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L winter bowed out of
f county (we hope) Satur
1 with cold, wet right
h dy Saturday a fine cold
hed the streets and roads.
'th county, apparently.
Gap. where he gave
Hing gift a mantle of snow,
y day was Spring, but
plan's memories .lingered
4 slopes of the surround-
iNcst Hotel
if lite, with lots of edl
iectlng on the older days.
lost Hotel has corae to see
1 4 print often. Since this
hotel was one an out
! landmark1 In this area, It
.ting to note that NEW
Vest Hotel is in operation
p, but down In Hamilton,
'it a brief description:
. .....
!oo MOUni Liaiigwu uvci
HimUton. with the blue
h the Atlantic in the back
t.inarh views from all bed
W'" , T
Spacious panoramic uining
Iving outstanding food.7
almost like some of Hay
Ljle's Nest advertising of
gone by.
Published Twice-A-Week In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains Nations! Park
TODAY'S e ::le
A small town is one i i
which there is not much Ui
but. brother, what u
hear make, up for t!
63th YEAR NO. 27 12 PAGES
Associated Press and United Press News WAYNESVILLE, N. C, MONDAY AFTERNOON, APRIL 3, 1930 $3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
Holly wood Actress Queen Of Wilmington Festival
. , ,..-r..J .jMff.lX munim ,,
Officers Make Heavy MqTOF
Hauls In 3 Week-End Raids
Movie 'Actress Gregg Sherwood from Hollywood (left) arrives in Wilmington to reign as queen of the
annual .Azalea Festival. Mayor R. S. McClelland welcomes her to the City. She was crowned by two
All-America football players, Charlie justice of the University of North Carolina, and Doak Walker
of Southern Methodist University. The crowning took place at the Coronation ball at. Wrightsvllle
Beach Saturday night. (AP Photo). . V ' :
d For The Job
jtt Phillips, 30 .. year old
Hit postman, takes in the
iUe business district and
the school sertinn as he
W rounds through wind
I, hail and snow, and any'
le that comes up.
1 that relatively small area
lesvllle he walks about 18
Tie manages to wind up the
fa riw tmnn eh ana :
lining secret U no secret;
i the Army, then volunteer
DaMlrOODS. ' . r; ;
tt did that during the war.
jhe never consciously was
I for his current job, i V;
f with the Army para
as never merely a matter
t of a plane in flight. Mat.
d, that part of it took less
iaa any. Unless you were at
Ming or the end of the
d men scheduled to jump;
taie any effort at all. t .-
ot pushed otttV'V';.-v
Hil work came ' befire. af
f hile you were on the
ager beaver buckins for
eral's star always w try
eti new marching record,
ig the boys in his regiment,
w, to try It. ivit ; . ;
where Emmett kot most
pining to be a postman.'.
'verage Army marching
I full equipment was about
ts an him
Paratroopers stepped theirs
fwerageof to 5.
't went through two years
wen ms paratroop days
cUcai jump over Fort
Gi., he Shoved th niiin.
file out, then followed it.
f followed by the man be-
men got tangled upf in' each
chutes, with VmmAtt
they hit the ground,
was still on the hnttnm.
rh broke two Veretbrae in
Workers Begin 1950 Couiit ln
Nation For Regular Census
EHightvay From Canlon To
Duncombe Line o Cost
0uer H Oluarler Million
'y, it was a lucky break.
w know It at the time,
nd Jumped right into a
Uh Eileen ConsUnce of
vllle, .
met in AshevilU one day
ffjw.out on a pass from
gnem Hospital t nemby
i. Ti nome m Boieman,
r m a year later rotnm.
Emmett will observe
nd annivorcoM,
rosi Office
Soft Ground Saves
Assistant Farm
.-.'...., .
Agent In Accjdent,
Soft tplowed ground saved As
sistant County Agent Wayne Frank
lin -from serious injury Thursday
morning.' .. V . j. . ' '
Trnklin-fell off a seeding ma-
cltlne-..ih front of its corrugated
rollers, as V U started to climb a
slP;? durhig a seeding and pasture
reHovatio'n demonstration at Mrs.
