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Published Twice-A-Week In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
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64th YEAR NO. 69 20 PACES
Associated Press and United Press News
WAYNESVILLE, N. C. Thursday Afternoon, August 18, 1949
$3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackswn Counties
Armed Bandits Hold Ml.
Sterling Men 7 Hours In
Futile Robbery Attempt
Youngsters Ready For Bed At The Movies
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Two armed men and a companion
overpowered 75-year-old Mich Sut
ton and hi., son in thtir home near
Ml. Sterling Tuesday night, and
kept them bound for seven hours
as they unsuccessfully attempted
to crack Mr. Sutton's sale. They
left after the leader took a dollar
from one of the victims.
Officers of North Carolina and
Tennessee were hunting for the
would-be bandit-, today. Tile fugi
tives were last reported fleeing in
a 194b' or '47 Dodge sell an over
Highway 281 toward (he Tennessee
Deputy SlicriM Wade McDanicl
gave these details;
The three men approached the
Sutiou home and asked for a drink
of water
When they received it, two of
them drew automatic pistols on
the elderly man and his .ID-year-old
son William.
Describing themselves as police
officers, they said they'd heard
there was illegal liquor in the
house, and forced their way in.
The Suttons were trussed with
radio antenna wire find secured to
a bed.
The body of Cpl. Harry E. God- j At first the would-be robbers al-
frey, who was killed in Adensberg, j tempted to frighten the men into
Germany, on May 27, 1945, is ex-, telling the combination of the sale,
pected to arrive here this after-j When this failed, they tried to
noon and will be taken to the j open it with a screw driver and a
home of a brother, Robert God- piece of shovel
i i 1
I liLiJ
frey, on Allen's Creek, Friday.
After an hour of unsucessful
Funeral services will be con-1 work, one of the men was sent out
ducted at the Allen's Creek Bap
tist Church Saturday at 2:30 p. in.
with the pastor, Rev. Thomas Er
win, officiating. Military rites at
the graveside in the Memorial Plot
(See Cpl. Godfrey Page )
fudge Smathers'
Article Published
In Foreign Lands
"I Learn To Live Again" was
the title of an article by Judge
Frank Smathers which was pub
lished earlier this year in The
Reader's Digest.
Dewitt Wallace, editor of the
magazine, has just announced that j
the article had "such fundamental i
and general interest of its appeal" j
that it has been reprinted in seven
of the thirteen international edi- i
tions. j
Editor Wallace said further, I
"thus the article reached millions
of other readers in many lands
outside the United States."
The article was the source of
much comment, as it described
some of the many experiences of
Judge Smathers as lie "Learned
To Live Aagain."
to find some dynamite for blowing
the safe.
When he returned four hours
later empty-handed, the men put
out the lights, left the house, and
drove away.
The elder man managed to
work a knife out of his pocke.
and free himself and his son.
They phoned the sheriff's office
at 3 a.m.. about an hour after the
bandits had left.
The amount of money in the safe
was not disclosed.
Deputy McDaniel said the vic
tims gave detailed descriptions of
the three men.
The leader was described as be
ing 44 years old and weighing
about 170 pounds.
The other armed man, according
lo the description, is 37 or 38 years
old, weighs about 140 pounds, and
wears glasses.
The unarmed member of the trio,
whom the officer said was the driv-
sx B ,GZ
Shortly after this picture was made, the other night, the big bright eyes of Jerry Greene, 2 and his
sister. Elaine, 4. were closed fast in sleep on the back seat of their parents' car. Mr. and Mrs. Jack
Greene, of Clyde, are one of many families that have dressed their children for bed before taking
Ihem lo the Drive-In Theatre here. Just as soon as the pop corn was Mone .and the "Duck" picture
over, the youngsters curled up in the back seat under a blankt I and went to dreamland, while their
parents enjoyed the main feat lire. Mr. Greene is an insurance man, while Mrs. Greene is a bureau of
informal ion, answering questions from her I wo children, such as Jerry asked about the cameraman:
"What is that man tfolng to do with that black box?" The cameraman was Miller Ingram, of Ingrain's
Chamber Of Commerce
Board Drops Promotion
Of A Recreation Center
Guardsmen Hurt
In Mishap On
Way To Camp
er ol tne car. is a sum i man uu. ; jn ,,.,,,,,. ( (luIltv lor breaking in
30 years of age. t() f()UI. s(o,.(,K
I he hution nome is in ine isom.- t. :,.. ,,,, s..w ,hr ,,..
The board of directors of Ihej
Chamber of Comcrce went on rec- I
ord Tuesday night as favoring I
"dropping the promotion of a !
recreational center" unless an act
is passed by the Legislature,
an election or vote of the people
that such a project be supported
by taxation.
