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l*r 91 ? ^.. ,p5
The \tovesville Mountainefr =11
BEAK NO. 70 irpAOES A.7.?^ - l^OUm> Se" <* County A, Tht Eas,?r? ^ XT.-1.1 1 ij?ili ?ir ^
" ? -?-??ic. ? - ?
: -lrhi ltel)ay afternoon, skit. 2 mi o '
*1.50 In Advance In Haywood ^ Jack,? Connttea
lacing Of
lah Link
Its Soon
of the 11-mile link of j
? Ridge Parkway from ?
Gap to Beech Gap,
^?immediate contracting, |
Kms told The Mountain- ,
^Ay. This would be the
Hted link of the Parkway ,
^A the money for this I
^?well as for relining the
Beech Gap," Weems ;
see no delay in sight 1
^A these projects com- j
B would give this area |
Bp drive via Lake Logan. |
^Ae highway commission
^Ad to pave the Lake
H when the Parkway is
? Weems said.
^Bsing the popularity of
^Boverlook. Weems said
? a long time before de
Hame the area "Mile
^?felt it might sound a
^A but have found since
name that appeals to
? and I'm glad I made
?n to call it 'Mile High
the superintendent
^An''e "n^ "f the Blue
^A^uay from Soco to
^Ap remaihs high on the
?t. Sam Weems, super
B of the Parkway said
^Ay, as he discussed pro- ?
Blhe N. C. Park Commis
? was listed as the num- '
Boiect for new construe- j J
? ten years ago, but lack !
Brssional appropriations |
Be link from being built,
^Aoht The Mountaineer
?that the Parkway Cotn
Bnked upon the Blowing
Bile section as the num
^?oject for new construc
Bhe Soco-Balsam link as
Bne. He estimated each
Buld cost about two mil
Beems told the commis
?.'?bout forty million dol
B be needed to complete
? Parkway?Page 8)
I Show
I of 120 choice pullets
Bered for sale at the an- '
?tv 4-H Club Show and ,
Be courthouse lawn at 2
Bltry chain is sponsored t
Bh Club in cooperation ;
B Farmers Federation to ?
? members experience in ,
Bultry and keeping satis- j
Brs will be:
Bb Harris of Thickety. i
Bpard of Ratcliffe Cove,
Buntcr of Fines Creek, t
Bnce of Crabtree, and i
Bie of Waynesville.
Blae and David Hipps of
B. Carroll Browning of
Bharles Wayne Ferguson ,
B Neal Allison of Bethel. (
By Kirkpatrick of Crab- i
186 Pints
? of 86 pints of blood were '
Bd here Tuesday during
I 'he American Red Cross (
B'le at the Hazelwood
Ban Church.
? of 200 pints was set in
? to make up past defic
Bd Cross Gray Ladies a- '
Bted Bloodmobile person- 1
Blistering and helping to i
?blood donors.
?" "
? MA mild today and Fri-1
? Wayncsvillc temperature
?ted by the State Test
Ma*. Mtn. Pr.
I 82 56
I 78 51
I 78 44
?^P?r?ture last night was
H '
PATHWAY TO PROFIT in Haywood County
agriculture lies iu the growing of more farm pro
duce, according to C. D. "Shorty" Ketner (left).
looking over an apple sorting and grading ma
chine at his parking house on North Main St.
At right is his brother, R. H. Ketner.
(Mountaineer Photo).
Growing Produce For Big-City Markets
Proved Profitable In Haywood County
Memo: Labor Day
Means Closing Of
Stores, Schools
Children won't nerd a remind- 1
er that schools will be closed
Monday, September 6, to honor
Labor Day. However, adults
may heed a warning that all
business firms, including stores,
banks and post offices, will also
be closed all day.
Harry IVhisenhunt, president
of the Merchants Association, an
nounced the store closing, and
Superintendent Lawrence Leath- j
erwood that of the schools.
