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I News
I u
|Tsk, Chief
jyye com* t0 ? pretty
Ken a newly elected town
? deliberately flouts the
? thai town, but the evidence
Kaui Street, plain for any
?ecTin a space designated
? "Reserved tor Assistant
- is the truck belonging
Kpfaief Felix Stovall.
K stovall promises to get
K one of these days to chang
K sign to fit his promotion.!
Hj Keturns On
? is a successful bank
s' jew tunes rias ne ever
?,;, unwise move on tiiiariciai
B. n,t ouier uay, n?s en
? ovei Miauoweu nis busi
?uagiiieiu. as ne vemurea ui
? nun was aDsoiuieiy new
? lay's grandson, Tom Camp
?ii. u> a meinour 01 ine 'lan
? League Daseban team.
Bims season, me iviayor niaae
Benoson the proposition: "For
I mi you get, in give you a
it sounded fair enough to the
second baseman. He went a
jis piay sei tousiy, and in one
loin gatnt'ied live hits,
in oaiiKer s language, was
good interest, and return
? investment.
youngster s steady hitting
it his grandiailier s pocKet
otten, out the banker still
he made a go id investment,
li as a good proposition to his
ering Up
painter was re-painting the
1 of the cells of the jail, and
ing up scores of names of
who had occupied the cells,
ift liieir "marks" on the walls,
luded among the names were
rous drawings?some clever,
that looked like the work of
ssionals, and some that were
t for the public to view,
e painter doing the work is
naking any charge?he is a
er by trade, and is ifvilding
' applying the brush, rather
breaking up rocka.
lynesville Man
Its Runaway
r In Asheville
allon VVillett of Waynesville,
;r for Smoky Mountain Trail
narrowly averted possible
ius damage by preventing a
way car from colliding with
rked car in Asheville Monday
illett's bus was traveling south
Charlotte Street, when he saw
automobile slip out of its
n? space and head toward
Iter new car. Jamming on his
gency brake, he succeeded in
ng out of his bus and into the
way in time to stop it barely
?t from the other automobile.
tah Motor Road
rovement Begun;
Be Paved Later
bh work already begun on the
sh Motor road between Wagon
I flap and the paved road be
Ibsgah Itin, Ranger Ted Seely
'bis week that the route
Id be in good shape for travel
ng the weekend.
ie present work is being done
the Forest Service, Pisgah
'T Seely said, but the assist
of the slate Highway depart
' 1 expected. The road is to
?ved. possibly this fall.
Flizabeth Glavich left Sat
'or Harlinan. Tex., where
w"1 have a position with the
x Baptist Hospital as Labora
and X rav technlcan. She has
' rmPloyed with the health de
r-nt here for the past 18
??I ??
The Waynesyille Mountaineer j
bat It Mire influence* the un
Published Twice-A-Wcek In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park g q
68th YEAR no l?u IV\<;ks ?Asaociated Pre* WAYNESVILLK, r c, Till KSOAY AFTERNOON JULY 30, 1053 $34)0 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson CountW
Enos R. Boyd Named As Postmaster
World Group
Making Lake
Lake Junaluska has been pro
visionally accepted as American
headquarters of the World Metno
dist Council, an Associated Press
dispatch from England reports.
The council also agreed to hold
its next meeting at Lake Junaluska
in September, 1956.
Dr. Elmer T. Clark was appoint
ed fraternal delegate for the Aug
ust 1954 meeting ol the executive
'tne plan to set up American
headquarters at Junaluska was
discussed at the closing meeting
of the executive council and ap
proved in principle.
Record Crowd At
Beaverdam Opens
CDP Field Days
One of the largest crowds to as
semble at an opening Community
Development Program field day
gathered yesterday at Beaverdam
when that community were hosts
to Iron Duff residents. The guest
community brought 109 persons on
the tour, to be joined by 138 from
Beaverdam and another 21 guests
including visitors from South
Carolina and Florida. The total of
268 was well above last year's
average attendance of 242, and
jammed the auditorium of the
Beaverdam school, where singing
events were held.
The second of the inter-com
munity field days will take place
Saturday, when Aliens Creek en
tertains Morning Star. Alle
Vreek ' ?s Bill Hembree;
and Johnny Williams is Morning
Star's chairman.
The two groups will assemble at
Aliens Creek school at 9:30 a. m.
to proceed to the Rocky Branch
Baptist Church and to the Rocky
Branch Freewill Baptist Church,
and on to Big Cove road.
