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Cono 220-230 S Tlrtt M
loctsytlle kt
Of Tho
Over, Please
L conversation with some
Hers ski iw"cn ic
v a local man saia twun
in cheek):
l. av. I lust got a call
Lri-v Truman today. Said
Lilian would hold up dinner
we gt to the wnite House
Highway Patrol Corporal
Carpenter grinned:
if these boys can keep up
1, i ll have you there by
M " '
it you"ll move over tor
lot bark a bus driver, "I 11
u there by 3 o'clock."
65th YEAR
Published Twice-A-Week In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
NO. 66 16 PAGES Associated Press
Mama: "Let'i buy Junior
a bicycle,"
P.m.- Tta ma think H wQl
Improve his behavior?" I
Mama: "N. but w ' f
aprea4 kls aneaneas ver I
wide area." I
Haywood County People On Out - Of - State Tour
ings ,r ...
Highway Patrolman Joe
knew exactly how to greet
nds from his native Onslow
uhi-ti thev arrived here for
lion in the mountains.
morn'ng tor oreamasi wun
Burnctte's, they found big
lountry ham steaks from
brought them back with
lien he returned from his
at home a few weeks ago.
jgs Are
rent Now.
10 -year -old "Skipper"
tas just about as excited as
felow can get this morning
before noon, his Uncle,
lushnell proposed they fly to
iii this afternoon. No pre-
ti was necessary except inai
r had to be consulted.
InnrrV enthusiasm nvpr.
Irs. Sloan as she was getting
I. . .. 1 .. f nmita fftn .-
jssus, so the fl'ght was ap- 12th DistflCt
cn 1 was 'Skipper's' age, a I
m Durham would have meant '
it of preparation," Mrs. Sloan
fcftly, as she turned again to
-Jt-Jl f ti . - S
! -?.e2)0b zi fat :tVfciVv4
If "''VEr V ; vz
if: , 'M-; (, 1 f '
' 1 " VuixuiiuuMB " ' i ",'- ",S lMiftw1iiiin-fiW-t----Tr-fr " :
WAYN ESVILLE, N. C, THURSDAY AFTERNOON, AUGUST 17, 1950 $3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Countiet
Man Signs Confession of Slaying Three In Jail Here
wm wm m
Town's Ihvi
Bus Station
Opens Today
Waynesviile's new, modern bus
station opened for business this
morning, its career launched by a
generous pnt on the back.
A representative of the North
Carolina Utilities Commission,
here for the 'opening, described
the station as "one of the finest in
the state for a town the size of
The terminal, located at Miller
Street just oir Main, was financed
bv lluiih Massie.
Four! Inter-city busses can park
at -thp-isaiue time in lis loading
plaUArtim which are ulT the street
enyNsl.v:., t,
ThuHtirw. station also Das aeiu
tlei'Jof a modern lunch room,
whU'bT'wlll onen in the near future.
MiinuKei" of the new station is
Ralph Dills.
These Haywood County folks posed for a picture just before boarding their bus Monday -mnrninq to
start on the 1950 Out-Of-State Farm Tour. They are among the 186 people on the trip. Left to riKht,
D. Reeves Noland, Utt LiCdDeiter, standing ocnina ueuy oarner; nus. j. u. niiiiuniMni, munuii i.
Bridges, co-publisher of The Mountaineer, and VV. H, Burgin. (Slalf Pholo.
ish Customer
ior Ingram Is a pretty busy
fcrapher. The other night he
(it on call making some party
ies. When he sot home he re-
I the news he had better get
f hospital, or the stork would
Jim there.
made good time, and greeted
?rst son with a typical photo
er's Ereetlna-a flash Dicture,
igh the new father was ner-
the yoiiiiB son was very obllg.
nd posed like a professional
yes, Mrs. Ingram was in it
finger Joe
rt was Joe Howell, Jr.. we
Id in The Voice Of The PeO
last week, not the elder Joe
Joe, Jr.. gave us the
er. The elder Joe says: "We
1 I'm to rnrriA Infn tho storp
lifr they buy anything or not.
nly Art
jlpst addition to the Waynes'
I " 1 ' " 1 ' 4 a v nyn im lift i v v
f" program Is boxing instruc-
jute .laynes, ex Waynesville
fler who spends the fall play-
atackle for Western Carolina's
Imounts, will give free lessons
J Tuesday night to any young-
wming to learn.
uee, who'll be one of the main
oiocks facing the 'Cats oppon
this coming camDalan. ran up
impressive reord in boxing
I"1 he was in the Army.
s pianmng to keep up his in
ions all throueh the vpar and
rovidinB hlo Aun afinlnmant
ii's charges advance sufficient'
e'H hold an amatpnr rlni tnur-
""i ior waynesville.
iinson Warns Of
x Boost
former State Treasurer Charles
JOnnsor, SOPaUin ! WrioMo-
Bfaeh Tllpartnv uiflrnpH
linst the possibility of a rise in
"es tor public education,
Young Demos To
Meet Here Friday
Officials of the Young Demo
cratic Clubs of the 12th Congres
sional District will hold a dinner-
business meeting at 7:30 p.m. Fri
day at The Lodge here.
