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The Waynesville Mountaineer
Published Twice-A-Week In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
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64th YEAR NO. 81 20
Here Ends
A three-day Waynesville Food
Handlers' School will close this
afternoon following films on food
contamination and other food
handling problems.
The principal speaker of the final
session, Charlie Williams of Ashe
ville, will discuss the germs en
countered in food handling.
C. G. Leister of the Waynesville
Country Club is presiding over
the meeting being held in the lit
tle court room at the Haywood
County Court House.
In the previous discussions fol
lowing the opening of the school
last Tuesday, the principal speak
ers included: Dr. Mary Michal of
Waynesville, district health officer.
M. M. Melvin, executive vice-president
of the North Carolina Res
taurant Association; Mrs. .Jennie
S. Case, and District Sanitarian C.
B. Thomas.
Charlie Woodard presided over
yesterday's classes, which were
held at his "Charlie's Place" on
Main Street.
Kufus Siler presided over the
opening sessions Tuesday.
Mayor J. H. Way welcomed the
food handlers to Waynesville fol
lowing the invocation by the Rev
M. R. Williamson, pastor of the
Waynesville Presbyterian Church.
Women To Hold
Zone Meeting
The annual meeting of the Hay
wood County Zone of the Woman's 1
Society of Christian Service of the j
Methodist Church will be held at j
the Bethel church on Wednesday, :
October 5. The session will open j
at 10 a.m. and will continue through !
the lunch hour.
Mrs. Levi Morgan of Clyde, zone I
president, will preside.
Mrs. J. R. Long of Bryson City,
president of the Western District of
Woman's Societies, will be a guest
speaker and will report on the ac
tivities of the women during the
past conference year.
The theme of the days pro
gram will be four points of ad
vance: 1) Enrollment of every
Methodist woman as a member of
the Woman's Society. i2i Increase
oivine hv 33 1-3 Der cent. 3i All
members studying, giving, building,
and praying for a World Christian
Community. (4) One thousand new !
missionaries and other full-time
Christian workers.
More than one hundred officers
and representatives of the 22 so
cieties in the county are expected
X. attend the meeting
y-Painting, Parade
et For Hallowe'en
vost, Sr., Hazelwood manufacturer
and civic leader.
Afler the contest, the boys and
girls will march in their costumes
in a parade. The owners of the
most original and most beautiful
costumes will be awarded prizes.
The Waynesville High School
band will march in the parade, but
the 70 musicians will be dressed
in Hallowe'en costumes instead
their regular band uniforms.
The prizes of $5 for first place.
$2 for second, and $1 for third will
be offered to the best artists in
each of the three different groups
hiPh school students, sixth, sev
enth, and eighth graders
and elc-
mentary grade students.
The merchants are asKing
(See Hallowe'en Pace 5)
District D.A.R. Meeting
Is Held Here Tuesday
The 28th annual meeting of the Society MarjQn
First District of the Worm t 'i.
r, , U. ...... r ihp Amen
oocieiy, jjaugmei.i " ' .
.... hoiH Tuesday
can nevoiuuoo, -
in the First Presbyterian Church
of Waynesville with a registration
of 92, including the largest number
of state officers and state and na
tional chairmen ever to attend a
gathering of the district.
The principal addresses were
made by Miss Virginia Home ot
Wadesboro, state regent, and Miss
Gertrude Carraway of New Bern,
past state regent and now vice
president general of theJlaUonal
PAGES Associated Press
! Advisory Comnittee of New 4-H Camp
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmemmti cw J jbuwuiaw iiiniiH' f 4fertt
Shown above are members of the Advisory Committee for the
new Western Carolina 4-H Club Camp now being built near
Waynesville. A main assembly hail, kitchen, and 10 cabins already
have been constructed, and plans call for several additional cabins
and a new .swimming pool. Club members in 10 counties raised
$800 per county to finance construction of the first cabins A cam
paign to raise an additional $35,000 to complete the work is now
in progress, with quotas assigned to each county. Members of the
Advisory Committee, left to risht, are Phillip Wonleott, president
of the Bank of Asbeville; R. W. SholTncr, Western District farm
agent for the Slate College Extension Service, Mrs. 11 I. Play ford,
Route 4, Hendersonville; I. R. Harrill. State 4-11 Club leader; Wal
ter ,1. Damloft, assistant secretary-treasurer of Champion Paper
and Fibre Company, Canton; and I O Scbaub, director of the Slale
College Kxlension Service.