The report, shown in the niin-
I'olice Chief Orville Noland's utes oi I lie organization, was mat
hunch led lo the capture of two i "after sending out letters to all
teen-age bos early Tuesday wanted the clubs and organizations, only
two groups responded with a rep-
2 Boys Held
For Police In
Broken Ammonia
Line Scatters
Pet Employees
Without warning, the head of
an ammonia pump at the Pet Dairy
plant blew off Wednesday morn
ing, filling the basement and main
office with strong ammonia fumes.
Employees scurried to safety, by
scampering out of doors, and one
even crawled through a small window.
The power was cut off at the j
main switch, and soon the area
ed Hig Creek section near Ml.
Investigating with Deputy Mc
Danicl were Deputies Mack Coch
ran. Everett Moore. John Kerley.
Harts Mehaffey, and State Highway
Patrolman Rill Sawyer
Mr. McDaniel said the bandits
had peeled the insulation from the
wire so that the bonds would cut if
the victims attempted to move.
r-uaeu cool
tDd storms
" staff of
C6' ?n
near the pump was cleared of all y
fumes, and normal operations re
sumed. No material damages were
Ernest Green, plant foreman,
estimated the loss of ammonia
would amount to about $75.
None of the stock of milk or
ice cream was affected by the
broken pump.
Grant Opens
Water Color
Show At Club
An exhibition of Waynesville
Artist Douglas Grant's water col
ors opened today at the Waynes-
I vine country ciuu.
Mr. Grant, who recently closed
his one-man exhibit in the Asht-
ille Museum after a five-weeks
run saia louav uic iulbi ohu-..t,
standing in front of the drug store
at (iiiun's Coiner at about 12:30
a. in
Walking across the street, he
questioned them They gave Iheir
naii'ei as Jack Leopard and Jack
Parker, of Statesville.
However, after checking their
driver's licenses at the police sta
tion, Chief Noland found the names
were liclitimis.
Clvvkiijg by phone with the
Slaievillo police, he was told they
were wanted for breaking and en
tering business places near States
ville. The bovs said later a companion
had been traveling with them but
had left them at Asheville earlier.
The chief held them for Staleo
viUe officer1., who returned thm
to Iredell County later Tuesday.
We don't usually have that kind
of luck." Chief Noland said, refer
ring to the arrests
Nine Canton National Guards
men were injured Sunday when
their weapons carrier plunged
down nn'emrnkrtient near' Spar
tanburg as they were traveling to
Fort Jackson for the annual Hum
mer encampment.
James II Williamson, 19, most
seriously injured of the group, was
under treatment at Spartanburg
with General Hospital for a broken
back. His condition was not re
garded as critical today, however.
The other injured men were
Hobby Sellars, who suffered back
and head Injuries; Jasper llenson.
Hobby llatterlee, Hay Gillette, Ar
thur Gillette, and David Robinson.
They were taken to the Fort Jack-
resentative to serve on a Hecrea- son hospital after receiving first
tion Commission, so the board of aid treatment
Haywood Teachers
Named By Board
Field Day
To Be Held
Friday; IV as
The second annual Haywood
County Farm and Field Day.
rained out last Wednesday, has
been rescheduled for tomorrow, at
the same place K F. Rogers'
Crabtree farm
County Agenl Wayne Corpening
announced the post poument yes
terday morning after he had seen
the niiidv condition of the fields
Cancel out the prospects for the
demonstrations by Hie farm ma
chinery. ll- -wld thai, unless the weather
again turns unfavorable, the au
dience would see the first demon
stration in Haywood County of a
lime-spreader working on an 80
riegree slope.
Scheduled lo appear on the pro
gram are Assistant State Agricul
ture Commissioner A. Hugh Har
ris, and other top farm officials.
The event is scheduled to open
at 10 A. M.
Appearing on the program also,
will be Dean I. O Schaub, director
of the N. C. Stal,. College Exten
sion Service; Dr. .1. H. Hilton, dean
of the Stale College Agriculture
School and director of the Mate's
agriculture experiment stations;
C. F. Parrlsh, State College Ex
tension Specialist; Western Dst,rict
two Agaut H. E. Schffnw; Sam
H. Dobson, Stale College Agro
nomy specialist; Miss Pauline Gor
don. Stall- College specialist In
home management and house furn
ishings; Dr. Roy S. Dearstyne,
(See Field Day Page H)
would continue indefinitely.
The Country Club exhibit will
include the paintings he showed in
He added that these would be
for sale. a.nd that other works of
his could be seen at his studio.
I Mrs F G. Frazier is resting more
j comfortably, after suffering a pain-
ful sprain in a fall on Monday
I afternoon.
She is expected to be out in a
I few day s Mrs. Frazier is proof
l r.,K,.r fr.r The Mountaineer.
directors of the Chamber of Com
merce have decided that unless an
act is passed in the Legislature,
with an election or vote of the
people on a red cat ion center, that
the Chamber of Commerce can do
no more lo promote same, since
we have received no cooperation
to date on this matter."
