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Published Twice-A-Week In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
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65th YEAR NO. 30 16 PAGES Associated Press and United Press News WAYNESVILLE, N. C, THURSDAY AFTERNOON, APRIL 13, 1930 $3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
County CDP Officers
State Board 01 Elections Still In Session
Adopt Plans For 1950
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and let this young fellow
his game. This is a typi-
scene, now that base-
gaining momentum.
kc With An Odor
Is one Waynesvllle mer-
ho is now a full - fledged
iomer who had been ' eat-
llv of ramps went Into a
lore, and bought a pair of
he clerk managed to stay
habie distance away during
And when the customer
a hat, the clerk was also
keep out of the "foul - air
iked as if the salesman had
e grade, and was heaving
relief as he wrapped the
disc for the customer.
Lit, a minute son," said
lip eater. "I want a pretty
d one." '
salesman showed the, rack
nd from a distance point-
veral as being appropriate,
lake this one," said the
as he lifted a fire -red
to the rack. "Now do me a
n. I ain't used to tieing
r if you'll tie It vin a pretty
irm around my neck. Ill
to you. I can slip it on
without untieing."
was the last straw. The
lot in close quarters,- and
Jmost "see" the ramps, as
omer talked as hard as he
luring the tieing.
We Go Again
flan .Winter can't read. Ap
he doesn't know that it's
night at eight o'clock, a
fm was swirling through
morning, it was' covered hv
ph white blanket.
Pld Man also left the ridges
wounding hills powdered
lite, ; -
1 that bird take a hint?"
ne shivering Waynesvllle
wsi Sunday was Easter.
pall season has started
Stovall, Wavnesvill Wn
Must back from Florida,
U. S. Rep. George' Smath
!Wod County native now
1 Miami, Is going strong in
w take Claude Pepper's
S. Senate. '
P In assets, reports Mr.
are his Dersnnalttv .nil hto
i ...... j ..,u .lid
. his ideas across to
diences-either in person
:' broadcasts.
"a his observatinna ' (nHI.
V favorite particularly a-
"icooi y partly
nZ, 818,101
M. Min. Rainfall
flier V- j
County Community Development
Community chairmen and coun
ty director of the Haywood County
Community Development Program
last Monday night adopted details
of the 1850 activities in a busy
session that marked their first of
ficial gathering of the new year.
It was the first meeting of the
officials who had been elected to
guide the organized communities
and the county-wide program as a
whole through its second year since
their election this winter.
Among other major action, they:
1) Adopted the recommenda
tions of the Development Pro
gram's recreation commission for
the summer program;
2) Re-elected the Rev. C. L.
Allen as recreation commission
chairman; .
3) Made plans and set specific
dates and places for several spe
cial events;
4) Agreed to continue last sum
mer's policy of holding intercom
munity field days and farm tours;
5) Discussed specific farm and
community problems and projects
t for example, organization of new
Boy Scout troops, establishment by
more communities of committees to
visit the sick and others in dis
tress, establishment of better fenc
ing, and methods of solving the
stray-dog problem.
These special events are plan
ned: ', .
April 26 Poultry Tour through
a nearby county;
May 23 Livestock Field Day at
the Waynesvllle Armory, with lo
cal merchants cooperating;
June 4 County Community De
velopment Program Day, at Lake
(See County ProgramPage 8)
Students To
Elect New
The students of Waynesvllle
High School began their spring
elections for Student Council of
ficers last week by holding the
class primaries.
...'Those nominated for President
were: Charlton Davis, Linton Palm
er, Jimmy Swift, and Margaret
Those nominated for Vice-Presi
dent were: Danny McClure,.Dibe
Early, Mary Michal, and George
Dewey Stovall.
Secretarial nominees are; Ann
Coman Crawford, Betty Jo Ray,
WHburn Davis, and Joel Burrell
Stanley Wlllamson, Tom Cogdill,
Elizabeth Watkins, and Billy Rog
ers were nominated for treasurer.
The election is to be held April
20 and 27.