Visitors wil lobserve the hogs
and cooking vat of Rufus Siler
and the pasture and fish pond of
Harry Hembree before they con
tinue to the Grandview Heights
development. An inspction of the
(See Record Crowd?Page 2)
Power Here To ?
Be Off Sunday
Afternoon 2 to 5
Electric power win ne turned
off Sunday afternoon, August
2, from 2 to 5 p.m. in the town
of Wa.vnesville, it was announced
today by G. C. Ferguson, Town
Manager. The cooperation and
patience of the townspeople are
asked by the Carolina Light and
Power Company who find it nec
essary to do much needed emer
gency repair work at the sub
the most active and unusual ministers in Western North Carolina,
have resigned their post on doctor's orders as co-pastors of the
Free Methodist Church, Waynesville, after 11 years of pioneer
work in the Great Sinokv Mountains. They will be succeeded b.v
the Rev. Paul O. Flder, Gainesville, Ga.. former superintendent
of the GcorKia-C*irolina Free Methodist Conference. He will take
over his new duties Thursday.
3 Mountain Churches
Begun By Women Pastors
i _ *
U> t lllfis'l INK HAEHMANN
St.) fT Writer
l'lonccr service, adventure and
vision for bringing something fine
out of nothing are the ingredients
of the story of Miss Charlotte
Bishop and Miss Ruth Gruber, co
pastors of the Free Methodist
Church in Waynesville, who are
leaving this community this week,
because of ill health.
It was It years ago that Miss
Gruber, a secretary, and Miss
Bishop, a nurse, were called from
the professional and business world
of Atlanta. Ga., to go ? ut on faith
"into the highways and hedges to
carry the glad tidings of Salva
In Miss Gruber's own words,
We started at Murphy in an old,
abandoned honky-tonk, formerly
1 used for a dance hall. Our Fast
Prayer Band was organized, which
has been kept alive through these
years, in Murphy, Andrews and
Waynesville After two and a half
years full of adventure and thrill
ing experiences for Cfirist and
souls, we felt Him leading us up
to Andrews.
"There in another old building,
formerly used for bootlegging
purposes, we launched pioneer ef
forts for 'diamonds in the roogh',
of which there was no scarcity! The
first Sunday there were 36 in Sun
day School; from then on in the
100-year-old hou^e where we lived
and worshipped, the attendance
jumped by leaps and bounds, to a
peak of 131 that winter.
"One Sunday a boy came gallop
ing up to Sunday School on horse
back The next Sunday the -bank
president camp in a Cadillac that
looked like a Pullman Coach to see
what was happening in the 'holler,'
put a $10 bill in the collection and
left us gasping."
These women with a vision still i
had a dream of building a new
I " ? 1 ' ? . ' ~ ' " * J
Forestry Group
Arriving Sunday
At Camp Hope
Some SO farm lads from all
parts of North Carolina will ar
rive at Camp Hope Sunday for
! a week's training in forestry.
I The camp is held by several
: state agencies and is sponsored
by a number of wood-using con
cerns. Champion Paper and
Fibre Company is providing use
of their camp.
The bovs attending the ses
sions were picked because of
proven ability in promoting for
estry conservation measures.
James R. Hubbard of the de
partment of Concervation and
Development is camp director.
Canton Bus Lines Taken
Over By Brownings
Joe Browning and son Robert,
will take over fhe operation of the
Canton City Bus Lines Saturday,
it was announced yesterday. They
have .closed negotiations with
Charles H. Branson and the Town
of Canton for transfer of the fran
chise and the buses to the new
j owners.
Mr. Branson secured the fran
chise some years ago, and has been
operating the lines since that time,
serving a wide area in this com
munity. Mr. Branson, however, has
been confined to a hospital since
the latter part of Novemhew and
is unable to carry on the business.
Mrs. Edward Gillian and Mrs.
Vernon Collier of Big Stone Gap.
Va. were guests of Miss Agnes
Hubble this week.
County Teacher List Given
For Ensuing School Year
With a few vacancies yet to he
filled, announcement was made
today of the teacher list for the
coming year in the Haywood
County School system. School
open August 25.
High school and ' elementary
supervisors are Grace A. Stainey
and Belle F. Ratcliffe
M. H. Bowles is Waynesville dis
trict superintendent, and C. K.
Weafherhy principal of the Way
nesville Township High School.
