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rf The Waynesville Mountaineer
If a husband's words are
sometimes pointed, maybe it's
from trying to get them in
Published Twice-A-Week In The County Seat of Ha wooJ County At Th e Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
64th YEAR NO. 65 18 PAGES Associated Press and United Press New 'i
WAYNESVILLE, N. C, THURSDAY AFTERNOON, AUGUST 4, 1949 $3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
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Town Installing Larger
Water Lines In Several
Sections; More Planned
Baseball Queen
Janice Harvell of Carolina Beach,
recently crowned 'Miss Lions
International" at the duns' New
York convention, now wears a
new title and a new crown. Slie
' jmm
of acliwi.! tfariw.o4,i ,'Mis4..'d) . ' ';ir-.
mountains. I Una Basellaflr ffiTW) " " Ihe-
state semi-pro baseball tunrnf
ment in Asheboro. AP Phot i
Soco Valley
May Get New
Name Today
Indications point to a lively dis
cussion tomorrow night at the din
iiit meeline which will be held at
the Maggie School by the Soco
Gap Road Boosters Club.
Suggestions will he submitted
following the dinner al 7;3l p.m.
for a new name for the valley be
tween Soco Gap and Lake .luna
luska. But whatever the valley ilsell
will be called, Maggie will still be
known as Maggie.
Club officers were emphatic in
giving this assurance that these
would be no attempt to change the
name of the postoffice there.
A committee set up by the club
three months ago will make its own
recommendations for a picturesque
name for the picturesque valley,
then will open the way to further
ih, ui. . suggestions and a voir
Thn HUnncultiii of names will be
one principal feature of the mrd
! ing. which also will take up '' "i""'
her of other matters vital to the
j Principal speaker will he F I-
j Roeck, Winter Haven, Fla.. indus
trialist, who is vacationing "t the
! Mount Valley Inn,
! Fred Campbell, president of the
Boosters Club, will be m charge of
: the meeting.
i Tentative plans call for noting
!the chosen name of the valley on
attractive signs which would he sd
up at each entrance.
For entertainment, the Magsir
String Band will play dm in:; the
Two Noted Singers To
H Give Lake Recital 6th
: Closing a week of unusual in
terest and activity here the ap
, pearance of two concei t art'.sts m
! recital here is a major event of
Saturday night. August 6 in the
Assembly Auditorium. Tbev
, C 1- r, ,, .,,1 fin! h-
evenino " eveue. soprano, boo -...
rie Frye. tenor.
Miss Revelle's recent appear
ances, in addition to extensive con
cert tours throughout New York.
Pennsylvania, Maryland, ohm. Vir
ginia and North Carolina included
a solo engagement with the Pea
body Chorus and Baltimore sym
phony Orchestra under the ndon
nf Tfor Jones.
The six-inch water main mil ihe
Dollwood Road to the fit limits
was completed this week. The 2.-200-foot
lino was laid in Ihi'ce days,
according to (;. ('. Ferguson, town
Two liir hydrants were also in
stalled, and the work of tapping
the line will begin immediately..
The si x -i i ich line replaces a 1 1 v
inch line which was installed by
private ciliens some years ago.
The cost of the project was about
$3,000. Mr. Ferguson said.
The next water line is planned
for Ihe Aliens (.'reek area, and an
engineer is scheduled to survey
the area within Ihe next few days,
and show where fire hydrants
should he installed
Mr Ferguson said thai estimates
were that Ihe projects would cost
from $l.r.000 to $111,000. i
The town forces have also re
cently compleled a street and wal-or-scwer
project on Thomas Drive.
T he street was widened, graveled,
and al nut 2,000 leel of 4-inch wat
er main installed, along with an
extended sewer line.
"All the projects are expensive,"
Mr. Ferguson said, hut aie per
manent improvements that will last
for a general ion."
"We aie going to need a lot
more ol these." he said, "as he
held up a check he had just receiv
ed from the stale for the town's
share of intangible taxes The
check was for $1,045.50.
Cliwii Cline
Dies Suddenly
At Home Today
Clinton C. (Tine. 61, farmer and
employee of the L'nagusta Manu
facturing Company, died unexpect
edly at his home on Plott Creek
early this morning, lie had been at
work as usual yesterday.
Funeral services will be held at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jim
Palmer on the Fairview Hoad, Sat
urday afternoon, at 3 o'clock. The
Kcv. .1. M. Woodard will olficiale
internment will be in Green
Hill Cemetery.
