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tctric Rates Here
low Average
ine Mountaineer) I
__ Residents of:
less for electricity ;
iers in most other!
, to a comparative
iased by the Fed- -
nmission. Data is
communities with
1.500 or more. They
oine 1.250 utilities,
there is shown the
y bills for residen
?ctricity as of Janu
ar- . ,
me. the typical |
r 25 kilowatt houis
, usual amount fol
ding purposes, was
red with the United .
of $1 33. :
kilowatt hour class, I
by electricity is in- j
ition. the typical}
rally was $7.00, con
7.10 nationally. The j,
State of North Car- (,
! Among all the cit- (
was from a low of j t
na. Wash., to a high . ?
itna, Pa. , ?
r hand, for 100 kilo
ie amount generally1
ing. small appliances ! ?
ion the monthly bill '
e was $4.00. more j
age of $3.81 for all . *
notes that American j i
are paying electric i
iw a continuation of <
card trend evidenced <
intry as a whole, con-; t
?lectricity in the past i <
d 196 kilowatt hours JI
x month. This wasj<
mble the amount con-1 i
tars ago. '
electricity in the Uni
ts become almost uni-1;
only tw o per cent of; (
dwellings doing with- j,
uu half the households
ice are found nine i
ppliances: radio, iron, j
clock, washer, toast- i
cleaner, coffee maker,!
on set. I
>sday I
is will meet
the Bethel t
ting a coun
lmer Miller,
unced today. |
lican candi- ;
he meeting,
a rally. He I
that Friday,
?recinct day.
I that Presi
1 vice presi- ?
on a nation- j
d some TV
0 10, in con
rvance of the
1 in the state
yill be Char
>lmen are now
marked patrol
pdnesday from
Iwo new 160
in their Ford
perated by Pa
ten and Patrol
>n. The only
he cars which
nt from just an
~ *? T-- fiii? n
k Ihn ' CloudV and i
Ur ?!ers ,<xlay- Friday.
?nd cooler.
" ed by the State Test
Max. Min. pr
84 50
* 86 56
7B 06 .03
Filtering Plant
Open House Plans
To Be Published
Arrangements are being com- I
pleted for staging "open house"
of the new filtering plant, next
Wednesday afternoon.
The new 3-story plant, onlji
two-tenths of a mile from the
end of the Aliens Creek road,
will be open to the public, and
all operations shown of how two
million gallons of water are til- 1
tered daily in the modern plant.
Complete details of the new
plant, together with pictures will
be published on Monday in The
Number Of Adults '
Show Interest In
Boy Scout Work
An interested group of adults
attended the Leadership Confer
ence here Tuesday night and heard
Ihe program for enlarging Boy
Scout work in the community.
M. H. Bowles, a regional director,
presided at the meeting, and pre
sented Hoy Liles. southern director
yf Atlanta, and A. W. Allen, scout i
executive of Asheville.
Bowles said that. "While 1 was I
Jisappointed in the attendance, I
ivas happy with the enthusiasm and
Ihe response of those men who
came to find out about Scouting,
and expressed interest in seeing
Ihat the program go forward." I,
Within a few weeks, a special ]
Scout training session will be held
at Camp Daniel Boone, and it is 1
expected that a number of adult j
leaders will attend and become ac
tive in the program of the area.
The Scout program needs will
also be presented to the local civic
The meeting was called for the
purpose of finding additional adult
leaders for the Scout program here,
because the work is suffering be
cause of the few people who are
now actively engaged in the work.
Tuesday night there were men
who showed interest of serving1
with cub packs. Scout troops, ex- j
plorer Scouts and on district com
Singing Convention
To Meet On Sunday
The Haywood County Singing
Convention will meet Sunday at 2 ;
p.m. at the Court House.
Ail singers are invited to attend.
????? 1
Dr. C. N. Clark has returned to
his home at Lake Junaluska from
Memorial Mission Hospital. Ashe
ville, where he was a patient for i
three weeks.