These officers will serve for the
1050-51 school term.
Listing Of All
Tourist Places
Is Being Compiled
The Haywood Tourist Associa
tion are compiling a complete list
of all places catering to tourists
The list will be printed Immediate
ly, and distributed through the
Chamber of Commerce.
Officers of the Association and
Chamber of Commerce today urg
ed all places to contact Mrs.
Schenck, at phone 433 immediately,
and give the correct listings for
the folder.
No charges are being made for
the listings, as the cost will be
paid for from dues to the Associa
tion. Details" of Information wanted
will be found In an advertisement
on page one second section in this
Two Fires In
Keep Smoke -
It had to happen some time, and
Waynesville had two fire trucks to
meet the emergency.
At 6:05 p.m. yesterday. Chief
Clem Fitzgerald got an alarm to
fight a dangerous brush fire in a lot
back of a group of irame houses at
the corner of Assembly and Oak.
Exactly five minutes later, the
second truck went racing out to
fight another dangerous brush fire
off Park Drive in Hazelwood.
. Both teams of firemen arrived
to stop flames four to five feet high,
sweeping on a high wind, toward
private homes.
Heads Rotarians
RICHARD BARBER was eltcted
president of the Waynesvllle
Rotary Club this week. He' will
assume oTice July first, succeed
ing Jonathan Woody.
Barber Is New
President Here
Of Rotary Club
Richard N. Barber. Jr., was elec
ted president of the Waynesvllle
Rotary Club by the newly elected
seven-man board of directors.
Mr. Barber will take office on
July first succeeding Jonathan
Woody who will become vice.
president for the coming year.
W. M. "Bill" Cobb was named
secretary, and Russ Klbbe, Jr.,
treasurer, and Billy Dover assist
ant treasurer.
Plans were completed for the
new officers and members to at
tend the district ; conference In
Hickory on April 20-22. Lyman
Reed has' been" tiaraed" chairman ot
the committee to get a large dele
gatlon from here to attend.
Mr. Barber expects to attend the
international convention in Detroit
this June. Dave Felmet was nam
ed as alternate.
Mr. Barber Joined the Club In
1943, and has served as a member
of the board of directors and is
secretary this year. In 1948 he was
chairman of the March of Dimes
campaign. He Is also a member of
the board of directors of the
Chamber of Commerce, and chair
man of the Building Committee of
the First Baptist church.
Former Pastor
Here Dies In -Richmond,
The Rev. Albert S. Anderson,
former pastor of the Presbyterian
church here, died in Richmond,
Virginia Tuesday.
Funeral services will oe held in
the Cramerton Presbyterian church
Sunday morning at 11 o'clock with
the pastor, the Rev. J, H. Dulln,
officiating. Interment Mil be in
Green Hill Cemetery. Waynesville,
at 3 p. m. The Rev. Malcolm WU
liamson, pastor of the Waynesvllle
flresbvterian church, i will assist
with the graveside rites.
An honorary escort will accom
pany the body to Waynesville from
Cramerton where Mr. Anderson
served as pastor in more recent
years. . - -
George Brown, Sr., Is a patient
at the Haywood County Hospital
recovering from injuries received
recently in a fall.
Luther McKay, who was taken
ill while at work at the Unagusta,
is now at home and is doing nlcelyi
5 Minutes
Eaters Busy
Chief Fitzgerald reported -the
flames were extinguished with
rakes and water before they did
any damage beyond that to dead
brush and some old stumps.
The wind-driven flames were on
ly a' few feet from one large frame
house at the Assembly-Oak site
when the firefighters checked it.
The Park Drive blaze also was dan
gerously close to' a large frame
home which had been shut down
for the winter.
The flames had swept over more
than an acre of the lot in Hazel
wood. ,
State Board Still
In Session At
Noon Today
The State Elections Board was
still in session at noon today in
regard to investigations of alleg
ed election irregularities In several
western counties.
The Associated Press, replying
to a Mountaineer telephone query,'
reported the Board had made no!
announcement up to that time in
connection with any action it may
have taken in its meeting.
