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Bernard Ferguson Tells
Of 4-H Congress Trip
(EDITOR'S NOTE: Following is
an account of a (rip to the Nation
al 4-11 Club Conirm at Chicago,
last November, written by Bernard
Ferguson of F'inea Creek, who wae
?tale winner in tobaeeo raising.)
State 4-11 Tobacco Winner
My trip to National 4-H Club
Congress came to me as unexpect
ed as if a bomb had dropped on
me. I had been working for it for
five years; still. I didn't dream of
actually winning this year. When
1 entered 4-H at the age of ten and
took tohacco as my project. I start
ed out determined to be a state
winner some day?but little did I
think that it would come this year.
This trip was the greatest thing
that had ever happened to me. It
was "the time of a life-time, and
will always remain in my memory.
I can never write or tell all about
it, for it seems that I think of
something new each day. Mr.
Wells, my 4-H leader from Hiy
wood County, received the tele
gram from Mr. Harrill (our State
4 II Leader at Raleigh) saying that
I was the state winner in tobacco
and that 1 had won the trip to Na
tional 4-H Club Congress to be
held in Chicago on November 28
December 4 Mr Wells came down
to school and gave me the news.
1 was never so excited in my life.
1 had only a few days to get
ready; to get a health certificate,
and everything. The health rer
tIdeate took a lot of time. Luckily, j
1 had all the necessary vaccina
On Thanksgiving morning I left
home for Raleigh. 1 thought I'd
never make il. as it was snowing
so much that the busses were not
^^running on time Mr O. H. Phil
^Blips. the Asststtant State 4-11 I^ead
|^rcr met me in Raleigh Thursday
night. I spent the night with Mr.
Phillips, and on Friday morning we
went to State College to the 4-11
Club offices. We were the first ones
there and we worked on the pins I
that the North Carolina delegates
were to wear to Chicago, I met a
lot the delegates and the assist
ant 4-H leaders and Mr. Harrill.
our State 4-H Leader
There was a 4-11 Recognition
Program for the 4-H delegates at
the Sir Walter Hotel We had
lunch there after which Governor
Umstead spoke to us There wen
more special guests. After lunch
we went by car to Durham to catch
thi train for Chicago
On the train we became acquaint
ed and had a good time. We chang
ed trains again in Roanoke. Vir
g'nia This time we were on a Pull
man I had never ridden a train j
before, and it was a real experi
ence especially sleeping on it. I
thought the fond on the train was
very good. I ate a chicken dinner
that cost $2.40. Once more we
changed trains in Cincinati. Ohio
We arrived in Chicago about 1
o'clock on Saturday. After we
reached the station we walked over
to the Conrad Hilton Hotel whtre
we were to stay. This is the larg
est hotel in the world, and is known
a- the frieudlig^t. This plays
large na*
liquet 'sirtTefitions with an attend
ance'of thousands.
This year, 19S3, was the 32nd Na
tional 4 II Club Congress Almost
nil of our meals were served in
the hotel and a lot were banquet
My room in this hotel was on the
22nd floor, and I shared it with
two other North Carolina boys We
were not in our rooms very much.
We would change clothes and then
i! would be time for a program.
Most of our meals were spon
so-ed by big companies?such as
(he ones that sponsored the win
ners. Every meal began with a
prayer, and many times we sang
4-H smgs before the meal. I knew
what 1 was going to eat. as the |
menus were so different from what'
we had at home.
There were about twelve bun-,
drcd 4-H boys and girls in attend-1
ance from all over the United
States, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and i
Alaska. With all of our leaders, I
guess there were 2,000 of us at the
Convention. We were recognized
everywhere we went,
Saturday afternoon at 3:00
o'clock we went to the W.L.S. Barn
Dance. That night we went to Chi
cago's Symphony Orchestra, which
was a "pops" concert at Orchestra
Hall. Ford Motor Company was our
host. We had a 4-11 State Meeting
after this.
