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f"T D
The Waynesville Mountaineer
Published Twice-A-Wcek In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
"Must you go?" asked the
"Oh, no," said the departta
guest. "It's purely a matter of
64th YEAR NO. 91 1 PAGLS Associated Press and United PressNevvs WAYNES'lLLrI, N. C. THCKSDAY AERNOON," NOVEMBER 3. 1949 $3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
Vr and
Llhvood Hoad
jj garaeu -
a snow was
Ley lt they
and pick the
Ll of white
Ines. Onweu-
picked a oi
ilanted the last
j .1,0 frost of
L nipped most
the bniun s-
r beans
picking ends
jDctober, which
peculiar ieei-
Ld when they
sleet and snow
their crop this
Not De-
In not fully UIJ-
f.,v peculations
evident tins
SHayncs, deputy
department ot
Notice to go see
fcten out' a re
Li aside on the
- - . .
Inrf licenses paid
Se man had in-
llrense fee.
he was going to
hat the depart
save no credit
Ifnr marriage H
It was not a de-
Jpcluded expenses
to Florida under
iiess travel."
division also put
I against that de
lout explanation
leather uoholster
te than 30 yearl
barber chair , in.
fer shop has been
itlaht shiny uw
books, the barber
ilness for a few
week while the
tv undergoing
Now that he's
Its plenty of com
lew chair covering.
tars, barbers have
In Clyde, but Mr.
tting hair, shaving
man who hadn't
Hence at that sort
n't want it anyway
killing a chicken.
K over the most
l of executing the
to wring its neck
grasped the hen,
fcnly at him with
it by the neck, he
gritted his teeth
rapidly around his
iiunous wniris, ne
ps he could, hoping
Pging hadn't killed
I self control, he
his eyes and de
up the crumDled.
(saw the body was
P' crumDled.
walking slowly and
KMty toward the
R. VH n fl mm
inistywood inlospnua
taunted Slied Mi
Muzzle-Lpader Interest Visiting Writers At Cataloochee
1 SPf
1 s
Two writers from national publications get some pointers about, muzzle loading rifles from II. C. Wil
burn and Verlin Gibson. This picture was made at Cataloochee Ranch recently, when the annual
shooting match was held. The man on the extreme left, with hack to camera is John Hemmer, chief
photographer for the Stale News Bureau. The man in the white jacket is John Could, of Parade; m
the plaid shirt is Hamilton Coekrane. of Saturday Kveni.m Post; holding the rifllc and looking down in
H C Wilburn an authority on mountain lore and local hisfor.', and on the extreme right is Verlin Orb
son, who won'lwo shooting matches in the- past. He did not participate this year, but was an interested
spectator. l
Rural Road Program
Set Up
In Haywood
Funeral For
Mrs. Way
Set For Three
On Friday
Mrs. Joseph Howell Way. widow
of the late Hi"- Was, prominent
Waynesville phvsician. died Wed
nesday I'ighl at the home of her
daughter. Mrs. T. I., (iwyn. She
sulVeied a stroke last Saturday
fi,.r li:iviiu been an invalid for
several years.
Funeral services will he held at
the First Methodist church. I' nday
afternoon al 3 o'clock, with the
pastor, the l!ev. J. K. Ynuiitz. ot
liciating. Interment will be in
Green Mill Cemetery.
Serving as active pallbearers I...- .1 M l.oiiii. I) A. Howell,
J. W. ltav, Jonathan Woody. Hugh
Massie, J. II. Howell. Sr.. W. Curtis
Kuss and Jack Felmet.
Mrs. Way. a native of Waynes
ville, was the former Miss Marietta
Welch, daughter of Hie late Dr.
Robert Vance Welch and Caroline
Peoples Welch. She was educated
I in nrivnle schools in Mornsiown.
Tennessee and was giadua'ed from
I.ncv Cobb Institute, Athens, l.a.
A leader in the community's re
ligious, social and civic life, Mrs.
Way was a member of the r'irsi
Mfihodist church and was active
in its affairs until ill health eon
lined her to her home. She served
for many years as president oi
the Woman's Missionary Society
and taught in the Children':. De
partment of the Sunday School.
She also taught the Woman's Bible
class which was named in her
honor, the Marietta Way Class.
She was otic bT the p-lonecr-worr.-(Sce
Mrs. Way rase X)
Cherokee Blood For 'Palefaces'
' 0 Iff s i
'I v 11
v . teak .
Mrs Gentva Saunooke labovel Is one ol
donated Ihelr blood lo the American Hi
1 1... hl.iinliiiiihile" visited Cherokee, lasl
Hie two pints she gave. The blood was bronchi to Asheville. and
deposited for use by "palefaces," Indians or whoever happens to
need il. (AP Photo).
