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:or Is
H jallons of liquor failed
f ju destination Sunday
f. 5 30 as Cpl. Pritchard
ff chpriPF Fred Y. Camp-
Jwded the driver of a
jroing 12 allons of non-
L hiskey. mey ovcuuv
P i rt in iha unnpr
fitt I Clias- -- rr-
-rtr of Ihe vehicle, said
RayDuckeUof 205 Elk
ftOJd. ASiieviuc, was
couri lor me
Published Tw
C6th YEAR NO. 47 U
ice-A-Week In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains
National Park
Associated Press
"I here in tb paper.
Nan, that a woman la m, Levi
has Just cremated hrr fourth
I husband."
1 "There ain't no justice. Som
women cant vet a man: others
I have husbands to burn."
D , n
WAYXESVH LE. X. C, MONDAY AFTERNOON, JUNE 11, 1931 $3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
- suoeriur
( He is out under $5,000
-d-covored Ford is parked
Yemeni ui -c vuu i
aopo In
ids For
I, officials were today hand
is of money $215,000 in
i crisp new Hospital bonds.
C. Francis, chairman o(
ml of commissioners, tc
th Jule Noland, register
H were today faced with
. i signing the 215 bonds-
Mi each and putting on the
seal. The bonds have to
L Local Government Com-
i in Raleigh for another sig-
. before becoming valid,
wds carry a rate of Interest
1 percent, and begin matur-
953. with the tasi maturing
money from the sale of the
till represent Haywood s
Is Ihe expansion of the Hay-
L'ounty Hospital.
jl Patrons To
L'uss Schools
of the Cratree-Iron Duff
ill meet at 7:30 Wednes
;W in Ihe school auditorium
jss a school building pro-
meeting is called as a fore-
of plans for a general school
tment program survey being
Std in the county.
'rwjp will also discuss need
fi improvemtls. " ' -patrons
are urged to attend.
pace is the fifth man to file
ndidate for the Waynesville
of Aldermen. He was a
'le four years ago. Others
race include Joe Liner, and
f'sent board members. Dr.
Mngfield. Henrv Gaddv and
fare seeking offices of mayor
wnt J. H.. Wav. Jr.. and
. H. Lee.
S J s
?V s.
He Can Take It
' ' f'"" :'k" """""" "
v !
Appendicitis sent Eugene Hall ol Canton to the Haywood County Hospital just two days before
Plan Goes
Into Force
fht. rural group 'hospitalization
and surgical iiiMuamv plan went
into etTooj at oit uiinute after
midnight last night, according to
a telegram from the.' insurance
company main office in Winston
Salem. A total of 1 444 member
ships wore taken out within the
county; ami an unofficial estimate
placed the number it poisons cov
ered by. individual ami family
memberships at .5.000 to 6.000; :
Ihe .solicitation period elided
June 1; and the books are now
closed tor one year
The telegram is as follows
"(roup policy providing hospital
and surgical expense Insurance on
members Haywood County Com
munity Development Organization
goes into effect at 12.01 a.m. June
10th All members wli(( have sign
ed up for insurance will, be fully
covered as of that dale."
was to receive his diplomas from St. John's High School. Hut Thursday was graduation day lor
Eugene just as it was for his classmates. Father Lawrence Newman accompanied bv Sister Cm-dea
came to the hospital to present his diploma. (Staff Photo.
(center and Sister Anthony (right i.
Clubs To Hear
Doctors Speak
On Dairy Month
Members of the County Medical
Society will address various civic
organizations during the next ten
days as part of the "June Dairy
Month" program. Organizations to
hear speakers are as follows:
Waynesville Rotary Club, Dr. R.
S. Roberson; Waynesville Secre
taries, Dr. H. A. Mathews; Waynes
ville Business and Professional Wo
men's Clubs; Beta Sigma Phi So
rority; Waynesville Jaycees. Dr.
Fender; Canton lions, Dr. Mathews;
Canton Civitans, Dr. Moore;
Boosters Club, Dr. Duckett; and
Clyde Lions, Dr. J. L. Reeves.
