by the county board. I
The registration books clo-rri
July 16'. and last Saturday wa-i
challenge day. Mr. Rogers said.
however, that he had received no l
report of any formal challenge of
Hie registration.
The setting of the election re- '
suited from a petition tiled by a
j group of Aliens Creek resident.-!
shortly after the Waynesville board !
of aldermen adopted a proposal to;
extend the town limits to include;
I the community.
! The precinct registrar is Deny
Norman, while the election j urines
are Bill Ferguson unri Hooper
4-H Clubbers To
Attend State 4-H
Week In Raleigh
at Hie
'ight in willi
Mrs Tim-
Advertised Soon
For Unpaid Taxes
It is tax paying time.
Sehr Bryson. tax collector for
Haywood, is sivinR formal notice
that he is preparing the delin
quent tax list, and will advertise
in August, properly on which
1!M8 taxes have not been paid.
Tax Collector ISrysnn said that
about 03 per cent of the taxes for
llflS had been paid, and the
property of the remainder will be
advertised and sold at auction.
Name To Be
Chosen For
Soco Valley
A name for the valley from Soco
Gap to Lake Junaluska will he
chosen the night of August 4 at
a dinner meeting of the Soco
Valley Boosters Club at Maggie
Club officers, in making the an
nouncement today, pnl heavy em
phasis on the statement.
"We do not intend to try In
change the name of the Maggie
Post Office."
F I. Iloeck. prominent Winter
Haven. Fla., industrial executive
who is vacationing al the Mount
Valley Inn, will deliver the prin
cipal address.
Fred Campbell, president of the
club, will he in charge.
Spokesmen announced that ev
eryone is invited to attend the din
ner of the meeting, since many
important matters will come up fpr
action. i
For entertainment there will be!
the performance of the Maggie
String Band. j
The dinner will start at 7:30 p. in, j
Reservations for the dinner must i
be made by Tuesday at the latest
with Mrs. James liohcrt I'lott, Jr.. I
secretary of the club. j
By Order
The North Carolina Llilituc
Commission has ordered the South
ern Railway to reopen its depot al
Clyde "immediately."
Clyde Town Attorney Bruce
Brown today received a copy ot
the order, which was signed In
Myrtha Fleming, the Commission
chief clerk, and other members ol
the state group.
Mrs ,hcc Hay lies, town clerk
said the order was sent to the
Southern Railway office.
The commission's directive cli
maxed move by Clyde town ul
ficals and citizens to have the depot
The Utilities Commission heard
both sides of the question last
month at a hearing in Asheville.
The railway closed the depot last
fall with permission of the stale
agency. Southern officials had ar
gued that revenue from operations
al Clyde did not warrant main
tenance of the depot.
However. Clyde town spokesmen
at last month's hearing declared
that the closing of the depot caused
the town and outlying comntunitiics
inconvenience and extra expense,
that the volume of traffic did war
rant this facility.
Among the witness arguing tor
the reopening were the livestock
producers, who argued that the
Clyde depot had the only cattle
loading facilities m this area.
It was not immediately known
exactly when the depot would he
Queen I
I I !
Farm Tour HaVWOod Adopts
To Start At n. . i
otate insurance
Plan For Schools
AT ;i lilts' ST ATK
Miss Nancy Floyd and Miss Alice
Marie llurgin are in Greensboro
this week In alien. I the tenth an
nual Tar Heel Girls' Stale in ses
sion al Woman's College of the
University ol North Carolina.
Dorothy .Nonas 17-year-old
daughter nl Mr .1 1 u I Mrs I' ('
Nonas ol Waynesville, was
clowned nueen ol I hi' second an
nual Haywood Countv Folk Fe.
I iv al last Sat unlay night 111 Can
ton Miss Nun is who graduated
from Waynesville Township High
Sch nil I Ins .spring, plan , to i n
ter the Richmond. Va . brunch
ol William and Mary College 10
September to start studying ens.
tunic and fashion design She has
three brothers and a sister. Ot
In r sister. I he Festival Queen
said: "She's pretty."
went on
loon with Mr.
lave a picinre
Iheir letter.
krltpys." they
k-y all Mini-
Mr HavwooH
full schedule
study lined
Ems Up yy
" and then "
Forty-five boys and girls of Hay-
wood County's 4-H Clubs will I
leave Monday morning for Raleigh
where they will attend State 4-H;
Club Week and the short course
for club members.
