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E? | The Wa ynesville Mountaineer [SSI
feu. MW?r L^^Tw.ce.A-VV'ee^Tbe Coun,y Sea, o, Haywood County A, Th. a? Entrance O, Th. Cre.t U, ?ounlamJ National Park j ? "?
- re^ WAYNESVILLE, N. C? THURSDAY AFTERNOON. JUNE 10. 1S54 ~r> OH I,, <1 I *?rp0 ~Q
? __ ln Advance In Haywood and Jacka^C^t^
169,220 Approved For Five School Projects
w JL -M. _i_ _i_ _4_ x X X X ^ 4/ _
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ate Press Group At Lake For Three Days;
o Registration
Necessary For
icond Primary
Created For
ng Meters
By Visitors
sville police will soon
utting nickels in park
Plumber of Commerce
up a fund of S20 with
* to be used in meters
ears of out-of-state
ame arrangement was
t season, and many of
ars who found the little
eard on their wind
ent to the Chamber of
ce and repaid the
?st every case, the own
e ear made some com
I appreciation for the
5 Logan
: Dies
n Rabies
ionths-old calf owned by
Mrs. A. W. Swanger of
n. is the latest victim of
Haywood County, which
der a county-wide quar
f died Saturday nigfit,
as sent to the state labo
Raleigh, and a report
! that the animal had
rabies was received on
i it is not known dcfi
the calf got rabies, Dr.
I. veterinarian, said that
have been responsible,
of foxes do live in the
the lake and have been
the settlement, the doc
? symptom exhibited by
>s a wobbliness in the
for two days. Then it
nurse one morning.
: Riegg was called, he
the animal had become
able Later it became
died the next day.
of their being exposed.
?nd Mrs. Swanger will
'8 anti-rabies shots. Mr.
custodian of the Lake
>Perty owned by the
Paper and Fibre Co.
was also investigated
Chambers, county dog
olores Valerie York,
,f Mr. and Mrs. D. D.
aynesville, received the
ee in Home Economics
a College, on Monday,
iss York is a graduate
"Sh School.
The registration books will not
be open for the second primary,
W. G. Byers, chairman of the Hay
wood board of Elections toid The
Mountaineer today.
"Any person who qualifies as a
: voter, and who has not registered.
, may do so when they go to the
j polls to vote," the chairman said.
The second primary, on Satur
! day. June 26th, will be for a run
| off in two county contests?House
of Representatives and Chairman
? of the Board. Also, a run-off in
| the Waynesville constable race.
In the race for chairman of the
board are Faraday C. Green, and
i Glenn D. Brown. For represent
ative are Jerry Rogers, and R. E.
I Sentelle.
Tj-,e constable race is between
; A," F. Arrington and Clarence Ed
Chairman Byers said the same
registrars and judges would serve
for the second primary as served
on May 29th.
Ticket Sale
For Masquers
Play Opens
I Ticket sales began today for the
Mountain Masquers first produc*
lion. "Junior Miss," to be given at
Hczelwood School June 25.
Tickets will be sold both for this
particular performance and to pa
trons of the amateur dramatics
group, according to Roger Walker,
Masquers president.
The cast of the play, to be direct
ed by Mrs. Ila Campbell, includes:
Mr. Walker as Harry Graves,
Mrs. Annette Gans as Grace Grav
es. Junior Green as Joe the eleva
toi boy. Amelia Alexander as Judy
Shelby Jean Tate as Lois. Patsy
Jones as FulTy, Leo Leslie as J. B.
Curtis, Jackie Sue Messer as Ellen
Curtis, Charles Edwards as Uncle
Willie, Harold Clark as Haskell
Cummings, Joe Russell as Merrill
Furbach, David Russell as a West
ern Union messenger, Bobo Calla
han as Charles, and Mrs. Jackie ]
Caldwell as Hazel.
Four more bit parts for teen-age
boys are still to be filled, Mrs.
Campbell said.
At their regular monthly meeting
Monday night at the Piedmont
Hotel the Masquers also discussed
the musical which is to be produc
ed in July under the direction of
Miss Bette Hannah, for which try
outs will be held Tuesday, July 6.
Davis Receives Japanese
Radio Reception Notice
A notice confirming his recep
tion of a Japanese radio station
has been received here by Homer
Davis. Waynesville amateur radio
According to the card. Mr.