HO Chi rokee Indians who
il Cni-s blood bank when
week-end. She is holding
12 Directors Named By
Local Red Gross Chapter
I there was only
lr him to do.
thicken that some-
he had a chicken
family, but hts
and his conscience
lvn snow.
. - w.i net la
jreaming peacefully
foream about, the
Fault onlv a haiv
Havwnnd County school children
who live by clay roads will be the
first to benefit from Governor Kerr
Scott's rural road program.
Tenth District Highway commis
sioner Dale Thrash told 200 people
.t a hearinc at the Court House
Tuesday that the school bus routes
will get the road officials atiemion
Second in line, he said, arc the
people living on the day roans.
Every townsnip aim ioom.... ......
............ ..I ir ;it
in the couniy was h-ii ..-
the meeting.
If the delegates tliougm me,
would be bringing new information
.n.ral road conditions in then
areas to the district officials, they
received a very pleasant suipnsi.
To virtually every siaiemem ... j
scribing a poor road in a particular
section, District Engineer J. 1 ,
Knight replied, in effect; "Yes, vie
Knicht appeared as familiar witn
every road in the county as he is
with the driveway eo j
8rage. ., , ,ti.
Listening attentively .u .....
mony also was uivisi..,, j
Stuart of Mr. Thrash's office.
One observer estim.uiu
some dozen requests for necc el
road work came from each town-
ShMr Thrash told the audioiue
that all efforts during the nexi two
to three months would he diverted
to put gravel surfaces on ih
roads. , ,, ,
He said that, until "n, Jl' "
. . . . .. 1H h. tin nc
nmsnea meic
construction started, and I ha I c
would be no new harri-s t r
(black top) paving joos si.......
til next spring.
As for the order in
fentuckv Grower Praises
. mm ma
Haywood Burley trop
Hundreds of people escorting,
costumed children turned out Mon-1
day night to celebrate Halloween,
in'spitc ,lu' colcl rain-
When school ended in me ane. -
ik9 elementary and high
school students took advantage of
the drv spell between the down
pours to try their art on the store
windows in the Waynesville Cham
j ,cr of Commerce window-painting
it0Tlvd ' night more than 100 stu
dent, marehed with the Waynes
1 ville Ilich School band in the cos
tume parade through the rain from
(Sri- Painting Page 8)
i IV Vim Arsria . one o len-
luckys leading burley tobacco
growers, today complimented the
finality of Haywood county's crop
But he warned against rustling
stripping and crowding the markets
at the opening sales and pointed
ut that the open sheds in the
,.r..,ntv ox nose the harvested to
bacco to the danger of deteriora
tion from bad weather conditions.
Mr. Van Arsdall is helping to
conduct a series of tobacco grad-
, . . inc (lcmonsirauuns wh.i.
high 1,, V1r,H:,V
in ine couiny ......
The final demonstration was held
this morning at Jarvis Caldwell's
farm in Iron Duff.
The others were held in White
Oak. Waynesville. Crabtree, Bca
verdam, Pigeon and Clyde.
Mr Van Arsdall said in his state
ment: 'This is the time of year that
(See Burley Page fi
Girl Scout Drive
Is Started
This Morning
The Girl Scout Drive was launch
ed this morning al 9:30 o'clock
when a group "f men from the
Lion's Club and the Girl Scout Fl
i:,ne.. Committee met at Massie
Furniture Store for final plans. In j
charge of the drive are l-'ianciSj
Massie. Lawrence Leal herwood. Joe
iCIine. and Ben Phillips "f the
Lion's Club and Hugh Massie and
Joe Davis ol I he Finance Commit
tee. Members ol I he Girl Scout
Council are assisting the workers.
' The drive will continue through
tomorrow in an eflorl lo reach the
! yoal of SI 000 set by tile committee.
The purpose of the drive is to
make il possible tor all girls in ine
community to participate in a com
plete Girl Scout Program. Part of
the money raised at this lime will
h. used In finance a real Girl Seoul
camp next summer while other
funds will take care of many im-j
mediate needs al the Girl Scout
Hut. The Council also wants lot
furnish the girls additional mal ri-j
als for Arls and Crafts and equip-
ment for many other phases of the j
Scout work.
To Meet
The Haywood County Ministerial
Association will meet Monday al
12. SO P. M. for the monthly lunch
eon al Long's Chapel Methodist
Chu rch.
The Itcv. Horace Smith, pastor
of the I'irst Baptist Church of Can
Ion, will preside.
