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hot Music
A visitor to an asylum asked
aa inmate his name. "Geoff
Washington", came tbe reply.
"Bat." said the- fisrtor, "the
last time I saw yon yoa were
Abraham Lincoln." "That waa
by my first wife," he replied.
The Waynesville Mountaineer
Published Twice-A-Week In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
MONDAY AFTERNOON, NOVEMBER 7, 1949$3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
64th YEAR NO. 92 8 PAGES Associated Press and United Press News WAYNESVILLE, N. C
1 , r?
If dollars from
ibis weea-eim.
f of Atlanta,
J 5tpped over
vis Lake Juna
ti of the Sym
Lng interested
Ik Heart and
e a liberal con-
r0r Bad
pushed a fair
, bill into the
ie post office
L. J. T. Rs-
the "mony"
fan advertising
In-taxing or co
l was cleverly
Jlv evaded any
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line, and had
tick'' across the
I rea
1 y thought
gal tender, and
ng he could get
,ipH he could
Lid then spied
Lputy revenue
Ly of the post
Lt man to give
Idcrly man
and after some
talked over to
ked for change
id it over, smil
jito his pocket
ollar in change,
dollar bill over
window and tell
ust the change
Lred the good
I around for a
I hat and left,
fed, and he said:
flow is happy.
tnld him this
But that don't
Inent of revenue
jam what is in
almost every-
lie deal so far."
iianager of Belk-
Ito solve a ou
ieciai sales rpro
'display windows
lot of autumn
fcludlne leaves,
and shocks of ,
is have attracted
and now he Is
Jether the people
merchandise or
(CdDDHstryctioo To
tart In 10 ays
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Pastors Discuss Election Petitions
Armistice Day Program Leaders
V. S. Rep. Monroe Redden
my or!
$fU' Lav, 'Hv
The Rev. L. G. Elliott
The Hev. 1.. Ci. Elliott, pastor
of I he First Baptist Churc h of
Waynesville, will deliver the
Armistice Day address at the
Court Mouse Friday morning fol
lowing the parade.
L. S. Hep. Monroe M. Kedden
of Hendcrsonville will be the
featured speaker at the annual
American Legion Armistieo Day
banquet Friday night.
Ernest Edwards, commander
of the Haywood American Le
gion Tost here, is directing the
arrangements of the observance.
Bdents will meet
iy to discuss 4-H
let leaders for the
the community
preside over the
ill be held at the
1st Church.
Ernest Edwards
Armistice Day Programs
Completed For Community
1 , I .JJl'llEWS llV U. S.
Election To
Abolish Beer
And Wine Is
H..m-P;r.ntllvfs of the Haywood
County Ministerial Association last
Saturday were told what was wrong
with the previous petition filed for
a beer-wine election.
The meeting, held with the Hay
wood County Board of Elections,
was a preliminary to the scheduled
Association session set for 12:30
P.M. today at Long's Chapel Meth
odist Church at Lake Junaluska.
The Rev. L. G. Elliott, pastor of
the First Baptist Church of
Waynesville. and the Rev. L. E.
Mabry. pastor of Canton's First
Methodist Church, heard Elections
Chairman Jerry Rogers explain
why the first petition filed under
the Association's sponsorship was
They represented the Association
at a meeting at the court nouse
Saturday afternoon.
Mr. Rogers, also met with the
Acc-iatlnn todav. and explained
that some of the signatures on the
original petition were those of
qualified voters, but voters wno
had signed the petition from one
precinct, though they had voted
and registered in another.
Others, he continued, had not
voted in the last gubernatorial elec
tion. '
Last month, the Elections Board
announced that the petition was
554 qualified voters short of the
(See Election Page 3)
Man Killed
When Plane
Hits Ocean
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hyatt of
Wavnesville have received notice
of the death of their son, TSgt.
Clarence Jones Hyatt, in Hie crash
of a B-29 weather observation
plane into the sea off Kindley Field,
Hamilton. Bermuda, late inuisu-y.
Only two men survived the ac
cident which killed eleven. The
crash came as the plane sought a
Innrtinfi after developing engine
trouble on a weather observation
Sgt. Hyatt, 31. was born in Bur
n,,n(,w, wsliini!ton. but had lived
here since he was a child. He
was educated in the Waynesville
ium.hln Hieh School and at Mars
Hill rollece. His wife and three
email riauchters live in Hazelwood
Sgt. Hyatt entered the service at
.1,0 ,o i,f 1R in September. 11)38.
After serving for a time with the
Signal Corps, he transferred to the
Aimv Air Force and was stationed
at Hickam Field, Hawaii. He was
discharged in 1941.
He reentered the Air Force in
1942 and served until after World
War II. being stationed at the
CUwhr N. ty.. training center.