K. N. Barber. Sr.. who has been j
a patient at Memorial Mission I
Hospital, has returned to his home i
on Love Lane.
IfAEI.WOOD town officials and civic leaders are
shown watching the l(t-ton roller put the finish
ing touches on tlie newly surfaced Main Street.
Shown in the picture are I'aul Bryson, Howell
Rryson, John Hlaylock. Mayor lawrrnor Davis,
Chief Roy Stevents, and A. I* l.edbetter. Work
began Tuesday and was slated to be completed
today. (Mountaineer Photo).
Wreck Victim
Remains On
Critical List
Three of tire six hospitalized
wreck victims of last Saturday
night have been discharged, it was
learned at noon today.
The three patients remaining in
the hospital are all at Mission.
Asheville. They are:
Miss Ruby: Buchanan. 21. of East
Marion Station, suffering a broken
left leg. condition, "good "
Mrs. Willie Parker. 35. Canton, j
both legs broken, chest injuries. '
condition, "critical."
Cora Lee Nelson. 20. Canton,
fractured skull, condition. "No
change." The hospital on Monday
noon reported her condition as I
"fairly good."
All three patients at the Hay
wood County Hospital have been
discharged. They included Gil
mer Hoyle Moody. 41. of East
Marion Station, fractured pelvis:
Mrs. Judv Ann Parker, 17. Canton, i
chest, injuries, ' and Earl Dean j
Moody, 18. also of East Marion
Station, scalp and chest injuries. !
The wreck happened shortly
after midnight last Saturday at
Dell wood, al the intersection of
Highways 19 and 284. Van E. j
Moody. 84, of East Marion Station. :
was killed, as two cars, each with
four passengers, crashed head-on.
The cars?a Plymouth and a Ford ;
?were demolished.
To Speak At
Teachers Meeting
Lawrence Leatherwood, county j
superintendent of schools, will be ,
the speaker at the first meeting ?!
the Haywood County Unit of the
Classroom Teacher Association in
the Central Elementary School.
Monday. October 11 at 7:30 p.m.
The program w ill include group i
singing, ted by Charles lsle.v.1
music director.
The meeting will honor new
teachers in the county schools, all 1
of whom are expected to be pres
Mrs. Alma Jackson Williams will
A prize will 1m- given to each
teacher of the school having the
highest percentage ol attendance. ;
Forty Handicapped Persons
Placed In Jobs This Year,
Employment Group Reports
Forty physically handicapped
persons in Haywood County have
been placed in the past year by the
State Employment office, it was re
ported by employment manager!
DeBrayda Fisher at the annual
meeting yesterday of the Haywood
County Employ The Physically
Handicapped committee. A number
of other applicants have been re
ferred to the State Department of
Vocational Rehabilitation for job
The committee is also preparing,
to resume and expand operations
of the Mountain-made Crafts work-j
Officers for the new year were
elected as follows; president, Dec
Davis; vice president, Miss De
Brayda Fisher; secretary, Mrs.;
Harry Whiscnhunt; treasurer, Mrs.
Doyle Alley.
Miss Fisher reported that her of
fice now had active applications
from 49 handicapped persons, find
urged employers to get in touch
with the employment office if they J
had job openings which might bo!
filled by such applicants. She |
pointed out that more and more i
employers are realizing the value I
of workers whose handicaps do not I
interfere with a particular job's
requirements-, whose performance'
records arc high and whose attend
ance is usually better than average.
It is expected that as the over
all job picture brightens locally,
openings for the handicapped will
increase correspondingly.
Speaker-, at the meeting included
James S. Massenburg, supervisor of
counseling services of the Emplos
ment Security Commission in Ka-1
leigh. who discussed the role of the
commission in placement of the'
handicapped. Grady Galloway,
counsellor from the Vocational Re
habilitation office in Asheville.
summarized the work of his de
partment in training and in assist
ing in the physical restoration of i
the handicapped to prppare them
to udertake steady employment.