7'allbearers will be the following
nephews; James Palmer, Jack
Nichols. Joe Nichols, Fritz Little,
Jake Nichols, and Therein Hyatt.
Mr (Tine, a native of Hirkory,
has been employed at the L'nagusta
for Hie past 14 years. He has been
a member of the First Methodist
Church of Asheville since young :
Surviving are the widow, Mrs.
Elizabeth Nichols dine; two daugh
ters. Miss Anna (Tine of the home
and Mrs Ifarry Simonds of Route
1, Waynesville; two brothers, Henry ;
(Tine of Staunton, Virginia and :
McKinlc.v Cline of Hassett, Virgin
ia, one sister. Miss Pearl Cline of
Winston-Salem; and two grand-,
(Tnldri n
The body will be taken to the
home Friday afternoon at
o'clock and will remain
until the
hour of the funeral.
Arrangements are under the di
rection of Garrett Funeral Home.
Mrs Lawrence McElroy of New
port News. Va.. is here for a visit
to her parents. Mr. and Mrs. W. L.
Lampkin. Mrs. McElroy is con
valescing from an operation which
underwent recently at me
side Hospital in Newport
Mr. McElroy. wno accom
hr. wife to Waynesville, re-
turned to
his home Tuesday.
She hi' filled engagements as
oratorio soloist m many Eastern
''mi- Frve. the possessor of a mag
n,p,Vl tenor voice, toured for a
"eL n with the Charles L. Wagner
Opera" Company, before his own
.oiieert and oratorio appearances;
.i i,it foil lime.
Tnese concert artists began their ;
appearances together as featured
lists with the AM WJcn Orchc
Ira of Wilmington, Delaware.
On these programs they d.scov-,
t,ed the perfect blending of their j
,,.,. C.w.wit P.iee
i 1-4 440:
IMt. F. S. I.OVF. was re-elected
superintendent of the Lake .luna
luska Methodist Assembly today
hv ihe lie 1 1' ut inti s hoard of lius
lei s. lie- is cnmplcl ing bis lillh
year in In po-.l Dr. I .ove's re
port ;it the board moduli.: unh
ealed Hie siniiniei assembly is
having one ol its best seasons,
both from Ihe standpoint ol at
tendance ,'i lid of mine. I in the
pi ogr, nns
Information Booth
For Tourists Now
In Operation
Hie Waynesville ('lumber of
Commerce's newest service l'i
travelers is working now at
Ward's F.sso station al the junc
tion of II. S. Highways J!)-1!A
east of Waynesville.
The information booth opened
last Monday to guide visitors
coming through Haywood Colin-
Mrs. Frank Knntti. Chamber ol
Commerce secretary, said today
the aim Is to keep the booth oper
' ating from I p.m. until 8 p.m.
every da .
Volunteer workers are man
: ning the booth to supply tourists
j with information about roads
and the interesting features of
the area.
! The Chamber of Commerce is
keeping the information facility
supplied with descriptive litera
ture. Thad N. Howells
Purchase A Large
Colorado Ranch
News lias jusl been received
here that Ml and Mrs Thad N
Unwell, well known here, and form
er owners ol the (Tevewill
.lust purchased a
near Durango. Colo
plan l
ago to
ranch has 200 head of al lie.
loai ned. and the Howells
i assume possession imuiedi-
several months
area, where Mr.
some lime as a
o llsll
'II had
I Idoi c
mi ii"d
no lug
i large
to Waynes
farm on J
III, in (
Mr and Mis John Taylor and
son. Nick . are leaving Saturday
for Iron Mountain, Mich, where
they will visit Mrs Taylor's undo
and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. W. W.
Thnnip'on They will also visit Mrs.
Taylor's hoi I her-in-law and sister.
Mr and Mrs, H. II. Ilalladay, at
Black Like. Mich.
To Give Recital
This is Sara Ravello. concert
soprano, who will appear Satur
day night at the Lake Junaluska
Assembly Auditorium in a joi.t
reeital vih Tenor fJutViri, Fp f
V r ! i,, ' -Z ITS
The Lake .him, hi .ka Methodist
Assembly today publicly launched
a campaign to I aise SiiOII 000 lor
Ihe development ot the insti
tution, which is owned and con
trolled In the Southeastern Juris
diclion ol Ihe Melliodisl Chinch. ,
Luther W. Wells, pri" iinenl
layman. insuraiHc executive and
lay leader ol Ihe Virginia I'onler-
ence, was named
or ol I he e '
headquarters w ill
executive direcl
m p a I g ii His
he in Itichniond.
