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Of The
s Target
-Jcjrsused by the Wild
... cmhli the cars
,.,A.iim - :
3ay patrolmen, except
Jde of the Wildlife
sHghtly smaller; on the
vellow circle within
pus is for identification
I jjifc" patrol uses planes,
l men on 1001 "
4j. Wiw l,,c " "'"
foot, it is hard for a
'. the net. The
L the violators, notifies1
r iki.m nrir the sDOt
iejrest road. nd then the
f. l. t the trails.
planting Time .
rje Worley reports that
of Beaverdam are now
.ajwith their plows, har
i torn-planters, for they
trufte the saying of their
- "When tht dofwoods
jooo, it is time to plant
Fish.:-. y.;.t?
AHxukaM it AC
latin. Not only oo Hay
. j. them In rleht a
fylC I ---- - w
re, but at least two Hay
Wents nave namea n a
piece in the Gull or Meju-
L Mrs James A. Gwyn.
(the winter at Tort Myers,
I ere niemopra ui a pany
Lticcted five of the silver
one trip. The lightest fish
.hout fiftv Dounds: and
ihe others were over one
Vtising Creates Big
Ind For Chicks
tarton. of Parton's Feed
ows that the demand for
h Wyandotte Chicks Is
Lhen he lets It be known
tly Mr. Parton ordered
he chicks, and gave notice
;mall type in his advertfse
The Mountaineer.
leived 21 calls, in addition
Customers stopping by for
lie needed 2.000 chicks to
Ihe demand created bv his
lenient In The Mountaineer.
than 20,000 people read
lue of The Mountaineer) "
Of Practiced
N.; Clarkl together with
ait are back from an ex-
trip to the mid-west. The
District Superintendent of
pdist church has retired,
liking things easy.
ne returned w tne notary
Nay, he was warmly greet-
in ms usual friendly, and
lis manner, had a ready
(or the members who josh-
nim. As the meeting ooen-
kas called upon to return
easy manner, his praver
fe than a usual Invocation.
was a beautiful prayer,
fn with great sincerity,
rards, one member slip-
fr and remarktd: "I know
own on an extended vaca-
f for a man out of practice,
fit that was a verv heanM-
w. you just led us in."
Row View
NMrs. S. E; Connatser.
'hen General M.Arth..r
t. nd made his address be
"sress. Mr. Connatser was
r meeting of Insurance
siwi on the curb of Penn-
ftvenue for two hours a
'ne general
!, ' wiivai,
'fit Passed. Hi. vt.nt.
sureed forum..! in tu.
IHIV tuv;
'TO followlM hie tl.
frs reported.
Saw. InJ k,J-J r, ,
1. ""u "cam uenerai
rgain in the program
pounds of the Washington
Aboard USSKirlrl
er.v Justice, seaman ap-
b son oi Mr. and
JUStiro r.1 T..t.. 1
&!ng abo,rd tn d
h!K KldH whlnl. U- U-l J
le fecently at the U. S.
Lv&an Diego, Calif.
66th YEAR NU. 37 It PACES
Ibhshcd Tw,w.A.Veck In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National
"Were yon eicittd wheat
yM first asked your husbaBd
for money?"
"Oh. bo, I was calm ao4
Associated Press
WAYNESV1LLE, N. C , MONDAY AFTERNOON, MAY 7, 1951 $3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jacluon Counli
New Bridge Being Built Over Richland Creek At Lake
,1 '
. Two new bridges on the Rogers Cove road below the dam of Lake Junaluska, One brldRo, just above
the one shown here, has been completed, and this one, across the mainstream of Kiehltind Crock, is
well underway. The new bridges will be wider, and the road straightened. (Staff Photo).
Five Governors Invited
To Ramp Meet Next Sun.
Civil Term
Of Court In
Session Here
. The May term of civil court con
vened here this morning wllh
Judge J. A. Rousseau, presiding.
v.The first matter coming before
thV.court, was giving the oath to a
jfeiing Haywood man. who recent
ly passed his bar examination.
Homer Hunter Henry, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Homer Henry, of Clyde.
Mr. Henry passed the State bar
examination in March. He graduat
ed from the University Law school
last. August. He is a graduate of
Wayoesville high, attended Brevard
College two years and the Univer
sity Law School two years. For 3'j
years he was in the Marine Corps
His plans for the present are
; After giving Mr. Henry his oath.
Judge Rousseau started hearing a
number of divorce cases.