Bids Asked
For Lining
Park Tunnel j;
The Department of Commerce ?
Bureau of Public Roads is asking j
for bids on lining the tunnel and I
completing other work on the Blue '
Ridge Parkway tunnel at Devil's:
Court House a mile and a half,
east of Beech Gap. Bids are due >
in the bureau's Gatlinburg office
by October 27.
The tunnel is part of thjf $2R0.-|
000 appropriation which Rep.
George A. Shuford was instru
mental in obtaining for Parkway
work. 1
The 180-foot length of the tun-j
nel is to be lined with concrete I
and the portals are to be of stone
masonry. Reinforcing steel in the \
amount of 70.000 pounds and 320
cubic yards of concrete will be re-'
quired in addition to the tunnel I
lining and the portals.
Farm Bureau
Drive Slated
The annual Haywood County
Farm Bureau "membership drive
will get under way Friday with a
kickoff breakfast at the It. E. A.
kitchen for all workers who are1
going to write memberships. Quota i
for the county is 300.
The breakfast wil lbe served by
the county Home Demonstration
Club women.
Jack Hay of- Iron Duff, county 1
membership chairman, pointed out
that the Bureau is an independent t
farm organization, built and fi-1
nanced for farmers. It was organ- 1
ized to bridge the missing link be- !
tween the farmers and existing
agencies working on agricultural j
The largest farm organization in
the world, it is set up to speak for
agriculture and to obtain for farm- ;
ers a fair share of the national in
come. It works to obtain adequate i
farm credit at a fair rate ol in
The organization now oilers for
its members a complete line of i
automobile and fire insurance, and 1
will soon extend life insurance.
The program is on a non-profit
basis and any money above Ihc
claims goes back to the policy
Escapee From Training
School Found At Balsam
A 14-ycar escapee from Jack
son Training School was picked up
at Balsam Wednesday by Cpl. Prit-1
chard Smith and SBI Agent Kitf
The boy had left the school, and
authorities felt lie was making his
way back towards Balsam. He will
be returned to the school.
Church Ciroups Sec
Home Mission Film
The Brotherhood of the HatclifTc
Cove Baptist Church met Monday
night at the church. The W M.S..
G.A.'s and R.A.'s were invited to
attend the showing of a home mis
sion Hint, shown by the Rcw. Elmer
"Say It With Pictures*9
Keynotes ANews
Staff Writer
A good many people would be
entirely content it a newspaper diet
consisted of pictures and adver-j
Using, sprinkled with a dash of
headlines. The Chinese long ago i
philosophized that one picture is'
worth a thousand words and with j
Ihcm both news and advertising
departmens of The Mountaineer j
are in hearty agreement.
The advertising ollice of The
Mountaineer is 011 the building's j
second floor, a spot very peaceful i
in comparison with the hectic tur- j
moil of the news room downstairs.]
Here an advertiser can come to dis- j
cuss his own particular problems
of space and layout, can look oveg
the thousands ol pictures available
for bis use.
Advertising pictures -and some
of the news ones are made from
what are generally called "mats".
A mat is a piece of cardboard deep
ly indented with the picture just
as it is to be printed. National ad
vertisers, mat services?to he de
scribed later -prominent individu
als and many corporations have in-1
numerable mats made from some
picture for distribution to news
Some of the pictures that The
Mountaineer has recently printed
from mats include Carolina Power
& Light's Walters Dam. President
Eisenhower and several brands of
(See Newspapers?Page 61
14-Year-Old Buncombe
Runaway Nabbed Ilere
A 14-year-old boy. who ran away
from his home in Buncombe coun
ly, was picked up last night by
Deputy Gene Howell al Saunook.
Buncombe authorities had a clue
that the boy was coming to Hay
wood. and notified ,ihe sheriff's
office. The boy ran when Depu
ty Howell appeared on the scene
Wednesday morning. Last night
the deputy returned and got the
hoy while he was asleep.