Camp Schaub
ck Pace In Race To Register 185
p Month
grams Set
h the 'announcement- of four
"aids to represent the four
'he area, plans are will-
hmplet for the milking and
"'"King contests Saturday
start the celebration of June
Month. .
redheads, a hlnnHo anrl a
h have been named to rep-
wir towns in the milking
They will be indeed on
fas well as on their ability
estants are Miss Rotfv Vf.
lighter Of Mr anrl Mr:
Wmet of Wavnesville: Miss
ganger, daughter of the
Ceraldihe Fish daughter of
'4 Mrs CoraiH i?icu m.,r!r..
f s Maxine Randnlnh Haueh.
O. C. Randolph of Can-
' Haywood County Commis
5ill be judees of thp event.
r f ceremonies Is Turner
'distant rountv opnt Roh
Fd is chairman of the prize
'Ce. Olhprs on various rnm-
rs are Iferb Singletary, John
diryrage 8)
ather Vtm
-nine 11 Monday fair
Tuesday partly cloudy
Altered afto, i j
al Waynesville tempera
15 recorded by the staff' of
,ate Tt Farm): .
"'.02 -
From 3 Counties
Franklin. Sampson and Wake
county 4-H campers are expected
to register at Camp Schaub today
for a week's stay. Preparations are
being made for 185 members.
Camp director this summer is
Eric De Groat, 4-H Club manager
from Raleigh. He will be assisted
by counsellors in swimming, rec
reation, etc.
Boy's Club Will
Meet Wednesday
The Boy's Club of Junaluska will
meet for the first time Wednesday
at 7 p.m. instead of Monday, June
17, as was previously announced.
According to Richard Crowder.
director of the club, the date was
moved up at the request of the
Crowder, who is recreational
and religious director at Ihe Lake,
organized the Boys Club three
years ago. Boys from 8 through 15
vears of age are invited to join
and are asked to sign up at
bath house.
Two Hurt
As Vehicles
Wallace Ward, about 55, of Lake
Junaluska is in Memorial Mission
Hospital, Asheville, as a result of
a head-on collision Saturday morn
ing on t'S 19-23 about a hundred
yards from his home, near Junalus
ka. The driver of the other car.
Ernest Gist, colored, of Asheville,
is being held under a charge of
reckless driving, pending the out
come of Ward's injuries.
The accident occurred about
7:45 a.m. after rain had made the
biphway ilkk, AcwrdMa Gist's
statement to officers," "he hit his
brakes as he approached the curve,
the car skidded sideways, and hit
Ward's Studebaker pick-up truck.
Gist was driving a Chevrolet sedan
belonging to Your Cab Company of
Ward was said to be "getting
along reasonably well" today. He
suffered a compound fracture of
the lower jaw. a broken leg. brok
en hiii and possible internal in
juries. He was given emergency
! treatment at the Haywood County
j Hospital before he was taken on
to Asheville.
Patrolman IS. L. Hasden found
I Gist's knees struck the dashboard
so hard that the metal dash was
I pushed in. However, his injuries
i were confined to a few cuts He was
I treated at the Haywood County
i Hospital.
! Damage was estimated by oflic
!cr at $500 to $600 for each car.
j Patrolman Basden and Cpl. Pritch
jard Smith arc in charge of. the in
i vestigation.
Cooking School
Set June 19-21
At Champion 'Y'
Sponsored by the Community
Development Program, the Home
Demonstration Clubs, and the
Champion YMCA. the Haywood
County All - Electric Cooking
School will be held at the Cham
pion "Y" in Canton June lit. 20
and 21. There will be two sessions
daily, one meeting from 2 to 4
in the afternoon and the other
from 7 to 9 in the evening.
The Carolina Power and Light
Company will put on demonstra
tions, and will have experts avail
able for consultation.
Miraculously Escape Serious Injury
the i
Haywood County
Folk Festival
Plans Under Way
Boosters Club
Meets Thursday
The Hazelwood Boosters
will meet Thursday evening
o'clock. The meeting will be held
in the Fellowship Hall of the
Hazelwood Presbyterian Church.
Committees have been named
for the Third Annual Haywood
County Folk Festival sponsored by
the Edwards-CIark-Messcr post of
ithe VFW. Canton. The program
. will take place at Canton High be
j ginning July 19.
Club! General chairman will be Car-
oi 7 r K frcssiev oi inn vrw.
Poindexter will have charge of en
tertainment; and Jimmie Deaton
will be master of ceremonies.
