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- "?* I * *
Homemakers Of
Canton Name
Project Leaders
The Canton Homemakers me
?Monday night in the home <rf Mm
Frank Campbell, with Mrs Waltel
Cowart, Mrs. J. E. Stutls. and Mrs
If rank Vokes as co-hostesses.
Mrs. Walter Cowart. president
ffttroduced the new officers as foi
l,, 1st vke president. Mrs.
Frank Vokes; 2nd vice president
Mrs John Morgan; secretary, Mrs.
Wisley Holt tela w; treasurer, Mrs.
E_ F. Anderson; historian. Mrs.
Ralph Mease. Jr
Project leaders and committee
chairmen were named as follows:
Foods and nutrition?Mrs. Frank
7 Campbell. Mrs J F. Campbell
Home gardens ? Mrs. George
T;!eerson. Mrs. Louis Kaplan
Food preservation?Miss Emma
Hall. Mrs. Edwin Hawkins. Jr.
Hous" furnishings ? Miss Mary
F Kirkpatrlck. Mrs. Eugene Holtx
' Home management ? Mrs. Carl
Ton Peyton, Mrs. Charles A. Smith,
?J r
Family life?Mrs. Carolyn Wit
), v Mrs. J R Hurley.
? Home beautificalion?Mrs. Lor
Y'.ta Harris Mrs. Edwin Hyatt
I Clothing ? Mrs. Woodrow Wil
liam'. Mrs. Frank Vokes. Mrs.
iolin Morgan.
? Arts and crafts?Mrs E. E. Con
V \ Mrs G. W. Bohnsdahl, Mrs.
dames Hyatt.
' Community service?Mrs R. T
? Health Mrs. Clyde Wilson
[ Education?Miss Virginia Holtz
' Citizenship ? Mrs. Gudger Y
? Hi creation Mrs. W H. Mendel!
Music?Mrs N. C Bellemy. Jr
Mrs Charles Ward
J The devotional was given by
Mrs J B Hurley. Project leaders
J-ppiirls were nresented on Garden
ing hv Mrs. Edwin llavnes and on
^ Hpme MiMf< ment bv Mrs Charles
k vt d Mis Cow/ii reported on the
f (Ciii'tv Council. Mrs E K Conlev
reported on the success of the
PnPo Vund
The demonstration was on "Let's
Make Housekeeping Easier".
? ? ?
Is Announced
Mr and Mrs. B. Frank Davis an
nounce the marriage of their;
dauehter. Mary Thelma. to C lyde
M Lambert of Cherokee.
The ceremony took olace in ,
Washington. D. C. on January 27
Th bride Is a graduate of th?v,
W'aVnesvllle Township High School
and for the past several months
has been emploved In Washington
Mr, Lambert is the son of Mr
and Mrs. John A. Lambert of
Cherokee. He attended the Swain
County schools and soent three
< ears in the Army, part of which
was in Korea and Germany
day evening in the home of th?- Kev. A. R. Davis. Mrs. Plemmons
is the former Miss itobhv Jean Rradshaw. dau/rhter of Mr. and
Alls, (iav Rradshaw of Clyde. Route I.
Becky Stanelli
4th Birthday
Rocky Stanelli celebrated hor
fourth birthday with a partv given
t>v her mother. Mrs. .loo Stanelli.
Sunday afternoon in their home on
Rovd Avenue.
A Valentine motif was carried
"Ml i?i*ll det*ii* of tile refresh
ments and decorations Assisting
in entertaining were Millie do and
Paula Stanelli. sisters of the honor
The puest list included Betsy
and Kathev Smith. Monica Leslie,
Bandy lllnkley. Kitty liollman.
Mike dustire, Arlene and Karen
Kaufman. Caroline Moore. Mary
Owen. Mark Mover. Karen Ham
mett. Jack and Jill Cherry. Ricky
Boyd. Catfiey Edwards. Sherry and
Dottle Kay Turner. Janet and
Steve Turner. Donna Carol Whit
man. Keith Kloskv. Cathey Single
tary. Michael Smith. Marjory Pin
chelli. Sandra Nancy. Skipper and
Susy Garrett, and Ricky Riegg.
Miss Bradshaw
jls Bride Of
D. L. Plemmons
Miss Bobby Jean Bradshaw.
i daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gay
| Bradshaw of Clvde, became the
I bride of Donald Lee /'lemmons.
