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Published Twice-A-Week In The County Seat of Haywood Cotmty At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Courtesy is the quality that
keeps a woman smiling when
a departing guest stands hold
ing the screen door open and
letting in all the files in the
64th YEAR NO 89 16 PAGES Associated Press and United Press New. WAYNESVILLE, N. C, THURSDAY AFTERNOON. OCTOBfrl $3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
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Head Notables At i-estival Here
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her and asked:
fa Waynesville?"
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to him, he said:
iton rooter said
jlace is familiar,
the name."
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Here are three of the long list
of well known figures who will
attend the Third Annual Tobacco
Harvest Festival here the last of
November. All three have a part
on the 5-day program, which will
begin on Tuesday, Nov. 22, and
continue through the night of the
The list of speakers this year
includes besides these officials.
Judge Camille Kelley, General
Lucius Clay, Dr. Butz, and others.
The program for the Festival
is about complete, and is the best
ever arranged for an event in
this area.
Senator Hoey,
Graham; Rep. Redden,
To Appear On
Festival Program
Senators Clyde R. Hoey and
Frank Graham, together with rep
resentative Monroe M. Redden,
will head the list of dignitaries and
speakers here the last of NovemDcr
for the third annual Tobacco Har
vest Festival.
The five-day event will start on
Tuesdav Nov. 22 and continue
through Saturday night the 26th,
covering two dances, parade, to
bacco show, queen contest, youtn
day, several high-lighted addresses
bv nationally known figures, foot
ball game, and square dance team
contests, in addition to quartettes
and singing groups.
Wavne Coroenlne. General chalr
man and his arouo. have been hard
at work several weeks on the pro
gram, and are filling the five days
with something different, and an
interesting program.
The event will begin on Tuesday
night of the 22nd, with a square
danpp barn warmine. with Wednes
day designated as open house for
industries, and the evening pro
gram featuring Dr. W. U. Butz,
nutsUnriine economist of Purdue
University. Featured quartettes will
be the entertainment.
Thursday, which is Thanksgiving
dav. will begin with a Union ser
vice at the First Presbyterian
church, a football game in the
afternoon between Waynesville and
(See Senators Pace 8)
Tourist Association lo
Push For Longer Season
t Minstrels will
lormance of their
e benefit of the
camp tonight at
previous two per-
fere welcomed by
t Bethel Hieh
IV night, and fol
piance up with
Iron Duff School.
w the respective
COODPMtinn with
Pevelooment Pro
fs, are sponsoring
Irmance will start
Ms of Hip fhro.
P'o the fund for
rare Krtnncn: iu
r la ot the Com.
,ent Program.
serving as gen
1 the Minstrel
'ormani'o ni.r.
fctober 1 1
Jy Reed serves as
Broay Officials Cmimiimi;
Discuss IHlaTOOflid loiads
And These Little Pigs Are Going To Market As Sausage
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t&m, I villa j
2 Buildings
Going Up At
Test Farm
Construction of an implement
uj t it, state Test Farm will be
completed this week according to
Howard Clapp, aireciu. ...
The shed is built f tile, and rep
resents an expenditure of $5,000
to $6,000. .
Work is slated 10 Degm -
niiH 0rnn-
on a burley pacK nou, -
lng room. This building will cost
about $4,000, Mr, Clapp said.
The building will be temperature
an moisture controlled, in order
to give more scientinc oai- u -bacco
research work which is being
carried on at the farm.
"The automatically cu..
temperature and moisture in he
m enable us to give a more
accurate result on our hurley ex
periments," Mr. Clapp sain.
iPovvrlvmBe Off
4 Hours Sunday
Present plans are to have a snu
r nnu,pr frnm 1:30 Sunday at
ternoon until 5:30. Tin- inh-rruP-
r 1 nr(('SSltat'l l)
lion oi sc. i
the change-over ot lines ' '
000 volts to 66.000 volts, accoiding
to Harry Burleson, rrprcscnla m
of Carolina Power and Light Com
pany nere. ,.
The power shut-ofT will affect all ,
REA lines, and all lines in Waynes-,
ville, Hazelwood
and Balsam.
u jiinr of the western
North Carolina Tourist Association
last week adopted a constitution
and by-laws and heard glowing re
ports of the continuing high
volume of tourist business.
drawn up by
Mrs Doyle Alley, Association sec
retary, was adopted after a few revisions.