18-Year-Old Confesses
To Entering Four Places
Highway Bids Are
Held Up On No. 209
The State Highway Commission
has rejected bids for work on
Highway 209 from Hot Springs
across Max Patch through Madi
son and Haywood Counties. Low
bids under consideration were those
of J. C. Crilcher. Inc.. $570.(iHH BO
for roadway; and K. II I lines Con
struction Co , Inc.. $1 H4.SOU.H0 lor
3 Rodeo Shows
To Be Given Here
Three performances " I lie Ho
deo from Cherokee Ranch. Orce.
Texas, will he given here next
Monday and Tuesday. The. per
formances aie being sponsored
jointly by Ihe Jaycees and Ihe
Sucerlaries Club
The first performance will be al
eight Monday night, and tun per
formances Tuesday .at three and
eight o'clock The showings will be
af the high chool athletic field.
E. II. Iseiihour am! his (laughter.
Mrs. Howard Jones, anil her son.
Howard Jones. Ml left today lor
their home in Charlotte after a
visit to Mr and Mrs. U. L. Coin.
Clyde Lions
Name Officers
Officers of Ihe Clyde
Club for the euiienl year are I). D
Gross, president, VVoodtin l.ipham.
1st vice president; Sidney llaynes,
2nd vice pi evident; William Os
borne. 3rd vice president, Arthur
Sclilagel. lion Tamer; Weaver
Chapman, Tail Twister; Horace El
lis, secretary, Howard Shook, treas
urer W. T. Medlin is immediate
past president Directors are Al
vin McKinnish, U H. l.aUimcr and
Stanley Livingston.
Joe Scruggs Buys
Texaco Station
Tuesday morning Joe Scruggs
will assume management and own
ership of the Texaco Service Sta
tion at the corner of Mam and Pi
geon Street. Mr, Scruggs has pur
chased' the station 1 1 din Hoyd Med
ford, wlio opened Ihe utatinii about
a year ago.
For the past years Mr.
Scruggs has been service man
ager of VVatkiiis Chevrolet Com
pany, am. is well known In auto
motive circles here,
Tate Street To Be
Paved Tuesday
Slate highway lorce.s are to pave
the 1.52,") leel ol Tate SI reel Tues
day, it was learned Iroui G. C
l-'ii -gusou. town manager. The
street inns from Church Street
through to Boyd Avenue.
Crews have been ivoltinu Ihe
street bed leady lor the past sev
eral days
White Oak Area
Featured Today
Five pages of the second section
of today 's Issue are devoted to the
pictorial Iiuiiic and larm pages ol
Ihe While Oak community.
Thin in 1 ho loiiilocnlh in Ihe se
ries of covering each of the com
munities in Haywood county with
a similar presentation of news and
pictures '
The next feature will b1' about
the Thicket v community.
p-- 5
'.' ....... :2:-,i. A'
Xv W-
x via.-
Mrs A. D. Wilcox, a passenger, and Mi'
their car overturned Thursday afternoon
dents of Lake Junaluska Si all' Photoi
V ;
, u
.k. It
4. s .il
' ' - -
Stephanie Moore, driver, suffered only minor injuries as
on Highway 2114 just outside Waynesville Both ate resi-
Motorcade Of Easterners
Due To Arrive Thursday
Carl Ballew, an .13-year-old
Greeneville, Tcnn., youth, told of
ficers from behind the bars today
that "breaking and entering was a
part-time vocation with him . He
has served two terms for larceny.
Now Carl faces charges of break
ing into four places within a week,
and officers believe he is respon
sible for several more recent job.s
Carl has a sweet tooth, because
at several places he entered, he
went heavy on sweets.
He told Sheriff Fred Y. Camp
bell, and Policeman Jerry Rog
ers today that he arrived here last
Sunday. There is a feeling that he
has been here much longer
He confessed today to entering
a house near Clyde. but can t re
member just where, Then he went
into Waynesville Candy Company,
ate candy bars, and pies, and tooK
a notify of gum with him. ah
a T-shirt, a cigarette lighter, which
he threw away later.
He cut his way into a loaded
truck of Boyd Wholesale Company,
and ate a quantity of brown sugar,
and opened cases of other goods,
but did not eat anything but sugar.
Early Friday night he broke
into Junaluska Supply Company,
there ate more sweets, and ex
changed shoes, and took a quantity
of cigarettestobacco, and billfolds.