The hoy told Sheriff Campbell
tis morning he came over here to
get a job picking apples. The
Buneomhe authorities said lie had
run away from hotne because he
did not want to attend school.
MRS. WAV HATd ll l i;
Mrs. Way Hatcliffe is a patient
in St. Joseph's Hospital in Aslie
Ministerial Association Calls J
For Day Of Prayer For Rain
At the regular monthly meeting of the Haywood County
Ministerial Association, held last Monday at the Central Metho
dist Church in Clyde, the Rev. Malcolm R. Williamson, presi
dent of the association, called attention to the suffering oc
casioned by the prolonged drought i.. this and in many other
areas of our state and nation. The association engaged in a ses
sion of prayer for rain to relieve the distressing situation and
adopted the following resolution: "In view ot the serious drought
tn our area and in many sections of our state and nation we
hereby set Sunday, October 10. as a day for special prayer In
all the churches in this county tor rain. We furthermore call
upon all Christian people to attend their churches and join wilh
their ministers as they engage in these special prayers of con
fession, repentance, and supplication".
In commenting upon the resolution adopted. Mr. Williamson
expressed the hope that unless providentially hindered every
one in the county should attend Church services Sunday.
i ? . . I
In the event that rainfall relieves the situation before Sun
day, Mr. Williamson suggested that the day be set aside as a j
day of thanksgiving.
Rotarians Making Plans
For District Conference
WaynesviUo Kntarinns have
started work on details of the two
day conference of tlte 280th Dis
trict conference which will be held
here October 2.r?-20
Headquarters will he Waynes-1
vilte Country Club, with sessions 1
held in the Hardwood school audi-1
no hum. sIih j luncheon and ban-'
quel at the new high school cafe
teria for the expected 400 mem
bers and their wives.
The 280lh district is composed'
of 87 clubs from Andrews to Char-!
lotte and Monroe, with about 2.000
Dave v.Feline! and Malcolm H. '
Williamson are eo-cliairman of the
conventiotv. and this week named
club members to eleven conference '
coinmitlees. Harry Millar is con-j
fere nee secretary, and I'aul Me- j
Kirov treasurer, with Bill Ray,
club president. ex-ofTicio.
The chairman of each commit-!
tee. together Willi the club presi-I
dent, eonferenee chairman, treas
urer, and secretary compose the
general conference committee. The ,
cemimittecs are as follows:
Attendance Promotion anel Pub
licity Dirk Barber, chairman.
Jack Klwoeid. Jim Dooly. Ken Fry,
Shirley ( oiinatser.
Boy Scouts Committee ? Ben
t'olkitt and Roy Wright.
Decorations ? Pitt McCarroll,
(Sec Kotarians?Page 6>
To Have District
Meet In Sylva
Mel ho list churches of the Way
oe-v dle District will hold their an
, i ual set-up ineetinR on Monday,
Oetolier 11. at 10 a.m. in the Sylva
Ministers of all churches in the :
district, district stewards, charge I
lay leaders, and presidents of wo
men's societies are expected to
| attend.
The meeting will be conducted
by the Rev. W. Jackson Huneycutt,
district superintendent.
AA Chapter
To Be Organized
Here Tonight
A mrctine for the organization
of an Alcoholics Anonymous
chapter in U'aynesville will lie
held at 8 o'clock tonight (Thurs
day) in the I'arish llousc of
tlrace Episcopal Church.
The meeting has been plan
ned by the Kev. James Perry,
rector of Cirace Church, and the
I Kev. John Kizer, pastor of the
lla/clwood Baptist Church.
The Kev. Howard llickey, rec
tor of St. fieorge's Episcopal
Church of West Ashevllle. will
be the speaker.
Mr. Mickey, who is active in
the Ashevllle chapter of the AA,
attended an eight-weeks course
this summer at the Yale School
of Alcohol. Me will be accom
panied by two members of the
Ashevllle chapter.
