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"I'm cettlnc stronger."
"How do you kmow?"
"Because a few rears uo I
couldn't carry three dollars
worth of groceries, and now
it's easy."
64th YEAR NO. 70 ITPAGES Associate Press and United Press News WAYNESVILLE. N. C, MONDAY AFTERNOON, AUGUST 22. 1949 $3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
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Accident Victim
or a. .
SHAW, 18, son of Mr. and Mrs.
J. p. Cutshaw of Waynesville.
was fatally Injured Aug. 11 in a
logging accident near Cleveland.
S. C. He was unloading a truck
for his brother, a Georgia Lum
ber Co. contractor, when a log
slipped and struck him. Five
brothers and two sisters survive,
in addition to his parents.
85 Extension
Workers See
4-H Camp
Project Here
A Pal
Phoned The
f day.
call out the
hi for a pen-
!about to get
porter asked.
ban said, in
I Paper said
I miles from
idly cheeked
the man was
fere the Reds
miles from
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P this to the
"hen the call-
I Must have
,Keds. By the
Gov. Scott
Ms be I
For Farmers
North Carolina's court system.;
power companies, telephone firms, 1
and the RKA drew criticism from!
Governor Kerr Scott at Canton last j
Saturday afternoon.
In his speech before a large aud
ience at the Farmers Federation
Picnic at Canton High School, he
blamed the private power and tele
phone agencies and the REA for
failing to get electricity and phones
i into many rural homes
J He instructed the farmers who
do not have these conveniences to
write him, and that he would ex
ert the power of his office to get
them for them
The governor declared that 118.
000 farm homes in North Carolina
do not have electricity, and that
there will be an 50,000 more new
homes built in the next few years
that will need it.
Referring to the courts, he
promised a streamlining of their
One of the defects, he indicated,
was the time many farmers had to
waste around court houses away
from their work.
He declared that "under the pre
sent system a farmer hangs around j
the court house all day to find out j
,.iw,iiw,,- iw, u poino In work for
Eighty-five Extension workers! U)(1 satt, for nothing, or go home." j
from 20 counties of Western North Th(, Koverm- arrived at Canton j
Carolina spent two days at the new i jn a sate Highway Patrol car;
4-H Club camp at the State Test j f Greenville. S. C. where he;
Farm Jiere, making plans for com-1 na(i ,0 pavt, tljs party
pletion of the camp, ana me gene
ral 4-H Club program.
Dr. I. O. Schaub, director of the
Extension Service in the state,
headed the group. There were
county agents, and home demon
stration agents from each of the
20 counties of Western North Carolina.
The croup gathered here Friday
and left Sunday morning.
DnrinG the time a series of con-
f.,,.,.,c- U0PO hlri SUfi Dr. ScliaUl)
said "most of the time was taken j TSl Tir
In shop talk, and discussing plans j X KJX
for the 4-H program. An exchange : . - j
of ideas, and reports on different j TjTyiQOTiQS
phases of the work took a greater
part of the conference periods," (nt, fl,d.
be Said- ,u noini-h who eral government will start paying for tnr,.,. years to devote
Among others from Raleigh who ; erai u in dividends to ,jn, , ,s law practice.
attended the two-day session, - m Word Wiir
eluded C. F. Parrish poultry spec,- and 1 l.t beneficiaries of
alist, Miss Pauline Gordon, family II v iU Service
. .. , ,! . it XI tOl,ot1- flCHU n
relation specicmai, i
ner, district county agiin,
Ruth Current, State Home Demon
stration Agent, L. R. Harrill. state
A-ir rinh Ipader. Jack Kelley,
swine specialist, W. B. Collins and
John Ford of TVA ana lvir. uu.s....,
of the Texas Extension Service.
The dining hall, kitchen, and
several cabins of the new 4-H Club
kc, tpn completed. Plans
are underway for construction of
a swimming pool, and 20 cabins in
all The plan is for me t-n
of each of the 20 counties in tins
area to pay for a cabin at the camp.
Citizens of Haywooa iwup"
land several years ago and donat
ed it to the state.
