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Moraing Star Residents Entertain
Thickety Neighbors In Field Day
Thickety resident hist Mond. ty
saw what the Mornint: Star eoplte
are accomplishing in their Con
niunity Development Program
Then they licked them 1ST to.
167. in the recreational event'
that afternoon
The result of the singing com
petition failed to prove whirl)
community could makw sweeter
music. The quartets and choral
groups sang to a tie.
During the morning, the Morn
ing Star people, headed b their
rhainnan, Luther Smathers lm
td ilieir guests the improvement
I he. are making under their Oiiu
i.iuiulv Development Program.
Atur leaving the Morning Stai
N.liuuf. the Thickety people in-i
,-rtiUd Larrv Hhodarniei s lluide
A a a J i v . then saw the impressive
it'suli? K C Gossett
had made in
it modelling a house
that was more
itijii tU years old
-il 1. aster Smatheis' thev inspect
tJ j hue example of grazing wood
fji.J then studied the improve
nuiii that Turner Smatheis had
nice uii his pasture hv using Unir
i ;.J pinjsphate.
Aitt r seeing
the impi ov eim-Jil-
il.r Mornins; Mai vietiiiHii.'
I huril). thev went to Kied Seter -iHno
to examine his fine crops tn
icuaico allalla. and nun ami lii
1 rdiuii and fescue
Wayne Bramlel showed the vis-Hi.-
results he hud ohtained
ii. i modelling, anil then the party W
v-tnl lo P N Higgnis'. where thev
tpiesed admiration toi Hit her
ijllle and the pasture then
Alter examining Holihy Sni.illi
ti- excellent Mock "i liroilej- Hi.
tuesN troni Thick. i . w n h I hi
. I. airman, K C'arcwell. f.
turned to the mIhimI Im him h an
Hie lecreatlon events that tullovvcd
30-Yard Dash -cn'S' Won ,.
Jean Tranlhani of I'hickelv
atf-Yard Dash i bov s Wen h'
Joe Hhinehart of Thicketv
15-Yard Hop .gills. - Won J v
Jean Trantham of Thicketv
:iu-Yard Hop . h,,v - W en I"
Joe Rhinehait. Thickety
Backward Kace .girls' Woi. ,
Judy Ann Harris. Thickety
Backward Kace hoys Wen le
Robert Allen. Morning Star
Sack Kace 'girls. Won hv
Nora Sue Tranlhani. Thiiketv
Sack Kace 'hoys' Won hv .lue I
rihinehart. Thicketv.
Girls' Kelay Won hv Thicketv;
Jean Tranthani. Jane Kurrell.!
hicida Kohnison. Barbara Cars,
well. Judy Sue Ham- and Noi.i
Sue Trantham'.
Boys' Kelay Wi.n by Muniin.'
Star .Jack Setzer. Hubert A'len.
Mark Hannah, Denny Hannah. Bob
Complete Line Of School Supplies
GaraDSinicS So atrodl !c
Main Street - Waynesville, N. C.
by Miller. Boh Hoglen. Bruce
ley and Stev e Miller .
Marbles buys' Morning Star
Mark Hannah and Jack Hoglen
Thicketv. Dutch Rathhone and Joe'
Horseshoe Pitching . women i
Morning Star Jane Rliodarnier and
iertiude Hall. Thickety: Maiy
oiuiu and Clara Belle Trantham
Horseshoe Pitching mien' -
Morning Star C. V Khodarmer
and Donald Sinatheis: Thickety:
lee Tianth.iin and Wiley I.ovve.
Nail Driving i women' Morn
iii. Star Mrs Jennings Robinson.
Mrs Mary Russell and Mrs Ruth
"laiilhain. Thickety: Mrs. Kldon
limnetic. Mrs Sewell Hhinehart
iid Mrs !! Miller.
Nail Driving ' men - Morning i
stir: hlwood .Smathers and Hay-
ioihI Miller: Thickety: Sam Robin
."i and K I). Carswell. i
Cracki-r Hating women i Won
'v Maxme Medford. Morning Star.
Cracker Kating men' Won by i
tumor Soirels. Thickety.
King Pitching women' -- Won
v Mis Kldon Burnette. Morning
Tin calling Needles i women
.'ii hv Ruth Tranlhani. Thickety.
Pulling Five Potatoes 'women'
Won by Mrs P N. Higgins,
lorning Star
I'm: o' War ' mt'ii Won by
lormng Star Lenoir Smathers.
'.i.b Smathers. Tom Pressley. Jack!
mies. Pbil Higgins. Charles Mel
on Cecil Miller, Tom Hanell.
i"'v Hannah, and Charles Luns
torcD. I seme Thickety 1)17. Morn
Star lii7
Ohio Pastor Preaching
At Inman's Chapel
Tin Kev Francis B
M ol the First l'niver
I Columbus. Ohio.
'i'v lees each Sunday
Bishop, pas
alist Church
is holding
Ibis month
it liiin.ii) s Chapel on the Pigeon
:n rr
Though he s been paslor at the
'fin' church lor eight years, he has
lived previously in North Caro
''ia. and was cnuc Boy Scout coiii
iis, inner for the Rocky Mount
lish let
He also served for several years
Southern superintendent of the
I nivei salist Church.
He is a member of Hie Exchange
' luh of Columbus.
Gov. AUxamkr Spots-wood was
Mitiatlv responsible lor the con
struction nl the first ironworks in
Virginia in 171 H.