Others on the Waynesville district
staff are Virginia McClure, Ethel
C. Sloan. Ruth Barnard, Margaret
J. Terrell, Frances Finger. Mari
etta W. Campbell, Doris L. Moore.
Helen Cable. Clyde Evans. Har
riett. E. Phoenix, Mary Emma
Weatherby, Betty H Edwards,
Margaret Chambers, Charfes L.
Isley, Jr., Robert A. Campbell.
And Alma Jackson. William F 1
Swift, Jr., Bruce Jayncs, Elizabeth
McConnell, Mrs. J. C. Patrick, Mrs.
Amelia Leatherwood, Lucy T.
Boyd, John H. Nesbitt, Lois Jean !
Buckner, Harriett B. Webster. (
Margaret Perry. Wanda Gibson, I
Nancy Killian, Ova P. Ferguson, |
Mary Katherine Hamilton, Bessie
Sue Francis, Coralee Mozeley,
Betty B. Cabe. Pauline D. Dillard. 1
Sam L. Oueen, Jr., Roy Haupt.
Sara W. Murray, William Massey. [
LojSun G. Cooper, Bessie Boyd, j
Mary M Queen.
And Carl H Ratcliffe, Annie P |
Ledbctter. Bill Powell, Eva P |
Cole. Irene fJrant, I<ois Harrold,
(Mela B. Huneycutt, Eula Palter
'?on. Lucille W Davis, lna H Du
vall. Elise W McCracken, Daisy
Bovd. Mary Lou L. Moody, Mrs.
Samuel Knight. Gussie M. Palmer,
Mildred Rhinehart. Comi B Slam
ey. Lois B. Hendrv. Mildred Dean.
Beatrice P Gibson, Hilda Craw
ford. Kenneth Hannah, Hattie
Louise Phoenix, Margaret Boyd
And Claude W. Rogers, Maye D.
Boyd, Louisa M. Boyd. Erma Pat
terson, Grace F. Do! in, Mrs. Rob
ert Evans, Bonnie T. Howell.
Mildred C. Lee, Christine H. Har
roll, Claudia B Leatherwood. Mary
Reed Moore, Peggy McCracken,
Frank L Rogers, Maye Burr M.
Davis. Mayme L. Seay, Frances
Robeson. Lura Mae N. Connatser,
Evalee S. Fulbright, Frances L.
Ratcliffe. Kathleen Nash.
And Jesse C. James, Charlotte
L. Klrkpatrick, Jessie P. Howell.
Doris M. Tucker, Dorothy J. Davis,
Estelle S. Allison, Eddie W. Boyd,
Ruth S. Noland. Edna N. Terrell,
Flora R. Ballinger, Freda F.
Jaynes. Edna M. Burress, Rulh L.
Reed. Marguerite Carver, Norval
W. Rogers. Ruth M. Henry, Iowa
F. Boyd. Stella Moody, Mary Ann
B. Angel, Dorothy Caldwell,
Frankle B. Ferguson, Barbara B.
Burgin. Merel F. Stamey, Edna F.
(See Teaeher??Fsre 2)
lursday and Friday ? Partly
to and continued hot and
id with widely scattered after
> or evening thundershower*.
'?Ticial Waynesvtlle tempera
M compiled by the SUte Teat
^ Max. Min. Rainfall
27 8 4 53
28 88 55
29 89 5? .01 I
Col. J. H. Howell Retires
Following Distinguished
Public Service Career
The rvureutou. u. ? cel. J. H.
Hi/Will butl' >t?US iil'I'Vlli' iis f
f UalllidMl l- Ui W'tJIICBVUlt' Will
nave uie way 0|it.a ior lurtiivi
X'lVicCii lu Ilia li'now CuUXUs, UK' j
cmuuti Hopes.
1 ne activities essential to man
agement 01 uie "Dig Dusincss 10
w nit 11 uit- i'OAt Oti.ce nas hi own
aiuce lie loos on ice in uie spuiig,
01 uji nave preventeu nan ?iwu>
taxing as active a part as hi
vvouiu have iist-u in various civic
enterprises. mow, however, tic
says tie s "going to sit lor ahoui
two weens auu lnen iiugnl start
lot King, in other worus, nc ran
i fttii n to some ot tut- piwii alio
county enterprises near u> nis
mail and to nis law practice.
At tlie tnnc Col. Howell assum
ed uirection of the Post Olltce, ic
ceipts from postage, box rent and
econd and third class matting
tame lo not much more than $i.i.
