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The Waynesville Mountaineer
Cked up
the ex-jabbling:
Published TwiceAWeek In The County Scat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
64th YEAR NO. 84 12 IWGKS Associated Press and United Press News
NivTLlcTl In AdvancelnHaywood and Jackson County
Transport Wrecks On Mt. Mitchell Kills Nine
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Set a coat of
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fs was owned
K H. Reeves.
t . Reeves, tha
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0Ue Pharmacy
iest firms in
Nine soldiers were found dead in thi wreckage of an Air Force transport plane which crashed on the
the steep eastern slope of Mount Mitchell. The mountain is the highest in eastern America. Forest
rangers pushed through rain-soakc d thick Is and found the wreckage and the dead two (lavs alter the
crash. Nobody on the plane survived. TI. i.. serial view wa.-. made shortly alter the discovery. iAl Wire-
Leave Cancelled
Before Takeoff
Saves Life
Kgl. George A. Miller, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Ray iif
Wayin-sville frit pretty low when
his furlough was cancelled at the
last minute.
Me was all ready to II v home
from his Washington, I). C, Air
Force Rase lawt Wednesday when
his leave fell through an hour
before the takeoff.
Tint today he feels nothing
but gratitude for the officor who
cancelled that furlough.
The C-17 transport he would
have taken on the flight crashed
on Mt. Mitchell last Wednesday.
AH nine passengers were
Prinlina Denartmeni
0 m
The MouniaineerE
Addition Made To Building
County Dogs
Win Honors
In Nationals
Havwood and Caldwell County
dogs walked off with the too honors
last week in the National Goodman
Vn Honnrl nreeders' field trials
at the Mark Twain State Park near
Florida, Missouri.
Hoot Mon, owned by Tom Davis
of Hazelwood, won the top prize
being the best-of-opposite-sex, the
all-age male class, and the natural
carriage class.
Io the latter competition, it was
a repeat performance for the four
and a half year old Haywood dog,
who won the same event in last
year's show. , ...
Davis's "Trim Goodman piaccn
ninth in the Derby nem ui.o.
which was won by Anne Rilchey oi
the Taylor brothers of Lenoir. Anne
also won the derby comninauons
and another Taylor dog tinisneo
tenth in the Derby Field.
The Tavlors' Mabel Goodman
won the bench show championship
for the second straight year, ann
Mabel also took first place in (he
all-age female class.
Thp Tavlors' Merry uen hh.
sernnH in the latter compel mon
nA Mahnl teamed un with Mcriy
to capture first place as the best
pair in the show.
In all, the dogs, from the two .n
Heel kennels captured seven of the
16 first places in the week-long
show and six of the eight challenge
More than 200 Goodman hounds
from 15 states competed, most ol
them from the Mid-West.
Davis has been secretary of the
National Goodman Fox Hound As
sociation since it was organized
three years ago.
Workmen began this morning
moving machinery of the commer
cial printing department oi 1 he
Mountaineer into the new addition,
which has Just been completed.
The present building has been en
larged to give 2.400 more square
feet of floor space.
All the space on the first floor
will be devoted to an enlarged
printing .department, while the
basement will be used for the slor
age of newsprint.
A modern stock room for keep
ing papers has been constructed,
md the building was designed es
pecially lor ine commei inn ginn
ing department. The construction
is of heavy steel throughout, and
each machine is supported by
special steel columns from the
basement. The department will op
erate six presses, in addition to a
complete bindery.
The plant is of all daylight de
sign, having used large windows
throughout, in addition to ceiling
reflected fluorescent lights.
The addition of the new unit
gives more space to the composing
room of the newspaper.
The printing plant is now one
of the largest in Western North
Carolina. and is thoroughly
equipped with modern printing
The plant now turns out work
from the size of postage stamps
l thick hooks. Many of the jobs
are known in the trade as compli
cated, as they require three and
four colors "f ink for each page
of printing, but with the equipment
now in operation, this is just "an
niher job"' for the experienced men
In the department.