AriDroximatelv 30 delegates,
presidents and vice-presidents of
the clubs in the 10 counties com
prising the district are scheduled
to attend.
Thnuch the session is being held
!ri ' Waynesville, the Buncombe
County Young Democrats are the
Officials explained the session
was scheduled for here instead
of Ashcville because this place is
more centrally located with reler
ence to the counties in the district.
Bob Williams. Asheville attorney,
is district president. He will be in
charge of the session.
The arrangements are being
handled by Bruce Elmore, another
Asheville lawyer.
Wingate Hannah is president of
the Haywood YDC.
Thp district comprises, in addi
tion to Havwood and Buncombe.
the counties of Henderson, Cher
okee, Graham, Clay, Macon, Jack
son, Swain, and Transylvania.
Nev; York To Welcome
Touring Haywood Folks
i ' ' . .
, 1
" .4!
, ..-r--:.'X LjJ ' V 1VVV ?!
Judges Deciding
Winners In Clyde
Flower Show
The judges at noon today were
completing their tough task of
picking, the winners ot ciyae s
popular flower show.
They had to select the best ex
hibits from hundreds of beautiful
MnccnmK and nlants at the event,
which is being sponsored by the
Clyde Woman's Club.
The show will end at o p.m. to
. Staff Correspondent
ALLKNTOWN, Pa. A typical
Dutch dinner here at noon today
seemed to have stimulated enthus
iasm for the 186 Haywood Countl
ans on the 8th annual out-of-state
Farm tour into chanting, "New
York Here We Come",
For many in the four large buses
and six cars in the motorcade, It the first glimpse of the big
Traveling under ideal weather
conditions since noon Monday, the
Ion-- has kept within 15 minutes of
major scheduled slops, after arriv
ing in Washington Monday night
an hour behind schedule. Overcast
skies, and cooling breezes have
added to the pleasure of the trip.
Civic groups, and farm leaders
all along the route have added to
the comfort and joy of the occa
sions, and the Haywood county folk
have seen some outstanding farm
projects. The overnight stop amid
the bright lights tonight of New
York is expected to be a highlight
of the entertainment side of the
Tim ctrniin nnioved a tour Of
Washington on Tuesday afternoon,
with C. E. Brown, of Clyde, secre
tary to Rep. 'Monroe M. Redden,
escorting the tour through the
Capital. Among the trips was a
guided tour through the Capital,
Smithsonian Institute and witness
ing the changing of the Guard at
Arlington Cemetery. That night a
major league baseball game, with
a 9-0 score was the entertainment
Thus far on tho trip, everything
has gone smoothly just two inci
dents to mar what would have been
a "perfect deal". One elderly pas
senger is without benefit of her
suitcase. It was left in Wayncs
(Scc Farm Tour Page 8)
Haywood Co-Op
To Be Host At
State RE A Meeting
The Haywood Electrical Cooper
ative will be host at next, week's
two-day quarterly meeting of the
North Carolina Association of
REA Cooperatives at Fontana Vil
lage. Approximately 150 delegates,
representing all of the states' 34
coops, are expected to attend the
session, which will open August
Discussions of present and fu
ture plans will dominate the meeting.
R. S. Burris of Dobson, Associ
ation president, will be in charge.
WTHS Students To1
Register Next
Week For 1950-'51
The wane of the summer and the
approach of the hells of autumn
was heralded today in this an
C. E. Weatheiby, principal of
Waynesville Tow nship High School,
said registration for the new school
year will begin August 21.
Mr. Wcatherbv. who also coaches
football, also said practice would
start tomorrow afternoon lor the
1950 campaign.
The student registration schedule:
August 21-9 A. M. to 3 P. M.,
August 22 Juniors; August 23
Sophomores; August 24 fresh
men; August 25 eighth graders;
August 28 -Seventh graders.
The county' schools will open
for the new term on August 28.
