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n Salesmen!
ue had a sidelight about
, wh0 caused us some
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10t help but wonder,
l,h wile would declare
when she read the
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Heal Country Ham."
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Twicc-A-Week In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
RIHU VIT'An . KTrV CP . . ,.
IZLlZZL. " M rm'hS . Associated Press
Friend to former- sales
man: "How do you like br
ing a policeman?"
"SwelL The pay is good,
hours rood, and the custom
er Is always wrong."
WAYNESVILLE, N. C, THURSDAY AFTERNOON, AUGUST 16, 1951 $3.00 In Advance In Haywood arid Jackson Counties
Mrs. Boyd Vins Flower Show Sweepstakes
Lked Scam
nit lie fair to call names
happened at the flower
inr afternoon,
ihers. were making pic-
nous pnases oi me e-
ishbulb went off, and a
Waynesville lady turn
it was happening. She
UoKiapher pointing nis
ards her and she pre
lure had been made as
us turned. . : . .
i.king, she looked at the
legs and said: "Bet any-
ains in my nose are noi
Id you making pictures
bulb was from an
aml not the one point--no
explanation was
has tu wait for an an-cxpi-pssiiins
are suffi-
im tu know they are not
Superintendents" are
zen, as Ihev watch the
nut up the high steel
the new auditorium of
ptist church.
ris. foreman, slips out
.ever so often, and sly-
em-4tar-wMii aftorrt a- mdwri
ago. .' .;-
' "Only J. A. Mehaffey, recently rr
turned Korean veteran, is on the
critical list, Moore General Hospit
al informed the Mountaineer this
ihey get that high beam
would like for you to
iere and unfasten the
topped by The Mount
c recently to obtain
I l!"ll.
e we now" he demand
font of the mountains
'Hing up In them?" .
1 ''tty near the top," he
-aid the tourist. "I
Rockies were bigger
attcr Of
y Editor of the Moun-
"I a friend thn nther
be informed hv the
slie ain't here; she's at
,no sck?" asked the
" was the reply.
iV is "she at the hos-
"ie next auestion
h''s 'bout to die," was
M Firemen
0 Convention
f Clem Fitzfferald. nf
0. L. Sutton, of
0;ne Sundav for 4-
of the N. C. Fireman's
al Carolina Beach.
'C3' firemen Dlan to re-
' vU
, k V "
x jfM-" X
3 ."
Mrs. James Boyd receives the sweepstakes prize at the Flower Show from Mrs. T. Lenoir Gwyn, pres
ident of the Richland Garden flub. Shown, left to right, are Miss Louise Ballard, runner-up for the
sweepstakes, Mrs. Boyd, Mrs. Gwyn, and Mrs. Joe Cathey, president of the Mountain View Gar
den Club. (Staff Photo). " (Other pictures on Page 4)
Varied Report
Given On Four
Wreck Victims
Three Haywood County people
recently injured in car wrecks are
recovering, while a fourth is still
on the critical list.
Betty Ilamblin, who was severely
injured in a crash on the Aliens
Creek road spent a fairly comfor
table night and is in fair condition
at the Mission Hospital in Ashe
ville. ';:'-''
Hugh Ledford, who was hurt in
the same wreck, has been released
from the Haywood County Hospital.
Dale Medford, also in the Mis
sion Hospital, had a good night and
Is reported In fair "conriitioti. , TTe
Coronation Of Queen At
Lake Set For Saturday
hiorning that his condition is ''unchanged."
Bustlers Still
At Large In
Windy Gap
No progress was reported hv the
Sheriff's Office in the seatch f-r
cattle rustlers who made awav with
some valuable animals at Windy
Gap in the Beaverdam community
last Friday.
Thieves entered a pasture of
Earl Williams and drove two cahes
and one cow, the latter brought
from Texas, through the fence
which they cut onto the Buncombe
County side. The cattle were
valued at more than SI. 000.00.
The investigation is continuing,
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August 16 partly
not wlfVi j
"""dei-s lnvuofo tu.
III. . v tuuic
"ll change in tempera-
Jf'ville tempera-
'ho staff f the
Guard To Leave
Sat. For 2 Weeks
The Waynesville unit of the Na
tional Guard. Tank Co., 120th in
fantry, will leave Saturday for a
two weeks encampment at Fort
McClellan, Ala.