2 Strangers
Give Youth j
Poison Drink
Robert Presnell, about 12, of
Cove Creek was the victim of a
strange poisoning case last night
when he was given some unknown
drink bv two out-of-state men
parked on the road at Maggie.
Acutely ill about 8 p.m. last
night, he was taken to Haywood :
County Hospital where his stom
ach was pumped, and he was af- I
lerwards admitted. He went home
this morning.
Presnell and a companion, Tom
my Singleton of Jonathan Creek,
told Sheriff Fred Y. Campbell and
Jerry Rogers, school attendance
officer, that they had been swim
ming at Maggie and wanted to get
a drink.
Seeing a car parked alongside
the road near the Maggie zoo, the
two boys aij^cd two men in the
car for a dime to get a soft drink
One of the men said that they I
had a soft drink in the car and
(See Boy Poisoned?Page 8)
The Rev. Elmer Green
Is III With Pneumonia
The Rev. Elmer Green, Associa
tional Missionary of the Baptist
Church, is ill with bronchial pneu
monla, according to a report from
his family. He was taken sick Tues
day and is receiving treatment at j
ihe Haywood County Hospital, j
where he is said to have spent a :
estful night last night.
(See Pictures?Page 1. Sec. 2)
Staff Writer
Are some Haywood County
farmers neglecting to answer the
knock of agricultural opportunity
at their doors?
C. D. "Shorty" Ketner, ' mer
chant, farmer, and packing house
operator of Waynesville and Mag
gie, is convinced that they are.
The way "Shorty" sees it. coun
ty farmers are not capitalizing
properly on what Mother Nature
gave them. In short, he believes
that Haywood should be a major
produce-growing center such as
neighboring Henderson County, i
Howevert for all its potentialities, j
this county grows comparatively j
little produce aside from that con-1
sumed in this immediate area.
If the necessary steps were tak
en, what are the possibilities for
Haywood County farmers in regard !
to raising produce?
Without qualification, Mr. Ket
ner asserts: "A produce business (
that would bring in two or three
million dollars to Haywood Coun
ty annually could be developed
This statement of W. Ketner's
is not based on mere speculation,
out on years of experience, dur
(See Produce?Page 1. Sec. 2)
MOD Drive
Nearing End
Contributions to the Emergency j
March of Dimes were being de-1
posited slow ly, according to Treas-I
urer Carl Gillis, as the official!
drive drew to a close this week. |
Because funds from certain special
events had not yet been deposited j
and because of the uncertainty of
the success of the contributions-by
mail phase of the campaign, there
was no way of predicting how suc
cessful the drive would be, how
"Fred Setzer's Singing Conven
tion at Morning Star School August
27 netted the drive another $117," |
campaign chairman Turner Cathcy |
said. "This is another of a series 1
of successful special events. Fred j
Seizor and other pien and women !
who have worked hard on these;
events for the benelit of the drive
rate the community's deepest ap
preciation," he added.
TV Tower Near
300 Foot Mark
The TV tower atop Mi. Pisgah
is now up almost 300 feet. The
Mountaineer leafned today from
Engineer Don llunnirut.
Plans are to place the 40-foot
antenna on top of the tower Sat
urday, making the total height
340 feet.
Equipment is now being test
ed, preparatory to using the tow
er for broadcasting a test pat
tern in the near future.
Tours End
At Saunook
Haywood County's summer com
munity tours, sponsored by the
Community Development Program,
will come to an end Saturday morn
ing when East Pigeon visits Sau
Assemblving at Saunook School
at 9:30 a.m. Saturday, the group
will follow this itinerary, accord
ing to the county agent's office:
Pleasant Balsam Baptist Church,
improvements: Mr. Franklin's re
modeled barn home; Mr. Walker's
residence; Mr. Chambers' summer
home; view of Barbel's Orchard;
Oen. Sumter L. Lowry's summer
home; State Fish Hatchery: Mr.