The longest cast of court is slat
ed to get underway. Tuesday morn
ing, of Davey Tree Company a
galnst the Public Highway Commis
sion, relative to a right-of-way for
the Blue Ridge Parkway between
Balsam and Soco Gap.
Cold Hits
This Area
Thermostats were turned up; top
coats hauled out, and lots of hot
coffee consumed here today, as the
mercury slid downwards in a mid
spring "cold spell."
Wind blowing off the snow-covered
Plott Balsams, sent Haywood
citizens for warmer wraps.
Some motorists reported sleet
falling on Soco Gap Sunday night.
The cold hit .without warning,
and early arrivals from Florida
were hit hard by the chilling winds.
Invitations to. attend the 22nd
Ramp Convention have gone to
Gov. Warren, of Florida, Gov.
Byrnes, of South Carolina, as well
as Gov. Scott, of this state, and
Guv. Browning, of Tennessee. To
date, Governor Herman Talmage.
of Georgia, Is the only one who has
said he definitely plans to attend.
The others are pending.
Officers of the Ramp Convention
said this morrrmg that a number of
Tennessee citizens would be here
npxt Sunday, to eat ramps, eggs
(in nbread, and drink black coffee
at Black Camp Gap.
Thud Kure. secretary of this
state, will again be the principal
speaker. Accompanying Secretary
Kure will he George Ross. Raleigh
attorney, and Charles Parker, head
of the State News Bureau.
,1 N. Powell, president of the
convention, said that Ross Kirk
pat rick would be in Charge of the
five quurtettes who will sing dur
ing the day. Carpenter's String
Band will he on hand to provide
music, and accompany some of the
singers. Mr. Powell said Sam
Queen and Hobart Williams will
I be in charge of the dance teams,
! and four or five teams are expected
! to be on hand.
W. I,. Palmer, a charter member
I of the convention, said that "spot
j ters" have been out, and found an
j ample supply of ramps, and that
I up to 200 bushels will be provided
for the record-breaking crowd ex
i pected.
! In the meantime, the event is
getting nation-wide publicity. The
i Washington Times-Herald, on April
2!Mh. carried news of the event on
their front page.
The State Magazine devoted a
page to the event this week half
a page of pictures, and the other
half describing the convention.
John 11. West, the son of Mr.. and
Mrs. J. D. West of the Fines Creek
section, is now stationed at the
US Naval base in San Diego, Calif.
He volunteered for the Navy in
January. Before entering the ser
vice he was employed at the Dodge
plant in Detroit, Michigan.
fc?. Mav 1 ....
lea " v-onsiaeraoie
rLZTesmt tempera
worded k u-...
PFarrn)" 'Mn0,lne
New Wellco Shoe Line
Makes Hit In New York
Wellco Shoe Corporation's :rcvo-ydustry and bring new economic
lutionary new novelty slippers for benefit to the Waynesville area,
children called FUN-TIMERS, I An entirely new production
were unveiled for the first time in j unit, known as the : California i Divi-
New York City Sunday and lm- sion oi neiraouw u.yu.nw..,
1 c" . ! 1. Wnnn et ti n horn n muntlfar.
Fines Greek
Soon To Get
Citizens of Fines Creek are
scheduled to start cutting right-of-ways
for the new telephone lines
next week, according lo Tom
Brummitt, chairman of the Com
munity Development Program.
Three weeks will be required to
clear the right-of-ways, Mr lirum
milt said, and plans are In start
erecting the 5S0 poles needed for
the project on June first.
Southern Bell has the poles on
the ground, and are ready to start
setting them as soon as the right-of-ways
are cleared.
To date, 74 contracts for phones
have been signed, . Mr. . Brummitt
said, and by the time the lines are
up, there will be about !K) families
wanting telephone service.
About 3.000 feet of cable will he
used to start the project, then
straight wire from there on. it was
explained. The line will extend all
the way lo Maple Springs, a dis
tance of 25 miles trom Waynes-ville.
Secretaries Planning
Certification- Project
Members of the Waynesville
Chapter of the National Secretaries
Association are awaiting with keen
interest further developments in
the nation-wide series of tests lead
ing to recognition as a Certified
Professional Secretary. Aim of the
CPS project, which is entirely the
brain child of the Association, is to
promote the educational and pro
fessional standards ol secretaries.