2,000 Attend First Day
01 Crop-Livestock Fair
More than 2,000 spectators went
lo the Waynesville Township High
School field yesterday to attend
the opening of the second annual
Crop and Livestock Exhibit, spon
sored by the Waynesville High
School agriculture department.
Four-H Club members. Future
Farmers of America, and veteran
trainees in agriculture offered more
than 1.000 exhibits in every phase
of farm and home life in the two
day event, which continues through
!" p.m. today.
The judging of the exhibits,
which included sand-table projects
and examples of home art as well
as crops and farm animals, started
at 1 p.m., about four hours after
the show opened.
In all. more than 250 contestants
competed for the ribbons and the
prizes donated by the merchants
and businessmen of the Waynes
ville area.
John Nesbitt, Waynesville High
I S(,hool agriculture teacher, will
present the 115 prizes to the first
place winners this afternoon, start
ing at 1:30 p.m.
The contestants who won the
first three places tn the baby beef
event will get cash prizes and the
opportunity to enter the Western
North Carolina Baby Beef Show
and Sale, which will be held at
AsheviHc on November 2.
Aleen Williams' entry won first
place and the blue ribbon in this
event yesterday, with Jerome
Boyd's finishing second, and Wade ,
Francis', third. I
Guy Arrington, whose entries j
won several ribbons, is serving as
president of the event, and Mr. j
Nesbitt is serving as adviser. j
Assisting with the work of ar
raiming the show were assistant
agriculture teachers J. J. Boyd, j
Itulen Gibson. Glenn McCracken, I
Carl Ratclifle. H. F. Hoglen, and j
G C Shook.
The judges for the horticulture
of exhibits
were Howard Clapp. di
rector of the Mountain Test Farm,
and Assistant County Agent Her-j
bert Singletary; the field crop j
judges County Agent Wayne Cor-1
pening and .lames Carpenter, Fines j
Creek High School agriculture :
teacher; poultry Mr. Carpenter,;
Assistant County Agent Wayne
Franklin, and M. U. inix, uemei
(See FFA Show Page 8)
- district nirecioi
presided and the
rwr-ic Rell
i Dorcas mil
l.nvp Chapter oi
Wavncsville, Mrs. J. w. iw...u., ,
regent served as hostess.
! The meeting opened with the as- j
semhlv call by Robert Mass.e Mu-.
'sic for" the processional was played
fbv Miss Bette Hannah, prganist.
;and vocal selections were present-
e( by Mrs. J. W. Kirkpatrick, Jr.,
1 accompanied by Miss Hannah.
Miss Home, who was introduced
by Mrs. R. N. Barber, gave the ob-1
(Sop Uisinci -
In The Hospital Expansion
and United PressNews WAYNESVILLE, N.C., THURSDAY
Women's Group To
Survey Needs For
The Waynesville Business and
Professional Women's Club's edu
cational committee will launch a
survey soon to determine the needs
of the community.
A spokesman said the survey also
is to determine the types of ac
tivitiies "now being carried out"
by the various community agen
cies and " to avoid unnecessary
The president of each organiza
tion is requested to make a list
of the organization's projects. Par
ticular emphasis is to be placed
on the continuing projects of such
At the same time, all public
agencies are requested to make a
list of needs which would make
suitable projects.
These agencies include schols,
the county welfare department,
district health department, county
library, and oilier organizations.