Zenia Medford's farm .In the
Ttiickety; community.
' The machine rolled over his legs
and one arm before the operator
could stop it.
After first aid treatment, how
ever, he returned home for a day's
rest.'.: . TV ;" ' ' ' ' ' .:".
He was back at work last Satur
dav. "' '
- The ground was soft enough,
however, to compensate for much
of the crushing weight ot tne ma
ih(," " raniy ciouay
.- wy warmer Monday and
J!jnesviUey tempera,
Max. MiiRalnfaU
Next Week Is
Easter Seal
Week Here
. Citing the need for maintaining
and expanding its services lor crip
Died children. Mayor I. H. Way to
day proclaimed this week as Easter
Seal Week and urged all residents
to support the current Easter
Seal Drive sponsored by the N. C.
League for Crippled Children.
In his proclamation the Mayor
pointed out there are numerous
criODled children ana aauus m
Uavunnri fViOntV. . all of WhOIIL
should have the most expert pro
fessional care in order to help them
lead as nearly normal ana nappy
lives - as possible. The services
maiataihed by the Haywood Chap
ter Society ire financed by money
raised In tn Easter Seal drive.
-"it is our responsibility to see
hat onr criDDled children are giv
f 9 their chance. This responsibility
is beet discharged by supporting
the Easter Seal Drive which fi
nances the services to the crippled
of our community by the N. C.
League for Crippled Children serv-
ices which mean new me ana
hope to the handicapped. During
the past year in our community
many crippled children and adults
hav received services in many
different forms from the Society."
'".Mr.": Jeff Garrett of Reidsville
is here for a week's visit to her
ito'ad officials last week-end took
another big step toward the actual
Improvement of U... S. Highway
19-23 from Canton to the Buncombe
County line. ' : vl
They opened bids on the project
of making the thoroughfare . a
three-lane highway matching the
road from the Buncombe line into
Asheville. .'.
The low bidder was" H.. R.' Stew
art and Company, which had made
an entry of $231,567,30
Low bid to build the Ave small
structures in connection, with , the
broadening of the 3.16-mlle stretch
was submitted by T. F. Houser.
This was $65,023. - n - 4
.. Not included in the
ported Tenth Division .Highway
Engineer Zeb tSowart. was the
project of constructing a large
three-lane bridge spanning the
Southern Railway tracks near the
eastern Haywood line, ;
' Railway and highway 'officials
are still working on n agreement
regarding the details of the span.
The widening of the highway
from the Buncombe line to Can
ton will be part of a much larger
project extending all the way to
the Lake Junaluska intersection
three miles east of Waynesvllle.
This calls for the construction
of a new modern highway running
roughly parallel south of the pres
ent road from West Canton westward.-''-'
''-''. . :- '- -i
Forty-two people last Saturday
morning started touring Haywood
county, asking a lot of questions
and getting many answers.
After they've visited every home,
they'll know exactly how many
men, women, and children now live
In Haywood.
, For Saturday marked the start of
the taking of tne census n ac
tivity that takes place only once
lo every ten years. . i
Heading the county crews are
C. B. McCrary of Fines Creek and
Mrs. J. Ray Byers of Canton.
The job will take a week longer
In Waynesvllle, however, because
of 'a false starV'V'
The nose-counters started early
here, but some time afterward, a
town official discovered they were
using an old map of Waynesvllle.
If the error had not be discovered,
the enumerators would have missed
East Waynesvllle, the Country Club
section, and Allen Creek-r-the new
areas 'annexed since the old map
was published. , : . - '
' The census-takers, each bearing
identifying credentials," will visit
every farm and every home In their
rounds, which are expected to take
two weeks. V- . w ,
Any person 14 years old .or. olde
In a family may answer the ques
tions they ask. k
-Meanwhile. Mr. McCrary and
Mrs. Byers are asking for the to
operation of all homeowners In
this vital official project.
Wildlife Club
To Name Special
Groups Monday
Members of the Haywood County
Wild Life Club will name : im
portant committees to work - on
their comprehensive-13 program
when they meet at 7:30 p.m. Mon
day at the Haywood County Court
House. : ' '"":
President Tom CampbelL. J r ., of
Waynesvllle. will be In charge.
