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More People Than ?? T ^ ? 9 1 , ... ' '' ..
t=T ...... , . in The County Sea, Haywood County A, The Eastern Entrance Ot T?e Great Smoky Mounta.ns National Park
* PAG88 . Associated PreM WATNEgVlU* N. c.. HONDA* AFTERNOON. FEB. it ?j, ? ? ? ?P S
? ? ? |3.UU 1,1 Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
?ElP^ft'ATCH?An effective little gadget means to motorists
reverse?"watch your speed". The little electronic outlit.
hi been the means of catching 36 speeders in lla.vwood in four
tjaym. Patrolman Harold Davton is shown operating the effective
iBttle gadget. (Mountaineer Photo).
Patrol Uses Speed Watch To
talch 36 Going Too Fast
?f||| Ladies'
bourse Planned
for Red Cross Cray
LmHINMI be conducted at 7:30
IjliiiHbday at the courthouse.
ijMkBSk Stovall. chairman of
Ladies, announced to
HHtthirr*". St- jIu A?hc
?| consultant for the Red
offer instructions to
Gray Ladies
^^Hptern and Moore Gener
and for working in
blood centers.
r^^^^Bnen interested in the
program have been
4MH^B attend the meeting.
l^Eols Start
^^^^^Hays of farm trrining
be held in Haywood
Friday, next Monday
County Agent Wayne
disclosed today,
sessions of agricultural
specialists from N. C.
^Htge will give the latest
and recommendations
subjects of interest to ;
jMBWkl their families.
^^^^Hter to county farmers,
^?lin and the four assist
agents wrote:
lik? farming? Do you
H^B&ntinue to be a farmer0
crested in making your
H^^H^bs easier and realizing
^^^^Bits from farming? Do
^^?11 do 1954-Model farm
BO-Model farming? Train
^B to help you have been
^Bfor f'riday, February 19.
^Bebruary 22, and Tues
Brm School?Page 6)
By W. Curtis Russ
Editor The Mountaineer
What appears to be the greatest
invention to slow down automo
bile wheels since the invention of
the brake is the fool-proof "Speed
This simple looking little gad
get, in the hands of a highway pa
trolman. nails evidence against a
speeding motorist so fast that the
courts just name the amount of j
the fife ?od eoste. and no state
ments are necessary,
For more than an hour Saturday
afternoon I watched this new elec
tronic unit work, and saw the pa
trolman send seven speeders to
court in one hour and three min
The gadget is about the size of
a cigar box, and takes all element
of guesswork out of determining
the speed of a passing car.
The patrol set uo their checking
station on Highway 19. above Dell
wood. near Ferguson's Dairy Sat
One patrol car served as head
quarters for the checking and for
radio relay to three other patrol
men in the area.
Across the highway. 132 feet a
part. (1/40 of a mile) were two
small black rubber tubes. Just be
fore a car got to the first tube, the
operating patrolman pressed a
switch. That put the speed watch
in operation. After the car passed
the second tube, the miniature
speedometer in the face of the j
gadget showed the speed the ve
hicle traveled across the two
tubes. The hands of the speedo
meter remained at the figure of
speed until released The operator
could tell whether the vehicle was
(See Speed Watch?Page 6)
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Massie and
their son-in-law and daughter. Mr
and Mrs. Charles Way, left Sun
day for New York City where they
will buy spring and summer mer
chandise forjThe Toggery.
?ual Boy Scout Adult
ibership Drive Starts j
Ilual adult membership
Boy Scouts will get un
lomorrow, according to
t ' '
pflfiiiy CLOUDy
variable cloudiness.
I warm. Tuesday, prob
(rs. turning colder In the
or night.
Waynesvllle temperature
d by the State Test
Mas. Min. Pr.
64 35 .02
, 47 18
; 11 18
. 64 36
Bill Prevost, general chairman for
the sponsor, the Rotary Club.
Prevost said the quota for the
Waaynesville area is again $1,750,
the same as it had been for sev
eral years.
The Scout program here in Hay
wood embraces all the troop work,
plus the tnaintenahce and opera
tion of Camp Daniel Boone in this
county, the district summer head
quarters for scouting.