Davis heard station JOB-4 on 1170
kilocycles. 25.47 meters, on May1
9. The notice was signed "Nippon
Hoso Kyakai," the broadcasting
corporation of Japan.
Mr. Davis said that because of
recent cloud formations, short
wave radio reception lias been
especially good, enabling him to
pick up such faraway points as
Formosa and Indo-China.
75,000 Copies
Of Vacation Map
To Be Distributed
Approximately 75.000 copies of
Hie revised edition of the Western
North Carolina Highlanders' popu
lar "vacation map" have been print
ed and arc now being disWibuted in
thir region and in many cities
throughout the country.
On one side of the folder is the
map showing popular sccnic-attrac
tiens. highways, and towns and vil
lages. On the other side arc list
ings of room accommodations.
" (Sec 75.000 Copies?Page 81
' 1 I
Library To Show
Motion Pictures
Motion pictures for both adults
and children will be shown at the
Haywood County Public Library on
Friday afternoon, starting at 2
o'clock, according to an announce
ment by Miss Margaret Johnston,
Films to be shown are:
"North to the Hudson," "Robert
E. Lee," "India" (Pakistan and the
Lnion of India." and "Myra Hess."
The library staff has invited the
public to attend the showing.
I ???
?banquet speaker
?Friday luncheon speaker
?opening session speaker
?banquet speaker
?X.C.P.A. secretary
?N.C.P.A. president
Till: PRESS PROGRAM at Lake Junaluska, beginning tonight,
will be highlighted by these speakers. The first session begins at
eight tonight at the Lake Auditorium, with Joseph Alsop, famous
Washington columnist as speaker.
id hot today with widely
?fternoon thundershow
partly cloudy and con
with scattered thunder
Waynesvllle tempera
Kirted by the State Test
Ma*. Mln. Pr.
04 50
85 47
... M M
Chamber of Commerce
Adds 2 Members To Staff
The directors of the Chamber
of Commerce Tuesday night com
pleted plans for the summer pro
gram. by the addition of two mem
bers to the office staff for the
Mrs. Ben Messer will be back as
assistant office manager, and
Miss Dorothy Lane Prevost will
be In charge of the office during
the evening hours.
The directors heard final de
tails for the several conventions
which will bo hero this month ?
The Tress, N. C. Women Golfers,
and The Tri-State Medical So
Tentative plans for some early
fall activities were discussed
Reports from several commit
tees were made, and showed a
note of optimism prevailing.
John N. Johnsoivpresident, Raid
the executive committee would
meet regularly during the sum
mer, hut the board would forgo
the monthly meetings.
Contractor, I wo Others
Hurt Near TV Tower Site
Ben Sloan, contractor of the TV Tower on Mount Ptsgah. was
painfully injured this afternoon shortly after two o'clock when the
cable car broke loose and ran one hundred yards down the in
Two workmen were slightly injured.
The workmen were lllll Sharp and Joe Parks.
The cable to the tram ear snapped at a blast of dynamite
went off nearby, 1
Sloan was taken to the Haywood County Hospital shortly af
ter 3:30 o'clock where the extent of his injuries had not been de
Two Mountaineer reporters at the scene this afternoon said
Sloan stayed with the car as It plunged down the steep mountain
side. ' ^ *
Editors From
All Sections
Of State To
Newspaper editors and publish
ers from all sections of North Caro
lint will gather at Lake Junaluska
tonight for then- annual three-day
summer convention.
Indications this morning were
that about 150 to 200 members of
the press would register for the
convention programs, which begin
tonight at eight o'clock in the audi
torium at the Lake.
Joseph Alsop. nationally known
Washington columnist will be the
speaker tonight. This session is
open to the public, and officials of
the Press Association have extend
ed a cordial invitation for the pub
lic to attend. There will be no
admission charges.
Weimer Jones, editor of The
Franklip Press, is president of the
Association, and will preside at to
night's meeting.
Dr. Elmer T. Clark will give the
invocation, and James W. Fowler,
Jr.. superintendent of Lake Juna
luska, will give the address of wel
come. while C. A. Eury. of New
hern. will give the response
Dean Neil Luxon. of the School
of Journalism of the University of
North Carolina, will introduce the
After the evening session, Ad
miral Thomas will be host to the
group on a boat trip, the Cherokee
11, around the Lake.