County Agent Wayne Corpening,
who made the announcement lo-
day, said the buses would pick up
club members according to the
following schedule:
8 a. m. at the Haywood Counly
Court House; 8:30 a. m. at Clvde; t-i T ' T 1
and 8:45 a. m. at the Canton Bus 1 l" TOm 1 Tip i O lO WO
Station. !
He urged all club members to
bring a picnic lunch wilh them.
They will return home on Augusl
6. I
Haywood Group
To Arrive 5 Friday
Contractor Figures 90
Days Needed To Rebuild
Washed-Out Pigeon Bridge
Tl.. V.u,l.iii
I )
Mrs. Pearl Graham of Chester.
S. C is the guest of Mr. and Mrs
, T Lenoir Gwyn and Mrs. Joseph
Howell Way at the Gwyn residence.
ur5 a nar-
FVWg the tn-
Pa Assemhlv
I auditorium
venmE. .ink-
fia? Titten
About Junaluska
iven On Saturday
luska for the summer, will have
charge of the interpretative music
Probably 100 persons will compose
the cast.
The principal character roles are
of Nashville u,r0n0s. who interprets the scernes.
woman, fea- nno Domini, who furnishes the
ir of religi0I,s ria,a- and the Scribe, who records
fill be pre-r"p lory-
Apartments A" ' 'he organized groups on
P!"b!v unrfpr the grounds, as well as individuals.
ssembly j are engaged in supplying back-
fcf the (ground material covering the i
111 dirpTu" ! years of history of the institution
fuel, of V ! Interest ln the forthcoming pro-
hnd heart , QUC"on has extended beyond tne
nt st t assembly grounds and visitors
nearby are expected.
Haywood 4-11 Club members and
their four leaders left here early
Thursday morning en route home,
after spending a busy week as
guests of Washington County 4-H
Joe ('line, a leader of the Hay
i wood group, said that their sche
dule called for arriving in Way
nesville al five o'clock Friday after
noon. The young farmers from the
Great Smoky region have been
amazed by Hie large acreage of
corn, and the vast feeding lots for
The almost perfectly level coun
try, together with the fast-talking
lowans, and the corn, and corn
and corn, plus hogs and hogs and
hogs, have kept the Tar Heel
youngsters amazed.
A full schedule of activities have
kept the North Carolinians on the
go since their arrival last Thurs
d?v afternoon They were welcom
ed by officials as well as their
hosts for the week.
Clyde Gets New
Police Chief
The Town of Clyde now has a
police chief.
He is Charles F. I, aniline for
merly of Asheville. 45-ypar-old
veteran of !5 years of police
Chief I, anninc was appointed
unanimously hy the town alder
men at a recent meeting to suc
ceed Shay Henson, who re
signed early in June to join the
Portland, Ore., police department.
Shirley Bridges, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs M. T Bridges, and Mar
tha Howell, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Joe Howell, left Wednesday
to attend a session at Camp Hope
on the Pigeon Road.
About till days will be reiiiiied
to replace the north section ot a
onerole bridge over Fast Fork
of Pigeon River on Highway No
276. The Mountaineer learned ttoiti
T. F. Hollsel
I Ml. Iloilsel
$23,971.61) to
number ot
throughoiil lln
The project
mal Iv aw aided
low bidder on lln
submit led
thi' State
i Tuesilay
Ind.s tin
slate we i
lias not
a bid ol
1 1 igliw ,iy
when a
e opened
been lol
soinet lines
Weeks. Il
lakes two and even throe
was learned
Mr. Houser said that he estimat
ed it would lake II to ID men work
ing on the bridge lo h.iye il opened
lo I he public in till days ,,l ol
7 hM. Mon.
Nearly 200 Haywood County
I. u in men. women, boy s ami girls
will start their 104!) Out-ot-Counly i
Farm four early Momtay morning j
They'll leave tor the noddle west !
to tin -conditioned buses and tatnily
cars starling at 7 a in. tlom the
County Court llou.e
Accompany nig them on the
weeks tour will be Counly At;eiil
Wayne Coipeniim, Assistant Coun
ty Agents Wayne Franklin and
Herb Singletary . and Home Demon
sltaltoii Agent Mary Cornwell.