All those with alcoholic prob
lems are invited to attend the
Handicapped And
Employers Urged
To Consult ESC
In recognition of National Em
ploy The Physically Handicapped
I Week, Miss DeUrayda Fisher, nian
| agcr of the State Employment of
] fice today gave a special invita
tion to physically handicapped
persons to register at the office
for employment
At the same time she asked that
j any employers who had job open
ings which might be filled by a
physically handicapped person con
tact her.
i The office is located at 120
Church Street, Wayncsvillc. The
telephone number is GL fi-4222.
?????weP* HS1J'1
HUNDREDS OF MASONS visited the Masonic
marker at Black Camp trap on Tuesday. The
croup went to the marker in almut IS chartered
buses. for their Tuesday afternoon program of the
convention held In Aihevllle. Here i* part of tho
croud and Mime ol the biiM"* in the background.
(Photo'bv Joe \Y Ihivis. Hardwood),
Mountaineer Plant Ready
For 'Open House' Tonight
Between 7:30 And 10 P. M.
Preparations have been com
pleted by The Mountaineer statf
for "open house" tonight tThurs
Jayi from 7:30 until 10.
Every phase of newspaper pub
lishing will be shown those visiting
the plant tonight.
The three linotype machines
ihe complicated pieces of mechan
ism. with lti.000 moving parts
will be in full operation, and each
person visiting the plant will see
I heir name set in a slug of type.
The operators of the machines
will take time to explain how copy
is transferred from a typewrit
ten sheet into metal for printing.
A similar operation, which is
fascinating is the Ludlow, which
makes large type in the twink
ling of an eye. This type is used
for advertisements, and headlines,
(such as the headline over this
The mysterious electronics ma
chine which transfers pictures in
to printing plates is expected to
gel a full share of attention as will
the speedy automatic proses in
Ihe printing department, which
print sheets of paper at the rate of
5,000 per hour, counting, drying,
and stacking the sheets as it goes.
The sterotype room, with its
half-ton pot of molten metal, is
literally the newspaper's kltcher^
The 16,000-pound press on w hich
this new spapcr is printed, w ill
turn out papers at the rate of 55
complete copies per minute, as
visitors look on tonight.
A tour will he made through
the news, advertising, and photo
graphic departments with visitors
getting a look-in on the dark
room, and under lights, get to see
how the work is done by touch.
Refreshments will be served in
the pH-ss '.Worn, where Ihe mailing
tables have been covered with
conventional newsprint for the oc
The publishers and staff have
planned for this event for some
weeks, and look forward to having
the public see the many operations
of producing a newspaper.
The "open house' 'program is
being staged in connection with
National Newspaper Week.
Tonight,, the Lions Club will
bear an address by Stanley Moore,
editor of the Morganton News
lferald. This will be in keeping
with the week. Last week Rotar
ians here heard Weimar Jones,
editor of The Franklin Press.
Last night, W. C. R.uss, editor
of The Mountaineer, addressed the
Franklin Rotary Club on tin- news
paper week theme.
WTHS Patrons To
Name Officers Of
PTA On Nov. 1st
Thi> group of patrons and teach
er* who met Tuesday night at the
high school to discuss organizing
a Parent-Teachers Association, do
I cided during the business session,
to hold a meeting Monday. No
vember first., to elect officers.
J. B. Soesbee, president of the
Haywood PTA council, was in
charge of the meeting. Mrs. Oliit
Dillard, of Candler, a leader in
the Western District of Ihc N. C.
Congress of Parent and Teachers,
was the principal speaker.
Chamber Of Commerce
Meeting Set Tuesday
The regular monthly meeting of
the Chamber of Commerce will be
held Tuesday night'at 7:30 in the
Town Hall, Waynesville.
The secretary has reminded
rflembcrs that it is important that
they attend this meeting.
Record For
1 In Haywood
Killed .. 1: 3
Injured.... 49
(Thla Information com
piled fmaa Records of
State Highway PatroL)
! L?
nMri rn ... <A

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