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The Waynesville Mountaineer s&ez !
Published Twiee-A-Week In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park ? Q , ? '1
1 68th YEAR NO. 63 14 PAGES Associated Press WAYNESVILLE, N. C? MONDAY AFTERNOON, AUGUST 3, 1J53 $3.00 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson"Counts
3 Paving Projects Approved In Pisgah
NEW POSTMASTER Enos R. Boyd (center) is
handed the keys to the post office hv Col. J. H.
Howell, left, who retired as postmaster on Fri
day afternoon. Mr. Boyd was appointed to the
post, Looking on from the right is Herman Fran
cis. assistant postmaster here for the past sev
eral years.
(Mountaineer Photoi.
! C
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stances And Use
t?i 10 ie*ve u?e names
f 1^0 visum* gOlluis, a
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soil oi an men.
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use sutn pioianuy you
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s soon as ne reveais
lounu it.
us enures is maintenance
worn on tne b-mue
. Very oiten he has to
Usiacies clogging the
?r day he turned up the
mined perfectly good
? - 'iook nice new," ne
ders if anybody recalls
iln enougn violence to
e teeth down the drain,
e won t be surprised at
le linds ill the sewer
H'le on. Justnbout any
will lloat temporarily
d down through the big
lent Rifles Ready For
iloochee Beef Shoot
lnr?t t c itv r
? ? a?r ?? C5fC. 61
Picture?Page 8)
ent long-barreled rifles
kies are getting the last
?It 'n' polish'' before
nance at the beef shoot
at Calaloochee Ranch,
sharpshooters, who can
eye out of a squirrel.
-Partly cloudy and sul
cattercd afternoon and
thundcrshowers. Tues
nucd hot and sultry with
ifternoon thundershow
Vaynesville temperature
I by the State Test Farm.
Max. Min. Rainfall
I 86 63 ?
1 88 65 ?
\ - 90 62 ?
88 60 ?
if you'll just tell them which eye,"
as well as lads in their teens who
give promise of besting their dad's
records, are making sure that all
is in readiness for the match.
Contestants make their own tar
gets. because the deciding factor
is not the size of the hull's eye but
the closeness of the pattern of the
three bullets. Bullets themselves
may be individually molded on an
open hearth.
Official starting time for the
match is 0 a. m. but contestants
and eager spectators often start
the steep ascent to Mile-High Cat
aloochee Ranch in the mists of
early morning. The road turns off
US 19 near Maggie.
The "beef" which gives the shoot
Its name is a steer, provided by
Cataloochee's owner Tom Alex
ander. Prize winners each receive
a quarter of beef, which they may
take home with them, trade off to
other winners, or, as has happen-i
ed. resell to donor Alexander.
The rifles used in the match are
relics of the wilderness days of
the area. They were originally
used to kill game for the table, as
well as to protect the lonely home
steaders from marauding bears or
(More pictures on front page of
second section. ?
i Construction
Started On
Four Main
Street Stores
Construction was scheduled to
begin today ot}. /our new stores on
the lot at th" corner of Main and
Academy Streets. The new stores
will be similar in design and con
struction as the two which were
! completed last year. All four of
I the new buildings will face Main
Mrs. I. J. Londner, of Washing
ton .together with her brothers,
Sol and Forney Shulman, own
the property, and are building the
new structures under a contract
1 'with the W. B. Dillard Construc
j tion Company.
One of the new buildings will be
forty by eighty-fice feet, and the
other three will each be twenty
feet wide, and eighty-five feet long.
The buildings will be one story,
without basement.
The contract calls for comple
tion of the four units by January
[ or the first of February.
Haywood Street
Is Being Widened
Town workmen are widening
Haywood Street between Miller
and Depot Streets. The street will
be made t!) feet wider, plus a 5
foot sidewalk at Depot, and he
gins at the Howell Motor Com
G. C. Ferguson, town manager,
said that the work would take a
bout two or three weeks.'
Jealous Suitor Pumps 14
Bullets In Couple; Kills
Young Man, Girl Lingers
Record Inserts
An editorial from the Moun
taineer has been reprinted in the
Congressional Record by Repre
sentative George A. Shuford of
the 12th District of North Caro
The editorial quoted appeared
in the Mountaineer on July 23,
under the heading, "Almost lln- |
believable Growth." and discus
ses the development of the Blue
Ridge Parkway and the Great
Smoky Mountains National Park. |
In introducing thr editorial to
thr Record, Mr. Shuford stated: I
*'l wish to Include the following
editorial by Mr. W. Curtis Russ,
editor of the Waynesville Moon- {
taineer. Mr. Russ, through his
splendid paper. Is doing an ex- |
eellent iob in the development of
western Norlh Carolina. Ills per- ]
sistent efforts looking to the
completion of the Bine Ridge
Parkway and thr full develop
ment of the Great Smoky Moon- j
tains National Park deserve the
highest praise."