Among the changes, the titles ot
the principal officers were changed
to conform with those of other or
ganizations. Board Chairman James P. Myers
of Bryson City thus became pres
ident and Vice-Chairman Paul
Hyatt of Waynesville vice-president.
Mrs. Alley is secretary and treas-
urer. , , i:y
Bill Pruett .operator oi ic
(See Tourists Page 8)
Girl Scout Drive
To Be Started
Next Thursday
Plans, era under way to promote
the first drive for funds for Girl
Scouts in the Hazeiwoou-Waynes-vllle
Sponsoring the drive will be the
Boys and Girls committee of the
Lions Club, composed of Francis
Massie, Lawrence Leatherwood, Joe
Cline, and Ben Phillips, and the
Finance Committee of the Girl
Scouts composed of Hugh Massie,
Lawrence Leatherwood, and Joe
A goal of $1,000 has been set by
this group and funds will be solic
ited during National Girl Scout
Week, Thursday and Friday, No
vember 3 and 4.
In this way, those interested in
Girl Scouting hope to provide a
number a Girl Scout needs and
(See Girl Scouts Page 8)
This photograph on the Rufus Siler Farm could not be duplicated today, because aoout ten of the
Hampshi re hogs have already been made into sausage, and shipment has started to 28 states in the
S. Mr Siler began his sausage-making this week, and has already butchered 10 hog. Before he
closes next April he will have slaughtered several hundred, according to past records, and the orders
already on hand. The Hampshire hog is used almost exclusively, because it is the bacon or lean
type porker Mr. Siler uses all the hams as well as the rest of the meat in the manufacture of his
sausage. He grows his own sages and peppers for s easoning, and has built up a mail order, as well as
local business that runs into a heavy tonnage. (Ph oto by Joe Davis.)
Haywood 4-H
Clubs Win
Fair Award
Haywood County was judged a
winner in the State 4-H recreation
and rural arts projects at the N. C.
State Kair last week.
The announcement was made
. . ... rnniv Aeent Joe
''! .' "' w.tmvil1e Senior
r in saio ft: ! "J--- .
and the Fines Creek Clubs nac
. . In this classification
The judging was on , th. basis of
the work done in mis ut.u o
i,o lut vear.
a h ihe other winning
i"ff'w1. T,;;;.l get $25 to buy
T nke Juna usKa, i v.- -LaKe
recreational supplies.
Haywood Apples Win In
State Fair txmoiib
W11 . i ti, Havwi
Nr 27 Sunny
f1 by the staff of
f "'mi;
I"- Min.Ralftfall
a i-,.ntv aboles harvest
" . c tl.rt i.ntini s in
a large share oi
the 1949 North Carolina mu
near Raleiglf last wees.
in thP dwdiu."
111 uuuinwii w nI1 ,,c
ed by producers to, . , n.
i.. lUo f-nuntV. Ul
Stretcher of Waynesville wo sts
al prizes with appies
Black Mountain farm.
In other exhibits, the J"
Test Farm's burley display won
third place in the tobacco
Howard Clapp. d,rcdorrha 0f
Test Farm, again was m charge ot
horticulture at the Fair.
. i :Mnatc nf
The Haywood county '" -;
nL st muz, yviiis
awards are
divisions designated:
oSGoSnry Francis,
Boone. Waynes-roldetDelicious-Boning
Beauty-Henry Francis
and R. H. Boone.
Staymen- R- H. Boone.
(See Apples-Page 8)
Nobody Hurt In
3 Accidents In
Haywood County
Three traffic accidents this week
in the eastern end of the county
caused considerable property nam-
age but no injuries.
State Highway patrolman urn
c.uMnr ronnrtpri a loaded truck-
trailer overturned after failing to
make a sharp curve just inside me
county line, throwing Us cargo all
nvr the hiehwav and blocking half
the highway Monday tor auoui
seven hours.
He said the driver, wnom ne
identified as Harry Matthews of
Canton, escaped injury.
The damage to truck and cargo
was estimated at at least $-!,uuu.
On Tuesday night, an auto driv
en by Ralph Miller of Canton,
crashed into a power pole near the
slick pavement of Pigeon Road and
turned over. He and his three
companions escaped injury.
