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Of The
Good To Last
Waynesville Mountai
Published Twice-A-Weck In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky' Mountains National Park
"He made nosnally
rood after-dinner apeeeh."
-Whit did he ujt?" '
"He Mid: Walter, rive me
the cheek."
Inconsecutive days, the 35
If " . rralpp Mozelev s
us -" " "
fS" . .-..!- high han
, cade ai ju
1.. . n absentee.
came the "deep freeze" of
taving week-end. and when
. -i g members
, -Jipentu u"j
class answercu iw..-
i-dav record was broken
. before the class' had en
, , .1.1.. treat from their
1 1 oouulc " '
r j oiturintpnnpnt for
ana jfv.---
ood record.
wit All The Time
L from newspaper sports
L w the Optimist bowi prac-
jijweek:.; .' . . . .
Derensivety, bod aeuer 01
Lille is standout, t,oacn
L iof the western au-siarsi
Lrs him one of the best col-
tospects on tne squaa.
r is big and fast and hits
, bulldozer." ;
(report adds:
fckfield men Who looked espe
promising were Red Sud-
;d Asheville High at Wing
Charlie Poindexter of Can-
j quarterback . . . "
L Shots two Deer
nit leave It to the Ray-Rhea
lor bagging deer each got
lurks in lone hunts. Vernon
L nii Tom Ray (they won't
Ln spelling) are the envy of
1 deer hunter. Pictures ot
re Dublished today one on
lone of the second section and
iiher on page one ot me mira
65th YEAR NO. 98 18 PAGES Associated Press
WAYNESVILLE.-.N. .C, ' THURSDAY .-AFTERNOON, DEC. 771950 53.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson CountiM
Hospital Board Signs Oath Of Their Office
oader Vision
steam shovel is biting away at
hie reri hank at the corner
l.r anH Havwonri Streets like
till boy going after watermelon.
I dirt is being used to nmn ine
611 of the alley back of the
on the east side of Main
V : 1
v-n f.
J " -H.' '''''m,''i 'n rf'
f & iiiiiiiii.i t
1 s f 11 r 11 1.,
$250,000 Apartment
22 Units
Being Duili
On 3-Acre
Trad Near
" .
High School
n are j
e first ! In, . 4
if Hal- f VH
the S- V
h Mi 1 rH
Hazelwood Man Gives 7 Pints Of Blood To Red Cross
buy friends attended the party
lit the home of Mr, and Mrs.
i, Fancher of Hazelwood in
of the season's newest de
'sse. N affair, was -Jield .on ,, the
ifids near the home.
It main entry was salmon.
bill salmon, of course.
Hehonoree ate five plates of it.
Hie guests brought gifts of cat
honoree was Zekie. who was
years old that day.
ifkie also became the first male
jiitante of the season that day.
3( also became the first cat to
ie a coming out party this sea-
was also Zekie's first birthday
Ill of Zekie's friends honored
P8s. cats, chickens and two
fa attended.
ITh Crfa warn cartroH Gnlmnll.
f dogs were served fresh bones.
w ducks and chickens were
pd crumbs cake crumbs of
N)e center piece was a beautiful
Fhday. cake lighted with 16
Wlie didn't oat nnv nf it.
B couldn't have, anyway. It was
See Sidelights Page 4)
The board of trustees for the Haywood County Hospital are shown here just after taking the oath of
office, and W. A. Bradley is shown signing the oath, while W. J. Stone, left, and Spaldon Underwood,
second from left look on with Clerk of Court J. B. Siler, on the right. Mr. Slier administered the outh
during the executive session of the board of commissioners Monday afternoon. (Staff Photoi.
Named Chairman
Hospital Trustees
Spauldon Underwood was named
chairman of the Haywood Hospital
board of trustees Tuesday night, as
the board met for their first exec
utive session. W. J.
ton was named secretary. The other
trustee is W. A. Bradley. All three
were sworn into office on Monday
Shortly after the board was
UwoTn inthey held a loint meeting
with the board of Commissioners
and unamlously re-elected Lee
Davis as administrator, a position
he has held for the past three
The trustees also re-elected Mrs.