Sgt- Hyatt reenlisted" In the Air
(See Set. Hyatt Paire 3)
'No Machine'
J "7. I C - Jj
Firm Buys Tract 01 Welch
Farm Near R&P Company
Construction is expected to start within the next ten
days on a $100,000 fertilizer plant on the Welch Farm near
the Hoyal and Pilkington ComPany plant.
Jonathan Woody and David Underwood, who repre
sented the new industry in the arrangements, said today the
work would be pushed in order to have the plant supplying
the markets in lime for the 1950 spring planting season.
The plant, which is expected to be completed in about
60 days, will he operated by a group of experienced ferti
lizer manufacturers from Atlanta, Ga.
The p-oup bought live acres of the Welch Farm last
week from Mrs. Fannie B. Welch for the location of the
new factory.
Carolina National Democratic
committeeman, told the state's
Young Democrats last wceK tnai
North Carolina cloesn't have a
nolitical machine and doesn't
want one. State Rep. John W.
Umstead of Chapel Hill shortly
before made a similar statement.
Li instead said he saw no signs of
a new political machine in the
staU. Danioli said be agreed 100
per cent with the Umstead statement.
ged To
he last name be'
have until the
to renew their
ith winter com-
ibably be several
tests cannot be
ile-who have to
tse are urged to
e as soon as pos
last few davs of
ll be lone waiting
robably take all
P to complete the
Examiner sched
is as follows
and Wednesday
to 5. Wavnesville
psday. 9 to 5 and
Sylva Friday
F the Drivers Li-
Cruso School
Teacher Bags
300-Pound Bear Oroean of Canton, route 2.
a Cruso School teacher, hunted lor
ciuite a few seasons without get
?.u . w , shot at a bear.
lUlg a ciiaiiLt w.
But last Wednesday his f' at the annual Armis-
turned, and he decided it was worth ld6, whicn wiU open
waiting for. . 7 , at the Hazelwood School.
-He bagged a 300-pound bear a- a gup:(.. a, U)e D8nqUet win
range of 40 yards trom m - bt, ,p Gold star parents. the left prong of the vu' -r advised all those
Fork in the Sherwooo i ro.. - ! lanlled to attend to iniorm
Th hPrs own cam")" . . .... ,,.jtHav at the latest.
his life, Mr. Grogan relateo. 8ll veterans, regardless
Hearing the yelps oi ..e " . . rgallizational aniuauo.i
the bear left the m " i. - (o (ake part m llle pd
hunters blind ami s. .
away down the open road. Hi, a
tempt to escape was enmu
Grogan's bullet.
But the dogs weu-n . "-
they were chasing anom. .....
.,Mr. Grogan wa, ""'""Vh.nde
hunters in the partv led by C atrf.
Johnson, also of t anion,
jvhen he made his khi.
A parade and addresses by U. S.
Ken Monroe M. Keaaen ..u -Hev
I- G KlHott, pastor of the
First Baptist Church of Waynes
ville will feature Waynesville s
Armistice Day observance Friday.
I rnest Kdwards, commander of
thP llavwood American Legion
Post here, announced the Armis
tice Day plans today.
Tk. uimrn North Carolina con-
. ...... u .ho foa.
Hotmail he salQ. Will uc liic
Enrollment For
Junior Red Cross
Starts Tomorrow
Thn annual enrollment for ser
vice in the Junior Red Cross will
get under way tomorrow and will
continue for two weeks, according
to an announcement by Mrs. Davia
Hvatt Junior Red Cross Chairman.
The enrollment campaign will
hp rarried on in the Waynesville
Township with the assistance of
teachers. A minimum donation "i
fin rents npr class room in the ele
mentary grades and $100 per hun
dred students in the nign scnooi
entitles the schools to 100 per cent.
All schools are expected to reach
the 100 per cent goal as they have
done in the past three years.
Mrs. Hvatt will be assisted in
the drive by the faculty members
and the Junior Red Cross commit
tee composed of Mrs. Jonathan
Woody, Mrs. Jack Messer, Mrs. Ben
Sloan, and Miss Betsy Lane Quintan.
County Schools
Undergoing Check
For Sanitation
A survey is underway to check
sanitary conditions at each of Hay
wood County's 27 rural and town
County Sanitarian A. L. Jones
said the survey would he complet
ed by about November 15.
He said the principal features
being examined most closely at
each school are the lighting sys
tem, water supply, toilets, sewage
disposal system, cafeteria and its
kitchen, and the general cleanli
ness of buildings and yards.
Renorts on the conditions found
by the examination with recom
mendations for remedying any un
favorable points will he sent to
the principal of each school, Coun
ty Schools Superintendent Jack
Messer, George A. Brown, Jr.,
chairman of the Haywood County
Board of Commissioners, the sani
tation supervisor, and Dr. Clyde A.