Local Man Gets $531 For An Idea
Large Number Expected
At 10th Annual Meeting
Of REA Here On Saturday
Federal And
State To Pay
Of The Cost
Oscar Knight, center, is $531 better off by having submitted ai
idea to officials of the A. C. Lawrence Leather Company at llael
wood. Mr. Knight has been with the lirm for Hi years, and works
in the tanyard division. He thought ol a met hud ol reclaiming cer
tain tanning fluids, and the company found the method practical,
and would save them $5,310 a year, so Kniglit was given the custom
ary 10 per cent Shown handing Knight the SS31 check is I.. K
Barber, superintendent, while Carl Sw anger, chairman ul the sug
gestions committee of the plant , offers congratulation Not long ago
Homer Moore received a cheek for $400 for .mother suggestion
There1 have been numerous checks tor smaller amounts given
iThis photo by Ingrain s Sludioi
More Than 1,000 Attend
Annual Home -Field Day
-i'hu National Guard plane, bear
ing the governor, other officials,
and radio newscasters and news
papermen, had been forced by the
fog to circle an hour over the
Greenville Air Base before land-
in . i
The craft, a C-47 transport, had
(See Scott Page 8)
Veterans To
1 ball
T-Cloudy and
Psnt rains or
rty Tuesday,
y and warm
"c tempera
F staff of the
Mi. Rainfall
Life Insurance policies.
Havwood County Veterans Serv
ice Officer James H. Howell. Jr..
said today he was informed that
application blanks would be avail
able at the county post offices af
ter August 29.
At their last meeting the Hay
wood County commissioners ac
cepted the resignation of Janus 11
Howell. Jr.. as t fie county's veter
ans service officer, effective Aug
ust 31.
The young Waynesville attorney,
who made the announcement, said
he had filed his resignation in a
letter dated July 13.
The letter said Mr. Howell wish
ed In vacate the post he has held
his lull
H o a r d Chairman George A
Drown Jr. s;iid the commissioners
af present had no immediaate suc
cessor to Mr. Howell in mind
He recommended that the coun
ty continue to employ a veterans
service officer.
, ii..r i..w Thursdav . the
Mmi than 1.IMMI people from
throughout Haywood County saw a :
parorania ol Hie latest practice-, in:
farming, farm machinery, and its
.uses last Friday at H F. Rogers'
farm in Upper Crabtiee.
I The oCMxion ws Hnywood Coun
ty's second annual Farm and Home
Field Dai, which 1'id been post
poned from Vednes(i,i l au.-.e the
fields where, the demonstration',
had In-en seheduled bad been
made soggv by rain
The spiclatol's heaul hnel ad
Gwvn 11. Price, chairman of the
North Carolina Rural Electrifica
tion Authority, will be principal
speaker Saturday at the annual
meeting of the Haywood Electric
Mcmbrshlp Corporation at the
Waynesville Armory.
This tenth anniversary meeting
will open at 10 a.m.
This was announced today by
Ira H. CoKburn, Corporation sec
retary. Scheduled for the meeting are
the adoptions of the Capital Cred
its Plan and the new rate sched
ules affecting every member of the
organization, and the election of1
11 directors.
Mr. Cogburn explained that the
Capital Credits Plan will assure
every patron of getting full credit
for any service payments be
makes In excess of the cost of serv
ice to him.
The committee on nominations
j will .submit Its choices to the mem
i hers. Additional nominations may
j be made at the meeting, the secre
! tary added.
The members also will hear the
reports of the officers, and will re
Icelve copies of the Corporation's
- financial statement
( The meeting won't he all bust-
! ness, however.
For entertainment, there will be
i movies, singing by quartets, 8nd
: other features. Preceding the meet-
ing will be a parade and music by
j Hie Waynesville Township High
; School band, scheduled to start at
9.45 a.m.
Valuable attendance prize also
will be awarded.
Lunch will be served under the
REA President
direction of the borne demonslra
lion agents
Carter Osborne. Corporation
president, will call the meeting to
The business session is sched
uled to get underway following the
dresses hv state and county agi i-. singing of "America" by the mem
cultural lead rs on virtually every
aspect of farm and rural home life
The county Community Develop
ment Piugram organizations spon
sored the Field Day. with County
Agent Wayne Corpening m charge
The dinner was in charge of the
I'pper Crabtiee Community De
velopment Club, headed by Chair
man Jack lingers.