About two months ago the Cham
ber of Commerce tried to revive a
Recreation Commission here, lo see
whflt could be worked out in ac
quiring a recreation center The
matter began when Warren Filer
offered to lease lielle Meade pool
and pavilion to the town for one
dollar a year, if the town would'
provide adequate facilities there foi
a recreational center
All are members of the 30th Sig
nal Company,
N. C. National
Kindergarten To Open
At Methodist Church
Burning Paint
Brings Fire
Truck To House
A housewife accidentally poured
a can of paint into her stove late
Tuesday morning.
When the paint caught fire in her
hands, she dropped the burning
can on the floor and ran out of
the house calling for help.
Acting Fire Chief Paul Young
reported the firemen found the
blaze extinguished and about $15
worth of linoleum ruined when
they arrived.
The truck was back at the sta
tion 10 minutes after it had left.
L. Crabtree To
Have Home
Coming Day
Mountaineer Correspondent
The annual home coming and
deeorat day at the Lower Crab-
Inv Haplisl church will be held
i Sunday, starling at 9.30 with Sun
day School.
Following I he Sunday School.
Hie Rev. Wilt i;m Abel, pastor of
the church, vill preach at the U
o'clock service.
The annual decoration exercises
will be from 12 until 12:30, with
a picnic lunch following immedi
ately. Tlie afternoon program will
feature lellowship talks by vari
ous people, and singing by visiting
County Agents
To Hold Meeting
At 4-H Camp
Farm Agents and home agents
from twenty Western North Caro-
Complete List of
Teachers Announced
By Board of Education
Haywood County Schools Super
intendent Jack Mcsser today an
nounced the names of the teachers
who will serve in the six disirict
schools during the new year open
ing August 29:
Waynesville District
M. H. Bowles, C. E. WeaHurby.
Charles Russ, William Marshall
Teague. Owen Corwin, Mrs. Rozelle
S. Nesbltt, John H. Nesbitt. A'.aia
Mae Jackbon, Charles Lee ls!ey,
Jr.. Robert Alexander Ca!-U'beH.
Margaret Ireue Chambers, Harriett
Ellen Phoenix. Betty Bass. Hdjel
Frances Wright.
John Dudley Moore, Cai! U Rat
cliffe, Mrs. Mary Elmoie Burgess,
Mrs. Grace A Stamcy, Mrs. Lucy
Tate Jones. Margaret J. Teireil,
Mrs. Alta Ponder Edwards. Mrs
Ethel Craig Sloan, Emil A Gooch,
Jr.. Lillian Self.
Mrs. J. C. Patrick. Lawrence
Lcatherwood, Eula Patterson, Lois
llarrold. Mrs. Irene Grant. NeJI
W. Wilson, Mrs. Annie P Ledbet
ter, Lois Clark Holljfield. Lou
Belle Boyd. Harriet Boyd Webster,
Mary Adeline Boone Patrick, Fan
nie Howell.
Margaret Perry, Mrs. Inez Cloud
Brooks, Nancy Louise Killian, Ova
P. Ferguson, Mary Kathertne Ham
ilton, Marietta W. Campbell. Daisy
Coralce Mozeley, Mrs. Alice P.
Brown, Mrs. Bonnie T. Howell, Mrs.
Claire K. Garrett, Mrs. Helen Da
vis Eckhoff, Erma Patterson.
Mrs. Grace Fortune Dulin. Mr?;.
Maye Davis Boyd, Margaret Boyd,
Claud W. Rogers, Mrs. Mary Lil
lian F. Shuler, Margaret G. Logan.
Willie Ruth Metcalfe, Mrs Lois
Brlggs Hendry, Mrs. Cuml U.
(See Teachers Page 8)
NolancTTo Be
Paid By Act
Of Congress
U. S. Commissioner Wade No
land of Waynesville has ttireu'
months' pay coming, and it is tak
ing an act of Congress to get it
for him.
The Senate ha.s a House-approved
bill providing the payment of
$145.50 to Mr. Noland for the pe
riod from October 1946 to Jainiarv
Rep. Monroe Redden of Hendei -sonville
introduced the measure
which the House passed last Tues
day. There was some confunon o rr
dates of appointments Then. Mr.
Noland added, he forgot to file hn
claim for the salary.
However, the governnr-nt toH
him that It owed him some pjv.
and the machinery was set m:o
motion to get It for him.