Miss Francis Named
Officer Of Meredith
Student Athletic Asso.
Miss Bess Francis, of Way nes-
ville, has Just been named treas
urer of the student athletic asso
ciation at Meredith College.
Miss Francis is the daughter of
Mr and Mrs Henry Francis of
Waynesviile. She was graduated
from the Waynesvllle Township
High ScLaol In May of 1949, and
since coming to Meredith last Sep
tember, has been active In many of
the athletic programs as well as
other activities of the school. She
is also a member of the Astrotek
ton Literary Society.
Damp Folks
Officials and directors of the
Ramp Convention will hold their
final planning session for the 1950
event at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at
Palmer's Furniture Store In Can
ton. :
Convention SecreUry Clarence
Medford. meanwhile, reported that
local representatives for U, S. Sen
ator Frank P. Graham, WUUs
Smith, and Robert Rice Reynolds
had Indicated all three candidates
for the Senate would be at Black
Camp Gap when the 20th annual
Ramp Convention Is underway
there on May 7.
Many candidates for other state,
county, and federal offices, and
state officials also ' are scheduled
to attend the 1950 meeting which
ttamp workers nave rorecast wouia
be the largest on record.
Arrangements for the 1950 gath
ering actually started a few days
after the record 1949 event ended
with the names of nearly 6,000
visitors on the books.
At the most recent meeting, held
March 13 at Palmer's, the Ramp
officials set up additional finance,
traffic, and food committees. : : .
Mr. Medford was named, chair
man of the food committee which
will provide supplemental rations
for the visitors who forget to bring
their own to the Jitg event.
Dick, Powell la traffic chairman,
who'll, get together with the State
Highway Patrol, te cooperate In
handling the expected heavy vol'
ume of cars and trucks carrying
people to the convention site
Bryan Medford of Jonathan
Creek and Sebe Bryson of Waynes
vllle were named to the finance
committee which will scout around
for funds to help defray the costs
of the convention.
To pay for the previous 19
events, Convention officials them
selves dug Into their own pockets
to pay the bill. But last year's galh
erlng proved the event had grown
too large for any small group of
men to afford.
Mayor Floyd Woody of Canton
heads the committee on entertain
ment, which, aside from the food
and ramp-gathering groups, is the
moot Important of the Convention.
, Secretary , Medford's food com
mittee already has collected 13
hams for the occasion and planned
to start work immediately to build
one open kitchen and one enclosed
kitchen at the Convention site.
Hazelwood's New Post Office Started
50 Attend District
Lions Cabinet
Session Here
The Lions Club District 31-A
Cabinet yesterday endorsed a state
committee proposal to increase the
number of districts from three to
thii was the major action of the
five-hour . Spring quarterly meeting
which attracted 50 Lions cabinet
officers and other club officials to
The Lodge yesterday. ,
Dr.. Basil Whltener of Boone,
former district governor and mem
ber of the three-man state com
mittee, submitted the proposal to
the - 30 cabinet officers meeting
(See Lions Club Page 6)
Waynesville HS
Debaters Win One,
Lose 2 Contests
(Mountaineer Correspondent)
Waynesvllle High " School's de
bating teams won one and dropped
two - inter-echolastlc matches last
week with two western schools In
a triangular cdntest. ''
Nancy Floyd and Elaine Francis,
taking the negative side of the
question: Should the President of
the United States continue to be
elected , by the electoral system?
defeated Forest City and Marion
at Marion. ' '
But Marlon won the match at
Waynesville and at Forest City.
Making up the second Waynes
vllle team, which took the affirm
ative side of the argument, were
Vivian Watkins and Edna Callahan.
Masons To
Meet Here
Friday Night
Waynesville Lodge No. 259, An
cient Free and Accepted Masons,
will hold a Stated Communication
on Friday night at 8 p. in. a very
Interesting program has been ar
ranged by the Committee, the Rev.