The lists should be sent to Miss
(See Survey Page 5)
Haywood Will Make History
(i; I) I T O R I A L)
Saturday will fo down in Haywood history as one
of the most important days in this progressive county.
On Saturday, the voters of the county will decide at a
bond election, whether the Haywood County Hospital
is to be expanded.
The story is well known by this time. Readers of
this newspaper are aware of the needs in the over-crowded
building, which was built back in 192!). All taxpayers
by now are aware of the fact that the state and federal
governments arc offering to pay 70 per cent of the costs.
The same people who pay the tax bills are also aware
of the fact that the cost of the expansion program will
not be more than three cents per $100 valuation.
These points have been brought out numerous times,
in editorials, on page one, from the platform, and even
from the pulpits of many churches of the county.
Everyone by now knows that this is not a political
issue. It is not the program of any individual, or any
special group. It is a program brought about by con
ditions, and by the steady growth of the county.
This newspaper was one of the first to publicly take
a definite stand for the expansion. Since then, scores
of civic groups, and organizations have placed their
stamp of approval on the project.
The Mountaineer has seen for a long time the definite
need for larger and better facilities at the Haywood
County Hospital. The need is one of saving lives of our
families, friends and neighbors.
Haywood is one of the most progressive counties in
the South, and this newspaper is confident that on Sat
urday, the people of this county will vote overwhelm
ingly for the program. We say this because we know
Haywood voters will not put three cents per $100 valua
tion above life.
Haywood To Volte SataircBay in
Hospital ExpaBusnotro IProgramni
Civil Term
Here Ready
To Adjourn
tinionv continued today in
the case of Noland vs I he Slate
Highway Commission as the two
week September civil term of Hay
wood Superior Court neared ad
journment. Superior Court Clerk C. H.
I.eatherwood said today the ses
sion is scheduled to end tomorrow,
and that the eases docketed for this
term which have not yet been heard
would he continued until a later
session of court.
In the Noland-llighway Com
mission suit, the plaintiff is seeking
compensation for damages he al
leges were done lo his land near
Lake Junaluska in the construc
tion of a highway.
Judge Dan K. Moore, I he jurors,
and attorneys went out this morn
ing to inspect the property in the
suit .
In other action this week. Judge
Moore rilled that the plaintiff was
entitled lo recover nothing from
the defendant, in the case of
William Shacklelon vs Farmers
Federation, Inc.
Welch's Condition
Continues To
Improve Slowly
The Haywood County Hospital
reported this morning Sheriff li
V. Welch was "continuing lo im
prove slowly".
"We believe he is gaining a Ut
ile ground slowly," an attendant
reported, adding that the sheriff
spent a "fairly good night" lasl
He is still unable to have visit
ors, however, the attendant said.
The sheriff was in very serious
condition last Thursday when he
was admitted to the hospital alter
suffering a stroke at his apartment
in the Haywood County Court
Mr. and Mrs James Earl of Or
ange, N.J., arrived on Sunday and
are spending Ibis week as guests
of Mr. and Mrs.
their home on the
Julian I tu t at
Fairview Road.
Methodist Pastor
REV. J. E. YOUNTZ, newly
appointed pastor of the First
Mell odist church of Waynesville.
Rev. Mr. Younl.and Mrs Yountz
are expected lo arrive here Wed
nesday. He was pastor of the
Central Methodist church in
Spencer until his new appoint
ment at Conference Ibis week
Lions Club
Aids 49 Pupils
With Bad Eyes
This month, the Waynesville
Lions Club gave 49 Haywood
County school children a big boost
toward better eye sight.
Alter the Lions Club's clinic was
held for two days, 47 children were
I given glasses, one received a surgi
cal operation, and another was giv
I en a plastic eye all without cost
j to their parents.
i Charlie Woodard, chairman of
the club's committee which han
dled the project, today estimated
that the club paid SB for each pa.r
of glasses the children received,
and a total $50 for the plastic eye
and the surgical operation.
