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The Waynesville Mountaine
Published Twice-A-Week In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Turk
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64th YEAR NO. 67 20
2 Business Men Plan Leader? To
Swimming Pool AndDayPiL
Homer West, Clayton
MehafTey Plan
To Have Project
Ready by Spring
A decision has been readied In
construct a modern swimming pool
and recreational center near the
Waynesville Drive-In Theatre.
Homer West and Clayton Mohal
ley, owners of the theatre, said this
morning that their plans were to'
start the project in time to have:
it ready for early spring.
The recreational center will be
on the property adjoining the the
ater, at the intersection of th.
Asheville and RalclifTe Cove loads.
The property is owned by Mr.
In addition to the swimming
pool, the owners have iiiciud"d
rides and other features of leerc
at ion and entertainment.
The owners did not announce I he
cost of the proposed project.
"We have seen the need for a
recreational center here for a long
time, and we have decided that a
modern outlay here will be a good
investment." Mr. West said.
Mr. MehafTey pointed out that
the recreational center would lit
rich! in with their operation of the
out-door theatre, which is trad
ing large crowds.
The question of a large and
modern swimming pool and recre
ational center here has been a sub
ject of much discussion -lor many
Several months ago Warren El
ler, owner of the Waynesville Coun
try Club, recently made the Town
an offer of leasing the pool at llelle
Meade if the Town would repair
and modernize the pool. No formal
action has been taken.
A modern pool is also being built
at the 4-II Club Camp near the
Slate Test Farm and will he ready
for use next .spring. This pool will
be just for the summer campers
attending the camp.
Col. Howell Is
Re-Elected Head
Of Library Board
Col. J. Harden Howell, Sr. was
re-elected chairman of the Hay
wood County Library Board at a
meeting of the group which was
held Tuesday at the Library. Wil
liam Medford was named treas
urer. Miss Margaret Johnston, libra
rian, gave her annual report and
the library budget for the next
year was adopted.
Miss Johnston also announced
that the library will close and there
will be no Bookmobile service on
Labor Day.
Members present for the meeting
were Colonel Howell. Mr. Med
ford, Mrs. Dick Moody, Mrs T
Lenoir Gwyn, and Glenn Parker
An additional member of Hie
board, Fred Doutt of Canton, was
unable to attend.
Town To Advertise
Property For Taxes
The Town of Waynesville will
advertise on Monday all property
on which 1948 taxes have not been
paid. The list was turned over to
this newspaper today by G. C. fcr
guson, town tax collector.
The property will be advertised
four weeks, and offered for sale on
Monday, September 12th.
17 Displaced
Are Being Brought Here
Speaking of the "Church in Ex
ile," the Rev. A. Klaupiks told the
congregation of the First Baptist
Church last Sunday a deeply mov
ing story of displaced and dispos
sessed people of Europe who are
looking to America for a place in
which to begin life all over again.
The Latvian minister spoke to
large congregations at both the
morning and evening services He
was accompanied to Waynesville by
his wife and two children. Mrs.
Klaupiks sang a solo at the evening
PAGES Associated Press and
Junaluska Queen Mary Holler
M.irv Holler. :.(l-y car-old Winth
rop College senior from Harts
ville, S. ('.. shows the cosUnue
she will wear when silo is crown
ed Queen ot Junaluska Saturday
nigh! dining Mu- pageant at the
Methodist Assembly. Her aunts,
the former Mary (). Holler and
Daisy Holler, had previously won
the honor. Her grandmother,
Mrs. A E Holler, also vacation
ing at the lake, was South Caro
lina's State Mother of 1946.
Photo by Grenell
Reunion Set
For Sunday
Approximately 800 people are
expected at Palmer's Chapel Sun
day for the 19lh annual Cataloo
chee Reunion.
The yearly gathering is held for
all lormer residents and their fam
ilies of this mountain community
in (lie Smoky Mountains National
The program will open at 11
a in. with morning services, fea
turing the address of Dr. Elmer
T. Clark of Lake Junaluska and
New York City, editor of the World
Outlook, national Methodist pub
lication. Following the picnic dinner.
I here w ill be singing and other
recreational activities during the
In charge of the arrangements
for the picnic tables and other de
tails are Mark Hannah anrt
L. C
Group To Meet
Here Tomorrow
Members of the Haywood County
hVcreation Commission, headed by
i he Rev. C. L. Allen, the chairman,
nf Aliens Creek, and community
leaders will learn musical games
tnitiniTdW night.