J son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond
i Plemmons of Clyde, Route 1,
Thursday. February 11. at 5 p.m.
in the home of the Rev A It.
The Rev. Mr Davis performed
th? double ring ceremony in the
oresence of a small group of rela
tives and close friends.
The bride wore a navy dress
with white accessories and her
corsage was a purple-throated
white orchid.
Following the ceremony a re
ception was held at the home of
the bride's parents after which the
couple left for a short wedding
Mrs. Plemmons as a member of
the junior class of the Crabtree
Iron Duff High School
Mr Plemmons was graduated
from the Waynesville High School
and is now emploved by Davton
Rubber Company in Asheville.
The eounle will reside in the
home of the bridegroom's parents.
* * *
Mrs. Francis
Is Hostess Of
Home Club
The Francis Cove Home Dem
ons) ration club met Wednesday
night in the home of Mrs R. H.
Francis Mrs. .foe Boone presided
and the devotional was given by
Mrs, Henrv Francis.
Ddring the business session Mrs
,!oc Boone and Mrs. R C. Hickman
were named citiienshin chairmen.
Mrs. Fred Davis, garden leader,
discussed planning the familv gar
den and n commended a variety of
vegetables suited to the mountain
r.rea Miss Eugenia Boone, noultry
leader, discissed methods of cook
in" poultry to the best advantage
with reeard to type and quality
of the fowl #
The demonstration on "'s
Make Housekeeping Easier" was
rtresented hv tb? home agent, as
sisted bv Mrs Henrv Francis who
demonstrated "Biscuit Making".
Doughnuts and Coffee were serv
ed hv the hostess assisted by Mrs
Henry Francis
? * *
Lake .Tunaluskn PTA
To Mark Founders' Day
Thp Parept-Teacher Association i
sf the I nhe tnnah'sVa School will t
rhservo Founder*' Dav at a meet- j
In" Mondav nieht at 7 3(1 o'clock j
I.eonard I.catherwood will con- !
tnct the devotions and a guest j
tpeakcr will present the nroeram
A social hour will be held in the
'afeteria following the program.
? * *
Music Club
Will Hold Meeting
The Wavness ille Musle Club will
told their regular meeting Tuesday
Fehruarv 16. at 8 p m.
Mrs. Stanmvre and Mrs. R W
Turner will have charge of the j
Mrs. Long And
Mrs. Bushnell,
DAR Hostesses
Mrs. J M. Long and Mrs. S. H.
Bushnell were tin,tows for a
meeting of the Dorcas Bell Love
Chaptei Daughter-, of the Ameri
can ({evolution, Friday afternoon
i in the home of Mrs Long.
The program was presented by
' Mrs. J. H. Howell, Jr., who gave
a review of "Miracle In The Hills,"
the story' of Crossnore School writ
ten by its founder. Dr. Mary Mar
tin Sloop
The DAR Magazine was review
ed by Mrs. Roy Francis.
Mrs. James L. Elwood. regent,
presided and named the following
nominating committee to present
a slate of officers at the next meet
ing. Mrs. J. H. Howell, Sr.. Mrs.
M. H. Reeves, and Mrs. J. W.
Announcements were made con
cerning the meetine of the State
Society of the DAR to be held in
Durham, March 2-4 Delegates will
be Mrs. J. H Howell, Sr., Mrs. Ben
Colkitt, Mrs. R N. Barber, and
Mrs. J W. Killian. Miss Elizabeth
Norman Barber will serve as a
Mrs. R C. Lane, chairman of
National Defense, renorted that
the annual declamation contest,
sponsored bv the chapter for boys |
in the W'aynesville High School,
will be hold Tuesday. February
23, at 9:45 a.m. in the school audi
torium. 1
Mrs. Bushnell, chairman of Good
Citizenship, announced that pins
will be presented to the county's
Good Citizens at special programs.
Mi^s Svlvia Newell, who was se
lected from the Wayncsville High
School, will receive her award fol
'owing the declamation contest on
February 23. and Miss Rosemary
West, who was selected to repre- j
sent the Bethel High School, will
receive he's at a date to be an
During the social hour refresh
ments were served bv the hostess
es. The Valentine motif w;i* car
ried out and the dining table was I
centered with an arrangement of
red gladioli.
Guests were Mrs. Earl H. Bren
! dall and Mrs. W. L. Hardin.