They'll cover l,46;" miles in then
inspection of agricultural centers
and I aims pi iicipally in Ohio and
Indiana Stops also will be made
III Kentucky. Tennessee, and West
ii ginia
The parly is scheduled lo spend
Monday night at Lexington. Ky :
proceeding the nel morning after
a tour of the lamed horse laruis
aiound Lexington.
The Haywood laim lolks will
slay al Purdue University, Lata
vetle. Ind., on Tuesday and
Wednesday nights.
On Thursday night, the party
is scheduled lo slay at Fort Wayne,
proceeding through Indiana that
day with inspection trips scheduled
all along the way.
they III spend liulay night at
Huntington, W. a., lor I he last
night of the tour, and are sched
uled to be back in Waynesville ay
II 4f p. m. Saturday .
Drive-In Theatre
Plans Opening
Next Week-End
j Indications today were thai the
Waynesville Diive-ln Tliealic at
the intersection ol I he Asheville
and RatelilTo Cove Roads would
J bo open next week-end.
j It. II West, and C II. iVIelialtey .
owners and operators, said lliat
present plans were to open next
week-end Mr IVIelialtey is ownei
ol the Cash Store in Clyde, and
! will serve as manager of lite
theatre. He leaves touiuitoyy toi
Cliarlolle to gel the remainder ol
the eiiiipioeiit. and will bring li u k
eiigiueeis to install the projectors
anil sound eiiopmeiil .
The lenee has boon erected, pio
jecl too booth, screen and lamps
IiiiiII A concession stand has been
ioeoi -poi aled in tile building hulls
iug the projection booth, as will
as i est i ooms.
VI i West saitl the outdoor I Ilea'
lie will accomodate IIOI) cars, ami
that l o post:, wilh two model n
speakers each would be completed
lliis week.
"We bought the best sound
eiiiimetil possible," be said, and
plan to bring in good clean, enter
taining pcUucs."
All children under 12 will be ad
mitted tree, the owners said.
No .statement was made as lo the
cost of the piojecl, which is the
only out door theatre in Haywood.
Haywood Schools
To Open Aug. 29
School days will anaio
iu:st ;;) loi Hay yy nod County
The npciine: nl Hi,, tall ti l ill
was set itcliml. ly lor that dale
by I In- County Hoard ol liluca
lion al its Tuesday iiieclini: in
I utility Supei iiilrililcul Jack
.Messcr's oil ice,
lliat ttlves the boys .mil sills
il.ivs lit sharpen Huh pencils,
Inilish their rulers, ami enjoy
Hun siiiiiinei vacation.
New Maggie
Post Office
Is Proposed
Llloils are being made to have
a new post oil lee building hilill al
Members of the Srico Valley
lioosleis l ltih levealcri today thai
.1 Waynesville iilieii miilai led
t S ttep .Monroe Redden in le
"aid to thi' possibility o h, iv ill ',
the Inderal euvornuicnl authorize
the new post oil in- and provide the
lllyess.aiy tilllils
I he i lull s,ota alien said tenta
tive plan-, (ailed lot a i ii.lic-t.v pe
Roy IMonnnons To Re
In Tims Creek F.vcitt
Rio I'lemnions yy ill tell his (olor
I id y ai le. to Hie audience al I he
Fines t'icik 1 1 1 a 1 1 ti i Night I'ni
fi'jiii loiiioiioyy night at the Fines
(leek School
He yy .e. aiiiioiinieil today :ts one
nl the i-iiiiaiils in Itie piogiain
yy loi Ii y ill ly a hi e some ol Hay
yyiinil -. Inn - I talent Mi s Mai k
t-yi'.icou pio'i.nii ili.iiitoan. said
tuyl.iy .
Merchants To
Meet Wellco Club
I he vy ,iv m sy iile Men hauls and
Ifle W ell, o baseball i lull will llu','1
al :i Jil o in Sunday .il Hie Way lies
yille low ii -hip High School
1 1 1 , i i I
(iipp Uy.i'l will .'ail tor the
Meich.oils yyliile (Jil Taylor, hum
ei ( lass IJt h aeue Ion ler. will take
111, in, Hind I, il Welleo
! Ruildings Now Insured
For Three Times
Original Amount
Previously Carried
I lie I lay wood County Hoard of
Film-ahull decided "reluc an' Iv '
last Tuesday to adopt slate insur
ance lor the county's school build,
nuts, winch will he insured f ir
Si t .oli.i tllltl.