In the third accident, a truck
hit a stoplignht in downtown Can
ton near the post office.
tv, liuht was repaired.
traffic at that spot was directed
in the old fashioned way, by a
policeman using hand signals.
WNC Baby Beef
Event Set For
Next Week
Dry Leaders
To Map Plans
Fdf Election
Plans for renewing efforts to
election called to abolish
the sale of wine and beer in Hay
wood was In the making today, as
members of the Moral and Welfare
committee of the Haywood Minis
terial Association discussed the
The same committee, headed y
Rev. M. R. Williamson, pastor of
the Presbyterian church here, spon
n..t it inns last soring, in
which the board of elections were
petitioned to call an election. The
board, after checking tne names,
found there were 554 names short
of the 15 per cent of the total vot
ing in the last general election.
Rev. Mr. Williamson, and other
members of the committee plan to
meet with the board of elections
this week, or early next, they said
today. The purpose of the meet
ing will be to discuss plans and
(See Dry Forces Page 8)
Window Painting Contest
Seizor Ghildreaoiiday
Commissioner Thrash
And Engineers To
Hear Of Roads
Needing Rock
Citizens of Haywood will have an
opportunity on Tuesday of present
ing any road problem to State
Highway officials, who are coming
here to discuss road matters.
The announcement was made this
morninif bv L. Dale Thrash, high
way commissioner of this district. '
Commissioner Thrash said he and
engineers would be at the court
house (in the court room) at ten
o'clock to hear all citizens on any
road matter in the county.
"Our purpose right at this time,
is to get everyone on rock," Com
missioner Thrash said. "We have
stockpiles of crushed stone at vari
ous places, and will put this on all
roads where it is needed in order
to get the people out of the mud.
Commissioner Thrash said he
would like to know about any
school bus route that needed atten
All paving projects are being
held up until next April, the com
missioner said, with all attention
right now being placed on getting
rural people out ot tne mua, ana
on "a rock foundation road."
His Dlans for Inaugurating the
rural road improvement program
In this district, is to have some per
son from each community who
knows the needs, to meet and dis
cuss the county projects as a whole,
together with civic leaders and
county officials. This phase of the
work is slated for later in the winter.
Several engineers and mainten
ance men will accompany ivir.
Thrash here Tuesday. They will
have maps, and all Information for
the delegations about the needs on
Haywood roads.-
Ray Re-Named
Carolina Motor
Club Official
Charles E. Ray, Jr., of Waynes
ville was re-elected vice-president
of the Carolina Motor Club last
The members named their offi
cers for the new travel year, ex
tending from Oct. 1 to Sept. 30, at
a meeting in Charlotte.
Mr. Ray, who is chairman of the
North Carolina National Park,
Parkway, and Forests Commission,
also served three years as director
of the organization.
He is the only officer elected
'from the area west of Asheville.
Coleman Roberts of Charlotte
was re-elected president.
Mr. Ray attended the meeting.
which was held in the Club s head
quarters offices.
Wavtipsvillp Chamber of Com
merce officials aren't worried
aboOft the kids painting windows
on'llallowe'en Night.
What they're trying to do is
find enough windows for the kids
to paint.
Mrs. Frank Knutti, Chamber sec
retary, said today the enthusiasm
of the school children for the idea
has her estimating that at least
500 amateur artists will turn out
for tho window-painting contest.
At Hazelwood Elementary School
alone, she said, 700 children an
nounced, by a show of hands, that
they wanted to enter.
So far, Mrs. Knutti has obtained
permission from merchants for the
use of approximately 340 store win
dows in Waynesville and Hazel
wood for the contest.
She said she is planning to get
reservations" for more on Church
and Depot Streets.
The costume parade, which will
top off the evenings fun, also
promises to be big, gay, and colorful.
This event, with its attendant
(See Window Painting Page 8)
iiouiunnH County boys and girls
will have entries in tne western
xt-i, rarnlina Baby Beef Show
and Sale for 4-H CJub and Future
Farmers of America memoers next
n,ontb- , , , .
The event is scheduled to be
held November 2 and 3 in the
Bernard-Walker Warehouse No. 2,
Judging will start at 1 p.m. No
vember 2, with the sale scheduled
to open the next day at the same
A&P Converting
Store Here To
Super Market
Workmen started this week con
verting the A&P Tea Company
store at the corner of Main and
East streets Into a, self-service
super market.
