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Comi 220-230 S first S'
The Waynesville Mountaineer
"If havinf a jood time U all
there Is to life, a monkey has
a man outdistanced complete
ly, both in amusing others and
being amused."
Published Twite-A-Week In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
YEAR NO. 6G 12 PAOKS Ass.k iatcd Press and United Press News WAYNESVILLE. N. C MONDAY AFTERNOON. AUGUST 8, 1949 $300 In Adanccln Haywood and Jackson Counties
fbe bark
ks. and
man in
hake nad
fcre nan
'some 2U
I timber.
man to
Lever, as
Jer roi'Ks.
if snakes
hg about
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bt hinnci
Jgh them
never so
of The
remain at
'get some
s and
Ireak. an
trked his
the hotel
fcry murii
lad. evi- i
lama and
wails of
of thirty
Beeper, on t
about this
luck drove
tolled pas-
im!e and
near the
, it H' t
s one of
led by 1).
was serv-
was in-
Haywood Farmers Greeted In Ohio By Industrialist
Church To
Hold 115th
Park Commissioners Sworn In
mhmp .wuluul ii i 'in i ii i i e.otmmmiw mmmtmmmmmmm mmmm
lmWmf i Anniversary
made to
I). is lull
'I'lic 154 Haywood ciliens ui ir
when they visited the homo plant ol
lander, president of the firm, svhieh ;i
was taken as Mr. Frcedlander shook
.,,.,iiv Di'vi'loonienl Council From
Mary Cornwell, home dciiionsi ral ion agenl c
Others on the tour look on Tlie j limp math
to lunch. This picture was made e: pccially
leel rigid at home during their stop
Kulbor Company, and were greeted
-o owns and operates tile Das tun plant here
hand', with Unbelt Francis, chairman ol the
Hie Icll counts ai;ent Wasne Corpening look
at Dayton. Ohio,
hs A. I, Freed -This
Haywood Cnm
s on. while Miss
,1 , ecu ween Mr. Frcedla ndor ami Mr. Francis.
,i ,iii ol Ihe Dasltui plant, and alle rwai ds were lakcn
lor The Mountaineer, and I ii bed here hv plane.
Farm And
Field Day
Set For 17
154 Haywood Folk Bade
From 1,600-Mile Tour
The liclhcl Church
will be I Hi scars old next Sunday.
And its members and Jot her
j friends will give it a suit aide birth
j day parts
; The observance of this anniscr
I sars ot the oldest church in Hay
1 wood l 'tin ill will start .it 1 I a in
, when Ihe Kcs Paul I" Thrower.
the pastor, ssill conducl I be sor-
1 vices, wilh ihe dnnr ol the ll.i.-cl-ssootl
Prcshy lei lan Clinch singing.
i The pastor will also oiler I be Hols
1 Communion sshicb is held op cscry
annis el's, ii y Siindas .
i Alter Ihe services. Hierc will he
a li.i-.kct urn li anil a colorlul .iller
noon piogram. le.ilinim! tin sing-
! nit; ol Ihe lamed A F Unbelts
j Family (.Ju.ii let ol 1 1 a s w o o d
Tin i also will he coiiiiuiinils
siin:im: anil glidings lis l :-1 1 1 n M
Mr I lirosser s ml in lie. an
noiineeinenl Indas member, ol
the Itaplisl and Melhodi .l churches
ol the t -i ii mini i til y base been cx
lendeil a special insilalioij lo join
in all t be dav's act is it ics
Cattle Tour
Planned For
Haywood Farmers
' .; ; L .. U" i
tj bl- (S3
19th Annual
Reunion Set
Approximately 800 people are ex
pected at Palmer's Chapel Sunday
for Ihe 13th niinual Cataloochee
The yearly gathering is held for
all former residents and their fam
ilies of this mountain community in
the Smoky Mountains National
The proRram will open at 11
a in with morniiiR service -, feat
uring the address of Or Elmer T
Clark of l.ake .lunaluska and New
York City, editor of the Christian
Advocate, national Methodist pub
lication EollowinK the picnic dinner
there will be singing and other tec
reutional activities during the af
ternoon. In charge of the ai l anKemeni -lor
the oienle tables and other do.
