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PublishcJ Twice-A-Week In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
64th YEAR NoTlOl 2UPAGES Associated Press and United Press New! WAYNESVILLE, N. C, THURSDAY AFTERNOON, DEC. 8, 1949 $3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Countiea
; rr
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I ; ? i
Aliens Creek
For Separate q
County To Issue $25,000 In Bonds In Order That
AM School Boiler Rooms
vLlwSooiii To Be Fireproo
JNDINO WHAT HOLLYWOOD considered "a perfect marriage," screen
actress Shirley Temple signs final divorce papers against actor John
Agar in a Los Angeles Superior Court Seated is Clore Warne, a witness,
and standing is Attorney George Stahlman. (International Soundphoto)
Aliens Creek Community De
velopment Program officers have
petitioned the county and state
hurric if .,l.r) IniK 1 1 mnlt their
section a separate voting pre- ' fTO
Copies of the petitions, ad
dressed to tile boards, are sinned
by the Hew C. L. Allen, chairman
of the Aliens Creek community
organization, and Elmer D. Hon
drix. CD secretary.
The petition says Aliens Creek
should become a separate voting
precinct on the grounds of the
community's size and population.
More than five hundred eligible
voters live in this community
which covers an area five miles
long and a mile wide, the letter
points out, and "these people are
required to travel across and
through another town to cast their
vole, several miles away.
"The precinct in which they are
required to vote has some eight
een or nineteen hundred votors
who must cast their vote also.
"It is making a grcal hardship on
our people to leave their own
eoninuinil.v and vole at (his large
(See Aliens Creek I'age 3)
Mrs. Sara Murray Buys
Waynevilla Motor Court
ith in de lan' of
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3hip High School
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- turfed and well
lawn of the Bilt
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;mber 8 Fair and
'. today and Fri-
lesville tempera
by the staff of the
ax. Min. Rainfall
7 17
8 17
I 34 .13
Retail Business
Is Big Business
In Haywood
Haywood county's 484 active
merchants did a cross retail
sales business of $15,092,!)14 dur
ing the fiscal year which ended
last July 1.
The figures, contained in a
recent issue of the State Em
ployment Security Commission's
official magazine, also shows the
merchants of the county paid
$282,885.20 in sales and use
In all. North Carolina's 5!!.-
068 merchants during the last
fiscal year did a gross business
of $2,137,223,018, and paid out
more than 40 and one-half mil
lion dollars in sales and use
The state's gross retail busi
ness was more than thre per cent
above that of the previous year.
Mecklenburg county's 3,169
merchants led all others of the
state in gross retail business,
showing a total $209,131,852 in
gross sales at the end ot vne us-
cal year.
Sale Of Christmas i
Seals Reach $350 j
The sale of tuberculosis seals
have reached about $350. accord
ing to Mrs. K. C. banc, seal sale
chairman. .
The sale of seals this year is be
ing handled entirely by mail. The
committee sent out seals to pros
pects, with the request that checks
be mailed for the number of seals
According to A. J. Faneher.
ifoucii rpr about 15 per cent ot tnc
prospective buyers of seals have
The committee this morning urg
ed that those who have not sent
in their checks do so at once m
order to avoid further congestion
of the malls, and also to help ex
pedite the completion of the cam
Mrs. Sara V. Murray of Dayton.
Ohio, has purchased the Wayne
villa Motor Court on the Ashevillc
highway in East Waynesville for
$50,000 from Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
M Patterson. Jr.
The deed covering the transfer
of the modern tourist facility was
filed vesterday with Itegister of
Deeds Bryan Medford.
Mrs. Murray, sister of Sheriff H
V Welch, in confirming the trans
action, said she planned to make
her home in Waynesville again to
operate her new business.
The Molor Court, built about
I luce years ago, now includes 18
modern cabins, and a modern tea
room and restaurant.
The property has a 286-foot
front along the Ashevillc highway.
Mrs. Murray said she planned
to keep the court closed this win
ter until about mid-March, but
that she would operate it all year
round after that if business was
great enough to justify it.
Singing Session
Scheduled For
Sunday Night
Tom Queen, secretary of the
Haywood County Singing Conven
tion today announced that the reg
ular quarterly singing would be
held at the Haywood County Court
House at 7:30 p. ni. Sunday.