Mi s Eleanor Barber, assistant
Stile 1-H Club leader, of the N. C
Stale College Extension Service,
will instruct the recreation ofTicals
,i,,,-i,,r, a two-hour session starting
ai 8 P. M at the WaynepyjUe
The drnioii'-lr.ilions will feature
this month's Commission recreation
Sunday afternoon Mr. Klaupiks
Interviewed several local people
i u ho Mgned applications to bring
!.pven,een Latvian people to
! wavncsville and Haywood County.
I Two of these families will go to
loramhn. S. C. and will be spon
sored by a summer visnu. "
advantage of the opportunity w h , I c
visiting in Waynesville. The Meth
odist Church at Graml.n is the
sponsoring church.
The First Baptist Church of
Waynesville is the sponsoring
(Ser 17 Persons PK-
Junaluska Queen
To Be Crowned
Saturday Night
Saturday will mark a red-teller
day on the calendar of the Lake
Junaluska Assembly.
For it is I he day this church cen-
r. lollowiiig a tradition ol some
thirty years, will crown a queen.
an event programed in the year
book as Coronation of Queen, 8
p. m.. August 13
Holding the spotlight this year
will be pretty Mary Holler of
Hartsville, S. C
The occasion of her coronation
wit be marked In brilliant music
, r , , , ,
and co orfu pageanlrv. including
. ' , ,
mimic pomp ol a royal court . I lie
I ft I aIt I
. I i
tiigp loini oi ine coroiiaiioo I 1 ! (-ov(.
gram will come when the Queen: ' .
""" ... ., .... , , , Mrs. kirkpatrick reported ves-
of 1948. Miss l eggy of Lake , s). (.a(,(1 f()r Wjnl(.o (((
Junaluska. will remove he crownl (,( a w,.n H(,i( ,.hiIJr,n
from her own brow and place it (()d , jn h(,r
on that of the incoming queen. rf
Some 50 or more persons willj" A neiyhhiu boy killed the coil
comprise the court, including maids j ,jssjnR snake. which had seven
and escorts, trainbearers. flower rattles and a button,
girls and entertainers. Directing
and presenting the program are:
fieri Kbee William Kinrii'tl, James
ll.niiilliui. wiling people who are on
the reel eat ion stall of the Juna
liika A'-seinhly.
Visiting Farmers
: '. H. .i. . St. .vj.c iti-yi Vi. -itr . .tViK'r-M . vv - .. ,k. --t -mar, . 'O-
i - liLJf ' .'..,,... V- JZi. I
Howard CTapp, director of the Mountain Experiment Station, tells
visiting Iredell County farmers about the Haywood County 4-H
Club camp nearby Left to right are Mr. Clapp, E. R. McNeely, C.
F Englcbert. A. Y. Noel, and Iredell County Agent R. W. Mur
dock. They were among the group of Iredell and Union County,
farmers and slate agricultural specialists who visited Haywood
last Friday as they were returning home from their out-of-state
farm tour through Tennessee.
Leaders of the county-wide Com
munity Development program and
the individual community develop
ment organizations will meet with
K.xtension officials tonight to plan
the second annual Haywood Faim
and Field Day.
The event is scheduled for next
Wednesday at the home of H. F
Rogers ill Clyde.
Meeting tonight at eight o'clock
at the Haywood County Court
House will be the chairmen of
each of the 24 community develop
ment organizations, the officers of
the 1 lay wood Community Develop
ment Committee, headed by Coun
ty Chairman li. C. Francis of Bat
chile Cove: and the Extension agri
cultural winkers, headed by Wayne
Corpeiiing, Haywood larm agent.
The session was announced to
day by Mr. Corpening's office.
The county agent p-eviously an
nounced that several state agi I' ul
tural specialists have agreed lo at
tend the Farm and Field Day pro
gram, which is expected to alt. act
approximately l,r00 persons.
Hundreds attended the first
evenl. held last year at Jack Mc
cracken's farm near liethel.
Henry Family
Reunion Set
For August 21
Descendants ol Captain John
Henry, one of Haywood County's
first .settlers, will hold their annual
i nrv Family reunion August 21
at tin- home of Grady Henry in
Secretary-Treasurer Homer Hen
ry said today in making the an
nouncement that "all decendants
of Captain John Henry by what
ever name they now have - are in
vited and expected lo attend this
family gathering."
Each family, he advised, should
bring a basket of lunch,
Following the out-door dinner.