fails are Mark Hannah and 1. C
200 Attend
Soco Club
, will
II. en
o u omH i 'onitl s farmer
el 'I bin -.d.iv e .imiinoL'
hhm .' heel cattle bend ..
beet cat I le tntir. spollsOi ed
llayssood County Hereford
The second annual Haywood
r arm and Field Day will he held
at the home of K. F. Honors at
( Kfi. ii was announced this week
by Wayne Corpening, county accnt.
1 The date has been set for Wednes-
i ilavAugiist 17,
leldom lets
st Baptist
I extending
)n Sunday
isitor, and
rt of Flor-
pvely city.
who went
We were
"ollegc to-
190, but I
Irried. Her I
trie." Mrs. I
pmed. and ;
I suppose
the colleni
Atwut 1.500 peDVlK. intmc.led in
I farming and rural homes arc ex
I peeled to attend this event.
Already several of the agricul
tural specialists of the slate have
agreed to be here for the occasion.
"It looks like we might have seven
or eight of our top agricultural
men," Mr. Corpening said.
Last year the program was held
at the Jack McCracken farm near
Bethel, and hundreds attended.
Mountaineer Correspondent
.luhilanl Haywood County farm
tourists, carrying on I heir heels the
dust from agricultural centcis in
slates where their annual lour led
I liein. returned home Saturday
School Bus
Drivers To Go To
School Aug. 15-16
' the pro--you
see I
peeks, one
ft a lot of
traffic no-
fists, we've
pmples in
Ci fact that
ve a hie!)
Haywood County's 4il school bus
drivers will go to school next week
time some-i t cv readv for school two weeks
did you ,(er.
County Schools Superintendent
Jack Messer says the drivers will
take instruction next Monday and
Tuesday at the Waynesville Town
ship High School garage.
A representative of the North
j Carolina Motor Vehicles Division's
highway safety department will
give them lessons in proper handl
ing, antf maintenance of their ve
hicles and on regulations concern
ing the transportation of school
During the period also new ap
plicants for school bus driving job';
I will be given tests. Those who pa .
I will receive certificates of qualifi
j cation.
as driv
s residen
ce stopped I
brakes j David Noland Elected
pose didn't L . . . . ,.
continued! Ayrshire Association
safelv 1 The unanimous election of David
N his trin ! Noland. Wavnesville. to membcr-
trsection. a sl,'P in the Ayrshire Breeders' As
rirtoni.. . . sociatinn hac Iibpii announced by
r- uij mil i
ft of a car I National Secretary C. T. Conklm
Re 2) of Brandon, Vt.
fcr l Tl, f Ilia herd of
.i n M..I-...H
r Ijaairy cows owned o.v an.
lJUI trace back to the heather-covered
I .-Nl hills nf Cnnnfv Avr Scotland, from
which the FironH Hprives its name
Hie cai.'Van of three buses and
eighl cars thai hauled Ihe 1.4 lo
cal people arrived in Waynesville
shortly alter ! p. m . minutes short
of the scheduled hour lor return
This timing, miraculous in con
sideration of the fact that the,
large delegation had covered more
than lodO miles in six days, was
characteristic of the tour in gen
eral. Although bus motor trouble, and
a flat lire Hhe local highway pa
Irolman who led the procession
dress this olid caused minor de
lays, nearly all activities went oil
as planned.
The trip, in the opinion of those
who look n. was a big success.
They C.ol what they won! tor a
pirhire of farming in U'e Mid
Western stales noted for this in
du -li s
Kenliirks thicker blue grass
and prettier homes Indiana big
ger hogs and taller corn - Ohm
belter soybeans and liner cattle.