Officers of the Waynesville chap
ter, which ws organized a year
ago, are Miss Mary Medford, presi
dent; Miss Louise Caddy, vice
president; Miss Jimmie Watts, re
cording secretary; Miss Joy Woody,
corresponding secretary. Mrs Eve
lyn Carter, treasurer; and Mrs.
Louise Stahl. Bulletin editor
New Homes
Are Being
Erected In
Grand View
Construction Is booming at
Grand View Heights, in Aliens
Five houses will be under con
struction, or completed by June
first, it was learned t y from
H. L, Liner, Sr., and John Blay-lock.
Mr. Blayloek has just completed
a modern ranch-house type home,
and plans to start another within
a week. Mr. Liner is building
three one brick, and one of the
modern-crete panel, a new type of
construction here, but used cxten
sively in Florida.
The development has 37 lots,
with nine already sold.
The paving of the streets will
be completed this week, and water
lines are already installed, as are
power and telephone lines across
the property.
The sub-division Is owned by
Mr, Liner and T. A. Monk, well
known summer resident here, who
has a home in Florida.
The owners of the property are
restricting the type homes a mini
mum of 750 square feci of floor
space, and a minimum cost of
The modern-crete panel con
struction is done with pre-cast con
crete slabs, erected and Joined to
gether in a steel base, The erec
tion is fast, and durable, it was ex
plained. Mr. Liner brought tw'o en
gineers up to build the first two
houses under this method. This
type construction has been looked
upon with much favor In Florida,
he explained.
American Mother Of The Year
rr v. h c ' Vv - v-
Permits At
$143,000 For
Last Month
Building permits issued for the
month of April totaled $143,000,
according to Hugh Jolley, building
inspector for the Town of Way
nesville. Mr. Jolley "s report showed the
following permits Issued:
J. N. Johnson, business; J. C.
Galusha, business: Jarvia Under
wood, dwelling: Charlie Woodard.
addition; Ballard Stiles, private
garage; Will Smathers, alterations.
Andrew Hannah, dwelling; Mich
ael Harvath, dwelling; First Bap
tlst Church, church building; C
H. Scruggs, addition; J. J. Fergu
son, addition; and Belle Meade
Texaco, business.
Quiet Week-End
Reported Here
Officers reported a reasonably
"quiet" week-end A number ,f
drunks landed in jail, but no
wrecks were reported on the high
way by the highway patrol.
The Patrol, and sheriff, arrested
a speeder making 75 miles an hour
near the Lake. Also between 8 and
10 drunks were apprehended, and
one arrested for improper brakes.
The police had a number of
drunks, but little other disturban
ces over the week-end
Cruso PTAWill
Name Officers
New officers for the (Iruso Par-cut-Teacher
Association will be
elected at a regular meeting ol
the group tomorrow night
Crablree Iron Duff
Seniors To Present
Play Friday Night
The Senior class of Crablice
Iron Dull school will present their
class play this Friday evening,
beginning at li o'clock. The three
act comedy, "The Hoosicr School
master," will be put on in the
school auditorium. Mrs. O I.
Yates of the faculty is directing.
Dr. Mary Martin Sloop iahoe touiuler of the Crossnoiv Schmil
at Crossnore. has been chosen as the nation's Mother of The
Year. She was selected by the American Mothers' Committee of
the (iolden Rule Foundation for her work with under-privileged
mountain children. The 77-year-old doctor and educator has two
children, both of whom are doctors. iAP Wirephoim
Has 652 On
Poll Books
The official registration book of
the Town of Hazelwood bad exact
ly (i52 names at noon Saturday, ac
cording lo the count bv Registrar
Carrol Whitner.
About 40 registered the first Sat
urday ior uie merger election; lit
during the week, and during the
morning last Saturday, 20 others
had registered,
Saturday, May 12 is Ihe last day
in which lo register for the elec
tion which will he held on May
Otfieluls pointed out that there
was still some confusion relative
to registering They have encount
ered a number of people who feel
they are registered but find it Is
the county poll book of the Hazel
wood precinct,
In order to be eligible lo vole in
the merger election on the 2(ith. a
voter must be registered in the
Town of Hazelwood book; and reg
ister prior to May 12th.