Sunday morning I went to the
largest religious service in the
United States?the Central Church
of Chicago, which was organized as
a community church in 1875 Serv
ices were held each Sunday in the
Tower of the Conrad Hilton Hotel.
This church was founded by 50
outstanding businessmen. One of
these is the oldest man in the na
tion It ministers to persons of
every religion, background, etc.. i
and visitors from across the nation
and the world. It is a friendly j
church for those away from home I
Sunday night we went to the
Sunday F.vening Club. It was their
4th season. The National Leader
snip winners were announced. We
walked several blocks to get there,
and the weather tin in Chicago was
as cold as "whiz".
On Monday we went to the
Grand Ballroom in the Conrad
Hilton for breakfast It was spon
sored by Firestone Tire and Rub
ber Company. They announced
winners of the Soil and Water
Conservation Contest.
After this we went to the spe
cial showing of Cinemara spon
sored hv the International Harvest
er people. They announced field
crops and frozen food demonstra
tions winners.
After lunch we headed for a tour
I of museums. We went by train and
saw many interesting things.
Then we returned to the hotel
for a supper sponsored by Thomas
F. Wilson Company. They gave the
leadership and citizenship medals.
Mr. Wilson was one of the main
speakers, and Mrs. Wilson was
there, also. The awards were given
to National Meat Animal Program
and Junior Livestock Feeding Pro
gram They have sponsored this
for 36 years.
There were sport celebrities at
this program. Carl Erkshire. base
ball pitcher, struck out 14 in one
World Series game Two football
players and one basketball player
We heard the Honorable Ezra
Taft Benson. Secretary of Agricul
ture, speak He said that he would
like to see all of the food that
came from the farm go to the,con
sumer instead of a government
packing house. He said that 4-H
was making America a better place
in which to live. After this meeting
w;e over we had our State Meet
We had Tuesday breakfast any
where we chose. I went up town
wilh some more of the delegates.
Later 1 went to a radio broad
cast I was on two broadcasts with
Mr llall. County Agent from Pitts
field, Massachusetts. Next I went
to the theatre where the 4-H Dress
Revue was being held. Then we
went to the exhibit hall, got in
the battalion to^vhich we belonged,
and went to a luncheon sponsored
by National Livestock Producers
Association. We had a good meal
with plenty of good music.
Our next place to go was the
Museum of Science Everyone was
interested in this. Then we walk
ed back to the hotel and had our
supper. We were around Lake
On Tuesday night we went about
twelve miles out of town to a
dance. It was after 12:00 o'clock
when we returned to our room.
Mr Gray, our Extension Forester,
took a group to eat. We did not
retire until after 1:00 o'clock, a.m.
Wednesday we had breakfast
sponsored by Sears, Roebuck St
Company. This was one breakfast
such as we had at home ? bacon
and eeus
Again wo wont to oxhiblt hall '
whore wo wore given 4-H calen
rtars Then wo voted on the kind
"f 4-H jackets we liked best (this
was for all 4-H'ers).
Dr ('.race Sloan Overton of
Adaws Now York spoke to us on
reTJi h^problems- marriage and
religion. She would answer ques
tions that the audience would ask.
nis was a real program and she
was a good speaker She gave a
funny answer to everyone We all
uighed so much that we could not
take notes.
Late in the evening we had din
ner at the Conrad Hilton Hotel,
ford Motor Company sponsored
this program North Carolina had a
National winndr here. Ford also
sponsored the Achievement win
ner Then we turned to the stage
and saw special entertainment ?
climbing poles, etc.
