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"Aren't you ashamed." the
Judge, asked th nan, "to hare
your wife support you by tak
ing in washing?"
"Yes, I am, your honor," he
replies. "But what can I do?
She's too ignorant to do any
thing else."
Tee Waynesville Mountaineer
Published Twice-A-Week In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
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64th YEAR NO. 72 14 PAGES Associated Press and United Press News WAYNESVILLE, N. C, MONDAY AFTERNOON, AUGUST 29, 1949 $3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
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Lake Junaluska Assembly
Ends One 01 Best Seasons
In Many Years; Big Crowds
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Burlin Vaughn Breedlove. 21-year-old
Air Force soldier from
Thompson's Cove, suffered a frac
tured skull Saturday night
his car crashed into the rear of
a parked tractor loaded with baled
hay about three quarters of a mile
east of Waynesville on Highway
State Highway Patrolman Jeff
Mays reported the tractor was at
tached to a truck-trailer combina
tion that had brought the hay to
be unloaded Into Wiley Noland's
He said the impact knocked the
tractor 17 feet.
Breedlove, reported in serious
condition after the accident, re
gained consciousness shortly alter
he arrived at Haywood County
Hospital. He also suffered body
bruises and lacerations of the scalp,
head, and wrist.
He was transferred by ambulance
last night to the Greenville, S. C,
Air Force Base.
Patrolman Mays said the driver
of the truck, George Woody, 29,
of Newport, Tenn., ts under $500
bond for his appearance in justice
of the peace court at Waynesville
Thursday to answer a charge of
parking on the highway.
The officer estimated the dam
age to the tractor at about $200.
Breedlove's car, a 1938 Buick con
vertible, sustained approximately
$300 to $400 damages, he said.
He said it was not raining at the
time of the accident, but that the
highway was slick.
Breedlove was driving west alone
when the accident occurred at 9:30
Sunday marked the official close
of the Lake Junaluska Assembly
1949 season a season which offi
cials acclaim as probably the best
in the history of this church cen
ter, and which has launched plans
' hat when consummated will not
oniy insure us stability and per
manence but will result in expan
sion of its program and activities
and the erection of a new $400,000
hotel unit, and other physical im
provements, including roads, bridge
when and auditorium additions and ren
Recreation Head
fef p.
Marvel At
Beauty Of
Flower Show
Dencreasedi Enrollment
Packs County Schools
Richard Queen
Spends Weekend
At Home
tterly con-
Nk Metho-
ld at 7:30
Lower Fines
today by
i pastor of
M members
Lrtant con
Richard Queen, executive secre
tary to U. S. Sen. Frank P. Graham,
came down from Washington last
weekend to attend the wedding of
his sister-in-law, whle his boss was
filling speech-making engagements
in the eastern part of the state.
Queen also took advantage of
his visit to devote attention to the
business affairs of his Queen's
Tourist Farm on the Soco Road.
He indicated Senator Graham
was gaining incerased favor in
Washington, that his stands on
many, issues received strong sup
port in Congress.
Queen's sister-in-law. Miss jo
Pryor. was married to Ed Allman
of Jackson County Saturday. Both
are 1949 graduates of Western Car
olina Teachers College. Miss Pry
or has been serving as hostess this
summer at the Tourist Farm.
The senator's secretary returned
to Washington Sunday.
Today he was scheduled to help
Bascombe Lunsford of Asheville
and his square dancers get clear
ance for their trip to Italy.
The Western North Carolina
dancers will tour Europe to enter
tain American occupation troops.
Wright of
Rd Washing.
of Mr. and
weir home
Bishop Paul B. Kern, of Nash
ville, Tenn., was the Sunday morn
ing preacher.
At 8 p.m. Bishop Costen J. Har-
rell, of Charlotte, conducted a wor
ship service which will be followed
by a sacred concert, given by Dr.
Cyrus Daniel, of Nashville, who has
had charge of the music this sea
son, assisted by the Junaluska En
semble. Gate ticket sales this season in
dicate a total attendance of ap
proximately 13.000 persons who
have been here for stated periods
during the summer.
Dr. F. S. Love, superintendent,
expressed himself as greatly pleas
ed with the season as a whole and
enouraged over the future pros
pets. The speaking platform this
season, Dr. Love said, is probably
the most brilliant in the history of
the Assembly; the attendance dur
ing the major part of the season
has been at capacity and already
work is under way to build a great
program for the 1950 season.