Evans' home improvements; tour
through Barber's Orchard; lunch at
Saunook School, and recreation on
the Barber playground.
Chairmen of the two CDP or
ganizations are L. M. Sherrill at
East Pigeon and Dillard Hooper at
This year's tour program started
July 20 with Francis Cove [Visiting
Iron Duff. Other tours were;
South Clyde at Morning Star.
Thickety at West Pigeon. Aliens
Creek at South Clyde, West Pigeon
at Hatcliffe Cove, Morning Star at
White Oak, Rtacliffe Cove at East
Pigeon, Iron Duff at Thickety,
White Oak at Francis Cove, Cruso
at Aliens Creek, and Saunook at
Canton District Schools
Report 2,701 Enrollment
First enrollment figures report
ed by Canton District schools to
lay showed a total of 2,701 stu
lents enrolled in the district's
leven schools.
Canton High School's enrollment
totaled 636?an increase over last
year's figure of 506.
Enrollment in the white ele
mentary schools totaled 1,922 as
compared to 1,914 a year ago.
Elementary enrollments report-1
ed hy Superintendent of Schools
Rowe Henry's office were:
Beaverdam. 365; Morning Star.
218; North Caifton. 546, Patton,
269; Pennsylvania Ave., 384, and
the eighth grade at Canton High.
Reynolds School reported 84 en
rolled in the elementary grades
and 59 in high school.
Now under construction in the
Canton District is a new junior
high school near the site ?if Canton
Hi"!! School.
Business Will Suspend
For Labor Day Programs
T T i ?*? i
naywooa 10
Join Canton
For Events
'other Stories?Page 1. Sec. 3>
Haywood business and schools
will suspend Monday in observance
| of Labor Day. Activities will center
diound the Canton program of the
annual Labor Day celebration.
Beginning Friday at four, the an
nual pet show will be held in Can- i
[ until ^10 runninS daBy
until 10.15 Monday night, when
e program will conclude at the
I Canton high school stadium.
turner Cathe.v, general chair
ma,, ot the Canton celebration, and
his associates, have worked out a
complete program for the lour
<ta>s and a program which prom
ises t0 attract a large attendance
for every event.
wJ.hf, ]>et ,Show will get under
I S, h 1 ,? ?tk Friday a' the high
th^us S ad,u,n' with Harry Mat
thews, chairman.
Saturday morning, at the YMCA
Com beginning at 10, the annual
doll show will begin with registra
on. and will be open to the pub
lic at two o'clock until four Mrs
Gordon Rodgers is chairman.
Saturday night, at the high
auditor,St',diUm' bUt in ,h" -ool
au ntor urn ,n the event of rain.
the selection of the Labor Day
Queen will be made. Just prior to
Pa*t Gree?""^Cth| ' f??tbal1 Same
L Pree,y is chairman. At nine
the festivities will move to Camp
Hope for the annual coronation
Cavaliers # i0 fhe Labor '6ay
! SU? ^ucen will be crowned,
I als0 a' Camp Hope.
? in""n "y atternoon> starting at
it h h6 u U' ** a SOs')el singing
aga ,, ii,gth S0b001 Stadium> and
again. ln the event of rain, the
audftorium. int" lhC
Monday, beginning at ten the
1 heidUar|COl0rfUl Parade wi" be
| Ik id. Glenn Simmons is chairman.
,?Z" OI ?>' ?M
,o?* """?
v *2:20~white foot races, high
I school stadium.
. ?' p/n ~"Hor*e show, old Cham
; P'on Nursery Grounds.
hifi p m J~P'atform entertainment,
t high school stadium, with Fred
rerguson, chairman.
ht?K P T ~^-lored baseball game,
high school field - Canton Eagles
vs. Cullowhee.
7 p.m. platform entertainment. I
high school stadium (includes I
square dancing, string bands and
many outstanding performers).
