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Woman's Club
Holds January
Meeting J The Waynesvjlle Woman's Club
held its January meeting in the
Assembly Room of the Presbyteri
an Church last Thursday afternoon
With Miss Louise Ballard, vice pres
ident, in charge. -'-'';'
Mrs. C. F. Kirkpatrick,. chairman
6t music, presented Miss Florrie
Patrick, student in the Waynesville
High School, who playod two piano
numbers. "The Butterfly," and
YSpring Showers",
' Mrs. Raymond Lane, chairman
of International Relations, had the
program and discussed the forma
- tion of the State of Israel.
" Reports were given on the an
nual Christmas tree, sponsored by
the Club for underprivileged chil
dren, showing the event as a great
Mrs. Carl Mundy announced that
memb?rs of the Brownie Troop at
Central Elementary School, spon
sored by the club, would attend
the February meeting and exhibit
Jheir work.
Plans were also made for the
annuBl silver tea to be held in
A social hour followed the meet
ing With Mrs. J. H, Howell, Sr.,
Miss Robina Miller, and Mrs. Ed
fear Goold serving as hostesses.
:' ; . '
Sorority Aids
In Campaign For
March Of Dimes
Members of the Alpha Theta
Chapter of the Beta Sigma Phi
Sorority are doing their share in
the March of Dimes Campaign for
this area.
'.jj The sorority is sponsoring the
annual Haywood County polio ball
at the Waynesville Armory, on
January 27, and is in charge of two
nightly collections at the Strand
S Music for the ball, which prom
ises to be n outstanding event,
will be furnished by Teddy Mar
tin and his orchestra.
X A special intermission feature
will be a cloudburst of balloons,
isome of which will contain luojky
lumbers for priies which have
fceen donated by Waynesville mer
Jhants. , '
i Cold drinks will be sold during
ftht dance by the Boy Scouts and
Jill profits Will go to the Polio
Tickets are on sale at The First
-National Bank, Tut's, The Fire
stone Store, Curtis Drug Store,
Waynesville Florist, The Ladye
Fayre Beauty Shop, and Charlie's
yiace. ' ' ' '
. . .
Bible Class
Names Officers
- New officers for the Alpha
"Omega Bible Club of the Waynes
ville High School were elected Fri-
ay morning to serve for the sec
nd semester.
x They are; president, June Hund
ley; vice president, Phyllis Mor
jcow; secretary, Edna Callahan;
treasurer, Phyllis Noland; report
ers, Nancy and Susie Stamey; and
historian, Nancy Floyd.
Mrs. Robert K. Green and chil
dren, Leida Gail and Bob, Jr., who
have been visiting Mr. and Mrs.
Nathan Hampton, left Saturday for
their home in Bridgeton, N. J. Mrs.
preen is the former Mjss Mary
.Helen Hampton.
Miss Wilson
Is Bride Of
J. T. Smothers
Miss Helen Louise Wilson, niece
of Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Wilson of
Canton, and J. Thomas Smathers,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Aney F,
Smathers, also of Canton, were
married Wednesday at 7 p. m. in
a candlelight service in Morning
Star Methodist church, Canton.
The Rev. Asmond Maxwell per
formed the ceremony in the pres
ence of members of the families
and close friends. The church was
decorated with evergreens, baskets
of white gladiolus interspersed with
fern and with candlelabra holding
white tapers.
J. B. Rhea, organist, and Jordan
A. Neal, soloist, presented a pro
gram of wedding music. Mr. .Neal
sang "I Love You Truly" and "Be
cause." Mr. Rhea played "Ah
Sweet Mystery of Life," "Indian
Love Call" Prelude to Act Three
from "Lohengrin" and "Lebis
traum." He played "To a Wild
Rose" during the ceremony.
The traditional wedding marches
were used.' .
The bride was given in marriage
by her brother, D. J. Wilson. She
wore a mist-grey suit of gabardine.