The company consists of 84 en
listed men and four officers. S. A.
Carswell is Captain and comman
der. The other officers are: 1st Lt.
Robert H. Winchester; 1st Lt.
Frank C. Boyd; and 2nd Lt. Albert
C. Jones.
The company will travel by train.
Large Sum
Spent From
Bond Fund
A report to the County Commis
sioners from W: M.. Corklll, Divis
ion Engineer, dated August 13,
1951, reveals that a total of $836,
!)31.88 was expended out of Bond
funds in Haywood county through
the period ending June 30, 151.
Sheriff Attending
Convention At
Carolina Beach
Sheriff Fred Campbell is out of
town this week attending the An
nual Sheriff's Convention at Caro
lina Beach In Wilmington. Ac
cording to deputy Carl, he
will return late Saturday or early
Sunday morning. '
Big Program Planned For
Masonic Summer Assembly
Masons from many states, togeth
er with their friends and families,
will -meet here Sunday at the ar
mory for a three day assembly of;
the Grand Council of Royal and ;
Select Masters of North Carolina. I
The occasion is the 10th of the;
annual series.
A registration committee of local ,
Masons will assign, beginning at
10 a.m. and running through 6 p.m.J
all who desire tourist homes, hotels,
and motels. At 8 p.m. a Union'
Service will be held at the First
Methodist church with Pastor J. E,
Yountz in charge.'
The Grand Council will be for
mally opened at 9:30 Monday morn
ing. At 3 p. m. the annual motor
cade to the Masonic Marker at
Black Camp Gap will be taken.
Grand Master Charles H. Pugh will
make the address.
Of Parkway A
oco Gap To JBe Opened Sept. !
Program interest this weekend at
the Lake Junaluska Methodist As
sembly centers on the coronation at
8 p.m. Saturday of the 1951 "Queen
of Junaluska," Miss Barbara Rus
sell of Greenville, N. C.
The colorful coronation pageant
an annual highlight in August for
years, will be out of the "Arabian
Nights" this time. A cast of 75 boys
and girls and adults, Including
members of the queen's court, will
Dick Crowder, recreation direct
or at the lake, will direct the pag
eant. Mrs, M., A. tyilson of Wash
ington, D. C., a former 4umlusk
queen, Is writing the script. Jim
Hamilton will be in charge of dec
orations, and James "Tank" Law
rence is serving as property man.
The 1950 queen, Mrs. James
Hart of Largo, Fla., will crown the
new. queen. Miss Betty Anne Rob
inson, runner-up in the queen's
election two weeks ago, will serve
Miss Russell as Maid of Honor.
Residents of the Waynesville
area are invited to atten dthe coro
nation. .. ,'
Everything today pointed to the
opening of a 4-mile section of the
Blue Ridge Parkway from Soco Gap
to "Mile-High Overlook" Cn Sep
tember first. This will be the first
paved section of the Parkway west
of Asheville,
Jim piott, construction engineer
for Nello Teer, contractor, raid that
the contractor, together with offi
cials of the Parkway, Bureau of
Public Roads, and the Pirk, are
working for the opening of the
4-mile link on September first. ,
, The project extends on to Black
Camp Gap, and work is being fin
ished on the paving of the remain
der of the link, but it will not be
ready for traffic until later, offi
cials said.
The second project from Black
Camp Gap to Heintooga has already
received two coats of stone, and
the third is about ready to be put
down. When both projects are
completed, it wijl afford a trip over
a paved road 11.6 miles back into
the heart of the Smokies, on a crest
of the mountain. The entire pro
ject Is expected to be open to the
public by late fall.
Officials plan to erect a sign at
the entrance at Soco Gap telling
the public that a 4-mile trip on the
new road can be made. The "Mile
High Overlook" derived its name
from the fact that it is exactly
5,280 feet above sea level an even
mile. From this point, one can see
for many mites into the Smokies,
and southward into the Balsam
Both projects are costing about
$335,000 each. The first project
from Soco Gap to Black Camp Gap
was awarded to Nello Teer, while
the link from Black Camp Gap to
Heintooga went to the Gatllnburg
Conduction Company, Thq. nionay
for the projects,; in part, was in a
large measure due to the efforts of
Rep. Monroe M? Redden and Sena
tor Clyde R. Hoey. working through
the N. s C. Park Commission, of
which Charles E. Ray was chair-t
man at the time,
Joseph Todd is project engineer
for the Bureau of Public Roads.