North Carolina officers who obtained a written Co nfession frorh Curtis Shedd, 29-year-old South Car
olina farmer for the murder of three people., loo k on as he signs the 8-page document. This plctm
was made in' the Law Library of the Haywood County court house, where Shedd is confined to jail
awaiting his trial In Franklin on August 29th. Le It to right: Solicitor Thad Bryson. Jr.; F. It. Kitchen.
SBI agent stationed in Wavnesville; Shedd. and S gt. T. A. Sandlin. of the State Highway Patrol.
(Staff Photol.
WTHS Band To
Give First
Summer Concert
Bethel Marine
Wounded In
Action Aug. 7
Murine Pfe. Hilli.ird Larry Phil
lips. 20. son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd
Phillips of Bethel, was wounded
in action in Korea August 7.
The information was reported to
his parents by the Department of
He was serving with the First
Marine Division.
The Marine enlisted October 24,
1948, after he graduated from
Bethel High School, and took his
basic training at. Parris Island, S.C.
Young Phillips was the third
resident of Haywood County to be
come a casualty of the Korean war.
Ban-intr foul weather, Waynes
ville Township High School's band
will give its first summer concert
tonight on the lawn In front of the
Haywood County Court House
Charles Isley, band director, will
start leading the musicians, bolst
ered by band Alumni and summer
visitors, at 7:30 p.m.
The musical fare will be of the
lighter variety, featuring marches
and modern compositions.
600 Attend
Approximately 600 men, women,
and children, principally former
residents, got together with Cata-
looehee's three remaining families
last Sunday for their 20th annual
Admiral W. N. Thomas of Lake
Junaluska was featured speaker at
the 1950 get-together when past
and present members of North
Carolina's only community in the
National Park renewed friend
During the course of the day
long gathering. Mark Hannah was
elected president of the Cataloo
chee Reunion for next year's ses
sion. The speaking was Informal and
the program sparkled with enter
tainment, with the Ford Quartet
ol Tennessee and the Carolina
Quartet of Asheville providing the
musical background.
Before the community's land
became part of the National Park,
Cataloochee once had a population
of approximately 1,000 people.
Budget Set
For 1950-51
The town of lla.elwood will ouer
ate on a $30,515 budget during the
1950-51 fiscal year.
Town officials made the figures
public today. '
Of the amount, the tax-payers
will pul up $14,910.
The tax rale for the new year,
however, will remain at $1.45 per
$100 valuation.
This! Is based on an estimate' of
$1,127,000 valuation of the proper
ly in Hazelwood.
Largest single item on the 1950
51 budget is the provision for the
cost of water, estimated at $8,006,
with personnel salaries next, to
talling $7,500.
State Road
Formula Happed
Mavnr Dan K. Edwards of Dur
ham this week rapped the state's
current formula for assigning
funds for maintenance of high
ways inside cities and towns.
6,300 Students Expected
To Enroll For New Term
N. C. Masons To Open Assembly Sunday
Grand Master
The- l$$jk '
cfi - I fell
hather I
Jri,,..... II jt I
I 7 1 1
Aug. 171 Warm and
i "'u isolated afternoon
PWferstorms; Friday, cloudy and
F SO Warm . .
t Wlln scattered show
o thunderstorms in the after-
Official ur...' ...
" ajm'svine tempera-
a,S rppnflj v.. . ...
tto t y me siati oi me
r.Tt Farm,;
max. Mln. Prep.
. 75 59
82 62 .05
77 60 .16
Master of the Grand Council,
Royal and Select Masters of
North Carolinawill preside over
the annual three - day summer
Assembly of the Royal and Se
lect Masters starting here Sun
:' day..
Th vaneuard of an estimated
500 Masons and members of their
families from many states was
scheduled to arrive here early this
for the annual Summer
Assembly of the. Grand Council of
Royal and Select Masters ot Norm
Carolina. j
Thp three-day event will open
with registration at the headquar
ters at the Armory Sunday morn
ing at 9:30 o'plock.
The Waynesville Armory will be
headquarters and will open on
Sunday morning, August 20 at 9:30
a.m. All Masons are requested to
report and register upon arrival.
The registration committee of
Mr. F. E. Worthlngton, Mrs. Wil
liam Chambers, Jr., and Mrs. Fred
Campbell will be at the Armory
all day.
There will also be a committee
to assign all visitors to Hotels,
Tourist Homes and Cabins.
On Sunday evening, a motorcade
will be formed In front of the Arm
ory and will go to Cherokee, to
witness a Drama of the Cherokees,
"Unto These Hills". If anyone
should desire a driver, for his car
over Soco Mountain, please call E.
Paul Martin.
