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    Monday Afternoon, May 7, IDol
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9 Seniors
Ce For Trip
- nine
bedecked with
.rrs. twenty
j the senior class of
f School left for Wash-
L ...., upre sccompan-
f : i":. ;..uKnn nrinri-
u.fipv i-1 -'"'--'
- raised the money for
'". series of dinners and
foment. Their depart
immediately after the
Lor Banquet and prom;
T . 11a... nnA HlllA
n thp bus were those
rn used in decorations
Wis expected to return
ing Years
irg-'tAP' Capt. Ivan
Liot for tonunemai Air
fStU began nis zisi year
ith 23.000 hours airborne
, m He says he never has
itched an airplane. Every
completes another 1,000
rim passes out candy to
Father Fires Home, Kills 8 Children And Self
J- ' ?T Uv
vys a1 .i. N
l. C. HALL
b! services were held in
ill Methodist Church at
. afternoon for U. C. Hall.
West Ashpvtiie, wno aiea
in an Asheville hospital
brief illness.
ev. J. A. Lowder and the
A. Groce officiated and
t. 1
las in lieinei i.emeieiy.
arers were Floyd Miller,
Bucket!, Everett Desmond,
loece. Troy Moody, and
ias a native ot naywooa
and had resided in Bun-
ounty in recent years.
ling arc the widow, Mrs
Hall; three daughters.
rgarct Queen of Asheville
yne Melton and Mrs. Phil
ley of Enka; two sons, Es-
Hall of Asheville and Sher-
of Houston, Texas.
lour sisters, Mrs. Dave Best.
W. Bennick, and Miss Em
I of Canton, and Mrs. Arch
Leicester; two brothers. E.
of Leicester and Grady
Canton; 12 grandchildren.
Funeral Home was In
fcf arrangements.
xw I
V TtMf-aittfrrttnmmM
24-Hour Service
iwlord Funeral Home
prd Mutual Burial Ass'a
aynesville, Phone 147
lanton, Dial 3535
Rescue woikers starch the charred ruins
of a home near Lenoir in uhirh ilnh ' n'una kin.,,1 l,.o
eigni ennaren and himself alter, setting the house afire. The unemployed sawmill worker shot the
children and then killed himself with a shotgun blast. The blazing building attracted neighbors who
.-..v. u..u. HiMue. nesiaes l.ragg s body were a shotgun an da rive-gallon can The
cua me mime . suadenlv burst into names about 8:13 o'clock Wednesday
night. i.P
31 Men Get Call To
Duty; To Leave May 9th
The Selective Service Board to-'
day released the names of 35 Hay-j
wood men who will leave for in- i
duction on Wednesday, May 9. at i
7:30 a. m. At the same time the!
Board announced that there will I
be no call for men to leave during I
May for pre-induction examina
tions. 1
The inductees are: Donald Albert
Grooms. Horace David Edwards.
Samuel Marcus Setzer, Harold Ed
ward Jones, Paul Edwin Franklin,
Carol Keith Underwood. 'Robert
Francis Davis, Medford Price
Charles Reeves McElroth, Homer
Lee Duncan. Frank Gale Davis.
William Max Wright.
Also, Ray Hannah, James Her
man Farmer, James Wayne Lyle,
Robert Wendell Davis, Maynard
Edward Moody, Edwards E. Dyer,
Charles Taylor McDonald, James
N. Hancy, Homer Jackson Kelly
Franklin Delano Pressley, Chalks
Cook, William Guy Burnette, Janus
Bobbv Plemmons, Billy Messer.
Also, Gerald Brookshire Wilson.
Eugene Limbo, Donald Lloyd
Carver, Dennis Ray Harrell, Frank
Edwin Hannah.
Talent Show
Will Be Held
At Junaluska
Trucks Will Be
Checked for Loads
Truckers are warned today that
checking would begin in Haywood
about 15th for overloaded trucks
The highway patrol will do the
Members of the patrol assisted in
making a check in Jackson this
week, and found three violators
one paid a total 'of $243.25 for hav
ing an overload.
The new load limits as passed by
the 1951 Legislature impose stiff
penalite.s for vehicles found with
more load than the license calls
A Talent Jamboree will be held
at the Junaluska School Thursday,
May 10, at 8 p. m.. under the spon
sorship of the Parent Teacher As
sociation of the school.
The program will be In several
division s, including piano and
string music, singing, humorous
skits, dancing, folk songs, and
events for children. Prizes will be
awarded in each classification.
Those who wish to enter the
show are asked to call Andy Moody
at phone 2HI-J or Ruth S. Noland
at phone 614-J.
Admission will be 15 cents for
children under 12 years and 35
cents for all others.