Erwin, state superintendent oi
public instruction.
Post Office Here
Shows Increase
Over Last Year
Business at the Waynesville
post office is showiiiR a gain over
the same period last year, Post
master J. II. Howell told The
Mountaineer today.
The gains for the last quarter
over last year were about $2,000,
making a net gain for the year
of about five per cent.
On Friday of last week the In
coming mails looked "like Christ
mas week" the postal official an
nounced. "The outgoing malta
showed a substantial Increase.
so It looks like a heavy Christ
man season Is in store for us."
he continued.
Power To Be Off
In Some Areas Un
Sunday Afternoon
M,aB transmission.- nncs
neuvy v""e- -- . , ,nn
i - Sunday ant' "v
were cui-j '" ' - ,
plans were ami..,,...-.
.lhor r -mi
morning wv - t
Uunday from 1:M Mo -?.
Harry hp 0?r
dative, aia v""-' . )h, Dav
..i...nnH Ra sara and the lm
fcibr r , hiU,n'r-nn this coming
ft " axiu I TUU rvliuuci f
innirrUl I
auu xues- sunaay
the staff of the
.i,rt will form at
a IP a. the comer of Academy and
ML Streets near the First Baptist
The Gold Star parents taking
,., j the paraae we
Bi,o to notify him in order that
car -pace could be provided.
Mr Elliott will deliver the Arm-
Ktirp Day address at me ;nj"
Count v Court House at 11 a.m., fol-
lowing the paraae.
The Legion and the Veterans of
f cre,gn Wars post here meanwhile
ad" ed merchants that they should
dtntav the national colors on that
dav unless the weather is bad.
V, Kdwards said many persons
have 'made criticisms that specta
urV watching Previous parades
'have not shown the proper respect
(See Armistice uj -
Boosters Club Will
Meet Thursday Night
The Hazelwood Boosters Club
tu mopt Thursday night at the
Hazelwood Presbyterian church for
their regular monthly dinner meet
ing. M. H. Bowles is president, and
T. E. Tichenor is secretary.
Book Week To !
Be Celebrated At
Haywood Library
National Book Week will be cele
brated at the Haywood County Li
brary November 12 through the
Miss Margaret Johnston, librar
ian, has announced that new books
for children of all ages will be dis
played in the library during the
The public is cordially invited to
visit the library and look over the
Meetings Set By
Haywood CDP
Haywood County's Community
Development Program organiza
tions face a full schedule of meet
ings this week, most of them to
plan their winter recreation pro
grams and participation in the ap
proaching Tobacco Harvest Festival.
West Pigeon, under Chairman
Jack Sloan, will meet at 7:30 P.
M. Thursday at Bethel School.
Hominy residents will plan their
participation In' the Festival and
t he winter recreation program at a
miwline at the Plains Church un
der Chairman Hershcl Hipps on
the same day and same hour.
Morning Star citizens will meet
at the same time, same date, also,
at the Morning Star School under
Chairman Luther Smathers to
make plans for the Festival and
winter recreation.
A Community Development
meeting for Cove Creek will be
held at 7:30 P. M. Friday at tne
rnve Creek Baptist Church, with
Chairman Vinson Morrow presid-
The Aliens Creek Community
Development organization, with
the Rev. C. L. Allen, chairman, in
charge', will hold a box supper
meeting at the Aliens Creek
School Saturday night.
Large Audience
Hear Concert
County Baby Beeves Get
Good Prices At WNC Sale
' Z. ninll had as
Mr. and Mrs. H-
their guests last
Seenneu ,
and mis.
Harold, oi
Mrs. Seen-
Mm. V. A
Min. Rainfall I MonrbnH and Mr
14 Ul J
.06 Evans and young son
Bf!? lister and Mrs.
Health Offices
To Be Closed
Armistice Day
The District Health Offices In
health officer, made the an
, nouncement today.
Haywood County buyers were
behind the 4-H and FFA boys and
girls who had fat calves at me
15th Western North Carolina Fat
Stock Show and Sale held m
Asheville last Wednesday aim
The high bidder for the sale
which was held on Thursday, wag
John Hipps of Waynesville. buying
under the name of "H & R".
Mr. Hipps purchased di oaoy
beeves for an average price of
n . ii npr hundred.
Others from this county who
bought cattle were:
ti,. First National Bank of
Waynesville, which paid 33c a
pound for Charles otamey kuu,
Dayton Rubber Company of
Waynesville. which bought Donald
McCracken's fat calf at Z9c a
Sims Tire and Battery Company,
which purchased Betty Ruth Fer-
euson' calf for 33c a pouno; ana
Underwood Lumber & Supply
Company, which purchased uavio
Hugh Tate's calf for 34c a pound.
The Grand Champion of the show
sold for 65c a pound, with the
Reserve Champion bringing 37c.