Many singers, both in solo and
in choral groups from surround
ing counties, as well as Haywood,
are expected to attend the melo
dious session.
Ray Parker, president of the
Convention, will take charge of the
Prof. John E. Kinsland
Dies In Tennessee
News has been received here of
the death of one of Haywood's best
known educators, the Professor
John K. Kinsland. who died No
vember 21st at his home in Jappa.
Prof. Kinsland was about 80, and
taught at the old Haywood Insti
tute at Clyde from 1886 to 1890.
He was the third teacher at the
former educational center.
re-elected, chairman of the
Waynesville Chapter of the Wed
('loss al the meeting of Hie board
of directors here this week. Mr.
Williamson has held the post for
the past few yeai.s.
Elect Gross
As President
The Hev. D. I). Gross, pastor of
the Clyde Baptist church, Is the
new president of the Haywood
County Ministerial Association.
He and the other officers for the
new year weie elected last Mon
day at a meeting of 50 Haywood
ministers representing the Kpisco
pal. Presbyterian, Methodist. Free
Methodist, Wesleyan Methodist and
Baptist churches; the Church of
God and the Salvation Army, The
session was held at Long's Chapel
Methodist church.
The Hev: Hubert MeCloskey,
rector of St Andie-w's Kpiscopal
church at Canton, was named vice
president; and Major Cecil Drown
of the Salvation Army, secretary
and treasurer.
These officers will assume their
duties formally in January.
This was the Association's final
meeting of the year.
The chairmen and members of
it's various committees will be
named at the January meeting.
Again Heads
Red Cross
The newly elected board of di
rectors of the Waynesville chapter
of the Hed Cross have re-elected
Rev. M. H. Williamson as chairman,
All other officers were also re
tained by the board, as they met
for their second meeting after be
ing elected at the annual Red Cross
meeting several weeks ago. Other
officers of the chapter include: W.
Curtis Huss, vice chairman, Joe S.
Davis, treasurer, Mrs. K. N. Barb
er. Jr.. secretary, and Mrs. J. C.
McOaris, executive secretary.
Mrs. Jonathan Woody is home
service chairman, Mrs, David
Hyatt. Junior Hed Cross chairman,
and Mrs. Ben Sloani chairman of
The finance committee is com
posed of Mr. Williamson, Mrs. Mc
Daris, Mr. Davis, together with Leo
Weill and N. W. Garrett.
The board named Oral L. Yates
as chairman of the annual fund
drive which will be held in March.
Mr. Williamson announced that the
quota assigned the chapter this
year Is about $500 less than last
year, with the current quota being
The board of directors elected
al the recent meeting, and now
serving include: one year term.
Mrs. Charles E. Hay, Leo Weill, N.
W. Garrett and Wayne Corpenlng.
Two year terms, Rev. M. R. Wil
liamson. Mrs. Jonathan Woody.
Joe Davis and O. L. Yates. Three
year terms, Mrs. David Hyatt,
W. Curtis Russ, Mrs. Frieda Knopf,
and Mrs. R. N. Barber, Jr.
The present fiscal year ends
June 30th.
Heads Campaign
C. R. Brown
Dies Monday
i Of Heart Attack
! Charlie Home Brown. 44, of
Waynesville. died of a heart attack
, while en route to Johnson City,
I Tcnessee Monday morning.
! Brown was stricken near Wea-
vcrviie while at the wheel of his
J automobile. His wife slopped the
'car and an ambulance was called
but he was dead on its arrival.
Funeral services were neui m
Pleasant Hills Cemetery in Greene
villc, Tennessee, Wednesday after
noon. The Hev. Malcolm K Wiliamson,
pastor of the First Presbyterian
Church here, officiated.
Buri il was in the church cem
Hery with employees and oficials
of the Summers Hardware Coin
panv scrvin gas pallbearers. Cous
ins were in charge of the flowers.
Mr. Brown was a salesman iui
Summers Hardware and Supply
Company in Johnson City and had
been living here for the past six
M'.irs. He was a native of Johnson
(Sec C H. Brown Page 3)
C. of C. Balloting For
Directors Ends Friday
The polls will close at 4 p. m.
tomorrow in the election of nine
directors of the Waynesville Cham
ber of Commerce.