J. E. Yountz of Stanly Lodge No,
348, of Albemarle, N. C. and pastor
of the First Methodist church, will
be the speaker of the evening. All
Visiting Masons are invited to at
Building Permits
Rise With Coming
Of Spring
Spring is just around the corner
if building permits issued through
the month of March has anything
to do with It. Business buildings
amount to $124,200 and resident!!
$45,650. A total of $169,850.
Ben Colkltt At Duke Hospital
Ben Colkltt, Sr., who under
went an operation at Duke Hospital
two weeks ago. is reported to be
progressing nicely and is expected
to return home the middle of this
week. Mrs. Colkltt, who has been
In Durham during her husband's
stay at the hospital, will accom
pany him home. '. ;
Mrs. Dave Russell spent the
weekend In Brevard with her son.
Charles Russell.
- -s i Vv
y i. . l i
v-'V .sr' I
' i. ,v Si
i ; :..
v 1 1
, 'i,V.v.i.w.
R. L., Prevost (right), president of the Unagusta Manufacturing
Company, breaks ground for Hazelwood's new $10,000 post office
building. Left to right are Postmaster Thurmand Smith and T. C,
Norrls, Waynesvllle' contractor, whose Arm Is erecting the struc
ture. The work is expected to be completed In 60 days. .
. . , , (rhoto by' Joe Davis.)
EUaschvood Post Office
Meetings Set
For Farm Folks '
Haywood county's farm folks
face a busy week of lectures and
demonstrations. '
Here Is the schedule announced
this morning by County Agent
Wayne Corpenlng'a office:
Pasture renovation and Ladino
seeding demonstrations (continued
from last week)?
Tuesday, 10 a. m. at Jack Rog
ers' farm, Upper Crabtree; 2 p. m.
Weaver Parkins, Panther Creek.
Wednesday, 10 a. m. C. B. Hosa
flook's. Dellwood! 2 p. m.-Norval
Rogers', Maggie.
Thursday, 10 a. m. Mrs. E D.
Head's farm, Francis Cove; 2 p.
m. R. L. Price's, Center Pegion.
Farm and home planning meet
ings: . ' -
.Monday. 7:30 p. m. for Beaver
dam community, Beaverdam
School; Tuesday, 7:30 p. m. Cecil
community, Cecil School.
Summer Visitor
Dies In Florida
Services For
Walter Hawkins, 84, an annual
summer visitor to Waynesvllle died
recently in a? Jacksonville, Florida
hospital after an Illness of several
weeks. '' f,': ':
Mr. Hawkins spent a number of
seasons with his family at the Ho
tel WaynesviUe and later stopped
at The Maples. .
Surviving In addition to the
widow are three daughters, Mrs.
William A. Shands of Gainesville,
Florida and Waynesvllle, Mrs.
Laura Hawkins Brlttain, Tallahas
see, and Mri,. H. H. Derlngervof
Chestertown, Maryland, and a son,
Walter Hawkins, Jr.
' ' , ''- ' '-A ' :
::': ' ,..;: . .V 'V . : - ..
Tourist Group To
Hold Monthly
Meeting April 5
The regulaf ' monthly meeting of
the Haywood County Tourist As
sociation will be held at 7:30 p.m.
Wednesday at the Haywood Coun
ty Court House. -
President Carl Henry of Soco
Road wiH preside. ' .
Ground was broken last Monday
for Hazt I wood's new $10,000 Post
Office. V..;
'It. L.' Prevost, president of the
Unagusta Manufacturing Company
who Is financing this civic project,
said tho modern building on the
corner of Richland and Main
Streets fs scheduled to be com
pleted In about 60 days. , '
Taking part in the Informal
ceremonies were Postmaster Thur
man Smith, Mr. Prevost, and T. C.
Nnrris of Waynesvllle, the contrac
tor who Is erecting the building. -
Actually; Mr, Prevost Is build
ing the new structure to house the
Post Office facilities, Under the
customary procedure, the govern
ment will lease the building under
a long-term arrangement.
The structure Is being built ac
cording to the specifications and
plans furnished by the govern
ment, The reason for the new building,
Mr. Prevost explained, is simply
that the town outgrew the old
Post Office.