Her hat was of pink felt fashioned
in off-the-face style with match
ing halo veil. Her accessories were
pink and grey and she wore a
white purple-throated orchid cor-
sape. '
The matron of honor and the
bride's only attendant was Mrs.
Carol Pless. She wore a teal hlue
gabardine suit with navy and pink
accessories. Her corsage was of
pink carnations.
Hilliard Ray Smathers was best
man for his brother, and ushers
were J. D. Cooper and Robert V,
A reception followed at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Wilson.
Mrs. Lane Medford. sister of the
bride, presided in the dining room
She was assisted by Mrs. V. E
Wilson, Jr., and Mrs; Ellis Smallv
crs. '
The table, spread with a lace
cloth, was decorated with silver
and crystal bowls of white gladio
lus and fern and white candles in
silver holders. The three-tiered
wedding cake was decorated with
lilies of the valley and a miniature
bride and bridegroom.
Mrs. Wilson, aunt of the bride,
wore navy with red accessories and
a corsage of red carnations. Mrs.
Smathers, mother of the bride
groom. Wore navy with white .ac
cessories , and- a corsage of pink
and white carnations.
The couple left by motor for
Florida and upon their return will
be at home in The Clifton on
Academy Street,
The bride is the daughter of
Mrs. L. O. Wilson and the late Mr.
Wilson of Greenville, S. C. She
attended Canton High School and
business school in Asheville. She
how is employed by The American
Enka Corporation.
The bridegroom graduated from
Canton High School and from the
University of North Carolina where
he majored in accounting. He is
a veteran of World War II and
served in the European theater. He
now is employed by the Crane
Company, Biltmore.
, ."
Jack Richeson of Martinsville,
Virginia, spent the week-end here
with his mother, Mrs. L. M. Riche
son. .
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hill and
daughter, Mary Elizabeth, of Low
land, Tennessee, were week-end
guests of Dr. and Mrs. Thomas
Mrs. Noland Is
Hostess For
Home Club .
Mrs. Fred Noland was hostess
for the January meeting of the
Crabtree-Hydei- Mountain Home
Demonstration Club on Friday af
ternoon. Mrs. Glenn Palmer, new
ly elected president, presided.
During the business session pro
ject leaders for the year were elect
ed as follows; home gardens, Mrs.
u o. erguson; home poultry, Mrs.
Fred Noland; home management,
Mrs. C. Q. Newell; family life. Mrs.
W, B. Davis and Mrs. Glenn Palm
er; and clothing, Mrs. Marshall
Committee chairmen were also
named and include; community
service. Mrs. C. O. Newell; health,
Mrs. Marshall Kirkpatrick: citizen.
snip, Mrs. F. L. Safford: oduf-aHnn
Mrs. Fred Noland; recreation, Mrs.
L,owery Ferguson; loan fund, Mrs
W. D. Davis: 4-H leaders
Fred Noland.
Miss Mary Cornwell, home agent.
gave the -demonstration and Mrs,
r red Noland gave a book report.
nans were discussed for the
February meeting which will be
held with Mrs. Marshall Kirkpat-
ricK. -
Julia Ann Calhoun
Is Hostess Of
Birthday Party
Miss Julia Ann Calhoun was hos
tess of a party at her home Sat
urday evening, in celebration of
her sixteenth birthday, She was
assisted in entertaining by her
mother, Mr.s. Fred Calhoun, and
her sister, Miss Kathleen Calhoun
The Valentine motif was observ
ed in the party appointments and
refreshments and various games
were ptayed during the evening.
l he guests were Miss Ann
Green, Miss Mary Crouser, Miss
Carolyn Sayer, Miss Mary Kitchin
Miss Harriet Gibson, Miss Kathe-
rine Wilson, Miss, Ann Coman
Crawford, Miss Letitia Schenck
Miss Mary Michal, Miss Dora Lee
Matney, and Miss Ireece Wilson
B. And P. W. Club
To Hold ISIeeting
The Waynesville Business and
Professional MWWMreruVA Will
meet at The Lodge, Tuesday, Jan
uary 24, at 6:30 p. m.