The Canton area raised their j
quota of the Scout, fund in their
United Fund drive.
Prevost said thft he was assign
ing members of the Rotary Club to
make the canvass Ri three days in
order to get the campaign com
pleted and the report to head
At Rotary Friday, Thomas
Speed, assistant field executive
of the district, gave a review of
the history of scouting and the
part a sponsor plays in the opera
tion of the scout program. Speed
was presented by M H. Bowles,
member of the district xecutive
County CDP I
To Publish |
Rural Naps
Both rural families and town
resiut-nis or Haywood County will
ot'ueiu lrom a larrn map uirectory j
wincn win oe puousheu mis spring
oy tne community Development i
i-iogram organization in the |
i lie directory, to be published
in me toini ol a booklet, will con
tain a number ot maps ol rural
areas ?, snowing the location 01 |
eacn farm in me county wnicn I
contains three or more acres.
Towns will not be mapped.
Similar maps have been in use 1
ill miuwest larm areas tor a punt- ?
her ol years, but have made their. ?
appearance in the South only re
.it present the Ford Tractor Co. j
is promoting the publication ol
tile rural maps throughout North '
Carolina. Thus far 33 counties in j
both North and South Carolina
"have been mapped in the directory
project. Several other Wstern
Carolina counties are now work
ing on these maps.
When printed, the directories
will he distributed tree to all coun
ty iarms with three or more acres,
to professional men. agricultural
workers, and advertisers.
CDP representatives this week
started selling ads for the publica
tion and drawing up township
maps to be used.
in soliciting ads for the map di
rectory, GDP representatives have
encountered several individuals I
who believe that the proposed pub- ;
lication has some connection with ;
a farm record book put out re
cently by the Stale Farm Record I
Book Co.. of Chapel Hill.
County Agent Wayne L. Frank- I
lin emphasized that neither the
county agent's office nor the Com
munity Development Program or- |
ganization has any connection with j
(See Rural Maps?Pase 61
' - -
WTKS To F^sent
3-Act Operetta,
? ? ? I
The Wayncsville High School
Music Department, under the di
rection of Charles Isley, will pre
sent "Occoneechee, Fair Maid of
the Forest," an operetta in three
acts by Miss Margaret Stringfield.
Thursday at 8 p.m. in the school
The cast will include all mem
bers of the mixed chorus. Main
characters Will be Juanita Kelly
as "Occoneechee'', Tommy Elder
as Chief Junaluska, John Calhoun
as Whipporwill, Dick Jlogland as
Chief Teeumtha. Stanley Turner
as Wilusdi (Col. William Thomasi. j
Henry Wilson as Gen. Winfield j
Scott, and Tom Owen as Tsali
Indian warriors will be Bill
Crawford, George Wilson, Don
(See Operetta?Page 6)
Sewer Lines In
Hazel wood To Be
Machine Cleaned
The Town of Hazelwood plans |
to start work soon of cleaning the i
sewer lines of the town with the !
equipment recentlty purchased by ]
the two towns for cleaning the
main trunk line.
Mayor Lawrence Davis said he
proposed to work out an agree-1
ment w ith Waynesvilie. whereby
the crews that cleaned the trunk :
line, use the equipment in doing
a similar job on the sewer lines i
in the two towns.
The machines have been found
to be effective in clearing the
lines of all obstructions.
The idea of the cleaning pro
ject is to prevent overflows dur
ing rains. Some of the lines, the
officials said, take ki surface wa- !
ter. and it was felt that a cleansing
would enable a quicker run-off of
the water. ?
The crews havg just completed
cleaning the 4fi.000-foot line from
Hazelwood to Pigeon River.
HAPPY OCCASION?And little Danny K. Clark,
standing in chair, seems to realize as much as
anyone the importance of the check being held
in front of him for $2,673.75 from employees of
Dayton Rubber Company to be used to light polio.