The night watchman for the plant
saw the intruder, and held him un
til Sheriff Fred Campbell arrived
?nd placed him under arrest about
1:30 Saturday morning;
Deputy Everett McEIroy said he
planned to push questioning of
Ballew because it is felt that the
several homes entered at the Lake
is the work of the prisoner. Deputy
McEIroy believer the mystery is
"about solved".
A large and enthusiastic delega-'
tion from the Eastern and Pied
mont sections of the stale are due i
to visit scenic points in Haywood ;
Thursday. Carl Goerch, edildr-1
publisher of The State has organiz
ed a group to visit Beech (ftp, i
Devil's Court Hou-e; and other ,
points on the Parkway in the i
Sherwood Forest area of Pisgah,
Indications today were that about ,
100, or more, would be In. the party, j
The group will meet in Asheville
Wednesday night, and leave there
about 8:30 Thursday for the trip
to Haywood. After visiting Beech i
Gap and the points in that area, i
the party will come to Waynesville i
for lunch at the Towne House. j
Sam Robinson interested Mr.
Goerch in making the trip several
weeks agoand he was so impiess-j
ed that he started the movement of
inviting all who would to join the j
party. He is .merely organizing.)
and leading the delegation, without
Parkway and Pisgah officials are
assisting in the arrangements.
Virgil Ha ney, warden of the area,
will accompany the party, as will
Heads Travelers
Cogburn Is
State VFW
Cole Cogburn was elected VFW
department rommaiider over Stolon
l Williams, Albemarle attorney,
by n one-vote margin In the closing
session of the 21st annual encamp
ment here.
Cogburn ws elected from the
post of Kenlor vice commander by
25(1 votes to 235 for Williams The
election climaxed headed cam
paigns which began with the open
ing of Ihe convention Thursday,
For senior vice commander,
Charles T. Myers of Charlotte de
feated Frank M. Jones of Ml. Airy
in anolher clone confesl 237 0
221 Forrest V. Dunslan won unan
imous election as junior vice com
mander when Raymond F'.nglisb of
llendersonville withdrew his can-
I didacy Other elective officers were
unopposed; A. C. Ingram, Ill-jh
iTninl, ireelecled adjutant ; Wil
i liani W llendrcson, Jr , Lenoir,
1 judge advocate; Henry Ridelihiiur.
High Point chaplain.
The slate auxiliary, also voting
elected Mrs. Alice Moods of
j (Ji i ciisboro, president Mrs F.dna
' llumgai ner. Elkin, senior vice pres
ident Mrs Ann Crouch, llender
i Nonville, junior vice president; Mrs.
Marie Keagle. Cherry Point, con
j diu lres.s. Mrs. Marcella Slrutten,
! Wilmington, guard; Mrs. Sallie
Giaham. High Potnl, Chaplain; Mrs.
Connie Steed, Lexinglon, treasurer
: .Cogburn is an employe of the
I Champion Paper and Fibre Coin
I'piuiv where he works ill the instru
ment shop of the Kteam and power
I department. A venteran of Euro
pean service in World War II. he
is immediate past commander ol
Fdwaids-Clark-Messer Post. VFW.
in Canton
Cogburn is the son of Mr. and
Mrs Frank Cogburn of Canton and
has been long active in VFW at
fairs. Mr and Mrs. J. C. James attend
ed the graduation exercises of their
daughter, Miss Margaret James, al
Meredith College in Raleigh last
week They were accompanied by
their son. Waller James, and stop
ped en route to Raleigh to visit
Mr. and Mrs. N. C. James in Slales-ville
Madison, Buncombe Qui To
Block load Down Pigeon
River; Henderson IJeutral
State Board Puts
Approval On Mrs.
Jones' Position
Tile State Board of I duration
formally approved Mrs. Lucy
Jones iik county superintendent
nl lallieulioii at (heir ineeliiKi on
Thursday. The Haywood board
re-eleclcd Mrs. Joins for the
next two years lor the term be
ginning June :;oth.
Mrs. Jones succeeded Jack
Messer. after Ibe latter was re
culled to Naval service in I idi
luary. Four More File
For Hczelwocd's
Coming Election
pii.iiiitti lor tnu it
fires Madil
9 J:
, "t I
f , 4
! v
i J
CARL .GOERCH,' editor of The
State, will head a delegation
from mid-state to this section
Thurdav. '
The li-i
Of H.l.elwo
o ei the v. eek end
The li'l of-candidates for mayor'
lose to three I, (.' Davis, and '
Carrol W miner tiled with the town j
clerk rlv rle I' Cher ineuiiilienl ,
had previously announced. j
'I wo ol,ln t .uididali s cnlercdi
the for aldei man John I!