Given Local
Plant Product
A Waynesvllle product was feat
ured in a nation-wide advertising
program last week-end, with more
due In the near future.
"Koolfoam" pillows, made by
The Dayton Rubber Company In
the Waynesvllle plant, wore adver
Used in a page advertisement In
Life magazine last week.
This full page Was In black and
white, and is Is' understood that in
the near future the article will be
advertised in national publications
in full color. '
All the pillows made by Dayton
are manufactured in the Waynes
vllle plant.
Elks Lodge
Votes $175 Collogo
Aid To Student
The Waynesvllle Elks Lodge
last Tuesday night voted college
aid to an unidentified Waynes
ville Township High School senior.
The Installation of the county-
wide Lodge's 1950 officers featur
ed the regular session.
Grand District Deputy Master
C D. DeVault, aided by three com
panions from the Ashevllle Lodge.
formally invested Alvln T. Ward
as exalted ruler, M E. Davis, es
teemed leading knight; Robert
Korte, esteemed loyal knight; Hugh
Daniel, esteemed lecturing knight;
James W. Reed, Jr., secretary; Joe
Casabella, treasurer; and O. L
Noland, tyler.
In regard to the $175 scholarship
fund, the Elks voted this as a mem
orial to the late L. H. Bramlett,
(See Elks Pape 8)
2 Improvement Projects
At Lake Are Being Pushed
Work on the new 555-foot
bridge across the dam at Lake
Junaluska Is moving rapidly. All
the old part of the bridge has been
torn away, and moved. Workmen
are now putting in the new tim
bers. The bridge will be paved In
stead of having a wooden floor as
Excuvations have been complet
IV! K 3 V1
' -SM I T H
! L. c
This interesting arrangement of Senatorial campaign banners intrigued Young Democrats at their
recent regional rally in Ashevllle. First, supporters of Willis Smith put up their sign. Soon, 'adher
ents of Bob Reynolds spread their banner above Smith's sign. A little Jater, Senator Frank Graham's
supporters hung the top sign with their slogan: "Frank Graham is Already There." (Photo courtesy
of the Asheville Citizen-Times). :
pesigns;; 3
Guest Preacher
REVV D. L. DANIEL, pastor of
the First Baptist church of elln
dersonville,. will do the preach
ing at the revival services begin
ning here Sunday morning at
the First Baptist church, The
services will last for one week,
and will be held each evening,
at 7;30.
County MYF
Rally Set
For April 30
Plans for a county-wide Vouth
Rally were completed by the Coun
cil of the Methodist Youth Fellow-
, ship '-"Sub-District,, at. thdlf mect
r4iNs't,Mfrtduy night. v-
The Rally is to be held at Camp
Hope April 30.
The program, which begins at
two o'clock, will consist of a "get
acquainted" period, an assembly to
elect new officers, three classes,
supper, recreation, and a worship
service in which tthe new officers
Will be installed.
The three classes are: Worship,
taught by the Rev. Jv E. Yountz;
Boy and Girl Relationship, taught
by the Rev, Asmond Maxwell; and
"What It Means To Be a Chris
tian," with Mrs. Culberth teaching.
The committees appointed by
Jimmy Galloway, President of the
group, were: Registration Anne
BischofT, chairman; Publicity-
Geraldlne Fish, chairman; Recre
ationRose Ann Duckelt; and
Worship, Chris Gales.
Jerry Alexander of Canton will
serve as Toastmaster during sup
per, ed for the $100,000 Motel near the
West Gate at the Lake, and Dr.
Frank S. Love, superintendent,
said yesterday that present plans
Were to begin actual construction
early next week.
The 30-unit Motel will be push
ed to completion for use the early
part of this season, it was pointed
Political Signs Of The
! v.-:- i
I n IS 01K f2, TA tAA 6 u V Wi'A '.
HO QS ROOM- 428-
Saturday At Six Is
Last Time To File
For Primary
So far, 36 candidates all but
two ot them Democrats have filed
officially for nomination for county
public offices.