The Itev. M. It Williamson,
chairman of the committee on mor
als will report on plans for the
mm. and beer election.
11 will be recalled that the coun
,ly hoard of elections has declared
null and void the petition with sig
natures collected several months
1 ago.
I The ministerial association is ex
! peeled lo propose a renewal of
effort lo gel the county board lo
call an election.
i The llev. D. D. Gross, area chair
man for CHOP, will present the
ways and means whereby Haywood
; county might participate in the
S Friendship Train at the Thanks-
giving season.
Twelve directors of the Waynes
ville Chanter of the American Ked
Cross were elected at Hie annual
meeting here Tuesday night. 1 he
board will meel soon and elect of
ficers for the coming year.
Thn-.e eleeled for a one-year
lenn on the board of directors
wen-: Leo Weill. Mrs. Charles Ray,
Wayne Corpening and N. W. Car
roll: two year terms: O. L. Yales,
'M. It Williamson. Joe Davis, and
Mrs. Jonathan Woody: three year
j fi rms: Mrs. Frieda Knopf, Mrs.
. Richard Barber, Mrs. David Hyatt,
I and W. Curlis Buss.
i Before the election. Rev. M. R.
Williamson, who has served as
ehapler chairman lor several years,
1 gave a brief report on some of the
acli'ilies of the ehapler. He point-
rd mil that i he oil ice, which is in
! ehaige of Mrs. Klhet Fisher, as
i executive sect clary, had aided 346
veterans with applications for in
surance; helped innumerable veler
! ans with service, "helped bring one
'veteran liom Germany to the bed
side ol his lather; lound a man who
had been out of touch with his
(Sim- Red Cross Page 6)
Plans Are
To Start
Next Aug.
Havnood County Hospital will
get a 51 -bed annex under the feder
al-state hospital aid program.
This was decided yesterday at a
meetini; of representatives of tha
State Medical Care Commission,
the Haywood County commissioners,
and the hospital's board of trustees.
George A. Brown, Jr., chairman
of the board of commissioners, said
after (he meeting that the project
would be under contract by ne:;t
The commissioners officially en
gaged Lindsay Gudger of Asheville
as architect for the new addition,
which will give the hospital a ca
pacity of 100 beds when it is com
Mr. Brown said the architect has
30 days to prepare, preliminary
plans for submission to the county
commissioners for approval, and
five months to complete the perm
anent plans.
The total improvements, includ
ing the new construction, repairs
lo the old building and the pur
chase of new equipment will cost
approximately $510,000, Mr. Brown
The State and Federal Govern
ments will pay approximately 70
per cent of the cost. The county
will finance the remainder from the
$225,000 bond issue which the vot
ers aproved in the October I elec
tion, he explained.
He said the Commission repre
sentativesMr. Hamilton and Mr.
Jone.,. of rtaleijgh assured the
county , and hospital officials that
the state and federal funds wpuld
be available as soon as the plans
are completed and approved.
Mr. Brown adder:
"We won't start selling the coun
ty bonds before the plans are com
plete, and possibly not before the
contract is let."
The bonds will be sold through
(See Hospital Page 8)
Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Hyatt and
daughter, Miss Kalhryn Hyatt,
spent lasl week end in Charlotte
purchasing Christmas merchandise
for Hyatt's Fashion Corner.
Haywood, Along With Kcst 01 Nation, Jittery As
-i... a wmild be gravi
said the work woum.
c Roads raK-
b-v'.iuci o raruy
let today. Tonight
p wun trost. Friday
pavnooiii a
N.ev il im i ornnprna
rjjty the staff of the
Min. Rainfall
I' 51 .97
f 0 1.46
64 31
Norlh and South Carolina peo
found no comfort this morning
,,. front pages, the weather bul
leiins or their "Wli coal bins
Yrsterda, John L. f-- a ed
rst i m hts la..- 1 V " nut against
owneis nun-...., - --
linnimittees Announced
mW 1
For Tobacco t estivai
" . . .. n,.nnatln Woody an
his demands in the coal strike, now
entering its 46t h day.
Tnriav. the Associated Press re
ported coal had vanished in some
cities of the Carolinas. and was
rapidly being depleted in many
In Haywood County, home own
er, and business tirms felt the
pinch with the end of the mild.
Indian summer weather and the
start of the cold rains last week.
Local dealers' supplies generally
were completely exhausted, and
most saw no prospects for getting
The Junaluska Coal Company of
Lake Junaluska reported that it
was planning to send its trucks di
rectly to a non-union Kentucky
mine for 12 tons.
It reported that in effect the
coal at the source was going to the
highest bidder.