Ellen Freeman as superintendent
of nurses.
At the joint session of the trust
ees and commissioners, the officials
went on record as "unamlously re
electing Mr. Davis, and giving him
a vote of confidence for his worK as
Promised Snows Arrive In
Heavy 2.19 - Inch Rains
The winter blizzard promised for Haywood County this
Snrof cr! week turned into a spring rai "
But is was a heavy one that would nave maae me uuuai
ened blizzard'perhaps more welcome in some respects.
The Test Farm weather ftiuuon
Thaw you
V n
My 14 Shopping
Days Until
The liflJ
a . tiMI III ,
W n Thursday, colder In the
w . OI1 nigni. rnaay, cieai
I'Or ,con,inued very cold,
yn'cial Waynesville tempera-
St t a D" ine siai1 Ul
Date leslFa- . .
iWr . Max. mi . rrecP
. ' 3 M
W. A. Bradley
Resigns As Chrm.
Of Draft Board
W. A. Bradley of Waynesville re
signed this week from the Hay
wood County Selective Service
Board to accept an appointment to
the board of the Haywood county
Hospital. I
tj ,,;ac .hirman of the draft !
Clayton Walker of Waynesvnie
was recommended yesterday for
appointment by SUte Selective Ser
vice headquarters to fill the vacan-
C!Tk. rwnmmendation was made
jointly by C. C. Francis, chairman
of the board ot nay .-v
Commissioners; County Education
Superintendent Jack Messer, Sup-
01,1 , , t d C lor and
erior Court L-ierK js -
the county elections board chair-
maThe remaining members of the
draft board are Rutus Bir -Aliens
Creek, and Way Mease of
Cecil Soldier
Killed In Action
In Korea
Private Gerald, Rogers of Cecil
was reported killed in action re-
"r Mr. and Mrs. Hub
Rogers, received the Defense De-
partnwnt message on .
Private Rogers earlier had sur
vived the sinking of his ship in a
Korean harbor.
New Chevrolet To
Go OnDisplay
Here Saturday
Added safety, greater driving
A . , restyling highspot
fhTl t Chevrolet which goes on
display at Watkins Chevrolet show-
rooms Saturday. nri
' . , imnrnvpments ana
sis snd body, x ne,se-"?'' V " tZe
from the "biggest brakes in trie
ow price field" to the extensf de
(See Chevrolet-Paee
Haywood Lions
Set Christmas
Party' For Blind
Haywood County's three Lions
Clubs will entertain the blind Sun
day afternoon with a Christmas
The event will be held at the
Central Methodist Church of Clyde
from 2 P. M. to 4 P. M.
Members of the clubs at Waynes
ville, Clyde, and Canton, sponsor
ing the party, each will have a
blind person as his guest.
Refreshments will be served, and
gifts presented to each of t h e
Working on the arrangements
are Mrs. Pauline Williams, county
case worker for the blind, Lee
Davis of the Waynesville club,
Grover Haynes of the Clyde club
. Between KM) and 125 men
scheduled to boein work the
of the week on the 22 units of
sam Manor Apartments, on
acre tract just back of the liih
school, The project represent an
investment of about $250,000. The
buildings w ill he brick veneer
Allx-rt W. Drake, superintendent
In charge of the project, told The
Mountaineer that he expected to
have brick masons laying brick the
first of the week, and within u
week's time start erecting framing
The apartments will "'be eight
buildings, of the one story garden
type construction. There will he 22 i
apartments, consisting of two and
three bedrooms each. The plans call
for a large picture window in each
living room, spacious closet space, 1
complete electrical kitchen, and
built-in cabinets. There will be 12
The streets and sidewalks will be
paved around the apartments. Mr.
Drake said.
The Balsam Manor, Inc., are
sponsors of the project, with Bruce
A. Cioode. president, John Slaught
er. Jr.. vice president, and Ben Lee
Slaughter, secretary-treasurer. All
are of Winston-Salem.