Among the pnncipnl speakers
were Dean I O Schaub. director of
the N' C. Stiil- fi ictiltiu at l.x
lelision Service. (' F. Patrisb, Kx-li'iis-iou
poultrv specialist. It .
SchofTner. weslein district farm
agent; Albert Forlune. a represent-
attorney supported this statement ative of the Foilune Paint and
Charles Edwards, comma nui i ... i vt,tl.rilIls
Boy Suffers
Broken Leg
In Accident
a ioor-nlH Jackson County
boy suffered a broken leg Friday
night when he was strucK oy a v
as he was walking along the Ai-1
lens Creek road near Highway 19
23. . ..
Clyde Cope of Gay. the injureu
,.tu ronnrfed resting com-
fortably today at Haywood County
Hospital. , . . ,
o.ii.. r-v,uf Drville Noland saiu
the driver of the car, identified by
officers as Eugene Rogers,
Waynesville. was arrested on Main
Street about two hours after tne
He added Rogers carried the in
jured youth to the hospital immedi
ately after he was siruciv.
Officers quoted a witness as w
ing young Cope was hit from be
hind while walking witn du
Rhlnehart of Aliens Creek.
"i-i.- ariHpd the car was
X 1IC muv
travelling at a moderate rate when
the accident occurred.
Officers Guy Messer and J. M.
Rogers, Deputy Sheriff Wade Mc
Daniel. and State Highway Patrol
man Bill Sawyer Investigated.
Chief Noland said the Jackson
county youth was the first person
(See Boy Suffers Page 8)
the Havwood American -e,-"
Post in "Waynesville at the same
time announced that his organiza
tion would assist county World
War II veterans in filling out their
application blanks properly.
He added he was advised that
the Winston-Salem, N. C. Region-z-(Ti..
,,f ihn Veterans Adminis-
id mail dividend appli
cation forms next Thursday to all
of North Carolina's Legion pos.s.
The Haywood Legion organiza
tion hopes to have a worker on
dutv at the American Legion rooms
in ihe old Citizens Bank building
for several days after receiving the
blanks. .
VA officials have advised vtt
erans. however, that such appHca-
fr dividends must noi .:
(See Dividends Page 8)
l,i t lhal $1 .00(1.000 111
veterans benefits flows into the
county each year for the more than
3,000 World War II veterans here.
During the six months after the
enlisted men's terminal leave pay
provisions went into effect, be add
ed his office received approximat
ely '2.") applications a day in this
business alone.
Approximately 300 veterans are
...nm. farm training under the Gl
Bill ol ltiglits. and an ev n greater
,See Veterans Page 2
New Assistant
and Director
Arrives Here
Tiobert A Campbell, who grad
uated from DavidL-on College last
spring, has been apponnru
Hardware Cnmpanv of Ashevilh
Miss Pauline Gordon. Stale Col-)
lege home management and house i
furnishings specialist; and Mrs.
Corinne Grimslev. Kxtension spe
cialist in family relations. j
Dr. J II I till-in. dean of the!
(See Field lla.v Page H) '
Four Hurt As Two
Cars Crash Near I
Pigeon Gap
t Mrs M H Bowles Is slow ly hut
i gradually improving from injuries
sustained last Thursday in an auto
i mobile accident on Highway No.
1 276 at McCracken's Orchard, in
j which four persons were hurt.
Reports at noon today were
! she will be able to leave the hos-
bers and the offering of the invoca
Mr Osborne. Mr. Cogburn. and
General Manager R. C. Sheffield
will deliver their reports during
the business meeting.
Mr. Price is scheduled to begin six day s a weel
his address at 11 a. in., and inline- i depot,
diatelv afterward the elections will The loi i
hi' held. ! cooipanv . pom
Alter lunch, there will be an
open forum on capital credits, fol
lowed by the showing of a film en
titled "Cooperation".