This does not Include everyone
who has made a public announce
ment of his candidacy. Others are
expected to file formally before the
deadline which is 6 p.m. Saturday,
April 15.
Meanwhile, the new elections
chairman late yesterday afternoon
swore In the registrars and Judges
for the county's 24 precincts.
These were named last Satur
day afternoon after the county
.board members took their Oaths of
office.. ,
Following the swenrlng-ln cere
mony yesterday afternoon, the pre
cinct officials received their in
structions on local elections mat
ters. .
Mr. Cole also announced that
the registration books for the com
ing May 27 State Primary would
open at 9 a.m. April 29.
The official lineup through noon
today was as follows: (D Demo
crat, R Republican):
For State House of Rep'resenta
lives W, G. Byers, (D), Oral
Yates, iD);
,For State Senate W. "M. (Bill)
Mcdford, (D);
Sheriff Fred Y. Campbell (D),
Charles E. (Bill) Milner (D), L
Medford Lcathcrwood (D). Claude
V. Thompson (R);
Chairman, Board of County
Commissioners Glen A. Boyd
(R). David F. Underwood, Jr. (D),
C. C. Francis (D);
Member, Board 'of Commlssion-
er D. J. JVolanrHQV Way Mease
(D), Jarvls H. Allison XD), Gaston
Burnetts '(D), James E. Hender
son (D), Frank R. Medford (D),
R. L. Justice ID);
Member. Board of Education
James Klrkpatrlck (D), Jack L.
West (D), Marvin Leatherwood (D),
Jennings McCrary (D), C. R. Fran
cis (D);
Clerk, Haywood Superior Court
C H. Leatherwood (D);
Register Of Deeds P. D, Turner
iD)' Jule Noland (D);
Tpx Collector Vanar W. Haynes
ID), Sebe T. Bryson (D);
Coroner Dr. J. Frank Pate (D);
(See 36 Candidates Page 8)
New Policeman
Joins Waynesville
Police Force
WaynesvlIIe's newest policeman
Is at work making his rounds.
He's 22-year-old Ray Whltener
of Waynesvllle, who Joined the Dp
partment Saturday to start his
police career.
Mr. Whltener was employed by
the Dayton Rubber Company of
Hazelwood at the time he was ap
pointed to the local force.
Active as an athlete when he
was in Waynesvllle High School,
he still kept It up later, anl last
season played for the Hazelwood
baseball club of the Western
North Carolina Industrial League.
His wife is the former Miss Mary
Henson of Jackson County,
Hat In Ring
. PI rr fl
i 1 ' A- !
; ( N- V 1
i -i ' N;,
BILL MILNER. ex -Duke All
America and Chicago Bear end
from Har elwood, is seeking the
Democratic nomination for Hay-'
wood County sheriff. He filed of
ficially for the May Democratic
Primary last Tuesday afternoon.
Pro Grid Ace Files
As Candidate For
Haywood Sheriff
Charles E Bill) Milner. 38-year
old pro football player from Hazel
Wood, last Tuesday filed formally
la a candidute for the Democratic
nomination for Haywood County
sheriff. 'y -'..- ...
Milner, World War ll ; Marine
veteran,-served on-.OiHlf t-n(l
(See Milner Pane 8)
Frank R. Medford
Is Candidate For
Frank R. Medford. a nrocresslve
farmer of the Crabtree section, has
iormally announced that he is a
candidate for the nomination as a
member of the board of commis
sioners. .This is Mr. Medford's first time
to ever seek office, although his
father, the late W. R. Medford, was
a former sheriff of Haywood.
Mr. Medford owns and operates
a 400-acrc farm, and is one of the
county's largest stockraisers. -I
He is an Elk and an active mem
ber of his church.
C. Of C. Banquet
Tickets Go On Sale
Tickets for the annual Chamber
of Commerce banquet went on
sale yesterday. The banquet is
slated for Friday, April 21st, with
Carl Goerch, editor-publisher of
The Slate, as the speaker.