Vh ,;ini i
Kdwin I. Jones, of ChaiTolle,
chairman of the -Hi iiieinher Hoard
ol Trustees ol (lie .loii.duska As
sembly, presided ovci Ihe meeting
Hindi protected Ihe campaign
Mr Jones announced tin- cam
paigu pi ins ill In-, addle .s beloie
nic hoard
He explained Ihe raiupaien will
I c j l i 'e I loin oil' to (wo ' e.ll s to
leach tile lin inel il glial . leip I
He .aid Ihe amount ..ought has
been tentatively allocated a . bil
low,, in the main to lacil
ilies lor accoiiiinodaliiig m vis
ible, to Lake Jiniihiska. and the
balance In improve tile physical
plant :
. New tourist molds, $100.0011.
j lirst unit of a new lireplool hotel,
I $400,000; i il 1 1 i ovenients al Ter
race. $2f,()00; improvements al
! auditorium, $25,000; roads and
bridge improvements. $12,500;
beautificalion lake and grounds,
$12,500; completion and furnishing
lot Memorial Chapel. $25.0110. Ail
j of this. Mr. Jones said, will lie ban
(lied apart from Hie regular or
ganized work of the Assembly un
der the superintendency of Dr. i
S Love.
The campaign. Mr. Jones added,
will be set up to utilize the regular
machinery of The Methodist
Church. Mr. Wells will begin
full I ime work as d I r e c I o r
of Ihe campaign on September
1st, 1949. His headquarters will be
in Hichmond and he will work
closely Willi the trustees, bishops,
district superintendents, confer
ence, district and charge lay lead
ers. Soon after September Isl Mr
Wells will start a scries of dinner
j meetings in key cities in each con
ference ol the Southeastern Juris
diction. Probably 10 or 12 of the.e
dinner meetings will be held in
North Carolina.
"Surely," concluded Mr Joins
"Methodism do ,ei ves a recreation
center where mind, body and Kpiril
can be rested, restored and revival
ized a center that will at trad our
(See .lunaluska 1'agc (il
Lower Crahtrcc
Meeting Friday
Mountaineer Con
Residents ol Lower Crabliee will
meet al 7 p. in lomoirow at Ihe
Hyder Mountain Church to in. ike
plans lor their Field Dav Align. I
HI wilb Hie Fines ( reek citizen.-..
The Community Development
Program event will be held at
Fines Creek.
Marshall Kirkpatrick. Lower
Crabtrcc community chairman, will
preside at the Friday night meet
ing. Saturday At Lake
Guthrie Frye, tenor, will ap
pear with Sara Ravelle, soprano,
at the Lake .lunaluska Assembly
auditorium Saturday night 'n a
ioinf recital
Heads Campaign
iff .
l.l'THKK M. WKM.S is exi c u-
live of the campaign to raise
$000,000 for expanding Lake
.lunaluska Methodist Assembly .
County Tax List
To Be Published
In Monday's Paper
The list of drliiuiiit nt nullify
taxes on properly has bei u pre
pared and Is now brine set in
type for publication mi Monday.
Aiicusl K. it was aiiiioiiiu i d by
Sebe Iti vson. county tax culledor
The properly will In- advertis
ed lor lour weeks then offered al
public auction on Monday, Sep
tember Slh.
Services Held
For Young Girl
Who Drowned
Funeral services were held in
Washington. I) ('., yesterday for
Marilyn Lee Cope, 2 1-2 year old
girl whose parents formerly lived
in Haywood County.
The child drowned Saturday
in the Anacnstia River in Washing
Ion when she fell from her parents'
cabin cruiser which was tied at a
Her body was recovered an hour
and a half later after a search by
harbor police, a fire rescue squad,
and members of a nearby Navy
div ing school.
Mr and Mrs Cope were both
swimming alongside the vessel
when their daughter fell overboard,
but were unable to reach her in
f illle
Mis Cope, the former Petty
Knighl. i. the daughter of Mr and
Mrs Oscar Knight of llazelwood.
and niece of Mrs Sam Knighl and
Samuel Knight.