10:05 p.m.?award ui V. F. W. |
car. high school stadium.
10.10 p.m.?award of American
Legion T.V. set, high school sta
10:15 p.m.?award Kiwanis pony,
high school stadium.
! Things Aren't
Quite That Dirty
A. W. Ferguson, county ASC
office manager and his three
clerks strongly contend that
their office?or the entire court
house, for that matter?is not so
dirty that 10 cases of soap are
needed to clean up the situation.
Recently the ASC office order
ed 40 cakes of soap from the
Federal supply agency, in At
Today the office received 10
A POURING PARTY was held by the sheriff s
office Wednesday afternoon after deputies Gene
Howell and Everett A. MeEiroy seized 68 gal
lons of moonshine whiskey on the property of
Hubert Goodson in the Ratcliffe Cove eominun
ity about 9:30 a.m. Wednesday. Pouring the
"mountain dew" down the drain in the garage
at the courthouse are (left to right) Deputy Mc
Flroy. Sheriff Campbell, and John Ray. The boy
at the far right is not identified.
(Mountaineer Photo).
State News Head Says \
Tourist Business Fine
? - p
The entire state has enjoyed a
better tourist season than usual,
Charles Parker, director of the i
State News and Advertising De-'
part ment. told The Mountaineer
Parker had jusl completed a
personal survey of this area when
he made the statement.
"Travel in this area, proven by
actual counts on the Parkway and
into the Park, proves there has
been an increase ?n this immediate |
area," he continued.
When Parker was asked what he
felt was the one greatest need of
this section, he replied: "Usable
water?a lake with usable water,
with cottages on the shoreline. We
have more inquiries for that par
ticular type of accommodations
than any other right now."
"The transient traveler is well ,
provided for with modern courts
and motels." he said, "but so many
people want swimming facilities,
and prefer bodies of water which
will afford boating, as well as
swimming." he continued.
Parker was interested in the
progress of the Pigeon River road,
and planned to visit the site this
morning, and get first-hand infor
mation of that project, which he
termed essential to the develop
ment of the Eastern end of the
Park, as well as giving this area
an ali-wcather road from the mid
Del I wood Churches'
Homecoming Is Sunday
iCongregations of the Burberville
Baptist Church and the Maple
Grove Methodist Church will join
together Sunday for a Homecom
ing Da> program at tho Barber
ville Church.
The two churches Will have sep
arate Sunday School services, but <'
will unite for the worship service.
The program will include:.
Welcome by the superintendent
of the Barberville Sunday School,
prayer by tho superintendent of
tho Maple Grove Sunday School;
addresses by former pastors of each
church; special music by the two
church choirs, dinner on the
grounds at noon, and group sing
ing in the afternoon.
JR. will conduct his first service
in Grace Episcopal Church Sun
day morning,
James Y. Perry
Is New Rector
Of Grace Church
The Rev. James V. Perry, Jr.. a
native of Columbia. S. C.. has been
appointed rector of Grace Episco
pal Church here and will conducl
his first service in the church
Sunday morning. He succeeds the
late Rev. Edgar H. Goold, who
died July 4.
Mr. Perry is the son of James
Y. and Anne Guerry Perry of
Columbia. S. C. and the grandson
of the late Rt. Rev. Alexander
Guerry. Bishop of South Carolina. ;
He is the fourth generation of his |
family to enter the Episcopal
He attended Porter Military
Academy, Charleston, S. C. and the
University of the South. Sewanee,
Tenn. His first two seminary years
were spent at St, I.uke's School of
Theology, Sewanee, Tenn. and his
senior year was spent in New Hav
en, Conn., where he attended
Berkeley and Yale Divinity
Schools. He completed his study
last spring.