Three officials were here Wed
nesday on an official inspection of
the projects. They were Engineer
Arbule; F, W. Cron, engineer for
the Bureau of Public Roads, and
William Wilhelim, engineer for the
Park Service. '
Steel Placed For New Baptist Auditorium
1 L : - - x '
i - V ; - v -'J
- - Mill Mill, .... I
Group Newspaper Folk To
Visit Area On Saturday
Young Democrats
To Meet Monday
Instead Of Friday
"The meeting of the Young Demo
crats of Haywood county, originally
scheduled . for Friday night, has
been postponed until Monday night.
Glenn Brown, county chairman,
announced yesterday. The place
and time, 8 p.m. In the Court Room
in Waynesville, remains the same.
In addition to electing; officers
for the coming year; and selecting
delegates to the State Young Dem
ocratic Convention, the young
Democrats will discuss organization
on a precinct level for the 1952
elections. -
All Democrats who are young but
over 18, are urged by Mr. Brown
to attend the Monday meeting.
More . than 100 members of the
Carollnas Advertising Executive
committee, will visit this commun
iyt Saturday afternoon enroute to
the Cherokee drama. .
The group will come here from
their convention in Asheville, and
drive thronugh Waynesville about
four o'clock. Then they will go to
Lake Junaluska for a brief stop,
and refreshments as a courtesy of
the Assembly. By special request,
many of the members asked for the
privilege of seeing Lake Junaluska,
from the Cross hill. Last year the
North Carolina Press Association
made the same trip, and it proved
a highlight of scenic beauty for
The group will visit the auditor
ium and chapel, where they will be
greeted by officials of the Assoti
bly. Organ music will be played
during their stay at the Lake.
From Junaluska they will go to
Mount Valley Inn for dinner, and
then on to Cherokee for the drama.
..The last of the 80 t,ons of steel necessary in the construction or. the First Baptist church auditorium
was put into place this morning. This picture made Wednesday shows, workmen In the network of
steel under the 52-foot crane. The top of the steel truss Is more than 40 feet high. The building
today plans were to have the walls up, and roof on within 30 days. (Staff Photo),
committee said
Speakers At Masonic Assembly
A team from East Tennessee,
with B. E. Weeten in charge, will
exemplify the super excellent
masters degree during the evening
program,' beginning' at 8 p.m.
On Tuesday at 9:30 the Grand
Council will be formally closed,
but activity will continue with a
conducted tour of the plant at
Ecusta. The Masonic annual pic
nic, to be enjoyed by everyone,
Masons, friends, and families, is.
at 6 p.m. Varied entertainment
will follow the picnic.
At 8 p.m. the grand master of
Masons of Tennessee will address
the group. His address will clqse
the assembly.
Everyone is invited by the local
Masons to attend the caravan to the
Masonic Marker on Monday, and
to participate in the picnic at Camp
Hope on Tuesday.
V"V f - d 1
i xi J I ; , - f; :
f ' ' ' - P :
Jl LA L-i'mJ
Monday afternoon at the Masonic Marker at Black Camp Gap,
Charles H. Pugh, Most Illustrious Companion, and Grand Master
of Royal and Select Masters of North Carolina, will make the an
nual address. On Tuesday at the Camp Hope picnic, Most Wor
shipful Wallace Phelan Douglas, grand master of Masons in Ten
nessee will be the speaker.
Registration Dates
Announced For
Waynesville High
The registration schedule at Way
nesville District High School, was
announced recently . by Principal
C. E, Weatherby,
On Auguht 21, Tuesday, the 12th
grade , will register, followed next
day, August 22, by the 11th grade.
On. August 23. the 10th grade will
present itself, and on August 24 it
will be the turn of the 9th grade.
The 8th grade will wait until Aug
ust 27, Monday. The hours of reg
istration are from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
A meeting of Waynesville Dis
trict high school teachers is set for
Tuesday, August 28th. The place
will be the Waynesville High School
auditorium, and the time is 2 p.m.