The members of the Chamber
.started casting their ballots the
morning of December 1.
The remaining 15 directors on
the board are named by various
organizations and municipalities.
The board of 24 members will of
ficially take office on Tuesday, De
cember 20th. and from their group
elect officers lor (he coming year.
James L. Kilpatrick, president
for 1949, today urged every mem
ber to gel a ballot and vote. There
are six groups of names on I he bal
lot, each representing a particu
lar group in the community. The
nominees are as follows;
One to be elected to represent
(See Balloting Page 2)
Haywood Board Fol
lows Recommendation
Of State Group
And Jury
Every boiler room in Haywood
school buildings will soon be fire
proofed. This announcement came
after the county commissioners ap
proved authorization for selling
$25,000 in bonds with which to do
the work.
Jack Messer, county superin
tendent, presented the recommend
ations of the State School Inspec
tion committee and also those of
Haywood grand juries, which call
ed for Immediate fireproofing of
all boiler rooms In school build
ings. Mr. Messer estimated that it
would take almost all of $25,000
to fix the buildings to meet state
requirements. "If there is any left,
we have a lot of needed repairs
been that we can certainly use the bal-
named chairman of I ho annual
Hed Cross fund drive, which
will he held in March. The quota
for the Waynesville chapter is
$2,775 He was named al a re
cent meeting of the board of di
rectors of the chapter.
Carswell Is New
President Of The
Boosters Club
Rudolph Carswell has been
elected president of the Hazel
wood Boosters Club, succeeding
M. H. Bowles.
Sam H. Lane is the new secre
tary, succeeding Durand Tichenor,
and G. C. Summerrow is treasurer.
The new officers have assumed
their duties, of one of the largest
civic clubs In the community. The
club meets monthly, holding regu
lar dinner meetings at the Pres
byterian church, except for the
special meetings which are devoted
to ladies' night.
Sheriff Is
Back Home;
Much Better
Haywood County's Sheriff R. V,
Welch has improvec considerably
since he suffered a paralytic stroke
last September.
Resting in his Court ttouse apart
ment yesterday afternoon, he was
in excellent spirits and appeared
to be in good health.
Aside from some loss of weight,
he looked about the same as he
did before he was stricken.
The veteran officer said he felt
that the treatments he had under
gone have had good results.
He is continuing the treatments
and daily massages and exercises
that he has been undergoing since
he started his period of recupera
The sheriff's condition was re
garded as very serious when he
suffered the stroke the night of
September 21 shortly after he had
gone to bed.
However, his condition improved
and he responded to treatment in
hospitals here and in Ashcville.
He returned home in lime to
spend Thanksgiving Day with his
ance on, he told The Mountain
eer this morning.
Only buildings erected in re
cent years have fireproofed boil
er rooms, Mr. Messer pointed out.
All the others will have to bo
The sale of the bonds will bo
pushed as rapidly as possible, in
the hopes that the work can get
underway right after the first of
the year.
$7,000 Bull Comes To Haywood
Plans Are Complete For
Club Achievement uay
land Miss Margarei,
(ilicates to home club mem-
.i( fnr the an- 1 aim ... , ,
Plans are compie- librarian, who win present ieau-
. . , nav nrogr
nual n , h,.. ,,t,r
the Haywood Loum i.. - rh b(T
Home Demons! ration t! fld , , w p. Ketner. county fede-
will be held at thr Fhst i president, will preside.
church. Friday. December Cornwell. Haywood
10:30 a. m. , . haS ai,c0 announced
Miss Carolyn -a
the Andrews in ,he ,,e made by members of tne iweu-
Carollna delegate lo Nora ; jn the count
international Foreign ouin i M hc awarded first
change, will be the guest sp eaker n ,
5he will talk on her "rj-h 1 " make decisions according
ttnS: V" North Carolina Extension
she visited during her sta ai scorecard for canned pro-
: -1
The Younger Set
that la the name of a new I
column start ing today in The
Mountaineer. This column
about the young: people of Hay
wood is being written by Mil
dred Medford, senior of the
Waynesville High School.