"There will definitely go into
next year's program," he continued,
"a larger number of entertainment
features, especially in the field of
music and recitals by concert art
ists. "We are already receiving com
mitments from outstanding leaders
in Europe and America for our
1950 platform. '
"In cooperation with education
al leaders of The Methodist Church,)
plans are being worked out for a
great Youth Conference of an in
spirational type; also a Southeast
ern jurisdiction-wide conference of
Church School Superintendents
and teachers of adult Bible classes.
"The Expansion program which
was launched during our present
season there was projected a de
velopment for the Assembly which
is to be under the leadership of
Luther Wells, a successful business
man of Richmond, Va., and the im
mediate supervision of Bishop Ar
thur J. Moore of Atlanta and Ed
win L. Jones of Charlotte, co-chairmen
of the development program.
"The College of Bishops of the
Southeastern Jurisdiction, will lead
the movement in their several Epis
copal Areas on a conference, dis
trict and local church basis. The
financial objective of the Junalus
ka Expansion program is $600,000.
This amount is to be used to pro
vide additional hotel facilities, cot
tages, grounds and street improve
ments and the completion of the
Memorial Chapel which has been
erected by the churches of the
Southeastern Jurisdiction as mem
orial to service men and women of
World War II.
C. L. ALLEN of Aliens Creek, is
chairman of the Haywood County
recreation committee of the Com
munity Development program.
Mr. Allen and his committee
have inaugurated an interesting
program throughout the county,
which is proving popular. (Photo
by Ingram's Studio).
Guardsmen Return
From Summer
Haywood Couitty's weary Na
tional Guardsmen returned home
last night after two weeks of in
tensive summer training at the
annual encampment at Fort Jack
son, S. C
Canton's 30th Signal Company
soldiers were wet as well as weary,
for they had ridden through the
heavy rains in open trucks all the
way from the central South Caro
lina reservation.
The Waynesville Heavy Tank
Company's 64 enlisted men and
five officers, led by Capt. James
M. Davis, rode back to town in
somewhat more comfortable fashion.
Officers' reports indicate that
the Waynesville men are among
the tops In marksmanship in the
1 30th Division of the North Caro
lina and Tennessee National Guard.
On the tiring line the men, tak
ing turns at the 76 mm guns on
the four tanks, blasted every one
of the 12 targets at a range of
1,200 yards.
Master Sergeant Krederwick W.
Chandler of Waynesville, also had
honors to show for his summer ses
sion. He was awarded a certificate
commending him for his record
durng the encampment. It was
signed by Maj. Gen. John Hall
Manning of Raleigh, commander
of the North Carolina National
The Haywood men heard ad
dresses by Governors Scott of
North Carolina and Browning of
Tennessee during the encamp
ment. But the brightest spot, of course,
came on the final day.
That was payday. The Waynes
ville soldiers alone drew pay tot
aling $4,402.96 for their two
week's work.
Mrs. Wilford Ray and Mrs. James
R. Boyd, Jr., won the cash sweep
stakes prizes in the Fower Show
sponsored by the Richland Garden
Club at the Welch Memorial Build
ing of the First Baptist church last
Friday afternoon. Mrs. Ray had
top honors for her various arrange
ments and Mrs. Boyd for her out
standing specimens.
The show, the first to be held bj
the garden club, was a success in
every detail, according to Mrs
James L. Elwood, president of thr
club and general chairman for the
More than 200 entries were
shown by 49 exhibitors and hun
dreds of citizens and visitors at
tended the event.
The displays included a collec
tion of books on flowers and gard
ening shown by Miss Margaret
Johnston. Haywood County librar
ian. Tables used for the show were
furnished through the .ourtesy of
Garrett Furniture Company, Mas-
sie Furniture Company and Boyd
Furniture Company.
Serving as judges were Mrs.
Floyd Hipps, Mrs. W. T. Duckworth,
Mrs. W. S. Harrison, and Mrs. Clyde
Hawkins, all members of the Ashe
ville Garden Couniii.
Winners of the various classifi
cations follow: Section A-l, ar
rangement for wall table, blue rib
bon, Mrs. Jonathan Woody; red rib
bon, Mrs. James Elwood; yellow
ribbon, Mrs. J. H. Way, Jr.