These made their impression and
set Ihe farmers and their wives to
! making extensive plans for im
proving and expanding their own
homes and farms. (
Nolhing went unnoticed on ov
ers! hing from graveyards and
n,s,iUloes. lo men using umbrellas
l shade themselves while they
i plowed ss ilh Iractors.
I V p Ham. 'Uncle Bud. 7-'-v.-H.-old
farmer of the Thickrt.v
Community ssho considers himself,
charier member of the county
',; lours, had gone on each of
ihr six previous oiil-of-counly farm
n,s t ,s likely he spoke for the
wh,.n m- adus th.s me
,..,, (n-er sponsored by County
Wayne Corpening and Ins
UafT f a -i tai"
The weather ssas a major ron
,,., to Ihe success of the tour
While the folks back home were
h;.vinc gullry-washing- "ins. ti c
travelers had it fair, sunny, and in
folks w hi ban m""" -hnsc
th-y dreaded the heat
r iii-llf r-Pt r-
Srp Far"1 i our Page
Parker To
Head State
News Bureau
Charles Parker .secretary "
Governor Kerr Seoll. is Ihe new
head of the Stale News Bureau
lie suceeds Hill Nharpc. whose res
ignation became effective August 1.
The governor announced his ap
pointment of the former ltaleigh
News and Observer city editor last
A less bonis later, il was an
nounced that John Marshall, for
mer ltaleigh Times spoils editor
and public relations director of Ibe
Farmers Cooperative Exchange in
lialeigh. and the N. C. Cotton Co
operalisc Association, had accept
ed the governor's offer lo become
secret ars .succeeding I'arker.
Earlier, Marshall had announced
thai be ssas ss il hdt asving his appli
cation lor Nhaipes posl as Man
press agcnl
Sharpe became public relations
chief for the Carolina Power and
Light Company, whose headquar
ters are in liab-igh.
The govel mil s aniiouncenicn! of
Sharpe's successor ended weeks ot
speculation and controversy over
the post.
I'arker hel dihe job for a year
t (Sec Parker Pace 2)
Two Bids At Land
Sale Unconfirmed
LoU. on the Soro Cap road sold
(or about $ l.flll'l a! auction "ii Sat
urday The properly was owned
In John Finger.
A bid of S2r.000 was made on
the L H llramlett farm on the
Dellwood road, but Ihe sale was not
cpfirmed A bid of $8,750 was
nude for the Balenline property
,e Howell Mill Hoad, and this
was not confirmed.
,p i
'1 In
by tl
Association, will slarl al 0 a in.
from Ihe Haywood Counly Court
House in Waynesville.
The schedule of Ihe lour, an
nounced today by Counly Agent
Way ne Corpening, is as lollows:
The J. L. Reeves farm in lU-avr-
dam Township lor the first beef
ral Ho stop, then to Hoy Waynes' in
Clyde Towimhlp and C T. Fran-'
cis Son's in HatcllfTe Cose, to
Ciiaceland Farms (owned by M O
Calloway i, whore lunch will be
served Ihe entire group by Mr. anil
Mrs. Calloway. After lunch there
will be a judging contest and a
guessing contest on the weigh! of
a steer.
In the afternoon the group 'will
visit the (Jlenii Boyd farm on Jona
than Creek to see some Shorthorn
cattle, and to Medford Lealber
ssood's to see some steers, then to
.lule Boyd's to see his Aherdeen
Angus cattle and to Joe Heinerl
soll's lo see some Herel'ords; lo
Bob Welch's lor a look al bis grade
cow herd and lo Ceorge Stanley's
grade cow herd The lour will end
Former Haywood
Resident Dies
Mrs,. Mollie E Queen, well-
known former Haywood ( oiinty
resident, died at approximately 4
a. in. today al her home at Ken.l's
Store. Va. Before moving t" Vir
ginia, she had lived in Iron Dull'
and Waynesville for many years
Among her live children sur
viving is Mrs. Waller Chambers ol
Waynesville, Houte 2
Funeral services will be held
Wednesday al Kent's Store.