Mir.s Grace Elizabeth Furtade,
who is a student at Rex Hospital
in Raleigh, has been elected presi
dent ot her class.
Fire Safety
Week Opens
Here Today
The Waynesville Junior Chamber
of Commerce, with the Fire Depart
ment and other agencies cooperat
ing, is going to remind the folks
of the danger of fire in a very em
phatic way.
The Jaycees' program for the
local observance of National Fire
Prevention Week will feature a
parade of more than 100 marchers
Saturday morning hearing
spectacular exhibits showing the
consequences of fires.
Overlooking no angle of fire
hazards and fire fighting. Chairman
Bob Korte's Jayree fire safety com
mittee is including in the parade
an example of what often happens
to the curious who send their cars
speeding after fire trucks answer
ing an alarm.
Taking part in the parade, which
will start at 1 1 a.m. on Main Street
at the First Baptist Church will be
the Waynesville Township High
School hand, fire fighting equip
ment handled by Chief Clem Fitz
(See Fire Week faae 6)
Groups Set
The recreation commission of
the Haywood County Community
Development Program today an
nounced the special committees
and an outline of the plans for fall
and winter recreation.
With emphasis on participation
of as raanv residents of each of
the organized communities as pos
sible, the commission said a silver
loving cup will be awarded the
community winning the most points
during the course of the program.
The Activities figuring in the
point system include a comprehen
sive variety nasKeinan, Handi
crafts, variety programs, debating
ami spelling, checkers, and music.
The communities which enter
floats in the third annual Tobacco
Harvest Festival w ill get 100 points
each on their score.
In a letter to officers and recre
ation committees of all the com
munity organizations, the Commis
sion said:
"The ultimate aim of Hie recrea
tion program is to get as many peo
ple as possible participating in the
eommunitv in good, clean, whole
some recreation and fellowship."
The letter was signed by the Rev.
C. I.. Allen. Commission chairman,
Assistant County Agent Turner
Calhey. Community Development
Program supei viser; County Agent
Wayne Corpening; and Home Dem
onstration Agent Mary Cornwell.
The special committors:
Basketball, .lack Justice of ('an
ion, chairman; C. K. Weatherby,
Waynesville High School coach;
David Underwood, Wayne Stamey,
Mrs. Tom Brummitt, and Ray Mll
ner; Handicrafts, Mrs. Will Medlord,
chairman; Mrs. M. O. Galloway,
Mrs. Mary Hawkins. Mrs. Roy Rob
inson, Hugh Rogers, Jimmie Gallo
way, and Mrs. Cecil Murray;
Variety Program (recitations,
declamations, sintfuiH, music, one
act plays, talks on objectives of
the Community Development Pro
gram). Mrs. C. O. Newell, K. O.
Carswell, Roy Robinson, Robert
(See Recreation Page 6)
Haywood To Get 9L2 Miles
Rural Roads Improved This
Winter. Savs Com. Thrash
From Latvia To Haywood County
:: 1
Mr. and Mrs, Ludwigs Stumburs and their ten-year-old daughter,
Zen, native Latvians, arc quickly adjusting themselves to their
new life in the Clyde community. After spending five ears in a
displaced persons' camp at Esslingen, Germany, the Stumburs
came to the United States and to Clyde under the sponsorship of
the Clyde Baptist Church. The church cooperated with the Dis
placed Persons Program in finding the Stumburs their new home
in Haywood. Zen is now a student at Clyde School.
Lions Wind Up
For Minstrel
Waynesville's I. ions are set In
give their finest performance to
morrow night.
The occasion will be the annual
Minstrel, which will he unveiled
on the stage of the Waynesville
Township High School auditorium
at 8 p.m. tomorrow.
General Chairman Jerry Rogers,
reviewing the final week's work,
reported the cast was in good physi
cal shape and all escaped injury in
the last rehearsals.
One or two end men sprained a
couple of jokes, but arc considered
definite starters.
All the Lions, meanwhile, con
templated holding last - minute
light workouts this afternoon In
preparation for tomorrow after
noon's big parade, hut then dis
missed the idea as somewhat im
practical. The big parade, featuring all 65
members of the Waynesville Lions
Club in black face and costume and
the Waynesville Township High
School band, will start marching
through Waynesville at 3 p.m.