Smilli ,1'irl Ifowi'ir ;,i',oni" iirvson
I'll A loo i ahhollliei d as tiling '
lor ,ih i nu n were iik timbents ,
(iradv Sniilli .ind ( ,irl Swanger j
Tin- closing lilint; dale Is June ,
2Ulli Willi Ihe eleelion on .1 n tie
3HI b.
( hainlicr of Comincrcc
IJoard Mccls Tuesday
'Jlii' direelui, o the Chamber
of CornnieK i' ui nu l l 'I ue'-rl,i
niglil lor the M'Kid.ii inonHiK meet
llig. aceoi'di'ng to Oavid Feltnel
presideiil ii it o 1 1 e i o uiiporlaiit
matli'i's will claim the allenlion o
the hoard
Another College Group
To Arrive At Junaluska
Henderson county Is not fight
ing the proposal to construct a
highway down Pigeon river to Ten
nessee a.s Saturday morning pre
accounts would Imnly. aeeuidirig to"
L. B. Prince, presii'eut of the
llendersonville Chamber of Com
merce. Mr. Prince, former chairman of
the State Highway Commission,
called The Mpuntaineer early Sat
urday to deny that the Chamber of
Commerce there, or any other
group, were "lighting the Pigeon
River Road" Later that day, Mr.
Prince had a similar .statement in
The Times-News, of llenderson-
' vil
The denial is the outgrowth of
a mass meeting held Friday night
! in Marshall, for the purpose of
deviMng means to get the stale
S highway commission to build a sup
j er highway down the French Bro-ul
liver, rather than the proposed
water-level route down Pigeon Riv-
rr Leaders in the group are Bun
icomhc anil Madison counties.
! Mr. Prince explained that three
from Henderson went upon Ihe
urgent invitation from Madison.
1" Our committee of three went to
sec and hear, he sattt.
Prior to the mass meeting in
Marshall. Mr Prince told a Hay
wood committee of their attitude
towards the -mailer-. The same com
mittee from here, spent the ureal -ei
part of Friday checking oil rum
ors coming out of Madison and
Buncombe counties iclativ-c 'o Ihe
Pigeon River road. The commit
tee also gathered a lot of inter
esting information relative to the
groups, and persons who are mak
ing every effort to block a,n at
tempt to get a highway down the
Pigeon Itivei." siid David Fclmrt.
piesitlent ol Ihe Chamber of Com
merce Mr Felmct Was with tht
committee making the investiga
tion We aie not inteickled n Ik
piopn-ed inlet -regional highway,
we wai l the highway as provided
iindi r 'he 1921 highway law, and
ii,e budding to he determined by
our engineers." Mr. Felmct said.
"The !i21 road law inrluded this
(Sec Highway Page 81
A second college 'student group i
from the Southeast will arrive
Tuesday at Lake Junaluska for ten
days of intense training.
Numbering 80 boys and girls who
have volunteered to do special
church work this summer, the
group will compose a Caravan,
Training Center,
The Rev. Joe Bell, staff member
of the Methodist Board of Educa-;
tion. Nashville, will direct the cent-;
er. He will be assisted by several
other church officials.
Monday night's program at the
auditorium will feature the Rev.
Gilbert R Combs, pastor of Love's
Methodist church, W'alkertown. A ' Monte Carlo,
former Chautaugua entertainer, Dr.j Saturday. June
Coinb', is lettowncd for his '"One ' Men Am! V Girt."
Man Show' of mountain ballads,1
music ami tales
Dr Comb- w.r born and reared
in the mountains of East Kentucky,
nade famous by the novel of John
F'ov. Jr. He will present his pro
gram at eight o'clock
Movies at the Assembly this week
will be:
Tuesdav. June 12 "Night In
Wednesday. June 13 "Magic
Thursday. June 14 --"Time Of
Their Lives"
Fridav. June 15 "'Countess Of
16 Hundred
Record For
In Haywood
(To Date)
Killed . . . . 0
Injured .... 24
(This Information com
piled from Record t
State Highway PatroL)

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