* ? * . j
Fines Creek
Club Meets With
Mrs. Rogers
The Fines Creek Home Demons
tration club held a regular meet
| irifit Thursday at the home of Mrs.
France Rogers. The devotional
was eiven by Mi s. Rogers.
Officers for the year were in
troduced as follows: President.
Mrs Vance Holbrook; 1st vice pres-(
ident, Mrs. France Rogers; 2nd
vice president. Mrs. .1. D. Pyatt;
secretary and treasurer. Mrs. Dee
Clark; reporter Mrs, Sam Fergu
son: historian. Ms. Cauley Rogers.
Project leaders and club com
mittee chairmen are:
Foods and nutrition ? Mrs.
France Rogers. Mrs. Ray Seav.
Home gardens?Mrs. F. C.
Green, Mrs D .1. N'oland.
Home poultry ? Mrs. Charles
Hothe dairy?Mrs. Tom Brum-'
j mitt.
Food preservation ?. Mrsi Carl
House furnishings ? Mrs. Fur-!
j man Noland. Mrs. Fletcher Brown.
Home management ? Mrs. Dee
Clark. Mrs M M. Noland
Famjlv life?Mrs. Sard Fergu
son Mrs Vance Holbrook.
Home heautifieation Mrs. Mark
Clo'hlns? Mrs. Cauley Rogers,
i Mrs. Tom Brummitt.
Arts and craft*?Mrs. P D. Hv- j
(It. Mrs James Carpenter, Mrs. I
I Charle* Duckett
Community service Mrs J. D. S
j Pyatt
Health ?Mrs Sam Fer5u*on.
F'location Mrs. France Rogers
Citirenshin Mrs. Furman Nol
;nd. Mrs F M. Rogers
Pronation Mrs. Dec Clark.
Music Mrs Mark Ferguson.
Mrs. R A Justice was welcomed
j '* a new member Mrs. Henrv
Havnes was a guest Project lead-t
i'""s' ronorts were eiven hv Mrs F. i
r Grern on gardens; Mrs. Dee
Ct?? *k. on home management
The demonstration "Let's Mace
Hniisekonnln" Fasler" was nresent
nd by Miss Miry Gornu'ell home
?"cent, assisted hv Mrs. Poeers who
demonstration her technioue In!
makln" biscuits Mi^ Cornwell
minted out that manv homemak
ers are taking moro ttmp than
1 should be neee;<:arv for dailv rout
'ne tasks and added that each
houss keener should take her re
snnnsjbilltv as a homemaker sect,
on * 1 v enough to studv it earefullv
and determine how housekeeping
con be made easier.
Followln" the demonstration
Mrs Dee Clark recreation leader
had ehargo of a Pnmo "Hidden
Vegetables". The nrlrp for finding
the largest number of bidden
vegetables was presented to Mrs
Vance Holbrook.
Luncheon was served by the
* * *
Want Ada bi^ng quirk reaulta
Mrs. Penland,
Mrs. McCracken
Are Hostesses
Mrs. Charles Penland and Mrs
Louis McCracken were hostesses
for the luncheon meeting of the
Clyde Home Demonstration Club
held Tuesday at the home of Mrs.
Charles Penland.
Mrs. Hasque Warren, Jr., presi
dent, was in charge of the business
session and announced project
leaders and committee chairmen
.vho will serve during 1954 as fol
Foods and Nutrition?Mrs. T. E.
Reed. Mrs. Joe S. Hardin, Mrs.
Bill Hannah.
Home gardens?Mrs. Lucy Aleln,
Mrs. Lewis Smith.
Home poultry?Mrs. Grady Rog
ers. Mrs. R. L. Hennessee,
Home dairy?Mrs. Gene Med
ford, Mrs. Claude Jolly.
Food preservation?Mrs. C. R.
Haynes, Mrs. T. Hughes Rogers.
House, furnishings?Mrs. Lewis
McCracken, Mrs. Bill Woody, Mrs.
| Otis Cole.
Home management?Mrs. F. F.
Roper. Mrs. Hasque Warren, Jr.
Family life?Mrs. T. Hugh Rog
ers. Mrs Roland Leatherwood. Mrs.
Marshall Jones.
Home beautiflcation ? Mrs.
I Charles Penland, Mrs. Harry
Stamey, Jr.