Mi Cope, a technician in a
Washington dental laboratory, is
a former resident of Waynesville.
The child's grandparents. Mrs.
Cope , sisters. Nancy and Mavine
Knighl. Mi and Mrs. Samuel
Knighl. and Mrs. Sain Knight
wenl to Washington Sunday idler
receiving news of Ihe tragedy.
Charles Kay Named to
Stale IJusiness IJody
( h.ob K Ray . .Il . Way nesville
civ ic to, idei and businessman, ha
been appoint' d to the (iovei ninen
lal and Public Affairs Committee
of the Noitb Carolina Merchants
This was announced recently bv
WTIIard Dowell of Raleigh, execu
tive vice-president of Ihe Associa
tion which claims 7.00l members.
The committee's job i 1o recom
mend to the state association's
board of directors what it believes
Ihe altitude of the association
should be toward legislation, gov
ernmental and public affairs.
Mr. Hay was re-elected last Mon
day as chairman ot Ihe North Car
olina Park Commission.
Salvation Army Singing
Session Set For Sunday
Ur Kelly Bennett mayor of
Bryson City, and Col. G A. Steph- '
an. Salvation Army officer from
Charlotte, will be principal speak
ers Sunday during the Salvation '
Army Mountain Mission Corps'
12th annual Singing Convention at j
Maple Springs Gap. j
The all-day convention, with Ray
Parker of Canton in charge of the i
singing, will be held in the open i
air pavilion at the Gap. which is i
near Max Patch, 25 miles north of j
Waynesville. The Mission property
straddles the Haywood Madison ,
County line. I
nr TienopH ill PiUhoss thi and.
Records Show Haywood's
Finances In Good Shape;
Full Report
Town Budget
Being Prepared;
Tax Rate Same
W.iy lo'Wille Town iliioier (i.
C. l et i; iistni ,i i ( bid. i the audit
ors .lie ciunpb I on; (lie umk this
wcik on Hie L'l'l I'l.MI town huri
Kd. He levelled Hie board of
alfleriot-ii haw- alicidv derided
dial (lit- (a i itc would remain
Ihe SI III pi i s HI'l valuation that
it was l.i ,1 y i .ii .
Farm Tour
Folk Having
Big Time In
Mid -West
Mountaineer oi i e pendent
Editor's null- Miss Cat hey is on
1 1 he farm tour lor T he Mountain
leer and a lull acounl of the trip
! will be given in biter issues. The
j following was sent from Indiana at
noon today.
! GOSHEN, 1ml T'h.. I uti 'llav-
wood cilizi lis on the 1,500 mile oul-of-slale
latin toin really go! an
eydul ol lall Indiana coin this
morning i Thin sday p . Tim party
left Purdue t uiversily early, but
lost a Ijllle lime en route to Go
shen, in oilier that everyone could
gel a good look at those mid-western
This alleiiioon a trip to a county
dairy show, then eight miles to a
poultry processing plant, and near
by poult i y I.ii in
After a .ili-nule rule, the group
of three buses and Ion cars will
armc In Foi l U.n nr tor the night.
The liisl I luce clays ol the trip
have been ideal The weather has
been hue, and onH one incident
has m. n 1 1 -d a m itcil t l ip. tills
trouble call
ill Helling
Tuesday on
Lvei one
a grand tun
ha e hail i .ii
d a I iii ee hour delay
nii.i Lafayette, I rid . .
on I be 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 having
an I mil one or Iwo
ickii" '. A warm wel
come I, had on every hand.
The vial to a I in key farm, and
seeing a Hock ol Hi.ouil has caused
a lot ol ei en 1 1 it -1 1 1 . Inil ey on I hat has
not ei a 'it lb,- iiojii i-s ,ion ol the
beaut it ul hoi si , and past urcs in
the lil ue gi a . Mil ions of Ken
I ueky
Due lo In
Oil Ihe bll . II
I he gn i-i nor
mechanical Iroiible
i oi 1 1 . mis ,ed .eeing
ol Kentucky, which
was a 1 1 tsa t 'pot nl u jc ot
W din- il.o- m. -1,1 the parte heard
a i hoi o of I ;"io Indiana farm wo
men in ' al Hie II. .it o Music at
I'm due I 'no ' , il . That, along
Willi an ."he b l)r Earl But..