Alter 1 lie session. Counly Schools
, Snpel uiteiidcnl Jack Messer ex
plained (be rcluelaucc in the aiM 'ii
was based on the view that the
stale was entering private business
in providing such insurance.
The action came alter lluf.
; hyiiirs ul debate over whether ln
i i i.n nl y tiudibiigs should be in
sured against lire by the state or
bv ii i , 1 1 a - tii his as they were lorni-
l'lie devilling laclor lay in lln
j The pi vmiuuis on III, total m ur
auce to lie cairied iwhich will bp
neaih lour times the amount car
i ii'il last yeai'i would be $" ") a'l
iiiially il taken with private coo -paiues
and only $4.!I12.54 under
Hie stale plan.
Kepi esental iv es h um insurance
,oniioiies in Nul l II Carolina ai -i.tit
il that tile state was compel -in;
.Willi privale business, and that
il tould charge adiltlioital pi"i,u-
ittue, hi event ot excessive lire hu
ll v; inunled out. however, that
i lln, lo h Ilie stale law can do tin-.
In in oy iile. t hal 1 hi premiums can
iiol he i-'i eater than I hose-charged
iiy tmy.ile tinus on May I. Hit,",
i Siueu , tluil . dale, privale cum
paliies have hoo.sled Iheir rtiti- "
'pec tciil. one observer pointed
imi I .
Heprc .elilalives ol the Slate In
sliiuitee Ciiiiiiiiission appeared he
loi v I he counl y boai d last 'i -n I . i
In explain the slale plan
Last year, the county's school
liiulyliu's yyeie insured lor a to(.i
II ..till which cost $33,125 ill
pi y'iliiiiui ..
All Vl.'sscr expl. lined Iile Hi
lly a e in insurance was an ellnrt.
in In lie; I be ligurc i loser to ade
(iial ci iv ei age.
' v e increase the insurance a Id
lie cacti y eai ." he said "hut ey e:i
the uncut ligure is not adequate
tie evpl. lined the figures on (1,.
iiisiiiance to he carried are b.r-'d
on (lie i os I ot replacing the build
iw, hi oilier Inisini'ss dining Ilie -f
sinn. which lasted nearly six hour:,
the board set Augusl 2!) as Ilie diV
lor I he opining ot Ilie county
(See Schools Page 'I I
' tonus would have
then poured Willi
The recent Hood
Inundation of the
il to drop several I
has been built for
vehicle traffic is
around the old ma
nf about three mil,
limit, and
, i ele.
mill, nnllicri I be
In i,lge. causing
eel A walkwav
pedestrians, but
being detoured
it lor a distance
Volunteers Giving Blood
sctdk Today As Center Opens
Hot ' '
Editors note The Evening
Journal out in Iowa, sent two re
porters to get the impressions of
two of Haywood 4-H members
' Peggy N'nland and Sewell Dean
Amosi The account 01 noin inese
(Sfp Haywood Groups-
-Page 2)
Survivor Of Atom Bomb
To Tell Of Experience
At Junaluska Tonight
e Baptist Church
To Observe 85th Annual
Anniversary On Sunday
f if anrt
e"aT of the
The Clyde Baptist Church will
observe its eighty-fifth anniversary
next Sunday, July 31, with a home
coming celebration and an old
fashioned picnic served on the
The Rev. R1 P. McCracken. a
former pastor of the church, will
preach the anniversary and home
coming sermon.
At the evening service there
I wfl be an ordination ceremony for
I deacons and deaconesseS and an
(installation service for the general :
.officer of the rhiireh for the en
suing church year. The pastor, the
Rev DawTcr D Gross, will preside
at the evening service and will
preach the ordination sermon.
The two deacons to be ordained
are Sidnev Haynes. and William
Osborne. The two deaconesses are
Mrs. Howard Shook, and Mrs. E.