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smathers,
Jr. and daughters, l-owry and
Lura, of Miami are here for a
visit to Mr. Smathers' parents,
Judge and Mrs. Frank Smathers.
Their other daughters. Pam and
Ann. came to Waynesville last j
week with their grandparents.
Berlin Gunter will i>e cliarged
today. Sheriff Kred Campbell said,
of the murder of Bob Ford, 21.
who was shot six times with a 22
automataic rifle about 9 o'clock
Thursday night at Ml. Sterling.
Ford died Sunday in a Newport
Gunter has signed a statement
for the officers admitting the
shooting of Ford, and also of Miss
Pearl Sutton, 17, who was with
Ford at the time. Miss Sutton was
wounded eight times in the legs,
Sheriff Campbell said, and re
mains in a Newport Hospital, and
at last reports was "not getting
along so well."
Sheriff Campbell got a state
ment from Ford before the shot
man died. Ford said he heard
someone tap on the window, and
looked up and saw Gunter just
as he started firing the automatic
rifle through the window. Ford
was sitting next to Miss Sutton,
and fell backwards as two bullets
entered his body, and four his
Gunter is being held in the
Haywood county jail, jwhere he was
lodged shortly after his arrest a
bout one o'clock Friday morning
by Sheriff Campbell.
Gunter admitted that he shot
the couple because of jealousy.
Sheriff Campbell said that
Gunter had threatened the girl
about six o'ch?ek that afternoon,
saying: "I will shoot you if you
go with Ford again."
Both Ford and Gunter were em
ployed on the construction of the
Pigeon River Road project. Ford
was a native of Cosby, Tenn.
Sheriff Campbell said he plans
to gel a statement from Miss Sut
ton either today or tomorrow,
pending her condition. She Is from
Danrtdge, Tenn.
Salvation Army Attracts
Some 3,000 For
Mountain Top Singing
An estimated 3.000 people from 1
16 states and Canada climbed In
a mountain top some 4,660 feet
high Sunday for the 17th Annual
Singing Convention held by the,
Salvation Army.
Tourists and natives gathered on
Max Patch to hear as guest speak-'
| cr Commissioner William Dray, of
Atlanta, territorial commander of,
the Army.
Captain James Henry, Command
ing Officer of the Asheville Salva
tion Army, acted, as master of cere
monies for about 12 singing groups
who took part.
One of the highlights in enter
tainment was Panhandle Pete who
"held the crowd spellbound."
Everyone gathered on the very top
of the mouhtain and stood per
fects quiet during his whole per
In Ihp afternoon all singing
groups gathered at the cemetery
and had a huge mass singing while
Ihe graves were being decorated.
Ali arrangements were under the
direction of Major Cecil Brown and
lier staff of workers. Major Brown
expressed satisfaction over the
lay's events but. said that they
vere "already making even bigger
ilans for next year." She hopes
o have better parking facilities,
ind perhaps even an actual parking
>rca. More concession stands arc
<lso planned for drinks and food.
Appreciation was also expressed
o all the participating singers, to
;he live State Highway Patrolmen
>n duty, and to Haywood County's '
Sheriff Fred Campbell and Madison j
(See |?a|vatton Army?Page II
Forest Roads
To Be Paved
The addition of $371,000 in ap
propriations by Congress (or the
Blue ltidge Parkway, will assure
the completion and paving of the
11-mile link from Wagon Road
Gap to Beech Gap, in Pisgah, it
was learned (his morning from an
The same official told The
Mountaineer this morning that it
is understood that the State High
way Commission will surface treat
the Vanderbilt Motor Koad from
Elk Pasture Gap to Wagon Koad
Gap. This road is often called the
Mt. Pisgah Motor Road. The High
way Commission also plans to pave
the road through Sherwood For
est, in cooperation with the Forest
Service, from Beech Gap to Lake
Logan. The road from Lake Lo
gan to U. S. 276 is already paved.
The completion of these pro
jects would give one of the best
scenic drives in the state, it was
said. The route could start at
Candler, to Elk Pasture, Wagon
Road Gap. Beech Gap, Sherwood
Forest. Lake Logan, Bethel, and
on to Waynesville.
With the increased appropria
tions, officials now feel that pav
ing can start next spring on the
Parkway, Pisgah, and Sherwood
The paving of the Parkway link
will open up the Tennessee Bald.
Devil's Court House, and other
scenic spots In the area.