We got on a bus' and went to a
Horse Show, where we saw jump
ing horses and six horses in a pony
race This was at an amphitheatre
at the International Livestock Ex
Position. Here we had a box sup
pei of fried chicken, rolls, French
iiies, and from Q?ctu? Cham
pion herds, mmerflnger. and Baby
Ruth. This was sponsored by Cur
| Ms ( andv Company They gave the
i dairy awards, and North Carolina
' ',n,> We had special music bv
| i he 4-H band from Shelby Coun
ty. Indiana This was the end of
another perfect day
Thursday breakfast was spon
ged by the Rubber Company
They gave every 4-H member a pen
? J^cll w- ?o? to share the
breakfast f?n music, in which
North Carolina had a band.
We. went on a tour of the City
I tv aid"? ThlS ' b,*> Windy
, I.k? ' Was ??,d wp saw the
birthplace of the atom bomb _
' w h w",V Ch,eaRO Wp
s?w the Museum of Science and
ISTrV We W'nt hv Marshal,
Field * Company On this tour we
were told that nine-tenths of Chi
cago s water supply Came fr?i
Lake Michigan We saw a beautiful
?t.?ue of Abraham Lincoln de, "
enng the Gettysburg Address We
ZlTlir* amphl,^"-e in the
world l.aler wP went to the Palm
er House for lunch. General Mot
?vs sponsored this and they
s.,r;r ?"*?'
On the last night. I staved ..n
ZT'm' ,h,> niKh' 8n<l 'a"t'd with
had delegates We
T 8.'arewel1 Partv ,h* ni?M
v .^'1 "0t rnm* hom* with the
North Carolina delegation I came
;vf?h the gr?up from" Caro
'na 'ncp they left earlier and
rame through Ashevllle. I got hom2
sooner than I would have WhZTt
ed to leave so much The South
Carolina delegates Ware niee
kS n"^dnlm* c#miri* home
a ^ .1? Phillips met me in
Asheville on Saturday and then ?
?nt to a maating SJTfcJj J
* ? rr
Exemptions Can Cause Trouble
(Fourth of Six Articles)
AP Newsfeatures
WASHINGTON ? For most people, exemptions provide the big
gest reduction of taxable income. You get a $600 exemption for your
self and, within limits, $600 for each person who lives on your income.
Faulty exemption claims are the biggest source of trouble for
taxpayers So it is well to check up on whom you can claim.
Usually, when you make out an
inrome tax form, one of the first
things you do is list yourself and
your immediate family as exemp
tions?your wife or husband and
your children. Children include
stepchildren and legally adopted
youngsters, but you don't get an ex
emption for a child who made
more than $599.99 during the year
Also, you must furnish more than
half the child's support to claim an
exemption. Age docs not matter.
Late Arrivals Count
You get full exemption for a
child born during the year?right
up to midnight. Dec. 31, 1953.
You list your husband or wife
as an exemption only on joint re-!
turns or on a separate return where,
your spouse had no income.
If you were over 65 or blind
at the end of 1953 you get two
exemptions. If you were both,
you get three. That applies to
both husband and wife.
You also can claim exemptions
for close relatives. And this is
often where trouble starts. To
claim them for exemptions you
must fill out Schedule I on Form
1040 or Schedule A on Form
1040A. Claims will not be allowed
unless the schedules are filled out
fully ana they ask some pointed
Herp are the relatives which
can qualify as exemptions under
tne law:
Parents, grandparents, brothers,
sisters, grandchildren, step-sisters
and brothers, stepparents. In-laws
also qualify in the following cate
\ _>
Tories: mother. father, brother, sis
ter. daughter, son. In addition you
can claim uncl(*>. aunts, nephews
and nieces if related to you by
blood ? you can't claim these rel
atives for both husband and wife
except on a joint return.
Limitations Listed
But don't stop with degree of
relationship. Such relatives may
be claimed only if:
1. You furnished more than
half their support in 1953.
2. Each one claimed did not
earn more than $600 in the year.
3. They are citizens of the Uni
ted States or residents of the Uni
ted States. Canada or Mexico, (Bet
ter get an expert if there is doubt
about what a resident is.)
4. The dependent relative does
not file a joint return with his
husband or wife.
(Tomorrow; Money savers.)