G. Brooks.
The Clyde Baptist Church was
organized on July 30, 1864. as "The
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church". Its
present name was adopted on Janu
I) (boss is pastor.
if' ; i'
r 'f t ?-
s "y 4 '
'-Is VI-1-
u 0
I ,.,.,, , ,..., I
The Rev. I)r Takuo Malsumoto.
pnncipal of Hiroshima Girls'
School in the bombed city of Hiro
shima. Japan, will speak from the
Lake Junaluska platform. Thurs
day night, under the auspices of
a south-wide missionary conlerence
in session here. July 26-August 1.
on the subject "Hiroshima Not
Hest roved." This morning he gave
the history of this, the oldest and
onlv Chrislan school in the
cttv and province ot Hiro
shima. It is also, he said, the only
girls' school which was founded
; by the former Southern Methodist
"School work," said the educa
I tor, "was carried on in war time
and was enjoying popularity and
prosperity. Then came the disas
ter. It was a quarter past 8 on that
i fateful morning of August 6, 1945.
1 1 was just about to seat myself
j (See Atom Romh PajP 7v
Monday Night
Plans weie being rounded out
today lor the "pop concert" next
Monday night hy the Transylvania
'Music Camp Faculty Orchestra
The concert, with James Chris
tian Ptohl directing, will start al
3:15 p. in al the Waynesville Arm
or. v Mrs. Frank Knulli. sen clary
of the sponsoring Chamber nl
Commerce, announced today.
Tickets are on sale in Waynes
ville hotels, al the Chamber ol
Commerce oft ice. and at Gunn s
Mi s. W. K. Chapman and daughl
er. Miss Brent Chapman, have re
turned after a several weeks slav
in Davidson. Mrs. Chapman attend
ed a summer course at Davidson
tin- lil, i, ,,l don, i. loom opened at
Ilie I 'i eshv tin lan church al II) a.
til Ind. iv to it'ieive volunteers as
the lied ('loss Btoodiuo
bile lioin the Asheville legional
ccnlei p. uit its second visit to
Way in sy iile
Local yyoikt i- have been seeking
to enlist enouh volunteer ttonoi s
to iiistiie a colli r i h u t ion of at least
Ino pints ot tilooil Donor Keciud
iiiciiI Chan mail W ay lie Corpening
s.uit today .
Ktliy-oue yoiunleeis appealed al
ilie iliiucli on Vlav 111 yytien thi
HloiMlniohile in. tile its firsl stop
here. 1)1 these. 36 were accepted
by physical es.iinination lo donate
a pint nt blood each
Since Hieii. However. I he Hay
wood County llospilal has used
!(! pints trom Hie Asheville center
- moie Ihaii Ivvue I hi' amount con
Appeals have been made throui
this paper and Station WHCC by
blond program workers lor volun
teers lioin Waynesville and the
sin rn it tiding con mill nit ies,
I;, nil while and Negro citizen?
hayo been asked lo appear at th?
church to make llu-ir contributions
to the program.
This week in a radio mer-HP,
Dr. Ifoyrl Owen of Waynr-vtlle
explained that what differe n?
there was in Ihe blood of the dif
lerent races disappearerl verv ;rr'a
Ihioiidh natural processes follow
ing the transfusion.
Mrs Charles Ray, Mrs Felix
Slovall. Mrs Ft hi I Fisher. Vv'ay
(See Volunteers Pane 2)
Retail Dairy Plans To
Open Here In 30 Days
A modern relail-w holsale dairy
is scheduled to open here in thirty
days, it was announced today by
Lester Burgin, Sr.. and two sons.
Lester, Jr., and Erwin.
Construction of the plant ior
housing the pasteurization and bot
tling equipment is already under
construction at the Burgin Dairy
at Dellwood.
A 150-gaIlon spray type pasteu
rization machine, together with
other late type dairy equipment
has been purchased, much of it
has aldicady arrived. The build
ing tor the equipment will be 30
by 45 feel .
The hrtn has already received a
iale model delivery truck and other
equipment is expecied within a
lew davs.
The Burgin dairy is al present
milking 32 cows, and plan to add
10 more to the present herd.
Lester Burgin Jr., will be in
charge of sales, and will we
Waynesville, Hazelwocd and d
jacpnt terr'torv.
Record For
(To DaU)
In Haywood
Killed 4
Injured .... 26
TThi3 Information com
piled from Eecords of
Etote Hlhwy Patrol).

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