Clothing?Mrs. Pat Cole, Mrs.
Tom Rogers.
Arts and crafts?Mrs. Ralph Mil
ler. Mrs. C. L. Darnell. Mrs. Pat
Cole. Mrs. R. L. Hennessee.
Community service?Mrs. Grady
Rogers. Mrs. Lucy Allen.
Health?Mrs. Bill Woody, Mrs.
T, Hugh Rogers.
Education?Mrs. Lewis Smith.
Citizenship?Mis. Otis Cole Mrs
Pat Cole.
Recreation? Mrs. F F. Roper,
Mrs. Lewis McCracken.
4-H Club Leader?Mrs. J. S.
Hardin. Mrs Lucy Allen. Mrs. T.
Hugh Rogers.
Music?Mrs. Pat Cole, Mrs. Ray
Mrs. Warren also reported on
the County Council meeting and
the club voted to endorse the sug
gestion made by the Council for
Haywood County Home Demonstra
tion club day to be featured for
! the Spring Federation,
j Mrs. Bill Woody was welcomed
las a new member and Mr? Sara
f Thompson as a visitor.
?Miss Mary Cornwell gave the
demonstration during the morning
session and a covered dish lunch
eon was served bv the hostesses
? ? ?
HDC Music Chairmen
To Meet Thursday
Music chairmen of Haywood
County home demonstration clubs
will meet Thursday at 10 a m in
the court room in Waynesville.
Mrs. J. Edgar Burnett of Cecil,
county music chairman, will pre
* * ?
Secretaries To Meet
Wednesday at 7 P. M.
A regular meeting of the Way
nesville chapter of the National
Secretaries Association will be held
Wednesday at 7 p.m. at Spaldon\s
Miss Jimmie Watts will preside
T?f.?? > ? r- ?
the former Miss Margaret Cotter,
daughter of Mrs. Thomas Cot
ter and the late Mr. Cotter of the
Aliens Creek Road. She was
married in Greenville, S. C. on
January 6.
Miss Cotter,
Pfc. Snyder
Are Married
Announcement is made of the
marriage of Miss Margaret Cotter,
laughter of Mrs. Thomas Cotter of
Mien's Creek Road and the late
Mr. Cotter, to Pfc. Homer Snyder,
Tr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Homer
Snvder of Hazelwood.
The ceremony was held in
Greenville, S. C., January 6.
The bride is a member of the
junior class of the Waynesville
Township High School. Pfc. Sny
ler was graduated from the Way
nesville schools and is now serv
ing in the Army, stationed at Fort
F.ustis, Virginia.
Lakeside Club
Meets With
Mrs. Whisenhunt
The Lakeside Home Demonstra
tion club met Tuesday night at the
home of Mrs. Harry Whisenhunt,
Mrs. Joe Davis and Mrs. Pritchard
Smith as co-hostesses.
The devotional was given by Mrs.
Luther Shaw. Miss Kate Phillips,
president, was in charge of busi
ness and presented a reoort from
the club's' executive board with
plans for activities during the year, i
She named Mrs. A. H. Hunt and
Mrs. James D. McClure to serve [
on a telephone committee for the I
fi-st quarter. Project leaders' re-'
ports were given by Mrs. J. S.
Harrell on Home Gardens. Miss
Kate Phillips on Home Poultry
and Mrs. E. L. Dudley on Home
The demonstration on "Let's ,
Make Housekeeping Easier" was
presented by Miss Mary Cornwall,
home agent, assisted by Mrs. Har- I
ry Whisenhunt who gave the dem
onstration on "Biscuit Making". A
social hour was held with the
games conducted hv Mrs. Pritchard
Smith. Refreshments were served
by the hostesses.
* * *
Mrs. Clifford Green of Detroit.
Mich, is visiting her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Bill Ferguson of Waynes
ville. Route 1.
Crabtree ulub
Names Officers
And Leaders
The Upper Crabtree Home Dem
onstration club met on Tuesday.
February 9 at the home of Mrs
Ray Best.
Officers for 1954 were elected as
follows: President, Miss Sara
James; 1st vice president. Mrs. Hay
Best; 2nd vice president. Mrs. Matt
Davis; secretary - treasurer, Mrs
Cassiuv Rogers; assistant secretary
treasurer, Mrs. R. F. Rogers; his
torian. Mrs. Edwin Rogers.