Over the 1047 and 1948 period,
he added, the club gave free glasses
to (7 children.
In addition to holding the clinic;
early in each school year, the club
also provides treatment between
these examinations for any school
child found to have defective
The club operates in conjunction
J with the North Carolina Blind
Commission, which paid the ex
penses of the doctor and nurse who
made the examinations. Also aiding
I in the project were nurses of the
; district health office here.
New York Banks
Successful In
Bid For Bonds
M'.W VOItY (A.P.I The First
National Bank of New York and
the National City Bank of New
York were successful bidders on a
$.",(1.0(111.000 North Carolina road
bond issue.
The banks hid an average inter
est rale of slightly more than 1.5
! per cent on the state bonds over
a 20-year period.
Little Roadbuilding Seen
In Mountains Until Spring
j RALEIGH Knowing the cap
! rices of the winter weather as they
do. many residents of the mountain
j section of western North Carolina
! are not expecting any great amount
i of roadbuilding in their areas be
fore next spring. William D. Sni-
der, public relations man for the
State Highway and Public Works
i commission, said today.
! Snider returned to his office to
day after a two-week vacation trip
! largely spent in the Eighth, Ninth,
and Tenth highway divisions, and
while away mixed business with
! pleasure to the extent of seeing for
! himself, along with resident high
I way officials, some of the road jobs
contemplated for the mountain sec
i tions.
"Many of the residents in the
29, 1949 $3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackon Counties
Young Women To
Use 20 Cars On
Saturday Getting
People To Polls
Hay wood voter are behiR of
fered free transportation to the
polls on Saturday by the Beta
Sigma Phi sorority here.
The itroup of youns women,
have already made plans to have
twenty automobiles In operation
on Saturday, whirh will bo any
where to get voters and Uke
them to the polls.
Just call phone 51 1W and a
car will rail by to net any num
ber of voters, it was explained.
F.arh of the cars will have large
banners, and ran he stopped any
where and the driver will Ro get
voters and carry them to their
precinct to vote, and then re
turn them home.
Mrs. T. N. Massie
Jr. Passes In Sylva;
Funeral Here Fri.
Mrs. Blllie Thompson Massie,
wife of T. N. Massde, Jr.. promin
ent Sylva business man, died at
her home in Sylva about midnight
Wednesday lollowing an extended
Mrs. Massie. the daughter of
Charles L. Thompson and the late
Mrs. Mary Henry Thompson, was
born in Mocksville on January 20,
1914. She was a graduate of Mocks
ville High School and Davis Hos
pital Nurses School in States
ville. She resided in Waynesville prior
to her marriage lo Mr. Massie on
September 2!!, 19,'t.') and since that
time has lived in Sylva. She was
a member of I he Sylva Methodist
Funeral services will be held
al the Sylva Methodist Church Fri
day afternoon al 2 o'clock with the
Rev. W. Q. Grigg. pastor, and the
Rev. H. G. Tutlle, a former pastor,
Active pallbearers will be Dr.
Roy Kirshberg. Dr. David Daniel,
Harry K. Ferguson, Keith Kinds,
1.. E. Sutton, and l,co F. Reiger.
Interment will be in Green Hill
Cemetery. Waynesville.
Surviving in addition to the hus
band and father are six sisters,
Mrs. W. R. Kester. Mrs. Fred Wood
ruff and Miss Mary Sue Thompson,
of High Point. Mrs. Ralph Ratledge
of Advance. Mrs. Ruins Ratcliffe
of Waynesville, and Mrs. Benson
Jones of liuford. Ga.: one brother,
Charles l.owjr Thompson of Mocks
ville; the maternal
Mrs. .1 R. Henry of Canton; the
stepmother, Mrs. Charles Thomp
son of Mocksville; and a number of
aunts and uncles in Haywood
Mrs I Hay has returned home
from Ga.tonia. where she was
called last week to attend the fu
neral of her nephew, Joseph E.