Mr. and Mis. James A (!wn
i have returned to their home on
the Country. Club Drive alter
! spending the winter in Ft Mors.
! Fla.
Judge and Mrs Felix Alley, Mrs
J. W.,liay. and Miss F.ona Hayes
, returned Sunday from a week's
I visit to Mrs. Hob Alley in Hich
: mond, Va.
! Mr and Mrs. 11. (i
St, Petersburg. Fla . owners of
i Parkway Knoll, arrived last night
and will spend a day or two before
making a trip through Eastern
North Carolina and Virginia. They
will return next week to make
; preparations lor the opening of
j their hotel,
4-H Electric
Contest Projects
Under Way
Tobacco Meetings
Set For Wednesday
An entire day of meetings on
tobacco planting was announced
today by Wayne Corpening. County
Agent. On Wednesday, May 9, R.
H. Bennett, tobacco specialist, will
give demonstrations of the reac
tions of several types of chemicals
and fertilizers on plant beds.
Wednesday's schedule is as fol
lows: !) a.m. Jim Best, Upper Crab
tree; 10 a m. T. C. Davis, Iron
DufT; 11 a.m. D. J. Boyd. Jona
than Creek; 1 p.m. Test Farm, j
Waynesville. 3 p.m. George Sta-1
mey. Pigeon; and 4:3() p.m. Fred
Mann, Hominy.
More than a down 411 Club!
members have already entered the
annual 4-11 Farm and Home Elec
tric Program this year and are well
along on their project records.
Contestants must submit their rec
ords to the County Agent by Sep
tember 15.
In the, contestants pick
out a project, and after pi.ictiiiil
, application, demonstrate the con
I venience, economy and time-saving
(values of using electricity on Hie
i farm and in the farm house. En-
trants are als(, judged on their club
I records and personal activities,
i County winners one boy and one
girl from each county --win a trip
to Raleigh for the annual Congress.
Most recent winners from Haywood
were David Noland and Peggy
Homemakers Club
Completes Six
Successful Years
(By Mrs. Ben Phillips and a com
mittee from the Homemakers)
Home Demonstration Club work
in Haywood County has progress
ed by leaps and bounds during the
past six years. This has been true
on a local as weir as a national I
level with 680 women of Haywood j
County working in the 25 clubs In I
! observing the sixth National Home)
Demonstration': 'Week. April 29
through May 6th, The Waynesville I
. Homemakers Clube is also observ
ing its Sixth Anniversary.
' We were organiied as a group
of It) members, and since that time
have added 5 new members to this
number. We have been compelled
to limit our mcmbersbiu because
of lack of space in our homes. How- i
ever, our enthusiasm has not been j
limited for Home Demonstration!,
work. Each year since our organua-
tion we have contributed to the,
Jane S. McKimmon Loan Fund. I
delegates to various international I
meetings, the newly equipped ;
Home .Demonstration Kitchen audi
; other activities of the County
j work.
; Our objectives as those of all
' Home Demonstration are
.threefold: inspiration, information;
j and recreation. For our inspira
tion, a planned devotion is given
at the beginning of each monthly i
meeting and this encourages the
daily devotions with our Individual'
families. For our second objective
information, we have depended up-1
on the capable Home Demonstra-'
j tion Agents who have guided us )
through the years in gaining new
knowledge in the preparation and
conservation of foods, in the buy-
1 ing and making of clothing and In
:the arranging and furnishing of
J our homes with a special demons
Hudson of 'N1 to" 0,1 selecting and framing
of pictures for our homes. Ve
were tuaghl some of the "whys and
wherefores'" of landscaping the
new homes of our dreams ttlirco
of our members have had these
dreams come true and one mcmlicr
remodeled her home) and even the
art of growing flowers and making
attractive arrangements. We dared
to roam into the special fields of
refinishing old furniture, needle
point, aluminum and copper etch
ing and rug hooking and braiding. !
During the year 19,r0 we began
to feci that we had outgrown a de
gree of our infancy and were ready
and willing to try our wings In
Achievement Day ventures, Dis-
frl ....
;...VAi.i'., .
CAUGHT IN A BATHE AREA while wandering aimlessly over war-devastated
fields, these homeless South Korean boys cover their tars to muffle
the roar of a big gun fired ty the crow oT an M-l tank Wasting enemy
positions in the area. (Arinj- Pfioto from liiteriiatioiml .S'ouiiil'ioio)
Presbyterian Church . 1
Sets Two Meetings i ? i
Two meetings are schedult by
the Waynesllle Pwb1rtan
Church for the first of the week.
The regular monthly meeting of
the Women of the Church will be
held at the church on Tuesday
evening at 7:30 p. m.