Danny had polio in both legs, and wears a brace
on one leg now. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Hu
bert Clark, a Dayton employee. On the left is
Dave Felmrt. polio rhairman. accepting the check
from Lloyd t'ogdill (right', president of the local
I nion No 277. Nurse Mariorie MrMahon is stand
inu back of l>anny, while J. G. McKinley, plant
manager, in shirt sleeves, looks on happily at
the results of the campaign among Dayton em
ployees. .
ll'hoto for The Mountaineer by Jack Moore.)
Hazelwood '53 Fire Losses
$2,025; Most Damage Done
As Two Cars Catch Afire
Clyde Lions Working
On Social Calendar
Solicitation is now under way
for the Clyde Lions Club's an
nual social calendar, to be pub
lished this spring.
The calendar will list the
birthdays and wedding anniver
saries of Clyde residents and the
dates of club meetings.
Proceeds from the sale of the
calendars is used by the Lions
Club for its aid-to-the-blind pro
gram and by the Clyde PTA f&r
school projects.
Minstrel Cast
In Last Week
Of Rehearsals
The cast of "Stop Stallin' ", Jay- j
cees minstrel to be held in the
Waynesville High School auditor
ium JTiday and Saturday nights
began their final week of rehear
sals today at their headquarters in
the former James Furniture build- I
ing. Rehearsals began one week .
Proceeds from the blackface '
production will benefit the Jay
cees' recreational fund.
In a parade held Saturday after
nooji to publicize the coming stage
show, prizes were awarded to:
(See Minnstrel?Page 6)
F. E. Alley, Jr.
Enters Race For
Solicitor's Post
Felix E. ^Genei Alley. Jr. Way
nesville attorney has announced
his candidacy for solicitor of the
20th judicial district. He will enter
the Democratic primary May 29.
The 20th district is composed of
Haywood. Cherokee. Clay, Gra
ham. Jackson. Macon and Swain
counties. Thad Bryson. Jr., Bryson
City, is the present solicitor.
Grover C. Davis announced for
the post in January, and Solicitor
Bryson about a week ago.
Alley, a son of Judge Felix E
Alley, was born in Webster Feb.
4. 1900. He was educated in the
local schools of Webster and Way-1
nesville and at the University of
North Carolina.
Upon receiving his license to
practice law in 1922, he entered
the office of his father and practlc
(See F. E. Alley?Page 6)
Fire losses for 1953 in the Town
of llazclwood totaled $2,025. ac-!
cording to the report of Fire Chief
George Bischoff. Oddly enough. |
$1,909 of this was for two fires
damaging two ears. The other $125
was damage t.o a home.
The department answered an
outside eall at Saunook. where the
damage was listed at $3,500 This
was in May. the first alarm of the
department for 1953.
The month of June brought four ;
alarms One to a car for $500. the1
second to another ear for $1.400.
and to a brush fire, and an alarm
to A. C. Lawrence Leather Com
pany. with both of the latter re
porting no damage.
Two alarms were answered in
December, one to a dwelling for
$125 damage, and a Hue fire with
no damage reported.
The report for 1952 showed four
alarms, with all the damage ac
counted for in one fire, $550. The
other three were reported no dam- ?
There are 32 volunteer firemen
in the department.
13 Go To Jail
Sheriff Fred Campbell said the
jail records showed 12 defendants
landed behind bars over the week
end for being drunk, and the 13th
was charged with driving drunk.
March Ut Dimes
Campaign Total
Reaches $13,027
The Waynesville area's March of
Dimes total now stands at $13,027
with the receipt of a check for
$088 from the Welico Shoe Corp.,
co-chairman Dave Felmet said to
Another outstanding contribution
for the March of Dimes was $2,-!
b'73.75 from employees of the Day
ton yubber Co The drive at Day
ton was conducted jointly by offi
cers of Local 277. Rubber Workers
of America?including Lloyd Cog
dill. president; Bob Hipps. vice
president; Elizabeth Mitchell, sec
retary. and Florence Drinnon.
treasurer;.and by .lack Hunt. Day
ton personnel director.
The total this year exceeded last
year's figure ha* almost $1,800. The
1052 collections were 11.333.
Heart Drive
Starts Today
In Local Area
The Heart Fund campaign in the
Waynesyille area got under way
today in an effort to raise $1,500
according to Dr. James K String
field. chairman of the drive. Anoth
er $1,500 will be sought in the Can
ton area.