The entertainment features and
the awarding of prizes will occupy
the remainder of the afternoon,
with adjournment scheduled for 4
CARTF.R OSIIOHNF. is president
of the board of directors of Ihe
Haywood FJectrir Membership
Cooneraitve which will hold Us
annual ineeling here Saturday
Mr. Osborne has M'rved in this
capacity all bul two years since
Depot Will
Be Closed 2
Days A Week
Notices on Ihe door of the
Southern K.nlw.iv depot here ad
vise thai the depot will be closed
on Sa'uid.u - a nil Sundays, effec
tive September first.
J. G. Ten ell. ageul here, said
this inoiiiinw f a change might
be made from the notice, but at
I present, Ihe depot will be open
five days a week
It was also learned that Ihe Ha
zelwood depot will be kept open
will the Canton
The Havwood Board of Flections
i todav set Saturday. October first,
i as the date for the S225.0OO Hos
pital expansion bond election.
The board acted under the direc
tion of the county commissioner.
which had previously received a
petition from a large number of
Haywood voters, asking for the
The expansion of the hospital
would be made with funds provid
ed by the county, together with
state and federal funds. Under the
plan. Haywood would provide 29's2
per cent, and the state and federal
government 70 1 a per cent of the
cost. It has been estimated that
the project will cost about SfiOO -000.
to expand the present build
ing. The voters will also vote on the
question of authorizing a lew up
to 10 cents per $100 valuation for
the purpose of financing the cost
of operation of the hospital, pur
chase of equipment, and general
maintenance. The present levy U
slightly more than 6 cents.
Leaders from all parts of the
county participated in getting the
petitions signed asking for the
"While we can get a gift of more
than two-thirds of the cost.-;. i ip-
tinnra that now Iv the time to ac
cept the gift, and go ahead and ex
pand our hospital," George A.
Brown, Jr., chairman of the board
of commissioners said.
"The facilities of the hospital are
far from being adequate." Lee Da
vis, administrator of the institution,
said. "If ever a hospital needed
more room, It is this one." he con
tinued. .fprrv Rftunru ehnirman nf the
board of elections announced this
morning that registration books
would ope'n Saturday. September
3rd. and remain open on the 10th
ana aiso me wtn. l ne regular cn.n-
lenge day has been set for the
24th. and the election on October
The registrars and judges have
been named for the election as fol
lows; Beaverdam Township
Precinct No. I: F,. IV Hay 111-5,
Registrar, Tommie Similiters and
Ted Walker, Judges.
Precinct No. 2: Jack Chapman.
Registrar, Mrs. G. C. BiVaon and
(See Hospital Page t)
ant director ot me nnc..u, ( - -..
Township High School band "s suffering from a concussion of
This was disclosed today by Band the head and cuts
Director Charles Isley. Billy Woods, who received a
Mr Campbell will teach junior fractured jaw in the accident, as a
: u:,i. musir I Da'M'nspr of the second car. was
ti.H SPT MIT OlliU '"" 1
assisting Mr. Isley with the hign
school's bands and chorus groups.
assistant, a native of
Driver Escapes
Injury In Main
Street Accident
An auto went out of control ear-
,y TbWk of a Parked Charlotte, played the French horn
crasm.u ...w ... - Wool- with the city sympnony u. i... .
car on Main sireei c harlotte, and Spartanburg and
sey ga e m - - Charleston. South Carolina.
was iniured. Police 1.110:1 v- nraanM
iu v-., - - n a so seivcu oa v- s,..,,.-
Orville Noland reported. .Veral churches in Charlotte, hav-
He said James Reeves. v,djpd ,he , organ jn coll-
0f Waynesville route 2. was dr 1 , r Nwhren
ing east when his car collided ' Campbp,, a,SQ gajned expert.
the parked vehicle, owned ov m . sfhuIas(ic music groUpS
Ferguson. , ri,,rig bis final year at college in
He added that es shed dun,
uled to answer a reckless ai s f H Band and as gssLsU
charge this afternoon in Major j. . djrecJor of ,he chariotte Boys1
H. Way s court. rious Choir, which is sponsored by the
The parKea car es- r o((e Ro(ary Club
damage. .
The damage to Reeves car was
estimated by the officer at about
Id iv-uc -' -
H- is srrleduled to arrive in Way
nesville tomorrow, and will live at
the home of James H. Howell, Jr.
released from the hospital on Sat
M. II Bowles and daughter, Flor
ence Ann. received bruises and
suffered from shock. Billy Hay
wood McDonald of Ratcliffe Cove,
driver of the other car, was
in 1 bruised.