The Laymeng Club will meet at
the church for supper on Wednes
day evening at 7 o'clock. All men
of the Church congregation are la
vited to attend.
Chamber Of Commerce
Board Meets Tuesday
The 'directors' of the Chamber
of Commerce will meet Tuesday
night at 7.30 for the regular month
Iv meeting. Dave Felmct is presi
dent, and announced a numlHY of
projects would be brought to the
attention of the directors.
Mrs.. R. H. Blackwell and Mrs.
F. It. Marley left Saturday for
Blowing Rock to spend several
days with the former's sister. Mrs.
Hal Martin. Mrs. Martin Will celeb
rate her eighty-fifth birthday tomorrow.
trict Home Demonstration meet
ings and various contests for Home
Demonstration Club members
Mrs. Carl Uatclllfc won second'
place in the county essay contest
on "Twelve Reasons Why I am a
Home Demonstration Club Mem
ber ". Mrs. Earl Messer took second
place in Tailored Garments group
in the Dress Review, and our club,
won a club scrap book for main- j
tabling the best average attend-
ance of the year. j
During this year we have con
tinued to increase our store of ;
knowledge about cooking, sewing,
handicraft and furniture and in
general have tried to come nearer
to the goal we had originally set
. , good homemakefs. Each mem
ber lias selected a project of which
a portion of it will be used in the
planned Achievement Day display.
Several of our members participat
ed in the recent Dress Review and
enjoyed the fellowship with the
members of other Home Demons
tration Clubs in the County as well
as the contact with women Irom
adjoining counties. We are looking
forward to entertaining the women
from Jackson, Swain and Macon
Counties May Hlh with a collce
hour and luncheon at the annual
meeting of Federation of Home!
Demonstration Clubs. j
For our recreation, we depend
upon a well planned recreation
program of fun-making at the end
of each monthly meeting. Wo en
tertain our husbands twice yearly
with the 'summer picnic and Christ
mas Parly: displaying to them the
arts and achievements of the past
We a iv anticipating a great deal
of joy from the accomplishment of
one of our projects ... conduct
ing the Story Hour at the Public
Library this summer. Another of
our projects has been the privilege
! of carrying maga.iiies to the Hay-
wood County Hospital. The book
p lews given by various members
of the club have kept us Informed
Ion the latest publications,
i Thus through inspiration, In
j formation and recreation we arc
attempting to grow in our daily
lives as borne makers and house
keepers and as Home Demonstra
tion Club members In Haywood
Something to sell? Advertise It
on the Want Ad page.
9 TO 9:30
Brought to you by
DeSoto . Nymouth Dealer
Haywood St. WaynenrUle
More American families now
own their own homes than ever
before in history 53 per cent of
all occupied dwellings.
at I'Hitons Feed Stoic last Friday . . . Hoy I'nrlon. Manager of the store
advertised in The Mountaineer that he had 200 Silver Laced Wyandotte
hh.v chicks to go on sale Friday morning He sold the 200 thicks all
''Chi . . . and coujd have soi( u, tj,,.s ,;,t many more.
Thi is further proof thai your advcrliMiW misuse in The Mountaineer
Pas dividends.
,f want to buy, 'sell, or tra.le . . . just call 700 and ask for the advertis
,n8 department.
Waynesville Mountaineer
i Bradshaw.
A boy and a girl winner in each
; of the fii-o territorial areas are
I awarded college scholarships,
with gold watches going to I he
! runnersup The state winner is
! awarded an all-expense trip to the
National 4-H Club Congress In
Chicago, to be held this year Nov
ember 25-2!) Six winners at Chi
cago will each receive $300 college
The program is conducted by the
North Carolina Agricultural Ex
tension Service and sponsored lo
cally by the Carolina Power and
Light Company, with other awn rds
given by the Wcstcinhouse Educa
tional Foundation.
Special Design
1 V z
m W': ''
t AMI i.
; MODELED by Janet Winters at Mi
ami Beach, Fla., this'Wiinsuit has a
leaf open-work design embellishing
the bra. This is outlined with braid,
used also around the scalloped top
I of form-fitting suit But what male
will nolire that? (In'.erna'Aonel)
fasl bb we can, we're chancing ibr "voire"
of our Diesel locomotives. Why? Because our
neighbors along the Southern told us that, as
much as they liked our modern DieHels, they
missed the friendly sound of the familiar
eteam engine whiatleB echoing across the
So we got busy. To replace the deep-throal ed
blat-Uof the original air horns on'otir Dicselg
we developed a melodious "airchime" signal
thai rerepfures all the nostalgic lound of the
old steam whistle.
A little thing? To you, perhaps ... but not
to us! For being a "good ntighbort,to the
people we serve is one of the biggest, most im
portant things the Southera Railway System
can d"

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