Hugh Leathcisvood clerk of courl. is shown here administer
ing the oath ol ollice lo W F Osborne, ccnlcr and E C Cuy. righl.
as members of Ihe North Carolina I'. irk Commission This is Mr.
Osboines lirsl It Tin He is I rom Spall I anil tin. holm: Mr Cuy's
second Icrm lie is Ironi Ness land Tb it . nolo wa. held in
Ihe I'. uk Commission nil Ice ill the Masonic lemple ( h. tries Bay Is
chaii man of Ihe commission t A Mounlaineei I'liolo hv Ingrain's
1,700 Attend Salvation
Army Singing Convention;
All Records Are Broken
Field Will
Boon Open
B r,:;i in n mae gibson
Meinbt'i Mounlaineei SlalT
well-known "l-
ii:hii ii v iniureri
i .- ..
I ell
Henry Martin
r.itvd man. was
Sunday, when a horst
ine reared up, and
Martin was rushed to the Hay
wood County Hospital, where he
is suffering from back injuries.
Soco Gap Square Dancers
Win In Asheville Festival
U,, i Union are oiislung lo e
plelion Ihe landing lit ld of Ho' :
Haywood l iving Sen ice. and plans i
this morning indicated the formal
opening would bo hlaged this week
end or early next. The 2.f)l)0-f not i
landing strip has been graded,
seeded and rolled i
The ll-plane hangar is Hearing i
t tnnplelion, and the oll icials of the t
compaiis were slated to meet to
nighl and place an order for one
or I wo planes for use in charter ;
service and instruction al the field.
Frank Kmilli is in charge of the
field, w hich is on I'lolt Creek, ahou! ,
a mile above Hazelwood. !
Much interest has been shown
in Ihe field since the initial an
nolint -enienl several weeks ago.
Tanks Leave For
Fort Jackson For
Guard Training
l our :i."i too Links of Wayne
villi s " .tintiial Guard Heavy Tank
Comp.ins lell by Irain loday loi
: Foi I Jackson, S. C . ill preparalion
lor the annual Iwn-week summer
camp and field training of the
North Cai'ilina National Guard
The appi oxunalt lyr 70 ollicers
mil men ol Ihe company, com
manded by Cap! James M Davis
of Waynesville. will leave iicxl
Sunday morning for the big in-lanlrs-
training pes! by Inlcr-citv
bus and their compaiiv trucks and
'I In v still tail their Isvo-weik-itih
n isc held training with older
. Tai lb " ! i.uai (Ismen on Augu.-.l IH
The MIM model lank ami a tank
recovers- s elude were checked and
I loaded on Ireigbl cars Saturday
at Ihe Wavnesville Armory.
The I. inks, heaviest assigned lo
an infanliv unit, are armed wilh a
Tfi -1 n in gun. and two .UO-calibre and
one OO-t alibre mat hine gun.
The guardsmen will return Ironi
camp Aii::usl 2(t.
The Heavy Tank Company is an
clement of Ihe 120th Regimen!.
.101 h 'Old llickoryi Infantry Division.
Moie Ih.tu I. Villi people I rom all
..ei-lioir. ol We lei u Noi lb Caro
lina, and adjoining slates, attend
ed Ihe 121h annual .Salvation Army
singing convent ion al Maple
Springs Sundas This was Ihe larg
est crowd in the 12 years of the
con .'ciilion and Iwice thai of 1948,
aciording 1" M 'ceil Hrown.
who Is in iharge ol the Salvutlon
Army win k in I bis area.
Af one lime during the program,
the 1.700 voices echoed against file
mountain sides, as Ihe gioup joined
in familiar hymns led by several
During Ihe dinner hour, hun
dreds of picnic baskets were
opened, and the Salvalion Army
served the singers Cold drinks and
ice cream stands about Ihe grounds
were Ihe center ol activity during
the dinner hour.