Challenge day, as prescribed by
law, will be Saturday May 10th
Persons wanting to register dur
ing the week may do so by contact
ing Registrar Whitner. He will hi.
at the town hall from t) until (I on
Saturday, the 12lh.
lioosters Club Will
Meet Thursday Night
The Hazelwood Boosters Club
will meet Thursday night for the
regular monthly meeting at the
lla.elwood Presbyterian church
Same Lane is president, and
Tlmiman Smith, secretary
Canton City Election
Will Be Held Tuesday
mediately became the sensation of
the Popular Price bnoe snow.
where .they were introduced
has been set up here to manufac
ture the new slippers. Represent
ing a substantial expansion ot tne
Canton's election of a complete!
slate of town officials and two new
Beaverdam school board members
is set for this Tuesday Running
for reelection as mayor is Floyd
W. Woodv. He is opposed by W. J.
(Bill) Stone, who heads a com-)
plete ticket. Candidates for alder-j
men running with Stone are Maur-S
ice T. Brooks, Carnle llenson andf
I Henry Seaman.
! Only member of the present
i board of aldermen to file for re-1
election is Sebe Plot!. Other can
didates on an independent ticket
are Fred Pressley and J. N. Pow
ell. For the office of Police Judge.
Ralph Mease, Incumbent, is op
posed by W. G. Cole. T. A. Clark,
solicitor, is unopposed.
Only two candidates have filed
for the two vacancies on the Beav
erdam school board. They are Wil
lis, Kirkpatrick, present chairman
of the board, and Malcolm Crisp.
.1 .
' ...... V v, ,-,.) . i r.f inn f"i m -i t v t hp t ! W A X A A . . T J J
The new Wellco line, which, -TK UWDBIS KJl KJVQI " 1-03060
cleverly combines me m additional Waynesville work-
slippers with the novelty and juve- ;
nile appeal of push-toys, was also ers
Introduced to the New York pub- Created and designed by Leo
HcTrough a spectacular two-page. ' Leslie, the company s director of
. I,".. irmon. .nnnsnred ; merchandising, the colorful new
I Trucks Pay Stiff Fines
Hi. nimhpl Rrothers department
store in the New York Sunday Mir
ror Magazine,
Heini Rollman, Wellco president,
said that introduction of the new
slippers in New York signals the
start of a national promotion eam
oaign covering the new line that
; -vnootorf to ereatly increase bis
Wellco slippers come dressed up
as racing cars, fire engines, ana
railroad locomotives. They are de
signed for children aged three
through nine, and come in chil
dren's sizes from six through 12.
While their novelty will have
appeal priority to the small-fry,
the slippers. are of a quality and
iSee Wellco Page 8)
Over-loaded truckers paid $672.
75 in fines and new tags after high
way Patrolmen finished checking
on Friday. Four trucks were
found over-loaded two paid $289;
another $137, and still another
! $246.
In the meantime, about 100 ve
hicles had to have their lights cor
rected, as five patrolmen, and five
policemen set up a checking sta
tion at Five Points in Hazelwood.
In the checking station, the pa
trolmen arrested a drunk driver;
five motorists for failure to have
operator's license; four for improp
er lights, and two for improper
Cpl. Pritchard Smith said that
trucks would be checked almost
daily for over loading, and that an
other light checking station would
be established in about two 'weeks.
imii,diu:d medfokd in
atlanta hospital
Miss Mildred Medford, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Med
ford .who is a student at Brcnau
College, in Gainesville. Ga., has
been taken to Piedmont Hospital,
Atlanta, after having become ill
Mrs. Johnny Ferguson, who has
been ill for the past several weeks,
left yesterday to enter St. Joseph's
hospital in Ashevillc for treatment.
Man Hurt, Truck
Demolished In
Highway Wreck
An automobile collision shortly
after noon Thursday resulted in
Injuries lo one driver, the almost
complete demolition of his truck,
and considerable damage to the
other car involved.
Hugh William F.warl. 2H, of
Cruso and Dock Messw, 10, ' of
Route 2. Canton collided on High
way 270 at the Dix Creek Road.
Messer. driving a 1935 pickmp
truck, came mil of Ihe Dix Creek
Road niilo the highway Kwart.
traveling toward Waynesville in a
1!IH! coupe. hi Ihe truck, officers
said, causing it to .swerve and run
off the hank about : feet. It land
ed upside down Kwart s car went
almost nil the hank on Hie other
Messer received lacerations
which k (pin I'd suturing on his
bead. Imeliead and aboii the face.