Project leaders and committee
chairmen are:
Foods-"and nutrition?Mrs. Ray
Home gardens?Mrs. J. M. Da
Home poultry?Mrs. Jack Rog
Home dairy?Mrs. Albert Fergu
Food preservation ? Mrs. Tro\
House furnishings?Mrs. Cassius
Home management?Mrs. M. B
Rogers, Mrs. Hugh Rogers.
Family life?Mrs. Edwin Rogers,
Mrs. John Relich.
Home beautification?Mrs. R. F.
Clothing?Mrs. F. A. Justice.
Arts and crafts ? Miss Sarah
Community service ? Mrs. Cas
sius Rogers.
Health?Mrs. Troy McCracken.
Education?Miss Sarah James.
Citizenship?Mrs. J M. Davis.
Recreation?Mrs. Edwin Rogers
4-H Club leader?Mrs. Ray Best
Music?Mrs. R. F. Rogers.
Leaders' reports were given on
Home Gardens by Mrs. J. M. Da
vis and Home Management b\
Mrs. M. B. Rogers. Plans for the
year's activities were discussed and
the club voted to cooperate with
the County Council in all activities
The demonstration on "Let's
Make HouSkeeping Easier" was
nresented by Miss Mary Cornwall.
Refreshments were served by the
* ? *
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bryson left
Thursday for their home in Camas.
Wash., after visiting their parents,
Mr and Mrs. Horace Bryson and
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Medford. The
Brvsons came east to attend the
wedding of their son. Lt. Jack Bry
son, in Havre De Grace, Md.
White OakC?
Has WorksW
Till' W i Oak bJ
tratioll l j
craft woi k ,p J
Mr* Cooi . I3 j
Tho P'i nt Mri |
fold, wa- ...
{iiicl tho d, a- ;n.
v orkshoo a ?huH
? .on. Plan i
to criteria ?> .
Honu1 I>t a',
us a featui of
1 Demonstr. i Wot
Mrs 11 F
! conned a> a ,1
A covcrc lisli ...J
served lis m..,. J
m< otine w In- in >|
Mrs. Odie I I
* ? 1
E. Wayri -villep;
Observe F( iur.der!
A meet in of tho fOj
ville Parol I ??aelur- s
?\ ill ho hold Tuesday t,
?l 7:30 p.m. J
A prom a 'a ill he a
observance founders
Hcv. Gradj It ? ? rinaer a
Oellwood 'iciriM ?.
| conduct tin ' so':
Claude Walk, will pm,
A social n will ?;]
neetinfi. I
1 Joe W n left
dtend the ' it header
j -%ors Col '"11: tw
Wednesday llov'.i-fl
dudio Thin monuq
- ? '
h (J ti'M
<?5"k A"' 1 '<M*'
4_J// V Hi??
elers on Main Stwti
P. M. Last Night. If
Lome In *nv Da\ !)?
Store Hours From M
to 5:30 P. M . He ?i
Him With I he Pleasw
ins a :Julo\ ,i From >..)
The open in j? of a new class for children between
the ages of 3 and 0. The class will be held from
10:00 A. M. until 11:00 A. M. each
Tuesday and Friday ?
Special Interest and Training has been taken by
Miss Calhoun in preparation for teaching children
of these particular ages'?
Evening Classes in Ballroom Dancing For Any- !<
one Interested ? Also Special Evening Classes For I
Young Women Consisting of Mat Exercises With ,
Tap and Ballet if Desired.
CALL GL 6-6564 '
4 _ _ ' , '*
->*? M
For a Limited Time Only
&j ?s
? H
?m $4
|? KNOWN g
I 30'? Off !
*?& SORRY ? We are not permitted to mention
?s@ the name of the manufacturer, but you
?S} will recognize this as one of our best na- b-,
tlonally advertised brands. &
| KURT GANS, jeweler 1
^ "The Store of Nationally Advertised Brands''
H Dial GL 6-6087 207 Main Street ||
"Stop And Shop In Waynesvllle" bf
C4Z2L \
c ' I
Seen in Good Housekeeping ?Nelly Don's
wonderful jersey of Celcnese oceto'e, the fok';
that never knows a wrinkle, travels and po^'
beautifully. Done in a soft, dressmaker shirtar*
t at wii look fresh and pretty blooming undW
Blue, /ed, green, brown. 10 to 20. 14.95

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