The column will Include news
and comments of interest to all
high school students of the
county. Today Mildred is visit
ing another high school (lather
ing material for future columns.
She will visit each school in the
near future.
Her column today will be
found on page one of the sec
ond section.
Noted Couple To
Meet With County
'Silent' People
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Jones of
Lumberton. will arrive here Mon
day to start a week of get-together
meetings with the people of Hay
wood county and surrounding
areas handicapped by the inability
to speak or hear.
The couple are noted for their
long service among North Caro
lina's mute people.
The first of these evening gather
ings will be held at 7:30 o'clock
Tuesday at the First Baptist church
of Waynesville. which will be the
site of all the other meetings
throughout the week. Meetings
during the day will:be planned if
people desire them.
Everyone, in addition to mute
people, are invited to attend these
While in Haywood county, Mr.
and Mrs. Jones w ill be at the home
of Mrs. C. If. Chamblee on Boun
dary Street in Waynesville.
Gifts Are Needed
For Community
Christmas Tree
Dr. Mary MTchal, chairman of
the Welfare Committee of the
Waynesville Woman's Club, is
working on plans for the annual
Community Christmas Tree, spon
sored by the club for needy chil
dren in the community.
Dr. Michal is making an appeal
to the public for toys to assure a
suitable gift for each child. These
donations will supplement the toys
given each year by the Rotary
The program is scheduled for
Christmas Eve at the Court House
and will include special numbers
by the Waynesville Township High
School Glee Club, under the direc
tion of Charles Isley. The Rev. J.
E. Yountr, pastor of the First
Methodist Church, will speak.
All children present will receive
toys, candy, nuts and fruit.
Serving on the committee with
Dr. Michal are Mrs. Noble Garrett,
Mrs. C. F. Kirkpatrick, Mrs. James
R. Boyd, Mrs. E. A. Williamson.
Mrs. Charles Ray, Mrs. Grover
Davis, Mrs. J. W. Killian, Mrs. J.
R. Hipps, and Mrs. T. L. Bramlett.
Dr. Michal asks that gifts be llt
at the Health Department in the
Court House as soon as possible.
Jimmy Mann Steadily
Improving From Illness
Word has been received here
that Jimmy Mann, owner of the
Waynesville Art Gallery, is stead
ily improving at his Hollywood.
Fla., home. He suffered a heart
attack here last September, and
was a patient at the Haywood
County Hospital for a number of
This is the prize winning bull, which was bought last October by
Graceland Farms, owned by M. O. Galloway and Dwight William's.
The bull recently won third place in the International Livestock
Show in Chicago, and the Haywood cattlemen paid $7,000 for the
animal. The bull will be on display in the lobby of the First Na
tional Bank Saturday. Other details about the animal on page one
of the second section.
Modern Fire Department
Is Goal Of Clyde Folk
Mountaineer Correspondent 1
Citizens of Clyde viewed modern
fire fighting equipment on Tues
day afternoon, and plans are be
ing discussed for establishing a
fire department in the town.
The project is being sponsored
by the Clyde Lions Club.
The sponsors brought a late
model $10,000 fire truck to town
Tuesday, in order to give the citi
zens an opportunity to see what is
being proposed.
In addition to the truck, town
officials have under consideration
an additional water tank, with a
capacity of 35,000 to supplement
the present 50,000-gallon tank. The
pressure at Clyde is said to be the
highest in Western North Carolina.
The proposed program will bring
a reduction in insurance rates of
20 cents per hundred, it was point
ed out.
While the truck under considera
tion is the smallest made in the
fire-fighting line, it is fully ap
proved by the Underwriters Asso
ciation. The truck is a six-cylinder job,
and carries a 200-gallon booster
(See Clyde Fire Dept. Page 6)
Friends here will be glad to
learn that Mrs. Harry M. Hall, now
of Charleston, is much improved
after suffering a severe stroke last
January in Columbia. She is with
her brother in Charleston, and can
use her hand again. Her entire
right side was affected.
Record For
(To Date)
In Haywood
Killed 7
Injured ... 38
(This Information com
piled from Records of
BUU Highway Patrol).

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