George II. Ward of Asheville, will
make the principal address.
Members of the family from
South Carolina. Georgia, and Ken
lucky, as well as this county and
other parts of North Carolina, are
expected to attend.
Grady Henry, president of the
Clan, will serve as master of cere
monies. Rattlesnake
Killed In
Kirkpatrick Yard
A large rattlesnake
killed luesday ileal
, kirkpatrick s home
. as shot ai, d
Mrs. Ward
in li.-lcliffe
Mrs. Robert Riley of Greensboro
lis visitinc her parents. Mr. and
Mrs. H C Tullli'. at their home
on Auburn Road. Mr. Riley will
join her at a later date
Study Haywood
' T .rtiiilijiy
Election For Enlarging
Be Held
Junaluska Press
i mm iiiwininin
P ,x , '4 , 'AE
Mrs. Maud Turpin. "retired" head of the Lake Jiinaiu -ka Assembly
News Service and Nashville branch ot liie Mtilinde.l Inlm oialion
Service, is shown lu'i'e In a charaeteri.lic po ilnui U tired by the
church two years ago, after 30 years at her .job, sin u turned llii.s
summer to "cover" the Lake Junaluska Aven-Wi. i le- done
every season except 1948 for the last 2'i w ai
(Photo b.- ( il.ll le - ( il CIH'I I i
Junaluska News Reporter
Has 'Retired' But Keeps
Right On Working Hard
WTHS Bandsmen
Return From Camp
With Honors
Last Sundav. 13 boys and girls
of the Waynesville Township High
School Band returned home alter
six weeks' instruction at the famed
Transylvania Music Camp near
Last Tuesday after the first band
practice ended. Director Charles
Isley said:
"I'm delighted. They have im
proved I remendously "
Then he announced thai six of
the students who had gone to the
camp would be promoted lo the
high school's conceit band this
During the summer ramp, seven
of the 13 improved enough under
their instruction to earn positions
with the camp's advanced orehr
Ira. and the others performed
beautifully with the Transylvania
"B" band
Other honors also rami' to the
Waynesville students, who mad"
(See Band Page 31
Miss Plott Under
Treatment for Injury
Miss Minnie Plott of Soni Valley ,
who suffered a broken hip when
she fell near her home last week
is under treatment in an Asheville
55 Specialists From 21
Stales Tour Haywood
Fifty-five agncultiira! special.!;':-
from 21 different ttates spent las
Saturday studying Haywood's rro-
sion control, watershed develop -
ment and farming practices gencr -
When they finished, they ex- watcr-herl
pressed unanimous approval for' With I hem were Dr. .1. W. Fos
Haywood's methods generally, and ; tor. N C. Siat Coile-e Extw
for the county's pastures and green j sion farm management economist;
cover particularly. and Brice Ralchford. rr charge of
Members of the national organi- farm management extension at
ration nf land grant colleges, their Sre Socialists Vw 3)
1919 $3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
In Se
Agent At Work
- LX"'':, fiji, 'F 1 3
- tii i'" " fsl.. ' V.j
V.: I'.ll.l. UMlAU
' Member 'lie Moui.l .lineer Staff
Mr. I ui i 1 1 retired two
years a ""
Will II I Ik i I.! i ' : V rl llllllld her
in her oil H ' ill' d The Press'
at the I.,. I .tdi, .lii. t.a Methodist
i Asm mill: b' v taking life
I easily . iioomIio: I a 300-word
I .ory abo.r .i i -.nli-i en. e that .was
j just eiidin ", ti'l liniil lo pound
I out aiiothi i nl lb. ami' length on
a signil'u -ui1 on .1 in;: I bat was about
lo stai t
; The 1,7 . i d I. id. w In ghl
I . call, d v :i li iii'.i e I rid li I ban
fbdleiy. tie ii , .in. i nl the exlen-
iw. ii.ii e. i, ,i "Li i",di i Inloi ina-
( lion Sei v ' I- ' 0 a' In I l. I"'-
' w l it. I li.' ' ' ' '" I. I h I'loi'"-
inf. ai'l !: . i.M d in I'.ni' It about
I I thai n. -to
j; . ,. ... i ..ii ' e'l i.'ber 1
.,e v , I, . . in. e. .1 o"t the .'.010
lllf oi II I
II, , 11 I..II I"
tool: i b .i .Inn ;.
-,e (-lee III lii
III .-d II I '
the llo- i-.l
ii ai h i.
Kill I,..'