000. Paralleling the growth ot tlie
area it serves, the Post til lire in
come from these sources in 1960
was over $02,000 ? more than
five times as large as in 1933.
Money orders have doubted over
the same period. During the first
six months of 1934 Col. Howell
noted that orders totaled just nvt-r
$100,000. Kor the same period this
year the total Is $201,753.
Postal savings, which, as Col.
Howell observes, reflect the
i "rainy-day" precautions of the
public, had an average daily bal
ance shortly after the Depression
of approximately $40,000, Nowa
I days they conge to considerably
Lover a quarter of a million dol
| lars.
i Naturally, a growth in business
! has been reflected by a growth in
personnel of the department. Tht
; three regular clerks, with anothei
as substitute, have become seven
i clerks and a substitute.
City deliveries made by one reg
ular carrier with the aid of an
auxiliary man have increased to
the point of requiring two regular
carriers and an auxiliary.
But it is of the rural mail de
livery service that Col. Howell is
particularly proud. "Wo started
off," he said, "with two rural j
routes covering 111 miles. As roads i
improved, we made every possible
effort to give service to as many
as possible of the people in the
rural areas. We now have four
routes covering 254 miles."
Col. Howell did a moment's
quick figuring on the mileage ne- I
cessitated by the recent discon
tinuance of the Cove Creek Posi '
Office. He estimated that some fib I
miles more had now to be handled |
by carrier. "But that still leaves i
us 194 miles, which means that we
extended our rural coverage 83 '
miles in 19 years.
Rural routes now serve 1877 '
boxes?"and you can do your own I
arithmetic on how many people
that represents," the Colonel said i
(See Howell?Page 2)
? ? *_
Salvation Army
Annual Singing
Set For Sunday
liir 17(h annual singing and
Minimi.mi Ui|i gathering" of the
Salvation Army Mountain Mis
sion will be hold near Max Patch
on Sunday, The event is day
long, running from 10 a. m. to
4 p. m.
A detailed story and more
than a half page of pictures of
the occasion will he found on the
front page of the third section
of today's Mountaineer.
School Bus Driver
Test Scheduled
Prospective County school bus
drivers Who do not have school bus
drivers' licenses may apply for
I hem on Friday, August 7, at 9
a. m., Superintendent Lawrence
Leatherwood announced today.
Carroll Angel, school bus driver
examiner from the State Highway
Safety Division will be at the
county school bus garage in Way
ncsville at that time.
All persons applying for the bus
drivers' licenses must have North
Carolina drivers' licenses. ,
Several vacancies are to be fill
ed among the county's 54 school
bus positions.
Low Bids Received
On 19-23 Surfacing
Bids on improvement of US 19
and 23 between Candler and Can
ton were received this week by
I he State Highway Commission.
Sloan Construction Company, Inc.,
of (ireenville, S. C., submitted a
low hid for work which included
bituminous concrete binder and
surfacing on (his already-complet
ed section of the highway.
The Commission meets today to
review the low bids.
A MASS OF ROOTS obstructed 60 per cent of a
24-inch newer line on the edge of Lake Juna
luska. last week-end. workmen found. In work
ins on the line. Shown above, in the pile of mat
ted roots, almost solid as wood, which was re
moved from the line. Some of the mats arfr 12
inches thick, and were 10 feet long. The roots
were from a nearby Willow tree. Also found in
the line, was a log of wood, which had been put
in a manhole on the Lake property. Shown
looking at the mass of obstruction material is
Clem Fitzgerald. (Mountaineer Photo). ,
Will Take
Over Duties
On Friday
fcnos K. Boyd oecn nilmed
acting poai.daj.itr 01 uic vvay
..c?,iuc poai oiuce, e elective
out uuu.. *nu-y. lit Wui aUc.
cccti o. a. uowto. who lias serveu
?<* po.iuuu.ier lor u,e ,
iv" boya win assume office on
nis aaiu, oil ii,aay?and Juiy a,
-iao Maries ii,e aay Ik- enteieu the
*"?y m woiid war n lor lour
n.e new acting postmaster, son
f me. auu Mrs. u.eun A. t?oyd, oi
Jonamaus Creta, graauaied Horn
u.e W'aynesvine mgn schooi in
taoa, auu men resumed ins auties
on uie lam, until |,e entered ser
vice in August ling. j,e was soon
sent to iik* European theatre, anu
there win, an armored division,
saw action in Germany ana
trance. i,e received his discharge
in 11146.