W. E. Senn, manager, said that
the entire interior of the store
would be rearranged, and new fix
tures added. The store is to be re
decorated, with some remodeling.
Much additional space for custo
mers will be provided, in that all
present counters will be removed.
Mr. Senn gave no time as to when
the project will be completed, other
than to say "work will be pushed
as last as practical."
Expansion Of
Test Farm
Coming Up
ThP next slei) towards expansion
of the Stale Test Farm here will be
up to the Council of State, it was
learned today.
The Slate Board of Agriculture
has aproved two projects for the
farm the acquisition of 72 addi
tional acres, and addition of a poul
try laboratory.
Part of the 72 acres would be
used for an apple orchard research
No dale has been set for the mat
ter to be brought before the Coun
cil of Stale for final decision, it was
pointed out.
Band, Chorus To
Give Concert On
Next Thursday
A band and choral concert will
be given by the high school music
department on next Thursday
nieht at the high school audit
orium, featuring the 55-plece con
cert band, and the 90 voices of the
mixed chorus.
This Is the first concert of tht
season, and the two units under the
direction of Charles Isley, director,
are preparing a special program of
about one and a half hours.
The concert is being given as a
special benefit for the music de
Dartment. Several new instruments
are needed to complete the band's
Hundley Is Night
Fireman At Local
Fire Department
R. R. "Short v" Hundley has as
sumed his duties as night fireman
with the local fire department. He
succeeds J. C. Turner who has ac
cepted employment with a dairy
Mr. Hundley has had considera
ble experience in fire fighting. He
was with an industrial fire depart
ment until he joined the navy in
the early forties, and then served
as an instructor at a Naval fire
fighting school. Later when aooara
ship, he was in charge of a fire
fighting squad.
He became a volunteer fireman
here in 1946. when he received his
discharge from the navy. 1
Chief Clem Fitzgerald will be
on duty during the day.
Scheduled For
Tobacco Men
Nine grading de. MItions will
be held in Haywood County to aid
tobacco farmers, County Agent
Wayne Corpening announced to
day. J. W. Van Arsdall, a Kentucky
burley tobacco grower and recog
nized grading expert, will assist
the county agent's office in con
ducting the demonstrations.
Tobacco farmers are urged to at
tend at least one of the scheduled
demonstrations to learn the quick
est mehtods of grading tobacco
The schedule:
October 31 10 a.m., Grady
Howell's In Jonathan Creek com
munity; 2 p.m.., Mark Ferguson's
store, Fines Creek'.
November 1 10 a.m., Robert
Davis', White Oak; 1:30 p.m., Rich
ard Boone's, Waynesville; 3:30 p.m.,
George Stanley's, Pigeon.
November 2 10 a.m., George
Best's Store, Crabtree; 1:30 p.m.,
J. B. Hipps', Beaverdam; 3:30 p.m..
Carter Osborne's, Clyde.
November 3 9:30 a.m., Jarvis
Caldwell's, Iron Duff.
Haywood Chapter
Red Cross To
Hold Meeting
The annual meeting of the Hay
wood Chapter of the American Red
Cross will be held at the Court
House on Tuesday, November 1, at
7:30 P. M.
At this' time a board of directors
will be elected which will in turn,
elect officers of the chapter.
The Rev. Malcom Williamson,
chapter chairman, will preside and
W. D. Dibrell, field representative
of the Red Cross, will be present.
Park Commission Plans
Study Of Pisgah Forest
A comprehensive study of the
Pisgah and Nantahala National
Forests is next on the program for
the North Carolina Park, Parkway
and Forests Commission, of which
Charles E. Ray is chairman.
The commission meeting with
the Board of Conservation and De
velopment this week in Asheville,
set -the study of National Forests
In this area as their next goal, and
will meet on November 15th at
the Pisgah office in Asheville for
this purpose.
At the joint meeting of the two
state groups this week, Mr. Ray
explained some of the work which
had been done by the two-year-old
commission, and some of the plans
which are being formulated ' for
the full development of this and
other areas in the state. The Con
servation Board members express
ed an interest in the work, and
appreciation for what had been
Mrs. Edith P. Alley, secretary of
the commission, also attended the
joint sessions.
Record For
(To Date)
In Haywood
Killed 6
Injured . . . 38
(This Information com
plied from Records of
State Highway Patrol).

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