Dr. Stringfield was elected chair
man of the drive last week, suc
ceeding Mrs Mildred Bryson.
The Heart Fund seeks contribu
tions to finance research into the
causes and treatment of the No. 1
killer of human beings Accord-1
(See Heart Drive?Page <>i
Hitchhikers Get Fright
As Drunk Driver Goes 85
Three Canton teenage boys will j
not thumb a ride any time soon.
The three thumbed a ride Sun-1
day night in Asheville. and when
they got in the car, they learned to
their sorrow that the driver was
drunk. Besides the drunken driv
er, one other passenger had passed
out on the back seat and was tak
ing up all of the rear seat, and the
third passenger was also drunk,
sitting bejide the driver.
With live On the front seat, the
<ar took off towards Canton. On
A 1
fhi> three-lane between Enka and
Canton the driver pushed the car
to 85 miles an hour. The three
(cen ters told the driver their
destination Mas Candler and not
Canton. They wanted out of the
car Hut the driver continued on
towards Canton, with Cpl. Prit
chard Smith in pursuit.
The driver, who was from Aahe
ville. was arrested and charged
with driving drunk, and speeding
up to 85 miles an nour. 1
Along Political Fronts
First To File
J. H. Thompson has (he distinc
tion of being the first Haywood
candidate to file for office this
year. Mr. Thompson paid his $f>
filing fee to chairman Glenn
Brown, of the count) board of
elections, and filed for constable
of Clyde Township.
Yates Potential
All Indications this morning
pointed to the fact that Oral L.
Yates, representative in 1951,
would be a candidate for the nom
(See Political Fronts?Page 61
F. F.. ALLCV. JR.. ha* announc
ed that ke Is a candidate for
solicitor of the 20th Judicial dis
Irict. 0
Eight From Haywood
Attend Democratic Rally
Haywood had eight represents- t
tives at the Jefferson-Jackson* I)a>
dinner in Raleigh Saturday night
The Haywood delegates came back
realizing that the senatorial race
would be one of the hardest po
litical fights of many years.
Those attending from here in- :
eluded: Joe Tate. Jr., Mr and Mrs
Richard Queen. Sam Queen, Jr.. |
K. I) Coleman, Tom Leatherwood,,
Krandon Hod|es and Jerry Hogers
IN RACE ? Senator Alton A.
I.rnnon has formally tiled for the
0 If ire he now holds as North
Curolina'a junior senator. He was
named to the post bv Governor
1 instead to till the unexpired
term of the late Senator Willi*
1 Smith. >
2 Service Groups
Set New Policies
Chamber of
Commerce And
Highlanders Set New
Service Plan For
Members Only
A strict policy of service to
only paid-up members was set up
in a joint meeting of two tourist
promotion organizations here Fri
The Haywood County llighland
LTS. and the Chamber of Com
merce officials iii executive ses
sion. went on recip'd setting up the
policy, and defining the program
of eaeh organization in the mutual
promotion of tourist business in
this area.
In an explanatory announcement!
being published in the advertising
columns of this newspaper today,
the two organizations set forth
their policies The announcement
of policy is signed bv L E. I)e
Vous, president of the Haywood
Highlanders, and John Johnson,
president of the Chamber of
Under the new policy, both or
ganizations will render service
inly to -those places that hold
paid-up memberships in the in
dividual organization.
The Highlanders have announc
ed that thev will publish again
Ibis year, 15,000 colorful booklets,
listing only those tourist places
that hold a paid-up membership in
their organisation. The (leadline
for the booklet is March first, ac
cording to the new date as an
nounccd by DeVous.
The Chamber of Commerce,
likewise, will service only those
who are paid-up members of that
organization. Johnson said that
only folders of paid-up members
would be handled in the Chamber
of Commerce office. He also said
that (he list of inquiries from po
tential summer visitors would be
made available only to those lioid
ing paid-up memberships.
The officials of both organiza
tions said the action was necessary
because some people wore taking
advantage of the services and fail
ing to pav their proportionate part
of tlv costs necessary to carry on
the programs of promoting tourist
business here.