The final appropriation was
$852,300. This Is $371,000 more
than set up by the House for the
Plans are to build an overhead
bridge and three miles of Park
way near Blowing Rock, and
through the Cone Estate.
Attendance Rises
As CDP Field Days
Enter 2nd Week
With four more Community De
velopment Program field days
scheduled during the week, attend
ance for the season promises to he
higher than that for last year.
One change has been made in
this week's schedule. Saunook will
visit Morning Star on Saturday.
August 8, Instead of on Friday
Other tours this week will include
Francis Cove to Hominy on Wed
nesday, Thlckety to Iron Dull on
Thursday and West Pigeon to
South Clyde on Saturday.
Tentative Itineraries for the
Hominy and Iron Duff tours are
as follows:
August 5 at 9:30 a m. Francis
Cove and Hominy residents meet
at the Plains Methodist Church.
Visits will be paid to the home of
Hugh Keener to see the flowers and
lawn; to Glenn Parker's new
house; to Porter Bro.vles' Demons
tration farm, to Fred Mann's to
see turkeys, corn, tobacco and pos
sibly automatic hay haling opera
tions; to Robert Holland's remod
eled home; and to Herschel llipps
to look at his sheep. Following a
drive up to Newfound Gap. the
group will go back to the church
for lunch and on to the Beaverdam
school for the afternoon's recre
ation program.
On August 6 Thlckety and Iron
Duff residents will meet at 9 30
a.m. at the Iron Duff Community
sign on US 209 just beyond the j
McCracken farm Plans include vis
Its to the Grover Bryson farm to
see tobacco and home improve
ments; to Hardy Caldwell's farm
and remodeled home; an inspec
tion of Dr. Caesar Davis' farm and
home landscaping and home beau
tiflration projects; a stop at the
Antioch Baptist Church; a look at
Manson Medford's poultry and to
bacco enterprises; a stop at the
Davis Chapel Methodist Church; a
visit to the Cash Medford farm to
(See Attendance Rises?Page 8)
Draft Board
Requests Addresses
Mail sent to each of the follow
ing registrants of Local Board No.
45, Waynesville. has been returned
Thomas Leroy Gibson. Walter F.
Woodard. Harlie Louis Burris,
Richard McKinley Barker, Ralph
flildon Zimmerman, and Eulice
Allen Woodard.
It is requested that anyone know
ing the present whereabouts of any
of these registrants, contact the
Local Board in the Court House.
Telephone GLendale 8-3101,
THE AKItOW POINTS lo Uir spot where a few
charred remains were found this morning in the
basement of the Garland Rogers home on High
way No. 1 It). Officers believe the remains rould
be those of James Cook. 53. who was seen in the
house about two hours before the Rrr that de
stroyed the home. Cook was keeping the place
while the owners were on a trip to Texas.
(Mountaineer Photo).
Officials Believe Man Burned
To Death As Fire Levels Home *
Group To Discuss Central i
Elementary Property
A meeting is booing called for
Friday at three o'clock In the com
missioners room to discuss dispo
sition of the Central Elementary
school property.
An act of the legislature em
powered the trustees to deed the
property to the Town of Waynes
vilje for recreation or other public
use when the property is no long
er used for a school. Tho board of
education. In a recent resolution,
went on record that they would i
continue to claim the property,
! and "so defend."
The legislature also set aside a
I lot 7A by 100 of the property for
the library.
The school board has suggested
that they would use the building
for county school offices, and the
remainder of the building could
be usild for other county offices,
and storage.
The agencies railed to meet Fri- '
day to discuss the matter Include
the town aldermen, library board
of trustees, hoard of education
and tlir new board of trustees for
the school property.
Mr and Mrs Troy Ledford, who
have been visiting the lalter's
brother and sister in-law. Mr. and
Mrs J F Stainey. left this morn
ing for their home in San l-eandro.
Calif. They were accompanied by
Mr. and Mrs. Stamey, who will
he their guests in California
i, ~ ?
Keeps $1.65
Tax Rate
The Town of Hazelwood has an-,
iinunced its annual budget for the
coining fiscal year which began
July 1, 1953. with the tax rale re
maining at $1.65. A total of $52,
884 will be needed, it was stated
by J. K. Cars well, Town Clerk
Of this amount. $18,402 will go
toward general expenses; $9,547
will be used on streets; $19,065 for
water; and $5,870 for debt servlre
The Town will collect about $31,
506 in revenue other than I he tax
levy, mainly in water assessments,
and $21,378 is expected to be col
lected in 1953 taxes, and an addi
tinnal $1,670 for prior levies. The
lax levy for 1953-54 will be $24.
918. and there is a reserve of $3,
737 for tion collectable years. The
poll lax amounts to $200.