Mrs. M. G. Stamey will preside
and the program will be presented
by the International Relations
Committee composed of Mrs. Edith
Alley, Dr. Mary Michal, Mrs. Wilma
Sease, and Mrs. Lawrence Clark.
Mrs. Raymond Lane will be the
guest speaker and will discuss
general world conditions.
Friendship Class
Will Meet Tuesday
The Friendship Class of the
First Baptist church will meet
Tuesday, January 24, at 7:30 p. m.
at the home of Mrs., Ernest Ed
wards on Main Street.
Mrs. Juanita Rivers will be co
hostess. V
Cove Creek Club
To Meet Friday
. Residents of Cove Creek will
hold a Community Development
Program meeting at 7 p. m. Fri
day at the Cove Creek church.
Everyone is urged to attend.
l lll'X. KIN fKATlSKS HXhli ATK. Iw-i mii KillTX IK.O.RVKIi.'
"Why worry? Nobody's ever going to give ME eighteen
.apples tod take away six.''
' Bride-Elect
Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Ferguson of
Clyde have announced the en
gagement of their daughter. Miss
Margaret Anne Ferguson, above,
to Wilbon Harrison Daniel, son
ol Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Daniel of
Lynchburg, Va. -
Mrs. League Has
For Daughter
Mrs. C. C. League entertained
with a children's party at her
home on Pigeon Street last Wed
nesday afternoon in honor of her
daughter, Sara Jane League on the
occasion of her fifth birthday.
She was assisted by Mrs, E. K.
Pastel shades of pink and blue
were used in the decorations and
party appointments. Pink and blue
balloons were hung from the veil
ing in the dining room and were
later presented to the guests as
favors.- The table was centered
with a birthday cake and places
were marked with pink and blue
candy baskets.
The guests were Mary Barber,
Mary Mac Moore, Mary Linda
Sloan, Charlotte Watkins, Carey
Howell, Dottie Turner, Katharine
Lantz, Mary Ellen Evans, Mary
Otis Burgin, Ellen Freeman, Mari
etta Campbell, Anna Lane Rogers,
Charlie Hendry, John Schell,
Jimmy Modford. Bobby Wlaker,
Eddy Weatherby, Edwin Davis,
Harry Sullivan, Robert Under
wood, Jr., Ronnie Timbcs, Ernie
Edwards, Dickie Braren, Jimmy
Woodard, Lawson Summerrow,
Blane Hawkins, and Billly Davis,
Skit Features
Crabtree-ID FHA
Meeting Friday,.
(Mountaineer Correspondent)
An entertaining skit, "Sally To
The Rescue," featured last Friday's
meeting of the Crabtree-Iron Duff
Future Home Makers of America
chapter. - - ,
Peggy Bradshaw, Helen Fergu
son, Frances Bobby Smith, and
Juanita Rathbone played the lead'
ing roles in the production.
Songs during the. meeting were
led by Club Songleader Doris
President Mattle Sue Medford
opened the meeting by calling the
members to order, and Maxine
Medford followed with the devo
r rftf I?
' I t Hi )
I t 1 1 J ' m
Graves Islands of Unwisdom.
Aldrich Journey into Christmas.-,
Lawrence My Heart Shall Not
Schaefcr Shane.
Sairtee Bubbling Spring.
Sabatini Gamester.
Barnes-Brief Gaudy Hour; a
novel of Anne Boleyn.
Ogilvie Rowan Head.
Hopeon Horse Thief Masquer
ade. Chapman Rogue's March.
Burman Everywhere I Roam.
Guthrie-'-Way West. J
I Landon Never Dies the Dream.
Stone Passionate Journey.
Mason Dardanelles Derelict; a
Major North Story. ,-
Kennclly--Peaceable Kingdom.
Khight-Bass Derty Murder. .
Dryer Port Afrique.
Coxe Lady Killer.
Du Bois-It's Raining Violence.
Stein Coffin Corner.