The executives ol both groups
were emphatic that the two or
ganizations were winking mutually
together on the general promotion
plans, and were in 100 percent a
greemeht as to the new policy,
and in one accord with each other.
The president of both organiza
tions. in a joint statement, said:
This action should have been
taken sooner, but now we feel that
everyone will profit more, and de
rive far more benefits from the
two programs. We ale happy the
new policies are in effect, and look
forward lo continued (lose coop
eration for a broader promotion
The Highlanders are a unit of
the 12-cpupty organization that is
tied-in and will be served by the
State Travel Bureau The Cham
ber of Commerce officials pointed
out that their program of wide
spread promotion, and maintcn
anre of an office and serving the
area as a whole was a major part
of their current program.
Waynesville Rotary Club is L.
Kim Barber, superintendent of
the A. C. Lawrence Leather
Company. Mr. Barber will take
office July first, suceeding M.
I>. Watkins. Barber is senior
warden of the Grace Episcopal
church, and director of the
W.N.C. Society of Advancement
of Management.
To Get New
Vote Precinct
The Haywood County Board of
Elections met at 10 a.m. today to
set up a new voting precinct in
the Dutch Cove section of Beav
j erdam Township, according to
Glenn W. Brown, chairman of UK
Petitions urging the creation of
a new Beaverdam precinct were
submitted to the board in l!).r>2,
and in a public hearing held lat
' cr. 110 opposition was expressed
to the proposal.
As a result of the hearing, the
Board of Elections voted unani
mously to comply with the request
(i|'or the new precinct.
Mr. Brown explained hoard
members will discuss the boundary
lines of Precincts 5 and 6. from
which the new precinct will be
created, and then later will go to
Beaverdam Township to look over
the actual area involved
When the boundary lines of the
proposed precinct are agreed on
by the board, the lines will be ad
vertised publicly, Mr. Brown add
Two Caught With
17 Jars Liquor
Two colored men were arrested
| about 7:30 Saturday uight near
Saunook with 17 half-gallon jars
: of non-tax liquor in their car.
Cpl. Pritchard Smith, of the
Highway Patrol, and Chief Roy
Stephens, of Hazelwood. stopped
the car, and arrested William A.
Casey and R. S. Barmore, both
colored. They were charged with
i possession and transporting non
! tax paid liquor.
Pre ? Examination Schedule
For New Pupils Announced
Pre - school examinations n f
children who will enter school for
the first time next September will
start in the county on March 3 and
continue through May 7, according
to an announcement by Mrs.
Rubye Bryson. acting head of the
Health Department.
The schedule of examinations is:
Wednesday. March 3?Morning
Star. 9am.; Reynolds School, 1
Thursday. March 4 ? Allen's
Creek. 9 a m.; Saunook. 1 p.m
Wednesday. March 10 ? Beaver
dam. 9 a.m.
"Thursday, March 11 ? Fines
Creek 9am; Crabtree, 11 a.m.
9 a m.
Wednesday. March 17 ? Patton.
Thursday, March 18? Rock Hill.
9 a m : Maggie. 11 a m
Thursday. March 25 ? Cruso.
9 a m.; Cecil, 11 a.m.; Spring Hill.
1:30 p.m.
Thursday, April 1 ? Cake Juna
luska. 9 a m ; Pigeon. 1 p.m.
Thursday. April 8 ? Pennsyl
vania Ave.. 9 a m.
Friday. April 9 ? F.ast Waynes
villo. i p m.
Thursday, April 15 ? Bethel,
9 a in
Thursday, April 22?North Can
ton, 9 a.m.
Thursday. April 20 - Central
Elementary 0 a m and 1 p in.
Thursday, May 8 ? Haielwood,
9 a.m. and 1 p.m.
Friday, May 7?Clyde 9 a m.
Nurses of the Haywood Health
Department will be assisted at
their pre-school examination clin
ics by members of the Jiealth com
mittee of the various Home Dem
onstration Clubs in the county.
I '
Record For
In Haywood
Killed ...; 0
Injured.... 2
(This information com
plin! from Record* of
Slate Highway Patrol.)
___ : , .??y . __ . ? I

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