-! $179
Movie Star Good Photographer
L.-ri ' XT-rsT -
sv j r -r ' i os8
Kay Millaml knows both i
behind. W hen in front ol
oi the top-fliuht actors u
day he snapped a pu t in i
lids ol a
a cann i .
i the Int -
ol ins T
he has been a camera Ian. His lav oi He picture i- the tipple blos
som scene shown here. Tiny look tanxl enough to be Haywood
blossoms 'An AP Photo'.
Pigeon Baptist Church
Decoration Day Set
The annual Decoration Day lor
the Pigeon Baptist Church in
White Oak wil be held Saturday.
starting at 10 A. M at the old cf in
, etc i y.
The Uev. C. T. Taylor, the pastor,
i will preach the sermon during ser
vices at the church.
A I noon, the members will hold
i their picnic dinner, then briei ser
vices will be held tit the church
Later, there will he special sing
ing and a message by the Rev G.
E. Scruggs of Sylva.
Throughout the program, there
also wil be siiigitic by choral
today au msde oi
Special Price
th Waynes ville mountaimeek
laniera -in I rout, and also from
he knows how to act. and is one
iiHs today. I'.ttt evei since the
- yiar - old son landing a big fish.
Author To Speak
At Clyde Church
This Weekend
Mi. .1 Hutu
t iy stic. author
s Most'ley. Christian
and world traveler,
the Clyde Baptist
will spetik at
church at 8 p
in. r nday and 11
a. m Sunday.
Mr. Moseley is the author of
"Manifest Victory" and "Perfect
F.vcryt hing." the latter having
been published this summer,
Both hooks relate accounts of
lb,- author's personal experiences
in the heights and depts of spiri
tual living.
Fvcrv one is welcome to hear
Mr. Moseley in these services.
George Washington wat
ol a Virginia ironmaster.
the so':
I Scottish Pastor
Discusses Gospel
I In Lake Address
Dr. George McPherson Docht rty,
Presbyterian minister from Scot
land, told a Lake Janaluska audi
eDCe last night that the Christian
gospel faces two unique situations.
First, he said, the preacher today
must preach lo a secular world,
whereas the ministers of yesterday
preached to a pagan world: and
second, this secular person of to
day is a decent fellow and i! is dif
ficult to tell by his moral conduct
whether he's a Christian or not.
A pagan worships but his grid is a
false god.
Until this generation, the task
of the church was to bring a pagan
world to Christ, but ludav v e mod
o convince every man that religion
is something he nevus m ailuiu.
Ballnrse Women
Balinese women have many rights
when they are married. They man
age households and family finances,
own wardrobes, jewelry, and uten
sils, Sam huve their own incomes
from work gutside the home. Men
hve titl to houses, fields, imple
ments and cattle, but prize victori
ous lighting roosters next to their
4 00
dlte: ,4 'M'M- !A tyit- mHh
it.-" & . j. -n, :; ,. v v . . :
. ...- '
Keep your spare room right in your living room! Here's a luxuriously comfoi a
spring sofa-bed at a price that challenges comparison! A handsome sofa in ve oui
carved panel fronts . , . smooth clean-cut lines. Finger-tip pressure opens this
sofa intn n hi V,oA f,.- 4,.. 1 , , , -it that' I1' ....
oi the spacious storage compartments for your
that you can't afford to miss! See it today . . .
- -r i'- urn ii ii i ""m
Dr. Uoy L. Smi'.h. author, pub
lisher, world traveler and lectur
er, is a daily featured spef kt r at
the Lake Junaluska Assembly
(luring the Bible Conference in
session here this week. D. .
Smith, of Chicago, and Nashville.
Trim., is one of the two Publi :li
itig Agents of The Methodi-i
Church. ,
In 1875. nails were first manu
factured from wire.
X1JJ lvvu . . . no ootnersome
Fre Delivery Wlthla 50 Miles of Ahille, N. C
ron Duff Getting
j Ready For Field
Day Late August
By Mrs lie
y li
'''CM'ui.Ui ,j
The monthly nieelii, ... .
Duff Community Dew:,,,,,.,..,!,
gran, was held a. the ha,,,,., ,lu', (';
Monday night w,u, 7u )vs,.
With J. It. Caldwell ,
presiding, plans were n,-
rieia Uav n il-
latter oar, of ,..,,
tdte Will be eH,-
Clyde eilieiis. will . . ,.., , ,,"
icca-ioii. ' ' ""
l;T"" r "'Pm-d
.i . ,.e e ul pi I,,,.;- ;,m
m I
1 lie d:.i, v
he a,!dnii,
, (bii it- v, hi.
.l.iil 1 1 ,
i- bat,,
""s: .nil,
li, uit i j-
1 i,.i,iij( r.
" .lie l,u,
Oil lluljt
. J. .,,
lioi:: B, ;,
lo-'ii Chamhei
Cluvi-i lli.g.m. H ;
! -till another dairy
! ti uction.
! The home in.,,, ,e, eii u
tee iepun- th.,1 ,,,,. .,,
hu'lK" ill tin- eulnuaiiui..
e ,.
Hi - H.n,
I occupied h. mi: ai.,1
v i awiorti. ami Mr ;,m , .
tus Crawleid.
.-lome major impiuvein
nt h.
ueen maUe oil I In
Ii'.iiie ut I
Sceicfous Storaae Compartmnh'
Really Comfortable
levers ...lisai e.v " , i, vw
bedding. This is a beautiful so
priced for tremendous savings
'it, p.
I'Ulil) V,
i luriiJ
Utl.,-t ftj
"i-i:,!.. j
limit 1U
I f

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