Arrangement for coffee table.
blue ribbons, Mrs. G. M. Kimball
and Mrs. W. A. Prevost: red rib
bon, Mrs. J. W. Ray; yellow rib
bon, Mary White and Mrs. W. L.
Arrangement for informal lunch
eon, red ribbon. Mrs. F. G. Rlp
petoe; yellow ribbon, Mrs. John
Lily; arrangement for informal din-
REA Annual Meeting Was
Big Event On Saturday
Burley Field Day
To Be Held Here
On Wednesday
The annua) Burley Tobacco Field
Day will be held Wednesday at the
Mountain Test Farm, Director
Howard Clapp announced today.
Extension workers and tobacco
farmers from throughout Western
North Carolina are expected.
The Tobacco Field Day program
will open at 10:30 a.m. Among the
outstanding features, he said, will
be discussions on the curing of
burley tobacco.
Roy Bennett, burley specialist
of State College, will be present,
and Hugh Harris, assistant com
missioner of agriculture. Is ex
pected to attend.
Emphasis will be placed on cur
ing, tying, and priming.
Dr. Luther Shaw, of the Test
Farm, will lead In the demonstra
tions, and make a report of the
burley program.
A report Is to be given of the
results of the burley program up to
the present.
At the same time, Mr. Clapp an
nounced the Corn Field Day has
been scheduled for September 21
ner table, red ribbon, Walter Taliaferro.-
? , , ' .. ' '
Setlon B large arrangement not
over 36 inches, blue ribbons, Mrs.
E. J. Hyatt, Mrs. James Elwood,
and Mrs. J. W. Hay; red ribbon,
Mrs. John M. Queen; yellow ribbon,
Mrs. Roy Parkman.
Section C-l-A, line arrangement,
using one type of flower; blue rib
bon, Mrs. M. G. Stamey; red ribbon,
(See Flower Show Page 2)
Nearly Two
Inches Of Rain
Hits Haywood
I Warmer
Pt for a f ew
PWng. Fair
I1" tempera-
staff of the
35-Gallon Still
Captured Tuesday
Haywood sheriff's officers cap
tured a 35-gallon wood-burning
still last Tuesday afternoon in the
Iron Duff section.
The sheriff's department said no
arrests had been made but would
Poultry Group
To Meet Thursday
Members of the Haywood Coun
ty Poultry Commission, commun
ity poultry committees, and repre
sentatives of commercial hatcheries
will meet at 8 p.m. Thursday at
the Haywood County Court House.
Commission Chairman Van Wells
announced today.
A discussion of the production
of hatching eggs will feature the
Family Reunion Is
Set For Sunday
The annual reunion of the Miller
Sharp, and Joyce Families will be
held at the Ridgeway Baptist
Church on the Canton-Ashevllle
highway. Sunday. September 4.
All members of the families and
friends are invited to attend and
bring a basket lunch.
Special music will be presented
in the afternoon.
3 Canton People
Injured In
Traffic Mishap
Three Haywood County people
were among five injured Saturday
when two cars collided in the mid
dle lane of the three-lane highway
19-23 near Ihe Pisgah intersection
in Buncombe County.
State Highway Patrolman M. P.
Pope said the injured were Charles
R. Henson, Reba Lambert, 19, and
Jack Crawford of Canton, Route 2,
who were riding in a station wagon;
and Miss Ellen Stephenson and J.
A. Tate, both of Greensboro, who
were riding in a coupe.
Crawford was admitted to Ash
ton Park Hospital in Asheville for
treatment. His two companions al
so were treated there.
The GreensDoro couple were
taken to Mission Hospital.
Jamie Byrnet. 16, of Canton, who
was riding in the station wagon,
escaped, injury.
, HayWoodCf6un)y was, drenched
by .nearly two inches of rain be
twecn Saturday night and yester
day afternoon.
But so far no material damage
has been reported.
Hominy Creek overflowed its
banks and sent a field under water
near the Buncombe County line.
A section of the secondary road
near Woodrow used as a detour
since the highway bridge tere
was washed out in the June floods
was made impassable by more than
three feet of water yesterday after
noon. But there were no other reports
of widespread flooding or dam
age to vital bridge structures.
The Haywood Electric Member
ship Corporation earned a net $9,
599.80 during the year ending Dec.
31, 1948.
Corporation Manager R. C. Shef
field gave this figure in his fin
ancial report to approximately 1,
000 members of the rural electri
fication agency at their tenth an
nual meeting Saturday at th Way
nesville Armory.