Aleen Williams, 4-H Club mem
ber of Waynesville Township, sold
the high animal for Haywood Coun
ty for 35c, with the Champion
Paper Si Fibre Company buying it.
(See Beef Sale Page 3)
An audience of about 750 en
joved the first band and chorus
concert of the season at the high
school auditorium here last Thurs
day. Charles Isley directed the band
for the first part of the program, as
well as the 90 voices in the mixed
Robert Campbell, assistant
lulirector, was In charge of the band
for the second half of the concert.
A varied program was presented,
to the delight of the large crowd.
The proceeds were used by the
band committee for the purchase
of additional instrumsnts.
Wake Forest Slated
To Whip Carolina
Wake Forest Is predicted by
the Associated Press sports writ
er, Frank Eek, to defeat North
Carolina State on Saturday.
This and other "guesses" for
Saturday's games will be found
on the sports page today.
PMA Members
Plan For Nov.
Burley Election
Approximately 50 community
committeemen last Thursday dis
eased plans for the coming burley
tobacco acreage control referendum
and the committee elections when
they met at the County rroaucuui.
,h M:.nai2enient Administration
A. W. Fergu;,on. county commit
tee chairman, presided over the ses
sion. Haywood County tobacco grow
ers will take part in the referen
dum on November 26 to decide
whether I hev want acreage controls
continued, and if so, whether they
want them continued for three
years or for a shorter period.
The committee elections will be
held December 2 and 3.
Jeff Enloe, district PMA field
representative from Asheville, de
clared that f was of utmost im
r,ria.u.. to the county for the to
bacco acreage control system to be
nnnl i. 111(1
The referendum will be held in
all the hurley growing states.
A two-thirds favorable majority
is necessary to continue the con
trols. If the vote goes against continu
rnce of the quota system, the bur
,ey growers would be able to pro
duce" as much tobacco as they want.
On the other hand, however, they
would be making a gamble, for they
would not be able to depend on a
"floor price" to insure them against
a heavy drop in prices.
If the quotas are dropped, so
will the government's price support
system for the 1950 crop. For this
vpar's croo it is 40.3 cents per
This price support, a Washing
ton dispatch said last week, is like.
ly to be higher next year since the
new agricultural act will be in el
feet for the 1950 crop.
The purchase price was not dis
closed, but tax stamps on the docu
ments filed In the Haywood County
register of deeds' office Indicated
that it ranged altogether between
$5,000 and $6,000.
The proposed plant, which will
represent an Investment of up to
$100,000, will produce chemical
fertilizers of analyses approved by
the North Carolina Department of
The first unit of the factory is
expected to produce an estimated,
25 000 to 30.000 tons during 1950
for farms from the Georgia border
to Black Mountain.
nlant will employ 18 to 20
workers during normal production
periods, and 40 to ou in rusn
The first unit will be an 80-by-.160-foot
ono-story building about
30 feet high and. constructed of
steel and masonry.
The size of the plant will be in
creased as the demand for the
products increases.
Plans for the building already
have been sent to an architect, and
representatives of the new business
are expected to come here within
the next ten days to look for homes
for purchase or rent.
Spokesmen said the executives
were induced to locate their plant
in this area because of the sav
ings in freight and transportation
rates and the tremendous progress
Haywood County has made in agri
culture during the last ten years.
The names of the group will be
revealed later, but the members
were described as highly success
ful leaders of the fertilizer indus
try. Residents of the area have no
cause for worry as far as odors are
concerned, it was pointed out.
PMA Announces
Deadlines For
The Haywood County office of
the Production and Management
Administration today announced
deadlines -for new applications for
tobacco allotments and for filing
performance reports for 1949.
The closing date for new burley
tobacco grower allotments is Feb
ruary 1.
All 1949 performance reports
must be filed by January 15.
The PMA office here explained
that for a new grower to be eligible
for a tobacco allotment, ne must
live on the farm for whose allot
ment he is applying; the farm must
be his total source of income; he
must have had at least two years
of experience in the last five years
in growing tobacco; and he must
have crop land and storage pace
ample enough to justify an allotment.
Tenant House
Destroyed By
Fire Sunday
A small frame tenant house oif
the Balsam Road in Saunook Com
munity was destroyed by fire short
ly after noon yesterday.
" Reports wpre that Bill Bryson
and his family, who lived there, es
caped injury, but they lost all their
personal possessions except the
clothing they were wearing.
The house was the property of
Mrs. Bonnie Rayle, of the Haywood
County Hospital.
Record For
(To Date)
In Haywood
Killed 6
Injured ... 38
(This Information complied-trom
Records of
SUta Highway Patrol).
? .i.i-s
neii. a
Evans Is her niece.
!?si "mv rr F
- ' J. "

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