Johnson. Jr.. infant son of Mr. and
Mrs. J. K. Johnson. Mj'. Johnson
is a former resident of Waynes
ville. mountain section that I' 'ed with
gave me the impression ..iey would
rather have their roads stabilized
with tar, gravel, and other ma
terials used in the road stabiliza
tion process than the better known
black-top type of roads," Snider
"It is well known that in wet
wintry weather the stabilized road
offers more traction for vehicles
than some other types and the folks
up that way have long known that,
so they told me."
Western Carolina folks, especial
ly those in the far western divi
sions, seem to be resigned to hav
ing to wait for their shares of hard
surfaced road and what they are
most anxious for now is to keep
their roads as passable as possible,
it was said.
Polls Will Open at 6:30
Saturday Morning;
Close at 6:30
That Afternoon
'Copy of Ballot on Page 3 Section 2)
Voters of Haywood will decide on
Saturday as to the proposed expan
sion program of the Haywood
county Hospital.
The polls will open at 6:30 Sat
urday morning and close at 'J .50
that afternoon.
Much interest is being show n in
the election, and for the past sev
eral weeks, many public speakers
have gone before a large number
of groups to explain the plan, and
to point out the needs for the ad
ditional facilities.
The movement began about a
year ago, when petitions bearing
the names of almost 2,000 voters
was presented to the county com
missioners, asking that an election
be called.
The 'JO-pieee high school band
will give a parade down Main
Street Saturday morning about
10:30 in the interest of thr Hos
pital election.
The board in turn consulted with
stste and federal agencies, and
after a careful study of,condition.;
here, the two governments offered
to pay 70 per cent of the cost of
expansion program, if Havwood
would pay the remaining 30 per
Estimates have been set at
$600,000 for the total cost, and
the commissioners set a maximum
for the bond issue at $225,000 for
Haywood's share, and at the same
time, set a maximum tax rate for
hospital purposes. At present the
tax rate ts 6 3-4 cents for the hos
pital, and with the expansion, th"
maximum would be 10 cents This
would mean that the most the ex
pansion could cost extra would be
slightly over three cents.
The Clyde Lions Club is offer
ing $50 in cash to the Community
Development Program giving the
largest majority to the expansion.
Besides the Clyde Lions, there
have been 31 other Haywood civic
groups that have officially en
dorsed the expansion.
Among the organizations already
endorsing the program of expand
ing the facilities of the Hospital,
are: Waynesville Lions Club,
Waynesville Rotary Club, Clyde
Lions Club, Canton Civitan Club,
Hazelwood Boosters Club. Soco
Boosters Club, Waynesville Cham
ber of Commerce.
Canton Chamber of Commerce.
Haywood Community Development
Program Council. Waynesville
American Legion. Canton Ameri
can Legion, Waynesville V. F. W.
Post 5193
V. F. W. of Canton, Haywood Min
isterial Association, Canton V. F.
W. Auxiliary, Haywood Medical
Society, Waynesville American Le
gion Auxiliary, Haywood School
masters Club, Canton Toastmasters
Canton Y.M.C.A.. Wavne?-i!Ie-Hazelwood-Lake
Junaluska Mer
chants Association, Waynesville
Red Cross Chapter. Canton Red
Cross Chapter. Haywood Polio
Committee. Haywood Chapter
North Carolina Education Asocia
tion, Waynesville Jaycees. Busi
ness and Professional Women. Beta
Sigma Phi, and the Young Demo
crats of Haywood.
Jerry Rogers, chairman of the
board of elections, is urging all
precincts to get their returns to
the court, house as early Satur
(See Hospital Page 51
Record For
1949 '
(To Date)
In Haywood
Killed 6
Injured ... 38
(This Information com
plied from Records of
State Highway Patrol).

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