Represented besides Haywood
were Buncombe. Jackson, Tran
sylvania, and Macon counties In
Western North Carolina, and Ra
bun County, Ga.. all in the area
covered by the Haywood REA.
At the same time they heard
State REA Chairman Gwyn Price
We're not going to let up 'till
every taim tamiiy in me siaie nas
He also told the rural families
there are at least four great es
sentials farm people need: good
roads, better schools, rural elec
trification, and communications in
rural telephone lines.
Price, the principal speaker, was
introduced by Corporation Attor
ney It. E. Sentelle of Waynesville
as one of the exceptions to Gov
ernor Kerr Scott's pre-election
promise to "open tile windows ol
the state capitol and let In some
fresh air."
Corporation President Carter
Osborne of Clyde, later re-elected
to a new term by the new directors,
reviewed the work of the previous
The reduction of REA rates, ef-
he termed the
Clyde FFA Boy Receives
Carolina Farmer Award
Officers Capture Two In
Jonathan Creek Thefts
Fast work by the Haywood Coun-, suspect, last seen In Rock Hill hen
ty Sheriffs department and the Uhe other two inen were wptured
Rock Hill, S. C.; police landed two Deputy Sheriff Max Cochran re
. ' j vT ., iaii turned Robinson and bniatners 10
Waynesville Friday night. The two
are charged with breaking, enter
ine and larceny, the sheriff's de-
leas than 14 hours after a rural
Jonathan Creek store was robbed
Wednesday night.
The Sheriff's, department said
Earl Smathers, about 30, and Billy
Robinson, 21, both of Canton, ad
mitted breaking into Ralph Boyd's
store between 11 p.m. and midnight
and taking a quantity of merchan
dise. The value of the goods was
estimated at $200.
Officers are searching for a third
The sheriff's department said the
store was looted of three new auto
tires, two new auto tubes, an on
determined quantity of cigarettes
two cases of beer, a radio, and all
of Mr. Boyd's clothing he had Just
brought there from the cleaners.
(See Two Boys Page 8)
Mountaineer Correspondent
Carl (Buddy Mann, son of Mr.
and Mrs. P. C. Mann of Clyde, was
the only Haywood county boy to
receive the Carolina Farmer award
at a recent state convention of Fu
ture Farmers of America in Ral
eigh. The honor is the highest degree
bestowed bv the state FFA orga
nization and signifies outstanding
achievement in supervised farm
projects and other school work.
A member of the FFA for three
years. Buddy served as secretary of
the Clyde chapter last year. The
organization is comprised of agri
culture students in high schools
throughout North Carolina and is
part of a national federation.
The first projects carried by this
budding young farmer included one
baby beef, one-half acre of corn,
and five acres of potatoes.
Under the supervision and guid
ance of Robert C. Evans, vocational
agriculture teacher at Clyde high
school, Buddy was able to increase
(See Clyde FFA Page 8)
Given FFA Award
Vr.' ' if
Redden To Speak
At Soco Boosters
Session Thursday
U. S. Rep. Monroe Redden of
North Carolina will be featured
speaker Thursday night at a din
ner meeting and dance of the Soco
Gap Road Boosters Club.
Fred Campbell, the club presi
dent, announced this week-end the
session would be held at Moody's
Tourist Farm on the Soco Gap
Road, starting at 7:30 p.m.
A square dance will be held fol
lowing the Tar Heel congressman's
Reservations for the dinner may
be made with Mrs. J. R. Plott, Jr.,
club secretary.
fectlve this, month
year. " f
In his rcporl, Mr. Sheffield said
the agency's gross Income for the
year ending Dec. 31, was $95,
558.94. Total expenses for the
period were $85,95!.14, leaving the
net of more than $9,000.
He also told the audience that
during the year ending Dec. 31:
The membership of the cooper
ative climbed to 2,782 an increase
of 520.
The cooperative was operating
622 miles of distribution lines at
the end of the year, an increase of
220 miles built and energized.
Since the system was started,
federal REA loans to the Hay
wood agency have totaled $1,371,-
000. Of this the organization still
has $328,914.53 available in Wash
(See REA Meeting Page 8)
Jack Messer Predicts
5 Increase Through
out County; High
School Crowded
Beyond Capacity
The opening of Haywood County
schools moved with clock-work pre
cision this morning. At noon, Jack
Messer, county superintendent of
education, predicted a five per
cent increase in enrollment over
the county. This would mean be
tween 250 and 300 net increase
over last year's 6,000 for the coun
ty, Mr. Messer said. The Canton
district has about 3,000 adidtional.