Alter his return home. Ire be
came connected with the Mountain
supply Company, agents tor trac
tois and tann equipment. Wiien
the firm was sold to bd Mottinger.
and the name changed to Waynes
villc iractor Company, Mr. Boyd
continued will, the firm until his
jtsignation upon being appointed
to tne post ol 1 ice position.
He has been spending much of
ins time for the past few days in
consultation with Postmaster tlow
cli. and others, getting acquainted
with the routine matters of the of
He married Miss Helen Jewel I
Robinson in October 1951 They
make their home on Boundary
Mr. Boyd is a member of the
Kiwanis club, and served as a di
rector in 1952. He is also a member
| of the Shady Grove Methodist
[ Mr. Boyd's father has long been
an active leader in the Republican
party, having served on many oc
casions as chairman of the county
executive committee, as well as
district snd state posts of the
The newly appointed potmaster
had the backing and endorsements
of Republican leaders of the coun
ty. district and state.
Serious Fire In
Center Of Canton
The American Cleaners, B7
Main Street, Canton, had a severe
fire at 5 a m Thursday morning
A 2-story brick building about 50
by 100 feet, most of the inside of
I he two upper floors, excepting the
basement, were burned out and
considerable laundry and dry
cleaning equipment was badly dam
aged, The laundry is owned by R
T. Lanning.
The building is in the heart of
the business district, No adjoining
buildings, however, were damaged
due to the intense efforts of t!i,e 15
inan volunteer night crew who
fought the flames II took about an
hour to subdue the fire under the
leadership of Dick Setzer Fin
Chief. '
Mr. and Mrs. Karl I,a Rarr and
son. Mike of Kustis, Florida are
spending ten days al the summer
colony of the University of Miami
at Balsam.
(Mountaineer Photo?
_ _________ *
Must Have
Board Says
Parents wore reminded today by
the County Health Department and
by the Board of Education that the
time is growing short for required
immunization of children who will
enter school for the first time this
?fall. School opens August 25. Chil
dren who l avf jlfot already receiv
ed their inoculations for dtptbei
fa, whooping dough and.aCuallpox
are required by state law to have
these "shots" before they are ad
mitted to any school.
At the same time the children
may receive inoculations for ty
phoid and tetanus.
Inoculations may be given by
the family physician or by the
Health Department.
Pre-school immunization clinics
arc scheduled by the Health De
partment on Wednesday from
8:30 to 12 and from 1:30 to 430
Other Health Department clinics
are as follows: Mondays, general
clinic for food handlers and others
requiring blood tests; Mondays
and Thursdays, X-ray clinic for
food handlers and persons refer
red by physicians or welfare
workers the second Tuesday of
each month, 1-3 p. m., "well-baby"
cjinic for persons referred by
physicians or welfare workers;
and at Canton on Tuesdays, a gen
eral clinic Hours at all clinics are
| 3:30 a. m. to noon and 1:30 to 4.30
! p. m. unless otherwise stated.
I '
Damtoft Named Head
Of Forest Committee
I ? . .<
W. ,f. Damtoft of Champion
Paper and Fibre Company was
named chairman of the fnrestiy
committer at the midsummer meet
ing of the State Board of Conserv
ation and Development this week.
Governor Umstead presided over
the opening session of the group.
Park Theatre Premiere
Features 3-Dimension Film
The first 3 D movies west of
Asheville will ho shown at the
Park Theatre for three days begin
ning Sunday. J. E. Massie, owner,
announced today.
Tne .picture scheduled Is "Fort
Ti," described as the first big out
door epic made in three dimen
sions, and is in Technicolor.
The la'test type of three-dimen
sional equipment is being install
ed, according to Mr. Massie, and
is said to be superior to earlier
The theatre will supply the
Polaroid viewing glasses necessary
to produce the effect of depth
characteristic of the 3-D films. Mr.
Massie states that plastic frames
are available instead of the usual
cardboard viewers.
Now on order for the theatre
is the new "Panoramic" screen, or
"Cinemascope Miracle Mirror"
screen, which will present the pic
ture on a curved screen. The new
screen will be approximately twice
as wide as the present one, filling
the entire stage space. A portion
of the sides of the present stage
will be removed to accommodate
Mr. Massie plans to present 3-D
films about twice a month.
Record For
In Haywood
(To Dale)
Killed . .;; 3
Injured.... 32
(This Information com
piled from Records at
State Highway Patrol.)

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