Mr Drake said that his schedule
called for completion nf the project
In 90 days with favorable weath-
II i " t if" I
For seven consecutive trips. George V. Smith has met I he Hloodmohtle as it came here, and each
time has given a pint of blood. He Is pictured here with Mrs. Ben Colkltt, registrar; Col. F. S. Wright,
physician, and Miss l.ucy Davis, nurse. Mr Smith works In the Anishlng department of the A. C.
Lawrence Leather Company, where he has been for nine years. He never feels any ill affects from
giving the blood, and' In all seriousness offered an extra pint on Tuesday; "Since 1 started donating
blood I have gained weight," explained the 202 pound man. The first lime the bloodmobile came here
Smith got to the sleps, and turned back For the p;isl seven times he has been light on the spot,
cheerfully donating a pint each time. iStalV Photoi.
farm land In others.
However, the State Highway Pa-
trol reported, the main roads were
(See Weather Pare 4)
reported that the Waynesville area
wasspaked with 2.19 inches of rain
through the 24 hours up to :JU Tm . , was 01Rhlll,,.rf ,y u
P.M. . 1. t.lner. Or sometime ago. He
Thp Pieeon River ovcrflowen i ' .. ,, . , ,,
ane rigton mvci I IhUt sold his property, and the
secondary rqads In at east one rommi,lmnt t0 the Balsam
place In the county, and inunnaieq nor, Ine;, who are completing by
tnmmn laft In nt K,tPC . ... ... 11
the lirsl ol me year a sinuim unn
of 50 apartments in Brevard. Mr
Drake said yesterday that his plans
were to have the Brevard mills
'ready for a family to have Christ- i
CantOIl Chief Named ! mas dinner there j
tOIlwuri auir (nil WrtJ. in.,,..
the apartments, and several car- j
loads of materials have been un
loaded In warehouses here. Mr.
Drake said that 250.000 would be ;
required for the Job.
This will be the largest single;
construction project here in a longj
time. '
The apartments will be on the!
high school '
Bond Vote To Be Sought
To Improve AH Schools
To Police Group
Canton Police Chief William M.
Stroupe has been named to the
membership committee of the In
ternational Association of Police
The committee appointments
were announced Monday by State
SBI Director Waller Anderson, ol
hill overlooking (hi
...... ru ... i ..hlFannu IL'III ti(
fJrover Havnes ot me uivuo emu,'"- piam. in-- ......
and Henry Cabe of Canton, who Is ! Raleigh, president of the Interna- j frf)m Ba,Mm slrt.el
J . . t. t l..tial A iBt-irlal inn I
serving as chairman lor me cveni, -
Santa Visiting
'In Stores Here
tevery Day
Santa Claus is in town.
He U here every day In the
stores, and on the streets from
nine In the morning until noon,
and then again from one to 4:30
in the afternoon.
He is greeting the youngsters,
and have a treat for them.
When not In visiting around
In the stores, he is usually in
the Dime Board house in front
of the bank.
The Merchant Association have
ararnged to have Santa here,
every day until Christmas.
Bloodmobile Gets
44 Pints Of Blood
Here Wednesday
I People of the Waynesville area
! yestcrday-'Tlnnaflr pints of trtood
to the Asheville Regional Blood
, Center. '
Officials Draw Jury For January Term Of Civil Court
A soeiial count v school bond
. I , I , ... I ..A '
CUT il Will oe sniigiu in iiiiHiii-c . . ., ... .
, , ... . ,... ..,, The American Red tross Blood
I he job ul bringing all the county si .