The group meetings of the Asso
ciation will be held at 9:30 Friday,
jand continue until noon,
j For the non-daily group meeting
T. W. Wingate. editor of the Ruth
Uiford County News. Rutherford
' ton. will serve as moderator for a
i four-participant discussion of top
l ics of interest to weekly newspaper
editors and publishers. Members
! cf the panel and their assigned
! topics are:
1 W Stanlpv Mnnip of Thr
[ N jws-Herald, Morganton: How to
Keep News Sources Open: 2. Mayon
Parker, of the Hertford County
Hearld: How to Build Classified
Advertising: 3. Horace W. Carter, j
of the Tabor City Tribune: How to
Make Editorials Click: 4. Richard
ft. Robertson, of the Leaksvlll^ I
News: How to Build Circulation.
H. A. Allen, of the Charlotte Ob
server, chairman of the Associated
Dailies, is in charge of the program
for the dailies, and will preside at
the annual meeting of this group.
Both groups will meet in confer
ence rooms at Lambuth Inn.
The luncheon at 12:30 Friday will
be held at the Terrace Hotel. Jay
Huskins, of the Statesvillc Daily
Record, will preside on this oc
casion and an international indus
trialist Heinz Rollman of Waynes
ville, will make a brief address on
World Construction, a peace move
ment of which he is founder. Roll
man will be introduced by Jonathan
Friday afternoon will be given
over exclusively to recreation. A
tour into the Great Smokies, in
cluding a visit to Mile High Over
look and the Cherokee Indian Vil
lage on the reservation.
The group will stage their an
(See Press?Page 8)
A FAMOUS SMILE is flashed by Gig Young, motion picture and
stage *actor, who visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. James E. Barr.
at Lake Junaluska. Veteran of more than a dozen movies. Gig
(whose real name is Byron Barr) has just finished seven months
playing a major role in the Broadway stage hit. "Oh Men! Oh
Women!", which deals with the trials and tribulations of a psycho
analyst. (Mountaineer Photo).
Keeping Up With Byron
No Task For The Barrs
Mountaineer Staff Writer
When a young man leaves "the
old homestead" to seek his own
f< rtunes, the parents sometimes
have a hard time keeping1 up with
their wandering offspring because i
| many males have an aversion to
writing letters.
However, keeping tab on their
son. Byron, should not be too diffi
cult for Mr. and Mrs. James E. Barr |
I of Lake Junaluska. Instead of |
j waiting for a letter, all they have !
to do usually is to check the latest !
movie magazines or perhaps read
the reviews of the hit shows on ,
Bi oadway.
w For their sort, born Byron Barr. i
is known in Hollywood as Gig '
?\ oung, accomplished, young actor '
who has already played in more
than a dozen motion pictures, and
who has just finished playing a
major role in the Broadway comedy
hit, "Oh Men! Oh Women!"
Although Gig has never lived in
Haywood County, the fact that his
father and foster mother came here
in the 30's and because of the ac- j
tcr's visits here, local residents1
have adopted him as a native son
and have followed his career with
keen interest.
After spending seven months in
his first stage role, Gig left New
York early last week to spend a
few days with his parents at the
lake before returning to Hollywood
where he expects to start a new
picture this summer. Whqp not
before -the movie camera, he may
appear in a television series either
in Hollywood or New York.
Gig stepped into the cast of "Oh
Men! Oh Women!" only eight days
before its opening on Broadway, I
hut he captured the favor of the
hard-to-please critics, one of whom
"Gig Young, a pleasant recruit
from Hollywood, exhibits such style
and banty charm as have not been
seen in these precincts since Archie '
<?_? : 1
Two New Sets Of
Folders Printed
For C. of C.
Two new sets of folders were
delivered to the Chamber of
Commerce this week.
One folder consists of eight
pages, is printed in two colors
and deals with the advantages of
the community as to tourists,
agriculture and industrv.
The other is a four-page fold
er listing the accommodations
of the members of the organiza
? Both folders will be used ex
tensively in promoting the im
mediate area.
Leach climbed down oir the stilts."
Many movie actors have found
success more difficult to attain on
the legitimate stage than in Holly
wood, so Gig confided, "1 feel very
lucky to have been in a hit in my
first appearance in New York."