... o . i hat have
i in., -in- first
, i in ii e.i v-born
I . ill- news
. ol l!l.'3
I ... i Ion I Ii re- j
.ai.. i4 lb, That'll
a,' ti v. hen they ,
no .'". idenl dll- !
i out i ne for the
I. i in .
iiniin1 i
.i ii I ' : ' I n h r t 1 imp
III '.' 1 '. ' ' .nl it .. r,isnn
,1 lb, I .1 I, ot lb ,t c mild have
h.,,p- c. -I ,,, .- i I.-..I-, . Arthlitu
srut her I" a ho pual
Tin - 1 :K I I "hi '-br
tour hrvr- '
-''-:-in H--
lisph '
. near Black
1 jhi i: i,., :
, slucl. farmin
i : ' of t he v- orkihi-p
er,:-i!j at the
! et Kidgecre;t
ili oiijec live was to
ii. 1 he Pigeon Valley
j . ?-4ll
f""1 ff' -rw-iwi.iiinl
JL I" V ',.''''"''' i
ospital To
State and Federal
Agencies Would Pay
70'2 Per Cent of
Total Costs
The legal machinery ha- In -n
set into motion for a bond
lion lor the expansion of the Hay
wood county Hospital
The Haywood Board of Crm -
sioner,, together with the Hcv pita!
trustees, have started woik on the
Ici'al side of setting up pl.,n,
an election perhaps the lal'er pari
of Septemlier lor aulhon'.v to 1
sue bonds up to SajS.OOO
F.stiniales for hmlding n d
equipping a 50-bed nones : the
hospital has been set at Siiliti.00.1.
Unde r the present plans. M e ,u
aiid federal governments would
pay 7(P j per cent of the co-,1. and
the county 29': per ceid
The comniissioiiei s recef. -d peti
tions from citizens in e ei s stc-
linii ot Hay wood some nion.lis ao,
asking that an election le called
for the purpose of issuing bunds for
I Ik- hospital addition The board
went to work, and con .'.ulted with
the slate and federal autboi Hies on
the matter, and worked out details
which would assure the approval
of the project.
Under the present plan, the
county would have lo pay less than
a third of the cost of the new addi
tion, with the slate and lederal gov
ernment paying over two thirds.
The two agencies will not. how
ever, pay anything on renoval iuk.
or repairing the present building
The honds sold lo meet the
monies of the slate and federal
agencies would ho repaid through
a lax levy made by jibe; eciuulji. 'Xht
estimated levy would . be-' abM '
three cents per hundred dollars.
The election will hi- held ondc r
the jurisdiction of the county
board of election, ol which Jeny
Rogers Is chairman. No new iei;i.
Iralion would be required. aMhouih
t lit- books would be kept open lor
three successive Saturdays loi tb
new voters to register. Tin- major
ity of the votes casl would d cies
Ihe election. It would not b- vot
ing against the hooks ' as wa . tt'p
case prior to the appro, at ol a i ou
st it ulional amendment by I he vot
ers of the .slate last Now-inber
Lee Davis, administrator ol '.ho
Hospital, said yesterday ih.u the
additional space and ioo' beds
are certainly needed at IN. hospi
tal. I'nless one stay - tlo e to tht
instilulloti all the time, it . hard
to fully realize the due netd lur
the additional space '
(leorge A. Brown. Jr.. c liaii :r..-:i
of Ihe board of coninii ;!ont 1 s
pointed out, "Haywood has an oy
portunily of gelling about ftOii,
000 free from the slat,, and fed
eral governments lor Ihi. pio
ject. so it looks like Hie uiitv
can certainly aflord lo pi less
than one third the cn-i. aofi s spe
cially since the need is so gr .t."
I Power Shut Off When
Big Insulator Breaks
A broken tnsulator on t'v hi.:'
I tension power lines C!:i-- lhre v
I fliis aiea without hE'it? an'! ivm i :
j late Wednesday afternoon. '"er
j nie-i made the necei.-aiv o:pj".s -
liHle over an hour and its:orc:
-erv ice.
hadn't planned to coii-e b:."1-.
"But Dr Love (the . . :-l,'--superintendent
I se nt an :-! ).-. slit,
And the neatly -t v ped. c-eyr-'e'e
new s stories on the thiu n !lC'.'
(Mrs. Turpin Page 3, Section 21
Record For
(To Date)
In Haywood
Killed 4
Injured .... 26
(This Information com
piled from Records of
State Highway Patrol).

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