'agiii-uniii.'l economy of Purdue,
climaxed a hit '. and exciting day
Dr lint lold the Haywood group
that "villingiie . . lo work is a pe
oiliar Ameiii an ingredient and is
the ba n. lor Nmeiio.i's greatness.
He continued bv poipiing out that
"if farm people w ho are not afraid
lo work can gel that philosophy
across, then He- ned have no fear
for agru nil in i indiidiy. or the
fllllUC '
T h' gi""p -;l " I" -ii'd J'.ide Flor
(See I i m Tour Page 6
lence during the morning program,
while ('okuicl Mrphan will speak
in the at,r" noon
The vi ..iior v'l! irtk'- I'm" out be
tween momms and afternoon ses
sions to have their pir,ulr hinc'l
Salvation Aiinv officials remind
ed those planning to come that the
custom is lor everyone to bring
picnic baskets and spend the day.
But those who can't bring their
own lunch won't go hungry. They'll
be served plate lunches in the Ki
creatiou Hall. nd the musicians
and singers who lake part in the
program will be given a chickeu
(Spp Palvalinn Army- Pee tp
Auditor Charles II Metcalfe s re
port for the past fiscal .year shows
Haywood Counlv is in good finan
cial shape. The detailed report is
being published in Section three
of this issue
J In lad. the county's financial
j condition is the be.-t as far . ii
( known ol am county m this ai ca.
As ol July 30. the rrpoi I sho.cs,
! Ihe county valuation totalled $-).-
ITIi.HO.'i approximately $000.000
higher than it was at the same time
! last year
During the past year al.-o. nunc
Jlhan $50,000 has been lopped off
I Haywood';, total outstanding ri"N
j On July 30. Ibis year, ilns lot a!
I stood al $f;i2,325
On the same dale in Ultrt. the
! county's total indebtedness was
The break down on the figures
for the drht of (hp past fiscal year
j shows $392,000 of the amount out
, standing in rountv bonds, and
$181,000 in school bonds, for a to
' l.d bonded indebtedness of $573.
000 I Stale school loans totalled S9
1 325 to account for the remainder of
. Hie lotal debt.
I Last year at the same tune the
county bonds outstanding totalled
$443,500. and the school bonds were
estimated at a value of $205,001).
During the past fiscal year, mean
while, the county paid a lotal ol
$51,500 on the principal on county
bonds, and $22,148.75 on their In
terest, while paying out. slightly
wore than $118 in fees.
J ' addition Iv .liia, $27,900 ws"
paid oiit on the principal on school
bonds, and $11,1)21.2.1 on the mtpr.
esl, with Ihe amount paid in bos
tallying lo $70.36.
All these figures add up lo $1 13,
(J5H.57 paid by the counl.V on prin
cipal on bonds, interest and lees ,
On t lie credit side, Mr Meteallc's
report shows the 19411 lax levy
brought in a total $434,070 50
Al the' same lime. Haywood citi
zens owe the county more than
$(i(),0!)0-iu Uncollected taxes all to
ftellK r front 1946 through 1 041! in
clusive. The county's unencumbered bal
ances total $IHH,73li 24.
The report also shows Haywood's;
casli in Ihe bank totals Hit;; -.-iigo
figure- and that only two of (he
major lunds are ovcrdra" n
These overdrafts show on t'.'.;
wdfare and the Canton school
building funds
In Hie treasurer's fund ha1,!".: ;,
the liguie., show $15!). 855 17 "i pre
paid taxes for 1949, $7,4-.' I !i in the
general fund and $750 in the gen
eral lund petty cash
These make Ihe total general
fund balance $107,1130 I ',
The total county school funds
the balance come to $2. -07 5K
T he balance in the lot il liospttal
lunds, Ihe report show.,, .finds at.
$7,713 02. the fund lor debt i -ce
al $7,731.20. and the capi'al outlay
fund al $2,020.04.
85 Per Cent Ot
Town Taxes Paid
Eighty-five per cent of the rut
rent taxes for WaynesviHe have
been collected, it was karnf-d
from (. C. Ferguson, town man
ager, today.
Mr. Ferguson said that voik
has started on the prepar-it'n. of
the list of delinquent tixes. on
property, and the property will
lie advertised for sale, and of
fered al auction. The in.'tia! list
will appear Monday, August 1,
and the sale held Monday. S p
tcmber 12.
Record For
(To Dite)
In Haywood
Killed 4
Injured .... 26
( information com
piled from Records ol
SUU Highway Patrol).

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