Minstrel officials, however, were
(See Lions Wind I'd Page 6)
Honorary Tar Heels To
Open Reeling Wednesday
School Bus Crash Kills 7 Children. 12 Hurt
rPartly cloudv
f ''arm today
powers in the
"J'e temnoro.
J1 staff of the
M. Rainfall
Sheriff Still
Condition Good
Sheriff R. V. Welch ? condition
romainpH enod todav as he contin
ued to improve slowly, the Hay
wood County Hospital reported at
noon. ,
The officer suffered a stroKe
September 21.
Furtado InNYC
To Confer On New
Business Here
Charles Furtado of Fur;tm En
terprises, Inc., Waynesville, is at
tending a conference in New "Vork
City this week in regard to the pro
posed establishment of a textile
engineering consultant, selling
agent, and commission merino...
Held office here.
He left Sunday to confer with
William Gluckln, president of Wil
liam Gluckin Company, Inc., ot
New York, on the matter.
JSCpr if - "
-it -" i
County Men
To Hold Test
Bear Hunt In
Bill 1'lolt and ten other Hay
wood County hunters will take 22
Plott bear hounds to Michigan next
week to try to prove that bear
hunting with dogs doesn't spoil the
deer season.
Mr. PlotU whose great-grandfather
introduced the now famed
Plott hound here in 1750, will di
rect the six-day experimental hunt
which is being sponsored by the
state-operated Michigan Conserva
tion Club.
This will be the acid test of the
argument in favor of the dogs, for
the six-day hunt, opening October
(25, will end on the eve of the open
ing of the deer season in Michigan.
Furthermore, the hunt will be
held in Misaukee County, one of
the nation's greatest deer areas.
Mr. Plott said that on one day
during the second experimental
hunt held in 1947 lie counted 70
deer. Quoting Michigan state rec
ords, he said In 1946 in one 15-day
hunt, 1,561 deer were killed in the
Misaukee forests.
The first experimental hunt was
held that year.
The 1947 hunt was conducted by
Hack Smithdeal of Johnson City,
Three hundred Michigan deer
hunters will take part in the 1949
(See County Men Page 6)
i nrr It m-achoH tntn an ina trilrlr npflr MiririlpRPY
Here is an 'f.VnhiWren twelve others were injured. Dale Frances Brantley, 11, looks
Thursday and killed seven c rf wirephoto)
through the aeons.
The Honorary Tar Heels, North
Carolina's adopted sons, will open
what promises to be their most
colorful get-together next Thurs
dav at Cataloochce Ranch witn a
shove-off dinner.
Ranch Owner Tom Alexander
said todav that former Governor
Gregg Cherry will be at the ranch
for the opening of the seven-day
program of hunting, fishing, hog
rifle shooting, and other events.
To date, 12 Honorary Tar Heels
from outside the stale have made
definite reservations at the ranch,
and four others have filed tenta
tive reservations.
A host of writers and photog
raphers from national magazines
and feature services will be at the
ranch particularly to see the ap
proximaately 100 marksmen com
pete for the steer and other prizes
in the hog-rifle shooting match
They'll also sw some of Hay
wood County's expert hunters go
to work with their hounds on the
following day in a bear hunt.
Mr. Alexander said an invita
tion also was sent to Governor
Kerr Scott but that no reply had
as yet been received.
In addition to Mr. Alexander's
grand prize of a steer, Waynesville
merchants and businessmen also
are donating prizes for the top
marksmen in each of the three
age groups competing in the hog
l ifle event.
At the shove-off dinner, the Hon
orary Tar Heels also will be pre
sented with gifts from North Car
olina's leading manufacturers and
On October 16, the visitors will
go to Fontana for a day's fishing
Dr. Kelly Bennett of Bryson City
(See Tar Heels Page 6)
Haywood county is slated to get
91.2 miles of rural roaas u.u
on this winter, under the plan oi
Dale Thrash, division commissioner
of the tenth district.