Perhaps the busiest place in the
county this morning was the
Waynesville Township High School.
Approximately 1,200 students re
ported for classes, with 310 of them
first year junior high, making an
all-time high enrollment for that
M. H. Bowles, district superin
tendent, asid at noon, that "Our
biggest need Is more room, more
room, and even more room." The
1,200 students are being housed in
a building erected to accommodate
"We have a complete faculty, and
about 300 more students than we
ought to have with present facili
ties," Mr. Bowles added.
There will be 14 buses operat
ing from the high school this year.
This is one additional to last year's
Both Mr. Messer and Mr. Bowles
announced that the lunchrooms in
all schools would open Thursday,
September first. Full class sched
ules will begin on Tuesday
throughout the county.
All schools In the county will
observe Monday, September 5. as
a holiday, the two school officials
announced. The Canton schools
will open- on September 6, as has
been the custom for many years.
The Waynesville polic depart
ment started their regular patrol
ling of the school zones this morn
ing. Chief Orvllle Noland said
that he plans to put men on duty
at all five schools in town high
school, Central Elementary, East
Waynesville, Aliens Creek and St.
John's. "Any motorist passing any
school in excess of the speed
limits will be hailed into court,"
the chief of police said.
Police Have Light
Week - End Here
This week-end was one of the
lightest in the history of the
Waynesville Police Department
Only one was arrested, and one
citation issued.
One was arrested for being
drunk, and the citation issued
for running over a red light.
ACA Has $2,000 .
Extra For
County Farmers
The Agricultural Conservation
Association office here advised
Haywood County farmers today
that it now has $2,000 extra fed
era! money for conservation mate
rials. Farmer:- who have not received
such aid during the 1949 program
year are advised to file their re
quests soon as possible .since this
money is available for a limited
time only.
Office spokesmen reported that
more Haywood farmers have been
participating in the ACA program
(successor to the old AAA) since
September 1948 than during the
same period the previous year.
Since last September, the agen
cy has spent $84,342 67 for conserv.
ation materials bsued to 1,686
During the same period the pre
vious year. 1.482 farmers partici
CARL MANN is the only Hay
wood FFA boy to get the Caro
lina Farmer 'Award this year.
Bowles Urges Lions To
Support Hospital Bonds
Canton Man Still
Under Treatment
For Injuries
Harry Cabe of Canton remained
in Memorial Hospital at Asheville
today under treatment for serious
injuries suffered Thursday after
noon in a head-on traffic collision
a mile west of Canton.
The 35-year-old businessman suf
fered a fractured hip and less seri
ous injuries when his truck and an
auto driven by James Gunther, 23,
also of Canton, were involved in
the accident.
Gunther was released from Hay
wood County Hospital shortly after
the accident after being treated
for cuts and bruises.
Apple Growers To
Meet Today
The Smoky Mountain Apple
Growers Association will meet at
8 p.m. today (Monday) in the Hay
wood County Court House.
Bob Boone of Francis Cove,
president of the Association, will
be in charge of the meeting.
Lions To Meet At Church
The Waynesville Lions Club will
hold its regular dinner meeting
this week in the dining room of the
First Methodist Church at 7: P. M.
On August 18, a head-on auto
collision sent Waynesville School
District Supt. and Mrs. M. H.
Bowles to Haywood County Hos
pital. Last Thursday night one week
later Mr. Bowles urged the mem
bers of the Waynesville Lions Club
to throw their full support behind
the proposed $225,000 hospital
bond issue when lt comes up for
popular vote October 1.
"You cannot fully appreciate,"
he said, "the full extent of what
the doctors and nurses of Haywood
County Hospital are doing until
you've been in the situation I was
in at this time last week.''
Praising the cheerful efficiency
of these experts, he told the dinne
meeting at the Waynevilla that un
der tho current crowded conditions
they cannot do the kind of job
they would like to do.
"The hospital was built in 1927
to accommodate 47 patients, Mr.
Bowles pointed out.
"In 1948, the hospital had an
average of more than 50 adult pa
(See Hospital Page 8)
Record For
(To DatoX
In Haywood
Killed 4
Injured .... 37
(This Information com
piled from Records of
Stat Highway Patrol).

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