Gig was first bitten by the acting
bug in Washington, 1). C. about the
time that his parents left there to
come to Haywood County. After
ap|>earing in productions there, he
won a three-year scholarship at the
famed Pasadena Playhouse, which
has provided a springboard to
movie stardom for a number of
aspiring youngsters.
Warner Brothers Studio was first
to discover the talents of Byron
Uarr and put him under contract.
He probably would have-used his
own name in playing screen roles,
but it seems that another actor
bad earlier adopted the name By
ron Barr as his screen name.
The name Gig Young is taken
from a role lie played as a playboy
pianist in a picture with James
Although enjoyable, the work
(Sec Byron Barr?Page 8>
Bids Dug On
2 Projects
To BeSought
Near Future
Appropriations of $169,222.11
for five school projects in Hay
wood County have been approved
by both the state and the county's
special advisory board, it has been
announced by Superintendent of
Schools. Lawrence Leatherwood.
Mr. Leatherwood spent several
days in Raleigh last week, confer
ring with representatives of the
state planning board, state board
of education, and the state super
intendent of education.
At a meeting Tuesday night, the
appropriations were approved by
the advisory board, which is made
up of the board of education,
county commissioners, and five
Projects planned by the County
and estimated costs include:
Cafeteria at Fines Creek School.
$60,000: vocational shop improve
ments at Clyde School. $10,000:
six primary classrooms at Hazel
wood School. $70,000; two primary
classrooms at East Waynesville
School, $25,000, and cafeteria-gym
at Crabtree-Iron DulT School. $125.
000. The cost of other improve
ments at Crabtree-lron DufT will
be determined later, Mr. Leather
wood said.
! Money for the school projects
>vili come front Haywood Counly'.
portion of the first $25,000,000 ol
! the state school bond issue and
from the remainder of the coun
ty's own $2,000,000 bond issue.
Funds will be granted by the
state for each project separatelv
as bids are received on the work.
Plans and specifications for the
Fines Creek and Crabtree-lron
Huff projects are in the "finish
: ing stage," Mr. Leatherwood said.
All other plans were started >es
terday, he added.
The major obstacle to obtaining
the state's approval for the coun
ty's plans was in the building of
the gymnasium at Crabtree. This
w-as overcome when the county
agreed to use its own funds to
construct this particular building.
New York
Tops Tourist
Inquiry List
The nation's most populous state.
New York, leads the list of tourist
I inquiries received by the regional
office of Western North Carolina
Highlanders. Inc., it has been dis
closed by Mrs. Doyle D. Alley,
secretary of the organization.
In the five months period front
the first of January until May 31.
the Highlanders have received e
total of 2,592 inquiries from 47 of
the 48 states, the District of Co
lumbia, two U. S. territories, and
! four foreign countries. Of that
number, 415 have come from resi
dents of the Empire State.
The only state not heard from is
Utah. The home state of North
Carolina ranked no better than
| eighth place with 107 inquiries.
Other leaders in the list were:
Ohio. 237; Illinois, 193; Virginia.
175; Michigan. 170; New Jefsey,
1150; and Florida, 139. Fifty in
quiries came from California, it
self a leading vacation state.
Canada leads the foreign coun
(See New York?Page 5)
Waynesville Toastmasters
To Receive Charter Monday
Waynesvllle's new Toastmaster's
Club wUI receive its charter Mon
day night at a special program at
Camp Hope to be attended by
Toastmaaters from the Ashevillc,
Canton, and Pigeon Valley clubs.
The charter will be presented by
Dr. J. E- Witters of Canton, district
governor of Toaatmasters. to Clif
ford Harrell, president of the
Waynosvllle organization.
The program, which begins at
pm, will Include.
Invocation by the Rev. H. R.
Sherman. Jr., instructions by Er
nest Mcsser, and talks by J. E.
Wilkinson, R. C. Ellis, Frank
Vokes, and Peter Mulder.
Evaluators will be F. E. Shull.
Zane Hall, H. B. Wbltworth. and
Bruce Nanney. Table topics mast
er will be George Edgerton. table
topics evaluator. W. K. Stephens,
grammarian, Mr. Patterson, and
master evaluator, R. L. Anton.
Edwin Haynes will serve as toast
Record For
In Haywood
Killed ..;: 0
Injured.... 11
(Thta tnfornutiom com
piled from Bccocda mt
Rtolc mtktray Patrol.)

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