Mr. Thrash has announced that
the commission will launch a 1,'
621 -mile stabilization program with
a major portion of its first road
bond money.
Commissioner Thrash, in a pre
view of his road plans, said the em
phasis in his 14 western counties
will remain on stabilization mrougu
the next seven months oi winter
and early spring.
The man riding on rock now
who wants a paved road can be
patient a little longer," he said.
"He can afford to wait until the
fellow living on the red road gets
some crushed stone on his road.
Our goal is to keep all school buses
running this winter if possible and
concentrate on placing rock on
roads that have never had any rock
on them."
The Tenth Division Commission
er said that the early advent of
winter in the mountains also is a
factor in his planning. In the near
future representatives will be ap
pointed to study roads in each
township. Early in the spring these
township representatives, the coun
ty commissioners, board of educa
tion members, county chairmen of
the road and school bond drive and
other leaders ef each county will
be asked by Commissioner Thrash
to meet with him and choose the
roads to be hard surfaced during
the 1950 paving season. The season
will open about April 1.
In the meantime, Commissioner
Thrash announced the following
mileage for stabljizattetn lJK&cri.
county during -the .winter:
Avery, 52.6; Buncombe. 205.6;
Cherokee, 138.8; Clay, 62.7; Gra
ham, 73.7; Haywood, 91.2; Header
son, 155.0; Jackson, 176.2; Macon,
205.6; Madison, 182.2; Mitchell,
56.2; Swain, 51.5; Transylvania,
114.0; and Yancey, 55.7.
To carry out this ambitious stab
ilization program, the Division has
placed requisitions for 685,000 tons
of crushed stone to be stock-piled
at convenient locations.
In some cases the Tenth Division
plans to build 12-foot roads where
traffic does not justify a wider-type
road. "We do not intend to force
this type road on anybody, but we
think the narrow roads will be
(See Rural Roads Page 6)
Communities Urged To
Enter Tobacco Festival
Each of Haywood County's or-! crs of the winning float, $30 to the
ganized communities has been
urged to enter a beauty contestant
and a float in the third annual To
bacco Harvest Festival, which will
be held November 22-26.
The request was made in a let
ter sent last weekend to officers
and recreation committees of the
Community Development organiza
tions and signed by General Com
mittee Chairman Wayne Corpen
ing, Float Committee Chairman B.
C. Francis of Ratcliffe Cove, and
Beauty Queen Chairman Jonathan
The details of the float competi
tion and beauty contest were an
nounced at the same time.
Fifty dollars will go to the own-
runnorup, and $20 will be awarded
for third place.
Under the rules governing the
beauty contest; the entries must
be "B? least 15 years old and must
be residents of the communities
they represent.
The opportunity for a college ed
ucation will be the grand prize for
the winner of the beauty contest.
This opportunity will come in
the award of a trust fund for such
a purpose. The winner also will be
presented with a silver loving cup.
All other contestants also will
receive gifts.
If the winner does not go to col
lege, the fund will be held over to
(See Tobacco Festival Page 6)
Auto Theft
Reported This
Weekend Here
One car was stolen last weekend
but an attempted auto theft earlier
failed, the Waynesville Police
Chief Orville Noland, reported to
day. Officers are searching for a 1938
Ford belonging to Tommy Green
of Branner Avenue.
Mr. Green said he had last seen
it parked in front of his home at
11 p.m. last night. He discovered
his loss at 7 a.m. today.
Police found another stolen auto,
however, a few minutes after the
theft was reported.
Miss Carmell Plott of Waynes
ville discovered her car gone after
she came out of a movie last night.
Officers found it parked on East
Street not far from the spot on
the same street where Miss Plott
had parked it.
Police reported that the thief
or thieves had rolled it down the.
hill and were apparently in the act
of connecting the wires necessary
to make it start when they were
forced to flee for an unknown reason.
Record For
(To Date)
In Haywood
Killed .... 6
Injured . . 38
(This Information com
piled from Records ot
State Highway Patrol).

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