Cumberland Man Who Covered
Maggie Home
Club Meets With
Mrs. Plott
The Maggie Home Demonstra
tion Club met Thursday afternoon
at the home of Mrs. Fred Henry
with Mrs. Herbert Plott, new presi
dent, in charge,
Mrs. Plott and other officers of
the club, Mrs. Jack Campbell, and
Mrs. C. L. White, reported on the
recent County Council and the
members voted to participate in
the ca'mpaign for membership in
home demonstration clubs.
Two new members, Mrs. Glenn
Campbell and Mrs. T. - Wahlgren,
were welcomed at this meeting.
Project leaders for the ear
were elected as follows foods and
nutrition, Mrs. Jim Plott; home
garden, Mrs. Dave Plott; home
dairy, Mrs. Ralph Campbell; food
preservation, Mrs. Hobart White;
house furnishings, Mrs. T. Wahl
gren, Mrs. Dave Plott; family life,
Mrs. C. L. White; home beautifica
tion, Mrs. Fred Henry, Mrs. Glenn
Campbell, Mrs, Jack Campbell:
clothing, Mrs. Herbert Plott, Mrs.
Norman Caldwell; arts and crafts,
Mrs. William Holston, Mrs. Her
bert Plott, New committees in
clude: community service, Mrs. C.
L. White, Mrs. Ralph Campbell,
Mrs. Fred Henry; health, Mrs. Wil
liam Holston, Mrs. Glenn Camp
bell, Mrs. Hobert White; citizen
ship, Mrs. Jim Plott; recreation,
Mrs. Dave Plott; and loan fund,
Mrs. Jack Campbell.
Miss Margaret Johnston, coun
ty librarian, was a guest at the
meeting and spoke on the services
available from the County Library
and the Bookmobile. She encour
aged the members to read books
from the new Home Demonstra
tion Club approved list.
Mrs. C. L, White gave reports
on "Cheaper by the Dozen," "by
Gilbreth nd Carey; "New Eng
land Born," by Bassett; "Green
Light," by Douglas; "Pappa Was
A Preacher," by Porter; and
"Farmer Takes A Wife," by
Mrs. Dave Plott reported on
"Men of AHoermarl," by Fletcher.
A social hour followed the
Aliens Creek To Hold
Special Program
A special program will feature
the Aliens Creek Community De
velopment Program meeting at the
Aliens Creek School at 7 p. m.
Thursday. ,
The Rev. Kay Allen said in his
announcement today that an invi
tation is extended to everyone to
Ankle Length
Evening Dress
Ralph Prevost has returned from
New York where he attended the
furniture market.
Black velvet separates.
any length this season, allowlnf
for variety, charm and interest.
An ankle-length skirt and strap
less top is the design of this on,
a pretty black velvet model, hic
for almost any evening occasion.
The top is bordered with inter
lacing black lace and sequin em
broidery, and the bodice il fitted
in basque effect The skirt is of tlj
gathered all around.
The Yorks Are
New Owners 01
Florist Shop
Mr. and Mrs. D. D. York of the
Pigeon Road have purchased the
Waynesville Florist and Garden
Shop, formerly owned by Mr. and
Mrs. Virgil Smith, The new own
ers took over the shop on January
Mr. and Mrs. York are experi
enced tiower and plant growers,
having for many years operated
the York Plant Farm,
The new florists will continue
to handle a stock of cut flowers
and plants and will add garden
seeds and spray materials. They
will also have flower and vege
table plants and bulbs grown at
their own plant farm.
Carey Howell
6th Birthday
Little Miss Carey Howell was
hostess of a party at her home
Sunday afternoon in celebration of
her sivth birthday. She was assist
ed in entertaining by herp parents,
Mr. and Mrs. James Harden How
ell, Jr., her grandparents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. Harden Howell, Sr., and
Miss Nancy Killian. :
The party appointrp nts were in
the Valentine motif. Refreshments
wore served at the dining table
which was centered with a birth
day cake and decorated with 'Val
entine favors filled with candy.