I . , . P i .i ,imn i mobile s final v sit of 1050 to the
schools into lop physical condition,
A group ol Haywood County ; area was sponsored by the Waynf .
eltlens Mondav night went on vllle Elks Lodge,
record in favor of holding in abey-; Col. F. S. Wright, medical dircc
ance the county's $345,000 share of tor and administrator of the Re
slate school building funds and glonal Center declared thai the
estimating I he tolal cost for all' Center must now obtain 4(0 pints
sehools Tins estimate would be (See Bloodmoblle-Page H
in,. ii;iik, ul a reuiies for a tMinn
ine him i .null ii mi- ,.,...
meeting held at the Haywood Coun. Jq Aide GlVCn
l.V I OU II IIIUIM" "MM rt .nait-ni'-
pointed school survey committee. (")aV Here ToaCIV
(ouoU Schools Superinlendent WUlU "etC UUUX
.,.k M,'ss,'r "'l'- Mnw Haywood Cou n tv .w,o.ra!h
'" "" ,'V '. "'didn' have an auditor for.,, d,v?
"''"""' ' ' "' r ' "t i C:n.rle Metcalfe had resignM e!
tions o. ,he mm vcy con ,ni e we r,
,,.,., ,0 the tunty Board of ' appointed tv tM-
IMiication .: ..',,, rnuntv commissioners to fill
uL.i.. ii ,i nf h.niu'uiion
featured the public
County Auditor,
1 MC M Hi' liHdlll a' i
m 'v v( i. 9 - m . i
tC. l' . - 1 v ' Zy
jV .. -,.."7 Xj'-:-) - ( 4 ?)
. -
i., Uulek'h on the survey commll-
(See Sehools Pane 4
Janitors Named
For Court House
The board o) Haywood County
commissioners ibis morning an
nounced two move appointments to
.t... '...,,! Hun';, i U:iff
I IM' '"ii ' . . . ,.,
( ;,.. u n was reappointed t
... .in,, i.initoi- and Homer Rogers
But there was a delay in imp
ing the necessary bond f'M
Klrkpatrick. and the vital d- -ment
didn't arrive until last iii-:1"
Mr. Klrkpatrick was sworn jut"
office this morning by Stipe nn
Court Clerk J B. Slier
Also sworn in at the -im. ;
was Homer Henry of CM" - "?
sislant tax collector
Mr. Henry will '' n" "'ir';
the county, for the cmuM'tO"-- "f
tax payers, visum;: "
Wavncsville and other ponn- p"i-
was engaged iis night janitor.
17 Haywood Men To Leave
For Induction December 15
. .u.. ..i . lurv for the January term of civil court.
One of the first duties of the new board o 7, and invited "all who would" to
sheH,ff sms ?tr2 K.rr;w ,0
Tfew of the 'spectator, can be seen in the background. 'Staff Photoi.
Sevcnli'i n Haywood County men
will be inducted int.. military serv
ice on D' ceinber 1"
A11 ,,;..s,.fl their pn-inductiun
! ions October i
! The men! report to. the Hay.
jwuod Counly Court House and
;k.,,V(. I.y bu- at it a in. for the
i induct ion cento at Charlotte.
Thi- will b" i he second conuii-.-,.,r,il
U.iNV.ooi: dvaltci'S t be in
ducted -ine the outbreak of the
conflict in Korea
Last month. 24 were inducted.
The county meanwhile, will send
5S more men to Charlotte tumor
row moniiiw tor the examinations
preliinic.'iO ' induction
These men w .a lea-e from in
front of 'he Court H.m-.' at 8 a m
The (iratti'is who will report for
induction on December 15 are
Charles .,.. Caddis. Waynes
ville David LaWMtrt Teaguc. Cove
Creek: James Everett Turner,
Waynesville: E'mer Lee Inman.
Canton; Ned Jones. Waynesville;
Robert Vinson Cable. Canton; Nor
man Grooms. Canton:
Howard Kelly Gilreath. Canton;
Israel McDan'ieJ Fisher, Clyde; Jos,
,ib Edward Curtis. Ha.'O"""
Weld. m Lawrence GooKby. Ca""1
Hcnjamin Ralph Winchester. M
clwood; HayManley Burnetl- I
ton. Clarence Sylvester M-,i)
(See Draft Vr- 4
Record For
In Haywood
(To Out!)
Injured . . . . 23
.Killed ... . 7
(Thlt tnformattoii com
plied (rous Secordt of
State Hlahwnr Patrol)

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