This is the most recent step for
ward in the development of Hazel
wood's postal system.
The first one came when a sub
station was established in the days
when Ilazelwood was still young,
Four years ago, the postal sys
tem graduated into a higher class
when the town got its own Inde
pendent post office.
Two Stills And X
Truck Are Nabbed
, By Local Officers i
A busy week-end netted Hav-'
wood county officers two stllla and
117 gallon of liquor In three sepa
rate rslds and lert three Small
boys in teara.
I hate to see my beer joint torn
down," lamented the bovs ism
10, 9 and 8 after they saw officers
capture a 50-gallon copper still
about 3 p. m. yesterday in the
Hemphill section
That was the tenth officers have
put out of business in this county,
since January 13.
And Deputies Horace Mehaffey.
John Ktrley. Wade McDanlel and
Max Cochran, and U. S, Alcohol
Tax Unit Agent Roy Reece had to
become bloodhounds to do It -
The bird-dogging became neces
sary when the officers found a
uspected location deserted. A
still had been there shortly before.
But lt wasn't when they arrived.
So they decided that the opera
tor had moved his outfit to another
spot when he suspected that the
small boys had been drinking his
beer for free. J
Judiciously using their noses,
the officers turned up the still and
50 gallons of mash In one spot
about a mile from the original k
Then they "smelled" out a cache
of 15 gallons of white liquor about
the same distance away in the op
posite direction,
- Deputy Cochran launched the
busy week-end on Thursday night
when a red panel 1946 Chevrolet
delivery w truck cruising through
Frog Level aroused his suspicions.
When he started following it, the
driver started. a race.-. '
, Cqchran radioed, to McDjntei fort
help, and both ran the truck down
after a 30-mlnute chase through
Frog Level.,'
Inside the truck they found a
load of candy bars, potato chips,
and pies.
But under these delicacies they
found 102 gallons of illicit liquor.
They identified the driver of the
truck as J. D. Graves of Murphy.
Held under $400 bond. Graves was
scheduled to appear for a hearing
today at 2 p. m.
. Also being held is the truck,
the merchandise, and of course the
The officers prepared for their
Sunday raid by nabbing a 40-gal-lort
still and all Its accessories in
the Wllklns Creek area on Friday.
Before they left, they poured two
gallons of mash Into the creek. .
-. . Alarge crowd of spectators
gathered behind the Court House
Sunday" afternoon to watch the
officers unload their latest prize.
-Observed one man:
"That's , the first time I've ever
seen 19 gallons of liquor right out
In the open.
G. S. Director
To Meet With
Workers Here
Miss Mary Johnson of Atlanta,
regional director of the Girl Scouts
of America,- will spend Thursday
and Friday in Waynesville and
meet with the local Girl Scout
Members of the Hazelwood
Waynesville Girl Scout Council are
asked to meet with Miss Johnston
at The Lodge Thursday at 10 a.m.
The group will have lunch and con
tinue the discussions in an after
noon session,
On Friday Miss Johnson will
meet the troop leaders at the Girl
Scout Hut at 10 a.m. and will
conduct a short training course.
For this meeting the leaders are
asked to bring a nose-bag lunch
and remain for an afternoon meeting.'-
: .;
Mrs. H. L. Martin has returned
to her home in Lenoir after a vis
it to her sister, Mrs. R. H. Black
well and her niece, Mrs. F. H. Mar
Roll Call Service
To Be Held By
' v.- . ' " ' "'
The annual Roll Call service
will be held at the Waynesville
Presbyterian Church on Wednes
day evening at 7:30 o'clock at which
time all members of the church
and their families are requested to
gather and answer the call of the
roll. Special recognition will be
given those who have united with
the church during the last Church
year and tribute will be accorded
those who have passed away.
Brief announcements will be
made regarding the accomplish
ments of the church, after which a
social hour will be enjoyed with re
freshments being served by the
Women of the Church.
Record For
In Haywood
(To Date)
Killed.... 2
Injured. ... 9
(This Information com
plied from Records of
State Highway Patrol).
mother, Mrs. R. H. Blackwell.,

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