Cold, Respiratory Diseases
In Poultry Flocks Discussed
Winter is a time for careful at
tention to the poultry flock. Some
times chilling, overheating or other
i abnormal condition of management
i may lead to mdijjestipn and com-.
mon diarrhea in young chicks.
R. S. Dearstyne, head of the de
partment of poultry science at N.
C. State College, says usually a
mild flush aids in correcting such
conditions. For young chicks.
Dearstyne suggests that poultry
men use two level teaspoons of .
Epsom salts in a gallon of water.
This should not be kept before the i
birds for more than one day at a |
time, however.
If a second treatment becomes
necessary the poultryman should
wait a week. This treatment will
not prevent or control cocciciosis,
IJearstyne warns. One pint of
molasses to four gallons of water j
for a day is another method of ap
proach to common diarrhea and
indigestion in chicks.
Dearstyne says poultry may be
come affected with several types of ,
respiratory infections. These in- j
elude colds croup, laryqgotrach
eitis. Newcastle disease, bronchitis
and air-sac colds. All are contag
ious and dangerous to the flock.
Dearstyne says it is probable
that a weakening of an individual-'
bird is "sometimes a predisposing
factor to the onset of the disease."
But one thing is clear: a specific
laboratory examination should be
made in each case. In the mean
time every effort should be made
to keep the bird comfortable and
on full feed. Often the use of a
wet mash or of pellets as a supple
ment to the diet will aid in this,
says Dearstyne. The poultry scien
tists warns, however, not to medi
cate for these or for any other type
trouble in the flock until the "exact
nature of the disease hak been de
United States farmers produced
352.8 million pounds of clean al
falfa. lespedera. timothy, and red,
alsike and sweet clover seed dur
ing 1953, some 29 per cent less
than the 1952 total.
During the year ended June 30,
1953. USDA plant quarantine in
spectors examined more than 78,
000 passenger planes in which they
intercepted at least fiO.OOO lots of
contraband plants or plant pro
North Carolina's 1950 rural popu
lation of 1.317.288 lived in 293.401
got home about 6 o'clock that
evening I had been gone from
home 10 days. Never will I forget
it This Isn't half of what hap
pened, but it Is impossible to write
it all. I wish that more boys and
girls could go. and I intend to do
alt that I can to have more win
ners from HayWood County.
I want to thank everyone every
where who helped In any way to
make this 32nd National 4-H Club
Congress the heat yet.
1 ; ijj|. - ? -
North Carolina farming is a bil
lion dollar industry.
i i
To Give Away
1,000 Chicks
Next Saturday will be "Free
Chick" day in Hazelwood with the
Cline-Bradley Company, local Pu
rina dealer, giving away ten 10-day
old cockerels with each purchase
of a 25 pound bag of Purina Chick
Startena, starting at 8:30 when the
store opens.
According to Dick Bradley and
Joe Cline. owners of the store, the
chicks will be given away as part
of a nation-wide program, spon
sored by Purina dealers, to en
courage more "back-lot chicken
"A lot of folks would like to
raise a few chickens for the Sun
day dinner table," Joe Cline said,
"and we have the program to help
them do it. easily and economically.
We're giving these chicks away to
prove it."
Everyone coming to the Cline
Bradley Co. for free chicks is ask
ed to bring a box or other con
tainer for the birds. Because of
the limited number of chicks to be
given away, free of charge, it will
be a case of "first come, first serv
High Pork
Prices Bring
Farm Changes
The continuing high prices paid
for swine is causing changes on
the North Carolina farm.
R. McK. Edwards, Martin Coun
ty farm agent, says the farmers of
his area who usually cure their
pork and produce lard for sale
during the year are now marketing
their hogs liveweight. What's more,
says Edwards, they're making more
money and working a lot less.
Many of the farmers are taking
advantage of the high price of
pork to get rid of their market
weight hogs. They are eating beef
?once a scarce food commodity on
farms in North Carolina) and
chicken and have plans for cur
ing some pork later in the winter.