Games were played and movies
were made of the guests.
Among those invited were Betty
Owen. Lvnn Kilpatrick, Mary Bar
ber, Helen, Kirkpatrick, Marietta.
Campbell, Charlotte Watkins,, Sara
Jane League, LeRoy Roberson,
Harris Prevost. Jack Prevost, Chip
and Mike Killian, Jimmy Medford,
Joe Cathey, Charles Hendry, and
Harden Howell, III. '
Marguerite Way
Receives Degree
From WC of UNC
Miss Marguerite Way, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Way, com
pleted her work for a B. S. Pegree
in Home Economics, at the close
of the first semester at Woman's
College of the University of North
Carolina at Greensboro last week.
She will receive her diploma at
graduation exercises in June.
Miss Way, Who was graduated
from Sti Mary's Junior College in
Raleigh before entering Woman's
College participated in many
campus activities. She was a mem
ber of the Home Economics Club,
the "Y" Club, the Chemistry Club,
the Physics Clubhand the Cornel
ian Society.
She arrived home on Sunday and
will be with her parents for the
rest of the winter.
' '
Rector's Guild To
Mrs. Bonner 1?,,. ..
Marley, and Mrs. c"arj v
Sunday for a visit t
Georgia. Mrs. Ray '
ley will be guests of
Huckabee and Mrs. k '
visit her sister.
Mr. and Mrs. Virgu sJ
sons, Michael and JimiBy i
nd Mrs. Ned HoweH 3
unanes. left ThursJay
weeks' vacation in Flori
Mrs. A. J. CampbeU;-f.
ipent the week nd O
ant music director at tu .
vp ign scnooi. .
N 0 W
One year gunrantee ,
sion watch repair
Meet Tuesday
The Rectors Guild of Grace
Episcopal Church will meet at the
home of Mrs. E. J. Lilius, Tuesday
night, at 7:30 o'clock. Mrs. Henry
Lee will be associate hostess.
Clyde 4-H Club
Met Last Friday
The 4-H Club of the Clyde School
met Friday afternoon for a short
program. .
The scripture reading was given
by Pinky Haynes and others on
the' program were Asulie Farley,
Joan Banks and Shirley Rathbone.
. TrH
. . makes this pharc
your Power Plant k'
healthier, happier life!
Pharmacists have
"know-how" to use I
tools, the integrity It
low vnnr fWfn'c n.jJ
Your Walgreen Ageil
Home Owned & 0p
Phone 32
Crabtree P-TA
Holds Meeting
The January meeting of the
Crabtree-Iron Duff Parent Teach
er Association was held in the
High School auditorium last Thurs
day night with Glenn Noland, vice
president, presiding in the absence
of James Kirkpatrick, president.
The devotional was given by
Mrs. Guy Fulbright.
A film was shown on Education
al Guidance for Parents and
Teachers and was followed by a
general discussion by the mem
bers. John Schibor's room won the
baner In the grade count.
Iron Duff Society -Has
The Woman's Society of Christ
ian Service of Davis Chapel in
Iron Duff met at the home of Mrs.
J. Manson Medford on Thursday
A program on Ihfe subject, Take
My Love," Was given by the fol
lowing members: Mrs. C. O. New
ell, Mrs. Fred Safford, Mrs. V. R.
Davis, Mrs Cash Medford, Mrs. J.
R. Caldwell, Mrs. F. C. Davis, Mrs.
Grady Davis, Mrs. Frank Davis,
Mrs. Creed Welch, and Mrs. Roy
B. Medford. .- ; .
A social hour followed the pro
gram and refreshments were serv
ed by the hostess.
Mrs. Claude Rogers, state vice
president of tfye Classroom Teach
ers division of the North Carolina
Educationcl Asociation, attended
a coTincll meeting of her division
at N. C. E. A. headquarters in
Raleigh on Friday. 1
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Prevost left
Friday for New York City where
the former will attend the furni
ture market, ;
;,if 'fWpi
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