The tax of $1-65 per $100 will
remain the same as it has been for
the past three years, with 70 cents
of this amount going to general ex
penses; 80 cents to streets; and
15 cents to the debt service.
The total assessed lax valuation
on Idnd in Hazelwood is estimated
at $1,510,000
The new budget was adopted
July 27 at a meeting of the Town
Strand Theatre Chain
Bought By Charlotte Firm
Wa.vncsville's Strand Theater and
six other North Carolina theaters
have been bought by Stellings
Gossctt, Inc.. a new Charlotte con
cern. form II. B. Meiselman Theat
ers, Inc.
The deal, effective Saturday. In
volved the taking over of equip
ment of the theaters and of leas
es on the buildings. No real es
tate was included, and no an
nouncement was made of the
amount of money involved in the
Partners in the new company are
E. G. Stellins, well known theater
operator, and P. C. Gossctt, who
has been in the textile mill supply
business for several years. Mr.
Stellings is president and Mr. Gos
sett vice president and treasurer.
Other Theaters
Theaters in the deal in addition
to the Strand are: the Center in
Charlotte, the Srand in Rocking
ham. The Flamingo Drive-In at
, Laurinburg, The Raleigh Drive-Tn
at Fayetteville, the Manor in Wil
mington, and the Park in Kinston
The company also will operate an
eighth theater, the Manor in Char
lotte, which Mr Slellings has own
ed for some time.
The company was recently char
tered hy the Secretary of State
with authorized capital stock of
I $100,000. Mr Stellings and Mr
Gossett have also been granted
charters for three other concerns,
all with headquarters in Charlotte,
in connection with their new the
ater business These are for Stell
ings-Gossctt Theaters of Fayette
ville, Wilmington and Kinston, and
each of these companies has auth
orized capital stock of $100,000.
Two Drive-Ins
The two drive-in theaters can
accommodate 2,625 persons. Seating
capacity of the other theaters is as
follows: Manor. 700; Center, 850;
iKpp Strand Theatre?Page 8)
v/uiirrs are continuing mcir in
vestigation today of whether James . 1
Cook, S3, was burned to death
when the-home Hi which be was liv
ing was destroyed by fire early TJ
Monday morning?miles south
of Canton.
Dr. J. F. Pate, corner, said that jm
some remains of bones, so charred,
that it was impossible to tell
whether they were human bones
were found. "There was just a
smalt pile of ashes. Whatever tt
was, was cremated, and fused to
gether," the coroner told The
Dr. Pate said. "We are presum
ing that .lames Cook lost his life in H
the fire. He was seen in the house
abont 11 o'clock Sunday night. The
fire was discovered about 1 20
Monday morning. We have cheeked
at all the places where he usually
goes, and we have not been able
to find anyone who has seen him
since eleven o'clock Sunday night."
The coroner said that the re
mains were so small that there was
not enough left for even microscop
ic study.
It was at first thought that there
might have been two men perished
in the flames, hut the second man.
Alphonzo Galloway. 76. who had
been in the home until Saturday,
was found at his home on Bal
sam Mountain. In Transylvania
The home wa3 owned by Mr.
and Mrs. Garland Rogers, who are
on a trip to Texas. Cook was look
ing after the property while they
were on th^r trip
Sheriff Fred Campbell said that
two Crtiso men. Walter and .lunior
Reere, saw the house on 6re a?
they passed on Highway 110 at 1.70
Monday morning. The two men saw
lights on in the house, and ran to
offer assistance They pushed the
front door open, and one of the
men satd he heard a groan, but
could not be sure whether It was
that of a person or animal. The
flames were so hot that the men v.v
could not gain entrance to the
A call was put in for the Can
ton street department to send a
(See Officials?Page 8)
Highway 'liW
Record For ^ 1
In Haywood
Killed . .. . 3 ill
Injured.... 32
(Tbia Information com
piled from Records ad
State Highway Patrol.)
rict Farm
} Aug. 10
hundred argicultural
m 16 W. N. C. counties
in all-day meeting here
ulture program to be
Congress next year. The
r a proposed pi Jgram
'roni Secretary of Agri
nson. i
'ting here is being ar
Oral L. Yates, repre
f the Farm Bureau,
s said eight such meet
cheduled in the state,
the first one.
ultural agencies are be
to attend, and a large
is expected, because of
ince of the meeting.
:s said that the farm
i'hich the government is
etting out of hand, and
'ak. and something must
correct the situation,
?iqs to have represent
e are from Mitchell
west to Murphy.
Mrs. J. If. Way, III, of
Virginia were weekend
the former's parents,
rs. J H. Way, Jr. They
npanied home by their
nri Mrs. Way's mother.
White, who have been
'e for several weeks.

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