The weatherman provided per
iod weather, and every available
arking space for a mile or so was
capacity .
program got underway
nl, ul ten o'clock ssilh Major
Brow n in charge, and Hay I'arker,
union in chair,.- ol the singing.
Dr. Ki Us Bi illicit mayor of Bry
I, Ciis . -.poke on Ii' pon .ihility
Ses lie" at Hie eleven oclOCK
-esMon In Ileum It used the well
kiiossn Bolais .l..;..m "Me I'rofits.
Mo .1 Who Si i s e . lie .1" The speak
er tied "til ssc are all iin-
niigraiils lo Ainei ica. lull with a
re.spoii' ibilitv lb- toiiiparcd Ihe
lives ol nieii lo I ha! ol Christ, and
showed boss nu n should live. He
com hull (I bs pointing "id, "The
host men and women loday are
1 1 ,, i... i.-.t at i diced most lo '
.iscei lain Hie I" I in I'lc "
Maior Hi nss ii anuoiiiiced that
Gi.iiidma l(.,l. mil " an aged lady,
who had ncvi i no . ed anv of Ihe
Anus . .in - in the l'.i-l 12 years
was unable lo In I'lesenl Her sou,
Wooliiec llol. mil made a short
in I" ball of bis
oi lliown and cx ion, which one
i . ,i voice of Ihe
- come iii contacl
st ii and her asso-
filled to
ol C
l.llk lie pol.
niotliei and M
pr. ...ed In apt
v d for an offering
wink Ihe offering
111C I Jl ecu UClltVO -
Visiting Farmers Impressed With
. . - Toct Farm
nay wood Agncunuie,
I -.Il,ni- cl
Twenty-five farmers from Iredell
ana union Connties ana w-"- , .,
. .u..i A.. hours faim ana nit
uim experts spent uuuui n- i
last Fririav insneetinE tne muu..-
,Jrtl5 clouds ' tain Experiment Station and the
nt tonieht farm of A. J. McCracken in crao-
r scatterpH ; tree.
rS. Thpir visit hpre was a stop on
llipir K (rnm thpir ailllUal
tempera. . .,,,.. fo,m ,.. hich took
., l n oil I llP
gent Turner c a. ne ;"""-" '"
,he features oi
nearby Hay vooa -t-'i
staff 0f
. ui-jvnic mi in i-v. .-
hem through Tennessee last wpr'1
They arrived here at about 10:30
oclcok in the morning, and con
tinued their homeward trip at 3
P. m. after touring Mr. McCrack
en's. , Experiment StaUon pirector
'""Hjd Clapp mid Assis't'
Club ramp. ...,vntvja
After dinner ai me
. I rrl the visitors inspected
Mf 'MeC'ra'k'!" example of fine
1 " . 1.1 him the
farming that iirout.m
tarniint .,... t armpr de-
North Carolina isias.c. .
i"n"-- thnrls
American "'v "
Sam Queen s Soco Gap Square
Dance "am l'-"'ds another honor.
Tin Havwood dancers won their
latest title last weekend in the 22nd
annual Mountain Dance and Folk
I, as the 12th championship
that a Soco Gap team under Mr.
Queen has won in the 22 years the
Festival has been held.
He also won recognition of he
rn" one of the two best callers in
tin rvrnt. The other was junni-y
Crook of the crack combination
from the Bent Creek Ranch near
Asheville. ,
Ten years ago, Sam Queen s Soco
Gap dancers "performed before
King George and Queen Elizabeth
of England when the royal couple
were staying at the White House.
The Haywood repreiciiwnv;
. u,.r a touEh held wnicn
L h i
'''' '
4 V'
Mr. and Mrs. Don Hyatt of New
port News, Virginia arrived Sat
urday for a visit to the former's
mother. Mrs. W. A. Hyatt.
can ri-.nltl-.
people ssho
w ilh Ma nu
cule -
Mr HoI.iihI
for I lie I 1 1 1
was $172 2.i
Boy I'li'inmoo .. a i. alive of that
-eel ion wa . railed upon for a talk
by Major Brown lie came directly
from the kudo n clad in a lovely
pink apron. "In ic be was assisting
in ptrparation "I dinner. He gave
the poem ' Jonah and the Whale."