His 1 1 uck was damaged beyond re
pair, accoi (ling lo Patrolman Har
old Da.vlou. who investigated the
2.4 Miles Roads
Paved In April
In Rural Program
Paving gains in Haywood Coun
ty uiidcr Hie $21111,000, 000 bond is
sue program (luring April were an
nounced today by the State High
way Commission
During Hie iniiiilh the Commis
sion completed the grading and
surfacing with traffic bound macad
am on the following roads;
Boone Laurel 0!) mile; Sharp,
0.4. Davis 0 4, and Lush Leather
wood, 0 7
Approximately seven miles of
road work were brought lo com
pletion in the first district of the
Tenlh Highway Division during
Ratcliffe Cove
Featured Today
The first five pages of the sec
ond section of today's issue are de
voted to the Kalclifle Cove Com
munity. This communily won first place
for progress made in 1!)49. and are
out seeking further honors in the
county, and district contests..
Dan K. Edwards
Takes Office Oath
In Washington
Dan Edwards' taking the oath of
office as Assistant Secretary of l)e.
fense was the subject of a Wash
ington dispatch published in the
Raleigh News and Observer Friday,
together with a picture shawlng
Mr. Edwards, Secretary George
Marshall, defense administrato"
Ralph II. Stohl, Mrs. Edwards, anc
the two older children.
Stating that Edwards, 37-year-old
former mayor of Durham, was
sworn in on May 3 as Assistant
Secretary of Defense, the dispatch
"Dignitaries attending the cere
mony in the office of Defense Sec
retary George C. Marshall Includ
ed Tar Heel Senior Senator' Clyde
R Iloey, Deputy Defense Secre
tary Robert Lovett and Mrs. Anna
Rosenberg, Assistant Secretary of
Members of Edwards' family
present included Mrs. Edwards and
two of their fotir children,. Kalhr
line Leroy. 8, and Dan, Jr.. 5. and
his parents. Or Charles W Ed
wards, retired professor of physics
at Duke University, and Mrs Ed
wards. Edwards was nominated by Presi
dent Truman April 12 to be As
sistant Secretary of Defense, suc
ceeding Marx Leva, who resigned
to practice law In Washington after
more than 10 years of federal ser
vice. Edwards, who has been practic
ing law in Durham, was the per
sonal choice of Secretary Marshall,
having met him through work with
the American Bed Cross. Marshall
was president of the Red Cross
when Edwards was a member of
I the board of governors and chair
man of the Durham chapter. Ed
wards served in the army reserve
in World War 11. rising to the
rank of lieutenant colonel and re
ceiving several decorations."
Patrol Warns
Against Dumping
Trash On Highway
Spring cleaning is fine, provid
ed rubbish is not dumped where H
is not supposed to be thrown, of
ficers said today.
Numerous farmers have coin-.
plained about garbage being dump
ed on their farms adjacent to pub
lic roads.
Highway patrol, and the sheriff's
department in a statement today
warned of such a practice. They al
; so pointed out that they had sever-
al reports of dead dogs being
thrown along the Stamey Cove raad
I which folows Pigeon River for a-
bout two miles from the city limits.
I The officers also renewed their
j warning of parking on private
I property, as well as school and
i church grounds. Frequent checks
! are being made in some areas
where the practice continues, they
said. i
Initial Plans Made For
Hay wood Day At The Lake
Speaking before the Rotary
Club on Friday Dr. H. G Allen,
superintendent of Lake Junaluska,
described the progress being made
on both the physical aspects of the
building projects, and the plans for
the season's program, which be
gins on June 3. i
The program is to open with
"Haywood County Day." with Dr.
C. N. Clark, former district super
intendent, to occupy the pulpit in
the morning, and the Rev. W.
Jackson Huneycutt, present Sup
erintendent, the speaker of the
Dr. Alien inept inned. that much
1 interest is being shown in the old
. fashioned "Camp Meeting" which
will be held Ironi June 29 to July
' 8 Homer Kbodeheaver will lead
the singing: and preachers will be
Dr. Clovis G. Chappel. Dr. Pierce
I Karris. Bishop Arthur J. Moore
land Dr. Harry Denman.
i In describing the construction
work at the Lake. Dr. Allen said
I that the $100,000 apartments was
! expected to be completed by June
15. A huge additional playground
will be laid out in front of the a
j partment between the highway and
j the lake The Assembly has bought
, fSe? .lini.ilnvM I" 8V
Record For
In Haywood
(To Date)
Killed .... 0
Injured.. ..20
(This information com
piled from Becorda
Stat Highway FatroL)
company's stature in the shoe in-

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