Principal Weatherby said that he
was expecting a combined enroll
ment exceeding 1,200 in junior and
senior high schools. Between 285 , only 395,433
Check Flashers At Work
In Area, Police Report
State Bulletin
Confirms Local
Tourist Increase
The Stale Advertising Bulletin
of . August 11 confirms the facts
recently published in the Moun
taineer that tourist business in
Waynesville is up 25 per cent over
last year, and that inquiries from
tourists at the Chamber of Com
merce are four limes greater than
last year.
Some other figures of local in
terest are also presented by the
Bulletin. July attendance, for ex
ample, al Great Smoky Mountains
National Park - was 45'3,474,' while
in the same month last year It was
and 300 freshmen are expected,
which will more tHan compensate
for the 117 seniors graduated last
Mrs. Harry E. Jaynes and daugh
ter, Deborah Sue, of Monroe are
guests of Mr. and Mrs. James Hugh
Blue Ridge Parkway visitors tot
aled 440.071 as compared with
348.548 in July last year. "Unto
These Mills" has played to over
75,000 through the' first week of
August which is more than 15,000
over i he period last year. A new
record at the drama was set on
August 4th, when 3,653 attended.
Haywood Baptists To Hold
66th Annual Meeting Of
Association Next Week
The 66th annual , session of the
Haywood - Baptist- Association "will
convene Tuesday and Wednesday
at Canton First, Woodland and
Clyde Baptist Churches. The theme
fpr the session is "The Whole Gos
pel For The Whole World."
Chairman of the Program Com
mittee is M, L. Lewis. Moderator
will be Ben Lee Ray, and Vice
Moderator Avery Peek,
The program will begin Tuesday
morning at 9:45 at the First Baptist
Church of Canton. Various business
matters will be discussed and brief
talks given on; "The whole gos
pel in Haywood Association, Stale
Missions, Home Missions, Foreign
Missions, and through the co-operative
program." The annual sermon
will be presented at 11:50 by Rev.
A. M. Wyatt.
Tuesday's afternoon program,
also at Canton, will feature discus
sions of the "Whole Gospel in the
Sunday School, in the Training
Union, in the Brotherhood, and in
the- W.M.U?- Offlccrs-'wiir also be
elected and installed."
The evening program will be
held at Woodland Baptist Church.
Haywood Baptist history will be
related by Mr. R. E. Sentelle, and
The Whole Gospel in Evangelism
will be discussed by Rev. G. E.
Clyde Baptist Church will be the
scene of .Wednesday morning activ
ity. Various subjects include:
Christian Literature, Christian
Education, the American Bihle So
ciety, and Temperance and 'Good
Morals. A Doctrinal Sermon will be
delivered hy Rev, E. T. Erwin.
, Wednesday afternoon session will
again convene at Clyde. Business
largely will be the order of the day,
but at 3 p.m. an Inspirational Ad
dress will be given by Rev. Joe
Miller. According to Miss Esther
Mae Gibson, clerk of the Associa
tion, a Digest of Letters will also
be on the program.
Local citizens were warned to
day by Chief of Police Orvllle No
land that check flashers were at
work here.
"Two people, a man and a wo
man have already passttd two
worthless checks in business plat
es," the police said.
"The checks are made out on a
construction firm, and are repre
sented as being payroll checks.
The checks look like good ones, but
the bank in the town on which tho
checks was drawn said there Is
such firm.'l Chief Noland addei.
Citizens were advised, to be cm
the look but for such practices, and
to contact the police in the case tf
suspicion. The man wanted here l
about 30 years old, Chief Nolimd
said, and the woman with hi:n Is a
little older.
The forged checks given hero
were at a drug store and a service
"The 'flashers' usually have a sai
story to tell as they ask for tho
check to be cashed," the polic
W. I. Millar Will
Practice Law Hero
Willam I. Millar was among tat
78 to pass the State Bar Examina
tion recently. He is the son of Mr.
and .Mrs. W. . F. Millar.
Mr. Millar received his AB da
gree from Duke two years ago, and
his LLB degree there this past
June- , '
He plans to practice here in Way.
Record For
' In Haywood
(To Date)
Killed . . . 2
Injured . . . . 35
(This information com
piled from Recordd Oi
State Highway Patrol)

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