Prior to entering the seminary,
Mr. Perry was engaged in farm
(See James Perry?Pare 81
Deputies Seize
58 Gallons Of
Illegal Liquor
Hubert Goodson of Ratdiffe
Cove will face a charge of posses
ion of 86 gallons of non tax-paid
liquor before Justice of the Peace
J. J. Ferguson Tuesday morning
as the result of hU arrest on tha
charge bv sheriff's dequthi
Actlng on a tip. Deputies .Gnu
Howell and Everett A. Mrl ,
seized 86 gallons of moonshln
liquor in gallon jars on Goodson'.
property about 9:30 a.m. Wediic -
day. They said part of the liquor
was in the house, the remainder
in the barn.
The illicit bevdk-age was pour
ed out at the courthouse yesterday
afternoon by Sheriff Fred Camp
bell and his deputies.
Goodson's bond was set at $500.
Heart Attack
Is Fatal To
Summer Resident
Edgar Clinton Dunn, 72, Dayton a
Beach businessman ana summer
resident of Balsam died Wednes
day afternoon of a heart attack en
route to a hospital here.
Dunn owned and operated a
large wholesale hardware com
pany and lumber companies in
Florida. He had been a summer
resident of Balsam for tbe past,
twenty-three years.
Surviving arc the wife, Mr-.
Sarah F. Dunn; Ave daughters. Mrs,
K M. Hall of New Syrna Beach,
Fla.; Mrs. T. R. Cobb of Daytoua
Beach, Fla,; Mrs. W. G. Warbritton
of Washington, D. C? Mrs. J. It,
Withers of Mellengton, Tenn., and
Mrs. J. B. Shaffer of Chapel Hill.
Also four sons, H. Clinton. Edgar
M., William S. and Austin L. of
Daytona Beach; and 20 grandchil
Tho body has been sent to Day
tona Beach for funeral services and
burial. Crawford Funeral Home
was - in charge of arrangements
Dale Massey, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Zack Maisey, Dellwood Road,
is resting comfortably at hoine. al
ter saffering a broken leg while
at play at the Lake Junaluska
Record For
In Haywood
Killed.... 2
Injured.... 31
(This Information com
piled -from Rotor da of
SUto Hfckmi SntroL)
. A -
Waynesville's Filter
Plant About Finished
Workmen are installing the last
Iwo valves in the new $300,000
filtering plant of the Wayneavillc
water system today. The valves
were delayed for several weeks,
and held up final completion of
Ihe project.
G..C. Ferguson, town manager,
said that the clorination system
would be installed Monday, and
I hat beginning Tuesday, the entire
ajkstem would undergo a 24-hour
Three hundred pounds of pow
dered, antiseeptic will be used in
Lhe sterilizing program. The filter
In" svtem line- -ind pool; will he
filled with water containing the
antisceptic and will be pumped
throughout the lines for the 24
hour period.
Ferguson said plans were to
stage open house'for the public at
an early date, just as soon as the
system is put into use.
Engineers of the State Hoard of
Health have been here cheeking
on the project and are pleased
with the system which will soon
be put into use. The engineers
plan to return Tuesday for the
period which the system is being
Canton Mayor Extends Bid
To Labor Day Celebration
"We of the Town of Canton are
ex-tending the warmest possible In
vitation to our neighbors every
where to join us In our Labor Day
celebration," beamed Mayor W. J.
?Bill) Stone today. "We feel that
we are presenting one of the best
programs yet in our 48-year his
tory, and we sincerely hope that
every single one of our friends
will take part in our observation
of the day.
"So that there will be some
thing that will appeal to every
body fmrn toddler1', lip wii com
mil tots have worked lang and
hard. If you don't want to dance
at the" Coronation Hall Saturday
night, maybe you'll enjoy the
Gospel Singing Sunday afternoon.
We planned the pet show and the
doll show especially for the young
sters. hut we're expecting to see
some grey-haired 'youngsters'
there. In fact, we'll be disappoint
ed If we don't see just about the
whole of Haywood County some
lime of other during our Labor
May celebration," I

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