Those people without transpor
(See Maaons Pare 8)
Masonic Speaker
Principals and maintenance men
arc working this week preparing
Haywood County's schools for
August 28th's annual "grand open
ing". County School Superintendent
Jack Messer's office estimated
about 6,300 students will start class
at the district schools on that date.
Last year, approximately 6,000
were at their desks on opening
The principals went to work
August 14 to prepare school bus
routes, book assignments, and oth
er details.
Painters and carpenters are put
ting the. finishing touches on their
repair work, painting, and general
Some of the teachers also arc
already at work on special prep
arations for opening day.
Mr. Messer, meanwhile, was at
tending the North Carolina School
Superintendents' Conference at
Mars Hill today.
The officials are
Baptists To
Meet 22-23
The 651 h annual meeting of the
Haywood Baptist Association will
meet Tuesday and Wednesday with
thp Spring Hilt. Sunny Point, and
Mount Zion Churches.
The announcement of the pro
gram was made today by the Rev.
M. L. Lewis, Association moderator
who is pastor of the Hazelwood
Other officers arc M. C. Wyatt,
vice-moderator; Mrs. Award Gad
rlis. clerk: and Neal Webb, treas
(Full Program on Page 3)
Grandmother To
Receive Degree
methods for school improvements, tjon.
One of HiKh Point College's sum
mer graduates August 25 will be a
five-foot, grey-eyed grandmother,
Mrs. John White Bost. wife of a
Davidson, N. C, postal clerk. Mrs.
Bost, completing a regular four-
voar fllllepe fnillSP will receive
discussing I her AB degree in primary educa-
t '
"'""'' ' f ,
Haywood Draft Board In First Formal Session
ter of the Ohio Grand Council,
Royal and Select Masters, will
be a featured speaker during
the three-day Masonic Summer
Assembly here next wcek He
will address the audience attend
ing the picnic at the Pink Beds
Tuesday afternoon.
mm i " ' mtum "- .1
Lr tM.Z C 1
Young Man
Brought To
Local Jail
A frail South Carolina farmer
sat In the Law Library at the court
house here Wednesday afternoon
and signed an 8-pagc confession
which boiled down to these factst
"I killed three people within five
hours on the night of August 3rd ?
The 29-year-old Navy veteran."
Curtis Shedd, seemed somewhat
relieved when he had penned his
name on the last page of the docu
ment that told vividly of events
and circumstances which led to the
fatal shooting of John Boyter, 38.
and strafiftitfia ot Htoytcr's two
daughter's, Johnnie May, 14, and Jo
Ann, 8 ,
Shedd was as calm as if he had
been signing a contract for a good
paying job. He slowly smoked a
cigarette, and laughed heartily as
officers joked with one another
while waiting for Miss Edna Hayes,
court reporter, to finish the task of
typing the long confession. The
only time Shedd showed any signs,
of emotion was while The Mount
aineer was making pictures of him.
As he posed for one close-up pic
ture, he choked and said; "Can I
get one of these for my family?"
Officers told him the request would
he taken care of for his wife and
Solicitor Thad Bryson read the
confession slowly to Shedd. and
when he had finished, the man who
is charged with three murders,
said: "That is exactly as it was
where do I sign."
The signature of Shedd brought
to an end, three days of almost
constant work for Solicitor Bryson,
Sgt. T. A. Sandlin of the State
Highway Patrol, and P. R. Kitchen,
of the SBI. The three entered the
case Monday, and went almost
steadily, until Wednesday after
Solicitor Bryson said, "As weary
as I am I want the public to know
how much I appreciate what the
officers have done in bringing this
case to this point."
Sgt. Sandlin smiled, and remarK-
ed: "In my 20 years experience.
this is the worse case three mur
ders in five hours."
Shedd's confession told of the
fatal shooting of Boyter near Clay
ton, Ga. After dragging the body
to the side of the road, he return
ed to the house where the two girls
were, picked them up and drove -cross
the North Carolina line to
wards highlands. Stopping at a
wooded spot he first killed Johrmie
May, and a few minutes later
Sltangiea lime J nun, ncr v.
dropped the body of the 14-year-old
over a 12-foot rock cliff, and cov
See S. C. Man Page 8)
Tuesday morning the Haywood Draft Board met in formal session for the first time sine- being re
activated. The board is shown at work in their office in the Little Courtroom on the third floor of
the court houseShown left to right: Mrs. Roy Campbell, secretary, Rufus Siler, W. A. Bradley, chair
man, and Way Mease. (Staff Photo).
Record For
In Haywood
(To pate)
Injured . . . 21
Killed 5
(This Information com
piled from Records of
Stat Highway Patrol)

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