Beetle carnage neporfe
To County Pine Trees!
Asssistant County Faim Agent i
The pine trees in Haywood ,
County are in danger of being de
stroyed by a small dark, reddish- i
Lrown beetle about the sue of a j
! grain of rice. This beetle is known 11
as the Southern Pine Beetle and
has been found in a patch of pines
between Pigeon Gap and Bethel.
The adult beetle becomes active
in the spring, flies to pine trees
and attacks them in the central
and upper sections of the trunk.
The adult beetle bores a hole
directly into the inner bark, and
here between the bark and the
wood, the beetles eat out a wind
ing or S-shaped tunnel.
The Southern Pine Beetle should
not be confused with the Ips
Beetle, which kills pine trees as a
result of trees being cut in the
area in the summer time,.The Ips
Beetle eats out a straight tunnel
between the wood and bark, as
compared to the S-shaped tunnel
eaten by the Southern Pine Beetle.
They are two entirely different in
sects, with the Southern Pine
Beetle being the most destructive
of the two insects.
The female cuts out small niches
along the tunnel in which she lays
her eggs. These soon hatch out into
grub-like larvae or worms. The
erubs sooft bore into the outer bark
where they civmplete their feeding.
When the grubs are full grown,
they hollow out little cells in the
tark. Here they change to adult
beetles and cut their way out
through the bark and are ready to
begin the life cycle again by in
festing fresh pines. The entire life
cycle takes from thirty to forty
days, and there are from three to
possibly five generations each year,
depending upon the weather.
All species of native North Caro
lina pines are subject to attack. It
is typical of this beetle to kill
pines in patches of from a few
trees in an area up to an entire
area of several acres. About ten
days to two weeks after the tree
has been attacked, the pine needles
turn yellowish. By the time all of
the needle* have 'a*,
the beetle* have u- "
['Hacked oil;,
This beel is a nj.
Carolina. ai;d is , w *
in so many areas due,
dr> summer* The ret
rainfall will usua'h
livity, as w ^v(?
rero weatlu-i
Control i>t the bee
primarily early
outbreaks and the pro*
tion of control mea-;-.
and destroy all brood*,
ed trees of log )J(
cut with the slab* r..
infested tree being j
mediately Tree* of px
should be cut andth.
When the pulpwood |
mill, they shoulc be tp
logs are infesed
Pine- Beetle *o tha' ?;
used immediately
Under favorable ?ea
tions, this beetle can ??
the pines n the area
fort should be made t,
insect under control ?
we have only a sir* j
If you notice arc 0! i
turning brown or have
tion about the hee'le t
agent's office wiM be ti
*Cae Want Ads (or m
your better herd starts
when you breed job
cows artifirally to sirs
proven sreat. Did
GL 6-3575 by 11 a*
for same day smite
If you wish to call be
tore 8 a. m., call
Registered C.uernstj
Jersey. Ayrshire and.14
John R. Cane
; Ijtyg
Giuseppe Verdi, Composer
"The inspiration of the Almighty ?3
5 giveth them understanding." P
Job 32 8 B
1IHHMM Throughout his operas there P
rings .... The theme, "Go,
thought, on golden wings!" . . .
And "thnt idea made Verdi see B
. . . Through sorrow, det/h
and misery . . . That there was
beauty still in song . . . And so,
with courage, high and strong . . . He gaVe us
"Higoletto,,' then . . . "II Trovatore", from
his pen . . . "Othello", "FalstafT". Oft it
seems . . . That one's need is for noble
Dial 2.171 Canton, N. C.
FREE Chick Day J
SATURDAY, FEB. 20th ,1
10 FREE CHICKS Will Be Given With Tbw? .J
Each 25 Pounds of cockerel
make f'1*^
Purina Chick Startena
As Long As Chicks Last
Phone GL 6-3181 Hozelw^j

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