State Highway Patrolman Jeff
May investigated the collision. Mr
Bowles was driving his car. and
McDonald the other car. The
Bowles car was damaged about
$325, and the McDonald rar about
$150, it was said. The two cars
met head-on in a curve.
Mr. and Mrs. Bowles were en
route to visit relatives in Southern
Georgia when the accident hap
pened. Mr. Bowies is district su
perintendent of the Waynesville
schools. . .
Fire Causes
Minor Damage To
Filling Station
A blaze in the basement of
Ward's Ksso Service station near
Lake Junaluska early today was
discovered before It could do more
than a negligible amount of dam
age, Fire Chief Clem Fitzgerald
He said H. S. Ward, the operator
of the station, saw no signs of fire
when he unlocked the door to start
work at about 7:45 a. m.
But shortly afterward, he saw
clouds of smoke puff up suddenly
from the floor and immediately
turned in the alarm.
Chief Fitzgerald reported the
blaze was extinguished in a few
minutes before it could do more
than scorch the underside of the
. floor.
He said some old crates and
boxes had caught fire from an un
known cause.
I ire. smned by the
. out. "To carry
out fiiidiiuv. "I an emergency
board appointed l,. Hie President
,,f the I riled Males under the
National liailwav Labor Act, the
rl ion's railroad . necessarily
agreed wilh the non-operating
Railway Labor I nions to estab
lish a 5-day-40-honr work week el
fective September I. H40-
"This will require I be closing
on Saturdays and Sundays of many
(See Depot 1'ukc 2)
Opening Of
Schools Set
For Aug, 29
Auto, Truck
Collide In City;
No One Injured
An antn and a trurk rnllwtuH r, i.
day morning on Academy St. near
tne intersection of Main.
Police Chief Orville Noland re
Dorted that no one was inbirnrl n,i,l
that the approximately $(10 damages
10 tne car was seined on the snot
He said a laundrv truck- ilovpn
by Mr. Wolf was backing from V.i'.n
into Academy when it collided with
a two-door Ford sedan driven by
Delsie Love, a negro, turning into
Main Street.
The impact damaged the right
front side and right rear fender of
the car.
The accident uccured at about
8:45 o'clock.
iipiu iI Ibis week
of H'-vwood Coun-
a hooK for the new
Prices On Market
Show An Increase
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E Ray
have returned from a week's buy
ing trip in St. Louis.
"The market is stronger, with
prices on many items showing a
slight rise," Mr. Ray said.
"Many manufacturers are in
creasing prices, and the general
feeling is that business will be good
this fall. Many manufacturers are
increasing their inventories, and
also increasing production in pre
paration for the rise in business."
They drove to St. Louis.
Prepaiatioo .
for the oi inn
tv's si di t rut
year on Am: '.!'
The pi ii" tpal started work on
administrative mailers last Monday.
The job of -:i .tubulin: the 'ap
proximately I (I 'too textbooks was
finished by I 'te last week, and
painter:- and raipenlcrs were work
ing on necessary repairs to the
school buildinrs. which had been
idle through the summer.
Canton':. , bonis will open a
week later than the county schools.
The office of Superintendent A.
J. Hutchins announced the city
schools would open for the new
year on Sept. fi
For Ihe first lime since early in
the war. Canton High School will
have a manual training department.
A manual training teacber is be
ing sought to take charge of this
The department was closed early
in World War It because of the
teacher shortage
Dr. Hiilrhin, tin t wilh his prin
cipals at the high school last Fri
day and will meet wilh the teachers
at 9 a. m. Sept. 2.
Jack Messer. Haywood schools
superintendent, announced a ser
ies of meetings will be held this
(See School Paffe Z)
Messer Attends
State-Wide Meeting
Haywood County Schools Super
intendent Jack Messer returned
Friday from a two-day state-wide
meeting of county school superin
tendents at Mars Hill.
The session opened Wednesday
night and ended Thursday.
Record For
(To Date)!
In Haywood
Killed 4
Injured .... 31
(This Information com
piled from Records of
State Highway Patrol).

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