Mrs E K Herman has an
nounced the Waynesville Kinder
garten will open for the new school
year August 29 in the nursery
Mr. Young quoted the woman's j lina Counties will hold a three-day
husband as saying he had been j
using the paint for work on the 1
house, and that his wife appar- !
rent I v picked up the can by mis-
meeting at the new 4-H Camp at
the State Test Farm, beginning
I O Schaub. director of the
room Ot tne rnsi meiiowiM take. ; iorio c arojina r.xiensiuii etvice,
Church. j ; and R. W Shaffner. district farm
Children from three to six years Miss Dorothy Martel left this j agent, will meet with the group,
of age may be enrolled in the week for a ten-day visit to a school j and assist in making plans for
classes, which will be held from i mate. Miss Margaret Sanderson, at finishing and developing the camp.
9 a. m. to noon daily. j her hfme in Goldsboro. !
Alexander's Resignation
Starts Lots Of Comment
In N.C. Political urcies
The resignation of Tom Alexan
der from the Board of Conserva
tion and Development made head
lines over the state, and has set
up a lot of speculation during the
weeX in political circles.
Some of the larger papers of
the state carried the news under
blaring headlines. One paper car
ried a headline across the page,
and another story about the matter
by a staff writer on the same page.
The Raleigh News and Observ
er, besides carrying the regular
news, devoted much space on Wed
nesday in their column "Under the
Dome" to the incident.
The Wednesday column, and
. .... Alexander's res-
srwui. ,
ignation from the State Board of
Conservation and Development was
accepted even before it was read.
And the same speedy handling.
Governor Scott says, will be ac
corded any other resignations.
Scott made it clear no effort was
made to talk the Waynesville dude
' . ;i tiQvine Alex-
ranch operaioi -.
ander. a Scott appointee who joined
the board less o" , '
stepped out in protest at what he
called "political implications m
the State advertising program.
Shortly after his letter reached the
Governor s desk. Dr. Locke Robin
son Mars Hill physician, was nam
' ,!,,. Alexander Vg
Labor Day Program
Details Announced
j General Chairman C. C. Poin
' dexter of Canton yesterday an
I ,.,,1 tho detailed schedule for
' imuiivv,
the 43rd annual Labor Day and tall
i Festival Celebration which will be
iheld August 27 through Septem
ber 5 at Canton:
August 27 Old Timers' Soft
ball Game Franks vs. Tulls.
September 1 Negro baseball,
softball, running, etc.
September 3, 9 a.m. at Champi
on Y Billiards: two groups, 16
20 years of age: 20 years and oter.
r-i,oirors and table tennis for boys
and girls, three age groups: under'
12 years of age; unoer io: 10 ana
1 p. m. at Canton Memorial Rec
reation Park Badminton, marbles,
ring toss, running, shuffleboard,
target throw, and other contests
for boys and girls same age
groups as above.
3:30 p. m., Baseball Champion
Y Juniors against a team to be
September 5 (Labor Day i 11
a.m.. Swimming and diving carni
val tor boys and girls at Canton
Memorial Pool. Swimming events,
rlivintr from low and high boards.
Two age groups: under 16 years of
age; 16 and over.
11 a. m. Junior horseshoe tour
(See Labor Day Pwre 8)
Dan Cupid Has The Upper
Hand With V. P. Barkley,
According To W. G. Byers
W. G. Byers believes that Dan
Cupid has the upper hand with vice
president Barkley, and that sooner
or later there will be a wedding.
Mr. Byers, who is assistant ser-geant-at-arnis
of the United States
senate, and assigned to the office
of the vice president, hastened to
say he was "going on a hunch" as
the vice president kept his person
al affairs to himself.
Mr. Byers is on a two week vaca
tion from his Washington duties,
and expects Congress to adjourn
about Labor Day. In the meantime,
he is catching up on his trout fishing.
"One of the closest men to Presi
dent Truman today is our Senator
Frank Graham." Mr. Byers con
tinued. "He has taken well in the
Senate, and one of the most schol
arly men in the country. He has
consistently followed the adminis
tration, end regards the Democratic
platform as a pledge to the people,"
Mr. Byers continued.
"Senator Graham is able, friend
ly, and he is definitely interested
in the fuller development of West
ern North Carolina. You will be
hearing a lot about some ground
work Senator Graham has been do
ing for this area,'' Mr. Byers said.
Carol Grahl Is Now
Licensed Driving
Instructor in Virginia
Carol Grahl is a licenced v.i'ruc
tor of dual control cars and u no.1'
teaching peopje how to dne :u
traffic in downtown Noifolk and
Portsmouth, Va.
The system is taught by a -fecial
school in Washington
Mr. Grahl is the son of Mr and
Mrs. Linwood Grahl. of Waynesville.
Fire Chief and Wife
Attending Convention
Waynesville Fire Chief Clem
Fitzgerald and his wife are a Car
olina Beach this week attendm?
the annual convention of the N. C.
Fire Chiefs Association.
They are expected back home tomorrow.
Record For
(To Date)
In Haywood
Killed 4
Injured .... 26
(This Information com
piled from Records of
State Highway Patrol).
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