The group was dismissed for din
ner Tin- mans folk who had gath-
(Sec Salvation Army Page Z)
Ihe Soco Gap Road Boosters
Club last Thursday night set up
two new committees assigned to
work on two specific projects as
the machinery continued develop
ing to promote the valley Into a
tourist center.
Approximately 200 people jam
med the Maggie School auditorium
following the dinner to lake part
in the discussion.
Debate on the matter of de-ig-
nating a name for the valley faded
lo develop, however, as Ihe sub
ject was shunted aside by the pres
sure of other iiuslness.
Club spokesmen said Ihe mailer
had been postponed until a future
Wilson Fisher was-, named chair
man of a committee to investigate
the possibility of doing more to
advertise the valley through Ihe
establishment of road signs. Ap
pointed to serve with him were H
George Jones and Mrs. Hall
Also appointed was a. committee
(()' -consull with the district high
way commissioner over the pos
sibility of setting up road side
tables and rest stops.
Carl Seizor, the rliaii'm n', and
Mrs. Wallace Ward and Che-lev
LeFonlanie were named lo this
The principal speaker alter the
dinner which attracted 90 gue.
was F L Roerk. indu-tliat fx-u-five
of Cincinnati, Ohio, and W-r.-ler
Haven. Fla., who is a summer
visitor at the Mount Valley Inn.
Mr. Hoeck declared that Ihe val
ley has wonderful possibilities, if
I hey are developed and carried out
Indicating that local land prices
are too high, lie advised resident;
with property to sell to bring their
requests down to a lower level to
encourage more people to settle in
the valley.
In the discussion following his
address, one farmer answered that
bis land was hrineine him SI. 200 a
year from his corn crop alone, and
thai under the circumstances a
mice that would look excessive to
a prospective buyer would be rea
Before adjournment, the !'ef
dinner meeting was set for 7 30
p.m September 1 at the Moody
Fred Campbell, president of the
Club, was in charge of the meeting.
Mrs. L. B. Genebach of Battle
Creek. Michigan, arrived Saturday
to join her son and daughter-in-law.
Lt. and Mrs. Genebach. Jr . for a
visit to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Martin.
Bishop Urges Junaluska
Audience To Hold Faith
sfud.vmg no" . . fiuP
wis sent to this couniiy - - ; t ovcr a tougn neia wnicn
weeks ago on recommendation o , won champion YMCA of
5,e i American Military Government -ncl mp v
fse VWttnr Farmer. Paee -
evangelistic style as he ral-1 present day events and discover a
SAM QUEEN led his Soco Gap
square dancers to their 12th
championship in last week-enl's
Mountain Dance and Folk Fes
Annual observance of Lake Juna
luska Sunday, found Bishop Arthur
J. Moore, of Atlanta, preaching
from the Junaluska pulpit. His
...,-i,,.,m was ihararterizen nv nis
lied his hearers "to live like men
and women who really believe in
"All of us," said the speaker,
"oi-nfr-utiH unim n live in an age
of cfiange and insecurity. Even the
I church iives in a day when it is op
: posed in some sections.
, 'ir.thni' wp drift swith the I aralsv
ing circumstances' wnicn surrouna
us or " e set a more firm and tena
ciottf hold on 'he everlasting cer
tainties "By faith wr oui.l look beyond
spiritual kingdom which is to be
established beyond the horizons of
these tortured yt-ar.s
"What is happening today in
some nations carries with t a
threat of ultimate moral disaster.
"Beyond our struggle lor tht
preservation of democracy is the
Ipo Rjc,hnp Mrtore Pal; e fi
Record For
(To Date)
In Haywood
Killed 4
Injured .... 26
(This Information com
piled from Becortis of
State Highway Patrol).

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