Accomodations have been made
for 300 persons, and the demand
for tickets is expected to exceed
the supply.
Another Series Of 'Go
To Church Pages' Start
Today marks the beginning of
a second series of a "Go To Church
Page" which has been running con
tinuously since, last October. .
The special feature, published
every Thursday, has met with pop
ular reception throughout the
area. The messages have a definite
appeal, and are always accompani
ed by art work of merit.
The sponsors for the page for
the next six months include 28
local business firms, who make this
feature possible. .They include:
Belk-Hudson, Cagle Furniture
Company, Canton Motor Company.
Carolina Mutual Insurance Agency,
Central Cleaners. Charlie's Place,
and Texaco Station, Davis-Liner
Motor Sales, Inc., Firestone Home
and Auto Supply, Garrett's Furni
ture, and Garrett Funeral Home,
Haywood Electric Membership
James Furniture, Junaluska Sup
ply, Hyatt Plumbing Co.fE. 3.
Lilius, Jeweler, Reno Pure Oil
Station, Massie's Furniture C o.,
Rogers Electric Company, Sher
ill's Studio, Smith's Drug Store.
Texaco Products, Underwood
Frank D. Ferguson,
Jr., Is Now A I
Member Of Board
Frank D. Ferguson, Jr.. Waynes
vllle attorney, was named as a
member of the Haywood Board of
Election filling the vacancy cre
ated by the resignation of Jerry
Rogers, 'former chairman. -
The appointment of Mr. Fergu
son was made by the State Board of
Elections In . Raleigh Wednesday
afternoon. The announcement was
made by Charles M. Brltt, of Ashe
ville, chalnnan of the board.
Rogers, the only
old member of the
board who had
been reappointed
was : sworn in on
Saturday. His res- i
1 ... II m "
ignauon was eltec-
tlve at six o'clock r
Wednesday, A p r 11 I
12: . K
This was the sec- u
ond time In less
than a month that
Ferguson has been named as a
member of the board. He was
first appointed on March 18th whan
the State Board of Elections held
its regular meeting for naming
county boards.
Five daya later, Ferguson, to
gether with Roy Haynes and Glenn
Boyd, were removed when the
State Board met hurriedly In Ra
leigh and rescinded the appoint
ments of 15 persons who Aad not
been recommended by their county
party leaders.
The Haywood Democratic Execu
tive committee had recommended
three men for places on the board
of elections Rogers, C. E. Cole
and Arthur H. Osborne. Shortly af
ter the recomifiondatlong4 were sent
to Raleigh, Mr. Osborne wrote a
tcUer asking not to be considered,
due to other duties. This left Rog-'
ers and Cole on the recommended
list for the Democrats, and both
(See Rogers Pace 8)
Local Girls To
Go To State
FHA Rally
Ten girls from the Waynesville
High School FHA Club will leave
Friday to attend the State FHA
Rally in Raleigh.
Miss Elsie Palmer, a club mem
ber, will model a dress in the state
fashion show Saturday.
Those going are: Braxton Crock
er, Mouriene Carver, Anna Messer,
Betty Sheehan, Carolyn Saver, Ma
ritta " Dlllard, Llbby Pattoiu Mar
garet Vickery, and Margaret Nol
and.' While in Raleigh the girls will
hi, L, .. n,.n..t. Af ft;.... n .. : o
Francis, a student at Meredith Col
lege, for supper.
On their return trip they plan
to tour the Duke University Cam
pus and the campus of Woman's
College in Greensboro.
Mrs. John Nesbitt, faculty advis
or for the club will accompany the
Sinclair Service, The Towne
House, Waynesville Auto Parts Co.,
Waynesville Laundry, Waynesville
v ow Ull UCII , I " ' J 11.
ville Radio Service, and Waynes
ville Drive-In Theatre.
Record For
' 1950 '
In Haywood
(To Date)
Killed.... 2
Injured. ... 9
(This information com
piled from Records of
Stats Highway Patrol).

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