A company official said retail
dealers were paying about $2 per
ton above the normal wholesale
(See Coal Page 8)
Power Shut-Off
Due Sunday, If
Weather Permits
-Lit all lb'- people know, but
keep it from the weatherman the
I plans arc lo have the power off
Sunday from 1.30 to 5:30," Harry
I Burle -on, local manager for Caro-
i lina Power and Light Company
said loday
The four hour .power snui-uu
h"3, bc-u scheduled for two pre-
i vmu, Sundays and postponed both
, limes brcause of rain.
The shut-olT is necessary in order
to make a change-over of high vol
tare lines, from 22,000 volts to
Ml RF.A lines, and the areas of
Junaluska. Waynesville, Hazelwood
and Balsam are included In the
shul-off, Mr. Burleson said.
1950 Burley
Price Support
May Be Higher
The U. S. Department of Agri
culture yesterday saw the prob
ability of higher support prices
for the 1950 burley and flue-cured
tobacco crops than those of this
Thp USDA's Rureau of Agricul
tural Kconomics said that the 1950
crop's level of price support will
continue to be 90 per cent of par
ity, under the provisions of the
new agricultural act.
The Bureau, meanwhile, fore
cast that next year's tobacco ex
ports would reach 450.000.000
pounds at the minimum and
possibly more.
Estimates are that 1343 exports
would be around 465,000,000.
Under the computing method of
the new farm law, next year's par
ity prices cannot fall below those
computed under the present system.
. .,ath.n Woody and the Waynes-
I. n 1 t" Til A I I V ' .,1.
r-rtrnpninE. tnai""" I :H RnlarV L1UU-
the Third Annual Ha -
. . i- .MHMinppn Tile lew--
wee euiiw"""-
h soeciai coin"""-
c r Fran-
tV Tobacco Harvest Fe Kpjr c t chairman
wm. " RC.y Bradley Beu. --
St; fS andunty Home
K" JSn My Corn-
r-,.t;.,al will open
22 and continue mrou.
ber 26.
The committees,
lore Decorating -Waynes
rM.,h- Citv Decorating-
L.IOI1S s.u, .
David Felmet, chairman
"'" .,i Float and Parade
Commercial Float a""
Waynesville Junior Chamber
C Ba'nd-Charles Islry. chairman;
EBNdTroutman. Canton: W. A.
E (See Festival-Page 6)
'Blizzard' Hit
Today Up At
While Wnytseaville got an as
sortment of sunshine, rain and
sleet this morning, there raged
a mid-winter blizzard at Cata
loochre Ranch.
Tom Alexander, owner of the
Ranch, reported the ground was
already covered by eight o'clock,
and a mixture of rain, snow and
sleet was falling as fast as the
mercury in the thermometer.
All the Umber In the area of
Fie Top
Cataloochee was covered with
No further details were aval
able from Alexander as he was
busy keeping water pipes from
The timber on the Plott Bal
sams was also covered with froz
en fog and sleet at noon.
The cold weather, and slim
stocks of coal was the main topic
of conversation here this morning.
Merchants Complete Plans
For Coming Holiday Season
! f'hrist mas.
First National To
Close Noon On Friday
The Firsf National Ranlr will
close at noon on Friday, in tribute
to Mrs. J. Howell Way, whose
funeral will be held at three
o'clock. Mrs. Way's husband, the
late Dr. Way, was one of the foun
ders, and for many years served as
chairman of the board of directors
of the bank.
The Waynesville Merchants As
. ;-.!!. ... tact Tnpcriav arioDted a
They will resume the Wednes
day noon closing schedule imme-
SLIL101JS.H lfl iMi-v....7 r HU.v t'.."jii
new schedule of store hours for. the i rifely af'er Christmas
comins holiday season and acted on
other matters of business.
The members decided:
Stores will be closed from 10
a.m. until noon Armistice Day
(Nov. lH.
Stores will be closed all day
Thanksgiving (Nov. 24).
They will remain open all day
every Wednesday from Thanksgiv
ing until Christmas and remain
closed all day Monday following
A town Christmas decorating
commit tee w as appointed with
Herbert Erarrn as chairman and
Carl Mundy, J L. Newton, and
C. J Reece as members.
The Association also voted to
recommend that the Chamber of
Commerce board of directors ap
ply for membership in the U. S.
Chamber of Commerce.
A spokesman explained that
(See Merchants Page 6)
Record For
(To Date)
In Haywood
Killed 6
Injured . . . 38
(This Information com
plied from Records ot
Stat Highway Patrol).
Stovall, G. C. Ferguson, o.

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